Sandy Hook — 29 December 2013
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Sandy Hook’s Chase Kowalski Found at the Super Bowl

Regarding Sandy Hoax there is more fantastic news with the additional discovery of the formerly deceased children. Chase Kowalski has really grown up, God bless him. What stupendous news it is that he has been found, thanks to the tireless efforts of a poster:

Sandy Hook chorus  ( Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam / February 3, 2013 )  The Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus takes the field to sing 'America the Beautiful.'

He is he young man on the far right screen, that is the far left young man in the photograph. The children are excited to be at the event, but the world is far more excited to know something more profound, which is that all the Sandy Hoax children are alive and well.


It will be seen that the face and jaw line of Chase Kowalski is highly similar to that of his father.

Will the hoaxers come out of the closet now that they have been found?


A proud moment for the father, as he raises up his child on his shoulders: parents were all beaming. Proud of the fraud, too?


Same globular ears. It can be see that the left ear is substantially the same in all images.

Better days for Chase Kowalksi. Life was much simpler then.

We are glad, though, that this youngster has been identified and found fully alive. Will the Kowalski’s be as enthused as us?


He has grown up to be quite a handsome young man, and he does look fit. Good for him.


Same feature of the enlargement of the brow, known as methodicalness. Same tiny nostril; same chin. Same globular ear. Great news, everyone; it’s Chase Kowalski, alive and well. The bony prominences above the eyebrows are a kind of confirmation, as are the deep eye sockets and the ears. This was not easy to ID, because he has grown up so much.

Is this good news, though, for the Kowalski foundation?


Will the parents finally be happy? They should be, they’ve already collected plenty of money based on this fraud.

In an interview Mrs. Kowalski gave it away:


Woops is right. No matter, the good eyes of the truth seekers at took care of that business, identifying Mr. Kowalski within the crowd.

Fake obituary: doesn’t anyone care about Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski’s future?

Chase, 7 years old, was an amazing son, brother, and grandson who’s heart was only filled with love for all the people he touched. He was a fun loving energetic boy that had a true love of life. He completed his first triathlon at the age of six and ran in many community road races. Chase had a deep love for the game of baseball and enjoyed practicing with his father and team mates. Joining the cub scouts was just one of his many interests. He could often be found in the yard playing ball, riding his bike or quad. Chase was always excited to attend the kids workshop at the Trumbull Home Depot. He was greatly loved by his family. He joins his maternal Uncle and Grandfather, his paternal great grandmother and grandmother in a much better place.

Chase was a victim of the tragic events which took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Burial site: unknown.

Fake death, a phony obituary, a fake wake, a fraudulent funeral: Satanism?

Rebecca Kowalksi talks to Satan, not God


With Kowalksi now added some 16 of the supposedly dead children have been found alive. It would be imagined that this would be stupendous news for all those concerned – not just the parents but the entire town of Newtown.





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  1. Congrats for finding a closer picture of him. I wondering if I should give up on my comparisons.
    Have you come to a conclusion on the Rekos girl?

  2. This is ridiculous. There is way too much age difference for this to be the same child. Shame on you for putting this crap online.

  3. Here is a another story about Chase in the UK MailOnline, who is a big supporter of these fraudsters.

    • Get what out to the “mainstream” exactly? The fact that two random white kids with blond hair vaguely look similar? Christ, I could go to any town in America and find an 11 or 12 year old boy who looks as similar to Chase Kowalski as the kid you have above. I get being cynical and not believing everything you see on the news, but if you used any amount of cynicism when viewing this “evidence” you’d see how massively stupid it is. You feel superior by denouncing everything the government or the media says as a lie but then demonstrate truly pathetic gullibility by buying pure nonsense like this without any degree of scrutiny.

  4. How do we get this out to the mainstream!

    • I don’t know. Working on a project, here. Yet, those links that are iron-clad accurate, you can post them like mad, like this great finding (bless you) of Mr. Kowalksi as alive and well. And, yes, you fingered it, the big grown up girl appears to be Rekos.

  5. You think these pictures are the same kid? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • You should he ashamed for being so blind and ignorant to the truth

      • You tell me how this kid lost all of his baby teeth, grew adult teeth, and aged at least 3-4 years in 1 years time. You people are ridiculous mocking the death of someone’s child. How sick can you get. How about you give me the name of one of your family members that died so I can start a nice story about how it’s a big cover up and they are really alive somewhere living the life.

        • Go away shill!

        • the pictures of the children that the news presented at the time of the sandy hook event were pics. taken 3 to 4 years earlier than the date of the sh event..

        • they used old pictures of these kids at the time of the supposed shooting drill!!

    • Chase would only be 1-year older people. Wake up!!! This technology isn’t going to change that fact. Trying to claim a kid who is at least 3-4 years older, if not more, than Chase would be today shows the stupidity of the people posting this crap online along with the people who believe it. Let this family alone. This is apparently made up by some attention seeking idiot who enjoys tormenting grieving families. Quite sadistic.

      • Becca, the pictures of the kids that were given to the press and released to the public after the “event” last year, were pictures that had been taken several years prior to the “event”. They were photos from an old photo album, when the kids were a few years younger. I must say, quite ingenious.

      • I don’t know if you noticed but it seems to be planned out for about 3 or more years. If you check out the Connecticut home assessor you will find that hundreds of home were paid for in full on 12-25-09. In the town of Newton people were paid off.

  6. Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 21.58.22 copy

    Not sure if you will be able to see a pic in a post. I am trying to put one from the superbowl crowd in which, top left, is a familiar face. Could it be Nancy Lanza, or Ms Haddad who was thought to standing in for her. Does anyone else see that?

    • Sorry, that didn’t work I see!

    • Will look into this.

    • So in your mind, you believe that the government would say “Hey, we just got away with one of the biggest hoaxes in human history to push our agenda, let’s take all the kids we said were dead and, while still wanting the masses to believe it happened, parade them out in front of the biggest sporting/TV spectacle we have in our country and we can expect nobody to notice” ? Please.

  7. Not even true! Jake Hpckley does not look like that now, he is ten! If the kids were alive, who did weeping parents cry for? What children did we bury, who had gunshot wounds on their small traumatized bodies?????

    • Exhume the body. That’s the only way to put this to rest.

  8. This isn’t even CLOSE. That said, if this was a hoax, which is obviously is NOT, why would the government, or anyone for that matter, be dumb enough to parade the kids they said were dead out in front of a SUPER BOWL audience and risk someone recognizing not 1, not 2, but all of the dead kids being alive? Ridiculous. That in itself is stupid, then on top of that your diagrams and comparison that pretty much prove it’s NOT the same kid, pretty convincingly I might add. Again, not even close.

  9. Thanks for making my day even worse. Chase has been dead. I suggest you take this down.

  10. Wow shame on you for your bullcrap attention seeking article ‘finding’ the dead victims alive. Wow seriously…..Leave those families alone. You must have no life to be finding the time to be making up this article and finding children that look like the 20 gunned down children by a shooting. Your an idiot. Show respect and leave your stupid articles to yourself….this is the real world not the ‘lala land’ you show by making this stupid article.

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