Website — 04 April 2014
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A letter to All Readers.

I have  suffered an accidental injury, and I am not sure how I am going to be able to keep up with the posts. I am calling on all supporters to help keep the site fresh and alive while I heal.

On the other hand the injury is such a nature which forces sitting, as it is not possible to ambulate at this time, so I will continue to publish as much as possible.

There is thus a need of people who would like to contribute to the site as writers and/or investigative reporters at this time.

Please try to apply the research-based editorial writing of style used on

If you would like to submit posts for review to be posted to the site,  please email them to

Thanking you in advance for your support;

Dr. K.

Update on Dr. K’s Condition:

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated and are working. I  have made some progress in the terrible aching due to my injury. It was almost like a miracle suddenly there was a dramatic improvement posting is still slow and help with your posts is greatly appreciated keep up the good work!





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    • You are a fake and liar. You have suffered no injury. That has been proven beyond all doubt. You and your injury claim are fraudulent and you belong in prison for it.

      • Mmm now where have I heard that before.

      • Very kikeish of you Sam Crawstein!

      • You’d like to use those Noahide laws on US and have our heads chopped off? Wouldn’t you Sam?

      • Sam, was born with a gene over 2000 years old. He is still mad that the Cro=magnons, they also most destroyed is Neanderthal race.

        The problem know with Sam is mental and physical issues due to inbreeding, to maintain the big brain. Sam now has over 100 physical issues and mental issues.

        When he attacks, it comes from being compusilve, I do not think he can control what he is writing.

        Please do not attack Sam, mucus is probably now cutting off his breathing.

      • we thought we told you to rot in a jew concentration camp scum.

  2. Get a Life Sam!

  3. Take care. I may not always agree with Dr. K., but his is one of the few sites which admits that this country’s MSM does not exist to inform the public, but to deceive it. I think our recent Supreme Court decision which has broken down the campaign finance laws even further, has insured that a few very rich men can control everything – politics, media, what wars we have – not the original purpose of the USA, but things have swung so far away from reform, this strange looking-glass world that Dr. K. has exposed is about all there is for people if they turn on television or radio or even read the newspapers. There ought to be more conspiracy theorists, not fewer, and Cass Sunstein with his new book demonizing them is getting a terrible reaction to his trash talk at amazon, where everyone is rating the book very low (though I doubt if they have read it except what they have heard online). The stranglehold on our culture of some of these tricksters may come to an end as their arrogance makes them ever more obvious and ridiculous. Here’s hoping.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Hope you recover soon.

  5. God bless Dr K!

    Get well soon and thank you for all the hard work you do.

    It is sad to hear these various attacks on you by Zionist shills which you don’t deserve.

    You are a good person Dr K and God knows it which is what counts.

    This corrupt world does not appreciate good people and even Jesus Christ was treated poorly by many people during His time. Not many appreciated Buddha either.

    That is the way with corrupt people.

    Life is only an illusion anyway.

  6. I know exactly who this scumbag is –weeks. And his fake wife. I was only slightly off. I had their cells right just not all the members. They have so many alias and use each others names & use sisters & mother & brothers and fathers who look similiar & make them up to look like each other, etc, to confuse the hell out of you! But Weeks has been right under my nose same with his. I have had his identity for several days but I didn’t see any point in posting something important that no one is noticing. You may think I am posting ..well I don’t know what the hell you think. But I am angry right now at these bastards and want to start damaging their evil operations. It so disgusting see the American people falling for this $hit! Right now they may be about to pretend they found this fake plane. I figured they would run the plane into a building into Europe, Tele Viv or Chicago and say Kazakstan did it with Iran backing. And start bombing the hell out of the smaller one and keep ramping up the propaganda until they could bomb Iran. But maybe they will hold this big zionist false flag attack off (for fear it backfires on them) and just keep the fake shootings up —some with fake muslims like this Ft Hood crap–for a while. I would like to talk to you. I can’t see trying to expose a big one from Sandy Hook who I can link to a big Hollywood studio directly as an employeee, or Weeks identity when no one is listening. I need to make some good videos, several but my computers are too zio-screwed to make a good video. I want to make several and let you and Paulstal and others post them. My channel would get banned almost immediately if I had one– like my face books did when I posted on them. (so I am posting nothing on FB now.)But If I make the videos and several people post them simultaneously and promote everyone to repost them I don’t think they will ban anyone. Go to hell Mossad Cowardly Murderous Scum!

    • Actually, am studying the posts, now, and these are powerful revelations, big-time. I do agree that Rosenwicz is faking it as Lopez: thank you for this. Plus, Kline – the fake father looks like the man in the Facebook page. And since the fake shooter is a spook it makes sense that he would use an alias. Yet, as you’ve revealed he’s not just any kind of spook, he is a Zionist mole spook, a hostile Sayanim Jew, which also makes sense from what has been demonstrated in the Malaysian crash hoax.

      There is also seemingly some association of an “Ivan” is registered as a South American actor associated with the name Rosenwicz.

  7. Healing thoughts going your way, Dr. K. Get well.

  8. Get well soon DrK..take care

  9. I hope you get well sir asap .
    I like to think you will get contributers to carry the baton, as this is one indispensable resource
    for no disinfo seekers.

  10. Let’s hope your injury worsens and you die a horrible death for perpetuating utter nonsense. Get a life. Or rather, just die already you fool.

    • the jews and cia must be paying you actors good huh. how do I apply? if you cant beat them join them.

  11. God bless Dr K and all people who are supportive of him and his work!

    Special thanks to Cow Boy for revealing facts about this case and for giving a helping hand to Dr K. We need to be kind to good people.

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