Egypt and Syria Other Hoaxes — 31 August 2013
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UPDATED: The Napalm Bombing in Syria is a Zionist Hoax

This whole claim of a napalm attack by the Assad government against its own people is a hoax, just like the various fake injury and death hoaxes heaped upon the human race by the Zionists. Using their always compliant mouthpiece, the BBC, Zionist operatives created this fabrication and then disseminated it.

The people pictured in the video are mere crisis actors working for the Israeli entity. In desperation the Zionists are faking massacres to whatever degree possible as their hoax and scam of freedom-seeking fighters versus the Syrian regime is collapsing. They Israelis and their proxy militias have been categorically defeated. They have no hope of winning on their own.

The Syrian Army is fighting for its homeland. No motivation could be greater than that. The Zionists and its hired thugs are fighting for wicked aims: the creation of that Zionist dream, Greater Israel, and also for money – yes it’s terrorists are well paid.

Does a physician not know what a burn looks like or not? What about the kind of burn that would be seen from napalm: horrific. Yet, according to the DailyMail:

A British medic, Dr Rola, who is in Syria with the charity Hand In Hand, treated the victims at the hospital.

She said: ‘It is just absolute chaos and carnage here. We have had a massive influx of what looks like serious burns, seems like it must be some sort of, not really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that.

The school’s distraught headmaster told reporters: ‘This was the most horrific thing. We have seen images on TV, we have heard many stories, but we have never seen anything like this before.

‘The worst thing in life is watching someone die right in front of you and you can’t do anything.

‘There were dead people, people burning and people running away, but where to? Where would they go? It is not safe anywhere. That is the fate of the Syrian people.’

Really? Fake? Sounds exactly like a set-up not even by angry or anti-Assad locals but, rather, by the Israelis themselves, especially with the emphasis of “fate” as a characteristic of the mind of Arabs and Muslims. The Israelis and their cohorts like to belittle them on that account, whereas Muslims usually say, “I put my faith in Allah” or something similar.

This is the image provided by the UK’s Mirror as the site of the supposed napalm bombing. Who wold find that believable?


The man in screen has been fuzzed out? Why? Is this done in the Israeli entity? Look at the scene. A bit of char about the window. What about the rest? What about the foregrounds and the swimming pool? That jellied gasoline would be everywhere, charring and burning, sticking and killing: not just on the outer edge of a window.

This is a set-up and a hoax. This is what happens when a single bomb of napalm is dropped on the earth:


The following is a close-up of what a bombing with napalm looks like. The pictures by the Mirror are a mere fraud, where someone set a fire and charred the edge of that window: hoax of the most extreme degree.


What does a napalm burn look like? It is truly horrific. Like glue, it sticks on the person and auto-roasts them. Napalm is an American and Zionist invention, not a Syrian one. Here is what a freshly acquired napalm burn looks like: hideous:


Napalm is sticky; it’s jellied gasoline, a most brutal weapon well-used by the great Zionist powers, including America, France, and Britain, especially American as it ruthlessly destroyed the lives of countless Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians with this substance.


Here is an example of the ultimate consequences of a napalm burn:


Napalm was developed at Harvard University in 1942 by chemistry professor Louis F. Fiese. Similar to the material used in those horrid WWII war weapons, flame throwers. Yet, has anyone called the United States to account for brutally murdering and maiming countless thousands of people with this wretched weapon? Has the treachery of the Zionist-orchestrated dropping of napalm, remember Henry Heinz Kissinger plus the Annenberg crime syndicate were key agents behind the Vietnam atrocities: has anyone held these murderous to the literal fire for their ordering, known and proven, of napalm strikes, not just against military targets but also civilian ones?

Yet, people are to believe the video, that a man with an image such as this is a napalm burn victim? Who in the universe would find that believable? Napalm vastly scalds the skin causing extensive scar formation plus raw injury and bistering. Where is the raw, inflamed injury; where are the blisters; where is the scar formation? It cannot be seen anywhere.


Sticky napalm: jellied gasoline – he has none on his body. This is a hoax and what is seen is a kind of make-up or moulage to make it look like he suffered some kind of facial injury.

Now, can anyone imagine what would happen to the clothing of a person who suffered a napalm burn? It would be burned into the skin; much of the clothing, like the skin, would be charred. What about his clothing?


All that is seen is moulage: mere charcoal marked on to his shirt to give the appearance of charring.

Let’s look at the main actor’s face one more time, the one that said all this is due to “fate”, the “fate of the Syrian people.”


There is no burning on this face, none, zip. Note also the furtive glance, the eyes free of damage, the normal-appearing ears, the normal, undamaged lips, the perfectly normal skin on his chin. Additionally, the skin of the neck is the same color, same appearance, as that of the face and ear. The plastered material makes no sense, as there is no evidence of any kind of injury, blister, inflammation, scarring, trauma, or anything else that would account for that application.

Another key issue: where was this filmed? Look at the quality of the facility. Wore torn Syria? This is top end; see the walls, the steps, the banisters, and more. The man in blue is carrying what is supposed to be a victim child. Who is the man in white? A Syrian or someone else?

In fact, he has every appearance of being an Israeli, while the facility is also Israeli. It is surely not a facility in a war-torn, disrupted region. Any evidence for this?

Hand in Hand is strictly Israeli; plus the napalm hoax was seeded by Zionist-controlled media outlets. Plus, it is well established that the Zionists routinely treat any wounded from the so-called rebel groups. Plus, the Israeli-appearing man pictured. In addition, the fact that the entire claim of a napalm attack is a phony. Plenty of evidence.



A Syrian doctor or an Israeli one? Why won’t he show his face?



The Hand in Hand agent, right before everyone’s eyes: he doesn’t work for the Syrian government but, rather, for the Zionist entity.


He looks like an Israeli. What other conclusion could be made?


Makes sense. Who is behind the charity operating in Syria and more known as Hand in Hand, the one associated so closely with those schools, as discussed in the video:

Additional actors

How miserable to fake a napalm attack. Look at the camera effort: the drapery on the left screen was pulled back for good lighting. The man’s back can be seen in the mirror. Whether backside or front, there is no evidence of any kind of napalm burn injuries. The Frankenstein act is a miserable one. Even perhaps more inane are the youths on the ground without even the slightest evidence of burn injury. What are they doing there? O, that’s right, according to the video these are students. Assad bombed his own college students.


What about this actor? Anyone can put on such a fake mask with make-up and moulage. All these masks look similar to facials. Regardless, a napalm victim. What is she doing wondering about with these people? Other than the fake muck on her face her skin is the same as the others in the frame. The acting of the man in the mustache, regardless, is exceedingly obvious.


Here they are again., It is clearly all an act. The Zionists are collapsing from with in. Like desperate animals cornered in a box, they are launching out to fight with every miserable tool at their disposal, including the faking of injuries and even the faking of injuries from gas attacks.


Another fake. Don’t be fooled. It is a set-up.


Too, watch the protesting of the man speaking in English, presumably Mohammed Abdul Latif. He is clearly a fraud, like the others, as he protests “Hey UN: you’re calling for  peace? What kind of peace are you calling for? Did you see this? What (more) did you need to see?”

How many ways does a person have to say, “HOAX?”

The narration continues that these are “college students” though regarding the picture above “this 15 year-old’s country didn’t “sign that treaty” banning the Zionist-invented napalm. That’s the BBC’s propaganda line, fully attempting to enhance the fraud of this video admittedly “posted online by an account connected to an opposition group.” The fake nature of this is obvious.


There are no coincidences in life. All that occurs happens for a reason. It is NO coincidence that the fake napalm attack occurs at an area being managed by an Israeli charity, where it’s agents speak Arabic fluently. How many of these crisis actor are Israeli/Arabic Jews? How many are even Syrians? Scream it from the rooftops, this is a fake, and the acting may even have occurred in the occupied Golan Heights or some other Israeli-controlled region. No napalm attack occurred against the Syrian people, especially this no-name students at an un-named facility. Wouldn’t at least the name of that education institution be provided? And what about the photography or video of the detonation of the napalm on the college? Hoax, hoax, hoax: it didn’t happened, and it was all fabricated by the Israelis.

UPDATED: The Napalm revisited

Hard proof? The napalm claim was run through the Zionist-controlled media just hours before the historic vote by London’s MPs, which turned against the Israeli plotters. Israeli agents schemed the napalm hoax knowing that the vote in favor of the war was weak.

Same situation. The Zionists use napalm against the people, not the Muslims, the Syrians, or other Middle Eastern blocks:

Caption: Egyptian soldier burned by napalm during Arab-Israeli war, being cared for at Helmia Military Hospital­(Our addition: note the size of the bandages on the arms; note the horrific burn damage of the man’s face.



The man on the left, the victim of the barbaric ones of the Zionist entity, is real, while the man on right screen, the Israeli agent, is a liar and a fraud.

Total destruction 

When it is dropped from an aircraft, a single napalm  ‘bomb’ is capable of completely destroying an area  covering thousands of square meters. Napalm was

dropped on German and Japanese cities in the  second world war and used extensively by the US in  Vietnam from 1950s to 1970s. It is particularly feared

because, unlike standard bombs and bullets, it flows  and spreads very effectively – napalm is not easy to  escape. For example, it can form a river of burning

liquid that can flow into hidden underground trenches  like no other weapon.

Napalm can cause death by burns or asphyxiation. Napalm bombs generate carbon monoxide while simultaneously removing oxygen from the air. The air in the bombing area can be 20 percent or more carbon monoxide []. This effect occurs because napalm partially combusts the oxygen in the air, turning CO2 (carbon dioxide) into CO (carbon monoxide). In some cases, people have been boiled to death in rivers made hot by the heat of napalm bombs.

It is all just conclusive proof that this is yet another Zionist hoax aimed at putting pressure on Western government to invade yet another Middle Eastern country on behalf of the murderous Israeli entity.

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