Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 24 September 2013
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Kenyan Mall Shooting Hoax by Max Malone

The Nairobi Mall, owned by Zionist moles, notably Australia’s Frank Lowy of 9-11 demolition and murder fame, is an Israeli operation. Therefore, since it is owned and operated by Israelis it is the ideal facility through which to perpetrate such a hoax.

Note that there are Australians directing ‘traffic’: most likely Lowy agents, the latter himself being a former IDF demolitions expert.



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  2. At 3 minutes in the video, telltale water bottle. I think they picked Boston marathon because water bottles are not the big “tell”. I saw them handing out water bottles to the elite athletes in tv coverage of that event and thought it was strange. Usually water and Gatorade (or other brand drink) are in paper cups. Many of the runners also carry their own water bottles of plastic or metal. If anyone has run Boston, are plastic bottles the norm? It seems paper cups would be safer for the participants.


  4. It requires intelligence, wisdom, courage and love and compassion for humanity as well as selflessness to do this work. And very few people have all of it like those at NoDisinfo.

    Also the freedom to express hostility about the site is allowed at NoDisinfo which most websites ban – and this and other aforementioned spiritual qualities are to be appreciated.

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