Boston Bombing — 14 May 2013
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Updated and corrected, with removal of speculations based upon Internet videoswith former retractions and redactions returned, May 15, 2013, new title

Note: while on the road and no one to double-check, we got trolled. Upon review, can see as clear as day what posters can see, which is the ultimate proof of the involvement of Iffrig and Roche in the scam, that is the turning around of Roche and her tossing something in Iffrig’s direction, which he catches in perfection. It would appear that the woman actually turned around and stopped her forward movement. This, along with her testimony, would confirm her role in this hoax.

Smoke Bomb Detonation by Jogger? Suspicions at the Finish Line; Are these runners scammers working as part of the operation?

There is a high suspicion that the infamous fallen jogger of the Boston Marathon, Bill Iffrig, along with his cohort, Rebecca Roche, are a part of the plot and scam of this fake massacre hoax. This is demonstrated by the fake that both of these individuals lied about the event that day, particularly Roche, glaringly so.

Here is the Vimeo video:

Note: the Vimeo video is in dispute. Do study it to determine the precise nature of these observations.  the Vimeo video is in error about an item being thrown at Mr. Iffrig by Rebecca Roche. However, the thrust of this post is not that particular issue but, rather, their testimony together about the event, which is suspect. This is a blog. Information is used from other sources. In the future, this will be scrutinized even more intensively.

Note: it is not known what they were doing but, regardless, they are likely fraudsters. Whether they had anything to do with the detonation is unknown, The premise, here, is that they knew about it and are part of the scam. Both supported the deceptive claim of a powerful, dangerous bomb. Rebecca Roche told great lies about injuries to relatives which never occurred. They were on that spot for only one reason, which was to assist as agents of the plot. Just a nice elder gentleman, like George Hochsprung: not believable.

There surely is cause for deep suspicion regarding the so-called fallen jogger, Bill Iffrig, along with associate, Rebecca Roche. They are both suspect primarily because of their lies as well as their actions. Regardless, the caption on TV which surrounds them is a lie, which proclaims the faux bombing as “Terrorism in Boston,” not mere presumably Islaamic but defined as Islaamic.

What is seen, here, is no coincidence. This is the fact that right after the detonation of the smoke bomb something exceedingly revealing occurred. Roche was detected perpetrating an act of high suspicion proving her role in this plot. It was an act which would never occur legitimately in a race. She threw an object directly to Iffrig, that object being unknown.

This was at a minimum a cue for Iffrig to go down. Who knows, maybe it was something more diabolical, like the detonation device? This proves that Iffrig and Roche were not there accidentally but, rather, by plan.

What is seen, here, can be no coincidence. This is the fact that right after the detonation of the smoke bomb Roche threw a white object back directly to Iffrig, who in an astounding acrobatic feat caught it, mid-step. It would seem at the minimum as a cue to drop down, acting as if he was knocked over by the blast. The suspicion, here, is that it was all by plan and Iffrig, as well as Roche are operatives.

The Game Has Changed – Boston Bomber In Plain Sight from myfalseworld on Vimeo.

It seems that the video analysis of the catching of an object is in dispute. Left up for visual purposes only and for further assessment. Still open for discussion regarding any actual action taken by Rebecca Roach with a white object. Now proven as disinfo: disregard the conclusions.

Long form of the interview with the two operatives


The smoke bomb with pyrotechnic and sound shock value, blasts right through the area, there, where virtually no one can be seen. The highest density of people is considerably left screen to the blast site. The bomb is so feeble it can’t even on its own blow away the flimsy blue banners. That region is clearly one of the most reduced population density of the entire strip. That surely can be no coincidence.


Sequential screenshots show that the blast did not knock anyone done; no blast wave affecting people right next to the banner or near the scaffolding.

Yet, the runner, a darling of the news media, takes a dive? There is a reaction, but is it for effect? Of note, none of the others react in such a way, including people a few feet in front of the barrier.


It’s the woman in ‘green’, Rebecca Roche, who reportedly throws, now, a white item to Iffrig. He is in on this, there can be no other conclusion. It’s on cue, and he knows it’s coming. He needs to take the fall regardless, since this will serve as the necessary distraction. At this time the pink hooded and pom-pom moles are fully in place. Regardless, there is no way while focusing on finishing the race he would notice this flying object and, then, catch it unless he was a fixed part of this scandal.  There is no way he would notice this flying object unless this was prearranged and also not possible he would catch in just coincidentally.

Object is thrown to him by a woman on cue, presumably Rebecca Roche:


Contrary to what trolls on this site have posted, he does bend down and catches something, with full concentration on that something.


Yes, it is an impossible coincidence; the catches it an athletic feat bordering on unfathomable. No way: it’s a plot, and they are key players.


Another view without the arrow: yet another magic trick. Right precisely at the epicenter: he catches it, perfectly? Who would believe it?

Note: contrary to the video he does not catch the piece of paper. He could easily have fallen from the entire issue; it’s the story that is being primarily dispute, here.


The question is, though, is a real fall, or a fake? He could have lost his balance. However, he appears on TV in tandem with Roche, who tells a wide range of lies.

Could it all be for effect, with the smoke bomb having nothing to do with it? At that moment and just before it seems that the woman in green stops jogging. It is simply way too coincidental for this man to take such a non-toxic fall, and he alone, right at the epicenter of the fake bomb and then lie about it. He claims to have been only five feet from the blast. That is clearly not the case.

What a perfect distraction for the eye, so no one could see what was really happening at the site, to buy extra time to position the fraud, including the positioning of Jeff Bauman.


Back to the finish line


Is this Roche looking over to check out the dirty deed. regardless of any other issue, she surely knew about the scam, as is demonstrated by her testimony on the major news networks.


The interview


All of a sudden this enormous blast just kind of buckled my legs.

Editor’s note: not so, he moved into the squat to catch the object thrown toward him by the Mossad operative

It just went off right next to me.

Editor’s note: not true

It sort of buckled my legs

Editor’s note: possible but the entire coincidence is suspect, especially upon noting Roche’s fallacious testimony.

As soon as I hit the black top, I looked around to see how I was doing, and I seemed to be OK (he didn’t hit the blacktop)

The impact, I think, drove me right to the ground (in light of the lies told by Roche, this, too, is suspect)  it was his feat of magic that brought him downward; nobody would suspect a downed, old runner of being involved in this crime) - It took both my legs out right underneath me (more lies)

Rebecca Roche: bizarre or wicked?

It would appear to be a part of the set-up. Why the lies? If this duo is legitimate, why not simply say what happened instead inventing false crises?

Stephanopolous: And Rebecca, you must have been just a little bit ahead of Bill. You crossed the finish line. Then, what?

Editor’s note: now, keep in mind that CNN knows this is a hoax and that it wasn’t  real bomb. One way or another, this interview is a kind of scam.

Um, I crossed the finish line ahead 30 to 60 seconds prior, and the bomb, um, went off, um.
Actually, my mom and some dear friends were injured in the  impact.

Stephanopolous: How are they, now? 

Roche: (answering immediately) They’re recovering from surgery Stephanopolous: What kind of injuries?

Note: a variety of facial expressions issuing in the attempt to draw story lines from the brain–in other words, the crafting of lies:

Roche: (answering virtually immediately) Um, a tibial compound fracture and a patella, uh, shatter.


I thought the worse.

Um, I turned and saw the smoke from both bombs and though, “Something terrible has happened.”

This confirms the use of a wide range of crisis actors to help confirm in the public consciousness the lie of this fake massacre. Roche is hereby called upon to prove her words true. Or, let anyone else do so.

They can’t, because she truly is lying.



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  1. There can be no doubt that Rebecca Roche is clearly seen tossing that white object to Bill Iffrig. No doubt whatsoever. She tosses it to him and he dives trying to catch it. What is is remains to be discovered, but the very fact that they are seen doing this, along with their subsequent lying during interviews, shows that they were involved in the perpetuating the hoax.

    • Hi michelle
      Roche…very fishy. I have seen pictures of her giving media interviews where I swear it is not the same person…IDK….But these tired elderly eyes aren’t that good any more. Worth further investigation.

      • I indirectly know ms. Roche. Whenis a snake. Slept with my 54 year old husband, a physician wew SHE USED TO WORK FOR atnthebage od 28. Now, that being said…….what does that tell you? A 28 year old having sex with 54 year old?? Older than per own father!!

        Scum. Don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

    • Yes….lies by Rebecca Roche. It’s all on film. Right there. For anyone to see.

      She is a snake. She has lied. She plays “poor me and mother”. Sickening. What would her mother say about having sex with my 54 year old physician husband in the office where they both worked? He is older than her own father. This girl has a lot of issues……..

  2. So the real issue is, was the entire timetable for the event depending on when Iffrig got to the right spot? Did he really run the race or did he join the race when the timing was right. It’s pretty random if everyone was waiting around until he showed up

    • Hi clarabelle
      I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t all runners have some type of RFID cards to monitor their race progress. Are those records publically available or FOIA?

  3. That white object is debris from the blast. you can see it clearly here in the slowed down shot
    at 7 secs in and then you can see it land behind him

    • You are correct about that. That part will be corrected with additions regarding R. Roche.

    • Hi nj
      I have a concept for a flow chart regarding the existence vs nonexistence of shrapnel which debunks the official version any way you go. I’m old and no good at computers. How are you at flow charts?

      • Hi Leo, have you heard of visio? Its a handy bit of software for creating flow charts. I don’t use it much but have seen its quite a good tool. I think also powerpoint creates flow charts.

    • Microexpressions are accepted by law enforcement as an accurate indicator of lying (equal to polygraph) Looks like lies to me.

  4. I respectfully disagree, Dr. K. In the Vimeo video I see Rebecca Roche tossing the object with her right hand. Obviously, I could be mistaken, but that is what I clearly see.

    • Please do disagree; help me with links, so the post can be made better. Especially, since she seemed to stop, if you can get me a screen shot of any kind showing it coming from her direction. I will put the post comment on neutral until we find out.

    • Not only does he CATCH the object, as he rolls to the ground, he TOSSES IT to a nearby runner.

      if you slow the video to .125X and slowly scroll, you can see it leave his hand, just as he hits ground, and awkwardly rolls his body- to the runner in black.

      I then believe it was passed to a seemingly slow, pokey guy- a runner in a white tank top, who suddenly, after wandering toward the explosion, crosses the line with a device in his hand, and is the only one walkind.

      I wish I could unsee what I just saw- check for yourself. If I hadnt been tryig to clip footage to slow down highlights for a video I wanted to make for my blog, I never would have found it!

      also, the ladies in the orange and pink tank tops in the lower left hand of the finish line footage frame, seem to be involved; as the lady in orange clearly signals, and the lady in pink slows to a walk and checks the time. This is deep and big. Unbelievable. Dont take my word for it- look for yourself.

  5. Leo – Roche ran the thing (or someone impersonating her did)

    21963 Roche, Rebecca L. 33 F Boston MA USA
    5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
    0:28:31 0:55:23 1:23:03 1:51:28 1:57:30 2:19:50 2:49:18 3:19:12 3:47:39
    Finish: Pace Proj. Time Offl. Time Overall Gender Division
    0:09:09 3:59:52 3:59:52 16042 6065 3524

    Here are Iffrig’s times: 19200 Iffrig, Bill G. 78 M Lake Stevens WA USA
    5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
    0:27:41 0:54:40 1:21:16 1:48:59 1:54:56 2:17:12 2:46:28 3:17:47 3:48:32
    Finish: Pace Proj. Time Offl. Time Overall Gender Division
    0:09:18 4:03:47 4:03:47 16609 10203 4

    You are correct that runner’s have chips. They compute their time when they go over the various timing mats at different mileages around the course. This makes it harder for people to cheat as there should be a time for each mat.

  6. More of Iffrig’s results:
    Since 9/17/2011
    bill iffrig is a Memberbill iffrig
    Age: 78 Gender: M lake stevens, Washington, USA

    Latest Results
    Unofficial Results

    Mercer Island Run/Walk Half-Marathon, 10K & 5K 2012
    3/25/12 — Mercer Island, WA

    Nookachamps Winter Runs 2012
    1/14/12 — Mount Vernon, WA

    12K’s of Christmas 2011
    12/18/11 — Kirkland, WA

    USATF National Club Cross Country Championships 2011
    12/10/11 — Seattle, WA

    Skagit Flats Marathon & Half Marathon 2011
    9/11/11 — Burlington, WA

    Snoqualmie Railroad Days 10k
    8/20/11 — Snoqualmie, WA

    He has run in more than 130 races. Roche, on the other hand, does not have this running “footprint”. She did not qualify for Boston – it was her first marathon, so there is no way she “qualified”: for Boston. She got in as a charity runner.

  7. The close-up of the NJ video doesn’t show the source of where the white object is coming from. If a video is going to be made like that with a close-up and slowed down, why, so conveniently, clip out the portion immediately before the object appears to be tossed from the woman in green?

  8. Yesterday, I learned about this video on Prof. Tracey’s site. Have been intrigued enough tow want to know if this is true or disinfo, so I’ve looked into it.

    Found this article about those who were running to the finish when the explosion happened:

    According to the NY Times, the woman in the green shirt is not Ms. Roche.

  9. If Mr Iffrig falls down at the blast, and if the blast is in a spot which later analysis shows was empty at the time, then what were viewers looking at – the blast site with actors moving into it from the periphery or the old guy who, for all anyone knows, might have been hit by something and seriously injured?

    Your first reaction would be to look at the old man, and not at some nebulous thing on the other side of a barrier, of people walking into a place where they were supposed to have been already hit.

    It’s actually a trick I once saw a policeman do on the streets of New York City, to get the attention of another cop who was going to make an arrest. He pretended to stumble off a curb and spill a coke, which was the signal for the other cop to “drop” the man across the street, and then I saw the plain clothes stumbler come and join him. I saw almost the identical thing happen on El Camino Real recently in California. Butter-fingers, stumbling. It’s a form of signaling.

    This was a visual signal when the old guy took a fall, and it definitely served as a diversion for our eyes. The media discussed it, the whole thing was the focus, off the area where the actors were moving into view.

    Of course Iffrig is a part of it.

  10. The redaction of information initially posted in this story may be premature. I don’t understand why certain parts of the narrative have been lined through. There is not any credible information that the green shirted woman did not throw a white object to the elderly male runner. Was it based on a single video? If it was, has the authenticity of that video been confirmed? Just like the msm can photo-shop images, they can doctor videos too. I have no trust in the media.

    • It’s possible. Many posters are trusting their eyes. Will review.

      • There is one video from the finish line that has nothing captured in the video for the first 1 1/2 minutes. He looked at the road, above the crowd on the street in most of the video, and he followed his handler in the blue for directions and the ok when to get in closer.

        This was the Boston marathon. You would think there were more than one video of this finish line scene. This is a world known marathon, where were the hundreds of other news media? Why only one was there? I suggest the video guy was in on it to capture nothing for the 1 1/2 minutes until everybody was in place.

        Regarding the high resolution photo from NJ below, there is one other camera view that differs slightly but with the same debris. I don’t know if these photos were doctored. I don’t. if a person has 2 photos taken about a second apart, where is the world are all the other photos from the same camera? Why just 2? if I was there with a camera or video camera, I would have captured the events non-stop until my data card was full. Then I would replace the card and continue capturing this monumental event. I don’t buy it that there are just a few photos from that camera. Would a reasonable person only take 2 or 3 photos and stop?

        The guy taking the photos from the commercial bay window – was he someone that took more photos and only released those that were not incriminating? We don’t know. Just like a tv show or a movie, and like the sandy hook medical examiner, carver, you can control the situation with images – he said he has wonderful story-makers.

        The arm of the green shirted woman runner was moving backward that appeared to be tossing something to the old man. Videos and images have been altered. The media does this all the time. Why would they stop doing that on this day? How did the media get these images and video so soon after this first happened? Was it because this was captured by the deceitfully proven media? I think it is odd that she and the old man would be interviewed together if somehow there was not some kind of connection. CNN and other media have proven over and over to be liars.

        Why in the world was there a parade-path of all the alleged victims show-cased in front of the camera from the scene to an assumed place where there were ambulances? We don’t even know if there were ambulances there – it may have just been the end of the scene they were attempting to capture. The “ambulance area” was out of range of all known video and image view. Of all the people that were safely at the area of the supposed ambulance area, you would think since nearly every man, woman, and child over the age of 12 has a cell phone, there would be more images in that area. There was a parade-around used in sandy hook of about a 1/4 mile from the school to the staging area of the fire house. I insist these 2 events were a television production controlled by those that wanted to capture only what they wanted to capture and they concealed the rest.

        I do not believe there was enough information provided to line-out the original comments in the article.

  11. I Posted this information on the link after viewing various videos.

    The debris in all videos could be seem coming from the blast area. The lady in green was inline with this and where the banner folds outwards in motion of the ‘explosion’.

    I then thought how could the lady in green throw something backwards (Poss about 5 yards) and for a man already falling to the ground awkwardly be able to catch that. If he is 78 years old and just run a 26.1 mile race it really wouldn’t take much to blow you to the ground. Trust me, i’ve run the london and Paris marathons you give all you got when that finish line is finally in sight and your legs are like jelly.

    I looked at photos first from him fallen and noticed lots of white debris surrounding him.

    Then i reviewed different videos again slowing them down and realised this is actually debris coming from the blast site. I then saw the youtube vid where you can clearly see the debris that falls behind the runner and is clear in the pics afterwards.

    If anyone as any better quality vids of the runner falling and the lady in green, please post it here.

    • nj, I really appreciate all the effort you have made to corrupt the actual story. The image you present is very high in detail and clarification. However, it doesn’t accurately represent the actual scene of various videos of the surroundings. I’m not saying the photo you present has been doctored – I’m only saying that it is a misrepresentation of the debris that was at the site at the time this guy was laying on the ground at that particular moment. This site is about disinformation and the information you are promoting is not accurate. The debris you are indicating was at that area was not there at the moment this image was captured. Sorry, man, I don’t buy it.

      With this, I would ask that this site undo their retraction of their prior statements and remove the lines that have been placed to strike out that part of this post. Thank you.

    • Sorry PC Geek im not registered on that site, do you have a direct link to the pic?

  12. Pc geek did you get our email?>Curator

  13. Hmm, it’s interesting to see all this back-pedalling. Who’s applying pressure to the people posting on this site, and how, and why?

    If you look at the CNN video (here’s another place you can still find it:, the runner in green clearly lifts her right arm up and outwards just before the white object flies from her hand towards Bill Iffrig. I’ve watched this sequence frame-by-frame several times. Anyone can verify that the object originates in her hand, by watching the video frame-by-frame.

    Where does the object go after Mr. Iffrig catches it? I don’t think it gets kicked away. I’ve watched the Boston Globe video of the first blast carefully, and (unless it’s been doctored) it seems that the object seen flying away from Mr. Iffrig in the Vimeo video is actually genuine debris.

    So where does it go? A possibly relevant question is, what is that black object Mr. Iffrig is holding in his other hand? Is it some kind of container? We can see it a bit more clearly here: I’m no marathoner, but I have done a lot of running, and in my experience, runners try to avoid holding things in their hands. It’s distracting, and it affects your balance and wind resistance. Why would Mr. Iffrig be carrying a largish black object near the end of a marathon? This strikes me as odd. Was it a container for the white object (detonator)?

    Is Mr. Iffrig trained in sleight-of-hand? The two participants presumably would have had to practise this move many, many, many, many times in order to get it right. An Italian newspaper refers to him as “Magic Bill” (“the nickname given by the media and by the people who in these hours followed the evolution of dramatic events in Boston”) – probably just a coincidence, unless this is a glimpse into what media participants “in the know” were saying:

    • No pressure: just a mistake made after a troll sent a “contradictory” video. You, Michelle, Ron, are right. We got trolled.

      • Glad to hear it – about the lack of behind-the-scenes pressure, I mean.

        I compared the “troll” video frame-by-frame with the one I linked to, and numerous frames are missing, in particular all the ones that would show Mr. Iffrig catching the white object, assuming he did indeed catch it.

        In the video I linked to, there are at least 7 frames in which the white object is visible in (or immediately adjacent to) Mr. Iffrig’s hand – which I think would not be possible if it were simply flying by. Then it is invisible, presumably concealed in his hand. After about 15 more frames, his arms come about parallel.

        In the troll video, there is one frame showing the object about to reach his hand, then (I believe) a fake one showing it half behind his arm, then a frame where it can no longer be seen, then after three more frames his arms come parallel. In other words, vast stretches of visual information have been removed, and I believe at least one fake image has been added.

        An additional look at the video I linked to (and even the troll video) shows that after Mr. Iffrig drops to the ground, he puts his hands together for a bit – as would be necessary if he were going to conceal the detonator in the black bag.

        • Yes,this specific troll is the one from overseas, apparently, who makes the insinuation, “They’re the ones, they did it,” essentially accusing these men of mass murder. He will be watched very carefully in the future.

          • Shill, now troll? just because someone disagrees with you it does not make them these things.

            You haven’t said that drk’research’ when i have posted other items contradicting these useless articles. Not based of any sort of evidence just pure speculation.

            Sorry also who is going to watch me? darth vader, superman?

            Ive provided my video evidence supported by pics, lets see yours? The video Skeptical has provided is lower resolution again. I want to see high res shots to contradict my argument. My video supports my point contradicting yours, now lets see what you have?????? Nothing, thought not

            oh.. apart from Skepticals expert knowledge -

            ‘I’m no marathoner, but I have done a lot of running, and in my experience, runners try to avoid holding things in their hands. It’s distracting, and it affects your balance and wind resistance.’

            So what are you basing this on?

            would you run 26.2 miles without water, gels, some people carry a sponge, a towel. People don’t avoid holding things in their hand, thats complete rubbish. Maybe if you run the occasional 5K you would but try running for 4 hours solid you need equipment, especially at this guys age.

          • Go to

            put bill iffrigs name in, you can see photo’s on of him at various stages of the race. You can then quite clearly the Hat he has on his head along with the gloves.

            THESE ARE WHAT IS IN HIS HAND NOT A DETONATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            DO SOME BLOODY RESEARCH!!!!!!!




        • phhhhhhh… detonator…. try hat and gloves!

          • NJ, methinks you protest too much. I didn’t say that Mr. Iffrig was carrying a detonator throughout the marathon; I said it looks like he was carrying some kind of black bag or container. Sure, maybe it’s a pair of gloves – perhaps he slipped the white object into a glove. I agree that the spatial resolution on the video I linked to is not as clear as the one you linked to, but the temporal resolution is much better. What happened to the missing time slices of the video you linked to? Why were they removed?

          • Mate its just common sense.

            Look at marathonfoto – that is not rebecca roche in the green and considering that’s what this article is about thats where this all falls down.

            She says clearly that she finished 60 secs after the blast and its even written here so why would the author then speculate that she is here in the pic next to the blast. Its a ridiculous. Check her times and check marathon foto , i think theres even a pic of here crossing the line. This is badly researched article to start with.

            Then you say without any marathon running knowledge that no one would carry anything with them, you have to – its a marathon! Look at the photos and you can see Bill wearing a hat and gloves before, this is what he has later in his hand. People take all kinds of things to get them through say 2-5 hours of hard running.

            Also that is debris that passes behind iffrig, the women in green (who is not rebecca roche) just raises her arm up at the same time as the blast. Its as simple as that. There are many photos of the debris behind iffrig to prove this. Ask yourself whats more likely debris from a blast that occurs? or at the same time as the blast a women throws something to a 70 odd year old marathon runner who is 10 yards behind her and he catches this while he falls? Why would they even do this? what would it signal? the blast has happened? isnt that enough of a signal if there was one needed? why would he need something thrown to him? It doesnt make sense on any level.

            That video is just cut short to concentrate on the runner falling there’s no intentional missing frames its just cut to show him.

            I’m not narrow minded and i am willing to listen to other opinions but there is a lot of evidence pointing to the contrary here. Due to the nature of this event it is hugely documented via photographs. Any marathon is!

            So be prepared to back your ideas up with some good footage or snaps. The best quality i could find is in the link i provided and this to me clearly shows debris as does the good res pic also back my theory up.

            If you have some better quality vids please post them or even from a different angle – i am willing to listen. I am not a ‘troll’ or a ‘shill’ but i come at this from a different angle to most on here.

          • OK NJ, I will try again.

            “Look at marathonfoto – that is not rebecca roche in the green and considering that’s what this article is about thats where this all falls down.”

            I don’t think that’s what this article is all about, but you’re right about the woman in green. She’s not Rebecca Roche, nor yet Jennifer Dagnall (as suggested on the Vimeo site).

            According to that NYT article, she’s Peggy Boren, a 47-year-old homemaker from St. George, Utah. A look at Marathonfoto shows that her number was 18430. Her finishing time was recorded as 4:05:32 on, but this article ( says “The official time clock shows Boren crossed the finish line at 4:09:50.” Videos show the first bomb going off at 4:09:44, just before she crossed the finish line. That BAA site also lists Bill Iffrig’s finishing time erroneously, as 4:03:47 (he definitely crossed the finish line after Ms. Boren). It looks like BAA may have just taken people’s “projected times” and counted them as the official times. For what it’s worth, Rebecca Roche is recorded as finishing at 3:59:52.

            Ms. Boren seems oddly untroubled by her experience ( The KUTV reporter even remarks on her peculiar affect, explaining that “the tragedy is still sinking in for Peggy and her husband.” (Shades of Heather Abbott, gloating happily over her new prosthetic foot.)

            “Then you say without any marathon running knowledge that no one would carry anything with them, you have to – its a marathon! Look at the photos and you can see Bill wearing a hat and gloves before, this is what he has later in his hand. People take all kinds of things to get them through say 2-5 hours of hard running.”

            I didn’t say that people don’t take things with them; I said that they tend not to carry things in their hands – unless it’s small weights in both hands. Runners generally use waist packs to carry their stuff. It’s not an absolute rule or anything – it’s just unusual (and uncomfortable) for a runner to carry something in one hand for an extended period of time. It’s a small point, but I stand by it.

            “Ask yourself whats more likely debris from a blast that occurs? or at the same time as the blast a women throws something to a 70 odd year old marathon runner who is 10 yards behind her and he catches this while he falls?”

            Obviously, debris is more likely. Which is why it’s so surprising that this looks so much like something else.

            “Why would they even do this? what would it signal? the blast has happened? isnt that enough of a signal if there was one needed? why would he need something thrown to him? It doesnt make sense on any level.”

            It makes sense if the plan was for Ms. Boren to carry the detonator, trigger the blast as she ran by, then get rid of the detonator by tossing it to Mr. Iffrig, who would create a distraction and conceal it.

            “So be prepared to back your ideas up with some good footage or snaps. The best quality i could find is in the link i provided and this to me clearly shows debris as does the good res pic also back my theory up.”

            Sorry, no can do. I have looked for better footage, but have not found it. The link you provided is a nice close-up, but it is missing many time-slices and thus is completely unreliable. I noticed that another video posted by the same individual (“MrNatMorales”) is also doctored to remove the frames in which the object leaves Ms. Boren’s hand, making it look like the object is debris coming in sideways from the blast.

            The video I linked to clearly shows the object leaving her hand. It is harder to see what happens to it when it approaches Mr. Iffrig. If anything, the very existence of doctored videos supports, rather than undermines, the claim that he caught it. If it was really just debris that floated by, why doctor the video footage?

          • Oh my – in the photo that appears as the still image for the video labelled above “Long form of the interview with the two operatives”, it looks as though we actually see Mr. Iffrig handing off the black bag to someone wearing a race volunteer’s yellow jacket, light beige pants and white New Balance shoes. Follow that man! Any other photos or videos of him? He doesn’t seem to be the person who escorted Mr. Iffrig away – that person was wearing a blue jacket, as shown in this video:

  14. I see you have a screen shot of George Hochsprung at the Marathon toward the top of the page on a TV interview Same last name of Dawn Hochsprung who *Died* at Sandy Hook

  15. also re Sandyhook On Twitter @DynamicSchools Ed Taylor Ed D does a #satchat with teachers around the world on a Saturday. Looks like more of a Pennsylvania area chat.A couple of weeks ago perhap late April, with the #satchat that that day they would be catching up with @DHochsprung principal of SandyHook school !! I replied to the tweet imedately and asked how can that be?? He deleted that tweet,and his new one was that **This weeks #satchat will be dedicated to Sandyhooks Principal @DHochsprung in her memory. He tweeted me and said he apologised for an mis-information(a word like that anyway) Another thing,I backtracked to the 1st #satchat after the sandyhook hook shooting,and there was not 1 reference to it,with all of the teachers that they speak to …I thought that was very strange. I t was such a huge tragic event,and yet no one speaks of it a couple of days after it happens..I shall go and hunt down those tweets now. Thanks for you very informative site. A lot ofiwork has gone ino
    Thanks CATHX

  16. the woman in this photo look alot like Rebecca Roche

  17. I can’t find the tweet from @DynamicSchools He did definitely tweet he would be chatting to Dawn Hochsprung,then he deleted that tweet after I questioned him about it. Also #satchat never mention Sandyhook shoot. only mention it passing as a tribute to Dawn Hochsprung on 1 or two occasions May 4
    Thanks CATH

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