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Did the Mossad Blow Up the Malaysian Airlines Jet? Not this time.

UPDATED and CORRECTED: It is now clear that in this case the Mossad did not blow up the plane, even though it did precisely this in the case of Pan Am 103. Instead, the Mossad and its allies faked the ‘crash’ and/or ‘disappearance’ of the Malaysian craft, then laying blame at least initially on various Muslim groups and countries, attempting to associate the disappearance with Iranians traveling on forged or stolen passports.

Therefore, this post has undergone a number of changes and the original focus of identifying the Mossad as saboteur changed to revealing its role in fabricating the event.

Who blew up the Malaysian Airlines aircraft en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing? Who was on that jet that would be necessary to assassinate (actually, no one blew up the plane, because this was a fake vanishing of an airplane, a hoax crash or disappearance, unlike a real bombing as occurred on PanAm)? It was surely destroyed through sabotage.

These are valid questions based upon the media reports indicating that the plane simply vanished. According to the standard reports stolen passports were used by unknown individuals to apparently board the jets. The use of two stolen passports has been confirmed.

If this were really the case, who else is there to suspect other than the Mossad? It is that entity alone which has a history of committing such high crimes through the use of forged identities.

It is their exclusive system, that is these rabid Zionist Jews, who have routinely committed great crimes against humanity. It is they who are responsible for murdering people outright through the means of deception – assisted through the reliance on forged identities.

According to the story line some group of treacherous ones plotted a plot to take down that jet, killing all on-board. The use of the stolen passports is categorical proof of such a plot, and the likely culprit is the Mossad.

Filthy Mossad: it has the history of taking down airplanes and also blowing people up in public transport. It routinely murders people by the dozens, hundreds, and thousands, routinely. Among the most rabid of its treacherous who foment such plots are American Jews. The native Israelis themselves are also exceedingly treacherous and are fully capable of destroying such people, that is the people who might be coincidentally on the public transport vehicles/systems they target.

According to the multiplicity of reports the two passports which were used maliciously were stolen in Thailand. This is the domain of the Mossad. It has already been fully established that Jewish spies operate such a ring in that country. Yet, they do so also in parts of China. So, whether in the case of a hoax or a real case of public terror, if it involves stolen passports the Mossad alone has the history of perpetrating it.

The case of Israeli spy and arch-murderer Zev William Barkan is typical of the plots of the Mossad. It demonstrates how these filthy ones freely commit great treachery in the land, wantonly murdering the innocent to further their wicked aims.


Spy rings involved in identity theft are the domain of the Mossad, especially in China and southeast Asia. It is absolute: only the Mossad is known to routinely steal passports, sometimes by brute force, systematically in Thailand. This cabal of criminals is capable of taking down an airliner, such as a 777, senselessly killing all on board and would do so without the slightest hesitation or remorse.

The filthy mole was so rabid in his hate that he blew up the infrastructure of nearly half the town. It matters not to the Zionists, whether they murder a few dozen or a few hundred, rather, a few thousands and millions. What do they care? They own the systems of power. They will never be brought to justice, because the ‘in’ – justice system is within their hands.

Who was on that airliner that the Mossad wanted dead? Only a bomb could have caused it to simply disappear from radar. A list of the nationalities on-board is published, as follows:

Breakdown of Passengers Aboard Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

China – 153, including one infant
Malaysia – 38
Indonesia – 12
Australia – seven
France – three
United States – three, including one infant
New Zealand – two
Ukraine – two
Canada – two
Russia – one
Italy – one
Taiwan – one
Netherlands – one
Austria – one

Note the loss of two Ukrainian nationals. Who were they? Perhaps more importantly, there were 38 Malaysians lost, most of whom  would be Muslims. Even if there was no specific target, though, there was a general target, which is Malaysia, the people of Malaysia, and Malaysian Airlines itself.

Family members look at a wedding album of Norliakmar Hamid and Razahan Zamani, passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 plane, as they anxiously wait for news early Saturday morning in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia and Vietnam are leading a search for the lost jet. 

NYDN Caption: Family members look at a wedding album of Norliakmar Hamid and Razahan Zamani, passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 plane, as they anxiously wait for news early Saturday morning in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia and Vietnam are leading a search for the lost jet.

It is now believed, based on new information posted on this site, that all such family members are faking it and are, therefore, cohorts of this Zionist plot.

Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (center), along with other Malaysian Airlines staff, announce the missing of MH370 Malaysian Airlines aircraft at a press conference Saturday.


NYDN Caption: Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (center), along with other Malaysian Airlines staff, announce the missing of MH370 Malaysian Airlines aircraft at a press conference Saturday.

It was this country which condemned in an international conference the Zionist entity as a criminal regime. Jewry has sought revenge ever since, and this terrorist attack against the Malaysian nation, and, of course, all other nations of the world is just the kind of revenge that the Zionists consistently perpetrate.

The Zionist regime was decidedly charged with crimes against humanity – war crimes and more – by the Malaysia-led commission:

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission | 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?

21 Aug 2013 – Posts about Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission written by Jean. State of Israel Charged for “Crime of Genocide and War Crimes”, Kuala LumpurTribunal  Posted in Financial/economic information, Illuminati/Terrorism/Corruption, Genocide ConventionIsraelKUALA LUMPURKuala Lumpur War

Therefore, the most likely culprits in this obvious terror attack are rabid extremist Zionist Jews, just like the ones that blew up the WTC, just like those vile ones who blew to smithereens the Madrid trains and the London subways. Our condolences are to all those who have suffered their loss. This was, the relatives and loved ones should know, the result of sabotage, not an actual accident.

Malaysia Airlines Plane ‘Crashes Near Vietnam’
Sky News 

Malaysia Airlines Plane 'Crashes Near Vietnam'

Nearly 240 people are feared dead after two large oil slicks were spotted where a passenger plane reportedly crashed into the sea off Vietnam.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished around two hours into the flight.

The two parallel slicks – both between 10 miles (16km) and 12 miles (19km) long and 500 metres apart – were seen by two Vietnamese air force jets off the south coast of Vietnam.

A Vietnamese government statement said they were consistent with the kind of spills caused by fuel from a crashed airliner.

Rescue boats are being sent to the area from the nearby island of Phu Quoc to look for survivors.

Earlier, the country’s state media quoted a navy official as saying Flight MH370 crashed near Tho Chu Islands at around 2.40am local time.

The US Navy is helping teams from Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore search the vast waters in the Gulf of Thailand, between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Malaysia’s Transport Minister Seri Hishammuddin said he was “looking at all possibilities” including a potential terror attack.

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement: “The families of all passengers on board MH370 are being informed.

“At this stage, our search and rescue teams from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam have failed to find evidence of any wreckage.”

US officials told NBC News they have not ruled out terrorism after it was discovered two passengers were travelling on stolen passports

The airline listed one of the passengers on the plane as a 37-year-old Italian called Luigi Maraldi.

However  Mr Maraldi has contacted his parents to say he was not on the airliner.

He had his passport stolen in Thailand several months ago, leaving questions over who used his passport to board the plane and whether that has anything to do with the airliner’s disappearance.

Mr Miraldi’s father said his son’s passport had been stolen a year and a half ago while he was travelling in Thailand.

“He deposited it with a car rental agency and when he returned the car it was gone,” Walter Maraldi said.

Another passenger was using a passport belonging to Austrian citizen Christan Kozel. He is listed as one of the passengers although he has been confirmed as safe and well by authorities.

He said his passport was also stolen in Thailand when he visited two years ago.

The plane disappeared from radar at 1.30am (5.30pm UK time) about 85 miles (135km) north of the Malaysian city of Kuala Terengganu.

Journalist Leo Lewis, at Beijing airport, told Sky News families were waiting anxiously for news of their relatives.

He said there were “scenes of considerable distress” and “increasing irritation” because of a lack of information about their fate.

A woman whose mother was on the plane waited for hours without any news and expressed her anger at the way the airline is handling the incident.

Describing the scene inside the room where some 500 relatives are waiting for news, she said: “They used a bus to bring us here, in this hotel. They only give us bread, biscuits and water, that’s all.

“There is nobody from the airline, not even one person. Every time I ask ‘where is the airline staff; what’s the latest?’ They say, ‘we are only volunteers, we’re hotel staff, we’re not from the airline’.”

Malcolm Moore, the Daily Telegraph’s Beijing Correspondent, said the relatives have been taken by bus to a hotel in the centre of Beijing.

He told Sky News: “There has been no official confirmation (about what has happened), but it’s looking increasingly grim.”

The plane left Kuala Lumpur at 12.41am local time and was due to arrive in Beijing at 6.30am local time.

Malaysia Airlines said the flight was carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members.

They were from 14 countries – 152 plus one baby from China, 38 from Malaysia, 12 from Indonesia, seven from Australia, three from the US, three from France, two from New Zealand, two from Ukraine, two from Canada, one from Russia, one from Taiwan, and one from the Netherlands.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has urged Malaysia to “quickly and vigorously push search and rescue work” for the missing plane, state news agency Xinhua said.

Beijing has sent two maritime rescue ships to the South China Sea to help in the search and rescue work.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: “This news has made us all very worried. We hope every one of the passengers is safe.”

The aircraft was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a 53-year-old Malaysian with a total of 18,365 flying hours. He joined the company in 1981.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members,” Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said in a statement.

The airline said it would provide “regular updates” on the situation and has set up the phone line+603 7884 1234 for concerned members of the public.

Aviation expert David Learmount told Sky News the Boeing 777-200’s safety record is “absolutely superb”.

He said the plane would have been travelling at cruising height (around 35,000ft) and even if both engines had failed, it would have given the pilots plenty of time to make a distress call.

The “simple solution” would be to presume there was a bomb on board, “but there’s no suggestion of that,” he said.

Malaysia Airlines has 15 Boeing 777-200 jets in its fleet of about 100 planes.

There has been one fatal accident involving a Boeing 777 since the jet entered service in 1995.

Last summer, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed in San Francisco, killing three passengers.

Boeing said it was aware of reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane has gone missing and was monitoring the situation, but had no further comment.

End of article.

In a real airline catastrophe due to sabotage Mossad is the suspect. It holds extensive control in the airport systems through its networks of moles and spies. It pulled off 911. Bombing a Malaysian jetliner would comparatively be a minor act.

The entity can deny its role in actual terror attacks all it wants. It matters not. Israeli Jews and their American/European collaborators blew up the World Trade Center and also slaughtered people in Madrid, Spain, 2003, when Mossad agents detonated bombs in numerous carriages. The Mossad is also responsible for the killings and woundings of the people of London during the tube (subway) bombings occurring on 7/7/2005.

Thus, only this entity has a history of committing sabotage against the general public, while doing so all over the world. Then, who else could be the primary suspect in the bombing of a jetliner other than this known murderous cabal?

The only issue is that in this case the jetliner was not bombed. It was only made to appear as if it was taken down through sabotage. There was no such sabotage, because while the Mossad is directly involved, that sabotage was faked in order to implicate the Muslims and various Islamic groups.


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  1. Bit early to say its a bomb

    • Doesn’t have to be a bomb. But hey, secret services are good at clean up. They own the most sophisticated technology.

  2. Excellent details!

    Thank you for bringing the truth.

  3. You are retarded

    • Ure talking about urself, dumbass, rite?

      • (You’re talking about yourself, dumbass right?)
        You look like you needed some help with your grammar. You must be an Arab. “Murica pew pew”

  4. It doesn’t have to have been a bomb. A pilot on a flight to japan made contact with mh370 30 minutes after the transponder stopped reporting. He said he spoke with the copilot and there was a lot of static and mumbling in the background. Transponders can be turned off. See 9/11. If it were a bomb, there’s far too much buoyant debris that would have been seen at the lat/long of the final transponder ping. The Mossad rat hijackers forced that plane to land somewhere. I’m not a gambling man, but I’d put money on it.

    • Are you serious? You sound like you have been brainwashed into stupidity and bigotry.

    • But of course you are right. Boeing 777 ‘s are renowned for being stealthy, with no radar signature.

    • Of course we are dependent on reports which might be false. But you raise an interesting point. Whether or not true, the story is that planes on 9/11 had transponders turned off before they changed course.

      There is also a report (from US military sources) that no explosion seems to have taken place, in the area and time of travel of the Malaysian plane, and they track these types of signals as one might track earthquakes. Add to this the lack of debris. The shallowness of the Sunda Shelf where debris was spotted (never more than 150′ of water, often much shallower) indicates that finding wreckage would not present an impossible problem. Therefore, all recording devices would be accessible.

      There were early reports of a landing of a Malaysian plane in China (Nanning), although some thought this might be another city with a similar name in Vietnam. A false report or something else? Is there a hostage situation ongoing?

      Here’s another piece of information, whether true or not. Five people did not show up for the flight, but “their luggage was taken off the plane.” Consider that the flight takes off at about midnight. It is difficult to imagine that all five checked luggage and then decided against going. Who were they? And did their luggage really get removed from the plane properly?

      We also do not know what if any cargo was being transported along with passengers and luggage.

      We also do not know if the people with false passports were (say) drug mules who routinely bribed their way around the world, so that their luggage would not be inspected the way others’ were. The fact that at least one of the passports was stolen from a car rental agency argues for some organization in how this kind of identity theft occurs. It seems like some kind of ring which might operate close to and involved with airports.

      I will state for the record that when my husband had his wallet pick pocketed on the train to Charles de Gaulle airport, by a tall lean African man who got huffy with him, traveling with a white woman and children who diverted the attention (deliberately), we saw that within two or three hours there was a cascade of credit card use and the bank card was also decoded. Within that time thousands of dollars had flowed into the hands of an organized probably international criminal network, who were already purchasing items in Paris shops and elsewhere. It gave you the sense of a breathtaking sweep of how this kind of thing could be pulled off.

      Who these people are is an interesting question. If the plane is on the ground somewhere, it can have been taken by pirates who want something that is on board. I’m thinking of some Chinese and Malay passengers too, who work for a US semiconductor manufacturer. No one is above suspicion in this.

      It could also be that the plane crashed somewhere, but it really looks like it changed course. Even the “experts” are thinking that it did.

      • I meant to say “The Sunda Shelf where oil slicks (and not debris) were spotted”

  5. The public started to notice the truth behind the west overthrowing the government in Ukraine. So they disappeared an airliner to divert attention.
    It’s what they do. Diverting attention.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Your statement is short sir but it means everything and encompass a lot of thing that has happen throughout history especially the last hundred years.

    • Or it could just be the Mossad like 911.

  6. I don’t who you are. But your articles came out on top when I googled ‘MH370 flight zionist’. I’m a Malaysian and I have no doubt in your suspicion sir. No one has the capability of such sophisticated coup other than Mossad & Washington. Didn’t the same passport stealing also happened few years before the 911 attack. The funny thing is, the Arab guy whose passport was stolen and his passport photo was published on the front page of newspaper (reporting on 911 attack) came out surprised to see the front page proclaiming he’s dead (he was listed as one of the victims) when in reality he’s alive and well. His passport was stolen 3 or 4 years before 911; a burglar broke into his house but when he come home, everything is in place except for his passport. It was missing. It was clear the burglar (or should I say the Mossad/CIA/FBI) was specifically targeting his passport.

    The whole things is just a smoke in the eye. They make themselves appear as the problem solver when in fact, they are ones who created the problem for their selfish agenda, they are the criminals. The reality and appearance nowadays is indeed different. I think the biggest mistake here is to allow the FBI to investigate this case, they can’ be trusted.

    Despite everything, my prayers and best wishes goes to the victims and their families. I cannot imagine the grief that they are going through, to lose someone dear. I believe even though the whole situation looks bleak, there’s a silver lining to it.

    • Apa khabar, Aisyah?

      Don’t forget to mention that most of the family of Datuk Mohamed Ramli Abbas, Modal Perdana Group chairman, is also on board the plane, including his wife & two daughters. You’d think the Ramli Abbas has done some naughty shit with Mossad? So many VIPs on the plane, so many motives.

    • Everything is very strange. What i can say. Maybe it is done specially to draw people’s attention away. What about situation in Ukraine. There’s nationalists. But not traditional. These are nationalists that are financed by jews against russians. Financed by local oligarchs like kolomoyskiy (pure jew) and other similar sh*t. They propagands like russians are came to Ukraine (Crimea) to make them subordinate/dependand on Russia. And what is strange west ukranians believe that shit. If nationalists come to power, i guess, there will be war in Ukraine.
      One more thing. The leader of right sector Yarosh is also jew.

    • For information. For those who knows about such jew as Chodorkowski (YUKOS). 09.03.14 he came to maidan and said that russian masscomm is lying. He said there’s no nationalist in Ukraine. Very funny. Who is he? Very short:
      Here is it true face of this jew. First he wanted to sell YUKOS to america (read: the largest oil fields of Russia), then he wanted to throw down Putin and to come to power (read: America wanted to take authority by the hands of Chodorkowski), and now mudila bears nonsense and instigates people to the violence. Well this jew already unambiguously will get what he deserves. For whom does he work? For america. For whom works America? For israel. And we do not forget about this.
      And video prooving that “””there’s no nazi”””

      About flight. It will be very sad if it turns out that passengers are dead((((((((((

      • Not all Jews are evil or bad. We’re talking here about Zionist Jews. There are Jews who condemn the atrocities of Zionist, Israel & Washington relentless support for Israel despite it’s profound human right violation. But sadly, those Zionist Jew (backed by rich corporate elite) is far more powerful than the percentage of the peaceful Jews, even giving them new label such as self-hating Jews. The same way they were using anti-Semite to shut people up from questioning their crime.

        I couldn’t agree more with your statement regarding diverting people’s attention away. This reminds me, back then 911 was successful in turning the people’s attention from the atrocities commit by Ariel Sharon (then the Prime Minister of Israel) towards the Palestinians few months before 911 took place. And the subsequent use of the word War-on-Terror manage to fool the masses from their real imperialist objective (oil, occupation & not to forget arm sales). Sacrificing hundreds and thousands of innocents, it’s more than sufficient to say that Washington’s War-on-Terror is the terrorism itself.

        • Every day, this looks more and more like Wag the Dog, both diversion and chest-thumping. I am waiting for the hostages to be released in a studio somewhere, by “Special Forces” after which some hapless country which denies it had the plane may be invaded. Every time they deny it, the mob will scream on cue for their blood.

          Additionally, this is also an infomercial for sophisticated military hardware from a no-bid contract (thus inflated price) from the company which had all those techies on board, spin-off from Motorola called Freestyle.


    • I think this article hit the nail on the head. The Mossad and other Israeli terror groups have committed a lot of terrorism in the past. And much of it was designed to look like Islamic terror – Jews even dressed like Muslims or Arabs so that people would believe it was Islamic terror. The Lavon Affair (in which Jews got caught and had to admit bombing American and British businesses and buildings), the King David and Semiramis Hotel bombings, in which they killed hundreds of Christians dressed up as Arabs (but again had to admit it when caught), the USS Liberty, in w hich hundreds of Christian American seamen were wounded and killed while Israel tried to make us think Egypt had attacked the ship (and yes, once again they were forced to admit it was them). There is a long, long history of false flag terrorism committed by Jews against Christians.

      • Thanks and you are correct! I thought the Mossad was behind the Kenya Mall last summer. I wish they could be busted on a large scale so that we can have peace in the world. More people in America are seeing what is happening.

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    • Everyone: it appears that this time, unlike, RE: Pan Am 103 and the Colgan Air 3407, the Mossad didn’t blow up this airplane. That’s because it is a fake crash/disappearance with fake passengers and phony relatives.

  9. A 10 year old could steal a passport, not so sophisticated.
    Arabs are killing each other in their own countries, Israel and US would not bother anything so barbaric to kill 38 people. utterly ridiculous and pathetic!

  10. When you hear the words “stolen/fake passports” what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Hahaha! I didn’t even have to say it..
    Yeah, they’re not called “the usual suspects” for no reason.

  11. Wonder who was the “target” for termination & why?
    Mossad??Well my money is even!

    • There’s many possible reason for the mysterious disappearance of MH370. But we all agree it’s Mossad doing. Or at least, Mossad is involved among other conspirator. The footprints is all too similar to other false flag event.

      • Wow you’re insane. How does it feel to walk this life feeling so paranoid?

  12. Perhaps the transponders were switched off and instead of turning left towards Beijing the plane turned right towards North Korea and has been taken off-course and landed there.

    Interesting concepts to note:

    North Korea borders with Russia along a 17km stretch of river.

    There are large infrastructure projects (pipelines) up there on the Korea-Russia border which Russia has invested heavily in. It would be a shame to have those blown up.

    Two known Ukranians were on board that Malaysian Airlines plane. Then there are the two stolen passports. Those could be another two Ukranians.

    Ukraine wants control of Crimea and is trying to wrest it off Russia. How do North Korea and Russia get along? Badly! Would North Korea entertain a financial deal with the Ukraine to get Russia to back off? Would that work?

    Any possibility the plane and people are hostages?

    North Korea will do anything for money.

    Then there are the Uighur people in China. Maybe an attack on the Chinese.

  13. You are some first class anti semite as I see from the material you post on your blog – By Gd do you really hate them sooo much – are your living like an ostrich believing in only what suits your mantra -and twisting it to make it so if doesn’t?

    • Look at the maps of Israel & Palestine since 1948 and tell me how Palestine has shrung to near nothing. Magic? Or by pure evil, psychopathic, brutal murderous genocide by The zionists & Israel? Is this the fate you wish for all the goyim? 10,000 Mosque & 900 + churches destroyed by explosives, bulldozers and Israel sanctioned arson in Palestine and “Israel” since 1948 and you want to feign innocence? One truth outweighs thousands of your zionist lies Moss-Rendell!

  14. So Nikolai Brodskii a hardcore zionist/Chabadists Israeli dual citizen who is an expert diver/trainer(aka Mossad version of seal team member) from Siberia, Russia just happen to be on the plan and the Zionists and Chababist sources all magically & instantly knew he was on the flight to give their sympathy. Was Bodskii along with Maraldi & Kozel (or atleast the the ones using these forged or stolen passports) part of the likely 7 to 9 man team that disabled all the black boxes on this ultra modern Boeing 777 and all of it’s communications and either blow up the plane or simply remotely landed it somewhere like zioscam friendly China, Kenya or Israel. Were there antizonist on board. Imagine az well how many organs could be havested from 239 + people. Wholesale price for murdered stolen Palestians’ hearts appears to be 100,000 for those who deliver them to NYC or Boston or PHILLY or Baltimore Hospi tals so the patients or their insurance likely pay several times that amount. Perhaps a billion dollars could be made just on the major organs. And many VicSims with zionist connections & FOREKNOWLEDGE can soon collect massive insurance claims plus money from the to be blamed countries and FEMA money from Talmudist psychopath Feinberger the chief commisar for false flag staged attacks real or fake.

  15. the u.s. and mossad the biggest murders on the face of the planet!

    • 🙁

  16. Since the 2 passengers travelling on forged or stolen passports were apparently Iranian dissidents, it’s far more likely that the plane was sabotaged (IF it was sabotaged) or hijacked, by Iranian secret service agents. But you’ve got your racist, antisemitic head shoved so far up your racist, antisemitic arse, you can’t see the daylight.

    • Prove it, Zionist troll.

    • It only prove that Zionist is working on fuelling a civil war between Sunni & Shia.

    • Shimona those names are Marrano/Converso names–JEWISH NAMES–families who remained in ITALY after Jews were thrown out after so many convictions for ritual murder of children in Italy, Spain and elsewhere. The final straw in Spain for example was when they plotted open rebellion before 1492, for example, after so many were caught & convicted of such heinous crimes. Many of the wealthy pretended to convert to Christianity to be allowed to stay, but most never truly converted. Some did eventually loose their Jewish identity but are still reintroduced by zionists Rabbis to the Talmud & zionism and then recruited by Mossad as sayanims and fullblown Mossad agents since they have a nice strong Christian Italian cover after generations of intermarriage & outwardly Christian public personas.

      • This website should be renamed “Antisemites Anonymous”. What a bunch of racist morons! People like you have been trying to destroy the Jewish people for 3000 years. You spread the most disgusting lies – some of you actually believe them.
        It’s interesting, reading some of the more or less incoherent rantings here, to realise how many of you are also, to all intents and purposes, functionally illiterate.
        I suggest you take care – having been suckled and weaned on so much hatred, one day you may choke on your own bile.

  17. I am curious why this site and another insist only Mossad and go into great detail about crimes done. There is no evidence yet of this. To me it makes more sense AlQueda which is heavy in that part of the world. None of it makes sense for sure
    Contact w another Pilot 2 hrs into flight, conversation garbled, but no worry at time

    It disappears, days later they now say it was flying turned around in another area shown on map

    The equp can be dismantled, the plane can fly below radar.

    Did it hijack to Indonesia?

    WHY WHY WHY, is the key so far to me or WHO then the WHY will come. So then we ask who gains from this? Those guys dealing w Govt and Energy is suspicious. WHO knew what?

    Since Govt is so good at dropping people like flies, will we ever know.


    • Tess. (1) Only Mossad is capable of this. Other than USA & UK perhaps. (2) This only benefits Israel since everyone is apt to blame it on Arabs/Muslims and Iran(Persians). Especially since—Nearly all the major media world wide is own and run by zionist Jews. Reuters, Agency France, NY Times, WPost, LA Times, Time Mag, Economists, CNN, BBC, London Times and every major USA and UK Newspaper, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX News. (3) Even in American it only benefits Israel as Homeland Security is 100 under zionist control and becomes stronger over all government agencies with every mass shooting and terror attack. NSA is now completely co-opted by Israel since It’s spy software is written and operated and controlled by Israeli firms.

    • Goes along with the assessment by one of our posters that the crash is a hoax. Freescale is not doing well financially.

    • This needs to be explored more. Keep sending links, if possible.

  18. Hello everyone I wanted to bring to your attention that the photo released by the CIA of the Malaysia Plane suspects is clearly Photoshopped. The legs of both suspects are the exact same legs, shoes and position of the gap. Here is the link scroll down.

    • Seems like it is.

      • I don’t think it is a hoax exactly. It was stolen and hijacked both remotedly & with specialists agents on board to make sure the operation could not be countermanned. I think the plane was completely prewired to be disabled by Mossad & other sayanims, some working as airport security for Israeli firms, who could let teams on board as maintainence, caterers, fight crew, baggage personel etc. All black boxes could be set to disable or self distruct and communications equipment & software to disable as well and the agents could make sure all tracking & communication systems failed and cell & satelite phones were blocked and only Mossad’s own communication could operate to take the plane to Israel or China or some safe base.

    • Thank you and the other posters sooo much for this revelation, now published.

  19. who ever this author is, you are a sick depraved poor soul in need of help. For you to wantonly accuse Jews/Israelis of Madrid Bombings, 9/11 terrorist attacks and everything else is beyond disgusting.

    Once you were at it, why stop there? Why not blame the Jews/Israel for the Japanese Nuclear explosions, the Volcanic explosions in Iceland, Hurricane Sandy or even the man-eating shark off the coast of Saudi Arabia? Oh yeah…… you did already.

    You’re pathetic, man.

    • Did you not notice the published pictures and the editing pointed out by the author before giving us your rant, “Truthhater”

  20. Did anyone see the Seven News 1 hour special tonight on MH370 in Sydney Australia?

    The wife of the Australian mechanical engineer just told everyone on national TV that her husband was en route to Mongolia for a FIRST TIME fly in fly out job, gave her his wedding ring and watch and said ‘If anything happens to me then give this to our first born to wear on his wedding day and give this watch to the other’?


    Reports state he has a passion for planes. Reports also say that just before the flight left was trying to comfort his mother, telling her that there was nothing to be afraid of, only the take off and landing to worry about, 20 seconds…it’s not like the plane is going to fall out of the sky’ or words to that effect.

    Who gives their wedding ring and watch to their wife because they are going to work in Mongolia for a fly in fly out new job? New job. Note. New. Never been before.

    Did this guy plan on coming home at all?

    • More to the point, is this guy even real?

  21. LA i believe the story was that she and her husband had been involved in some serious car accident back last year in doing so her husband wanted to be sure that if anything had happened to him on this trip because of their previous bad luck then she would have the ring belonging to him to give to their children?

    I think many people are starting to come up with many theories about this mystery and Hi-jacking is probably what has happened, then there are many people believing the two pilots wanting to commit suicide?

  22. I know from insiders that it was the Sacksonians who blew up the plain! And very mean: at a moment the flight controller had to go the bathroom. How did the Sacksonians know that the flight controller had to go to the bathroom? Because the Basque people who are very close to the Malaysians exchange information with the Eta all the time! They know all the schedules of the staff of flight control there: lunch, pea breaks, tea breaks, smoke beaks everything! And the Sacksonians, Basques and Malaysians hate the Chinese, that’s why they blew this airplane out of the sky. There are so many indications that these three parties did it, you have to be retarded not to see this……..

    All the commentary I have read before here gives proof for the following statement: there is no limit to human stupidity!

    What are you a bunch of dumb fools, unbelievable!

    • As the story has unfolded, it is looking more and more like human crime not human error. The question is, whose crimes? Believing anything the MSM puts out has proved the road to perdition and war, so you can see why sensitive souls and perceptive minds flock to these sites, where, sometimes, they are also waylaid by falsehoods. Your own reactions are immature and trollish.

  23. Bunch of insane rubbish full of hate and not even one true fact to support your nonsense. You’re full of ignorance and stupidity. Go get some help.

    • To the ignorant, hate-filled author of this article whoever you are, A Question:

      What Trauma occured in your childhood for you to be so filled with hatred and wanton ignorance? Did your Daddy hit you a lot? Did your Mum leave you at a young age? Did you get teased or beat up a lot in primary school? No (rational, reasonable) friends? Ask yourself, why do I hate others so much?

      There is no way anyone can be thisss ignorant. Seriously – I’m worried about you, my friend.

      You are a poor poor soul in need of serious help. PLEASE PLEASE consider professional help for your hatred problem…

      Or at least get a Job – If you were busier, you wouldn’t set your mind off on all these insane conspiracy theories

  24. Of course SHIN BET can do anything.
    It is world’s best spy agency .
    Very important thing was there on a plane which could be harmful.
    R.I.P all passengers.

  25. Shalom

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