Aurora Shooting James Holmes — 09 January 2013
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Lies and Inconsistencies in the Aurora Theater Shooting: James Holmes NOT the Killer

Updated, Jan., 2012, plus title change, Updated, June 20, 2013, removing most references to any claim of people being actually killed and/or injured.

On July 20, 2012, a condemnable act of false flag terror was committed against the American people. In Aurora, Colorado, at the Century Theater 16, about 12:20 a.m., the claim is that 12 defenseless people were slaughtered, with some 70 others wounded, some severely. It was acclaimed as one of the most brutal, senseless murders, which have ever occurred in American history. Even an infant child, it is said, was shot at point-blank range, with witnesses identifying at least two bullet holes exiting from the child’s back.

The problem is, this is all fake, and even the posters on this site were initially fooled by the fakery.

Regarding the perpetrator(s) behind this massacre little is known for certain. Yet, What is clearly known is that much of the official story is fabricated. The point is there is a need for the real perpetrators to be caught and prosecuted, not a mere patsy, who is the victim of a set-up. Here are some examples of some of the falsehoods spread by official sources:

  • that James Holmes is clearly the suspect and/or perpetrator
  • that the shooter, Mr. Holmes, kicked in the door of the theater
  • that only one person was involved in the shooting
  • that the entire act was the result of a lone, crazed gunman, James Holmes, who dropped out of school and was psychologically troubled
  • that the mother of the accused gave a tacit admission of her son’s role, saying in reference to him, “You’ve got the right person.”
  • that the shooter was 6 feet or more tall

All of these are complete fabrications. Here is the point. If this is an iron-clad case against Mr. Holmes, why spread lies? Moreover, why pass judgement in advance through the media alone unless this was a plot? The fact that such lies were systematically diffused so vigorously alone gives reason to suspect all official accounts. Regardless, there were dozens of eyewitnesses, who could be relied upon as the source of information. None of them place Holmes at the scene of the crime. In fact, these eyewitnesses place people other than Holmes as the perpetrators. For instance, eyewitness Corbin Dates stated clearly that the shooter was about 5’8” tall. Holmes is 6’3” tall. Clearly, a man of this height, standing right before the witnesses, some of which were a mere five feet or even less away, would be noticed. This alone debunks the claims against Holmes. Yet, see this account, August 2nd, from London’s Daily Mail:

“When the 6ft tall man wearing a gas mask burst through the emergency exit of a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises this morning, some said they thought it had been part of the movie.”

Yet, all this is irrelevant. This is because the whole claim of the massacre is a hoax: no one died, and no one was injured. Reports from eyewitnesses fully dispute such an account. The shooter, numerous witnesses report, was a mere 5’8” tall, and this is from direct observation. The Mail has no basis for its statement regarding the shooter’s height, unless it is merely to spread malicious lies.

Lies were also told about Arlene Holmes’ statement, when she was awoken by an ABC News correspondent. The news channel maliciously twisted her words, and that was the purpose. Ms. Holmes responded succinctly and intelligently, unlike ABC News:

I was awakened by a call from a reporter from ABC Media on July 20 about 5:45 a.m. I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time. He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered ‘Yes, you have the right person.’ I was referring to myself. I asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in Aurora. He asked for a comment. I told him I could not comment because I did not know if the person he was talking about was my son and I would need to find out.”

Source: Holmes Family Stands by Son: Attorney | NBC 7 San Diego

These lies and distortions alone are sufficient reason to dispute the official claims and thus cause Mr. Holmes to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

Accomplices: evidence

In addition, several other such witnesses have described an accomplice to the shooting, who coordinated the plot, even letting the shooter in through the normally secured exit door. In fact, only local police, who did not witness the actual shooting, accuse Holmes of being the shooter. Incredibly, none of the eyewitnesses do so, that is the people inside the theater at whom the shots were fired. In fact, they have identified the shooter as clearly not Holmes. Regarding the door, definitely, this was not “kicked in.” Again, why lie about it, unless the entire story is a fraud? Regarding the insistence on only one shooter or culprit, this has been repeatedly debunked by multiple witnesses.

This issue of the mother confirming her son as a potential mass murderer, this was spread by the notoriously deceptive ABC News, the same news channel, which proclaimed the now debunked official story about 9-11. ABC still holds this mass murder as being perpetrated by Muslim hijackers, which has no basis and is even debunked by the FBI itself.

Military expert weighs in against the official claims

As reported on the Daily Paul by a highly trained U.S. Marine the shooting of this many people by lone shooter, while also manning tear gas bombs and more, could never be achieved by an amateur and surely not in a mere two minutes. The Marine’s assessment makes great sense, since nearly 90 people were shot, many of them multiple times. According to the official story, countless rounds from a high-power automatic rifle were fired into the audience, as were shotgun blasts. Yet, people are to believe that the accused Holmes was found wandering about in the back parking lot, or, possibly, locked in his car, meekly surrendering to police, while admitting the crime? John F. Kennedy’s head was blown off in mid-daylight, and people still to this day believe in the “official” story.

Who was the likely perpetrator of that hit? It was Israeli death squads. Kennedy had run afoul with Zionist warmongers after pressuring Ben Gurion about the Israeli nuclear program at Dimona. He demanded the facility be inspected. Shortly thereafter he was killed.  Regardless, there is more evidence that the Aurora murders were perpetrated by an espionage cell than James Holmes, and top on the list is the Mossad.

Why the Mossad? Because this entity routinely murders the innocent and defenseless, including babies, children, teenagers, and women. It was, after all, exclusively Israeli moles who were caught in the act committing 9-11. Recall Operation Gladio, where little babies and children, too, were butchered in Europe. That was strictly a Zionist operation. Moreover, the Zionists own the major media, so no one could discover their role: after it was too late, decades later.

The U.S. government has also proven itself as a child-killer. Consider Waco, how government operatives gassed dozens of children and, ultimately, caused them to be burnt alive.

Thus, can the official reports about Aurora or the Newtown, CT, massacre be trusted? Not in the least. Here, too, there have been a number of reports by the Zionist-orchestrated media, which have been proven to be fraudulent. However, let us first review the Aurora blood lust.

Eyewitness reports

So, let’s review eyewitness testimonies and see what really happened on ominous night:

Under the headline, Someone Let the Gunman into the Theater, filmed at Gateway High School was the following new story:

“Witnesses inside the theater have stated that someone actually stood up in the theater after receiving a phone call and proceeded to walk towards the emergency exit. It was that exit which was then later used by the shooter.

The witnesses then claimed that the man propped the door open in some way and was directing someone outside.” The witness, Corbin Dates, stated the following:

“As I was sitting down to get my seat, I noticed that a person came up to the front row, front right, sat down, and as credits were going it seemed like he got a phone call. So, he went out towards the emergency exit doorway; what I thought was unusual—to take a phone call (in that location instead of going out into the lobby)…and…he probably pried it open or he did not let it latch all the way.

As soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and tossed a gas canister into the audience, and it went off, and, then, there were gunshots that took place.”

Here is yet another interview with Corbin Dates as reported on Eyewitness Colorado:

Interviewer: Talk to me about what you saw and what you heard, there, inside the theater?

Dates: What I heard was the number of casualties of how many were injured; it totaled to 71; the number, total, of the deceased was 12, and I just couldn’t believe the numbers: it’s just something you cannot erase.

Interviewer: You were in the theater: talk to me about what precisely happened when you were sitting there?

Dates: When I was sitting in the theater, it was supposed to be just a casual evening, out with my good friend. I arrived early waiting for her to get there, and when I went there, I grabbed a seat—the only seats that were available were the front two rows, about precisely 4 seats away from the isle…I noticed a guy walked in from into the auditorium, sat in the front row to the far right, and he seemed like a normal person…He got a phone call—and when most people get a phone call in a theater, they go straight out into the lobby…This person went directly to the emergency exit to take his phone call. What I thought was unusual…He…had his foot propped open by the door and…it seemed like he was signaling somebody or looking for somebody to come his way. I, once again, didn’t think anything of it, so I went back to watching the trailers.

My friend had informed that she had arrived in the locality, so I went and met with her and brought her back into the theater…about 15 minutes into the movie the emergency doors swung open; a guy walks in—and probably about 5’8” or 5’9”, and he’s wearing all black, a helmet, a gas mask; he’s wearing body armor; he looks like he has a gun strapped around his neck—and he threw something into the audience…I had no idea what it was but, apparently…it was some type of gas canister, and wasn’t a friendly gas; I realized it was really as serious situation, because it was hard to breathe, and, immediately, I went to the floor. And not after 2 seconds after, it explodes, gun shots started going off into the audience.”

The interviewer then asked, “How long did this play out?” when the witness responded, “Possibly 30 minutes…but the gunshots themselves, possibly 15 to 20 minutes.”

Dates said this with additional emphasis in another interview. It was this man, who was directly adjacent to the emergency exit, who is the most reliable witness to the events. “I went into the theater, grabbed a seat; I was sitting in the second row, probably 4 seats away from the right aisle, where people usually enter from; another guy walked in after me, sat down in front of me in the (emphasis) front row…to the far right seat, and I noticed he got a phone call…” See the deliberate methodical witnessing of Dates. It is this man who is believable, not statements from non-witnesses, including the Chief of Police and, surely, media anchors. Emphatically and unmistakably, Dates said, as mentioned previously, this man, while on the phone, went directly to the emergency exit. He continued talking “on the phone the entire time,” while simultaneously “propping the door open with his foot,” while apparently “directing somebody to come towards his direction…”

Then, suddenly, about 15 minutes that same emergency door “swings right open,” and in comes the hit man, calmly and cooling shooting people in cold blood. This was precisely when Dates described the murderer’s as being far shorter in height than Holmes.

Incredibly, shotgun fire has been confirmed by the media, though there is no evidence at the site of anyone exiting with the expected wounds. According to a hospital report one man has shotgun pellets in his eye and head, as follows: “Caleb needs more surgery to remove his damaged right eye and shotgun pellets.”

Noted two other witnesses, Quentin Caldwell and Sharon Segura, “There are just people everywhere bleeding. Their legs just looked like they were made out of meat. There was no skin left on them, just full of holes.” They reported seeing a police officer, who’d been shot through the chest. He looked terrified.” That’s when the couple decided to flee the scene. “If the gunmen are going to kill cops, there’s no way they’re going to be stopped,” Segura recalled thinking. These people need to be investigated for perpetration of fraud: they are speaking nothing but lies. Yet, there is no evidenced that these ‘witnesses’ are anything other than paid crisis actors.

She said that the policeman was still alive when they left, but based on where he was shot, “I doubt that he would make it. There was just so much blood.” She also recalled seeing a young girl “who looked about 16 who had been shot through the mouth – a clean hole, like it had exited out her mouth, as if she’d been screaming.”

Segura also noted, curiously: “The shooting began during a gunfight scene in the movie, and at first, we thought it was special effects when smoke rose up. When shots happened again and people began to run, we thought something was up. A guy ran in and shouted there was a gunman in the building, and the alarms to emergency evacuate started to go off.”

There are a variety of other eyewitness accounts. Some indicate the existence of yet another accomplice, who tossed a second gas canister into the audience. Others claim the masked gunman was the source of both tear gas lobs. Yet, with the witnesses there is one seemingly universal observation, and this is the fact that there was an accomplice, who coordinated the shooter’s entrance, that is through a door that could in no other way be readily compromised.

Hospitalized/wounded witnesses?

Then, there is the statement of Pierce O’Farill. It was O’Farill and his friend who claimed he had a direct encounter with the shooter, who stood directly over them. “He pulled out a shotgun; I could see it clear as day; and then he just opened fire on the front rows. I watched two shots. He shot once, and it just lit up the theater, and then he cocked and shot again,” O’Farill observed. Also telling the reporter that when the gunman entered the theater he was no more than 30 feet (10 yards) away from him, he noted, “He seemed very methodical. He never once said a word. I never heard a single word out of him.”

Seconds later, the gunman turned the weapon on O’Farill and his friend. His friend said, “Pierce, Pierce, I’m shot, man,” when O’Farill responded, “I am, too, just stay down. Then, he shot me a second time,” when he decided his only hope was to remain totally still, as if dead. He then stood directly over him, to the degree that O’Farill could “feel his boot right next” to his head, fired a couple more shots, and then left the theater.

This makes good sense, since most reports point to his initially firing an assault rifle and handgun; thus, the shotgun was the final weapon used.

O’Farill’s account of the nature of the shooter was similar to another supposedly hospitalized witness, Syracuse University graduate Steve Barton, who reported that the shooter (now known to be non-existent) clearly “seemed very cold and calculated, methodical, just the rate at which he was firing, not moving from his position. He didn’t move at all. He was (initially) just shooting from the same position; he was just unloading into the crowd.” Barton has now been busted as a fraud and hoaxer: all his injuries are fake.

“Stand out in the crowd?”

One thing is certain, the shooter was not originally in the theater. No one in such bizarre dress was seated there, nor was there anyone with pinkish or red-dyed hair seated in the front rows. The man who got up to take the cell phone call did not have brightly dyed hair. His uniform was “thick” and, said the witnesses, they would have readily noticed him.

Other irregularities

Accusations against Holmes are suspect for numerous reasons. There is no one who witnessed this man shooting anyone or even toting a gun. The shooter wore a mask and was encased in body armor. Holmes was apparently found alone in his car. No one can place him directly in the crime scene within the theater. In fact, they place another who had no resemblance to this man. There is also that odd trail of blood first noted by J. Rappoport, which clearly shows what appears to be spurts of arterial blood. This trail seems to lead toward the theater, not away. Now, it is believed that this is fake blood, applied by a distribution system similar to those used in the Boston Marathon hoax.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that any victims of the shooting departed through that exit. By all accounts they all made their way to the entrance of the theater. In fact, no one in their right mind would venture into the exit. So, that massive trail of fake blood leading up to the exit door remains unexplained.

Yet, who made an effort to explain this fake trail? It was none other than President Obama, who proposed a story of heroism to coincide with these blood stains. A victim, he proclaimed, named Allie, was shot in the neck, which severed the jugular vein. The heroine, named, Stephanie, with the help of another, then carried this woman out, apparently through the fearsome exit door, transporting her, said Obama, across two parking lots. In the same statement Obama also ran cover for another disputed issue, which is the gas canisters. He said that both canisters were tossed by the single shooter, which is disputed by a number of eyewitnesses. Allie has now been proven to be an actor, who faked her injuries.

All this was geared to explain revelations made by Rappoport and others that disputed the official story.

Regardless, the attempt to pin this crime on Holmes is truly feeble. He was reported as being incompetent, right from the beginning. When found, he was apparently so drugged that he couldn’t function—couldn’t even talk properly or walk on his own. At that point, according to police, he let it be known that there was danger at his home, informing them that his house was booby-trapped. Holmes behaves more like a lifesaver than a mass killer.

The typical training exercise: no coincidence

On that same day, incredibly, in Aurora, Colorado, there was a government-sponsored anti-terror training specifically aimed at this scenario: to prevent and/or deal with a massacre in a movie theater. Armed police and members of SWAT teams participated in this exercise.

The conspiratorial connection: Robert Holmes and the FICO

Could James Holmes be a kidnap victim, who was set up for ulterior motives? His father, Robert Holmes, has a highly prominent background. Holmes, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, has published the following profile of himself on LinkedIn:

My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third-party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

Management Experience: I am currently managing a team building Falcon Fraud Manager Credit cardfraud models. I have also managed teams in the Telco and Identity Theft fraud areas.

This heightens the suspicion that rather than the perpetrator James Holmes is yet another victim of this criminal plot, which was most likely a premeditated act rather than a random crime. The same is true of Adam Lanza. His father, too, is associated with the Libor scandal investigation.

What DID the police find?

There are a few definite facts revealed after the arrival of the police. According to 9-11 tapes when the first squad car spun around to the backside of theater, the police found Holmes in his car; apparently, they tasered him. They said he was wearing a gas mask and that there were guns, including a shotgun and 2 Glock automatic pistols, and body armor in the car. The officer then made note of seeing an assault rifle, conveniently dropped on the pavement beyond the exit, as well as numerous spent magazines in the theater. There is no statement on these tapes of Holmes wearing body armor. Nor did any police officer witness this man in the act of the crime.

Now, there was a second gas mask soon thereafter found with blood, over 100 feet away from the car near the end of the cinema building. Anyone can check Google maps to see that this is a significant distance away. This is further proof against the lone shooter claim.

They also, certainly, found Holmes. However, incredibly, he was slumped over in the car in a drug-induced stupor. Docile, he put up not even the slightest resistance. Regardless, who would believe that the oft-described “cold and methodical” killer, who through his violence assured himself a rapid and efficient escape, that he would lock himself in a car and await his arrest? He was described as “calculating and calm,” the hallmark of a professional assassin. Then, he would be the first such assassin to culminate the hit by making certain he was caught. This is patently impossible. Yet, to end the trail that might lead to the real murderers the patsy is essential.

Too drugged to stand up isn’t the same as “cold, calculating, and methodical?”

Police found an incompetent person in that car, who posed no threat to them. Perhaps at first they thought he might be a victim, as much of a stupor as he was in. Make no mistake about it a person in such a chemically comatose state could never commit this massacreA spine board is seen underneath Holmes’ car. There is a logical reason for this. Police realized he was so incapacitated they thought they might need the board to transport him. Regardless, police do admit to that simple fact that entirely debunks the claim of Holmes as the shooter, which is the fact that Holmes had been drugged by someone prior to them finding him in that car. In fact, he was drugged out of his mind. This was to such a degree that within 48 hours of his imprisonment, he stated, repeatedly, “Why am I here? I don’t know why I am here?”

Demonization and false trails: “Will you visit me in prison?”

Could it get any more bizarre than this? No one in their right mind would believe that James Holmes would publish such a statement. A man claiming to be Holmes created a profile on a popular sexually explicit Website, days prior to the massacre, in which he even described the nature of his sexual anatomy. Holmes or, rather, his impersonator created the profile on, July 5, and included a picture of him with reddish- orange hair, just as officials in Aurora, CO, said he looked when he was apprehended Friday morning.  The author, who coined the name classicjimbo as his handle, included a cryptic message on the top of the profile which reads, “Will you visit me in prison?”

The profile reads that he is 6’0″ and single … with an athletic body. Yet, even the FBI has published that the real Holmes is actually 6’3.”

The shooter was, to reiterate, about 5’8”; Holmes is a lanky 6’3”. Locked in the car, Holmes was never even in the theater that night. No one in any respect could identify such a tall person with artificially colored hair.

Then, what of the killer? After his butchery, he bolted out, removed the gear, tossed the weapons into the car in the presence of his drugged patsy, and ran 100 feet down to the end far end of the building, where he ditched his gas mask (used to cover his face until the last second), and was then whisked away in the get-away car.

This was an espionage operation. The entire purpose remains unknown but it is in part to create a groundswell in support of the UN Small Arms Treaty. It is also, potentially, the means to silence Robert Holmes, who may well be a potentially hostile witness against the terminal bank fraud which is occurring globally and which incriminates some of the most powerful people in the land. One thing is certain. The wrong man is in prison. Holmes is not the shooter (nor is anyone else). Rather, he was set up over a month ago as the patsy for a premeditated murder spree conducted by professional hit-men. Just like on 9-11, the Oklahoma Murray Building bombing, the London tube bombings, and, of course the massacre at Waco, the real killers got away, while countless patsies were arrested, falsely imprisoned, and even killed. Moreover, in many of these acts of violence Americans were assassinated to further global interests. Let’s make sure this time that the real criminals are hunted down and discovered, while the falsely accused is released unharmed.

This is initial research. Much more investigation must be done into this obvious false flag attack. It is published with the intention of creating a more in-depth investigation, so the real culprits behind this brutal crime will be found.

Was Newtown a Zionist hit?

Regarding the Newtown, CT, this, too, requires thorough research. Like the Aurora ‘event’ eyewitness reports vary greatly from the ‘official’ reports. Of note, there has yet to have come forward a single person who witnessed the accused, Adam Lanza, doing the killing. For instance, repeatedly in the early accounts there is the description of multiple shooters, the same kinds of accounts reported in Aurora and a few weeks later in the Sikh temple murders, where at least 4 shooters were clearly identified. The difficulty in Aurora is that the accused is alive and is vivid evidence against the Zionistic lies. In contrast, in both Newtown and the Sikh temple the accused shooters are purportedly dead.

Regardless, the Zionist-orchestrated media told filthy lies regarding the Aurora and Sikh temple murders? Why wouldn’t they do so with Newtown?

The Mossad has much motivation for such an act. How to better get the attention of a nation other than murdering its children? Israeli death squads didn’t achieve their goal the first time, when they blew into oblivion the World Trade Center. Gleefully, they celebrated the destruction and death, Netanyahu calling it “good.” Aurora surely would achieve it, they schemed, but it didn’t. The Sikh temple: still not enough. This is true, even if all these acts were faked.

What was there left to do? Murder an entire class of children in a kindergarten school? Or, perhaps it would be sufficient to feign such a murder. This would be sufficient shock to achieve their aims of rendering America impotent, the greatest coup of all: disarming freedom-loving Americans.

The Zionist hand in this false flag event is certain. Now, it is up to the wise investigative Americans to prove it. The proof is gradually accumulating. The investigators are to be commended for their yeoman effort and not simply succumbing to the emotional distress of this wicked act but, rather, thinking out of the system, looking into every clue, leaving no stone unturned.

It is simply too coincidental that all this is happening in perfect synchrony for the Zionist aims, which is the systematic disarming of America. Only Jewish hostile ones have come forward, fiercely demanding gun control. The agents of world Jewry who are clamoring for draconian legislation for ‘controlling’ America’s guns include the standard list of Zionist agents: Bloomberg, Emaneul, Weinstein, Waxman, and more. In contrast, these arch-enemies of humankind have breathed not even a whisper about disarming the greatest child- and baby-murderers of all time: the heavily armed Zionist settlers.

Proof of the diabolical nature of the plot is now confirmed. Now comes the premier Zionist agent, Barack Obama, demanding “change.” It is this man who promises to challenge the Second Amendment, creating an unknown corruption in the peoples’ rights. It merely further solidifies the Mossad-generated plot. Regardless, only the Mossad, Haganah, Sin Bet, and similar Zionist entities have been shown to be sufficiently ruthless to perpetrate such an act, that is the kinds of systematic, well-orchestrated plots as seen in the Aurora, Sikh temple, and Newtown rampages.

Only truthful reporting of the real perpetrators of these crimes will free the people from this tyranny. If the lies are allowed to stand, the bloodshed will be endless.

The Aurora debacle proves one issue. The Zionist-controlled media spread nothing but lies about a critical issue, which was the mass murder of Americans. It played judge and jury over the life of a young man, James Holmes, who had nothing to do with it. This also proves that this was a set-up, with the well-drugged Holmes being their pre-ordained decoy. Thus, in the aftermath of the great lies told regarding Aurora and the Sikh temple, the Newtown massacre deserves a thorough investigation. That will be the subject, God willing, of the next article. Once again, did anyone see Adam Lanza do any killing? No one say James Holmes do so? In fact, instead they saw clearly and categorically another individual, in fact, two of them, who bore no resemblance to Mr. Holmes. Yet, even here there is no evidence that anyone did any killing. All that is reported is witness commentary, without the slightest evidence of any truly wounded or killed people. For all anyone knows these witnesses were nothing but crisis actors, just as was seen in the Boston smoke bombing hoax.

Regardless, here is a simple counter to any naysayers or Zionist apologists. Let the Israelis or their cohorts prove they didn’t orchestrate this plot, while setting up Holmes for the fall.

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  1. Psh, wake up to the truth, man! There was no shooting! I haven’t seen one dead body in all this, have you? (If you have, it was shopped. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of shops in my time) Also, where are the tears? I demand vials of the stuff, dammit! All that blood which has since mysteriously disappeared? PHOTOSHOP! Those people in the hospital? ACTORS! Heck, if Veronique Lozner’s son can fake his death (not to mention his jaw getting blown off), I think a few well-paid actors can fake a couple of bullet wounds to the torso, don’t you?

    • Yes, it is now the conclusion, here, that all of the deaths and injuries in Aurora were fake: there is one man walking out, and he has been drizzled with fake blood. There has yet to be see anyone else on site who was actually bleeding.

  2. CT Global at
    and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC Division

    Worldwide Release, February 12, 2013

    We have received a letter from a credible Colorado organization that
    conclusively asserts that the AURORA, Colorado murders were done by the CIA and
    MOSSAD, using JAMES HOLMES as “sleeper assassin.”

    This organization sent the following letter to the COLORADO BAR ASSOCIATION and
    JAMES HOLMES’ attorneys, and we urge you to contact appropriate
    officials/authorities also.

    We welcome all to our discussions of these issues
    on our forum at . You can join the CT Global
    Patriots through the contact page at and/or by writing
    ctglobaldocs@… . Thank you.

    “Dear _______________________________ and The Colorado Bar Association:

    Thank you for responding so quickly.

    We have confirmed that DANIEL KING is one of the defense lawyers representing
    the alleged “lone gunman” JAMES HOLMES in the AURORA tragedy.

    After lengthy and extensive investigation, we can firmly conclude that MR.
    did not act alone, and have contacted (left voice messages) with MR. KING and
    lead attorney DOUG WILSON, of the State of Colorado Public Defenders’ Office.

    Some reputable sources worry that these lawyers will be pressured, and will NOT
    present the irrefutable evidence of CIA / MOSSAD complcity in an “MK Ultra” type
    “false flag” attack using HOLMES as a dupe. An experienced military combat vet
    has stated that it was impossible for HOLMES to have perpetrated this crime by

    If these lawyers fail to zealously represent HOLMES, and present the evidence we
    send, we ill be forced to file FORMAL COLORADO BAR COMPLAINTS. Regarding that,
    do we have STANDING to file those complaints, or does HOLMES HIMSELF have to do

    Please forward this message to your administrators, because these issues will
    NOT go away.

    Finally, we and others will file AMICUS CURIAE BRIEFS if the lawyers BREACH

    Thank you for your assistance.


    (signatories request anonymity)

  3. Some strange things here. They did an interview with his lab partner and he said Holmes was sane, solid and never showed any of the tendencies needed to commit such a crime. Was the orange hair a new color for him? Has any reliable witnesses come forward saying so? How long was he on meds? The color job looks last minute and is sloppy. You can test hair to see how long a person has been on drugs, except it is dyed hair, then you have to wait until you have a couple of inches of virgin hair.
    I have seen two pictures they are passing off as Holmes, but under closer observation they are different people. Ear, eyes, mouth and eye color are different.
    With his interest, it is hard to believe an untrained man wired his house to that degree.
    When I was watching this unfold on TV, it did not seem real for some reason. When Sandy Hook was unfolding, I immediately thought something was snarky there and the school did not seem like an operating school to me. Nothing of Christmas in the windows on or site. If felt empty. Not to mention a witness said they handcuffed a man and it him in the front seat of a cruiser. You never put anyone in the front seat. And the people at the FD walking in one door and out another over and over. And the Fake Rosen. I think these two are connected.
    I am not sure how you are so sure it is the Mossad though.

  4. I am in complete agreement with you on your assertion that most of these events are orchestrated by individuals and/or agencies working in concert with the government. I am, however, going to need some substantive evidence to support the accusation that Israel is somehow pulling the leash of the US govt. I would agree that both are belligerent militaristic governments hell bent on pursuing their own agendas. Corporate power in the US has been calling the shots long before the “creation” of Israel–a fact supported by historical record. Some of the information you have published on this site is nothing short of remarkable (cell phone video, Sandy Hoax stuff, etc.). I want to send this info to anyone who is still desperately holding on to the belief that they can turn on the “idiot box” and trust what they are being told about the world they live in. I do not believe the US government needs any help or encouragement stripping away the rights of its citizens and being oppressive here and abroad.
    My only problem is that the finger pointing toward Israel and Jews comes off sounding like fact-less anti-semitism. I am willing to listen to any cogent argument if I have misunderstood something.


    Somewhere in Asia

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