DC Shipyard Other Hoaxes — 16 September 2013
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WhDC Navy Shipyard Shooting is a Hoax

The timing of it all is telling, as the Obama regime sees its own public demise before its hideous face. Timing. It tells all.

It figures the Zionists would pick a naval facility for this false flag, since the Navy is the portion of the American military poised to strike Syria. It is also no coincidence that arch-Zionist and warmongering Rockefeller asset, NBC, is the main force behind the hoaxing stories of, once again, a deranged lone gunman.

Same situation as Sandy Hook, Santa Monica, McNair, and more: lone gunman that doesn’t exist, except in a figment of imagination (or as a well-paid crisis actor).  Holed-up. “A bald black man,” and/or lone shooter with AR-15-style assault weapon.” Same phony story. Can anyone conceive it? It’s a Zionist-inspired fake. Who can prove otherwise?

Some might call this a false flag. Yet, it can’t be a false flag, because nothing happened.

The Zionists need this hoax desperately. Like the others, the story will change as it goes along, since it is merely a lie.

There are so many liars that they can’t keep track of each other. That’s why there are so many stories.

From NBC, fraudsters in action for big pay:

By Jim Miklaszewski, Pete Williams and Richard Esposito, NBC News

Four people were shot to death and at least six others wounded Monday at a Navy facility in Washington, authorities told NBC News.

SWAT officers swarmed the facility, the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command at the Washington Navy Yard. Authorities were trying to assess the casualties in the chaos that followed, but one source told NBC News that the shooter was also cornered.

A naval security guard was among those shot and was hit in both legs, U.S. military officials said. Washington city police told WRC, the NBC affiliate in Washington, that one of their officers was also among those shot. It was not clear how many of the others shot were civilian and how many were military.

NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports on the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. and shares the latest information. NBC’s Kasie Hunt also joins the conversation.

Tim Hogan, a spokesman for Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, posted photos to his Twitter account of people tending to at least one person down on a street corner.

The Navy said on its Twitter feed that three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. ET at the Sea Systems Command headquarters. Almost an hour later, the Navy still characterized the shooter as “active.” The military officials said that the gunman may have been armed with an AR-15, a military-style assault rifle.

Flights were briefly grounded at Reagan National Airport, and Capitol police said they were stepping up security on the Capitol grounds. The White House said President Barack Obama was getting regular briefings. Washington police told WRC that nearby schools were locked down, and some bridges were closed.

About 3,000 people work in the Navy building, the Navy said. They were ordered to stay in place. WRC video showed a medical helicopter lifting someone off a roof.

The Naval Sea Systems Command builds, buys and maintains ships and submarines and their combat systems. The Navy Yard is along the Anacostia River in Washington, near the headquarters of the Department of Transportation and the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.

From CBS, more liars and cheats in action:

Flights were briefly grounded at Reagan National Airport, and Capitol police said they were stepping up security on the Capitol grounds. The White House said President Barack Obama was getting regular briefings. Washington police told WRC that nearby schools were locked down, and some bridges were closed.

About 3,000 people work in the Navy building, the Navy said. They were ordered to stay in place. WRC video showed a medical helicopter lifting someone off a roof.

The Naval Sea Systems Command builds, buys and maintains ships and submarines and their combat systems. The Navy Yard is along the Anacostia River in Washington, near the headquarters of the Department of Transportation and the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.


This was a drill. Nothing happened, and no matter what is said as this goes along, no one died, and no one was injured. Those who claim otherwise are either crisis actors or Zionist moles. Regardless, what is Obama being briefed about – whether or not the world quickly uncovers this as a scam?

All the footage is contrived. None of this is real: pure make-believe. Moreover, yes, all the players, all those who claim a real massacre are crisis actors paid for a role and/or Zionist assets.

Too, see who they quote. It is the key quote of attempted intimidation, that is those ominous, ever-present forces, the ‘anonymous’ “authorities.” Fake: whenever this is in print it is guaranteed to be a fraud.

These hoaxes are all too common and all to easy, now, to realize. Same situation. The general public attending to the mortally wounded; people loitering about. No emergency of any kind; no EMTs attending to the ‘victim’; just regular people. This alone proves the degree of the hoax.

Navy shooting-3

This is a fake and a scam, make no mistake about it. All it is, in fact, is a drill. This single picture proves it. Note the man in the grey shirt, just standing by. They are all scam artists who are in this hoax for mere monetary gain or, possibly, they are so-called Obama Democrats and can’t stand to see their fearless leader shut down at every pass.


Seems that the cop is directing traffic,  blowing a whistle, trying to prevent spectator slowing. Regardless, what is this fake victim doing on the curb? Oh, that’s right, since these are crisis actors working on behalf of the Zionists, the purpose is to create fright and shock in the public consciousness for the sake of the UN Small Arms Treaty, a plot that derives directly from the Zionist entity, along with American Jewry, as seen in the Boston hoax and Sandy hoax.

Here are some zoomed in images to look at from a different angle  (click on them to enlarge the images)

100percent 200percent 150percent

Hard proof of the hoax

Hard proof of the hoax is found in the buffoonery of crisis actors, such as this fraudster interviewed on the local news networks:

Picture 330

Picture 328

Who in this universe would call this real after seeing images such as that? They are not merely smiling, rather, they are guffawing in absolute glee. Destroying the universe with the agenda of the Obama White House; are they so gleeful for their Fraudster-in-Chief that, finally, he will get the momentum he needs to destroy the people’s inalienable rights?

Gunman dead? Just another part of the scam. There was no gunman and no corpse. Regardless, there are no conveniences or coincidences in life. This is a set-up. A dead gunman tells no tales and is a necessary part of the fraud, as seen in the non-existent Adam Lanza and the dummy of Santa Monica. When a real, live person is blamed for a fake shooting, there are complications, as is seen in Aurora (James Holmes) or Boston, that is a bombing (Dzhokhar Tsaraev).

Then, too, there is the fake shooter with the possibly fabricated name. What a fraud this is. What black man would do this? Moreover, where are his supposed accomplicdes. If this man does exist, he is merely a front-man for this Zionist scam, well-paid for the roll and on, now, with a new identity.



Oh, right; he shot 12 people dead, wounding others; and all the dead and the wounded, man on the curb exempted: all of them get removed from the scene (no moulage to analyze, here) by not Emergency MediVac but, rather, a police helicopter, the one with the SWAT team member on the edge? Nonsense: it’s a fools game. And, direly, only an absolute fool or truly confused one would believe all this without a careful analysis.
Picture 350
No wounded or dead people were removed from the scene with this helicopter: a complete fabrication. Let anyone prove otherwise.


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  1. This is a false flag put on by our government – specifically FEMA. FEMA has already called for the FEMA district 3 to be on full alert during this time. It is so sad that FEMA is doing a drill exercise and the news is reporting it as real. At a navy military base, I’m sure they can handle any shooter situation without involving the entire world. I also find it sad that they have locked down dozen schools. Our government has reached a new pathetic low.

  2. Honestly, how much more of this crisis acting hoax shootings are the American public going to put up with?

  3. Its another distraction! How can a shooter even get in let alone with guns? How did those helicopters know they were not going to be shot down as they hovered? Obama makes sure to stress another mass shooting to push gun control laws! There is too much that doesn’t smell right. Our government will kill their own to push its agenda!

  4. Mayor announces “12 dead”? Where are the photos of the crime scene? No bodies….no photos…nothing.

  5. NO photos of wounded arriving at hospital, no photos of dead bodies. Remember that Washington DC is loaded with photographers and cell phone cameras….yet we see no photos.

  6. The black guy, bodyguard or whatever he is looks like he’s having a good time, his role was done perfectly. He looks so fake that my eyes hurt…. He’s just like a goddamm mannequin/robot….

  7. “False Flag Shooting at D.C. Naval Yard! 12 Killed, 10 Wounded & 2 Suspects At Large!”


  8. I noticed CNN’s reporter at the scene is Barbara Starr, who has an uncanny resemblance to “witnesses” at Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, Watertown, etc … http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2013/05/is-boston-bombing-victim-krystle.html

  9. Please figure it out people – this is only the first part of the total drill and hoax. We still have “1-2 suspects” that will require an entire city to shut down by “sheltering in place”.

    Didn’t you all notice how that phrase was repeated over and over by the news media? This is a dry run for a much bigger hoax.

  10. Navy Yard shooting is very clearly another Zionist Jewish false flag for gun grabbing as well as to frame an innocent man from Texas.

    Could it be that he knew some US government Zionist secrets and Jews in the US government had to go after him?

    “Navy Yard Shooting: Right On Time, Gun Control Advocates Blame AR-15″

    “Major media outlets are now reporting that one of the shooters was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

    No doubt that this will lead to a continued push by the establishment to completely ban “assault rifles,” especially in the heels of California passing a bill to ban new sales of semi-automatic rifles.”

    Read more here:


  11. Mass Shooting Follows Obama’s Latest Anti-Second Amendment Push


  12. Notice how FREQUENTLY these fake events happen??? We are being played for FOOLS. This has everything to do with gun control….and declaring Martial Law on a mere whim.

  13. Morons talking about 2 or even 3 “shooters” instead of one, yeah, rite….

  14. I posted a comment in the British newspaper The Guardian in their readers comment section saying that this was a false flag hoax attack with the usual lone gunman narrative. The comment was removed by the moderator and now I find that my comments are being blocked and are not posting.
    Good to see that freedom of speech is alive and well in Britain.

    • Keep posting elsewhere. Drive them crazy. The removal is proof of a fake.

      • The Guardian newspaper routinely blocks my posts because they don’t like it when I challenge their lies. And criticism of Israel in the Guardian is a no go area. I’ve had critical comments of Israel not just removed with the usual “This comment was removed by the moderator” etc, etc but completely vanish with no record that I had even made a comment.
        I regularly change my online identity to avoid detection. They are trying to manipulate public opinion to back their war mongering Zionist agenda but it failed on Syria because people raised their voices againt it.

  15. Navy Yard Shooting a HOAX!! PROOF Actors Exposed!!

  16. Crisis actors again…

  17. Shooting at Navy Yard Shooting – Fake Witness Actors exposed! US navy shooting Staged?

    • SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST. And again this is also a distraction from the Syrian matter

    • False Flag Shooting at D.C. Naval Yard! 13 Killed, 10 Wounded & 2 Suspects At Large!

    • At the time this happened President Obama was reading a book about a pet goat. The book was upside down.

      Aaron Alexis in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 – says a lot!
      Aaron Alexis = 11 letters
      AA = 11

  18. Shooting Hoax at Washington, DC Navy Yard!!!

  19. You people are nuts. Please take your Zionist made mental drugs.

    • You’re so brainwashed by the Zionist controlled media that you don’t know up from down or right from wrong. Wake up before the media sedative you unwittingly ingest everyday, puts you permanently to sleep.
      Climb out of the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole you live in.

  20. WOW! Talk about conspiracy theories, do you all really have time to sit around and think of all this garbage? Are you all so intelligent that you can see through a major media event with thousand involved and these are all just paid actors? Did they all come together like a flash dance mob? You people in this post are insane-how can you tie a shooting at a Naval Shipyard with Zionist. Is it possible that not everyone knew exactly what was going on in the middle of a crisis and that is why their stories were different? You all are giving FEMA too much credit. If our government wanted to take our guns, wouldn’t they just up and try to do that by passing a law? I’m more afraid of you crazy people on this forum than anything else. Please understand that I am just trying to process your ignorance.

    • You said it; “Major MEDIA EVENT”

      • Any time something big happens and there are TV crews around filming the action as it is taking place it is called a Major Media Event. That doesn’t make what is happening not real or false or that the government paid thousands of actors to stage this….think about it, our government paying hundreds or thousands of people to act out an emergency situation where people have died. Do you Ahmed, stop to think even for a minute or are you so full of brainwashed anti Zionist crap that the rest of your type do not want you to think? Like a bunch of monkeys at the zoo rubbing crap in their hair.

        • The Zionist controlled treasonous American government has all the resources in the world at it’s disposal to pull off anything it wants, 9/11 included. This navy yard stunt is small beer to these satanists. They can and have started world wars on false pretences.
          The future of humanity is at stake. Our freedoms and lives are in danger if these satanists, who controll all the governments around the world through their Central Bank scams, are allowed to implement their satanic New World Order.
          Why is every bank, media companies or government have a rabid devil worshipping war mongering Zionist at the top of all those organisations attempting to controll the message? It’s by design not by accident.
          And by the way Barack Obama is Jewish too on his mothers side ,his wife as well. So don’t worry about him being a muslim. And Secretary of State John Kerry Cohen? Him too.

    • No they wouldn’t just pass laws. If they did, changing the ammendents would cause chaos because every one would be outrage.

    • If you watch the LAX videos taken at the firehouse “all of yhose public persons” you refer to are a group of about 50 people walking around the back of the firehouse and coming yhrough a back door and then coming out again. They r rotating the actors. Also the boy from newtown who went on t v said it wad just a drill

  21. I love how you morons always blame “the zionists” for everything. Not enough tinfoil in the world to cover your heads.

    • Who’s paying you to come and post here?

  22. Well, this wasn’t completely predictable.

  23. you people are freakin’ idiots…

  24. You know when you add the phrase “It figures the Zionists” to your blog, you lose credibility because you’re anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. You’re racist. No thanks.

  25. The Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Hoax; http://youtu.be/_AV3lr6Pzn8

  26. this was purposely done to amp up the sandy hookers trip back to washington today to bug the shit out of congress again-it’s all they ever talk about on twitter and there is an article on their trip to washington for today but was planned obviously before today-they couldnt just go back with their usual drama considering it didnt work-so now they will use this to back up gun control lobbying like reject leader is already doing


  27. I listen to Rick Adams on RBN Dr. K and thought you might be interested in this. (If it has already been posted, apologies)
    The following vid was posted in Spingola’s chat room this am by a moderator there, and shows incorrect datetime stamps for not one but two different newspapers. Interesing.


    LOOK! 3 Articles Posted Day Before D.C. Navy Yard Shooting!

    • Thank you for this. Will establish into the post.

  28. I didn’t even bother watching any “news” coverage—I read one paragraph in a “news”paper, and laughed out loud.

  29. Does anyone else find it funny that both Muslims and Jewish people do not eat pork? I think we all need to just sit down and discuss this over some ribs.

    • im a vegetarian and don teat any animals, and all you that do are part of the problem and are a bunch of murderers yourselves. why dont you let yourself get hung upside down and have your necks slit then come back and tell me how the pain felt and how much love you felt from your fellow man as you are being murdered for mans taste buds. the new world order wants you to have no love or feeling in your heart for our worlds beasts ,except for dogs and cats.

  30. Notice there ares no follow-up photos of the “man lying on the sidewalk” photos. The photo hangs there in total isolation. Notice in the picture that there is a commotion with the two people at the left side of the scene. Someone seems to be telling the onlooker to move away. Also notice that a ‘civilian’ is rolling out the Yellow Tape. Washington DC is crawling with cops, yet we see no cops or EMTs attending to the fallen man on the sidewalk. People nearby, stroll by the scene apparently ignoring the drama. Nothing adds up in these scene.

    • The only thing that’s missing from that scene is the Director shouting “And action!”

  31. …I can tell you this was no scam. Two of my friends work there, they saw their co-workers get shot up. Then again, I’m sure I’m just a government agent typing from my government computer.

    • Bobbi,
      So you have not one, but two, friends that told you they saw more than one person get shot. Great, you just provided that information by means of hearsay which is meaningless and holds no weight.

      What that means is you don’t know and your friends don’t know. Your friends can and will make up stories so they feel more important. Did they see 2 men get shot? Did they see 1 man and 1 woman get shot? Or was it 2 women that got shot? On which part of the body did these people get shot? Did those people they saw get shot live or did they die? Did both of your friends see the same 2 people get shot or did they each witness different people that got shot?

      I’m sure you can answer these questions because if you have 2 friends that work at the navy base, I’m sure you already asked all these questions.

      You know what I really, really think? I think you have 2 imaginary friends that work at that navy yard. Did your imaginary friends provide you this detail by beaming voices into your head?

      • Guess what ? I have 2 friends who work at the navy yard too ! And they said it was all a sham hoax.

  32. I read these to see how many idiots think its a hoax. It’s funny that y’all say “you people believe everything the media tells you”. Then you believe EVERYTHING you read about all these hoaxes. Guarantee these people don’t lead normal lives. News flash- People treat y’all like crazy people because you are crazy people. We are not all actors.

    • I am sure the cia is paying you well, or maybe you are just stupid and believe what the actors portraying a balanced media are telling you, but either way im not gonna stop until 911 and everything else has been proved as the fraud it is, ofcourse we don’t believe anything anymore because if they’ve lied once twice three times enough is enough and surely we don’t believe a 4th time.

  33. Pingback: Washington D.C. HOAX Shooting! Here We Go AGAIN, Ya’ll!!! | Why O' Why?

  34. I’m sick and tired of the NSA spying on us. The government indicates they need to spy on all of us so they can protect us from terrorists. I do not want to give up my privacy and freedoms so our incompetent government can spy on us without restraint just to find perhaps one or two terrorists. The thing is that we as American citizens expect (and accept) terrorists will get to us and cause some of us harm. Let’s say terrorists get through and are able to kill 200 people a year. That is .0000625% of the total people that would be victims. In the alternative, it would amount to 320,000,000 citizens who have their privacy and freedoms violated by the over-reaching government . To me this trade-off is not worth it. The failed attempt to save 200 people is not worth the damage, affect, and intrusion it would have to the entire base of citizens, of which at least .9999375 would not be terrorists. In fact, if 5-10% of the total population was affected by terrorism, I still would not want to give up my freedoms and privacy. Factually, the primary terrorist of a population happens to be the people’s own government. This has been the case in several countries, and history supports this.

    When our government tries to instill fear and panic into us with these fake shootings and events, that should be a clear sign that we people need to purge those that govern us and replace them with people that can, and will, represent us instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  35. Dom,
    In regard to the vegan stuff – I like a good steak and good-flavored barbecue ribs. Everybody makes their own choice about what they are going to eat. I don’t take offense that you kill plants and other vegetation for your eating choices. You can’t be upset about killing animals when you do the same thing with the plants you have to kill before you consume them. Just because we eat meat doesn’t mean we eat human meat; we are not cannibals. As for cats, I think shooting every single cat in the world would be a good thing.

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