Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 06 November 2013
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Mark Walsh is Mark Walsh the 911 Criminal

A major error was made, here, in attempting to determine the exact nature of Mark Walsh, as a result of similarities to others. Nick Pugh was compared. That proved to be absolutely wrong. Our apologies to him. Every effort will be made to remove references to him as being this specific 911 hoaxer, and nodisinfo.com posters are encouraged to do the same.

Apologies also to the people at Godlikeforums. It is suggested that they must remove the comparison references, if possible. Regardless, Mark Walsh is Mark Walsh, although the name could be a media one disguising his real name.

He is truly hedonistic.



It is certain that this is the same individual. The other is, apparently, disinfo, purposeful or otherwise. The nose is a give-away; voice is the same, more so than any of the others to which he has been compared.



Same teeth; same nose; same chin.


He is responsible for great crimes against humanity.


Thanks to a poster, the truth about the Harley Man has now been revealed. It’s him: the man appearing on the Fox News segment. Here is the posting that alerted us to the error:

Not the same guy. Listen to the voice. Pure disinfo. 9/11 Harley guy is 100% MARK WALSH of Fox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjiuPXVERYE

People should make every effort to purge the previous comparisons, including those with Nick Pugh. There is no reason to clutter the Internet with disinformation and misinformation, especially when the actual facts are confirmed.

There were doubts, yet went with it, and that was a mistake, now corrected. This arch-liar of 9-11 who parroted the official story is strictly the Fox freelancer Walsh just as listed in the Fox video in this post.

The other comparisons must be rejected. They are not correct and thus must be purged.


The older Walsh versus the younger one. Tiny, beady eyes in both images. The nose and facial expression, as well as the nature of the mouth and chin, are dead give-aways.

This is the degree of criminality committed by this Zionist mole:



There babbling and focusing on the plane strikes prevents anyone from really focusing, which is what is actually happening on the screen.


Cutter charges detonated by Israeli moles: Walsh acts as a cover.




Thanks to a poster, the truth has now been revealed. It’s him: the man appearing on the Fox News segment.


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  1. OK….so Nick Pugh is a the LAX fraudster. Mark Walsh is the NYC 911 man. Thanks for the clarification.

    • You are welcome. Moral of the story: always triple check sources before running with it.

  2. This is incorrect my friend. Listen carefully to Harley guy and Mark Walsh on Fox and Friends. Completely different voices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12vexzMq_g0

    • Looking at the video and, right now, focusing on the facial features, and will publish the results, shortly.

    • I’m with you there….the voice of HM sounds much closer to Pugh – that’s about as far as I’ll go.

      Why are inside job witnesses always say they were with unnamed “room mates”?? A dead giveaway.

    • To me it is clear – LAX and Harley guy are one and the same. Does not anyone have access to some voice analyzing software?

    • When Walsh says room-mate at 0.31 here
      notice the thumb back to his minder in white open-necked shirt. Why not interview the”room mate” then? Surely he had a good view from the “43rd floor” also?!

  3. So, why was this guy wheeled out on 9/13 to cover up for Harley Man?
    Sounds nothing like either of them

    • To me the guy on radio 9/13 does not sound like Harley guy.

      They keep changing people and names all the time to confuse and cover their tracks. Classic illusionist trick.

  4. It is refreshingly mature for your web publication to make the necessary efforts for self-correction. This signifies a high level of integrity and makes you worthy of credibility and as such readability. I am impressed. I am also relieved that your apparent goal is not to peddle
    fear from an alternative direction, but to merely inform and initiate intelligent dialogue by considering the supplemental information supplied.

    This should be considered a great Humanitarian service.


    • I agree completely. DrK should win the Nobel peace prize.

      • I would agree with you, but methinks that the committee is very much corrupted or horribly short-sighted. If the committee were not so corrupted, then yes most certainly. For now, we will allow the accolades of skeptical readers like ourselves suffice.

        • The Nobel commitee for the peace prize is corrupt, absolutely. They proved it completely when they gave the prize to Obama. So sick it makes me want to throw up.

  5. true, Nick Pugh from LAX is not the Nick Pugh from 9/11, which doesnt excuse him in any way

  6. [Something is wrong with the the mic sound and sync with the Fox show featuring Mark Walsh.] To me Harley man and Mark Walsh are the same.

    LAX man Mr. Pugh is a new entity on the scene. He’s the artist/movie man/designer.

    • But the voices are absolutely identical. Does it not exist high quality voice analyzing tools these days??

      Faces are easy to manipulate using professional makeup, filler injections, botox, etc.

      This is a tough call. But it is a minor detail, LAX is a proven hoax in many other aspects. The dummy in the wheelchair is a dead giveaway.

      • Look at the new post on Walsh. The teeth are a dead give-away. Now, we can move on, as you say, to the important business.

        • Yes, the face features are the same, you are right. But the voices.. Creepy resemblance.

          Let us move on!

  7. OK. So Mark Walsh is not Nick Pugh. Voice is very similar but pointed nose on Walsh gives it away. But Walsh and Pugh are both Zionist agents working for the same Zionist masters against humanity. They gave false witness testomonies on camera and are therefore hereby classified as scum of the earth.
    P.S. to Walsh and Pugh
    The devil has no friends.

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