Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 24 September 2013
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Are these Nairobi Shooting Hoax Women Really Dead?

Are these women, who have every appearance of being Jewish, who give the appearance of being motionless and deceased really dead? Or, as has been seen in previous Zionist-orchestrated events are they faking it; in other words, is it all an act?

Are these women really pale and lacking all muscle tone and beginning to go into rigor mortis? Are any such evidences of fatality seen?

Did the act get carefully recorded before the cameras, just keeping sufficiently still to make it appear as if dead? Do these women have the characteristics of being dead? Does the child also have those characteristics? Or, is it just fake coloring, that is fake blood, without any actual bullet wounds, sufficiently and well-applied to create the appearance of real fatalities?

Nevertheless, the thorough nature of the camera work alone is demonstrative of a hoax. Wherever anyone turns there are camera-people, and, furthermore, none of them are taking any protective precautions regarding supposed deranged shooters.

Regardless, how does Reuters and the AP do it, always in the right place at the right time to record massacre-like acts that are always in the favorite of the world Jewry and its proponents?

It looks macabre enough, a mother and her daughter frozen in their dying moments, daughter’s arm about the mother’s waist. The proposal, here, is that they are both dead. Yet, how there is a major problem in this. For her to be dead she would have had to have received, going by the pictured red matter on her face, a bullet injury to the left side of the face and possibly through the head, although that would be unlikely with the pattern seen.

The daughter? There is no evidence of any kind of her being the victim of a gunshot. Here is the issue: there is no visible entrance or exit wound to that face or head that would account for sudden death, and there are no bullet holes visible in the child.

Is it not odd, though. A preponderance of the ‘victims’ of this fabrication are non-Kenyan, a huge percentage considering the natural numbers in the population.


Once again, there is red material but no entrance or exit wounds. The point of bleeding is not evident. The color is the same as the fake blood used in the Boston hoax. Plus, both she and her daughter still have good color, especially evident in her arm.

The picture was lightened up to see if there was any evidence of disfiguration of the faced or an entrance wound: there is none.


There is, though, a curious amount of splatter next to the corner of the right mouth. This appears to be applied moulage, and it appears that this woman is faking it, along with her daughter.

Here is another evidence against this being real, which is the arm and hand. There is no pallor; the color is excellent, normal. Plus, she has muscle activity. Incredibly, she is gripping he edge of the seat. This is clearly not possible is she were dead.


For this to be real there must be evidence of the entry point for the bullet, both for the mother and the daughter


There should also be relatively profuse bleeding, bright red, some of it falling on the shirt and pants, as the blood is pumped from the arterial system, as is the case of this Palestinian youth really shot by an Israeli:


The daughter also appears to be alive and is merely acting.


Now, there is the other individual, the one lying on the floor of the food tent area, she also is supposed to be dead. Has anyone ever seen such a posture in a dead person? What about her color, whether her abdominal area, face, and/or arms? It is completely normal; in other words, there is no evidence of blood loss.


She, too, has actual function of her hand and arm muscles, even though she is supposed to be dead. Once again, notice the water bottles, which are standard issue for such massive crisis acting.

Notes one poster, actually an obvious troll, proclaiming this data to be fraudulent:

You ought to check your info. the lady on the red cushion with arm stretched out was a friend of mine, she was pregnant and was killed in this horrific incident. Get your facts right you wankers!!!

Yet, in no way does she appear to be pregnant, and the flaring of her nose, as well as the reaching of her arms in both directions, proves that she is absolutely normal and free of any major injuries. Her skin color, though, proves that she isn’t a gunshot victim and is, therefore, merely a crisis actor.


Neither of these women are dead. Nor did the child die. Let anyone prove otherwise. Plus, both of these women have every appearance of being Zionist Jews and where, therefore, in place to create this fraud on behalf of Israeli machinations, the Kenya entity being a hub for the Zionist mob.

They are both fakers and did not die, and in the case of the first photo, the woman was merely painted with fake blood, which spilled to a degree on the car.


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  1. The woman on the floor apparently didn’t want to fake it on the floor, so someone placed a red sheet for her to lie on. Obviously also, her skin color is very healthy appearing.

  2. Dramatic but also rather pathetic pictures. It’s amazing the lengths these Luceferian Zionist will go to to try and fool the world.
    Go to hell Zionist pigs !

  3. Also notice the blood on the left hand underside of the steering wheel – How did that get there?

    There is another relevant photograph you should look at too.

    • Which other photo is relevant?

  4. I just love the stretched out arm and hand of the “dead” woman on the red cushion. Soooo pathetic.

    People think I am crazy these days, giggeling to myself and singing on the new hit – “Cameraman Can”.

    Always look on the bright side of life, folks!

  5. The author of this article must have too much time on his hands! Get a real job! Your ‘hobby’ of forensic science just does not cut it! Also, be proud of your work-leave your name next time! Lol

  6. Dead? Looks more like she’s saying, “Duuuude, I’m seriously thirsty here. Pass my water bottle won’t you?”. That people can believe this crap smh

    And here come the shills. All together now.
    “The shills are alive… With the sound of bull…”



  9. So you a Doctor now?? You Guys are full of SHIT..You made up some shitty story,,, Zionist do exist, but most of you wannabe Fuckers think you know the deal, by doing some retarded Research and cant really make the difference between what the Zionist really did and what not.
    by the way, i’ve seen a few Close friends when they where dead and also other People who died….. And You sir, Dont know shit about the Human Body when ist Dead….You think peoples muscles are always relaxed when they get shot or die in extreme pain???
    get the fuck outta here…YOU ARE THE BIGGEST HOAX

  10. Blue and white stripes again… Wow, the trolls are really out in full force today, huh?

    Hey, trolls. Instead of wasting time trolling here, why don’t you pray for the dead. Or maybe set up a donation fund in memoriam… KACHING!

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