Sandy Hook — 02 April 2013
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More Hard Proof of Actors (not victims) at Sandy Hook

In the continuous attempt to prove a lie one arena which is easy to prove is the issue of the actors (and actresses but for this purpose the word ‘actor’ will be used). Would the crisis actor guilds and the unions for actors be willing to insure their people if they were on-site of a real massacre with an enraged and unpredictable gunman? Would the powerful media put its top people there in advance knowing that they, too, could be the victims of the madman? Rather, it only make sense that if there were actors there, and there were by the dozens, if not hundreds, then, simultaneously, there would not be a massacre.

Thanks to a poster these highly detailed pictures have become available. Never photoshopped, they truly are real showing all the details and the natural shadowing as would be expected from actual unaltered photographs.

Moreover, rather than speculation this actual hard proof provided by the networks and their photographers themselves, real evidence of actors playing a role, along with their collaborators.

Three main culprits are confirmed in this post, along with their numerous handlers. Here, in the Newtown High School sweatshirt is arch-liar Megrim Bajraliu, who was the key fraudster who made the claim of bloodied children. Note how he is surrounded not only by the reporter but also by another highly serious individual with the sunglasses: an obvious operative of some sort.


Next, is the interview with Mergim’s sister, or at least that is how she is portrayed, Vanesa. While she is not yet in frame, the interviewer is, the seemingly ever-present CNN reporter Susan Candiotti. It is Candiotti who participated in countless fraudulent interviews, urging the interviewees to perpetrate fraud, urging them to represent false emotions.


Then, there are the McDonnells, if that is their real last name, Lynn and Chris. They are the ones with the fake child who doesn’t exist, that at least as their child, named Grace McDonnell. The pictures of Grace McDonnell are all corrupt, as has been repeatedly demonstrated on this site. Here is Mrs. McDonnell exiting the staging center, that is the firehouse, not with her husband this time but instead with a most incredible cohort, an actual TV producer or assistant producer. That is the same one photographed elsewhere coaching the McDonnells in various fake grieving scenes. Note the placement of the water bottle in her left pocket. Note also the color of the van, a kind of  silvery-grey.


It’s in and out for these fakes. Now, the McDonnells can be seen from the back side, with this time Mr. McDonnell in tow. That every-present tax-payer paid prop the bottle of water, is there, the same kind toted in pocket by Donna Soto and others, the same bottles of water as found on the pallet in the firehouse. Note, too, the already revealed TV producer or assistant producer in the brown down coat, who, once again, doubles as an actor, all for public consumption. She is ACTING as if she is forlorn, sad. It’s a fraud.

The fact that this individual is an actor has been repeatedly proven in this site, where she at a prior time was coaching and monitoring the McDonnells as the feigned great acts of grief.
Additional fraudsters can be determined in embedded, known state employees such as the State Police and also the Governor himself. Here they are in preparation for their nationally televised press conference. Let there be no doubt about it all such individuals know full well that the shooting was a fake and that there was no gunman anywhere to be found.

Here is a close-up of the same group of fraudsters, a good shot of the arch-falsifier Malloy. No worries, hush money is on the way – the Obama White House greatly infused the Governor’s empty coffers for his participation. Malloy knows it’s a scam? Can he live with himself as one of the greatest fraudsters of history?

Moreover, who is this individual in the front of the image, clipboard in hand? What State Trooper needs such a prop? That long face looks highly familiar. Let’s have a closer look:


Could it be him, the infamous Richard Sexton himself, brother of Jeffry Katzenberg of the Dreamworks fame? For certain, this individual is merely another prop on a movie-style scene. Thus, he is deemed Richard Sexton until proven otherwise. There are other pictures of him elsewhere, with the same kind of frown. Notice the fat lower lip, his trademark. The resolution is poor on the left photo; yet, he was on site and thus it should be investigated: nothing confirmed, here.


Every cohort of Malloy is involved, including his Chief of Staff and Lt. Governor. Regarding the Governor, he sold out his soul long ago.

The government is powerful. So,it can spread enormous lies unopposed. No one in the hierarchy will seek or spread the truth, instead only spreading and perpetrating falsehood.  Now comes fabricator and arch-Zionist Nancy Wyman:

This is all a fake. It amounts to bribe: hush money. Malloy & Co. know the hoax has been uncovered and thus they seek to prevent the emergency of any whistle blowers:


Here is another categorical actor, Donna Soto herself, also toting the pocketed water, also on the edges of the firehouse entrance:


This is major proof against the Soto clan, that is regarding their claim of being grieving relatives of the supposedly deceased Victoria Soto. That makes no sense, when seeing that she was merely another actor on hire.

It’s just as fake as it can be imagined, what you see is real. No blood spilled on that ominous day, other than the blood, sweat, and tears of all who seek to establish the truth: at any cost, even the risking of their own lives.

Donna Soto, Lynn McDonnell, Chris McDonnell, and Megrim Bajraliu are hereby announced as fraudsters, hucksters, and falsifiers as collaborators in the Sandy Hook scam, along with their handlers, the producers, reporters, and other operatives from the Zionist-controlled media.


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  1. The water bottles carried in hand or pockets indicate actors in drills as the instructions, etc. written for said DHS/FEMA Drill actors says that “…potable water…will be provided” and is in the form of bottled water as shown on pallets in various photos at the firehouse.
    BTW, I’m wondering how many kids can be stuffed into the firehouse? None are seen around it even tho all ~670 of them were supposedly evacauated into the firehouse (~670 children in the firehouse-? !). Here is a great utube showing how the badges are color coded and how many of these “parents’, etc. are actually badge-carrying actors:

    How could this “Sandy Hook Massacre” not have been a ‘drill’/ACT with all these crisis actors
    wearing their color-coded badges on scene? No gunshots!No one shot!

  2. I agree with Dr. K and Dave. Actors indeed are they.

  3. Thank you for more HARD EVIDENCE of CT GOVERNOR DAN MOLLOY’s complicity in the draconian subversion of the SECOND AMENDMENT, and the possible MURDERS of ADAM and NANCY LANZA.

    We have the PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE (and much more) to file CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against the many perpetrators for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, TITLE 42, RICO, and CONSTITUTIONAL CLAIMS.

    Obviously we will have to fund these legal actions. Therefore, we have asked the folks at to MONITOR your donations made via , payable to, and/or to Agent William Stoller, 14 Berrylane Court, Fairfield, CT 06825, phone (203) 382-1350 .

    Your donations will be FULLY PROTECTED and ACCOUNTED FOR by and .

    Ultimately we expect to see this thug politico doing LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE in FEDERAL PRISON or GUANTANAMO BAY.

    Here’s today’s press release going WORLDWIDE:

    CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at

    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    these issues in upcoming presentations at

    Worldwide Release April 3, 2013

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    UPDATE: After taking BRIBES and other perks from Obama and the Feds, Connecticut’s corrupt “Governor” DAN MOLLOY – a ZIONIST / NEW WORLD ORDER LACKEY – is preparing to sign the most oppressive and illegal GUN GRAB LEGISLATION in AMERICA.


    CT’s draconian gun laws were hastily proposed after the ZIONIST-PERPETRATED SANDY HOOK SCAM occurred. ADAM and NANCY LANZA may have been MURDERED in NEW HAMPSHIRE on December 13, 2012, as implied by the official UNALTERED death records. See and for details.

    CT America will NAME THE MANY SUSPECTS in the SANDY HOOK MURDER SCAM, and will detail their HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA and HUMANITY on the CT America Global Discussion Forum – Saturday, April 6, 2013, at 1 pm EASTERN.

    The CTA Global Discussion Forum is at .

    Episode Information
    CTAmerica’s Community Call

    Hosted by: CTAmerica

    Title: SANDY HOOK SCAM: Prosecuting, Suing, and Jailing the Zionist Perpetrators

    Time: 04/06/2013 01:00 PM EDT

    Episode Notes: CT America will discuss the irrefutable evidence against the Zionist thugs who perpetrated the Sandy Hook scam, which may be the murders of ADAM and NANCY LANZA. CTA will name suspects, discuss the pretrial investigations and research, and instruct the audience on how to file complaints and requests for investigations with CT, federal, and international officials. has exposed the SANDY HOOK, AURORA, and 9/11 CIA / MOSSAD false flag murders. is TEARING THE SANDY HOOK CHARADE TO SHREDS, with more and more CREDIBLE EVIDENCE posted regularly.

    NOTE: Regarding its fraudulent misrepresentations and cover up of the SANDY HOOK murders of ADAM and NANCY LANZA, the Zionist / Hearst controlled ragsheet The Connecticut Post ( will ultimately be SUED and BANKRUPTED in claims for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, TITLE 42, and CONSTITUTIONAL CAUSES OF ACTION in the MULTI-BILLIONS of DOLLARS.


    We are preparing federal and state CIVL and CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS against these lowlives.

    To The Chase:

    Connecticut’s ZIONIST / ISRAELI MOSSAD CONTROLLED GUN-GRABBERS don’t stand a chance at REPEALING THE SECOND AMENDMENT, so they’ve resorted to subversive and unconstitutional tactics to ILLEGALLY CONFISCATE LAWFULLY-OWNED FIREARMS.

    In the case below, the suspect was/is a lawful gun owner with a CT permit, who DID NOT BRANDISH or USE A FIREARM during a minor altercation at a Fairfield, CT McDonalds Restaurant. The alleged misdemeanor crime of BREACH OF PEACE was not gun-related.

    The suspect was charged and released. However, the cowardly FAIRFIELD, CT punk “cops” showed up later at the man’s house and ILLEGALLY CONFISCATED HIS LAWFULLY-POSSESSED FIREARM.

    We expect to see this FAIRFIELD CT GUN GRAB CHALLENGED as an egregious SECOND AMENDMENT VIOLATION by COPS who are complicit in the SANDY HOOK SCAM and COVER-UP that’s now FULLY EXPOSED at .

    Here’s the caption re: the FAIRFIELD, CT’s illegal gun and permit confiscation:

    Man Arrested After Throwing Dinner at McDonald’s Worker
    Police said Geoffrey Weglarz, of Fairfield, was upset about how his sandwich was made.

    Brad DeShane, for CT America and CT Global

  4. A couple things should be noted here, the man trailing the McDonnell’s, in the black leather coat is RIchard Sexton, brother of Dreamworks Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, seen french kissing Ann Marquez Greene (Sandy Hook Victim) in the elements of a crime photo album given to the government over the internet via a Jennifer SEXTON / GREENBERG album. It is important to note: Richard Sexton appears in numerous pictures in the SANDY HOOK debacle and is the forth picture up from the bottom in this article. This important co-conspirator / producer and brother of Dreamworks Sandy Hook debacle Executive Producer, Jeffrey Katzenberg is alarmingly being overlooked here… Surely must be a learning curve oversight… to see the picture below that MacDonnall shot, of a bald CO-conspiring NAZI-HOOK enforcement officer, who appears to be subliminally explaining away the importance of RICHARD SEXTON behind them in the shot above, as being perhaps the same officer in the blow shot, who was assigned to the MacDonnell’s. The order of those pics, can look suspicious considering your learning curve has not yet closed in on the Katzenberg / Dreamworks connection to the Sextons… Moreover Wikipedia reveals Katzenberg history is a lie also hiding his name change and the amount of brother and sisters he had. I look forward to your investigation of these facts. Peace through prosecution… U-TUbe Movies:


    At the Rockefeller Indictment below,


    I started receiving nasty threats like this one… “Do you have a propensity for breathing out of straws!” These threats are in fact family members enraged by these indictments. Please support my indictments at U- tube by liking, subscribing and commenting on all of these shills remarks to let these ZIONIST NAZI’s know were are in-fact a movement to be reckoned with.

    Thank you,

    Gregory Bradford

    An artist who was blacklisted and thrust above the learning curve after having my estate stolen by these GAY ZIONIST’s and a political actor in their stables, LA County, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky who denied his oath of office in the furtherance of a tax default intrusion scheme, designed to steal my stage and Amphitheater in Topanga Canyon, California.
    May they hang for their Treasonous lies and the victims of the HOLOCAUST be remunerated, along with me as our Constitution demands!

    My research reveals we have been duped into believing JEWS were murdered in the Holocaust, when it was actually, sleeping German’s, much like we Americans are today. Wake up America! Our vote means noting until we pack the HALLS of crooked of mayors and supervisors across America, demanding they sign on to our declaration and indictment of these terrorist and place them behind bars before another Zionist NAZI lie is recorded in our history books in an effort to brain wash our kids! It past time to kick them out of our government / Media. Anyone that stand in the way of this prosecution should be unquestionably hung! There is no denying the overwhelming evidence! This is school, fire and government services fraud, on top of that, they want to tear down SANDY and build a new school giving a contract to one of their corrupt family contractors. KEEP these psychopaths away for our kids! Pull your kids out of their tax paid schools! It is extortion fraud and brainwashing, if we do not have freedom of the press and truth being written in school books!

    We need 76 good women and men from each City and County across the state to put these corrupt Agenda 21 / ICLEI treason officials on notice… Let’s get busy knocking down their house of cards from the bottom like they did to the twin towers on 9/11!

    • Yes, you are right on. We are working on the fake Phelps-Sexton-Katzenberg fraudster post as you speak. Thank you for pointing out Sexton. You are right, he was donning fake police jackets and acting in apparently numerous scenes. You have our support.

    • Can you provide the link to the photo of Sexton and Greene together? Thanks

  5. This is the same photographer. He has a few albums on this demotix site, including more of Molloy and his minions being “briefed”. The thing that is interesting about his photos is that you can see licence plate numbers in a lot of his shots. These were Photoshopped in many of the lamestream media images so that they were not legible. If someone had access to the police network, they could track who these vehicles belong to.

  6. Within the short span of time, that the “massacre” took place, how would it possible to provide FEMA style props, i.e. bottled water, badges and the like? Why would any parent be thinking of quenching their physical thirst when the question still remains if their child is alive or not? This thirst is one above any physical desire and is not felt under such traumatizing situations. The physical needs become secondary and any psychologist would tell us as much.

    I, nor my daughter-in-law, had a need to eat or drink after experiencing such trauma. I did not eat or drink for six hours after being told my son was gone. I screamed, I sobbed, I ranted and raved of the injustice of outliving my son. I cried with my son, Nick’s brother. We held each other on the floor of the bathroom that I had wrecked in my rage and grief. We did not move for an hour or more. We could not move…our legs would not support such pain.
    After many hours of insane grief I was forced to meet with the men who had come to confirm his death. The police officer of my town escorted the men back to my home after 8 hours of waiting on me to come outside. I refused because I did not want to hear the news….but I was told that I had to do this so the men could leave. I did not eat or drink that entire day. I ate litle for the next week…only enough to keep me alive and nothing was about satiating a physical desire. These people in these images are are scam artists.

    Everyone in my home that day had a shock to their system that prevented any need for physical sustenance. What I see in these contrived images is a staged event where people pretend at being vicitms of a heinous, unconscionable crime. What I see are people ….demented, warped and soulless people……perpetrating a crime of immense proportion against their brothers and sisters.
    This event caused many souls post traumatic shock……as it was intended to do, to prevent any type of logical and methodical investigation into the veracity of the purported crime.

    Good works in revealing the nature of this contrived crime. Thank you.

    • Jamie: God took him back home. He’s waiting for you. Thank you for your touching, and true, words: and one that does bring wetness to the eyes. It just reinforces that we are dealing with great powers–wicked and diabolical ones, just as you say.

    • great comment and insight, I am sorry you had to re-live it here to assist in revealing these lies. Bless you, your family and the accuracy of your thoughts, for it brought a stream of tears to my eyes, Let it be a celebration of your sons passing and a lesson to us all! Peace 🙂

  7. Below the Sexton pictures… a correction.

    “Could it be him, the infamous Richard Sexton himself, brother of the Steven Katzenberg”

    Correction: that is Jeffery Katzenberg not Steven.

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  9. MUST SEE – Chris and Lynn McDonnell

    IC WhatsGoingOn

    Sandy Hook Conspiracy FACT pt 3 more and more media failures

    He looks to the camera . .. .

    Why did that guy throw up a peace signs ???????????????

    hand signal at 0:19 – 4:22 and at 5:32 ????

  10. What kind of people are you! I am a very good friend of a woman who sold the McDonnell’s a dog and met them and their two children, a year before Newtown. My family has known the grandfather of another victim for decades – I used to go to their hardware store in Fayetteville, AR. My first cousin saw the grandfather at a local pharmacy when he was on the way to CT for the funeral.

    This is horrible!

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