Other Hoaxes — 21 August 2013
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More on GA McNair school shooting hoax

This supposed shooting at a Georgia middle school is a hoax. Let anyone prove otherwise. See how these hoaxers attach it to that scam of the century, Sandy Hook. This alone proves the degree of the scam.

The McNair shooting is a super-scam that never happened. No bullets were fired: hoax.


Trillions can do a lot, like be used to make fools of this world.

Good video of a man sick of the fakery:

They are co-opting this fraud to drive the agenda back in place for gun controlled based upon that prior scam of mental derangement. There was no shooting and no bullets were fired. No one was in the school toting weapons, carrying an AK 47, or toting a bag of ammo: scam, fake, and fraud.


Fake shooter


The perfect patsy. In no way did he haul in all those weapons and big bag of ammo, just like that: right through all the security. Who in the universe would believe it?

The fake evacuation, a mere drill; nonsense.


Stick a bunch of children in the open when there could be ‘scary’ gunmen on the loose? Leave them there for potentially hours? Garbage.


The fake heroine


with the fake claim of settling down the gunman and getting him to empty out his pockets, put his gun down, even put his wallet on the table, and surrender. Nothing she says can be trusted. The story is make-believe. We are to believe that she called Channel 2 News instead of 911: a total scam.


The Walmart storage deport for parents fraud and hoax. This alone proves that it is a scam. What parent would calmly participate in this Walmart human depot without massive resistance and without calling it all a fraud.



“You follow our orders or else.”



“What’s going on with our children; what is happening?” Officer, “Calm down; you have no right to find out until we tell you so.”


Fake heroes welcome for the camera, “We’ll sell our souls for the fraud; just leave us alone and don’t bring down the power of the authorities upon us.”


Let one honest person from DeKalb area, from the McNair school, from anywhere near: let one honest person speak out about this scam.



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  1. this was no hoax. this is who white men have become, no this is who you always were, and people can see it clearly now.

    • CCTV camera footage, guns, ammo, pictures, photos: all non-existent.

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