London Hoax Other Hoaxes — 23 May 2013
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UPDATED: London Decapitation Hoax Proved in Pictures

UPDATED and previous information added, May 25, 2013, corrections made, again, 5-27-13

Update: note, some of the presumptions were reevaluated and upon further review the original premise bears true, which is that his is another deliberate fabricated terror attack in this case perpetrated by the great ones of the UK government. There are numerous aspects of this event that violate any kind of reasoning or comprehension. Thus, this post will represent an ongoing evaluation as the facts/circumstances are determined.

The presumption, despite the verbage of the involved individual, that this was an attack motivated by vengeance–motivated by the various oppressive wars committed by Western nations–is yet another distraction. All the evidence available to date indicates that this is yet another hoax perpetrated by powerful government elements, in this case those Zionist controlled assets in the British government.

The following is a video showing the involved men being shot dead by police. As shots are fired, blood (or fake blood) appears to be blown out from one of their bodies.

New pictures

A car heavily demolished; a smashed windshield, as if it was struck by a head. What appears to be blood or more likely  fake blood arising from the base of a concrete wall, the leakage of radiator fluid. The car was supposedly smashed against the man and/or light pole. If the light pole, why no damage? If the wall, how did it get back into its current position; doesn’t look very mobile. If the man, no human being could cause such damage to the vehicle: impossible.


The main suspect supposedly shot by a female police officer, with what appears to be a burst of blood exiting posteriorly. There is another puffing out of red color superior to the arrow. This would seem to represent real exit wounds or at least the appearance thereof. Yet, it could just as easily be Hollywood-style fakery. Curiously, though, it has the same color as the fake blood used in the Boston hoax. It appears at this time that even this is a fake, though the effort involved to fabricate this is relatively clever and sophisticated–at least in this particular Mirror production.
More shots fired; the appearance of blood shooting out from the area near his skull. Is this merely color added in by the media perps?


Yet, when a still shot from apparent cell phone footage in comparison, turned upright, there is no blood visible near the skull/head, despite the fact that all other colors are seen.


Assessed by the officer, at that site the blood is simply not seen, while in the Mirror overhead view it is clearly seen exiting the body and on the pavement. Why blood in one case and not in the other? Did the officer clean it up in a flash?
No blood versus blood, one from an apparent cell phone and the other, overhead view submitted by the Mirror:

It is as clear as can be: a blood-like color in the Mirror video screenshot; none in the other.
Then, there is the blood visible from the overhead shots. Is that, too, invisible in the cell phone footage? This would appear to be a glaring difference between the two sources.

NOTE: these photos have been removed as irrelevant.
Now, back to the movie set. Is this real blood or merely drizzle from the pouring and spreading of fake Hollywood-style blood? Could the arrows be pointing to the blood simply blurred from poor resolution?  The streaks are not visible.
In the image on the right those are definite streaks, three of them, plus a significant pool of red color arching around the lamp pole.

Original copy less redactions

Is the Woolwich terrorist attack more than it appears, or is it a random act of terror It would appear to be nothing more than a grand hoax perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled media of England, an act of desperation by these Rothschild assets.  The main individual involved is apparently the Nigerian national, Michael Adebolaga, given the middle name for purposes unknown, “Mujahid.”

None of this makes sense. This man would likely be the first person in history to have “Mujahid,” one who is committed to jihad, as a middle name. The term itself means one who fights in the struggle against tyranny. It does not mean killing a defenseless person. That use of such a middle name alone is proof of an ADL-style Zionist plot. The given name of “Mujahid” is clearly a Jewish production, supported by that now displaced Mossad mole, Omar Bakri aka Fostock. Regardless, a real Muslims struggle against tyranny is a private matter: such a middle name is simply not a common one in use as as proper or even nick-name among Muslims.

The official story is that a British soldier was struck down by two men, when they rammed him with their car and then proceded to butcher the man with a meat cleaver and a knife. This is an act of cruelty, not jihad.

What is his name, regardless–Michael Adebolaga. This is, in fact, a Nigerian name. More on that later. Regardless, he isn’t working this scam on behalf of Islaam or any Muslim group but rather the Zionist-controlled David Cameron government.

Regardless, is he really a Muslim convert, as described? If not, then, who is he?

According to Nigerians who have been posting online the name Adebolaga places him from the Yoruba province of that country. Could he be an agent, working for the government all along for purposes of demonization? The “Mujahid” nickname would seem to indicate that. It would seem he is an associated with David Cameron, who he mentions in his rant, along with “politicians.” Is he a Sayanim Mizrahi Jew asset, who has been trained to undermine and incriminate Islaam?

decapitationhoax-hh  decapitationyorub

Adebolaga would seem to have as his mission the attempt to demonize Islaam. Notice how he mentions Zionist Jew David Cameron in his rant, and how he, incredibly, mentions the need for Muslims to attack and topple the British government. This is the standard style of government-sponsored false flag attacks.

In England, too, Islaamophobia is good for business, especially the business of the Rothschild-finance Zionist conquest. So, a mere lower level mole would become useful in perpetuating that myth: for once, a real murderous act on the streets of London that could be attributed to Islaam.

Note: the speculation regarding just who is this man (that is the screenshots regarding his potential origin) has been removed temporarily upon need for further research for confirmation.

Behavior not even making the slightest bit of sense

Here is this fraudster and David Cameron cohort spewing his incriminating diatribe, not to incriminate himself but, rather, an entire religion itself and its some one billion followers, a most diabolical act indeed. By his facial expression the incrimination of Islaamic people is his avowed objective. Clearly, Adebolaga serves Cameron’s schemes, not that of the indigenous Muslims of England or even those of the Middle East.


It is most unbelievable: why is he waiting around to be captured or to fight against police? Surely, he would know that for such a senseless act of violence he would be either captured or shot dead. The woman walking by is completely indifferent to his diatribe.

This individual is vicious effort to incriminate Islaam and Muslims for this phony attack. Rather than even a supposed radical Muslim he is an enemy of Islaam, a Zionist under disguise, regardless of who he claims to be.


The mole is so much of an obvious actor that despite purportedly wielding a blood-stained clear, possibly an ax, and a knife, no one even cares: not even a glare or glance, not even a halting in pace? How many ways can it be said, “HOAX?”

Here is another woman who pays no heed to any danger or risk: a categorical impossibility. This is a cruel hoax; Islaam has nothing to do with it.


Thou doth protest a whole lot. Over and over again, he seeks for the world to believe that this was Islaamic retribution. This man is no Muslim; rather
No wonder no one paid any attention. Nothing serious or risky was happening.

Really? This is really a person who had his neck chopped up to the point where there was a bleed-out; doesn’t anybody care? The powerful arch-Zionists, the Rothschilds and their assets, plus their Israeli asset, David Cameron, are the source of this scam, not a supposed radical Muslim convert: a Muslim, incredibly, who gives himself the name, “Mujahid.” Yet, the Zionists know, the hatred for Islaam is so deep, the bias so great–the slander so pervasive–most people would never even consider using their eyes and would swallow the lie whole.

“The pay is poor. We’ll just act it out until it is over.”

A very poor example of a hoax by Cameron and his collaborators, didn’t even think to drizzle a bit of blood along the trail, that is the one where he was reportedly pulled along the pavement from the curb: not even a drop of fake blood?

TV producers or disaster “good Samaritans?” No one in shock or horror, here – and no one attempting to help the fake victim. How about at least getting him out of the street so he doesn’t get run over? Or, were Cameron’s goons already there, diverting traffic?
The man, if really a person versus a dummy, lying on the ground, supposedly shot by police: zoomed in and turned upright:. It’s just a TV hoax, with the man’s head covered up by his coat, same hoaxer who wielded the fake cleaver and knife.

Man guards crashed car? Women actresses play the role. Supposedly stand calmly before a wild, murderous man with a butcher knife. It truly is a hoax. Note the flow of presumably antifreeze rolling down hill. A similar kind of flow is seen in the eventually displayed ‘blood.’ Yet, there is no varigation in color in the blood-like material. Nor does there appear to be any of the expected clotting.


What’s his purpose? He looks like an agent fitting the role. Be sure to chase out any real eyewitnesses.


Is this what the cop-actor is attempting to prevent, to see the next phase of the operation? For whatever reason he has simply used his grey overcoat to cover himself up for this part of the shoot; Same person, same combination of grey and black. Same stocking cap with the top popping through.


Same black stocking cap popping through. Too, notice how the people walk right by him. They surely wouldn’t do so if he really was wielding such blood soak murderous weapons.


Here is the inanity he broadcast, all for effect, all for the generation of hate as well as the incitement to war and conquest. This is a script by the Zionist-controlled British government, not by any deranged ‘convert’:

“The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers.

“And this British soldier is one. It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth (Note: this is primarily a Hebrew dictum, rarely used by Muslims).

“By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone.

“So what if we want to live by the Sharia (another Zionist buzz-word) in Muslim lands? Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us?

“Rather you lot are extreme. You are the ones that when you drop a bomb you think it hits one person?

“Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family?

“This is the reality. By Allah, if I saw your mother today with a buggy I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature…

“Through many passages in the (Arabic) Koran we must fight them as they fight us.

Editor’s note: why does he have to preach this mantra to the whole world: there is an element of this that is nonsensical.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (Judaic, primarily).

“I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same.

“You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you.

Editor’s note: this is the standard verbage and tact of the Mossad, that is to create the image of conquest-oriented Muslims, who are acting as cells within Western countries to incite revolution; this verbage alone proves that this is an Israeli plot).

“You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns (what guns? Muslims don’t have any such guns; how did they get any guns in gun-less London)?

“You think politicians are going to die?

“No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children.

“So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so can all live in peace.

“So leave our lands and we can all live in peace.

“That’s all I have to say.

“Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you.”

Note: in quick pace he can also be heard saying, “Assalaamu Alaykum,” which means peace and blessings be upon you. Yet, such an act is one of terror. It makes no sense.

Therefore, this is yet another Zionist-orchestrated hoax to incite hatred among the people and take the pressure away for their criminal acts, which are being revealed and will continue to be revealed globally. No one died. It was just a mini-Boston bombing Hoax and Sandy Hook, London-style.



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  1. The trail from the car is more than likely antifreeze liquid since the car is smashed into a pool. It really is sketchy that people are just walking by this guy with no alarm or concern. I am on the fence about this whole thing.

    • Timing, Mr. Kroll: lack of emergency response, guy pulls hoodie over head and face, no blood, no nothing, no concern, no fear, no shock: hoax.

  2. Dr K,
    I have a gut feeling it’s a hoax. I have to seriously question all media accounts until proven otherwise. I can’t believe london is literally gun free – If an event like this happened in my city, those 2 people that did this would have been shot by a CCW (carry conceal holder) person during the 20 minutes it took for a police response to arrive. Maybe that’s why obama wants to disarm the american people so responsible citizens don’t intervene with staged hoaxes.

    The tricky thing about cameras is that we can only see what is captured in the frame. If I was there, I would have video taped the dead guy on the street. I think any reasonable person would do that.

  3. Dr. K,
    Please remove the photo that is a side-by-side that shows red on his hands and the other photo has the red changed to an orange hue. The lines on the road are red, not orange. That image you have as a comparison has orange lines and has been altered. The orange tinted one has been altered to remove the red colors and that also takes the red color off his hands. The alex jones article and video illustrates that it was altered.

    • As it is speculative it is removed.

  4. And on the talmudvision report today, it had a woman, a mother at that, who reportedly then answered to this perp that, they (Muslims/alqueda) would lose. Script for continuing war, eh.

    • It’s all a set up by the Zionists to rev-up the hatred of Islaam and Muslim, and it is to a mild degree having that consequence; also, to distract from their continuing crimes.

  5. I read the two black male ‘perps’ were whisked away in a British government helicopter. Do you know what that costs….yikes.

  6. Is there a consistent story that the suspects were driving the car, pinned the victim to the wall or signpost, and then proceed to hack his head off?

    Some helicopter footage/images exist. A helicopter might have arrived after police.There seems to be a blood-like substance on the sidewalk in front of the car and a white tent covering the body in my screencap below of a still image used in a video I just watched.


    In the UK Mail video, it is difficult to see any blood on the sidewalk ahead of the car. And, the second suspect appears to walk right through the puddle of blood-like substance seen in the helicopter image ahead of the car when he moves to join the first suspect returning to the area of the victim.

    I’d like to see more helicopter video/images, if they can be found. Also, I suggest scouring any other videos from additional angles for the first signs of any blood-like substance on the sidewalk ahead of the car.

  7. Here is video of the shooting of those two butcher knife guys. Yes, it’s weird because of the pedestrians walking by without concern and also the one guy’s statements to the camera. Maybe these people are just so numb and unobservant that they have no clue what’s going on with their situational awareness but I am now leaning toward this as a real event – even though it has an odd air about it.

    • Yes, the posts, here, must be changed because of this information. Under review.

      • Dr. K. Why were both of these perps wearing heavy coats? What were they hiding under these coats? Plastic b lood packs? Why did they wait around for 23 minutes to be ‘shot’ by police? We need to do a lot more research on this episode. None of this scene makes any sense from a point of logic.

        • Could be. They would appear to be gov. operatives. Nothing else makes sense.

    • I don’t think the Mirror vid shows any blood. It is simply the red painted hands.
      It is a low quality compressed video from a phone, which probably makes the red color ‘digitally bleeding’ around his red painted hands. Everytime that there appears to be something red/blood, the hands are also in that position.

      • Agreed: the thinking, here, is the use of fake blood with media trickery. Keep posting any corroborating info.

  8. Look at how the mainstream presstitutes have to respond to the alternate media in this article. They do not address the obvious lack of blood on the “killer” (other than the hands) or the lack of blood on the “body” on the street. They have to bring up the pedestrians because the video is on-line, but do nothing to explain why people were nonchalant.

    At least alternate media is forcing them to come up with cover stories, which is good. They are more likely to make mistakes in their covering for their own treasonous crimes.

    Portion of article – more on site. “LONDON (Reuters) – A young man with bloodied hands holds a knife and a meat cleaver soaked in blood as he faces the camera to say he has just killed a soldier on a London street in retaliation for the deaths of Muslims killed by British troops in faraway lands.

    “As the man speaks, a woman in a blue skirt pulls a shopping cart down the pavement towards him, glances briefly in the direction of a corpse lying in the road, and walks right past the man, apparently oblivious to the bloody weapons in his hand.”

    • Good points Martinez. Are you aware that there are photos of three woman passing by the knife man. All of them seem to have a total nonchalant attitude about the man who has just allegedly killed. Also consider this. How can one crash a car into a pole and hit a pedestrian at the same time? How do you do that? Why no clear photos of the car license plates? Why was the car removed from the scene completely hidden by an orange tarp?

  9. I’m getting a lot of flak from UK readers concerning my “hoax” comments on YT [no surprise there]. Some say that the nearby police station had no guns for the police to carry. [I don't believe that.] Also, if this an actual street altercation its a very unusual one to say the least.

    Why would the two perps hang around for 23 minutes, only to be ‘shot’ by police? How do we know what kind of bullets were used to shoot them [rubber-wax?]. The two perps could have had fake blood explosive packs under their heavy coats. Why were the perps whisked away in a costly-to-operate helicopter? Why no closeup photos of the ‘victim’? Why all the video camera recordings of the perps? Why the over-the-top press conference today of the parents of the victim? Something is not right with this whole episode. A lot of further investigation needs to be done. This is far from over.

  10. A large white truck parks to block the view. A theatrical male body was planted near the wall. Blue car crashes into light pole. Two perps jump out and pretend to ‘chop’ the faux body and then drag it into the street…leaving a trail of fake blood. Several operatives begin to video the perps for TV. Twenty min. pass… ‘armed’ London cops arrive and ‘shoot’ the perps. Government helicopter removes the perps to undisclosed location. That’s my theory of how this was done.

  11. check out the moving tent, that’s supposed to be covering the body, definitely looks like a staged scene.

  12. Here’s a 10 minute ABC News report after the suspects were shot and crime scene investigators have been at work for a while. While there may not be much to gain from the two talking heads, there is a lot of helicopter video footage that may prove helpful in placement and veracity of things difficult to see in other still images previously reviewed here.

    London Attack Man Killed in Suspected Terrorist Attack
    May 22, 2013

  13. Now we have a man lying in the street with his head cut off….without any blood….in broad daylight while all kinds of people are milling around….and where a lady gets out of a bus she was riding in to lecture two men that are armed with knives and/or a machete………and she goes over to the headless man lying in the street….. TO CHECK HIS PULSE??? Are you kidding me? There was also a London newspaper that reported “the police gave a statement to press, saying that the beheaded man died of his injuries later in hospital”. Where do they get the actors for these dramas? Is there an abundance of actors at the local Ye Olde Shakespearean Shoppe? I like what a blogger on another website said about this story, that David Cameron was “obviously thinking of cost, and went for the “terror attack” economy version”. Now that’s funny!

    • Mary said:
      There was also a London newspaper that reported “the police gave a statement to press, saying that the beheaded man died of his injuries later in hospital”.

      dicktater says:
      I shouldn’t have to say this but, LINK, PLEASE!

  14. The time it took for the met ; to respond and a lot of other things about this just does not fit with what the public are being told !

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