Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 22 September 2013
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 UPDATED: Absolute Proof the Nairobi Mall Massacre is a Zionist Hoax

Title change; updated; will be updated, again, shortly. Updated, again, Sept. 29, new pictures added.

The attack in Kenya, as well as the attack in Pakistan, has revived the regime’s global plot to conquer the people of Islaam on behalf of Zionist Jews. Jewry media is running at high speed after these two false flag acts. The Pakistan attack must also be thoroughly investigated. The timing puts the onus on the Mahyudi monsters of the Mossad, who are surely the force behind the Nairobi hoax.

As a client state of the Israeli entity, completely subservient to the Zionist powers, Kenya is an ideal facility for the commission of great crimes on behalf of the Zionist regime.

This was done in the 2004 American Embassy bombing, where the Zionists—Mossad agents—placed and detonated the bombs that blew the embassy to smithereens while killing 200 people. Compliant then as it is now the Kenyan rulership wrongfully blamed Muslims and Islaam, thereby absolving real perpetrators, the Zionists, of responsibility.

There were no mad, vengeful Muslims rampaging through that mall, senselessly murdering people, specifically targeting non-Muslims. This was done by the enemies of Islaam, the Zionists, whether real or fabricated.

In fact there is a plethora of evidence to indicate that this event, like so many others, was cleverly staged by Zionist operatives, who live in Kenya by the hundreds of thousands. In this regard it is important to note that when those original assessments were made of the creation of a Jewish homeland Kenya was top of the list, even over Palestine.

It’s the same story. Muslims going berserk in an act of murderous vengeance against the ‘infidels,’ for occupying and invading their countries. Right away, a supposedly jihadist Muslim group is blamed, in this case Somalis, through the nefarious entity, al-Shabab, which, like al-Qaeda, is non-existent in the Muslim world and is strictly an invention of the Mossad.

As always, there are no CCTV images, and surely no images or photos of the purported shooters. The non-existent shooters purportedly took out the security guards, a story that would make sense if this was real. Then, surely, with the ever-present armed Kenyan guards in this client Zionist state, surely those assaulting marauders would have been caught cleanly on the CCTV cameras. But not, never: no images of the supposed Islamic fanatics can be found anywhere.

As always, it is a one-word Arabic terminology-based nefarious Muslim group which is responsible.

As always, the blame against Islaam comes through the use of social media, where the ‘group’ claims responsibility, in this case through Twitter.

It’s all a Zionist plot, let there be no doubt about it. Expect more. This filth of the earth is losing its grip.

It was the Mossad which was responsible for blowing up the Nairobi-based US Embassy, senselessly murdering and injuring countless hundreds of people. Yet, the Kenyan government was the first to reject any Israeli-Zionist role and maliciously, as well as falsely, laid the blame on Islaam.

One hard proof that this is a Mossad plot is in the nature of the blame laid against Islaam, the extreme inanity of the claims—that is the claims of absolute ruthlessness. This is the statement about, “Do this or else: we’ll shoot you.” It is in regard to the claim that these never-to-be-seen, nonexistent Muslim terrorists demanded of people to either say the name of the Prophet’s mother and survive, and if not, be shot dead. This is typical of the Mossad, not any ‘Muslim’ group. Regardless, in such a state of shock many Muslims would likely have a mind block and may not know the answer. Even so, this didn’t happen: it was invented by Israeli spies.

It was barely a month ago that Kenya marked the 15th anniversary of the Israeli-orchestrated bombing, and while doing the Zionist-controlled Kenyan media continued to falsely blame Muslims and Islaam, going further to claim that the Kenyan government and military was having difficulty “containing” the omnipresent and presumably ‘Islamist’ terrorist threats to its land )(see

Now, a little over a month later this mall ‘event’ occurs, and it can be no coincidence. It can be no happenstance event, that is that while the Zionist-orchestrated Cameron (UK) government and the Obama White House are reeling from the revelations that they are the true and obvious source of global terror: it can be no coincidence that, then, this happens.

It means that in no way did a real Muslim/Islaamic group storm the mall and massacre anyone.

It took a great deal of effort to unwind Sandy Hook and the Boston Hoax to bring forth the truth. The Nairobi false flag is extensive, with countless actors and fraudsters play their typical fabricating roles. Thus, it will take a significant effort to unwind this also.

Even so, here, major revelations are shown, merely from a cursory analysis of the images as well as claims. In other words, there is evidence that, once again, the injuries and emotional reactions, the supposed grief and fright, were faked for public consumption and for revival of support for the Zionist cause, which is the fake War on Terror which is really a war on Islaaam.

That’s because Islaam is the last bastion of resistance against the criminal Zionists. Criminals: not satisfied with the fake Navy Shipyard scam, now they impose the Nairobi fraud upon the world.

Crisis actors, moulage, blood paks: all over again?

Notice this woman. Notice the patterns in her shirt. Those red areas are largely rectangular in shape. Notice, too, the tie-around clothing. In all likelihood this woman is not injured and is, rather, a crisis actor paid for the role.

This is a major revelation, which means the entire claim of an Islamist attack against Nairobi mall shoppers is a categorical hoax.


A close-up view demonstrates the rectangular shape with the clothing tie acting to fix, that is to fix the blood packet against her white shirt. Same color, same fakery as the Boston hoax and more. As pointed out by one of our posters, too, it is the wrong color for blood. Regardless, where are the entrance wounds from the gun-blasts? Even so, if she was shot in the abdomen in two places at relatively close range she wouldn’t be walking about for the Reuter’s camera shoot.


The rectangular shape, right screen, plus the use of the clothing tie is a give-away for the use of fake blood packs in this individual.

The following video is filled with evidence of set-ups, staging, fakery, fake fright, fake shock, and fake wounded. Watch it carefully. The evidence will be clear. The Zionist-controlled Kenyan media is all over the place, people with dozens of cameras, people showing no fright, fear, or caution about being shot or their being gunman on the loose, that is except the crisis actors, most of whom appear to be non-Kenyan.

These non-Kenyans are Zionist agents, many of whom are likely Kenyan-based Jews, Sayanim agents working for the Mossad. Therefore, if anyone was shot in that mall, it was the Mossad and its collaborators who did so, not any Muslim terrorists.

Here is yet another example of a crisis actor who could in no way be suffering from a real gunshot wound, not in the way he is acting, walking about without any medical care: walking, instead of lying still, supine. Where is he going? Is he going to continue on his brisk walk to a medical facility? If he really did have a multiplicity of left-sided gunshot wounds, that side that upholds the heart, aorta, left lung, and more, by the time he gets there he’d be dead.



Is this man superman? If these were real gunshot entrance wounds, the man would be on the ground, dying in agony. He couldn’t move, let alone walk down the street as if nothing happened. There are no actual bullet wounds in this man: not possible. He is faking it as a paid crisis actor.

As astutely pointed out by one poster, there is another anomaly. It is the separation. Blood does not separate into various layers of different density. It has an entirely different behavior: it clots.  Notice also the streaks of red on particularly the upper edge. This man is a paid crisis actor, and this red coloring, fake blood, has been applied artificially. He is not suffering from gunshot wounds.

What does this all imply? It implies that there surely is no proof of anyone being shot. Still images are insufficient. The real proof is in CCTV camera images of people actually being attacked, brutalized, terrorized, injured, and, yes, killed. No such images have been shown. Nor are there any legitimate images of shooters or the accused Somali Muslims actively attacking, shooting, and killing anyone, let alone tossing grenades. Not a single image of such acts exists, nor will any such image(s) be produced, at least not real ones.

Notice the immense and deliberate degree of staging and how they staged the fright scenes. Also, see how after the Jewish-appearing woman comes forth with her two children, behind her there is a woman acting as if injured. That woman in white, once again, is a crisis actor.

Picture 431

Note, again, the rectangular nature of the red color, both on the abdominal area (actually, mere fake color staining her sweatshirt) and the repeated shapes on her arm. Furthermore, if she really did have two gunshot wounds what was she doing casually walking behind the other crisis actress, the mother with the two children? This woman is not injured. It is a fake.


Once again, this is moulage, fake application of phony red coloring to imitate blood. See the fact that the Kenyans got wise from the Boston hoax. They stuffed the red packet underneath the clothing and, then, popped it. Same on the arm. This is 100% proof that the Nairobi mall shooting is a hoax; no one was injured; nobody died.

Did the Mossad combine crisis actors, fake grievers, fake shock victims, and other phonies with a real killing? Further analysis is needed to determine the plausibility of such a claim. Yet, thus far the evidence points to a fake event, a hoax, perpetrated by the Kenyan government in collaboration with the UK, the Zionist entity, and the Obama White House.

Regardless, there is no way in a real event that all such camera shoots could be so thoroughly staged, and they are obviously staged by any analysis. Therefore, the Nairobi mall shooting is a hoax, like all the others. Let anyone prove otherwise.

Important finding: blood pack in the child’s sock

Here is another proof of the hoax. Is this child really injured? Same as the Boston hoax, one shoe on, one shoe off with fake blood permeating a sock? Watch the hands in the screen. The person raps the gurney, then, twice, raps the child’s feet. After this, additional red material drips from the sock.

Picture 434

Caption: taps the gurney; fake blood doesn’t flow; so reaches to the feet and then…

Picture 436

taps the feet, twice.

Picture 437

Then, additional fake blood drips out. Note also the streaks of the phony material. NO ONE would do this in a real emergency when a person has been shot in the foot. This triple confirms that the mall shooting is a fake, and the only ones with the motives to do so are Zionist Jews, who have great power over the Kenyan government.

With a real victim would anyone dare rap the gurney with a person in pain from a gunshot wound? Would anyone in a million years twice rap a gunshot foot in child supposedly writhing in pain, while also pounding on the gurney? It would appear that the only reason this would be done is that this is a fake, and the ‘rapper’ is attempting to cause more moulage red to flow.

This man, a future presidential candidate, said he was right there, witnessing it all. ‘I saw a security guard shot it the head,’ who ‘died instantly.’ Really? Then, there should be a bit of CCTV camera footage available demonstrating the actual killing.

Picture 443

He also claims he was grazed in the head, “See, here? I was also shot at and, see, I suffered a graze wound.’ The man is a liar and a fraud, like the others.

These are what graze wounds from gunshots look like. He had no graze wound. It is incredible how many people have sold their souls to their Zionist masters: for a paltry gain.

Then, there is always this, another non-Kenyan in on the act? Talk about hyper-realistic:


Oil, grease, tempura paint, fake blood, fake shock, and more: it’s a hoax, like the others, imposed upon the world by the criminal Zionist mob, this woman herself clearly being a non-Kenyan (non-black African) Zionist agent. It would appear, too,. that her shirt has been cut, also, that fake fluids have been spilled near her head and also above her. For this Zionist fraudster—Jewish woman with moulage on her face, hand, and fake dust-matting on her hair—there is no way that this could be anything other than an act: it is called, here, a fraud.

See any bullet wounds, anywhere? It is welcomed: prove these findings wrong.

This is further proof that the Nairobi mall ‘massacre’ is a Zionist plot and a hoax of unprecedented proportions.

To be updated as soon as possible.


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  1. CIS staged mall attacks – link between Woolwich “killing” and MI6?

    Even more interesting are some of the comments on this article.

    1. The photographer Tyler Hicks always seems to be there to capture the moment.

    Witness to a Massacre in a Nairobi Mall

    That means psyop.

    What is the chance that this top notch photographer would be in the mall to “record the event”

    Tyler Hicks, who always somehow seems to be at the hottest of hot spots and war zones when things explode, did it again today, improbably being inside the mall in Nairobi when the bomb went off.

    And from Shirlz007 –
    A WESTFIELD SHOPPING CENTRE – Owned by none other than Frank Lowy!

    ‘these global shopping centres you own seem to attract a suspiciously unusual amount of terrorist activity Frank!’

    -11 September 2001: New York, the WTC complex buildings 1, 2, and 7 along with Westfield Hotel were ruined in the 9/11 attacks, and consequently about $5.4 billion went into the pockets of Lowy and Silverstein.

    -21 September 2005: Westfield Mall in Perth, Australia, bomb threat.

    -17 May 2006: Westfield in Woden, Australia, bomb threat.

    -21 July 2007: Court house adjacent Westfield Centre Derby, England, bomb threat, which caused evacuation of Westfield premises.

    -01 March 2008: Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, Illinois, bomb threat.

    -20 April 2009: Westfield Hotel Annapolis, bomb threat.

    -20 September 2008: Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, bombing.

    -17 July 2008: Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, bombing.

    -August 2012: London… wait, that one didn’t quite happen for ya did it Frank!)

    Frank Lowy is a dual citizen (Australia/Israel) who also cashed in with “Lucky Larry” on 9/11.

    Portion of article, more on site – Fifty days before 9/11, Larry Silverstein’s Silverstein Properties and Frank Lowy’s Westfield America secured a 99-year lease on World Trade Center Buildings One, Two, Four and Five. Silverstein already owned Building Seven, aka the Salomon building. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey handed over control of the World Trade Center to Silverstein and Lowy on July 24, 2001, an “historic” agreement and “one of the largest privatization initiatives in history.”

    Lowy leased the shopping concourse area called the Mall at the World Trade Center, made up of approximately 427,000 square feet of retail floor space. Silverstein and Westfield America insured the complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout.

    • Great points D! People are starting to realize what’s going on. Connecting the dots shouldn’t be that difficult. Peace hermano.

  2. This event appears to be a pre-planned hoax. We see many elements similar to Boston Bomb fakery, such as blood packs and theatrical dust in people’s hair. If there really are 79 fatalities, where are the bodies and where are the photos? The blood from the plastic packs is not the right color as usual. Few know this but this Mall is heavily guarded at the entrance at all times, therefore its doubtful that any heavily armed men could have gotten inside.

    • Yes, the mall is heavily guarded at all times, by unarmed private security guards who earn barely $200 per month.

      Idiots, you have no f”ing idea what you are talking about

    • Are you really KIDDING me!?

    • Hopeless propaganda. You must be taking or smoking something bad for your brain. Oh, and I will give you free information: The U.S. Embassy bombing in Kenya was in 1998, not 2004 like in your dream the night before you work up to spin this yarn.

    • I can’t help but wonder about the photo of the mother “hiding” under a counter with her little kids. She seems unaware of the camera. You’d think if she were really hiding from something, she’d be kind of pissed at the cameraman giving away her position!!! And why isn’t the cameraman hiding himself?

  3. I agree. Boston hoax signature all over that screaming Asian retard.

    • Steve…so many thoughtful, intelligent comments…and then yours…and you try to contribute to all of these comment sections…always calling someone a “retard” My third grade classmates of years past used this term frequently, to describe people. What is your excuse? In my opinion your comments should all be deleted immediately…just because you never contribute anything without that offensive label.

      • freedom of speech is a bitch.

  4. The government of Kenya has a ‘count’ of the dead at the Mall. To get that ‘count’, you have to have bodies….right? Where are the photos of those 68 ‘dead’ bodies?? Where are the photos of those bodies being removed from the Mall??

    Where are the photos of the 26 bodies being removed from Sandy Hook School last December??

    • try visiting such places that u call staged scenarios and maybe when u die u will know it was real,oh i forgot u will be dead unable to make fallacious comments anymore. maybe we will take a photo of u dead and disrespectfully put in the media for ur children and mother to see everyday 🙂

  5. Ziofalseflatulence

  6. Here is an article and the Israeli involvement is quite clear.

    “Israel Acknowledges Involvement in Kenyan Attack”

    “As these lines are being written on September 22, 2013, a standoff between attackers allegedly belonging to al-Shabab and the Kenyan Government is taking place in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. The complex is owned by Israelis and Israeli media reports that Israeli officials are already in place attempting to manipulate the event. At least two Kenyans claim to have been evacuated from the mall by Israeli security forces.”

    Read here:

  7. Thanks for being on the ball. I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed this ridiculous Ziofraud.

    • You are welcome. Plenty of moulage. Tons of crisis acting. The pay must have been good for the perps.

  8. My first question would be “who is taking all those photos?” I mean, the photographer is clearly standing up and in harms way, taking photos of people crawling away on their bellies, or hiding behind a wall in a standoff. In each case, it would appear that the photographer is standing out in the open, in the middle of the action. And wow, some pretty clear and professional-grade photos, none of this grainy cell-phone stuff. Pretty suspicious indeed.

    • Its very likely these photographers knew well in advance of the fake shooting event. In some videos you see several of these fraudster cameramen running around each fake victim in a mad dash frenzy to get the best blood shot.



    Famed Israeli Raid on Entebbe Airport Culminated Shin Bet-Staged Hijacking Plot

    By Mark Glenn

    Portion of article – more on site:

    Documents recently made public by the British government reveal that Israel played a direct role in the notorious hijacking of an Air France plane to Idi Amin’s Entebbe in 1976 and cooperated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in staging the event remembered today as “the Entebbe Incident.”

    In documents recently released and now sitting in the National Archives in London, D.H. Colvin—a British diplomat working in Paris—wrote that, according to sources he knew, “the hijacking was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet.”

    Along with the United States and Britain, Israel has a long and well-established history of assisting individuals and groups said to be responsible for acts of terrorism since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.

    Individuals such as the famed Abu Nidal and groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Occupied Territories and now, Fateh-al-Islam operating in Northern Lebanon all have at some point been creatures of Mossad, CIA and MI5 intrigue.

    More here.


    Look at the photo above. These so-called ‘dead’ people certainly have lovely skin color for a dead person. NOTICE: man at right is laughing…!!!

  11. Always be suspicious of any photo showing people running carrying an “injured” person. Plenty here. Where are they running with them? Do you see people running crazily with people extracted from car wrecks? Of course not. Standard Boston practice.
    Check too the presence of Reuters’ Goran Tomasevic fresh from Syria and photographing rebels in Libya in 2011 (what luck to be just passing through..)

    • Thank you . Great comment. Noticed this in still photos of so called Boston Marathon bombing…people carrying the “injured” to who knows where…in some of these photos the paramedics are in the background…while these “injured” are carried in the direction of photographers…any uninjured bystander with the most basic knowledge of first aid would be trying to stop major bleeding…by applying pressure to the wounds. Would take about five minutes for the person to bleed to death from a deep cut…why would anyone carry the person with the injured part just swinging? The photographers were safe in the area. why carry the person with serious bleeding anywhere?.I agree, these photos of people carrying so called seriously injured people are major red flags. Keep up the good work Felix.

  12. All you guys are IDIOTS. Complete fools. Am in kenya and whats happening is not a hoax. people are dying. Idiots

    • Hey Drive,

      Prove that you are in Kenya.. and not Mossad’s headquarters..

      • Diani beach kenya, I lost a friend to the attackers.Cant believe the guts needed in writing this article.False glag it maybe…but people died bro.

    • Drive off a cliff you shill. Freaking moron.

  13. Guys guys this is real, please stop making jokes about this. young children and women are dying……..%^$##!%$%$@%$%@!!!##

  14. you bastard, throwing around the word false flag like some know it all. you are probably one of those people who have never seen first hand the horror that bullets cause. This attack has been claimed by muslim jihadists and i hope all muslim extremists (and their sympathizers like yourself) burn on earth and burn in hell.

    • Moron. You’re either blind or working for them. Which is it??

      • @night patrol… your a fool… why do u think a country would stage something so huge… and many countries were involved.. i personally lost my family and was there and it hurts me to see ignorant people like you say such stupid shit coz u have nothing better to say. get your facts right and stop feeding other people into your foolishness. a country wouldnt destroy a mall just for publicity or whatever your implying… it would hurt the economy…. all of yall believing this load of crap are stupid beyond belief. u think it was just one photographer taking pictures? dont be naive… it not a cute look… yes i am annoyed kenyans including me have lost their loved ones and your here claiming its a hoax… do ur research in history it will tell you alshabab and kenya have been fighting for 2 yrs and if u read more u will realise alshabab took full responsibility for it. DONT BE STUPID

        • So you just lost your family in a “terrorist attack” and you’re on the internet reading blogs?? Hahahaha!!!! Yeah, not so much.

  15. Israel Acknowledges Involvment in Kenyan Attack

  16. While I appreciate the attempt to expose the Zionist criminals for what they are I am distressed that this author and many of the posters have fallen prey to the Zionist ruse that Kenya actually exists. Kenya is not a real country. It was invented by criminal Jews to be used as a false flag staging ground. All of the photos and footage taken of the so called mall massacre were actually shot in Hollywood on a sound stage. Where do you think they got all the actors, props and makeup? Hollywood. The Jews own Hollywood; it is the mecca of Zionist criminal activity so it is only natural that they would want to stage these attacks there. You can clearly see several well known L.A. landmarks in many of these photos.

    Kenya is a made up country and does not exist. I would recommend that the author update/edit this article to reflect that.

    • The second I saw the images I could tell it was fake sooooo fake I swear I saw a woman wearing a red shirt. Photoshopped into a picture lmao

    • Agreed that Kenya is a fabrication and that the gov. is a crime syndicate. Links, please. And post can be edified.

    • Ooooooooh, boy. You people scare me.

    • Are you for real you ignoramus!Try and review your high school geography notes you might just locate kenya on the world map.IDIOT!!

    • Wait until one of you loses a loved one to an Islamic jihadists!Then you will know that terrorism is real and it can happen anywhere in the world.

  17. How about that “secrets” banner?

  18. Wow – you people are just bat shit crazy…. Good thing to know that pretty much everyone else thinks so too….

    You all make David Icke almost look sane!

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  20. Crazy fools you dont know what the fuck you are talking about!i am a kenyan and there is no conspiracy here this thing is real,stop with your ignorance and kindly endeavor to educate yourself.What do you hope to achieve by writing such crap,people have lost their loved ones and this is all you can come up with.Clearly you dont know the pain of loosing a loved one.If you want to see the bodies of those who were killed,you are free to go to the morgues they are there in droves.FOOL!!

    • your dumb too then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • @andrea… ur a fool…. kenya is a country THAT I LIVE IN… or what? i dont exsist either? google is you friend… google kenya and you will find it on a map… its hard to believe how stupid people are hahahahaha incase you doubt it… ur stupid and your a fool. go back to school hell i bet your way older than me but your here talking stupid… do u know how stupid u look to the world? VERY STUPID! do ur research before you say stupid shit like that

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  22. “Absolute Proof”… is this really absolute? From the case made here calling it proof is a stretch.

    • Try looking down the other end of the telescope. Is there any proof in the photos and reports and videos that anything happened as described by the stenographers of the intelligence services? I don’t see any. I just see a film set so far.

      • @felix…. u want proof? i’m proof… i was there…. survived… my family died tho…. it hurts me to see this page and people laughing at the pain of others. if you have nothing good to say… dont say it at all. what if this was ur country and you were involved? you wouldnt take it lightly

        • I’m certain that if your family had just been brutally killed in a terrorist attack, hopping on the internet to comment on an article would be a top priority……….

          I hold no strong opinion either way, but the sudden influx of folks who “were there” or “lost family” is swaying my opinion.

        • Another person who was supposedly just terrorized and lost their family but feels okay enough to be perusing blogs online….seriously??? The last thing someone who just suffered such a traumatic event would be doing is surfing the internet. Try again…next??

        • Have you any proof at all – anything -that you are Kenyan and have family killed in Nairobi? Because, I have to say – I don’t believe you. I think you are working for a western intell org. or are an Israeli. This is a quite typical israeli approach after a false-flag attack. The Jew doth protest too much, methinks…

  23. I think if these menacing beasts really wanted to stir up trouble they would have no issue using bullets instead of blood-bags. These monsters don’t have empathy. They’ll step on you as you would an ant.

    To call this “absolute” or even “proof” is misleading at best.

  24. In Africa they do not bother with crisis actors. They killed and wounded real people, just as they did on 9/11. Whilst your analysis of the perpetrators may be correct, you do Truth a dis-service by claiming that the poor innocent victims are actors; that is akin to claiming that the people running out of the World Trade Towers on 9/11 were crisis actors.

    There are *many* parallels with 9/11, not least the fact that in the end they killed off everybody (terrorists and hostages) by collapsing the building and blaming it on “fire”.

    • If that’s the case then we should be able to see HD images of the victims – and the”terrorists”- being pulled from the wreckage. Don’t you think? As someone already mentioned, to do a casualty count the bodies have to be arranged for indentifcation and autopsy.

      This is fake. More importantly this is a very serious crime. And I want to know if the western people who arranged this crime are a faction within Western intelligence agencies ( it’s pretty clear most of their employees are not up to the job if they can’t see this is fake. And more importantly, as I’ve said, a prosecutable crime), or is this an established practise, known from the bottom up…??

      There was a young unemployed girl in Canada put through the ringer -probably rightly so -for impersonating a cancer victim to solicite money on the street. This became major news and she received a pretty harsh sentence as I recall. If that is as immoral as the media made it out to be – what should be done about this? And the fact that at least some of the media know this is fake and are presenting it as truth. What should be done about them?

    • Oh boy…you’re pictures are even better for showing how fake this is…check out the two black men in the painter’s clothes “running from a shoot out”– they’re laughing!!! They look downright jovial!

      And the blood in those really close up shots look even more fake….( shaking my head in sad disbelief)..

  25. absolutely brilliant !! its not real what a load of crap ……………check out one photo of blood on the floor …… great acting and 10 and out of 10 to the nob head camera man who appears to get shots of absolutely everything ……..i have got to say your a bunch of sickos even the sky news reporters and bbc were deeply confused on national television….. but it all adds up when things have happened in England for REAL we don’t push folk around in a shopping trolley with a smile on our face- (while gunmen are supposedly showering bullets/grenades) nor would run about for a trolley and use bog roll to make them comfortable? er no we would run like ****…………… yawn yawn yawn

  26. like the lady said in her hospital bed………..”please we still need tourism”……… no shit … course you do …….why would we take risks now…….of people like yourselves drawing trouble and blaming the Muslim world when actually you prooke It yourselves. it could cause world war you idiots. no footage from in the mall ………..clap clap clap

  27. Just a normal mossad/sayanim operation!
    BTW. Just have a look at the W of Westgate! that should tell you who’s behind it all!


  29. I was a witness. People lost lives, children died, burials are happening around the country as we speak. A simple browse through a Kenyan daily would reveal obituaries filled with victims or better still if you really what to see bodies visit the city morgue. In this country, we respect the grieving by not splashing their images on print. The Sunday Nation did that on their 22nd edition and the backlash was so severe, they had to put in an apology the next day. It was a terror attack and it is something Kenyans have learnt to come to terms with being collateral damage since the 1998 US Embassy bombing. I can see how the conspiracy theories can be appealing given the American history of cover ups but do not be so naive as to think everything plays out your Hollywood special effect theories. Take a walk outside your bubble and experience reality as it is not as you imagine it is.

    • Do you know who did the 1998 Embassy bombing and who murdered all those Kenyan people, among others?

  30. You got to be kidding me,people died and you talking about fuckin..HOAX??? You wanted proof and proof you got »»» that look like HOAX???

  31. Fellow kenyans don’t waste your breath on these ignoramuses,they believe everything is make believe like it is in hollywood.How i wish that they are killed by Islamic jihadists in the most painful of ways and when their families are mourning for them people dismiss it as a hoax and create forums like this to post idiotic stupid ignorant and moronic statements like this ones here.!i didn’t know such morons actually exist!SHIT HEADS.

  32. Please, if you are going to call us “stupid” and “morons” just explain why and how people in these photos have blood all over their shirts…with no bullet holes showing on the shirts. Here is your chance to explain…how could a person be shot through the chest or stomach…and not have holes in the shirt? I’m not even asking you to say anything about how these people could be walking…after being shot…just tell us how someone could bleed enough to cover a shirt. with something red…..and not have tears or holes in the shirt. After you have explained, feel free to go right back to calling us “idiots”and “morons” Thank you.

    • I totally agree…….. if I got shot anywhere stomach or chest id be crying for help not mooching around the media -id be rolling on the floor begging for help!!

    • the other thing is how quickly people are getting cremated/buried or poss… is a different rule in Kenya- we have proper post-mortems especially in murder/killings.

      • Please do keep assessing and investigating. Links on the necessary procedures in the country for dealing with vicious murders would be highly instructive.

    • or is it real…………… and that’s just how your own government treats you or creates a massive showdown- bombs the evidence and all footage- as if you check out the picture it clearly shows its like a crater -they should have accepted the SAS!!! they do their job NOT- SEEN- NOT HEARD – and get the job done- but no they refused all national physical help so you have to see why people are sceptical- in a fashion being defensive so quick is even stranger its a chat forum we are all entitled to our opinions outsiders are going to look at it completely different especially with the POSH photography- that we have all seen and yes a lot of it doesn’t make sense and im afraid what I have seen is not very distraught people but laid back quite relaxed no tears nothing

  33. No no you just can’t call thisDEADLY Attack HOAX,was there covering the event from day one,you think the Kenya government would bring out such heavy army machinery and weapons and put up a fight if it were a hoax? Have a look of what im telling you to understand better»»»

  34. Just a thought about what you mentioned as rectangular objects; the Israeli developed Battle Dressings are rectangular and thick bandages and are exactly what you would want to apply during first aid of a gunshot, especially on a wound to the abdomen. They have been well distributed for some years now in military and emergency response units. Easy to find on the internet, so take a look and compare.

    • Or a squib….

      • Thank you for this comment. I’ve looked at definitions for “squib”. Some definitions are from heavy industry and mining…the modern definitions are from the worlds of theater, film, and entertainment. A squib is a tube filled with theatrical liquid…it is hidden under a costume until the actor manipulates it to propel the liquid outwards. The idea is to simulate a hit with a bullet. Fake blood will appear on the costume…from the inside out…the costume will not be torn because there will be no actual bullet.

        • Cecilia. They are rectangular charges that are set off by an electrical signal ..and they most certainly do explode and look similar to an exit wound. Films use them all the time–you should be able to find pictures of how they work on the net( I did find one but can’t link to it, unfortunately). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Zionist Internet ‘warriors'(LOL) were busy scrubbing any info and pics of squibs that they can find..

          The pictures here, particularly the big black man with 3 apparent bullet wounds in his back( that look like exit wounds: in which case, given where they are, there would be no way in hell you’d be walking around -,none) look very suspicious indeed..

  35. Cecelia so even 9/11 was a hoax ah?Trying to explain anything to you is an effort in futility i don’t have the strength.Pray tell,how do you manage to live with such dumbness?!!

  36. No thank you for your nice Hollywood fiction. Go sell this to the birds. But for your info, no terrorist attack happened in 2004 in Kenya as you indicated…just shows how shallow you are….


    • JIDF are at it again I see….or Mossad/CIA( they are currently the same organization )….the harder they work the better it gets for us normal people…carry on, morons!

  38. Fiction?? what world do you live in! im Kenyan…and it happened! heres proof

    • Israeli demolition squads, pre-set charges. Time for some big insurance claims. Notice how they used tear gas to drive away the locals, so called spectators.

  39. For your information there was no US embassy bombing in Kenya in 2004,if you want to lie to people for whatever twisted reason,do your research properly,look at how you’ve been caught in your own lie!You are the hoax shit Head.

    • Embassy bombing was 1998. If there is a typo, here, it will be fixed. There is an entire post describing the 1998 US embassy bombing done by the Mossad.

      • Did you just google that after it was pointed out?Typing error my ass!it is quite clear you have no idea what you are talking about!

        • Troll: there are two posts on this site published weeks ago which list the date as 1998, one of which is as follows: http://nodisinfo.commossad-did-9-11-and-african-embassy-bombings-hameed-gul/

          Perhaps you should spend your time attempting to correct CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, (Plus AP/Reuters): you’d need 10,000 lifetimes to do what you are attempting to do, here.

        • Actually, it is in the first sentence, “In 1998” of this post published weeks ago: http://nodisinfo.comlawlessness-in-africa-islamic-or-zionist/

          Troll: if you spent the kind of time attempting to correct the blunders and errors committed by CNN, NBC, CBS, AP, Reuters, and more you’d need 10,000 lifetimes, as all they spew is wretched lies.

  40. Shill central here suddenly. Raw nerve, hit ?

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was just thinking!! As if anyone who just suffered auch trauma woul be hanging out online reading blogs.


  42. I also did not see any dead bodies from 9/11 yet it was claimed that over 3000 people were killed,please these were all zionist crisis actors. The figure 3000 is significant here because this is also the age of George W Bush who is not even a real person but a phantom.who can even believe those fake videos that they showed of planes flying into to the twin towers!The second plane was supposedly captured live in a video hitting the second tower!who can buy that!what a zionist mossadic conspiracy to fool the world!They even had the audacity to show photos of people apparently jumping out of the towers in an ‘attempt’ to save their lives!these were mere crisis actors.These zionists will go to any extreme.Flight 93 was supposed to ‘hit’ the pentagon but this was just an extra measure by the zionist mossad to ensure that they succeed,pity they failed miserably.Islamic jihadists dont exist,it is just a club of zionist crisis actors.i wonder how much they are paid,must be handsome sum!

    • This is correct. There was no recovery effort of any kind for anyone that was purportedly killed. However, this requires much investigation because of the nature of the destruction from the demolitions, which was vast.

      • I’m not going to comment specifically on “911” and the destruction of the WTT…that is in some ways a separate subject and complicated in its own way. However, I have just viewed the photos of the “collapsed ” Mall in Kenya. Even the mainstream media captions and headlines are stating that this collapse was caused by the armed forces who went in after the “terrorists”. First reports listed a “mattress fire” as the cause, of the collapse of a major portion of a gigantic shopping Mall. Later it was acknowledged that the heavily armed men who went after the “Somali Terrorists” caused the building to collapse on top of 67 hostages and a possible “6 terrorists.” Some mainstream reports list “grenades” as the cause. Grenades? They used grenades to bring down an enormous building, with hostages who might have been alive, in the building? If a sensible, reasonable commenter posts some comparison to the destruction of the World Trade Towers…I’ll read with interest. As I remember the “collapse” of those three buildings was blamed on “hijacked airplanes” causing fires…and one of the three buildings was not even hit with an airplane. If someone compares the “mattress fire” explanation to the “hijacked planes” explanation, I won’t disagree.

    • “Zionists will go to any extreme” – gotta say I totally agree with you about those idiots. Myself and the majority of the planet’s population think Zionists are hilariously stupid. I mean – talk about falling out of the dumb-dumb tree and hitting every branch on the way down!! The good news is these guys are so blinkering clueless, that its merely a matter of sitting down grabbing’ an ale and watching them hang themselves with a very short rope…lol!! Americans, Brits, Canadians, Aussies are going to have one hell of a party when this is over…and it’s coming..

  43. George w Bush is a 3000 year old phantom!I wish i could live that long!

    • drkresearch,from where Iam here in kenya,there is no need to further investigate 9/11 because it never happened and no one was killed these were zionist crisis actors taking part in a mere hoax staged by zionist mossad.The twin towers were never destroyed,how could they be destroyed in a mere hoax of the zionists,no the twin towers are still standing.

  44. This article states a lot of bullshit. And have you ever stepped foot on Nairobi soil? If you did you would know how many people from various ethnic backgrounds call it home, and have been calling it home for all their lives. I am referring to those whom you call “non-kenyan” in your stupid article.

    • I’ve never set foot on a Hollywood movie lot orset or studio yet I know the fiction they create is fake and not real!

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  46. The fact that people are actually believing the idea that this is a hoax amazes me. All the “evidence” here is bullshit and barely makes a point, anyone who falls for this probably doesn’t have the capacity to develop their own opinions. I don’t understand how there is no proof that this is real, I’ve seen countless dead bodies before my very eyes. I’ve been to two funerals already, I’ve got a friend who was there going to therapy, and while it happened I could see the fires and helicopters from my house. Hospitals are so full and busy because of the amount of patients and blood donors. Pretty sure if you were to step foot into Nairobi you’d know that there is nothing “staged” about the tragedy in Kenya. Anyone who actually knew what was going on wouldn’t be so close minded as to think like this, there’s enough proof this happened. You people are so simple and can’t even think for yourselves… the amount of ignorance in this post seriously makes me lose faith in humanity.

    • Alykhan – where are you from? We’ve seen similar posts at all proper news sites across the web saying the same thing or a slight variation. I would put money on it that you’re either Israeli or a paid CIA troll….again, it’s easy to tell when the Zionists are posting because they truly are the world’s biggest morons. Possibly in all history.

  47. DAMN….. Frank Lowy he sure does have some bad luck. He owned/leased/controlled a well known property in New York City….. What was it called? …… Oh yeah, the World Trade Center. Hijacked drone planes flew into them. Al Qaeda was in the drone planes or they hijacked them from an airport and the planes had passengers who called family and the airlines for help. That was a miracle they got through because cell phones didn’t have the capability in those days, but on 911 they did. It was a special day and cell phones decided to function at their future capacity. That Osama dude even though he was on his death bed in renal failure, he apparently rose to the occasion like the cell phones. The WTC went down like a demolition from those drone planes….. Old Frank sued, so did Frank’s best bud Larry for all the damage caused by those drone planes….,, they got billions from Judge Alex Hallerstein….. But poor Frank Lowy, tragedy has befallen him once more.

  48. The Tasmanian couple were probably given a small country in Africa to fake their death

    THIS IS REAL!!!!!!!

  50. Good to see the shills back – also here;
    confiration this site is going in the right direction….

  51. Can I please volunteer to teach the author of this article a lesson? I would be glad to give you a few bullet holes so you could explore if you bleed in square patches or not. You are a sick son of a bitch who needs to be castrated to ensure you never have children who could be influenced by your genetic tendency to be a fucking cunt, and a dumb one at that. I wish somebody you love dies in an incident like this and you then realize how real it is.

    • No one died in your fake zionist owned mall hoax shooting! You zionist freaks are good at giving deaths threats over the net aren’t you??? You murderous genocidal psychos will get a taste of your own medicine if you keep trying to disarm the America people. All enemy zionist traitors trying to disarm American will be given lots of bullets but no guns. and those bullets will come at very high speed! You hear me you piece of cowardly murderous filth? Every Palestinian innocent you animals murdered will be remembered as we resist your attempted gun confiscation & your planned racist tyranny over the goyim and send you to bring your body bags zionist!

    • The same zionists who your Kenyan Hoax Mall Terror PsyOps do the same hoax mass shootings here in America all the time. I don’t give a damn how many hoax or real mass murder shooting the psychopath zionists orchestrate in America or around the world! We will never disarm! Let the zionist disarm their own people in Israel and their psychopath settlers if they want gun confiscation so bad!

  52. Are you kidding me? People are dying here, and the others are so dead struck with trauma and you are just naming all this a hoax? So do you mean all those who have died are just actually hidden away somewhere out of the world? Do you want to experience it all yourselves before you believe its real? You’d better bugger off

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