Michael Jackson Hoax Other Hoaxes — 11 February 2014
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Michael Jackson’s Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax

Deaths are either real or fake. With fake ones there is always a pattern of fraud and deception. Nothing could be more evident of this than the various interviews given by Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson. The DailyMail interview is highly revealing. It does not give evidence of a distraught, grieving mother. Even so, the reactions of the various members of the Jackson family regarding such a sudden, unexpected fatality make no sense. The source for many of the photos and interviews adds to the suspicion of the hoax. It’s Zionist-controlled TMZ, the same source for the Paul Walker death hoax, which is the facilitator of many of the images regarding this fabrication.

Below is a photo of supposedly shocked, grieving relatives, denoted with the TMZ.com credit.


There is no evidence of any distress, shock, or grief  in any respect regarding these individuals. They look no more distressed than the relatives of Paul Walker. At least they are not smiling and smirking.

The tabloid-like DailyMail was yet another source of the death scam information, both at the time and also in the months afterwards:


Our note: Is this an ill-fated attempt to spread propaganda about the hoax, since virtually all other frauds and hoaxes are being revealed? Why produce such an article at that time? It is beyond mere sensationalism and, rather, reeks of a cover-up. She “struggled to come to terms” to her son’s death. It is highly suspect to portray this. Who wouldn’t exhibit such emotions, that is what makes this so unusual? According to the DailyFail:

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatized by her son’s death in 2009 Michael Jackson’s three children went to visit their father’s body ten times in the morgue following his death, the singer’s mother revealed in her first TV interview yesterday. The star’s daughter, Paris – who tried to commit suicide earlier this year – was particularly traumatised by the tragedy. ‘She was screaming and crying when Michael died saying ‘I want to go with you daddy, I don’t want to live without you,’ said Katherine Jackson.


Caption: Photo offered by the AP/DailyMail as evidence of shocked, grieving, that is devastated children of Michael Jackson. None of these children or those associated in the photo are in grief/shock mode. Moreover, who is the clown in the background with the white paint on his face?

Speaking days after what would have been the King of Pop’s 55th birthday on August 29, the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch added: ‘I was feeling so bad for her. ‘Paris suffered a lot after his death. She had to have pictures of Michael all over her room. Every picture that was hanging on the wall had to be of Michael.’ Mrs Jackson, who has 26 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, said all three children struggled to come to terms with their father’s sudden death in June 2009. ‘Michael’s kids went back to the morgue where Michael was about ten times.

When I was in the room, I couldn’t go there,’ she said, adding that she asked her daughter LaToya what the children were doing at the funeral home. ‘She said the children are all kissing and hugging Michael. Even though he is dead they are still doing that,’ she explained.

Editor’s note: This is not plausible. No legitimate coroner would allow a group of children into the morgue for hugging and kissing the corpse. This can be done at the Funeral Home, but it is not believable happening in the coroner’s domain. Notice also the mention of going there 10 times, which is clearly a fabrication. These are mere story-lines, actual lies, to embellish upon the hoax.

The grandmother said Paris is doing ‘much better’ after cutting her wrists and swallowing an overdose of pills in her failed suicide attempt.

Editor’s note: Where is the evidence for this supposed suicide? Moreover, why is this grandmother mentioning it so casually?

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatised by her son's death in 2009


Michael Jackson Dead Body Gurney Photo

Posted on September 28, 2011 by  in Entertainment

The ubiquitous “gurney” photo of Michael Jackson released during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray this week is indeed disturbing. What I have yet to hear is who took this photo and why. It’s not standard protocol for doctors or staff to take photos of recently the deceased, even if they are celebrities.
It’s not uncommon for family and friends to take such a photo as a “last memory” but the person responsible for taking this photo has not been given as of yet. I’m by no means trying to fuel a conspiracy theory – I just think it’s a piece of information that should have been released with the photo.
The above photo is a Photoshop fake. Note that the head appears to be connected to nothing. There is no obvious neck to be seen. There appears to be a Photoshop cut line about the jaw or some rudimentary attempt to create a minimalist beard. The perspective/nature of the band across the face makes no sense. The arm appears to be drawn, fabricated. The left shoulder is anatomically corrupt. There seems to be no real, definable wall or floor to which the gurney is related. The eyes are shut; the nose does not appear to be the same as the real Michael Jackson.
The edge of the image near the head is also corrupt; there is no real edge to the end of the mattress or to the top of the head. The hair appears to be mere computerized coloring. Cut lines are evident around the fake head. This is an amateur job and faking a photo. A full analysis of this photo will be forthcoming in a future post, God willing.
Therefore, MJ is alive, somewhere. He is likely worth hundreds of millions, even billions. Where is he? Is he living on his own island with full security and in isolation?



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  1. Ofcourse this picture is fake.The real M J died long time ago from drug owerdose.Imitator keep going the sow aftet that.One time the all storie come to surface make a big suprice to many.

    • I disagree that Michael has died. He was a very smart, clever and well informed, intuitive guy! He was afraid for his life, he’d found somewhere safe to escape to!! The Rabbi Schmuley tapes prove this!! Pearl
      Junior was waiting for a Bam day for his huge return/ I don’t think he will return because then why commit Pseudocide in the first place? The threat is still there. His lawyer took a bullet to the head- Michael rightly feared he might be next.

      He’s out there, somewhere!!

    • Ok i thinks hes still alive focus on this video i believe that he is hiding from the illuminati

      • This is really sad. I know what it’s like to be in fear of your life. It’s a HORRIBLE feeling. I remember feeling more alone than I had ever felt in my life, and as a result I had deep depression over it. You feel like there is no one you can trust, at times not even the police will protect you. The feeling is very difficult to really put it in words. If I had had the opportunity to get away and feel safe, I would have done the same at that point in time. If MJ is alive out there, major kudos! As a fan, I would not be upset at all if he faked his death. Many people would ridicule me for not being able to be angry at someone who could fake their death and get away with it for so long. When you are backed into a corner with no where to go, and someone (or many people) are threatening, or have threatened your life, you’d be surprised at how far you are willing to go to protect yourself and/or your family in moments of desperation. With all this being said, no one will ever know 100% if he’s alive or not unless he, himself came out and told the world that he’s still here. Idk…I guess only time will tell.

        • I couldn’t agree more with you I have rights not be angry he got bullied and probs this was his way to get back at the press and the people that critisied him a lot god bless ya mike xx

    • Your an idiot! That story about him during years ago was a prank from a tabloid called “the onion” it was widely known that
      It was a joke!

  2. Sorry, i disagree with this article that MJ’s death was faked and he is alive. If you do a little more research you will find that MJ started publicly railing against the lies and deception in history books to cover up the crimes against black people in the U.S. MJ hated Sony music and accused Tony Mottola of being “devilish” and they wanted to destroy MJ for not selling them all rights to the Beatles back catalogue which MJ part owned. He was a direct threat to the illuminati as although he was a drug addict he refused to sell his soul to them so they killed MJ and in a typical hatefully zionist fashion, put the blame on their victim.

    • That’s bullshit, Michael is alive, if you dig a little deeper you’ll find NO crying eyes, NO funeral (it’s portrayed as a reality TV show, google it) NOBODY saw a dead body, when Murray got to the hospital he told the ER Drs his name was Shaun Soule, blood work had the name Trauma Gershwin, his body sits up in the helicopter that transported him to meet the coroners van, he’s not in a bodybag, he’s wrapped in a sheet, and just so you know Michael had made amends with Sony after they fired Tommy Motolla, BUT AEG was trying to kill him, that’s why that took out life, overdose insurance on him, he figured out what was going on and 2 weeks before his “death” he went to authorities, his father went to FBI, here’s a thought, he was Michael Jackson why didn’t the paramedics recognize him, when anybody on the face of the earth would know what he looks like, why was the body cold, ice cold is how the paramedics described it, and in California, late June why did they have a fireplace going, you honestly believe they would try resuscitate for over 2 hours on an ice cold body, now while you’re thinking about all this ask yourself “why didn’t they find any propofol in the IV tubing” see Michael is a genius, a very high IQ, he outsmarted them at their own game, did you know since his death he’s opened 4 businesses, like on YouTube, look for MichaelJacksonVEVO Productions, remember he’s already got MJJPRODUCTIONS, he wasn’t a drug addict, no Demerol was found, he hadn’t used propofol since 95, he was never broke, how can you own 1/2 of Sony, own 75% of his ATV catalog, have a HUGE warehouse full of expensive things like about 8 Roles Royce’s (sp) limosenes, big black, tinted windows SUV’s, and soooo much more, how do I know these things, research, I’ve researched this since 2008 and my last name is Jackson

      • I know that Michael wasn’t broke or addicted like they said, but do you know that FBI was against him at his trials(2005)?

      • L, that explains why joe jackson said michael knew what was going to happen……..of course he wouldnt let them kill him………

      • Are u a relative ot his

      • I feel this is true
        Where ever he is I hope he is well.im sure he feels alone and that thought breaks my heart

      • I sure hope this is all true. I always liked MJ and felt so bad for him and always knew he was innocent of the horrible crimes he was accused of . I do believe he was/is a gentle kind soul .. I hope he’s behind the scenes and enjoying the awakening going on of the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the global elite scum. Hopefully one day we will take them all down …and perhaps then, Michael can come out hiding and grace us with his presence once again….

      • Huge thumbs up to this well thought out and written article!!
        I agree with everything you say- no one I know( only online ) is a beLIEver they think I’m nuts ‘cos why would a fake court be allowed and why is Murray doing time etc, I saw an YT vid comparing the funeral with the real Forest Lawn and there are huge differences between the real and staged Forest Lawn.
        It’s nice to read something which mirrors how I feel:)
        God bless from Ireland xx

        • That was for L Jackson btw :) xx

      • Mjj productions is indeed still operating it’s listed on the xscape album..there are so many things that are so obvious, I wish ppl could see what’s right in front of them..

      • HI SISTER,how are you everything oke?i’m making now on a remote island a new album…called..”the return of the real mackdaddy of pop”..because justin timberlake is “bad”a real “smooth criminal”and he makes me in a “state of shock”…say hello to mom,janet,jermaine,tito and the kids xxxx your brother michael …..;)

        • If Michael is alive good for him after 40 something years of being in entertainment I am sure he’s tired and five years of rest still isn’t long enough because he still can’t show his face without people recognizing him poor baby I wouldn’t want to be in his position.

        • you arent michael, he doesnt use his real name!!!

        • LOL M “return of the mack” do you remember that song? you arent M are you? nevermind……..

      • Hello my name is lauren. I am a huge fan of MJ. I have also researched a lot about if hes still alive including watching hours of you tube videos. I have a feeling hes still alive and I want him to be however I am weary of thinking it if he is actually dead. He wasnt a drug addict I have just recently read his biography which was really touching and helped me learn a lot about his life that many people didnt and dont know. Id love to have a chat with you more if thats ok. Please add me on facebook. My name is Lauren Ranger xxxxxx thank you

        • I’ve done a lot of research too I just want to believe he is alive everynight i pray to god mike is okai I won’t be angry at him if he faked his own death I won’t be angry at all because I know he did it to protect himself from the press and other people that where pressuring him into doing things he didn’t want to do Michael could be in hiding somewhere Ive spent all day on YouTube watchin MJ jumpin out of the coroners van and any Michael Jackson fan knows Michael from a mile away and when i watched that video a couple of times I gathered it was Michael with way he walked into the building with that man but at the funeral there where no tears from the Jackson family i really hope Michael is alive god bless him all he wanted was for people to stop giving him a hard time i kno there wil be a lot of upset fans if Michael faked his death but I won’t be because this could be a comeback to get back at the press :/

      • Well said

      • Hello im really interested in what you have to say I have also done lots of research and am a huge MJfan. Id love to talk more with you. Please could you add me on facebook. My name is Lauren Ranger please add both accounts id appreciate it greatly. God bless you xxxxx

        • Hey Lauren I looked on FB and there are quite a few Lauren Rangers. Please add me it might be easier…..Sharon Hayes (profile pic my lil angel with a black/white dress). It’d be great to throw some thoughts and ideas around xx

      • im obviously very late to this post but those in the know also knows how mj broke from the illumanati the video is on youtube just type in michael breaks from illuminiati and you will see mj said it on his own words. ” they never expected him to outthink them! so if he outsmarted them enough to break free from them why not outsmart them with his death? the more they tried to destroy him and more powerful he became and they simply couldnt have that he spoke out against them many times. anyone watching the documentary ” this is it” would know mj was no where near a addict he was slouching his dance moves were perfect, his voice still iconic mj is alive and finally living in peace leave him there and let him be he is the light of GOD while they remain in the darkness of enlil aka lucifier enlil being his real name look it up enlil for lucifier and enki for GOD

      • L Jackson you are 1 of the sane ones on here, my research has caused me to come to the same conclusion…..the other illuminati crap ppl talk about is BS……

  3. This site has become all that it claims others do…DISINFORMATION. Sitting behind your PC, concocting theories based on photos and other people’s personal thoughts is not the truth it is just theories.

    your personal feelings and hatred towards the Jews and Zionist is apparent in every post that you write. Instead of just basing everything on pure facts you base your research on pure speculation and your hatred. you’re no more righteous or better than the MSM who feeds us distorted stories.

    the real question is what are you doing to make a difference with all this is this dis-information you’re sharing?

    • Why you are so angry? Nodisinfo never be “Disinformation” Nodisinfo telling the thrut.Is it painfull for you ?

    • There is some painful truths I feel to what the writer is saying…but that is their opinion only.

  4. The gurney photo shows no legs and his body is not that short after his hips. MJ had long legs and arms. The top part of the body in the pic is not proportionate to the bottom…whereby it shows no legs and its cut off by the gurney.

  5. You see L. Jackson I know where Michael is and why but so that I stay safe I am keeping my mouth shut. Except to say that he is safe and well cared for. Even though I can feel what he feels because I am an empath this is a curse I was born with but have had to learn to deal with. Michaels emotions at times are erratic but I deal and am very tired at the end of my day. So that all of us who know and believe in Michael let’s just keep the faith. God love you all in our hearts and minds. God Bless L. Kemp

    • Wishing Mr. Jackson the best, hope he is well. Wild chaga is a cure for vitiligo. He can use the ChagaCream topically and take the ChagaTea (Chaga black is the most potent) internally. Wild oregano oil also helps reverse this, which is a fungal infection of the melanin producing cells.

  6. LOVE

    Though I speak with tongues of men and angles, but have not LOVE I have become a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not LOVE I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not LOVE, it profits me nothing. LOVE suffers long and is kind; LOVE does not envy; LOVE does not parade itself, is not puffed up; Does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; Does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, LOVE never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I SPOKE AS A CHILD, I UNDERSTOOD AS A CHILD, I THOUGHT AS A CHILD, BUT WHEN I BECAME A MAN, I PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS. FOR NOW WE SEE IN A MIRROR, DIMLY, BUT THEN FACE TO FACE. NOW I KNOW IN PART, BUT THEN I SHALL KNOW IN PART, BUT THEN I SHOULD KNOW JUST AS I ALSO AM KNOWN.






    • i love you also,venus xxx sincerly your’s michael….”you are not alone”..

      • Ill take that to my grave as well

      • If I don’t get a chance to say Happy Birthday Michael I want to say it now Happy Birthday with Love.

      • MJ, are you a tupac fan?

  7. I dont think he is alive. I wish he was.

  8. He is alive, definitely search on youtube he is singing as a street performer.

    • I know that he is still alive. With all the mistakes that the family members have said about Michael (like he is) a good father, if he was dead they would say he was a good father. And I am an empath and can feel others emotions. I feels his when he is not himself and I have tried to reach his family to let them know what he feels and when he is feeling it. But they are not that close to the fans like Michael. He is not well at Times because he is not happy with the life he now leads. But this also could be that he is not happy in the new relationship he is in. I can not speculate what is causing him to feel this way. But in all honesty he is alive.

    • i dont believe that michael would be a street performer. he wouldnt put himself out there like that all the people you see perform on the street are dressed LIKE michael.

      • Yeah he put himself in isolation

    • yes i saw the streetartist the dude with no nose and with his little monkey on his shoulder singing-”the man in the mirror with no nose”…lol;)

  9. lisa, what is an empath? you are a very kind person…….some guy I met had me believing they had inside info from someone they’d met who knew michael and, they claimed to be a huge fan of his, loved him all that kinda thing but the guy is a nonbeliever now and he laughs and says michael will have to pay back $ to ppl if its a hoax, I told him no he doesnt have to do that, and he is so disrespectful saying why didnt michael fake it by dying in a car wreck……I believe the guy lied to get attention so ppl would watch his youtube channels…….I found this site thru goggle, what a relief nobody attacks me here………I dont think its a hoax per say, I think its a disappearance, and it was not to decieve or make money off of ppl…….I’m not going to name names here, maybe you guys watched youtube over the years, you probably know the hoaxers who make them……there are only a few left now that even care about michael……….better a few real ppl than a bunch of fakes though………thank you for your replies……..
    with LOVE…..happy easter……..

    • Rachel,
      An empath is someone who feels what others feel, I have had this since I was young and I concider it a curse not a blessing. But my gram always told me it was a gift. For some reason I can feel Michael and if he was dead I wouldn’t feel him. I know when someone I love or even a friend is ill or other people need someone to just understand them. I am there to try and help them the best I can. This and my other gifts just keep me informed of what is going on in the universe. I am also a clairvoyant as well as an average psychic. These I have had since my childhood. So if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

      • That is an amazing gift. Wish I could connect with him

  10. I don’t know whether it’s just denial to avoid the pain, or if I truly believe it. But I feel sometimes that he might still be alive. I as well feel the pain of others, as Lisa Kemp stated. And I feel something deep, like a sudden rush of sadness inside. I feel his pain. I always seem to cry when I hear others talking bad about him, when the media says lies, and watching all the videos of his, and the ones claiming he’s gone. It always makes me cry like a baby.. Very easily. I can’t help it. I can see why he’d want to get away, in some ways he needed to. I just hope, wherever he is he’s at peace now. I miss him so damn much :(<3

  11. illuminati destroy and played his life, because he reject this satanic Industry, I always believe he is innocent. if you alive micheal please come back but I’m believe he alive as tupac.

  12. thanks lisa……..have a peaceful night, much love, keep the faith………

  13. You are all welcome and if you would like to talk more I would be glad to do so.

    • Hi lisa my name is phyllis i go by mizztweetybell 76! I love Michael very much I’ve always wanted to meet him an to be his friend cuz i feel in some way we are connected wen he hurt i hurt or wen he cry ill cry an i never knew wat i myself was crying for or why i was crying it hurted me to see him hurt i wsh i could talk to him an tell him I’ve been there too with thing tht happened in my life i want to share my story with him

      • yes I do have facebook but if you really want to talk we can email each other mine is kemplisa03@gmail.com. And we can chat about anything you want

  14. What a load of crap! Im a massive fan of mj and have been for 32 years. If mj was alive, he wouldnt allow the family to release all these old demos and tarnish his pioneering examples of his past albums, with half baked promises.

    I wish he was alive but i cant see it. Id put your efforts into exposing this music industry agenda to replace fame and false greatness over developing art, with the kareoke acts out there. All pop rappers are overrated street trash, not artists, just bullshitting criminals. K.perry is a laughing stock overproduced tart.

    The real artists project soul in their music. This satanic bollocks is boring, uncool and pathetic. If theyve sold their soul, it explains why their music is shit. Let them have their fame, soon when they age, they will fear like nothing they know.

    Have faith in good and be good and love. That is the way to live, like children. Religion is evil, one on one faith to whoever is in the devine is the key to the pure good light in your heart.

    Dont believe the hipe. We all know who are tomorrows trash and who is a master of craft, emotional magic and the greatest music artist ever…MJ

    • Guys are you all insane he is dead ,it’s life And You really have to accept it,,his body couldn’t take it anymore,,it’s life we are born and we die
      Some to soon some not,
      Thankfully He has left his genius music and that will carry him on

  15. Jace I hear what you are saying but I have done all the research and listened to the universe I know he is alive and the other thing you should know is that Michael would not trash other artist but the music industry itself. Michael is still the master of music.

    • MJ is dead and who cares anyway. Bunch of looney tunes on this site. Eeeew, I’m empathic and can feel MJ..BS! Empaths don’t feel someone who is 9 foot under and dead. Empaths don’t single out one person anyway.

      • ALOT of ppl care stinky, so keep your hate to yourself and stay off the site………MJ is ALIVE…..

      • Stinky
        Maybe someday you will grow up but I see not today in your future by the time you do it will be too late for you. I not only feel Michael I also feel what others feel and if not controlled you can go crazy. I control a lot of things in my life including my witch powers would you like to see them in action. If not be nice to others that do believe in the King of Pop.

  16. Why do people have to always go around spreading rumors, bunch of Redneck Nazis…. I suppose you can all go with whatever you want It’s freedom of speech the, fact is MJ died June 25, 2009 look it up.

  17. Well if he did really die of an ‘accidental’ overdose I would understand why he would even think about overdosing. His daughter had tried to commit suicide by ‘overdosing’ also but why? In Michael’s new cd he has a song called Blue Gangsta, blue bands in jail are given to people that are child molesters or accused of it. Could Michael have molested his daughter resulting in her wanting to kill herself and him not wanting to be living in regret of doing it?

    • Mj’s message to us using his daughter. It was the only way to get everyone to see it. He is no pedophile so stop defaming him. Everything he worked on near his death told us a story, a message. The movie that was made had a different message at the end in different countries, and the songs were adjusted “you are all vegetables” to variations of his song in This Is It. He was telling us that we are goyim or what Jewish Elite call us – cattle. See estoterickitten2 on google and Dr. Abraham Finklestein’s interview with Pastor Wickstrom.

  18. the fact that his new albums called xscape says it all hes still alive and well writing songs on a lsland sum where in the world, theres evdience that tupac and elvis are still alive and well too if you research but were lied to so much through the main stream media that seeing the truth becomes an impossiblety

    • All the evidence for mj and pac is circumstantial. The evidence for Elvis was all but proven with DNA, hand writing analysts, and voice recognition. Haha and there are still people who didn’t believe it

      • Peacefully wrote I believe he’s with us thank god
        A warm goodnite all

        • his handwriting is on the xscape album cover…….he is alive, I agree sherrie…….have a goodnight!

  19. You cant fake death and still make money, the tax man will find you

    • You can if your life was threatened and you are not committing fraud

      • It is fraud to Pretend you dead. Great Article, but some times we have to let go of the greats. It is fine to pretend to be dead to the world, but to do it, to your own kids, what kind of animal does such a thing?

        • First of all he is not an animal second of all his family knows he is alive why do you think they say he’s being protected and we know where he is? Goggle jermaine jackson piers Morgan it’s in that interview..of course the kids know..stop making assumptions and do the research if you care to, otherwise why comment at all?

          • rachel,everybody is free to make a comment,if you don’t like it,don’t read it…m.j=alive,but not hidding for the illuminati………he is part of the illuminati,don’[t you get that in your brains?

        • Its not against the law to fake your death as long as your life insurance policy isn’t paid out. If it is paid out then it becomes fraud. As far as the IRS goes, the Estate is paying taxes on money that is being made since Michael’s “death”.

  20. I dident know about micheal jackson until he was dead so i heard that my family said hes very caring kind and people were jelous of him and i belived it when you look at him you can see the honesty and the innesent nos of him i luv him no matter wat if hes alive i hope hes living well in good condition if hes sadly dead i pray hes with god and heaven ( eny god such as jesus allah or indian gods )

  21. It could be possible. Because me and a friend were talking about whether he is or not. She said it could be possible that he’s alive because somebody may have been going after him. And that he set up a hoax so that he could get away from stress or what not. And some of the evidence I’ve read sounds like it makes sense. So it could be true.

  22. I wish that it could be proven that he was alive. all this secretive stuff is kind of sad and weird and causes a lot of heartache for MJ music lovers. Michael if you are out there we love you.

  23. Ppl are buried 6 feet under not 9 genius

  24. Why would MJ fake his death just before going on tour?

    • Michael faked his death to protect his family and himself they were all indanger from some bad people. I know who and why but I am going to stay quiet about that portion.

      • Lisa, I would love to know more. Please give us some sort of clue or whatever to prove Michael is still with us.

      • Lisa is it someone in the music business? Don’t say the name, just yes or no if you feel comfortable doing that bc I ‘d been told a name but I can’t say..it’s someone other than thome..I think it’s someone who thinks they are above the law, of course I could be wrong, the ppl that told me are non believers now so they could have been telling me the wrong info..

      • Hello lisa I would love to talk to you more if you could add me on facebook I would appreciate it. My facebook name is Lauren ranger there are two accounts please add them both. Thank youxxxx

    • do you know how manny c.d’s,album’s,video’s etc..he sell after his “death”???;)and he was mabey not good enough to do the shows??healthy problems??HOLLYWOOD IS SCAMCITY HOAXIEWOOD;)


  25. Anthony,
    Listen to Jackie Jackson’s last Interview online when they were doing the forty shows in Las Vegas. Jackie let the cat out of the bag and I also found files of his where about’s but for safety reasons I am keeping my mouth shut because someone has been following me and I am not sure who but they make themselves known by stopping in the middle of traffic to stare at me like a warning.

    • First off mj is alive bc he is seen at his own memorial dressed as a woman when they were done singing heal the world this woman aka Mj puts his thumb up to the stage when Janet passed in the aisle next to Mj she stares 100% Dead at mj

    • I would think the FBI would be protecting him as far as you being followed be safe! I wonder about this thome thome character I wonder if he’s the 1 to be afraid of? Where is this guy? Makes you think Michael was in danger..when you consider this it makes sense, this is why when ppl ridicule others for believing I don’t worry about it anymore, just pray..

    • Lisa what interview was it ?

    • That’s just MJ himself in disguise. He be ghosting you for kicks. When you be seeing him doing that to you, it’s probably while he be on his way to the bank to deposit all that cash from gullible, post-death, sympathetic fans buying all the crap they be crankin out. It’s the perfect scam. He got you all feeding out of his hand and will string this out for many years as long as you be keep buying into the BS. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    • Hello lisa please can we talk more on facebook. My facebook name is Lauren Ranger please add both accounts I will be very greatful thank youxxxxx

  26. First off the interview took place when the Jackson brothers did the forty shows in forty days at a hotel and casino in Las Vegas , Nevada. Not sure what day during that time but Jackie let the cat out of bag about Michael being behind the scenes. Tito was holding the microphone and didn’t like what Jackie told on Michael. Second if you are a true empath you feel not just one person but everyone like me. It is hard to distinguish from your own feelings and theirs. But it is also draining on a person that is an empath.

    • Hello lisa i want to knw if u have facebook?

    • Ok that’s interesting bc this is the 2Nd time jackie has said that Michael works behind the scenes, in 2009 he did that at the this is it premiere, tito gave him a look and took the microphone away..this is the kind of thing that most ppl don’t notice, it’s getting ugly on social media I’ve been ridiculed on YouTube for simply mentioning the handwriting on the xscape album and the hold my hand video, pause it and you will see he hides written down..seems that some ppl are angry that others notice the signs of Him being alive, I just wish something would happen to make them realize that he is alive, something definitive..the media refuses to point out anything that doesn’t add up..the brothers will probably continue to say things about him in present tense..

  27. TBH: I know that Michael is not dead at his fruneal he was the one dress up as a lady I the blond wig and on the news he was Dave Dave

  28. Elvis, Michael, and the resurrection of Elizabeth Taylor’s looks are all have latte`s in Paris right now.

  29. I believe that Michael Jackson is alive.

    • AND JOAN RIVERS=A DUDE!!!!!!AND MICHELLE (MICHAEL) OBAMA =ALSO 100% DUDE,MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!and the whole jackson family are illuminati,strange,almost not human,”people”………

    • and i believe i can FLY……

    • some people also believe in LOCHNESS,BIGFOOT,MOONLANDING….;)

    • good for you vivian,and?so what?he is a liar,a hoaxer,a fraud,a illuminati puppet!

  30. he is alive, i’ve been searching for a long time since his death, i didn’t believe he was dead since a month of his death, he was a genius, his life was hard and he had been planning this for a long time,he kept telling Lisa Marie that he’s gonna end up like Elvis, he wanted out and he got it,i’ve seen so many pictures of him ever since his death,people from england and ireland keep seeing him and a lot of facts prove that he is alive, he was seen in Miami airport in 2010 when people started screaming ”It’s Michael, He is ALIVE”, a lot of the ones who saw him at the airport reported this,anyways i can never forget how i cried my eyes out for a month after his death until i realized he was alive,part of me wants to bunch him!!!! but i don’t blame him if i were him i would have done sth like this long time ago, if you’re looking for evidence please check this website to believe me: michaeljacksonsightings.com ,you get all your answers about the day of his death and how fake and fishy everything was!! i believe he’s never coming back because he would go to jail for everything he did and with the two new molestation accusations of 2013 and conrad murray’s innocence he would be in big trouble,but wherever he is, i will love him FOREVER & ALWAYS <3<3, here is a pic of his miami airport sighting with daughter paris https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=58HHZAt9ePVSLM&tbnid=g_AKd3lvsjVD3M:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.michaeljacksonsightings.com%2F&ei=8TioU4XhCsHcoASusYDYAQ&bvm=bv.69411363,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHT_sOkPR2qc-8Jd3nXpYFK8X_rrA&ust=1403619930453977

    • He is not dead I saw this video on youtube where he is at his own funeral but dressed as a girl and now I can see why all the jacksons kept laughing and wearing sunglasses so no one can see them looking at him also “she” gave a suspicious thumbs up to the stage and what’s all this about all those sightings of him since the death… Also apparently there was a sheet over his dead body because he isn’t dead and people over the world and the ones close to the king ~ mj ~ probably know this are they being paid to keep quite answer me that! And I know some people might think I’m just a crazy fan who doesn’t wanna face the fact that he’s dead but I’m not I’m someone who wants to investigate one of historys biggest shocker and speak the truth.

      • If Michael is dead how did he get out of the van and walk to the back enterance of hospital, and at the memorial service why was Paris doing fake tears, he is not dead, where ever he is I hope he is happy but seriously why fake ya own death it’s wrong.

        • LMP Michael wanted to know how what to do. My dad…….

        • 9-11 inside jop,sandy hook hoax,columbiine shooting hoax,bodston marathon hoax,santa barbara hoax,lax shooting hoax,the houston shooting hoax,the moonlanding hoax,the mars rover landing hoax..etc..etc…WAKE UP 90% OF “HISTORY”IS A LIE,FRAUD,HOAX…AMERICAIS BUILD ON LIES,SCAMS,EVIL PEOPLE IN THE ELITE GROUP,THE ROTSCHILD FAMILY,ROCKEFFELER,OPRAH WINFREY,JAY-Z ETC..ARE EVIL ALEISTER CROWLEY WHORESHIP ILLUMINATI DEVILS…..soory to tell you..gemkat,,,by the way mh17-a 100% hoax!

          • sorry;)(job) (boston)..

  31. He is still out there raping and molesting children. He has the greatest “fans”…

    • One thing I am going to say to all who really think that Michael Jackson is a person that could ever hurt a child think again. I know that Michael never touched any child , the parents of the children that said they were touched by Michael were paid by the ones that wanted to ruin him. Like sony , Illuminati and Italian mafia. What a better way than to smear an innocent person for something they didn’t do. Get the Whole world to think that this man is guilty. But I have evidence to that he didn’t do anything to these children. and the ones that keep saying this go away until you get the facts. Then come on line and tell what you know. And can prove. But until then keep your comments to yourself.

      • While I agree with most of your comment, I do question whether the Italian mafia would be one to hurt or help Michael. Michael was interested in the life of Al Capone ( Italian Mafia) and also sought the help of Anthony Pellicano in 1993 who also is said to have high connections to the Italian Mafia.

      • sorry lisa in hollywood is almost everybody a pedophile….it’s in their blood,michael was jused as child and michael does/did the same thing…evolution…hollywood is EVIL!quincy jones,clive davis,steven spielberg etc…are very evil people!!!

  32. I have been trying to figure out if Michael was dead or not and now you tell me that he’s still alive. No dead popstar would make another album.

  33. so, you know where Michael Jackson is? truthfully?

    • Lisa Kemp is who that was meant for..

    • he’s working to make another CHILD’S PLAY MOVIE ………….;)

    • playing a role in his own “thriller”video as a zombie…this for real…;)

  34. Jackson is alive cause on the day of his “funeral” he disguised as his friend Larry King and was on tv

    • Was it Larry or Dave Dave?

      • it was….E.T;)

  35. Yes he is alive i believe so, the photo is fake, plus james bond died they showed you his face in the coffin, so what happen to Mj why we couldnt see his face also in the morgue or in the service, they did not even open the casket for people to see him. Open your eyes people.

  36. MJ is alive, I’ve been doing research for a while. Do your own research if you want to find out. But I strongly doubt he’ll come back. Cause the illuminati will be trying to kill him. Te only thing Im scared of is if this whole “Michael Jackson is alive” thing would get to the media, and if the media finds out they’ll search for him and kill him! If only the whole world would know about the illuminati, that way we could could all get together and take down the illuminati.
    -I love you MJ

    • thanx xxx m.j

  37. Could the author of this article kindly give an example of what you would call an “appropriate” response from a grieving family. It seems you flip-flop around. When the family shows their grieving, you call it fake and when they don’t, you say its an obvious fake. Make up your mind. When someone’s close family dies, there is always mixed emotions that are displayed, ranging from tears to disbelief to support for others. Have some respect !!!

    • The end!!! The man is dead!!!! You people and your propaganda are frickin nuts!!!!

      • not true terrie….i’m still alive and kicking my friend….greetings m.j

      • you know….Ï’M BAD”….m.j


      • my new me is JOAN RIVERS…m.j


        • to all my fans….one day i come back….as….E.T..;)

          • You fake stop your hurting Michael and his family MJ can spell better than you. Grow up please >:(

          • marsha,the jackson family are allllll illuminati-satanic-evil puppets.joe jackson=satan!and the kids paris,blanket etc..are adopted(LOOK AT THEM!)and if he’s alive.he’s fooling every fan,person in this world.IS THAT O.K?YOU THINK?FOOLING PEOPLE WITH GRIEVE,TEARS,LOST,DEATH?ARE YOU KIDDING ME?m.j was/is a pedophile-satanic-illuminati demon!the jackson”s five all got fucked by quincy jones and joe jackson!and m.j,jj,en the rest of the jackson 5 did the same thing to other children!!HOLLYWOOD=A SATANIC PEDOPHILE-ALEISTER CROWLEY-666-ILLUMINATI SATAN SICK WORLD!!!!LOOK AT JAY-Z.KAYNE WEST,MILEY CYRUS,KESHA,KATIE PERRY.RHIANNA,BRUNO MARS,DR DRE,BEYONC,LADY BLA BLA-LOOK AT THE VMA’S SHOWS 2013/2014-LOOK AT THE ILLUMINATI-SIGNS-SATANIC-SYMBOLS ETC….WAKE UP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “i always feel like somebody ‘s watching me”…..;)m.j

      • I cannot believe people on here imitating michael.. I believe he is alive and well for sure.. I am one of his many fans..he is the reason I sing today! I only wish he would come back! If he happens to see this, which I doubt hi Michael from Ontario, Canada much love! Tracy xx

        • so tracy you are fan of a liar,scumbag,fraud!because if you thinks he’s alive,don’t you think one sec ,o wait a minute all those people,fans etc…are grieving,have pain in there heart,mis m.j etc…and he’s faking his dead??!!??tracy are you so dumb?you are FAN of a liar,scumbag,fraud,you say you think he is alive…so m.j and the jackson family are liars,frauds etc…and you still love them??are you so dumb?

          • YOU’RE BEYOND PATHETIC if you think that michael should jeopardize his life and the lives of his children to please assholes like you. so what if he did fake his death he did what he needed to do for himself and his family tell us idiot what can you do to stop the elites? tell us what your plan will stop the elites from killing you and your kids? not to mention anyone associated with you. seeing as the best you can do is sit up here cursing about it all my bet 100 to 1 is NOT SHIT. the minute someone held a gun to your head you will run crying and spill any and all secrets. so get off your bullshit and move on with your life. MICHAEL DOESNT OWE ANY ONE OF US ANYTHING. he gave us his love thru his music freely he never said he would give his life. the same we know you wouldnt give yours YOU’RE A COWARD

          • Hi Robin well said Hun! Unfortunately some people out there have nothing better to do than attack Michael and his fans and they could never have empathy or compassion for Michael’s situation because they are ignorant and selfish!
            Michael did what he needed to do, to protect his kids and himself IMO and listening to the tapes by Rabbi Schmuley leaves me in no doubt Michael was very afraid.
            I wish the morons on here would a) learn to spell ;)
            and b) if they haven’t anything intelligent to add here then piss off x

          • mrs jackson,seven deadly sins talks more truth than you,if you attack a person of spelling mistakes,while this person is not from the usa or u.k.than you are very evil and don’t see the truth!

        • BEAT IT! OE!

          • Oooh Seven Deadly Sins has used her seven deadly brain cells :)
            I stopped reading your drivel because I was bored out of my mind!!!!

            My dear, I would love you to show me where I was immature??!! I have merely responded to posts on here and I’m up for a good discussion!

            Michael was afraid for his life who could blame him for wanting to get away. I don’t know why any fan would be so against Michael faking his death if it helped him not be murdered like his lawyer?! Surely
            Michael being alive and well is the best thing any fan could want? There are so many clues to back up what I believe, like why was the ambulance that arrived at UCLA different to the one that left Michael’s home? Because there was a switch that’s why!!

            If you have nothing nice to say, shut up or at least offer a decent argument!

          • mrs jackson,in my comments i’m telling he is still alive!just saying that m.j is part of the illuminati devilwhoreship,brainwash,evil hollywood circle!did you look at the newest vma’s?everything is satanic,mindcontrol,aleister crowlet brainwash…look please on the black child channel on you tube!watch all his video’s and maybe you understand where i’m coming from..by the way oprah winfrey is also a evil,dirty satanist,illuminati BITCH!michael jackson is still alive,but the reason is he needed money,was tired of the fame,etc..and guess what the children are NOT his children..they are all adopted(LOOK AT THEM!!)and he does like disney soooo much:look on you tubew:disney hidden illuminati signs,disney hidden sex symbols etc..michael jackson did maybe earlier died,in his career……he has, double gangers (all the facelifting,the skin,etc….)MICHAEL JACKSON DID DIED WHEN HE WAS IN HIS 20′s(just like the real paul mc cartney!!)look on you tube:stackpot channel!!happy now,mrs jackson?micheal jackson is FAKE!!(the cops protecting story from you ,is the dumbest story i have ever read!!90% of the cops in america are.liars,illuminati puppets,corrupt,freemasons,new world order puppets!!)sandy hook hoax,boston hoax,the houston shooting hoax,the santa barbara shooting hoax,9-11 HOAX!!,the batman shooting,the lax shooting hoax,etc..etc,…ALL THE COPS ARE CORRUPT,LIARS!!do you really think they would michael jackson from the illuminati?IF THEY ARE SELF FROM THE ILLUMINATI?dumbass!!!!go educate yourself mrs jackson..PLEASE!!!

          • witness protection fbi?hahahahahgahahahahahalolhaha what a joke!thanks mrs jackson you make me laughing…witness protection fbi..hahahahahihiuhaha

          • Robin Williams is not alive, but michael is………..

          • Hi Rachel I’m so glad you joined the discussion because you seem to have your head screwed on :) and and up for swapping thoughts ideas etc?
            Seven Deadly Sins is doing my head in, truly!! She acts/sounds like she is a teen hitting puberty with no real clue how the death hoax works and seems conveniently blind to all the clues!
            Won’t listen to reason sadly so I give up trying!
            Robin Williams alive? I wish!!

          • Ok little miss know it all- I’m wrong and you’re right :) is that what you wanna hear??
            Of course it’s possible Michael is in Witness Protection~ his lawyer took a bullet to the head which part of that do you not get? Of course Michael didn’t make up the story because it sounded good -he was terrified he was gonna be next!
            If you really are a MJ fan why can’t you be happy he’s alive and well? Why are you so hostile?
            Michael would never intentionally hurt his fans but he had to think about his kids and family. Escaping and faking his death was the only way he could find peace.

            What the hell you on about Robin Williams is alive? OMG!! I can give you clues about Michael’s hoax but I bet you can’t give one clue that Robin Williams is alive!
            Just be happy Michael is safe and well.

          • michael jackson told the story he was affraid of his life,because that is a good story to back the story up!don’t you see that,mrs jackson?you as a michael jackson “detective”..give me a ……..break!”this is it”-what more do you need!brainwashed,mindcontrol SHEEP!michael jackson is a illuminati,satanic puppet ,just like alllll the hollywoodstars…jay-z,katy perry,kayne west(killed his mother for fame etc…)andre 3000(idem dito),bruno mars(idem dito),JENIFFER HUDSON(her hole family)ALL BLOODSACRIFICES!!!,miley cyrus etc..etc…look on you tube: satan’s son part 1 t/m 7(whitney houston)

          • YOU TUBE:high priest-YOU TUBE:200.0000 ssacrifice club.YOU TUBE:hollywood illuminati-YOU TUBE:gay rappers.YOU TUBE:hollywood pedophilia.YOU TUBE:cathy o’brien

          • rachel michael jackson and robin williams are alive….why is robin williams dead and m.j not?rachel,please do a little bit of research on robin williams,he is still alive…and look at the other links about,the 200.0000 sacrifice club,satan’s son part 1 t/m 7 etc…hollywood is a dirty,rotten,sick,evil,mindcontrol,satanic CULT!only wa\nt to help,to let people see the real HOLLYWOOD.

          • NOT 1 clue about robin williams?are you fucking kidding me?mrs braindead jacko wacko jackson….look on google and you tube video’s ROBIN WILLIAMS HOAX AND ROBIN WILLIAMS FAKE DEATH AND ROBIN WILLIAMS ILLUMINATI AND ROBIN WILLIAMS FAMILY GUY!!!DID YOU NOT THINK FOR 1 SEC IN YOUR DUMBASS BRAIN FOR LOOK AT THESE LINKS FOR YOURSELF?”DETECTIVE”AKA BRAINDEAD SHEEP!!(there are sooooooooo many proof,video’s,etc…abouth the robin williams death!!even on the nodisinfo channel!!)

          • Lol “so many proof”?? Did you not go to school? What kind of English is that? And you call me dumbass lmao :p


          • michael jackson is GAY

          • You’re an idiot!! Grow the fuck up!! How old are you?? 12? Actually no you can’t be, most 12 year olds can spell!

            Obviously you are too childish to bring a thought provoking conversation -you think calling MJ gay will get you respect? I will now ignore your immature posts!!

            Shouldn’t you be in bed now?? :)

          • and JOE JACKSON is a child molester and a satanic evil scumbag,and sold his kids out and let them fucked in the ass,when they were kids!!for money,fame…..and fuck the wife of joe jackson also EVIL DIRTY WITCH,WHO SOLD THEIR KIDS OUT AND LET THEM ABUSED THEM!!!

          • mrs wacko dumb jackson,my spelling mistakes?i am not from the usa or u.k!you don’t answer the questions,because you know you are to dumb to answer them!MICHEAL JACKSON IS GAY,THE KIDS ARE ADOPTED,HE’S STILL ALIVE,THE ILLUMINATI ARE NOT AFTER HIM,HEW IS ONE OF THE ILLUMINATI,HE NEEDED MONEY THAT’S WHY HE FAKED HIS DEATH-(this is it)ROBIN WILLIAMS IS STILL ALIVE!,JOE JACKSON SOLD HIS WHOLE FAMILY.KIDS OUT TO SICK,CHILDMOLESTERS HOLLYWOOD,AND YOU ARE A DUMB CUNT!!AND I’M NOT A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL!!did you already look at ALL my links about sick,mean,illuminati,pedophile hollywood,satanist links and robin williams?guess not?because liars and dumb people like you don’t wanne see the truth-BRAINWASH,MINDCONTROL SHEEP!!!

          • YOU ignore me mrs wacko jackson because you CAN’T stand the TRUTH!!i am not a 12 year old girl,and my spelling mistakes that don’t matter a single bit,of what i’m telling YOU!!(i am not from the usa or u.k!)COWARD!!!that you are mrs wacko jacko!!the dumbest person on the planet!!WITNESS PROTECTION MICHAEL JACKSON F.B.I FOR THE ILLUMINATI?hahahahaHAHAHAHSAHAHAHAHAH how dumb can you be!!!look AT MRS “detective”JACKSON!!

          • Your immature comments bore me……YAWN!!!!
            Yeah right I’m the dumbass (at least I can spell past 3rd grade level) I don’t care where you’re from buy a dictionary idiot!

            Robin Williams alive- OMG I wish!!!

          • seven deadly sins,you woke me up!you are telling some good shit!and robin williams is still alive.and m.j is a illuminati cash cow!and you mrs jackson are full of shit!

          • Heather why am I full of shit?

  38. i only know of the king of pop mjj faking his death his wife mrs. queen tonya jackson if his mom did prove he faked his death that is good

    • man yall playing like the king of pop and his fam they got other things to do then be on here yall r special. man get your life right with God and let the deceased r.i.p. no need playing with death

    • so you say that it is good to fool people that he’s dead,while he is alive??!!??it’s the same if somebody says he got cancer ,and crying,telling everybody that and then you find out he was lying a fraud that he has not cancer….or not?if m.j is alive he is a fraud,liar to fool people with grief,pain etc…!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP M.J STILL ALIVE BELIEVERS!O.K HE IS ALIVE BUT YOU MUST HATE HIM,TO FOOL YOU AND TO FRAUD YOU WITH YOUR PAIN,GRIEF FOR 5!!!YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

      • I would never hate him for doing what he had to do to save his life!!!!

        • do you know him?maybe he wasn’t such a good person?and needed money for his debts?

          • I know he is a good person thru his work, no I dont know him, I never met him, neither did you, so stop saying stuff that is BS seven deadly sins…….

          • every single word i say is true rachel,i know the truth hurts,but please understand that hollyood,music industry is a satanic evil cult!look please for your own good,on the blackchild channel you tube(look all his video’s)also the new one the satanic,brainwash vma show 2014 and 2013 etc…and what do you think about jeniffer hudson,kayne west,andre 3000,bruno mars,jay-z,miley cyrus,beyonce,katy perry,?

          • even if you or i did meet michael jackson,what would that say?we couldn’t tell if he is a good or bad,or illuminati puppet,a liar,a honest person….just telling rachel.there are people who did have meet oprah winfrey…so what?oprah winfrey is a liar,satanist,mindcontrol people all over the world,do you know the 100% sandy hook hoax?oprah telling it is true!!soo she is a liar!TRUST NOBODY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT world,they alllll brainwash you!just telling……


    • All caps?

    • I do believe that Michael is indeed in a Witness Protection programme I doubt that an FBI agent would comment on a MJ and talk about something so confidential!
      Also my 10 year old has better grammar than the so called FBI agent :p
      It’s a shame your comment had so much bull because so much of it I agree with(ie the Jackson’s 15 mins of fame etc), but you lost all credibility with your BS FBI crap~ no wonder folk criticize beLIEvers with people like you about making us look dumb!!!

      • mrs jackson,why this name?there are billions of names you can choose,why?if you want that people take your comments serious why this name?you never ever going to see,hear anything from michael jackson anymore .alive or dead,do you really think he pops up?he faked his death for money,and rest in his life.on the other hand he is a liar,fraud and fooling everybody with grief,pain etc..i love his music,but now i’m getting older and understand the satanic,evil,dirty mindcontrol illuminati sick hollywood world i say FUCK MICHAEL JACKSON AND HOLLYWOOD,THEY ARE A EVIL SICK CULT!!

        • Actually it’s none of your fucking business why I chose that name you moron!!
          Grow the fuck up and at least come back with something intelligent to add here, or can your tiny brain not manage a simple task like that:)

          • sorry miss jackson….I AM FOR REAL………..

          • who is the moron?illuminati,satanic,fake his death,liar,did it for money,people grief and are in pain thinking he is dead,he sold millions of c.d’s,movies out of his fake dead…or not?YOU ARE THE MORON!i’m sorry mrs jackson….i am for real!!you are stupdid,dumb,don’t see the whole picture…….FOOL!

          • grow the fuck up?you grow the fuck up!michael jackson is a liar!!and he lies also to you!!MORON!!

          • BEAT IT!

        • mrs jackson,my comment is much more realistic and TRUE than your dumb,childish,stupid,braindead,mindcontrol,illuminati brainwash,hypocrite foolish comments!!!every word is true what i am saying,if you don’t understand it don’t blame me!!blame yourself!!!!braindead sheep!!!

      • YOU let yourself LOOK dumb!!!moron,grow up!!!

    • hi Mrs, Jackson, I agree with you, WHY would an FBI agent be commenting on here? I DID read a comment on TMZ in 2012 that said he is in the witness protection program but the person didnt say what their name was, saying that their safety would be at risk…….heather why would all the jacksons be against michael? certainly not his mother, she wouldnt be against him ever!!!! heather, tell me this why would he be performing in concert again? I was told by someone that NO he will NOT be performing in concert again, he did want to comeback but the plan was changed….Mrs Jackson, there are ways to check ppl out online, I bet you this heather person is a fake………I really wish ppl wouldnt do things like this, bc some of us believers are sane ppl with logical minds……..


        • Mrs Jackson-Jermaine is the 1 to watch, he still speaks about michael in present tense, I think he knows whats going on……..ignore the haters, I’ve talked to ppl online, michael was in danger, its been written about in forums, and I think you are correct, he is being protected………I’m happy for him, bc that means he can feel safe, god knows he faced so much crap from media and others……..a true fan would wish him a happy birthday as well………thank you for defending him, he needs us……….

    • Wow Heather……….I’m speechless lol, you are so delusional :)

  40. Lets not forget…he is the king of pop…his ex father in law was the king of rock Elvis Presley….is it not a viable belief that MJ having that connection could have easily set up his own fake death…after all…Elvis has been speculated alive all these years..

    • speculated is not facts,some people believe in bigfoot,others in michelle obama is a man,others in joan rivers is a man,some people saying the music industrie is a satanic cult,some people say the rapworld is 80% gay,some people say anderson cooper is a liar,some people say the music and movie industry brainwashing people,kids with ultra mindcontrol,satanic,illuminati things,some people say everybody in hollywood are puppets to bring the evil,satanic spell to the peple,kids,some people say wil smith is gay,and tom cruise,john travolta etc..FUCK HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!

    • let’s not forget he’s THE KING OF HOAX,LIES,FRAUD,ILLUMINATI,SCAMS!!!just be honest!

      • OMG Heather first off, I actually was agreeing about Michael and the FBI!!

        Second, Seven Deadly Sins is a MJ hater and when she stops being an immature little moron who can put up a decent discussion well then I might credit her with more than 3 brain cells!! Language barrier or not- saying Michael is gay is beyond pathetic don’t you think???

        Third, so Heather………I’m full of shit,LMAO- you, the secret FBI agent :) who has the brass neck to say I’m full of shit and do you actually think that the good people on here (excluding S.D.S.) believe you’re really an FBI agent spilling the beans on Michael, then my dear it is YOU, not I, who is full of shit!!

        • you are sooooooooooooo stupid mrs wacko jackson i am not heather.billinger!

  41. love you mj.i’ll be very happy if you are alive

  42. Hey Lauren
    I would really like to add you on FB. I too am a beLIEver and we could swap thoughts, ideas etc!
    I looked for you on FB but there are a good few Lauren Rangers. My name is Sharon Hayes (profile pic a beautiful lil girl standing by a fireplace) if that helps you find me!
    I haven’t read any Autobiography but I have placed an order for the MJ Tapes by Rabbi Shmuley………where Michael talks about how he was afraid for his life and that he’d found somewhere to escape to. I grieved for Michael then came across ‘the body sifting up in helicopter’ , since then I’ve been dedicated to finding the truth.

    It’s all for L.O.V.E. xx

    • maybe he is with whitney houston and robin williams in heaven,and robin williams is peter pan,and they playing foolish games and singing and dancing.(r.i.p m.j,w.h,r.w)

      • betsy….robin williams is still alive…he is also a liar

      • naked?

  43. Hi Rachel, I agree with you 1000%, it pisses me off when I’m attacked for trying to have a decent discussion on here. People calling Michael gay is beyond ignorant- they have no brains!
    I always thought Jermaine knew exactly where Michael was/is, I honestly think they all know something but especially Jermaine? Did you see him on YouTube when the 2005 trial was on saying that he had a plane waiting to whisk Michael away if found guilty?
    That was very interesting:)
    Thanks for your kind comment Rachel xx

    • michael jackson is gay,look at him,everything is gay about him.did you already look at the very good links on you tube,that seven deadly sins did give,about illuminati hollywood,kayne west,andre 3000,bruno mars,jeniffer hudson,etc…?and the kids are adopted?joe jackson?mrs jackson knew about the childabuse(michael jackson told the world he was abused as a kid!)remember?mrs jackson?and i am not heather billinger,i am just HEATHER!you are full of shit,lies,mrs jackson!did you look already at the video’s,proof that robin williams is alive?YOU are the one,who don’t respond!!because you can’t handle thr truth!!mrs wacko dumbo jackshit jackson,give joe jackson a blowjob,you can taste michael jackson his little dick!

      • and his ASS!

      • robin williams is alive,michael jackson is alive and they are both GAY and LIARS and ILLUMINATI puppets and maybe they are fucking each other now!

      • who’s BAD!

      • OMG just when I thought SDS was an immature brat you go and top it (to beat that level of stupidity takes some doing ) so very well done!

        • you tube:michael jackson gay says scott thorson liberace’s boyfriend-behind the candelabra.you tube;michael jackson was a satanist and a illuminati puppet part 1 t/m 4.you tube:satanic secret of celebrities.thanks heather,for telling the truth.mrs jackson why don’t respons of all of my links i did give you?a couple of days ago,about robin williams,michael jackson,bruno mars,kayne west,andre 3000,illuminati hollywood,satanic hollywood…………?the only thing you do,is NOT answer the questions!!WHY?you are the “detective”

        • you are the one with stupidity,the level is realistic,remember michael jackson told the world about the abuse by his father joe jackson?or is you IDOL michael jackson a liar?is that what you are telling?everybody knows in the world,that michael jackson was abused by joe jackson and mrs jackson knew about it,and did NOTHING!!what a fine,great,lovely parents they are,don’t you think soo?mrs jackson?

        • true or not?

        • truth matters,lies don’t!!soo you support childabuse?mrs jackson?your idol michael jackson was abused by joe jackson and the rest of sick hollywood!!AND YOU SUPPORT THAT?you are a sick person,mrs jackson!!

          • **** off loopy loo- go smoke something…..oh hang on, you already have!! Pot sizzles the brain, but you must already know that lol :)

          • mrs jackson,is it a problem,for you if michael is gay?because he is!that’s not a secret.and yes joe abused him,jou know that.he told the whole world!i looked al your comments and you never once answer the questions,that seven deadly sins talked about.why?

          • are you a 12 year old girl,mrs jackson?they all very good questions,and very good things too talk about.why you don’t answer 1 single question?hurts the truth?

        • who’s stupid now?

        • everything i told you is true!!what you say is bullshit and lies,and you support childabuse!!evil witch!!

        • immature?YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS IMMATURE!!AND A LIAR,SICK PERSON!!mrs wacko knows jackshit jackson

        • do your research,”detective”dumbo!!

        • sorry mrs jackson…….I AM FOR REAL!!(and you are NOT!!)liar,childabuse supporter,dumbo!!

        • WHO’S BAD?…..YOU ARE!!!

        • you are the stupid one and the immature one,and a coward!

  44. i still love michael jackson,but i always knew,felt he is gay and still is.

    • thanks seven deadly sins your answer the good real questions.and you piss mrs jackson off ,soo there must be truth in your comments,if she don’t answer the questions.greetings from me you seven deadly sins.

  45. thanks for the good links!a real eyeopener,i must say.

  46. only god forgives!

  47. people it’s true i am gay(i was bi sexual,now i am 100% gay and i love it)i’m free now,sorry for telling lies all those years,please forgive.xxx m.j

  48. and please don’t use my mother’s name!!!mrs jackson!!

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