Sandy Hook — 25 February 2013
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To be analyzed in more detail shortly… 

Mergim Bajraliu: another Liar

Mergim Bajraliu, a 17-year old Newtown Highschool student,  is a sniveling liar who was put in place well in advance of Sandy Hook to spread his venom. Telling all manner of tall tells, his stories have varied diversely, as can be realized by viewing his various interviews. His purpose was to create the highest degree of emotionally charged reactions from the American people as possible.

Since he is an actual Newtown resident, AP and other collaborators had him in place with plenty of rehearsed lines to disseminate the official story of a bloody massacre. First, he claimed, according to Reuters, he was at home (it was a school day and he wasn’t sick. Was he playing hooky?), when he heard two shots. That’s when, he told the news agency, he and a neighbor “ran to the school to find his sister,” Venesa, a fourth-grader. Here is went he spewed his most important line: “My heart sank”, at which time he described seeing two students covered in blood, while being carried out of the building. That’s when he added that one of them “looked like my sister.”He then added that, to his relief, she emerged unharmed when he hugged her.

Here is what the Washington Post reported regarding this obfuscator:

Outside the school, 17-year-old Mergim Bajraliu scanned their faces and looked for his sister, Vanessa, a fourth-grader. She had left for school in a pink jacket and jeans. Bajraliu saw one girl exit the school splattered with blood. He saw two more, their bodies limp and their faces pale, carried out by state troopers. One of them looked like his sister.

“I got close to the state trooper to get a good view,” he said. “The poor girl was not my sister.”

His mother joined him in the school parking lot. Then an uncle came, too. They waited outside as hundreds of children passed by, standing near where the bus had dropped Vanessa off for school that morning. “If I could describe it in one world (Freudian slip, they meant word), it would be ‘hell,’ ” Mergim said.

Even his sister, Venesa, got in on the act but did such a poor job, looking at the ground constantly while talking, that the networks shied away from her. Instead, the focused on Bajraliu, a willing cohort.

It was Bajraliu who claimed the rights to regurgitate his sister’s eyewitness accounts, saying, as reported by AP’s John Christoffersen that she “heard a scream come over the intercom at one point” and that the “teachers were shaking and crying as they came out of the building.” Said Bajraliu, repeatedly, “Everyone was traumatized.”

Even after the fact he continued his role, seemingly monitoring YouTube postings on his interviews. When people contested his claims, he became aggressive, saying to one poster, “Are you kidding me? She’s my sister, and I was there. What a ridiculous and idiotic claim on your part. I never knew people could be so stupid.”

More on him as soon as possible. However, for now, the tweets, showing his part in the espionage operation:



Now, he thinks he is being cute. Look at what he says (or agrees to) about Mr. Lanza. No wonder Adam Lanza shied away from people:

Mergrim tweet

Mr. Bajraliu at one point was talking about possibly the rights to a book on Sandy Hook. Does he look like a convincing player? Just what was he promised and how much was he paid?

Courtesy, David Icke Forums

Mr. Bajarliu seems to be the only one, along with arch-Zionist mole ‘Pastor’ James Solomon, who reports any blood, Bajarliu saying he actually saw it. Both are actors, but, more importantly, both are terminal liars.


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  1. speaking of “liar”

    If you rearrange “Emilie Parker” you can get:

    RIP remake lie

    Lie maker Pier (add an “s” and what do you get?)

    Ripe lie maker

    Imperial reek

    Am perkier lie


    Lie keeper me.

    Is it pronounced Em-eh-lee or more soft ahm-ah-lie?

    • last should be

      LIAR keeper me.

      carry on.

  2. Check out one of his friends he got paid to make multiple Sandy Hook tribute videos …… more to come

    • We’ll smoke these bastards out sooner or later. Well done!

  3. So, he was at home on a school day when he heard gunshots. He heard gunshots and just decided to run to the nearby school. ok.

  4. You ask “just what was he promised & how much was he paid?” …by the looks of their new home on Charlie’s Way, I’d say they were paid in the $6-to-$7 figures.

  5. And he was home why, and why did he immediately think of his sister? That makes zero sense . There was a video of a resident that lives there and he said, it was fake. Then another resident was quoted as saying as he drove to work he went by the ire Station and people were all over the place one hour before it happened.
    Did anyone hear that each family involved with he scam got 45,000?
    Also if you are families with Ulsterman, he has four WH insiders he interviews, and one interviewed a few weeks ago said, right off the bat, Sandy Hook was a false flag. Then, when Doug Hagman, from CFP. Who is working hard to expose everything to do with Benghazi. Was asked about Sandy Hook. He said, ” that’s a whole other story”
    I find it amazing that there were so many ID badges ready for all these people to,wear and when you get pictures of inside he fire house with the people milling around, none in distress, there are pallets of bottled water stacked up. Pretty fast, I would say.
    After Columbine. For weeks afterwards, we were drowned it’s videos, pictures, stories, interviews, over and over from every angle. This time, not so much, it felt weird since day one and we were talking about it that day. They out a lid on this with just enough lies getting out to gain sympathy for gun control. It was beyond obvious.

  6. Mergim Bajraliu is friends with Danny Bittman of BittwoodFilm that were paid to make the Sandy Hook Promise video

    It is also interesting that Danny Bittman’s father is a cofounder of the Sandy Hook Promise non profit and his mother is a witness to the shooting. One big happy family pushing the gun control agenda.

    • Excellent. Will add to the post, as soon as possible. PC Geek: can you email me at some point?

  7. Excellent work…would love to share what I have. It WILL help blow the top off of this SHIT!
    I will not post links or lead in pics because then they turn to dead links. This has to be a controlled environment just like what they had. What it will take is UNDENIABLE proof , that is LIVE footage of the NOT DEAD vics being confronted on camera. Seems the sheeple like FAKE still photos a lot. Video of the Fakers is just …Such Bullshit. I seriously dont get how people think 27 families ALL react the same way emotionally.
    Unfortunately , I fear there will be an uprising. But it needs to be done. I have NO FEAR. I am David and the Government and ALL these cohorts are Goliath. They will be brought down.

    • It is David against the behemoth, but the behmoth is a slow, waddling, dying monster that is scared of its own shadow. Inspiring words for all. Do send me an email; I’ll get you an address or you can email me. Whatever you have, we’ll publish it. God bless you.

  8. I have a possible motive for his involvement, I made a video weeks ago which did not stay up long because YT took it down 2x

    • Excellent: Here, this motive can be written up. There was chatter in his twitter about a book deal. Am working on your work on Kateleen Foy, excellent work, and her role in the photoshopping of the Lanza “new release” pictures. Please collaborate any way possible. Courant has informed me that she was the source of the first series of photos.

      • Thanks, I know K. Foy seems to be the provider of ALL the Lanza Photos, even the ominous mug shot one. This is very strange i wonder if she all of a sudden had a huge gig?
        I am not sure about the photoshop
        ping of the New Adam Lanza photos, but I can say some Error levels appear to be brighter, meaning alteration.

        • Did you see the post on the analysis of those pictures? They were corrupted.

  9. Can anyone translate this overseas interview?

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