**Breaking News** — 27 August 2015
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Zionist Jews Plot to Corrupt America’s Gun’s Rights through Virginia TV Crew Shooting Hoax

It is world Jewry which is responsible for the plot to corrupt the common rights of the people, including the right to a vigorous self-defense. Too, regarding this arch-vile group through such plot attempts to undermine the people in order to achieve universal power, the power of so-called world government, the power to corrupt and manipulate, to deceive and distract, to confuse and to create disarray. Were the world to wake up to this criminal cabal perhaps there would be concerted resistance against it. This is what the Zionists so greatly fear. Even so, no doubt, this is a major, direct assault, once again in order to destroy the inalienable rights of the American people to self-defense.

They attempted to do so in Sandy Hoax. In this regard it must be kept in mind who were the major players. Israeli agents were there, parading about as mercenary-style agents, their speech in Hebrew being recorded. Of the fraudsters associated with this lie there included arch-Zionist mole Ryan Grainy, self-professed Internet sheriff and arch-embezzler, along with Neil Heslin, Mark Barden, Dawn Hochsprung, Erika Lafferty, Veronique Pozner, the Greenberg clique, Alexis Israel, the Licata clique, Marquez-Greene, arch-Zionist story-teller Gene Rosen, among others. It can be no coincidence that all such individuals are Jewish, many of them hard-core Zionist agents. While in the scheme of things, that is the schemes of attempted arch-Zionist conquest, these individuals are relatively minor players. Yet, can there be any doubt about it? All such individuals were and still are going for the guns.

Even so, the clique has been rabid in its plots for a prolonged time. It was the Zionists who destroyed this right of the regular people in Australia, England, and Canada, largely through fake shootings. America has not yet been taken down. In light of the failed Sandy Hook and Charleston ‘black’ church shooting hoaxes the Virginia TV crew shooting hoax is an attempt to do this.

Behind this latest hoax it is the same entities, once again, which are arch-Zionist-controlled and operated: CNN, NBC, ABC, and, particularly, CBS.

It is as if they have a dictate to lie and deceive. What else can they do? It is their pattern that they use repeatedly to induce control, to induce a mass degree of manipulation if not paranoia.

The world must be in fear of everyone but the Zionist, while the agents of Zion continue to rape, pillage, and destroy: continue to commit mass murder in the land—continue to spread great acts of wickedness beyond count.

Many people knew that Roanoke, Virginia-area, TV crew shooting was not right. Something was wrong with it. Seemingly, it was surreal. The reaction of the purported reporter, Allison Parker, was just seemingly too canned, as was the reaction of the co-worker in studio. Yet, there was sufficient shock and realism to cause many people to succumb under the spell.

Moreover, a spell it is. Hoping to create great shock and awe a Zionist-owned and controlled network, Roanake, Virginia’s WDJB, perpetrated a hoax and a scam. The entity, a CBS affiliate, faked this shooting not merely via an isolated group but, rather, as an entire network. This is not a rogue event. The network, in collaboration with its larger scale cohorts, orchestrated it all.

It all happened live on TV, so it was meant to portray. People were shot dead, and anyone could hear the shock reaction of the main actor, while she turned her face before the camera, dropping her jaw, opening her mouth wide: right in the face of the gun. Directly, the fake shooting involved some four people, three of whom are reportedly dead, the other wounded. Yet, surely, there were many others around, support staff and coordinators, all of whom were off camera.

Three people are now dead with one wounded. This is what is said. Hundreds of millions of people assume it as true. Yet, it is not true in the least. The dead are fully alive and the injured is uninjured. They are mere actors paid for the role. Where are they now? That is unknown, but in all likelihood the fake dead are on vacation, perhaps permanently so, in some far and distant land.

WDJB is owned by the arch-Zionist family clique, South Bend’s Schurz family.




It is a Jewish network run by Jews, just like ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS. Schurz is merely a low-level element of the wholly Zionist-controlled major media:


Here is Mr. Scott Schurz, along with Schurz, Jr. Surely, the entire group knew full well that they were perpetrating this scam and were fully cognizant that this was nothing other than a gun-grubbing hoax. Yet, simultaneously, they make it out as if it is real, claiming to support all the injured parties, including the poor grieving relatives.


Therefore, the network is supporting it. This could not have been achieved unless Schurz itself coordinated it.

In order to drive the hoax home, in order to give it a sense of realism, the network leveraged a variety of its agents, including reporter David Leval:


Who finds his story lines believable? It’s mere drama. In fact, how much more dramatic can it get than to say that they all “feared for their lives” and that there was a cop-husband out there ready to ‘beat him up?’ If so, there would be a trail for this. Why not give the woman’s name and also the name of her husband cop if there is even the slightest basis for such a ludicrous claim? 

Yet, then, what about arch-Zionist claims are anything but ludicrous, the most ridiculous of all being the claim that Jews died wholesale, just because of their tribal lineage, during WWII.


Sure they are, millions of them, right. That’s why those same millions ended up in the Zionist strip, where they continued to perpetrate their continuous scams.

Masters of deception in this case it was not merely for distraction but a means by which to engorge themselves with wealth, all of it gained illicitly.


What in the world are such photos supposed to represent? What child could be that size compared to the naked mother in real life? How truly corrupt, how absolutely terminally wretched and hedonistic the Zionists are. The images of the Germans may well have been in a similar photo or perhaps not, but for certain the other bodies, the whitish ones: those were clearly installed. It’s mere superimposed arch-Zionist chicanery, a total fake. Notice the left arm of the woman. It doesn’t appear to even be attached to anything, Moreover, an obvious knife cut line is seen along the German’s left leg, left screen. Moreover, as always, the eeeeviiiillll German is standing near the dead and dying aiming his weapon at them, getting ready to pull the trigger on those poor, defenseless Jews. Through this, the Zionists conquered this nation of powerful people, subjecting it to the whims and wishes, supposedly through the guilt of conscious. The girl’s blonde hear was put in for added affect, the head also showing visible slice lines.

Furthermore, it appears as if the Zionists placed an extra hand, or may it be said, grotesquely, an extra arm wrapped around that fake body. They are no better at this than they were originally. They are hacks, entirely corrupt. How else can such treachery be described?




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  1. Slimeball Virginia Hoax Shooting PsyOp Treason Actor Andy Parker more phoney than fellow ZioJewish Crisis Actors Robbie Parker & Gene Rosen. Watch this Mel Brooks looking clown doing TV commercials for Raisin Bran & Blood donors. Also he played broadway in The Best Little Whore House in Texas & as a “Pump Boy”.


  2. Busted ZioSlime Spook Traitor!
    Andy Parker Zionist Jew Mossadomite Enemy Agent for Israel & DHS- Crisis Actor is a Broadway & SAG/AFRA Actor Busted!!!

    Actor/Professional Actor
    1979 – 1985 (6 years) Greater New York City Area
    Appeared on Broadway in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, and “Pump Boys & Dinettes” at the Kennedy Center along with numerous regional stage credits and regional and national TV commercials.
    US Search results reveal this is him as does his stinking face on the linkedin.
    Andy Gilbert Parker, age 62 
    Andrew Parker, Andy Parker (Also Anthony Parker-Andy Parker is an alias revealed in search a proven address of him & Alison in Jacksonville,NC & elsewhere.)
     Collinsville, VA;Martinsville, VA;Columbus, GA; Mount Airy, NC; Denison, TX;Bowie, MD; Columbia, MD; Fair Lawn, NJ Barbara Parker, Alison Parker, Gilbert Parker Divergent Search

  3. If you want to buy a gun or any firearm, but it it from an private individual you know or at a flea market, yard sale, gun show a trading paper or a classified ad or craigslists, etc. Don’t buy a new one at a gun shop or the government has on their illegal gun data base. The government & ATF & FBI & Homoland Security keeps a completely illegal & UnConstitutional database of gun sales & ownership.
    Also I posted this below on another thread about right to carry & gun permits:
    Most so-called right to carry laws are for concealed carry. And they are merely abridging your alreadly actual right to open carry (&/or hidden carry) a firearm under the US Constitution & state laws & most state Constitutions & local laws & under the common law right of self defense. Most so called right to carry laws are the government tricking you into getting a permit or license to carry & thereby accepting by contract & license the horrible concept & de facto reality that the government can take away this phoney supposed “right to carry” anytime & for any reason tharlt the government or agent of the government decides to take this new fake right away (a privilege you were tricked/programmed into accepting by ziomedia & NRA into agreeing to) !!!
    Part of the trick originally was the guise that to carry a weapon concealed was inherently immoral & apt to be used by unscrupuless people & criminals to rob & rape & murder & surprise attack people, etc.
    Real right to carry would be like New Hampshire or Arizona where you can carry a firearm in the open or concealed with no government prior approval or consent as long as you are a citizen, or a legal alien or legal resident or visitor of USA.

  4. Without evidence we revert to rumour, superstition, supposition, and above all prejudice.

    An opinion that is unsupported by evidence is merest prejudice. Conspiracists know this; what is unforgivable in them is that they murder truth in pursuit of their obsessions – which makes them a danger to society.

    The sophistry that there was a mighty conspiracy of Jews to take over and dominate the world led us to great anguish and effort in the last 100 years and killed millions.

    Credibility given to conspiracists leads to genocide – and has done on several occasions that I can think of.

    • John 377 ZioTroll, I posted evidence, liar! You posted no evidence of anything. Andy Shyster Parker is a SAG/AFRA & Broadway actor & TV Commercial actor & DHS CRISIS ACTOR– same as fake dead daughter Alison Parker aka Allison Dresher! And he’s an admitted headhunter for the zionist banksters.

      • You posted a LinkedIn profile…
        then worked yourself into a frenzy over the details to fit your agenda.
        Evidence to sustain that maggot gnawing away at your brain and nothing else.

        Are you any good at jigsaws, Cowboy?
        Do you use cognitive logic to fit pieces together and create the true image shown, or do you mash the pieces together into a grotesque conglomerate to represent what you want to see and then declare that the box design is wrong.

    • Racial Supremist Zionist Jews calling themselves communists & marxists & socialists & bankers & revolutionaries & anarchist & leftist & sometimes rightwingers, & every other misname under the sun, mass murdered millions through all their wars & invasions & occupations & forced starvation genocidal operation which mostly only profited only them, and destroy & ruin & killed all others. They were not & are not the everlasting innocent victims they forever falsely claim to be, but were and are the guilty perpetrators over & over again.

  5. The zionists invest in weapons manufacturing. When there is a fear of gun control; Americans buy more guns to stockpile. The zionists are behind all the massacres; each massacre increases a fear of oncoming gun control but it will never happen. They plan all the massacres so Americans buy more guns, thus making the zionists richer.

  6. Allison Drescher (alias DHS hoax dead Alison Parker)
    with “mother” Janis Drescher & father who look just like Vicki & Tim Gardner.

  7. Crisis Actor Zionist Agent
    NotDead Fraudster Reporter
    Alison Parker is alias as
    Allison Drescher..just as Sandy Hook ZioCrookster Allisa Parker is Allysa Kaplan & Allysa Blumberg. And just as Hoax dead Nancy Lanza alias & alive is Annie Haddad!
    This are mossad agents & CIA & DHS Crisis Actors with multiple longterm identities & paid shell jobs & shell careers & often military embeded as well. Anyway I have made no agreement to not expose this despicable zionist traitors & never will. So..
    Under one of Vicki Gardner’s many variations & series of Aliases in Virginia I found a couple days ago she is alias as Vicki Drescher & Victoria Drescher & is related to a young lady named Allison Drescher. Allison Drescher is or poses as a very powerful positioned student ar Gonzaga University. Polical & secret societies & student government. Her mother Janis Drescher looks just like Vicki Gardner aka Vicki Drescher & is her sister or twin sister or her… But most likely is her twin sister. Both Vicki & Janis (as Janice, etc) have many aliases with age ranges from 52 to 65 nationwide. These are high level zionist change agents/change facilators/traitors/Mossad. Confusion is part of the trick. Both parents of the Allison Drescher persona/ alias look just like Tim Garder & Vicki lol. So my guess is Tim Gardner alone or him & his brother plays husband to Vicki Gardner/Drescher & Janis Drescher…making them interchangeable spook/mossad couples. It seems like Tim Gardner lives separate from Vicki any way on the lake. Smith Mountain Lake is a giant man made lake with an unbelieveable 500 miles of shoreline!!! largely from stolen/condemn land 1963 from farmers and rural people in 3 counties in Virginia. The government has been stealing & flooding the richest riverbeds & “bottomlands” farmers’ land for over 80 years in mass, in Virginia, Arkanas & especially West Virginia & around the country, even in Maryland.
    Next I will post a picture of Allison Drescher & “her Washington State Family”.

    • what the hell are you? A freakin’ high school history teacher?

  8. 2 ZioPuppet Scumbag Fraudster Crisis Actors just can’t shed a tear for just hoax murdered girlfriend & daughter! Andy Parker & Chris Hurst are 2 evil, unscruppulous, lying & Treasonous DHS Actors, who are way too excited about the money $$$ their getting to betray the American people for the Zionist Psychopaths to be even able to fake cry!
    These are zionist enemy agents like the Rosenbergs & Jonathan Pollard & the Walkers! Doing acting & lying & PsyOps too trick the American people into disarming is treason & nothing less!

  9. Cowboy on August 28, 2015 at 5:24 pm
    Fraudster Fake Dead Adam Ward
    Zionist Jew Crisis Actor Busted & Found in Canada. Yes DHS brought this TV producer, actor, camerman, news webposter, reporter fill-in/sub anchor from CTV News in Canada to play the hoax dead shooting victim /Vicsim, simulated victim, cameraman/producer in this Virginia Hoax PsyOp for the zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda, done in treason against Americans.

  10. So what the hell do you know??!! …fraudster Chris Hurst’s Daddy (or perhaps in reality his grandaddy) owns Hurst Communications! Lol (Not the famous Hearst Media of San Francisco)
    Anyway besides North Hollywood these wealthy zionists have homes in wealthy, but tiny, Cynwyd, PA where most of Philadelphia’s TV stations & Radio Stations have moved to since 1952. …And in an amazing (NON) Coincidence I previously discovered Hoax Dead Crisis Actor Melissa Ott is from Cynwyd (unreported by ziomedia). Also thru much research I previously discovered Melissa Ott actually works for a tiny duel network TV station channel Fox & CBS 44 & 22 in Colchester Vermont. (Also ofcourse not reported by the zionist owned corporate media since this shows she was [& is still likely] working at the Vermont station the entire time she was supposedly working at the Virginia Station.) How likely would either small station pay for constant plane tickets for a reporter, & fill-in host producer, etc., to fly back in forth, hundreds of miles between Vermont & Virginia…Not!!! However they may do it for a few months prior to the VA DHS PsyOp hoax shooting event if DHS was paying for the plane ticket fares & paying each station for her lack of constant availabilty at each station.

  11. Actor Harry Hurst Daddy of Crisis Actor “Crissy” Hurst Hoax Fraudster of VA Shooting PsyOp Is a Publisher/Owner &
    Harry Hurst Is A
    PR Man aka Propagandist Zionist & Supervisor of other PR Agents at the Public Relations Firm (= Propaganda aka Lies Firm).

  12. Exhibit 6) Oregon College DHS Hoax Mass Murder Hoax Shooter Zionist Jew Unisex Crisis Actor Chris Harper


  13. Exhibit 5) Oregon College DHS Mass Murder Shooting Hoax
    Lying DHS Crisis Actor & False Witness Lorie Andrews Claims she drove up to the college after hearing all the fireworks saw someone come out of the college with blood all over her shirt! As believeable with her script as Gene Rosenslime!


  14. Exhibit 7) Oregon DHS Hoax Mass Murder Umpqua College Shooting PsyOp Starring:

    Christina Baynardo the False Witness
    Happy Hoaxer after Friend Is Hoax Murdered another Zionist Jew Crisis Actor Fraudster, Sayanim, Treasonous Scumbag! Come forth zio-Lie-O-maniac Trolls & DHS & ZioPuppet Goons & Clowns & try to explain/LIE this away!


    • Exhibit 8) Oregon College DHS Mass Murder Shooting Hoax PsyOp
      Chris Harper
      Unisex Crisis Actor Zionist Sayanim Apparent Female becoming tranny “male” on male hormone therapy. Listen to the extreme low pitch male voice for such a wimpy affeminate character. Male Hormone therapy …or a voice changer!
      (Link removed due to zioBorg blocking my posts..)
      Watch Livelink video Of this freakazoid fake shooter talking on my Exhibit 6) Oregon College Mass Murder Hoax Shooting PsyOp -Post

      • I guess DHS changed it & went with a different Crisis Actor going as Chris Harper Mercer.

  15. More on the Oregon shootin’ hoax














  16. Yep, the same old story, “the guys” really have lost their inspiration


    • Same Zionist Jew Actor Chris Mintz?


      ZioMedia says no… different Jew..

    • Exhibit 9) Oregon Mass Murder College Shooting Hoax
      Is this little Actress/ Model Zionist Jew Brenda Mintz playing hoax dead Character Lucero Alcaraz? She may be the niece of Hoax Shot Hoax Hero Zionist Jew Chris Mintz. She claims to be a model in France & another Mintz– Carole Mintz of France also seems to pictures with Hoax Fraudster Chris Mintz. Maybe Carole is his sister & Brenda his niece & an older Brenda is his wife. Or if he is atually older maybe this younger Brenda is his daughter. ???
      Chris Mintz seems to be alias as Chris Hintz & Chris Harris. A Chris Hintz of Five Star Nutrition looks like him & US Search list those 2 names as aliases of a 30 yr old Chris Mintz in California. And any mossad agent in Oregon or Washington State would have addresses & aliases in California. And 29 Palms is a military base town where he is linked. Brenda Mintz is linked to him in NC where he also is supposedly from.

      • Exhibit 9-b) Oregon Hoax Shooting
        Compare this Hoax Dead Lucero Alcaraz character to young actress/model Brenda Mintz who may well play her. 4 $$$!

        • Exhibit 11) Oregon Hoax & Both Fake Shooter Chris Mercer Fake Parents Are Made In Hollywood!!
          Convicted Fraudster Hollywood SAG & English Actor AshkeNAZI Jew Zionist Agent Ian Mercer plays Shooter Dad Ian Mercer!
          Right in Your face dumb goyim!!!
          Both from England both from Hollywood, both strongest braugh accent you can imagine like a dockworker from liverpool. Because Both are one & the same ZioJew Ian Mercer Hollywood Actor!
          Right in your face!, in accordance with the Babylonian Talmud & Kabbala to show you that you are powerless to stop the evil & lies & treachery & created wars of their self proclaimed chosen, self chosen, master race. But you are not powerless! We can stop them! But we must all work harder at exposing their lies & deception & all these hoaxes to the masses! Without being “Kosher”, without fear! Expose their evil & the vampires will run & hide in their caves..they’ll back off..If not they’ll continue getting bolder & bolder with their scams, & wars & PsyOps/Hoaxes!

      • Oregon Zionist DHS Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Made In Hollywood!!!

        Exhibit (10)Busted Zionist Jew Crisis Actor & Holly Employed Actor Laurel Harper!! This despicable Mossad Agent works in Hollywood for zionist Mega Media Giant ABC Disney
        ABC Family Channel is owned by Disney/ABC! Busted evil zionist Gun Grabbing Witch! And she has a home/address in Burbank, CA like Johnny Carson & Hollywood’s Elite!
        Try to explain/lie this away ziotrash Lie-O-Zio-maniac Freaks! A Nurse my @$$! LOL!
        US Search Results for Laurel Harper (search it yourself for Burbank CA or where ever Calif)
        Laurel Margaret Harper, age 64 
        (Laurel Mercer)
        Winchester, OR;Torrance, CA;Albuquerque, NM;Oakland, CA; Harbor City, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Lomita, CA;Burbank, CA Ann Harper, Jennifer Harper, Stuart Mercer,John Harper, Susan Mercer, Bess Harper,Chris Harper-mercer (Yes that Fake-named, Fake A$$ Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer!!!), Maribeth Harper
        (Employed by:)
        Abc Family

        (Come on Lucy you got some ‘splaining to do!)
        (US Search Link removed due to zio blocking!) Try it yourself @ :
        These Zio Media & ZioDHS Scumbags have all committed treason once again! Like their fellow zionist Enemy agents the Rosenbergs, The Walkers & Jonathon Pollard! And deserve tge same fate!

        • Exhibit 12) Oregon Hoax College Mass Murder
          Ian Mercer from England & of LA & Laurel Harper of LA,CA Also official DHS Crisis Actor Hoax Parents of Hoax Shooter Character Chris Harper-Mercer. Laurel is proven an employee of ABC Disney! He is actually a Hollywood actor & Convicted fraudster only a little color & hair, makeup & nose makeup are the slight difference in zioPuppet Ian Mercer’s looks for this role!


          • Exhibit 13) Oregon Mass Murder Shooting Hoax
            Hoax Shooter Father Ian Mercer is 55 just like he as Hollywood Ian Mercer actor is in “real life”!
            From Entertainment daily:
            “I’m actually still shaking and my mom is in there crying. I don’t know what to do,” said Nesnick, who explains that Harper-Mercer’s father, who lives in Tarzana, married her mother a few years ago.

            “All he ever did was put everybody before himself. He wanted everyone to be happy. No matter if he was sad or mad, he would always try to cheer up everybody,” she said.
            Ian Bernard Mercer, 55, spoke briefly to reporters, he said he was shocked and devastated by the news..
            “I am just as shocked as anybody at what happened today,” said Ian Mercer, the suspect’s father.
            “I can’t answer any questions right now. I don’t want to answer any questions right now. Obviously, it’s been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family,”

            From Wikipedia for Hollywood Actor Ian Mercer:
            Ian Mercer (born 1961 in Oldham,Lancashire) is an English actor.
            There is but one Ian Mercer in LA, CA area of this approx age 54-55 & only one in California, as well. And thus this man aka these men are one & the same Ian Mercer! Arrogant Evil Hollywood Zios & DHS Painted themselves into a corner using this actor:
            Ian Bernard Mercer, age 55 (US Search)

            Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Reseda, CA; West Covina, CA; Torrance, CA; Lomita, CA;Pomona, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Harbor City, CA; Tarzana, CA Susan Mercer, Tomas Mercer, Magdalena Mercer, Maggie Mercer,Stuart Mercer

            They even said he was from Tarzana, Torrence & Lomita! Now as well there is no chance that Ian Mercer the actor of Pirates In the Carribean would be invisible in LA & not show up on Identity searches & he does & this is him! Busted Zionist Jew Sayanim actor traitor fraudster slime!

          • Exhibit 14) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting Hoax


        • Exhibit 15) Oregon DHS Hoax Shooting Mass Murder PsyOp
          ZioPuppet Hoax Prez Obama Does His Zio Hollywood Gun Confiscation Agenda Preplanned Script In The Zionist Hoax PsyOp To Get American’s Firearms & Ready US for Slaughter as the Zionist Jews calling themselves Marxists, & communists did the Russian people & Eastern Europe 100 years ago!


  17. Exhibit 14) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting Hoax


  18. WTF is going on with this site again? Dr. K is having troubles again?

    • It sucks because he is destroying his on site & any chance to do good with it! I’m not saying it is on purpose…But He just needs to post atleast one new thread/post per day & let us run with it! And it was crazy to pull that Vitamin thread the other day..since any new thread is good. It is irrelevant what he posts in the intial thread. He could just post “Daily Zionist DHS Hoax PsyOps” each day or whatever. If he has no time just pust a damn thread titled anything related. He could just post “Is this______(fill in the blank) shooting a hoax? He doesn’t have to do any research if he has no time! Just post a new thread every day atleast! And when he has time or is willing to make the time he can do research & post ones his usual way. But posting nothing is no good, no excuse. Can you send him an email or something & try to get just to post a daily thread??? Every 2 or 3 weeks is just horrible & serving these evil bastards! Now the troll vultures can attack. But if he just simply post a new thread each day we can help to really damage the evil these bastards are doing. I can’t post how I want on other threads/forums obviously & tell the whole truth. Being Kosher approved means hiding the truth. I don”t want to be a part of that, nor a part of some ADL or HOMOLAND SECURITY run fake site! & I can understand a guy like Tracy wanting to keep his Professor job but if I try posting there I’ll be banned my first day I bet. LOL!
      And posting so rarely when these Psychological Terror Hoaxes are Orchestrated nearly everyday & sometimes 2 or 3 a day it makes it appear de facto that he & his site is saying that most of these ridiculous hoax shootings orchestrated by the ZioMedia & ZioDHS are real events! And that is a horrible zionist lie to help propagate by default! …done by default by Dr K when he does not post atleast simple daily threads & let us run with. And soon other youtubers & sites will flock here as a resource or the latest hoaxes. And base their videos on research they find here! And then this little site can do some massive damage to the zionists & Freemason freaks & Banksters & all their evil, criminal & bizzaro agendas!

      • I’ve seen this happen to other truther sites. My guess is Dr. K has been detained and is now talking to the enemy in exchange for leniency. I have no way to prove it, but as an IT professional, I’d bet the backend database of these boards are now controlled by DHS. As soon as anyone posts, their computer or phone becomes infected with hidden malware that tracks online activity and accesses the user’s hard drive. They must still be fiddling with the code, that’s why posts are being posted out of sync and in all the wrong places. If this is indeed the case, I say Bring it On! We’re not going down without a fight.

        • Paranoid much?
          More likely that Dr K is a drama queen taking a leave of absence to keep his pet conspiracy junkies salivating and tying themselves up in knots speculating all sorts of nonsense.
          Puppets. Dr K IS the conspiracy. Lol

  19. One helluva new stuff on the Umpqua hoax

















  20. Umpqua Massacre “HERO” is Connected to FEMA


  21. I think its totally the opposite – Report of settler attack on Palestinian boy fabricated


    • Exhibit 16) Oregon DHS Hoax Mass Murder Shooting
      Quinn Cooper is Cody Cooper
      Big Fat Fraudster Fake ZioPuppet Crisis Actor!
      Fake VicSim/Victim Quinn Cooper does not exist as such but is played by his supposed brother Fraudster zioScamming: Cody Cooper who has now setup accounts & fundraisers zioScamming people off his own fake dead, non existant brother character who is played by himself. No Quinn Cooper of near that age shows up in Roseburg or Oregon! & No Quinn Cooper shows up related to this Cody Cooper of Oregon or his apparent parents. Quinn is a fiction based completely on Fraudster Cody his fake brother! Bust Zionist Treasonous DHS Crisis Actor!
      Here from US Search is Cody Cooper in Roseburg in Oregon & also an apparent Portland version alias identity of him 1 yr but neither is related to a Quinn:
      Cody James Cooper, age 23

       Roseburg, OR James Cooper; Janet Cooper Oregon Institute Of Technology
      2nd Listing of a Cody Cooper same age range in OR
      Cody Cooper, age 22

       Portland, OR; Brookings, OR W Cooper; William Cooper; Christian Cooper; Clyde Cooper;Barbara Cooper

      Now see here below via his picturea clearly this is the same big Fat Fraudster ZioScammer, ZioPuppet Traitor serving the enemy for $$$ in their treaaonous Gun Confiscatin Agenda against Americans! Cody Cooper play VicSim Fake Dead Brother Quinn Cooper!
      We are not going to keep taking this $hit you evil Zionists & your despicable DHS TREASONOUS SCUM!

      • Exhibit 18) Oregon Hoax Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp!
        Big Fat, Dirty Rat Lying Fraudster DHS Crisis Actor Zionist Jew Enemy Agent Cody Cooper shooting a 44 magnum. Extremist Zionist Jews love guns just for themselves & the hoax chosen race, master race, genocidally racist taught selves & not for the hated, “dumb” goyim who are to be unarmed for easy slavery & slaughter at the whim & wish of the “chosen” master race, racist psychopaths!


      • Exhibit 19) Oregon Umpqua College Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp
        ZioPuppet, ZioScammer Fraudster Cody Cooper has ZioScammed over $8000 in a single say on his GoFundMe Scam fund raiser off his fictional, VicSim, Hoax Murdered brother Character Quinn Cooper!

      • So the fact that I knew the family and held Quinn when he was a baby was all a Zionest conspiracy? Damn, they are good. I bet they used that NASA moon landing technology to fake all of it. Where do you get your drugs?

        • You should change ur alias to Roseburg Wrong. And I want to ask u the same question: what the fuck did u smoke or drink?

    • Exhibit 17-b) Oregon Umpqua Mass Murder Hoax
      Crisis Actor Slime ZioPuppet Fraudster
      Cody Cooper Is
      Quinn Cooper the Fictional & Hoax Dead VicSim Brother Character of Cody
      Compare Supposed Quinn the fictional brother here to Cody Cooper on my last Post (as exhibit 17-a): (Link I want to post here is removed to Cody Cooper’s Facebook pic & this post being blocked from posting here repeatedly.)
      Same big Fat Fake Fraudster Zionist DHS Crisis Actor! Cody play his fictional not murdered brother. And Cody may well have enrolled at the college months prior as Quinn as per DHS script & for a establishing a history/presence to innocent, non participating parties like uninvolved students & teachers.

  22. Exhibit 17-a) Oregon Umpqua Mass Murder Hoax
    Crisis Actor Slime ZioPuppet
    Fraudster Cody Cooper Is
    Hoax Dead Quinn Cooper Character
    Compare Supposed Quinn fictional brother here to Cody Cooper on my next Post:

    Same big Fact Fraudster Zionist DHS Cris Actor Fake!

  23. Exhibit 20) Oregon Umpqua College DHS Mass Murder Hoax & Chris Mintz Hoax Hero Zionist Jew Fraudster & DHS Crisis Actor Traitor Criminally ZioScams $655,000 from the “dumb”, hated goyim as he target them for Gun Confication with his Treasonous Acting for Zionist Run DHS & the Zionist Mafia & Zio Media!
    This lying, mossadomite & failed MMA fighter is clearly conscious & not in pain & was not shot with several bullets & does not have 2 broken legs! As this staged picture shows! Look at the non medical evaluator next to his side with her clipboard…drill style….


    Chris Mintz should be in jail awaiting conviction & punishment for his treason!

    • Exhibit 21) Umpqua Hoax Mass Murder
      This freak Dalton Cooper may be twin brother who is mossad stationed in Canada since I have found evidence he may a brother nearly the same age since they were in the same rifle target shooting class in 2010 in 4-H. This would mean they were in school together in 2010. Maybe they were in 8th or 9th grade. If so this means DHS & mossad & the zionists would interchange them in different roles, scams, identities, Hoax/PsyOps, faked deaths & murders whatever…or real false flags & assasinations also obviously…or not so obviously. But, yes, spooks & mossad agents do murder people! And these guys proveably are trained for years to do it. But again no one was killed or shot or injured at Umpqua college!


      • Exhibit(22) Oregon Umpqua Hoax Mass Murder Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp FakeVictimVicSim Busted!

        Jordan Eibel DHS Crisis Actor plays Hoax Dead Lucas Eibel newly/just hired High Basketball Coach in Oklahoma City from Grapevine TX. He may well be a quadruplet or triplet but with different names/aliases than listed in the Umpqua PsyOp Phoney Script. He does/did share share addresse(s) with siblings in his age range in Texas.
        Anyway he probably got his dream job for agreeing to participate in this PsyOp & will be allowed more high paying hoaxes, & shell jobs & Stage & Hollywood acting jobs. And same his wife. His wife Jessica Diane Eibel alias as (& uses her maiden name) — > Jessie Diane Martin as a professional stage/film/TV makeup & bodypainting artist, crisis makeup artist, etc.

        Basically his costume for this role is simply younger pics & glasses! LOL!
        There is no Lucas Eibel in USA found anywhere by any search that I checked! So he is a fiction & VicSim / Fake Victim played by this Jordan Eibel with relatives in Oregon & Hawaii. He “cleverly” made sure only his wife was linked directly but not himself to Roseburg…but not so cleverly since I still found him that way, anyway!! Busted ZioPuppet DHS Traitor!
        US Search Results for Jordan
        Jordan Eibel, age 24

         Grapevine, TX; Abilene, TX; Cedar Hill, TX Denis Eibel, David Eibel,Daniel Eibel, Denise Eibel, Matthew Eibel, Bob Eibel

        F@&#k all you despicable DHS & mossad & Freemason & sayanim & zioPuppet scumbags!

        • Exhibit 23) Oregon College Mass Murder Hoax PsyOp
          Looking at the male Siblings of Crisis Actor Jordon Eibel I do believe he is atleast a triplet so he (or and his brothers’s pics) is 1 billion % the actor who plays Hoax Dead VicSim Lucas Eibel! But his hair is generally the longer length of VicSim Lucas’ hair so they may have only used Jordan’s old pics only & not his near identical brothers pics. I hope to find birth records of them as triplets or quadruplets. Will some idiot zioTroll like the Frequent Liar Fake Aussie Gabriel idiot try to tell me it is a different set of quads or triplets with the same extremely rare last name? No lie is too ridiculous or stupid for a lying psychopath zionist or Holohoax clown!
          This is one of his male siblings I forget which one..as an example:

  24. I do intend on identifying the treasonous mossad scum/DHS actors who play each & everyone one of these Fake Victims /VicSims of Umpqua College, Oregon Hoax/PsyOp! So may use their “real” names but all will have aliases identies to fall into bow this identity/character is dead. But some will still use the same basic name since they have/use the same in different places as a different character position. This may be the most important school shooting this year for these treasonous zionist in the whole zionist Jew & freemason & DHS & zioMedia & Mossad/CIA Cabal! Notice they put ZioPuppet Obama to working reading his ordered zio Hollywood script immediately & he is alluding to Gun Confication. This one & the Freakshow in VA will be used over & over to pound tge lies & PsyOp brainwashing into the heads of the hated American goyim like a Heavy leather steeltoed Jack stombing your head forever! Fight back or we get that too!

    • Steeltoed Jack Boot stomping your head forever I meant! lol

    • Exhibit 25) Oregon Hoax Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp Treason DHS Operation
      Happy Hoaxer Scumbag Fake Shooting Victim Fraudster Mossadomite Chris Mintz & Friends Laughing it up & as he ZioScams approaching $1 million in donations of 1 GoFundMe account alone! from the dumb hated zioMedia brainwashed Goyim ..For his Treason & Lies & Fraud for the Zionist Enemy of America!


      Look at these devils laughing & flipping the devils sign!

  25. Israel’s Top Diplomat: Palestinian Children Dream of Blowing Up Jews


  26. Exhibit 24) Umpqua College Oregon DHS Hoax Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp
    Slimebag Fraudster Zionist Jew Hollywood Actor Ian Mercer who plays Hoax Killer’s Dad Ian Mercer with slight disuise & slight change in English accent Calls for Gun Confiscation as per the Zionist DHS, zioHollywood DHS Script! This freak claims his fake shooter son had a zioMagic # of 13 Guns & couldn’t have murdered all those people without the 13 Guns! What a stupid lying Jack@$$ Bastard! As I have researched there is only one Ian Mercer in Los Angeles area and both him and his character are about 55 & as the one & only Ian Mercer is listed in identity/address/phone searches. And he lives in several wealthy homes. Convicted fraudster Englishman actor Ian Mercer of Hollywood area, I repeat, is the same fraudster of Hollywood area fake father character Ian Mercer in this Hoax! If there were two different men of this name they would come up in searches separately & would not look the same and talk the same with only acting skills & Makeup separating them!


  27. What is dr. K being up to I wonder?

    • This is what fat sluts resemble when they are wondering where their next burger is coming from.

    • Email him Christinne & ask him..but more importantly tell him to just start posting a thread each day! If he has no time then he does not have to research anything! Just post a “Daily DHS Hoax PsyOp” thread/Initial Post & we will run with it & others will start coming here for the research & make videos based on stuff we find! By posting no new threads- He is destroying his own site & any chance to do any good with it at exposing & beating these bastards! Tell him!!!

      • You shitheads couldn’t expose a Polaroid.
        And you Cowboy are wanted in three states for exposing yourself to children.

        • Bacon eating Fat Pig -You perverted zionist Jew freaks love to project your own pedophilistic tendencies falsely onto others don’t you zioFreak? You are a pitiful creature even as evil & stupid & arrogant & ignorant as you are. A pitiful ziotrash, woman hating, potty mouth clown LMAO! You probably get your punk @$$ beat on a regular basis when you enter a bar or pub & a start calling woman fat sluts, huh Ziotrash? Or when you, the beedy eyed fat perv pedo looking freak, start falsely accusing others of your own you pedo predelictions in a bar. lol I bet you look just like that pervert Filner or Gene Rosen or LA Clippers former Tokowicz alias “Sterling”!

      • I keep on askin him almost on a daily basis, Cowboy, still no reply. Its OK tho, we’d better stick to what we do….

        • I’m “sticking to it” but we can’t post a damned thing here soon if he doesn’t post new threads. Please specifically tell him just to post new threads. Hell generic new threads each day & we can do the research & post on them. And if he’s worried about threats of lawsuits he can post a disclaimer atop each thread/post that these are the opinions of & information fron the individual posters here in the spirit of truth & free Speech & the first amendment not necesarily the opinions of Nodisinfo.com & Dr.K_____etc…etc…
          & If the a$$hole treasonous ZioMedia, Hollywood zios, & DHS SCUM & all their actors like Gene Rosenslime , Andy Parker & Robbie Parker & EmiLie VicSim Parker want to sue me or your in Open court I’d love to be able subpoena documents & cross examine these criminal , fraudster scumbags in court! But reality is: They will never try to sue any of Us because they know better!!! Are they trying to sue Halbig? Hell No! Only due to sunshine laws, open records laws and the zio-hated Freedom of information act (one of the greatest American laws ever passed) are they forced to hold hearing with Wolfgang Halbig. Otherwise they would never have any open hearing & court trial on any of this stuff! Because truth would be exposed & the truth is their greatest enemy! The truth is always the greatest enemy of a liar, and the zionist are the greatest liars of all time bar none! As the great Martin Lurther’s work was aptly titled hundreds of years ago “The (Zionist) Jews & their Lies”. Even though he is known as the greatest Critic of corruption & evil in the Leadership of the Catholic Church, most don’t know he openly studied the lies & evil of the Jewish Leadership & considered their evil & lies in their books a far, far, genocidal danger to humanity & peace than the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. I hope I can educate a few with this post & piss off so zioFreaks real good.

          • Would love to see you present your “evidence” in a court of law, Cowboy. You’d be a laughing stock. Totally humiliated and booted out of there as some wacko. Because that’s what you are. But I’m sure everyone who knows you already tells you that.

    • Exhibit 26) Oregan Hoax Mass Murder Shooting
      Lying Crisis Actor Father of VicSim girl does his ridiculous ZioHollywood Mass Murder Shooting Script & claims Eeevile Shooter ask each Victim if they were a Christian before he filled them full of bullets! Idiot Script done by lying idiot younger Gene Rosen clone!
      A Very Important goal in this Psychological Terror Operation & it’s script: The Christian targeting part of the script is designed to gradually try to turn more & more Chritians against Gunowners & towards supporting Gun Confiscation…& since the media & worthless NRA & fake republicans & libertarian, and Alex Jones leader all agree/pretend these are real shooting but simply repeat same old arguments which will no longer work as people see these shootings contantly. Only by have the balls to say these are staged/fake/hoaxPsyOp shootings & that the zioMedia & DHS is behind them can these jerks do anything to help stop the Zionist agenda of Gun Confiscation! & Likewise with the Zionists’ Race War & Police State & NWO Agenda! You cannot beat them by arguing within the fake paradigm, fake reality of these hoaxes as being real!!!


      • That was supposed to be called Exhibit 27) & with this Video! But I screw it up some when I stopped to reply to Christinne! lol
        The comments are what I intended though.


        By the way Bacon Eating Buttboy Gabriel Zionist Jew Extremist Frequent Liar, WWII fake Flyer Troll what is your obsession with Christinne’s butt ? You obviously prefer men’s butts & organs & hate woman so why not post your hatred of woman on some SanFrancisco Angry Gayboy site? They will probably not even want to hear it either though ziofreak! lol

    • Exhibit A-A) Zionist Psychological Terror PsyOps/Hoaxes Against Australians to Foment Hatred Anger Againsts Arabs, Muslims & Africans & Aboriginals & Christians, Gunowners other Innocent People & Win Support for Genocidal Murderous Zionist Wars to Extermine These People In & kill Australian Soldiers while bombing & killing innocent framed people abroad–Exclusively for the power & evil agendas & massive profits of Israel, the Zionists & Zionist Central Banksters & War&Arms Contractors & other Zionist Psychopath Banksters to the detriment of all others who are the hated goyim animals to the Zionists self proclaimed Chosen Master Race of genocidal Racists.

      Timeline: of Zionist PsyOp/Hoax Homegrown terrorism in Australia over the past year
      Following the death of a New South Wales police civilian employee at the hands of a radicalised teenager in Sydney, take a look at some of the key events relating to homegrown terrorism in Australia over the past year.
      August 2014
      Legislation aimed at preventing people going to fight with IS(ISIS) is announced.Government announces an extra $630 million to the country’s security agencies.Disturbing image circulates of young son of Australian militant fighters holding severed head of Syrian.New counter-terrorism units introduced at airports to stop people leaving to fight with IS(ISIS) (aka Hired Mercenaries of ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelilligence Service = Official name of MOSSAD = Israel’s worldwide murderous Terrorist, spy, assassination, deception, PsyOps & False Flag organization)
      Here below is the ISIS aka MOSSAD – Zionist Enemy Psychological Terror Attacks PsyOps Against Australians & Muslims Recent Timeline:
      September 2014
      A Brisbane Islamic centre is raidedand two men are charged with terrorism offences.Australia raises its terror threat level from medium to high. Authorities carry out counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane linked to an alleged plot by Australia-based individuals to kill a random member of the public.Omarjan Azari is charged with conspiring to plan or prepare a terrorist act.18-year-old Numan Haider is shot dead by police after pulling a knife from his jacket and attacking officers outside a Melbourne police station.
      October 2014
      Parliament approves a security law that creates a new offence of “advocating terrorism”.
      December 2014
      Convicted criminal Man Haron Monis takes 18 hostages at the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place. After 16 hours, two hostages — cafe manager Tori Johnston and barrister Katrina Dawson — are killed. Monis is killed in a shoot out. Counter-terrorism police in Sydney arrest two men, charging one with possession of documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack.
      January 2015
      The national terror threat for all police is raised from medium to high.
      February 2015
      Police arrest and charge two men with planning to carry out an imminent terrorist attack.
      April 2015
      British police confirm a teenager from northern England has been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to target an Anzac memorial service in Australia.
      August 2015
      The Australian Government confirms at least eight Australians feature on a “hit list” released by a group calling itself the Islamic State Hacking Division.
      Seven young Australians are stopped on their way to join terrorists in the Middle East.
      September 2015
      Victoria Police establishes a new counter-terrorism squad as part of a more “sophisticated” approach to tackling the threat, with a specific focus on preventing radicalisation.
      October 2015
      A 15-year-old with Middle Eastern background shoots dead a NSW police civilian employee. He is killed by officers on the scene.
      UPDATED FRI AT 11:42PM
      Recent http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-03/timeline-homegrown-terrorism-in-australia/6825294
      So you we can take these zionist Media lies & PsyOp deception Psychological Terror, Faked Terror with real evil effect & timeline of supposed real terror & we can turn the lies of sudden massive new Muslim Terror in Australia to reveal the truth that it is Zionist Jewish perpetrated Psychological Terror with real effect of terror– but all the effects are clearly against those who supposedly committing the Hoax terror (mostly Muslims) & solely to the benefits of all the forementioned zionists & their paid, corrupted, intimidated and/or blackmailed puppets.
      And most revealing is the modes operandi of this timeline of faked terror is:
      After the zionist in government & police & media & zioPuppets stage their 1st attack in 2014 they pass legislation for a massive $630 Million for security against previously non- existant Terror… Then this very same massive $630 Million is used to plan & stage massive new PsyOps/Hoax Terror for the Zionists Enemy against the very same Australian population that funded & ofcourse against & frame& blame Muslims, Africans, Whites, Asians & Arabs & Christians & Gunowners!

    • Exhibit A-B) Zionist Psychological Terror PsyOps/Hoaxes Against Australians to Foment Hatred & Anger Against Muslims & Others & Win Support for Genocidal Murderous Zionist Wars.
      Put Simply:
      The proof is in the pudding!
      In the amazing recent 1 year Timeline of this Zionist Staged Psychological Terror, Sudden Series of PsyOps Terror Against Australians & Aussie Aboriginals & Muslims & Others including Christians & Gun Owners:
      (1) The Zionist & the corrupted freemasons & other zioPuppets & zionist media staged a faked or real terror picture with a supposed Australian Immigrant holding a Severed Head in Syria as part of Eeevile boogeymen (MOSSADlims) ISIS (which is really a hired Mercenary Part of Israel’s Terrorist/mass murder/Spy/Deception/assasination arm called ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service better known as MOSSAD.
      (2)Then the same zionist enemy of all Australians used this severed head PsyOp & fake threat of ISIS Hoax Muslim Killers coming to Australia in order to trick the Australian people & pressure the Australian Policos into a massive $630,000,000 funding of a new zionist run fake Security police state organization & operation to fight before non- Existant terrorists in Australia!
      (3) Fake created problem + false solution proposed = desire change
      aka Problem, Reation, Solution
      aka False problem, False Solution = Synthesis
      (4) Anyway all these new supposedly real terror attacks began against Australians, actually all fake Psychological terror, with real effect & financed with the very Australian people’s hard earned money to take away the Australian people’s rights while spewing zionist created hatred against it’s targets: Arabs, Muslims, Africans, Aussie Aboriginals, & even Australian whites & tiny remnant of Gun Owners left in Australia & Christians & anyone but the chosen zionist & jews.
      (5)And all to the benefits only of zionists, Jews, zioMedia in Australia, Zionists worldwide & sellout politicos in Australia, Zionist Run Security Firms in AUS & ZioPuppet Crisis Actors, Zionist War Profiteers, the Psychopath State of Israel, zionist Banks, & the zionist Central banksters which profit from all wars.
      (6) Now the more Psychological terror attacks which the zionist psychopaths stage against the Australian people’s minds with the Australians’ own money –the more funding the zionists will be able to falsely justify & get from their hated goyim enemy: Australians & others to exterminate or conquer & enslave both them & their other goyim enemies: the Muslims, Arabs, Asians, Africans, Christians & others especially the Syrians, Persians, Lebanese & Iraqis & ofcourse the most hated most mass murdered victims by the zionist psychopaths for 66 plus Satanic years of Hell on earth– the genocidally Blockaded, Encaged & embargoed Palestinian Muslims & Christians. But according to Jesus the least chosen people, least powerful people, most belittled are the most in God’s eyes- aka the Palestians & the most chosen, most self chosen, most powerful, most evil aka the zionist Jews– the self proclaimed chosen master race are the least in God’s eyes.
      Remember it matters not what the evil, lying, Satanic Babylonian Talmud or Kabbala says or what the Psychopath zionists say or how powerful thry are or what some zio-brainwashed Zionist false Christian Preacher says, because God trumps all these evil demons! And their actions reveal their true evil & hatred of God & their fellow men! And these evil bsstards, no matter how powerful can be defeated…if exposed. And all their lies & scams, & PsyOps & Wars & Corruption & agendas most be exposed & can be exposed. & you should let No amount of power, intimidation, blackmail, bribery, or threats, hatred, lies, scorn, ridicule from these monsters & their zioPuppets stop you! I’d rather live & die an honest pauper than to bend over & take money to sell out to these monsters!

      • Exhibit 29) Oregon Mass Murder PsyOp Hoax Shooting
        Hoax Victim VicSim Wonder Woman ZioMagic Instantly Healing from bullets Crisis Actor Fake-18 yr old character:
        Anastasia Boylan, Oregon is played by, absolute 100% certainty
        Stacy Boylan of Saegertown PA, 22 or 23 yrs, daughter or neice of CIA/DHS spook her namesake Stacy Boylan of Alexandria, VA & Roseberg, OR & elsewhere. Stacy Boylan is also alias Stacy Lynne & alias Stacy Tatters just married on August 15th 2015 to Michael Tatters of Saegertown PA, also very apparently a spook, sayanim DHS goon. 2014 graduate Edinboro University of PA & Cambridge High School. Yes you are very busted, you lying, fraudster Stacy Boylan just like your older Stacy Boylan hoax dad of your Anastasia the fake victim character. You are also a traitor against the American people by helping a foreign enemy Israel in committing this Fraud with intent to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution for the zionist/Israeli evil agenda of Gun Confiscation of Americans’ firearms!
        You Stacy Boylan are are also committing felonious Fraud by you and your evil zioPuppet mother or aunt “Dani” aka Danielle Boylan collecting over $10,000 already over your faking of being shot by bullets. I have all your relatives info & proof via identity searches & white pages searches & photograpically can prove 100% you are a fraud & playing Anastasia Boylan of Roseburg a ficticious character based on you with a fake younger age. You may have simply done this out of greed mostly but still you belong in a prison cell. This is a recurring role you are relishing as a crisis actor & the celebrity & fame & $$$ & chance for zionist Hollywood work, but you should be ashamed for selling your soul to an evil power of psychopaths for evil, genocidal intent & agendas against Americans!

  28. Exhibit 29 -b) DHS Hoax Oregon Mass Murder Shooting PsyOps
    Hoax Shooting Victim
    Anastasia Boylan is played by
    Stacy Boylan, 22 or 23 – August 15, 2015 Marriage to Michael Tatters of Saegertown PA. Her father or Uncle is a fraudster Crisis Actor as wel & CIA/spook, zioPuppet of Alexandria, VA & Roseburg, Oregon also used in this PsyOp operation for Gun Confiscation. Relative Aaron Boylan is Army at Ft Drum, NJ. ZioScammer Dani Boylan is also a sayanim, spook & zionist Jew also involved in heavily in this fraud & PsyOp Hoax operation.

    • Exhibit 31) Oregon Hoax Mass Murder Shooting
      Disgraceful Frausters ZioPuppets ZioScam $10,600 plus from the dumb, zioMedia brainwashed hated goyim–>> Danielle “Dani” Ela alias Dani Boylan alias Dani Peterson Publisher writer & movie & TV makeup artist in Dubai, USA, Spain & UK & the younger Fraudster the VicSim Anastasia Boylan the fake instantly healed bullet shot Hoax Queen Wonder Woman alias Stacy Lynne alias Stacy Boylan Tatters of Saegertown PA zioPuppet treasonous scumbag!

  29. Cowboy has his day in court:

    • Would love to Cowboy present his “evidence” in a court of law. He’d be a laughing stock. Totally humiliated and booted out of there as some wacko. Because that’s what he is. But I’m sure everyone who knows him already tells him that.

      • Exhibit 32) Oregon College Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp
        Zionist Jews like this slimey Crisis Actor & DHS Paid False Witness of the Oregon Hoax Mass Murder Shooting & Mossad agent traitor & politician & reporter & real estate agent Marilyn Kittelman love having guns & shooting! But they want all the guns of the hated goyim confiscated…& readied for slavery & easy slaughter like cattle in a slaughterhouse! Thus their evil lies & PsyOps/Hoaxes!
        Also her son was a Crisis Actor in this zionist Gun Confiscation PsyOp in Oregon & in her DHS script she said that he said that he thought it was a drill.

        • Exhibit 32-b) Oregon Hoax Shooting Hoax Liar Crisis Actor Marilyn Kittelman on ZioPuppet Clown Warmonger O’Reilly Fake Factor Show on ZioPsychopath Rupart Murdock Fox Channel.


  30. I would love to have treasonous Bastards like hoax shooter dad character Leslie Merritt Sr, in court under oath & with subpoena powers, of the Arizona Hoax Hwy Shooter, to prove he is zionist Jew Mossad/DHS Actor Leslie Merritt Laikowitz. And I have already proved it Zio Troll & self admitted C#%ksucker! I’d love to have zionist Jew Gene Rosen in Court under oath to tell all his ridiculous contradictory tales of the magic bus bringing little shooting victim/witness kids to his house for cookies & Gene’s magic juice & trips to his attic to see his hairy animals & to prove he has a home in Texas & a position with zioRun FEMA/DHS. And to prove he is a SAG actor, repeated cable & public Failed TV host & failed TV actor & his wife is an actor & Director at NYC Yiddish Theater & she has a home in Israel. I’d love to have this little demon crisis actor Anastasia Boylan & prove she is both Ana & Stacy Boylan (Ana + Stacy =Anastasia) & married to Michael Tatters & lives in Saegertown, PA. and is not from & does not live in Roseburg or even Oregon at all except for the duration & operation of this PsyOp!
    I’d love to have hoax shooter Neil Moore who I proved was Neil Fair in open court under cross examination. I’d love to have Darren Chillemi in court to prove he was Hoax Aurora Crisis Actor & Hoax shooter Holmes. Same mother, same aunt & under same zioPuppet Fraudster!
    I’d love to have This piece of zioTrash under oather, subpoena & cross examination who plays Tamerlan Tsarnaev the hoax Boston Bomber & is Hoax dead, still alive & living in wealthy spook-heavy-town Montgomery Village, Maryland. This zionist Jew is Husein Ruslan Tsarni son of CIA/DHS/MOSSAD SLIMEBALL Ruslan Tsarni aka Ruslan Tsnarnaev, husband of CIA Samantha Fuller & son-in-law of ZioSlime CIA BigShot Graham Fuller! Samatha also is connected to Hollywood via sister also CIA/MOSSAD Melissa Fuller who has homes in Thousnds Oaks, CA.
    Here is the actor who plays Tamerlan without his makeup looking very jewish because he is like mom & dad! All these are mossadomites serving Israel & the zionists –against Americans & against Muslims to cause more zionist genocidal maniac evil wars!
    I’d love to cross examine (admitted trained Marksman, Sniper, Gunman, & martial arts & swords fighting/acting) & Multilingual Mossad Agent & SAG actor & Agriculture “expert” Michael Femia aka Michael Russell who plays the younger bomber & fake brother of Tamerlan & his sister Catherine aka Katherine Russell & Femia plays the wife of Tamerlan.

  31. Exhibit 32-c) Oregon Hoax Shooting
    ZioPuppet Jewess Fraudster, Corrupt Hoax Clown Politico Mis-Chairing Commissioner Meetings in her own Special Ed, Arrogant, Insane Ziotwisted Cartoon character way!


    A one woman freakshow! Rosanna Rosanna Danna revisited!

    • Exhibit 32-dOregon Hoax College Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp
      Crazed Arrogant Zionist Jew Marilyn Kittelman gives her son & another underaged person alcohol & then lets him drive drunk then this ziotrash clown cusses out the cop for stopping her drunk driving son! The virtual reincarnation of Gilder Radner’s Rosanna Rossana Danna maniac Jewess!


      Trust nothing you hear from this ignorant & arrogant zionist, true ziotrash witch, corrupt, lying Crisis Actor! & How much did this crazed arrogant maniac try to extort from the local Indian tribes, huh???

  32. Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About


    • EX #1) Drew Peterson & Stacy Peterson Hoax Missing Presumed Murdered Wife Zionist PsyOp! Busted!! Busted all to hell!
      The Sick Twisted Zionist Jew & Satanic Level Evil Freemason Drew Peterson PsyOp Actor is actually the father of Alive Hoax wife & Fake dead fraudster Stacy Peterson supposedly maiden named Stacy Cales. Identity searches show she is alive & is an advertising Agent & Art Director & publisher of preteen books for girls & also children’s books with her own publishing & advertising firm.. And her own company.. Before she an advertising art director off & on for zionist Jew Ad Agency Saatchi & Saatchi & other large Zio Ad Agencies. Zionist Jew Fake Father of AZ Hwy Shooter Leslie Merritt alias Leslie Merritt Laikowitz Crisis Actor & his brother also an actor & ad man/ con man are connected to Saatchi & Saatchi. Anyway She got her company from Zionists as her reward for serving the zionist Psychopaths & their PsyOp twisted agendas to destroy the minds of the hated goyim masses with deprevity, murder, etc, and helping to pass police state laws & take away American’s privacy & Bill of rights & make women think any man or husband might suddenly murder then & dispose of the body.To be fair with the zionists themselves & high level masons this is a fairly common occurence, but not among normal non Zionists, non high level masons in populations.
      Intelius Results:
      Stacy Ann Peterson age 31
      Has lived inBolingbrook, IL
      La Grange Park, IL
      Has worked at Stacy Peterson
      D’arcy Masius Benton & Bowles
      Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
      Grey Group
      etc, etc
      Has studied atArt Institute of Houston
      Related to
      Drew Peterson
      Teresa Peterson
      Tom Peterson
      Stephen Peterson
      Lacy Peterson (aka Laci Peterson) YES That Hoax Dead Lacy Peterson Fraudster is alive! Scott, Drew, Lacy, & Stacy are all related! one big incestuous -<–(not sure of the incest part literally..maybe lol Drew Peterson looks as twisted as they come) freak show mossad cell! of demonic, masonic Zionist Jews willing to do anything as good zioPuppets & 4 $$$! For the Zionists/ Evil Psychopaths! There is no level into the depths of deprevity & sewers these greedy power & money hungry zios won't swim thru to destroy the hated goyim!
      All the proof that this is her: Even her damn picture with blonde hair! 1 billion % it's her, this wealthy, slimey, well rewarded $$$ ZioPuppet! Busted Psycho Witch from hell!
      Copy this linkedin & her picture to your hard drive! They are so evil & bold, emboldened by all the Hoaxes, PsyOps & ZioScams & Genocidal wars they are getting away with– that they think they can get away with anything against the hated Goyim masses! And thus far they are! If you are so alchemically conquered & controlled & brainwashed to believe you cannot discover these monsters & expose them then you cannot, but look & you can find these demons, these mossad scum & expose them! They are nothing but ziotrash scum! If we start doing it, exposing them by the hundreds to the masses of millions, boldly & without fear & with righteous anger & conviction then it is all over for them! Their PsyOps & genocidal Wars are done then!!
      & that reminded of a Large billboard that John Lennon placed in NYC that said: War is Over Now if you want it. Do you want it??? Take it! F@#k these evil Bastards! Defy them destroy their evil!
      & No wonder the Zionist Psychos had Zionist jew Mark David Chapman murder their fellow Jew John Lennon…
      ..Well unless that was a hoax murder too. Perhaps a forced hoax death under threat of his real murder if he did not go along with it for defying them too many times. Jim Collier told me that John Lennon told him the zionists were psychopath evil, lunatics when he set up a roof top concert for the Beatles.

    • Blockbuster Major PsyOp Busted!
      Ex #2) Zio Hoax Murder Stacy Peterson VicSim Fraudster Found Alive!
      Busted Scumbag! Busted PsyOp!
      Copy this high quality picture of Fraudster Mossad Agent Hoax Missing/Murdered Dead Stacy Peterson Hoax dead wife & actual daughter of fellow zionist Jew Fraudster, Mossad Agent, Freemason Drew Peterson! Complete proof this fraudster is alive, 31 years old (born 1984 & hoax dead/ hoax missing at 23) but not! & living well, wealthy as hell–Rewarded for her & her father’s evil PsyOp against the hated goyim!

      • EX 3) Hoax Murdered ZioPuppet Crisis Actor Stacy Peterson is Alive & is the Daughter not wife of Drew Peterson. This shows her real mother Teresa & shows her fake alias name Stacy Cales further proving this Adversing Art Director of Saatchi & Saatchi is her & she is alive….And her mother’s similiar hoax disappearance/ presumed murder (named Christie Marie Touhges Cales) a few years before her own zio hoax/PsyOp disappearance is another zio Hoax PsyOps. Her real apparent mother is an apparent Pentagon spook (found out from intelius) named Teresa Peterson alias Teresa

        These important results found at Radaris:
        Stacy A Peterson, ~31Bolingbrook, IL
        Known as:
        Stacya Cales
         · Stacy A Cales
         · Stacey Peterson
        Has lived in: Bolingbrook, IL
        Related to:
        Eric Peterson~37
        Teresa Trantina~61
        Victoria Peterson
        Norma Villarreal ~54
        Vickie Baugh ~56
        Mind you she operated out of Texas as well & tries to keep her identity their separate from this in Illinois but all her career Advertising info on her linkedin using Texas as her addresses & headquarters is exactly the same as well as shown on intelius as well as her exact name!
        Busted ZioFraudster Psycho & you can’t put it back in the box now zioTrash enemy agent!

  33. https://youtu.be/b0nHCP_yVEI

    Indisputable proof that the earth is flat, not round. This video will help you fight the jewish zionist indoctrination and psyops. A globe shaped earth has never been proven… it is simply a decision made by jewish zionist scientists and traps us all as they steal the money from the goyim. NASA clowns are total zionist thieves. Keep the good fight and search for truth.

    • The Psychopath Treasous ZioDHS & ZioMedia Enemy of USA has staged atleast 142 Hoax PsyOp Shootings in US since 2013 to trick Americans into accepting Gun Confiscation, so the zionists can enslave & slaughter US just as they tricked the Russian people 100 years into allowing through real & fakes, mass murder shootings, assasinations & terror attacks & bombings!
      These bastards keep this $hit they will be run out of America on a rail into the ocean & we’ll see if the can swim to Israel! Many the deported can live in refugee camps in Haiti & clean & cook for Haitians for 2 pennies a day & ten grains of rice & 5 beans! And they can explain to the Haitians how they are the master chosen race! And Americans could donate material to the Haitians so the zio refugees could show how good the master racist hoax chosen race is at building the Haitians new homes while the master race can live in cardboards boxes while they get to ponder why the were so stupid & evil to get themselves thrown out of a once great nation which they tried so hard to destroy with every form of lies, criminality & corrupt & perversion & deception! They surely deserve it.

  34. Mother of Oregon college shooter defended him to fellow gun enthusiasts and told how she read to him from Donald Trump’s Art of The Deal



  35. US senator says Washington’s $500 million Syrian training program aided terrorists – report


    • I wish James Traficant was still in Congress to give his 1 minute rapid fire white rapper “Beam me up Scotty” treason & terror exposing speeches about how the (zioPuppet) US goverment forms terror groups & funds terrorists & does false flags & funds all kinds or insane perverted mindblowing Crap for the zionist psychopaths! Not even a Ron Paul in there! & Sadly Rand Paul choses to only be but a shadow of his dad when he should “razing” hell in there everyday then he could defeat this ZioPuppet cartoon character stalking horse Donald Bozo the Zio Trump Card being used to zioSelect/computer fraud Elect Zio Cryto Jew Super Zionist Extremist Warmonger Vladmir Hillary Clintonsteinwicz as Prez-Dictator of the USSR of Amerika!

  36. God Bless Hezbollah The Courageous Well trained Lebanese Volunteer Militia Virtual Army For Wisely & Righteously Coming to the Aid of the & Syrian militia & people & Syrian Army against these beastly highly paid hordes of ZioPuppet Terrorist Mercenaries from zioPuppet Turkey & many other countries.. & Israel & CIA’s Al Queda & ISIS Terrorist butchers! These mostly Saudi, USA, Turkey funded mercenaries from 30 or more countries for a Greater Israel & often directly trained by CIA & Israel & Turkey. But the only foreign soldiers coming to the aid of Syria in Large numbers are these courageous Lebanese Hezbollah. It takes great leadership & incredible courage & wisdom for these Lebanese to under understand that risk & sometimes lose their lives & limbs fighting the zionist paid terrorist hordes in Syria now is better than to Have this bigger neighbor Syria destroyed (& genocidally occupied & starved, etc. zio Iraq style – De Facto by Israel) then have all the hordes of the Synogogue of Satan–> Israel attack Lebanon once again with no one to come to their aid. I only hope Russia will bomb the living hell out of ISIS bases in Turkey! And shoot down the Turkish planes in Syrian. I really wish Russia would just bomb the hell out of Turkey’s own army & military bases until they agree to get the their zionist Servant murderous demonic troops & mercenaries hell out of Syria. And also wish Russia would atleast bomb Israel’s ISIS Bases in Golan Heights occupied Syria & De Facto Israel! But we know they won’t for fear USA would then claim they attacking Israel. F@&#! The zionists & Israel! But anyway even if Russia just bombs Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda a decent amount inside Syria & Along the Turkish border & give Syria & Hezbollah Air Support & Shoots down Turkish planes bombing Syria– than Syria & Hezbollah will soon defeat these massive hordes of Ziopuppet Terrorist monsters including Israel’s ISIS & AL Queda! Syria defeating these zioMonsters will set back plans for a Satanic Greater Israel many years!


  37. Israel sends hordes of it’s ISIS Terrorist Troops to invade Lebanon a year ago & Hezbollah wipes them out deader tgan doorknobs. & These are well equiped ones in uniform surely with Israeli Air support. This is why Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda & the ZioPuppet Turkish mercenaries are not inside Lebanon–Israel & Mossad & IDF & USA’s CIA scumbags know they these zioPuppet murderers get defeated every time they try to do some terror/ invasion into Lebanon. The government of Lebanon is full of zioPuppet traitors & ziobuttboy cowards but not Hezbollah, since Hezbollah (like Hamas) contantly discovers & purges Mossad agents & zioPuppet traitors inside it’s organization & militia swiftly. The enemy traitors from within are often greater than the enemy traitors from without.


    • Exhibit 33) 33 is for Occultic Freemasons & ZioFreaks behind these Hoax Events
      Oregon DHS Umpqua College Mass Murder Shooting Hoax (#33)
      Upqua President
      Joe Olson tried to resign as President & remain in a lesser position, but then suddenly was completely forced to leave Umpqua College obviously because he did not want to be an active participant & star Crisis Actor in the Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda DHS Mass Murder Shooting Hoax/PsyOp…Which ofcourse as President of Umpqua he would have to be an active actor & script deliverer SpokesLiar in the PsyOps & did not want that. Still he will keep his mouth shut…not wanting to “commit suicide” via invisible hand of a Mossad or CIA assasin.


      Good work again by Dr Doom. We need several more youtubers like Dr.Doom to spring up..& gradually they are. But many sell out or are co-opted soon or are threatened & quit or get so many videos banned & pulled that they quit. If we don’t quit, don’t get co-opted, don’t sellout, don’t get scared away, don’t whatever–except fight & look & find the truth, expose lies & reveal the truth, then we win. Only you can neutralized…yourself unless they kill you, lol, & they cannot kill is all!

      • Exhibit 34) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting Hoax PsyOp

        Despicable, Pathological Liar Mossad Agent & Crisis Actor
        Alek Skarlatos of The France Train Shooting & Terrorist Hoax Zio-PsyOp Attended Umpqua Hoax Shooting College! What an amazing NON-Coincidence! So anyway here’s clown, this treasonous enemy zionist agent partipating as a Crisis Actor/Script delivering Liar in his second PsyOp Hoax event for the zionists & Israel in just the last couple months! Proof this little arrogant mossad agent zionist twisted genocidally racists freak hates the American goyim, just as much as he hates the French goyim & the Muslim & Arab goyim! He deserves a good punch in hoax hero lying face every time he shows it! LOL! Instead he paid even more money $$$ for his lies and Treason!


  38. So Cowboy — Israel is in cahoots with ISIS and Al Queda? Really? What alternate universe do you live in?

  39. ISIS admittedly has bases in Golan Heights – Defacto Israel which Israel has occupied since 1967, zioButtboy punk! And ISIS has bases in Iraq which USA still occupies with Contractors & advisors & CIA & Special Forces. & it is run by USA & Israeli puppet politician who do nothing real in protest or to attack them. And ISIS’s troops & Al Queda & FSA Mercenaries are being treated in Israeli hospitals. Whereas no Syrian innocent civilians or Hezbollah or Syrian Troops or militia are treated in Israel. And psychopath Nit Wit Netanyahu is on videos visiting them in Israeli Hospitals & praises these butchers who murder civilians in Syria & Iraqi. And Israel provides Air support & missile & artillary support for ISIS troops attacking iinocent Syrian people from their bases in Golan Heights de Facto Israel.
    So JackA$$ zionist, scum, liar tell all they lies you want but ISIS & AL Queda exclusively serve Israel & have never attacked Israel, their master, and ISIS never will attack Israel.. nor do they or will they ever attack or kill Israelis or Jews anywhere.
    Furthermore, zionist Conspirator creep, Israel’s official name of it’s terrorist, spy, assasination, false flag, PsyOp, arm operation called Mossad is officially named ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Thus the Israel chosen name of it’s “hoax Muslim” Terrorist/Army is ISIS. And the servant does not attack the master. But the paid & fed servant or dog does attack his master’s enemies & his targets & victims. Thankyou zio slime, for the opportunity to crush you & your lies so well & expose your zio evil master nicely. Now go cry.


    It is good to have an arrogant, ignorant lying fool like your self zioTroll post here sometimes, despite all your evil intent,I can refute & expose your lies and educate people by revealing to the truth to them. And truth revealed is what the zionist evil enemy of mankind & of God hate the most.

    • Exhibit 3) Bratayley NSA & DHS Hoax Fraudster Family & Hoax Death of Son & Extremely Despicable Live Broadcast of a Fake Funeral/Memorial Service of his Faked Death!
      This zionist Jewish Israeli agent Mossadomite family is lowest of the low with using their son or “fake son” & daughter in of all these scams & series of PsyOps! And these two zionist fraudsters demons have top US military & inteligence clearances to be both working at NSA & zioDHS! No secrets are safe with criminals like these two working at NSA.

      Only 2 youtuber have posted videos on this as a hoax PsyOp & neither knows of their NSA & DHS & Mossad Connections!


  40. Exhibit 1) Bratayley PsyOp Hoax
    The NSA & Mossad & DHS Bratayley Hoax Family & Hoax Death of Caleb Bratayley & Disgraceful Hoax Live Broadcast of his Fake Funeral! Yes these demonic zionist slimeballs / Happy Hoaxers broadcasted the fake death of their 13 yr old son on the internet! And yes I have proof both work for NSA here in Maryland at Ft George Meade aka NSA Spy Headquarters with NSA & DHS phone numbers!
    So these zioScamming slimeballs have top secret security clearances!!!
    This fake father & mother of this fake family with this whole zioScamming $$$ & PsyOp Operation are some very criminal & despicable people!

  41. Exhibit 2) Bratayley NSA, Mossad & DHS PsyOp Hoax Family Fraudsters & Criminal ZioScammers
    Billy Bratayley alias Billy Leblanch & “wife” Katie Bratayley alias Kateyn Leblanc alias Katelyn Bearer Alias Katelyn Delise of Arnold & Ft Meade,Md, from Intelius Search alone I can directly show she works for Department of Homeland Security with 2 DHS Phone numbers in Maryland & an Addresses at (Zio Run) Ft Meade NSA Headquarters & a phone number there too. Her despicable husband Billy works for NSA also and is connected Sierre Vista, AZ (town near Phoenix, AZ Where Mossad has a front & Mossad genocidal witch Ritz Katz is connected.) Both these Zionist scum fraudsters are military embeded as well from their addresses.

    Katie Bratayley alias
    Katie Leblanc is
    Also Known As
    (From Intelius Identity Search)
    Katelyn Delise LeBlanc

    Katelyn D Bearer

    Katie D Bearer
    (Also Katelyn Delise & Kateyn Delisle from other sources)

    Katelyn Delise Leblanc is in her 30’s

    Katelyn Has Lived In
    Katelyn Delise Leblanc Has Lived in 3 States

    Maryland Address for Katelyn Delise Leblanc
    Has Lived in
    17336 Kxxxxx Lxxx
    1 Fort George G Meade MD
    2 Fort George G Meade, MD
    3 Arnold, MD

    Fort George G Meade, MD
    Arnold, MD
    Katy, TX
    La Porte, TX

    Katelyn’s Relatives

    Melissa Bearer

    Chris Bearer

    Pamela Connelly

    Billy LeBlanc

    Katelyn Delise Leblanc
    Zodiac Sign Scorpio
    Gender Female

    (410) ***-**** – DHS, MD
    (410) ***-**** – DHS, MD
    (281) ***-**** – Houston, TX

    Busted ZioScamming NSA & DHS Criminals!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeHQuhMRQ1c

      Clearly Zionist Enemy run Homoland Security aka DHS was at Umpqua College prior to the Oregon Hoax Shooting’s official time…And that fact ofcourse being since these demons are the ones who planned orchestrated this Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp in Treason against the American people!

  42. Vile Crisis Actor Vicki Gardner …Tranny or Not ???
    Note she or he says she has a daughter in Oregon. Also Vicki the VicSim fake Virginia shooting Victim helps push the zionist Gun Confiscation agenda hard & helps do her script to push the Oregon Mass Murder Shooting as a real shooting.


  43. Oregon Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actor Fake Pro 2nd Amendment Scene Exposed


  44. Exhibit 35) DHSOregonHoax MassMurder Shooting PsyOp & Bobby Kennedy’ Zio GunControl Speech in Roseburg Oregon!

    Bobby Kennedy in Roseburg, OR gave an obviously zioScripted, zio twisted Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp Speech in Roseburg 2 before the zionist Mafia & Freemason zioPuppets murdered him. So they wrote a speech for him & persuaded him to deliver it after they had just Murdered Martin Luther King Jr. And he delivered the speech which they followed by murdering him & used his murder & his brother JFK’s zionist orchestrated barbaric murder & the Orchestrated Manchurian, Univ of Texas Towers Mass Murder Rampage to pass the 1st “Gun Control” since the 1930’s stamp tax of machine guns which set up of the Stazi/Gestapo ATF!


    Most of the info above is based on my memory & knowledgw but this speech I just learned of being given in Roseburg. Roseburg is full of Gardners, (Vicki Gardner vike creature included) &Zionist Jews, Freemasons & High level Freemason Mason hall # 13! & I have also discover people linked to the other Hoax PysOp Fake Mass Murder Shootings & especially linked to the Roanoke VA PsyOp Shooting!
    And remember Senators’ & Presidents’ & Governors’ speeches are often written by a different single person or group of people each time. So when Pat Buchanan (or a Paul Craig Roberts type writer) wrote a speech for Reagan it was about American Independence, National Sovereighty & Peace through Strength & Rugged Americanism & the threat of the threat of the Federal Government’s power & the need to get rid of many federal agencies & Freedom, etc…Then when a zioPuppet Crypto scum like Peggy Noonan wrote him a speech it was full of globalist goobalty gook & Interventionism & Socialistic ideas, NWO & ZioAgendas! I never understood why Reagan ever gave such great speeches & then the ones embeded with such crap until much later.
    I also have photo evidence of a relative/associate of vile Fraudster Alison Parker who is picture with her & is pictured separately as the son of a very high level Oregon Freemason. And the head Grand Master 33 degree plus Mason is a “retired” prominant TV journalist in Oregon a zionist Jew named Stapleton! And he is stranglely connected to the Eastern Star–The women’s Masonic Arm Organization. And in Australia atleast the Eastern Star has been exposed for procuring children for Masonic perverted rutual abuse & even taking part in ritualistic sexual molestion & rape of Children especially young blue eyed bonde or dark haired light complected blue eyed virgins (& goyim) of a very young age. Remember that Freemasonry is completely based on the Satanic Babylonian Talmud & Kabbala.

    • Exhibit 36) Oregon Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp
      Zionist Jew Don Stapleton is the Highest Leader of All Oregon Freemason Lodges as Grand Master of all the Grand Lodges of Freemasonry in Oregon. He is probably atleast a 36 degree mason or higher. But those degrees are a greater secret & they don’t reveal higher than 33°. So everyone 33° & above is called a 33° or other names but not referred to as 34, 35, 36, etc. There are also interlopers called Jesters who all are like 33° masons & they can travel & take over & run any lodge they are told to at anytime from what I understand directly from orders much higher level Illuminati & Skull & Bones & Crypto Jews like Rockefellers, & the Rothschilds : Evelyn & Jacob, Morgans, Oppenheimer, Bill Gates, Soros -who is probably a Rockefeller & brother of John D Rockefeller (#5 – I think) “David” & dead Nelson Rockefeller.

      Jacob Rothschild is most likely the head of the entire Illuminati & obcourse is a zionist Jew, higher than any top Rabbi, even higher than the top of the Sanhedrine or Pharicees. And Rothschild’s bought the first land in Palestine from Ottoman Empire owners of it & evicted the Palestinians who whose ancestors lived their for 1500 to 3000 years through various Empires from 1900 through the1940’s. Where Jewish population went from less than 1% to more than 5 or something. Then when the Ottomans lost in WW to USA, etc. Palestine was turn over to British occupation & Rothschild keep cheating Palestinians of the homes & land by bribing the British. & I am skipping all the Jewish Murderous Terror Attacks agaknst the Palestinians & Brits false flags… And finally when all troops were pulled out in 1948 the Jewish well trained terorist army was supplied the most advanced machine from US & Germany & Russia & tanks & advanced American artillary they & Jeeps & large military trucks & fuels & savagely & unprovoked mass murdered hundreds of vilages & towns of butchering, raping millions of completely unarmed Palestinians who had no firearms,not even hand guns or muskets, not even swords. These savage satanic beasts, zionist Jews raped small children & woman just as they did to the unarmed Russians after they tricked them into disarming in 1917! They wrote & bragged of raping & torturing Palestinian woman and children in Mosques as churches until the blood was sometimes too feet deep! They follow their Satanic Babylonian Talmud completely in 1948 against the defenseless Palestinians. Jesus told these monster before they had him barbarically murdered: They call themselves the Jews but they are not Jews they are the Synagogue of Satan. And they prove ot everytime they get enough in a country to do such savage mass murder again. And they always get this power through constant deception & lies & Hoaxes, & drugs & destroying & confusing the morals & the minds of the “hated, dumb goyim” until they eventually give up all their rights & give all positions of power to them. And this is what we are in the middle of now. Only Americans still have a few hundred millions guns to defend them selves & still (practically) nothing travels faster than a speeding bullets so all Psychogical Terror they are committing now via Zionist Jew run Homeland Security is about getting those guns, with unlimited hated goyim American’s money, whatever & how ever many PsyOps & Hoaxes & Lies it takes by the zioMedia & zioPuppet sellout leaders! Homeland Security has billions & Billions to commit these treasonous PsyOps towards the goal of Gun Confiscation…& race war which is intended to make the police state more power & to divide & conquer the people on racial lines & orchestrated political & idealogical sympathies, etc to help make the Gun Confiscation possible, whereas even now it seems impossible. It is impossible if we fight & expose the truth to the masses, but possible if we sit on our A$$es let it happen, like letting ourselves be rape & sodomized by little wimps just because they say the have all the power & they have the all powerful man behind curtain! To hell with the DHS or ATF or other bully behind the current. They can get their @$$ kicked like anyone else & some of these mindless power & money hungry goons can even be woken up. But the masses is who we must aim for. Aim the truth right at them & hit them over the head with it. It might piss them off but later so other incidence or tragedy in their life combined with what you told them might wake them up some & make them finally open to hearing & seaking more of the truth & then they join you in the fight. You may not even completely waked up 3 or 4 people in a matter years…But one single person you wake up could get on fire in anger against this evil & have the passion & personality & skills & gain the knowledge to wake up millions of people. Like Andrew Jackson or Martin Luther (not King) lol. Someone who was wise & awake got in Kennedy’s ear & persisted & woke him.

  45. Zionist Jew & Freemason Scumbag who stole $800,000 from his Freemason Lodge over a couple years. He started writing checks & stealing right after he became Treasurer or whatever! It is amazingly evidently that this Zionist Freak Freemason demon is not even in Prison & praising that he stole the money right on his Facebook page!
    See his timeline! Someone is protecting this clown!

  46. OK, Cowboy, looks like we are the only ones left here, but even so its OK. Not gonna abandon the battlefield. Here’s more hoaxing coming from Spencer Stone, one of the French train hoax “hero”. Well, well, our boy allegedly got stabbed by Asians. Perhaps the money from the French hoax is over and he needs more so here we go again….





  47. Behold, at the same time, another shooting hoax took place at Texas Southern Univ. Waiting for 2 more shooting/stabbing/hoaxes in Eastern and Western spots….



  48. EXCLUSIVE: Train terror hero Spencer Stone was stabbed after ‘trying to protect a girl being punched by her boyfriend’ during gay club’s ‘straight night’ – then she fled with attackers


    • So Christinne, that means both these these despicable, fraudster lying, Zionist Jew Extremists, Crisis Actors & Mossad Agents: Alek Skarlatos & Spencer Stone have done a 2nd ZioMedia/DHS zionist PsyOp in addition to the Treasonous PsyOp Hate the Muslims Hoax they took starring roles in against the French people & the Muslims & Arabs & Africans targeted for war & genocide by the Lies & PsyOp Hoax Fraud perpetrated the zionist Psychopaths!
      And imagine this ziotrash clown Alek & his evil acts of Hate & treason against the French people were rewarded by getting the highest award a civilian & foreigner can get: The French Foreign Legion of Honor Award! Given to him by the slimey ZioPuppet Treasonous President of France who cannot possibly Not be aware of the Operation being a PsyOp hoax against the French people & the Muslims & the World! What a sellout scum bag like the Bushes, Clintons & Obama!


      These Mossad Agents should have been taken to a public square in France & Bullwhip 40 lashes, then sent to 40 years in the worst Prison in France & felt lucky then didn’t get the Famous French Guillilotine!

  49. Exhibit 37 -a) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooter Hoax PsyOp
    Anton Sterling plays Stacy Boylan role
    Anton Sterling aka Sterling Anton does the Crisis Actor Role, Hoax Father character Stacy Boylan of VicSim/Victim Ana Boylan character.
    This Is 32° Freemason Past Master the Multnomah # 1 Lodge of Portland Oregon. He will likely be promoted to 33° Master & the head of big Oregon Lodge for playing this Treasonous PsyOp Role for the Zionists & DHS & ZioMedia Enemy for their Gunfiscation Agenda & larger NWO Agenda.

  50. Exhibit A) DHS Hoax-A-Thon College Shootings Continue With A Triple Fake Freaky Friday of 3 Fake DHS College Shootings in 1 Day! 3 for 1 Hoax! Triple PsyOp Movie Night Friday 3 Show for 1 price!
    Not only does the Zionist Enemy- Zio Media & DHS- stage 3 in 1 a Day-Today-Yes 3 fake College shootings just today! LMAO! But as shown Clearly in this zio-NY Times Fake Story: These ZioPsychos decided, insanely, to have have 2 of the 3 share the same stupid exact script & plot! These Zionist Orchestrated Hoaxes are as ridiculous as they are evil in intent which is to trick American people into Disarming of their guns & other firearms for easy slaughter & enslavement of the hated American who people they call the dumb, hated goyim cattle!
    New York Times/Slimes Fake 2 Colleges Same Script Combined Shooting Story!
    Campus Shootings in Texas and Arizona Kill 2 Students and Wound 4
    The New York Times
    HOUSTON — Two students were killed in separate shootings Friday on college campuses in Texas and Arizona, rattling the nerves of students, teachers and parents eight days after a rampage left 10 people dead at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.
    Unlike the attack in Oregon and other mass shootings at colleges and schools in recent years, the two on Friday were not so-called active-shooter episodes, but instead appeared to stem from ordinary disputes and altercations that quickly turned violent.
    Here in Houston, a shooting outside a student housing complex at Texas Southern University shortly before noon put the campus on lockdown and led administrators to cancel classes for the day. The motive was unknown, but one student was killed and another man wounded. Their names were not released.
    The shooting appeared to be the fourth on or near the campus since August, and although officials said two people had been detained, the suspect believed to be the gunman remained at large.

  51. Exhibit 37-b) Oregon Ompqua Mass Murder Shooting Hoax PsyOp
    Sterling Anton aka Anton Sterling plays Stacy Boylan the Lying Fake Shooting victim father of the VicSim /Fake Victim Ana Boylan character. https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/10929131_10102046709584496_8020864048586005554_n.jpg?oh=6f9d1e3b148c7a50056541a8d1bfe05a&oe=569C956D
    He is a high level Freemason 32° & a zionist Jew & looks like he has works for Mossad overseas & his main job is his is An Ad Man, Advertising & Marketing Agent & Manager & Public Relations aka PR aka Professional liar. He merely was required to gain about 35 lbs or more & let all his beard grow & let all his grey come out & not dye it out of his beard for this role. ..And wear glasses. And I do have a much younger picture of him with glasses & heavier from 7 years ago where he does like just like a younger version of the current clownish lying ZioTV/media character Stacy Boylan. The real stacy Boylan is another spook himself zionist & likely a freemason also. So are just combining the name & trail of his (the sorta’ Stacy Boylan) past presence in Oregon with this new creation a fictional character hoax victim father. And more cleverly than usual they are portraying him as a pro Gun owner (but a cartoon character version of one) to make the event seem to must be real even to some gun owners who are starting to waver of whether maybe these shootings are hoaxes/PsyOps or False flags. So this brings them back into the false reality that these are real events & makes it harder for them to argue with their families & friends against all so called “gun Control laws”–Which is a stupid lie & term because the agenda is all about Gun Confiscation not some indefinable BS called Gun Control. I reiterate zionist agenda is Gun Confiscation not Gun Control which is a meaningless proganda deception term.

  52. Exhibit 37-c) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting DHS Hoax PsyOp
    This is Anton Sterling Alias Sterling Anton from 2007 – 8 years ago he’s heavier, with glasses & younger showing he looked just like a younger version of his current PsyOp character Stacy Boylin who he is playing. So he stopped exercising & ate more for the role as Robert De Neiro would do & does, not that this freemason zionist clown freak 2nd or 3rd rate actor is Any Robert De Neiro. But that is a good way to change your looks for a big & recurring role. His brother or cousin Nick Anton in white & blue stripes & Sister Zoe Anton & Lilly Anton is sister or cousin. Look for these others in Oregon College PsyOp photos, video footage & roles & in previous “news stories” & PsyOps anywhere.

  53. Exhibit 37-d) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting DHS Hoax PsyOp
    This is Freemason & Zionist Jew Anton Sterling Alias Sterling Anton fraudster who plays character Stacy Boylan Oregon Victim/VicSim father of Ana Boylan hoax VicSim character.
    Also he is only 33 yet already has headed entire mason lodges for several years. He was selected for this role because he 33 yrs old & about to be a 33 degree mason & is earning it be doing this treasonous acting/fraud/deception/trickery role. Masonic/Occultic/Babylonia magic is all by Illusion & deception, trickery. Magic is Illusion. PsyOps are illusion. But it all has a real & evil effect when believed. This deception tricks people into doing & accepting things, horrible things, against their own & others’ best interests, which they would not normally do & accept..Like give up their rights, hate people who have in reality not done them any wrong & who are not their enemy, & to accept & support evil, unprovoked, missile attacks, genocidal wars, invasions, mass bombing & genocidal occupations. And all these evils are done for even greater, later zionist, NWO agendas to come!


    • Exhibit 39) Obama ZioPuppet Meets Hoax Shooting DHS Crisis Actors In Roseburg, OR in Contining Treasonous Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp Being Perpetrated Against The American People!
      & Ridiculously Today Brand New Hoax College/School Shootings In 1 Day by The Zionist Enemy Against the American people. Zionist run DHS & the Zionist owned Media is clearly a Terrorist & Treasonous Enemy of the American people with these almost Daily Psychological Terror Hoax Events of fake shootings & Murders that these despicable demons are orchestrating against US!

      • Exhibit B) DHS College Hoax-A-Thon Traveling DHS Comedy Killing RoadShow Hits AZ Again! Ridiculous Storyline of An All Fratboy Party Shooting (Delta Chi & Sigma Chi)
        AZ College Hoax Dead VicSim Crisis Actor Fraudster
        Colin Brough is Son Of Zionist Jew TV Producer/DigitalPublisher
        Douglas Brough of Extream TV & Allview Networks of Annapolis,Md & West Palm Beach,FL & 25 other Addresses! You Treasonous Filth..Sayan, Israel Enemy Agent!
        Busted Scumbag Fraudster Mossad Agent & Hollywood Piece of $hit! You are busted for Treason
        US Search Results:
        Douglas Charles Brough, age 56 
        (Doug Brough, Douglas Brough)
         Manchester, MD; Castle Rock, CO; Annapolis, MD; Stevensville, MD;Severna Park, MD; Lake Worth, FL; Delray Beach, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Jamaica Plain, MA;Solana Beach, CA; San Diego, CA; Towson, MD; Brea, CA; Randallstown, MD; Cockeysville, MD; Anaheim, CA; Columbia, SC; Boston, MA
        Charles Brough, Sharon Brough, Claudia Brough Towson
        University Allview Networks, Digital Holdings Inc. (Dhi),Extreamtv

  54. Exhibit C) Freaky Friday 3 Hoaxes/ 3 DHS College Hoax Shootings In 1 Day!! Arizona Happy Hoaxer Crisis Actor Sabrina Garst Is Happy AZ a Hog In Mud & $hit as a Paid $$$ Harlot Liar From Hell!! Watch her Smile & Lie & Bask In A few minutes of Fame! She don’t care if a friend died..She’s getting paid!! $$ And nobody died..! it’s a damn DHS Hoax!


  55. Exhibit D) ZioTwisted DHS Triple College Shooting Day Freaky Friday! AZ & 2 More Fake Univ’ Shootings Same Day! Mossadomite Scumbag Busted!

    Delta Chi Zionist Jew NAU Student & DHS Crisis Actor/Fraudster of N. Az. Univ.
    Jeff Roxas Plays Delta Chi Hoax Shooter/Murderer Fictional Character
    Steven Jones fake Goyim Eeevile Shooter Billion % DHS/Media Hoax PsyOp!
    Busted you slimely Zionist Treasonous Fraudster!

    Again Jeff Roxas is clearly AZ Hoax Shooter Murderer Character Steven Jones! You dumb evil arrogant bastard! Caught your punk chosen Racist @$$!

    • Exhibit D-1) AZ College Shooting Hoax-A-Thon Friday! 3 DHS College Shootings PsyOps In 1 Day!
      Mossad/Zionist Jew Crisis Actor Jeff Roxas a zionist agent Israeli Traitor Busted!
      Will some lying idiot zioTroll A-hole tell me this little punk Jeff Roxas who’s in the same Fraternity- Delta Chi & at the same college, & who looks exactly like the Hoax Shooter is not the same person as the Hoax shooter? – Fictional character Steven Jones. They even used a Mossad & Thermite & 911 exposing Truther Professor/explosives expert’s name for this fake shooter/murderer! (Steven Jones of BYU.)
      This below is Jeff Roxas who plays the NAU hoax shooter fictional character Steven Jones. No question! And he plays himself as well’ as: Jeff Roxas, as a DHS false Witness & friend & Frat Brother of Fictious shooter Steven Jones. DHS script wrights might as well have just named him Alex Jones!

      • Exhibit E) A to Z of AZ Hoax College Shooting in DHS College Shooting Hoax-A-Thon!
        Hoax Shooting VicSim Nick Piring is alias Nick Reiff Son of Zionist Jew DHS/Sayan PR Con Man Sayan/Spook/Mossad Benjamin Reiff of Philly & Las Vegas & Beverly Hills CA Developer Real Estate Mugul & Lennette Reiff aka Lennette Piring & Lea Piring, Lea Reiff Etc & Piring Reiff & Annette Reiff

  56. Exhibit 40) Oregon DHS Hoax College Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp
    Compilation Video of Various Youtuber Truthers’ Videos of these PsyOp Made By a Guy plus his own analysis & points.


  57. Exhibit F) F is For Fraudulant Fake @$$ Shooting AZ College Hoax PsyOp
    Slimebucket Fraudster Crisis Actor VicSim Fake Victim Nick Prato Caught At DHS NAzUniv Hoax Shootibg Memorial.
    This little Delta Chi Frat Boy Is Son of Zionist Jew Propaganda Spokesliar For War Monger Zionist Run War Contractor/ Bomb & Missile & Nukes Builder & NSA Spy on Americans Contractor Northrop Grumman. This Evil witch/ mossad enemy agent with security clearances Kimberly Prato alias Kimberly Dimo alias Kimberly Mozzato is a yet an another Public Relations professional liar involved in this hoax for the zionist Enemy, DHS & zio MSM/ZioMedia perpetrating this PsyOp Hoax against the American people for the Zionist psychopath agenda of Gun Confiscation of the American people’s firearms & destruction of the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution! Which is treason. And I will continue exposing these traitorous warmongers & all their evil reguardless of threats from who ever & whether this site stays up or not. Forgive me for being so gentle with these psychopaths.


  58. Exhibit G) Arizona College Shooting Murder Hoax PsyOp
    Zionist Mossad Scum War Contractor & PR Professional Liar Involved in These Treasonius PsyOp for Gun Confiscation Agenda
    Kimberly Prato
    (US Search results)
    Kimberly Dimo Prato, age 48 
    Kimberly Dimo alias Kimberly Mozzicato alias Kimberly Prato)l

     San Diego, CA;Oceanside, CA; Lake Arrowhead, CA; Upland, CA; Fpo, Ap; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL;Mission Viejo, CA;Waterbury, CT; Newport, NC; Willis, TX;Swansboro, NC;Wethersfield, CT; Irvine, CA Anthony Prato, Joseph Mozzicato, Kevin Mozzicato, Jacqueline Dimo, Thomas Dimo,Leo Dimo, G Dimo, Gayla Owens, Mary Mozzicato,Kimmi Dimo, Kris Lorancaitis, Nicholas Prato, TK Prato Northrop Grumman Corporation, Public Relations Society Of America, Kathleen Bates

    (2nd Identity Search result of this same demon at US Search)
    Kimberly D Prato, age 48

     Foristell, MO; San Diego, CA; Lake Arrowhead, CA;Henderson, NV; Panama City Beach, FL; Oceanside, CA Anthony Prato, S Prato,Nicholas Prato Liar Crisis Actor Son & Fake Victim/VicSim, Kathleen Prato, TK Prato, Harry Prato, Sandra Prato,Stephen Prato
    This is one of this Kimberly Prato’s Linkedin Account as College Professor & PR AD man, etc which tries to keep separate from her role as a SpokesLiar PR for War Contractor Northrop Grumman for obvious reason…Like on campus she doesn’t want other teachers & students realizing she is a Warmonger spokesLiar & spook… And have them protest her presense & her likely CIA & mossad recruitment of students, etc.
    Ofcourse Caches, these twi identity searches & pictures reveal Professor PR & Northrop Grumman PR SposLiar Kim Prato the same Kim Prato. Their are two other PR woman also spooks/mossadomites going by this name as well: but of age 56 & 37 as opposed to 48 of this one. Prato is probably just a made up name given to all 3 of these PR SpokesLiar agents. It’s to sound Greek or Italian instead of An obvious zio/Israeli Agent Jewish name with a stein, wicz or sky etc.

  59. Exhibit G-2) N AZ University Hoax DHS Shooting Murder PsyOp For Gun Confiscation Agenda
    Crisis Actor/ PR War Contractor
    SpokesLiar Zio Agent
    Kimberly Prato alias
    Kimberly Mozzato alias Kimberly Dimo
    & Mother of VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster Nichlas (Hoax Greek) Prato

  60. Exhibit H) Hoax is for Hoax!
    Arizona N.Az Univ Hoax Shooting/Murder PsyOp
    Mossad Agent Navy Embeded NSA/Spook connected
    Anthony James Prato alias Frank Anthony is also alias
    (via US SEARCH identity search)
    Anthony Francis Perrone, age 51
    (Anthony Prato, Anthony Khansari)

     Jacksonville, FL;Rosedale, MD;Baltimore, MD; Crystal River, FL; Saint Petersburg, FL; Saint Augustine, FL;Birmingham, AL;Washington, DC;Arlington,VA; Neptune Beach, FL; Savannah, GA; Port Saint Lucie, FL;Evington, VA; Fort Lauderdale, FL;Springfield, VA;Lynchburg, VA Loretta Prato, Michael Perrone, Julian Perrone,Andrew Perrone, Vincent Perrone, John Perrone
    Motion Industries Inc
    So, among other facts, by this Motion Industries Business I know he is the same Anthony Prato who is alias as Frank Anthony & Navy Connected & also the same one running Resume dot com which PR daughter Gabrielle Prato of Chicago & Loyola Univ of Chicago is involved in. And this Gabrielle Prato is like an exact dopperganger/clone of her mother face, body, bug breasts & all.
    Their other son (& brother of Hoax NAU shot Crisis Actor Nick Prato) is named Anthony Prato marine vet, Russian Linguist (speaks Spanish too) so likely NSA TOO, & currently Naval Academy, Maryland & probably simultaneously with nearby NSA – Ft Meade, Maryland with clearances & positions. Most NSA military are Air Force or Army & some Navy, Marines in NSA arw rare. But techically he is in the Navy now.
    This below linkedin accnt’ is the older/father Anthony Prato- spook- who looks exactly like the son in younger pictures he uses on other linkedin profiles like for his resume business he runs with PR daughter Gabrielle [who also is a lawyer /headhunter (recruiter hirer) & PR SpokesLiar.]

    • Exhibit H-2) Arizona College DHS Shooting Murder Hoax PsyOp
      NSA/CIA Spook/Mossad in yet another position this zionist Goon Anythony Pratos has he is also in the Program Director at Portland/Vancover Oregon Radio stations: KPSU/KBSU & Atleast a large portion of KPBS Radio programming & most likely at other Public Broascasting Stations in Oregon. This is absolutely the same man Navy man who is father & husband repectively of Crisis Actors Nick Pratos & Kim Pratos of the Northern AZ Shooting Hoax. I have photographic & other proof like the Identity search showing him connected to both Kim & Nicholas Prato. And a the Linkedin shows the same younger of Anthony Pratos, etc.
      Anthony Wayne Prato alias
      Tony Prato alias
      Anthony S Prato
      Anthony Wayne Prato is in his 50’s
      Anthony Has Lived In
      San Diego, CA
      Henderson, NV
      Lake Arrowhead, CA
      Anthony’s Relatives
      Kimberly Prato ( & this Kim Links directly to fraudater son Nicholas if you click the link)
      Stephen Prato
      Sandra Prato
      Kathleen Prato

      Anthony Wayne Prato
      Zodiac Sign Libra,Gender
      Status Program Director at Kpsu Radio Station Portland



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