Boston Bombing — 27 June 2013
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New Findings on Fraudster Jeff Bauman

Zauras Snape
YouTube Site:

A spectacular effort by Zauras Snape showing the degree of fraud regarding Jeff Bauman: let the world see the real nature of this hoax through this video.  This is no minor issue. Bauman was used as the basis for capital crimes, including the slaughter of two innocents, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev. Mr. Snape is thanked, here, for his tedious efforts. He has helped break wide open this case.

Let all the world see this grand fraud. It is a fraud which is used as the basis for great crimes, not only murder, here, but also mass slaughter of people globally, focusing on Africa and the Middle East but also the Caucasus states and far more. It is the platform for great aggression, leading to terrorizing the people, here and abroad, imprisoning innocents based upon the fraudulent war on terror, then torturing them and in some cases raping them.

It is the basis for grand theft, including the extortion of monies for the fake injuries but far more: the inducement of the ‘need’ for massive funds–government contracts–for the devices and armaments sold to the U.S. government in the fight against the fabricated “War on Terror.” In this regard the culprits are vast, including the Zionist-orchestrated DHS, FEMA, Craft International, Cisco Systems, Cytel, Strategic Operations, the exceedingly corrupt and licentious Chertoff Group, and, of course, the Israeli-based so-called security and anti-terror systems. Bauman is culpable for all these crimes, just are all those who support him.

An important finding, here, is that Jeff Bauman is Jeff Bauman. It is believed that he had a double. However, the nose and chin of this individual are very similar to the man in he wheelchair. Comps will follow, shortly. That sharpness of the nose defines him. He is not any other double amputee. So, this identity is now confirmed. Claims that he is another amputee are apparently disinfo. This is the wheelchair mole. There can be no other similars. The sharpness of not only the tip of the nose but also the nostrils and their angles, as well as the eyebrows, defines him.

Same individual, same shar nose, same protruding chin: issue solved, Jeff Bauman is Jeff Bauman.

Stump and fake gore? Fake tibia? What’s it doing being swung all the way over to the other side of the wheelchair. Fake blood already applied. Who in this universe can now claim this is actually a real massacre.

There was nothing wrong with him. He was never in  pain. There were no injuries. He was a fake and fraudster from the beginning:

His fake tibia/shank can be seen above. Yet, look what happens below? Is that any way to handle a human being with exposed bone, sinew, and arteries? What a hoax and criminal scam it is:
Look who shows up? It’s fraudster extraordinaire, Carlos the Mole Arrendondo. Same grey t-shirt; he’s handling something in relation to Bauman. Is he checking out the fake femoral artery?
Is this fraudster holding his own fake femoral artery? That would appear to be the case.
Hard proof of the scam: shaking Bauman’s fake gore leg back and forth

Looks like, in fact, he is keeping track of the fake femoral artery until Arrendondo arrives. Is this how trained personnel handles a bleed-out case, where the legs have been blown off from a bomb? Yanking and shaking him around to make sure he can handle the trip,that is that his fake gore can do so.
zaurasyankshank  zaurasshaker
Silicon gore flapping in the wind: a way to distribute the fake blood?
One more look, above, right screen, of the shakers and movers of the Boston smoke bombing hoax, two hands on him at once, actually, one on the shoulder, the other on the wheelchair; Bauman secures the fake femoral artery. Someone has to. Fraudster Arrendondo is off giving away faked blood-stained flags or tearing apart the crime scene.

Regardless, who is this huckster with the blue gloves that is giving Bauman the shake? From one of our posters:

The person with the blue gloves holding Bauman’s wheelchair with one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on the side is Rene Fielding, Acting Director of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Fielding has direct oversight of the office’s emergency planning, training, and exercise programs and manage relationships with regional, state, and federal homeland security partners.

Look what else was found. A piece of Bauman’s private property. It appears to be his real silicone stump, the one needed to falsely elongate his   real stump. Investigators wondered what happened to that device during the set-up phase. Now, that has been determined.
Another fraudster and phony shows up, fake EMT and DHS mole, the man with the dark glasses disguise. Fraudster acts as if there is shock and panic going on. Needs to be identified.


Liars and cheats galore: all of whom for paltry gains are soliciting murder and corruption about the world.

See all the cheats and scoundrels, here. What’s there to smile about: the extortion of people’s hard-earned money based upon trust and emotional distress, though confabulated. Thumbs up for what: getting away with cheating and killing?Who is this liar, and how did he really lose his legs? In the military or other? Refund the money, admit to the crime, or face the consequences.

It truly is Jeff Bauman: he is who he is. Moreover, he willingly and unabashedly – and unrepentently – participated in a fraud and a scam.


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  1. It was obvious when bauman paraded around in the wheelchair sporting a flag that his legs were way shorter than with those leg extensions they tried to fool us. The story of bauman has been blowing up in the government agency’s faces since the day of the bombing when bauman was kept alive despite medical assistance being out well over 6 minutes away (ambulance, if he ever got placed into one). With just 6 minutes of uncontrolled arterial bleeding, that was enough time for bauman to completely bleed-out 3 times.

  2. Crazy!

  3. Now we know why no photos of Bauman before “bmg”! He was already a double amputee:

  4. The photo at the end of the page doesn’t seem right? The girl on the right of Jeff has a shadow that seems impossible, if the shadow of the guy on Jeff’s left is correct or visa versa. When light shine on an object and leaves a shadow, they should be in the same position—right?

  5. I could have sworn that EMT had a Jewish skull cap on the first time I saw the photos, but it looks like he just has a hair cut that is kind of bulbous in the back. Hat hair maybe? He does appear Jewish, but I can’t say for sure looking at it now.

    We can say for certain that this “archangel” was carefully selected to join Arredondo in pushing America’s #1 dishonest double amputee around for the cameras. But why?

    He certainly looks like a real EMT with his large frame and proper boots, I would say he probably is one. Having seen Hatzolah Orthodox Jewish emergency response set up the fake Hastings’ crash we have to wonder if these Jewish Emergency Responders are the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to how so many of the recent dramatic, staged incidents were executed.

    There are all kinds of people who work as EMTs, police and Firemen. But there are also established subdivisions within these groups, it is not all about saving innocent people. There is politics involved, sectarianism and secrecy. Like all things it comes down to money. All the people involved with these hyper-realistic and dishonest “drills” were WELL compensated and this was in exchange for the political expediency these incidents have provided the completely hollow, Jew-enabled Obama administration.

    Where would Obama be without these incidents? Do not forget he is our first “black” President… He has failed miserably as a leader and proven everyone who called him incompetent to be correct about him. Yet he has not really been called on it. His main role has been to preside over the run up to the next big Mid-East war and all these incidents are designed to enable a radical, controversial and distracting liberal agenda while the real work toward more war goes on off the radar of most Americans.

    • Agreed, it is said fake because his actions are fake. It could be either way, but Cytel claims fraudster Joe “Trash-Bin” Costello is a real EMT.

  6. I am pretty sure they used two amputees. The guy in the wheelchair is the ex soldier missing his left pinkie, the guy in the hospital and on the Bruins game is another one. There seems to be a pinkie missing on the guy in the video above.

    • OK. Will look at that real close. If so, that is pretty crucial. However, that sharp nose is quite unique to the Bauman character and not seen in the soldier. Will look.

      • Superficially the two men do look somewhat alike but there are many differences when you really examine their faces objectively.


    I originally thought that they used two amputees to portray Jeff Bauman, as some asserted. I did a lot of photo research and changed my mind. The link above is a poster I made of the evidence that Nick Vogt was not involved at Boston Bomb. The two men do look somewhat alike but there are significant differences, as the side by side photos show. Anyway, each person can decide for themselves.

  8. was hoping that video would not my socks off. would rather have seen something like this

  9. The double-amputee could be either vogt or bauman. Both are double amputees prior to boston. What I seem to see with the double-amputee is his left hand is either hidden all the time or the hand or pinky finger is blurred out in both images and in video. Regardless of who it is, it’s an entire scam. A scam no matter which double-amputee was used. Now the real victims are the ones that have donated over a half million dollars to the scam artist. It gives a new meaning to “blood money” – or in this case, “fake blood money”.

  10. Where do these people (crisis actors) go at the end of the day after the hoax has been committed? Do they just get in their cars and drive home? Are they some sort of group/organization that gets together and practices this fakery on a weekly basis. Do they all know they are being used to commit fraud on the entire world? Maybe some of the actors really do think they are just part of some training drill. How do you get so many people in on large organized hoax like this? Are the police actors too?

    • Yes, State Police and local police have participated in these scams, incredibly, even EMTs. The pay is good: the vast number of fraudsters and collaborators very real. The nondisclosure forms exceedingly binding.

    • We don’t know the internal workings of all of this stuff. It seems they have to keep living their lies and deceit for as long as it takes. If we had all the answers, we would tell you. This is new to us – just like it’s new to you.

    • These fakers use aliases and often change their appearance. The males grow mustaches, dye their hair and usually change jobs, if they have one. The women also dye their hair and often do not wear makeup in these hoaxes. Most of them live very private lives and do not mingle freely in public.

  11. Surely there were some eyewitnesses that were not in on the hoax, where are they? I have a feeling something huge is going to drop real soon. All these false flags are the prelude to something monumental. Im nervous as hell, and I look around at the masses on the street and gain no confidence. LOL!! We are few and far in between. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, its going to be ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anyway, my msg to RDW103 was don’t despair at your awakening rather rejoice in it! I’ve been at this 5 yrs. and it has recently come to my attention 911 was also a hoax. “septemberclues” you’ll see all the morphed pics of so called victims. SS death index for that day in NY state.. con’t (don’t know the rest of the comment, but one of our readers can’t post and wanted you to get this messaage).

  12. Wonder if Jeff will be wearing those long sleeved shirts when the temps hit 100 degrees? Wonder why he hides his arms? hmmm …. couldn’t be the tattoos could it? Definite winged tat on the right arm and dont know what that is on the lower left.

  13. The person with the blue gloves holding Bauman’s wheelchair with one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on the side is Rene Fielding, Acting Director of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Fielding has direct oversight of the office’s emergency planning, training, and exercise programs and manage relationships with regional, state, and federal homeland security partners.

    • Thanks for this. It is in the post, now, plus an investigation will be made into this individual for a full post.

  14. We’re going to expose Jeff and the whole bauman family for being liars and frauds against the American people! They should be scared!!! Or ya know they could come forward in this whole scenario before we do all that 😉

  15. This video presentation is one in a series,they are entitled: Anatomy.You can find them on YT, produced by Zaurus Snape,He has many brilliant videos, with regards to the false flag event known as the Boston marathon bombings.Please come and view his videos and make observations and share in finding the truth.If anyone “cracks”,I hope and pray that it is Jeff Bauman.This rat has stabbed his countrymen in the back and on top of that,he is sitting in his wheelchair collecting money from hard working American’s based on lies that are designed to attack the Constitution.
    Here are some numbers that don’t add up concerning another “iconic” person from the marathon,Bil G. Iffrig.
    75-79 Age Group: Men
    Place Bib Name Official Time State Country Ctz
    1 12651 Ichida, Susumu 3:46:23 JPN
    2 14099 Cerminaro, Anthony 3:57:03 PA USA
    3 20870 Pain, Malcolm A 3:59:58 NS CAN
    4 19200 Iffrig, Bill G. 4:03:47 WA USA
    5 19657 Flanagan, James M 4:06:09 NJ USA
    Date Bombing: April 15, 2013, 2:49 pm EDT
    Marathon Clock was at 4:09:43 in news coverage provided by Boston Globe and ABCNews. [In this screen capture,the marathon clock reads 4:09:44, a second after the initial blast,as evidenced by the plume of fire and smoke]
    Also,I’ve heard that there is usually a monitor near the finish line that is there when the race is in progress and that it is not taken down until the race is complete/finished/over.I have searched long and hard to find pictures of this monitor in this years race and from years past.I finally found a video that shows this monitor.
    It is visible at 2:34 in this video.I’ve watch much coverage of this event,provided by The Boston Globe and ABCNews and this is not present in their news coverage.Clearly these numbers and the video footage of the monitor not being present[indicating that the race was indeed over]show us this was in fact a drill.
    From beginning to end this was, and is, a sham

  16. That is not his family pic after the bombing is it??

    • I don’t know. Will have to look into that further.

  17. The above is a link to an important article where an Orthopedic surgeon with 35 year experience says Jeff Bauman is an actor. I will try to make the link functional.

  18. This is part of what Dr Stan Monteith had to say about Jeff Bauman’s fake injuries. You can read the entire article from the link posted above.

    “And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?

    And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.

    Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?

    It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.

    And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.”

  19. Woooooooohohohohoooooo crazy insane modafukah!!! This is bushevik!!! Pray for u jeff. You’re insane

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