Boston Bombing — 22 May 2013
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New Pictures from the first seconds of the smoke bomb

This is a good source of additional evidence proving the Boston Hoax, because it amounts to amateur photography by an individual named Ben Levine. The photography was used to promote to a degree the official story of amputations and a blood-bath. Yet, a careful scrutiny of these photos does not support that claim.

Let’s see if any new or novel findings can be achieved through their review.

The following photo reportedly was taken just as the smoke bomb was detonated, possibly at about 2:50 p.m.:

Lightened up, slightly tinted:
Though possibly difficult to see it appears that the brown sweatshirt woman moves from the barrier in the opposite direction toward the entrance of the stores; person in blue coat moves from storefront area to wards barricade. The purported epicenter of the smoke bomb is largely devoid of people.

Here is an isolated view of these two women:

Is this woman in blue hiding something under her coat?

This is the next picture in sequence from his amateur shots:


This is the pink look-out man, who has now moved over from his previous spot.Both he and the man in the black shirt are looking at what appears to be an inanimate object, like a tripod. There is a distinct coloration of the brick underneath it, a kind of brownish-red? Is this the other drizzling machine that has eluded detection?

Same photo manipulated for clarity:


This is a potentially incriminating photo, again, mere seconds after the detonation. The pink-hooded lookout mole is seen, here. This has been tinted with green, which altered that pink to a kind of orange. Notice the lack of any blood staining virtually anywhere except in the forefront of the photo. Is that a blood drizzler in operation? If so, it is sufficiently disguised by a kind of cloak. No way to confirm it, but this is in the approximately correct position for that mass of fake blood which will appear shortly.

The picture above also demonstrates the possible use of a smoke bomb-like device to hide what is going on with the various actor amputees, while their false gore stumps are being applied and painted.
Brown sweater woman looking on and possibly acting as a blockage. The woman in the blue tufted coat who came out from the building area to the smokey are is seen to the left of the window sill. Now, finally the tempera paint is seen and some of the key role players are moving into place. Could that vaguely visible cloaked device have been the source?

Here he was during that first few seconds after the detonation, a definite lookout mole and arch-operative. This does appear to be a spraying device with a conical head, but it this case being cloaked by dark material.

It makes sense that his could be the case, since it was all perpetrated as a secretive plot. This is a man under this pink hood:
Here he is moving apparently near the brick wall of the LensCrafters store, stripping off his disguise.


Remember, too, this drizzler mole, from a previous post:

These are the earliest fractions of seconds after the phony bomb, one made for the cloak of disguise. It shows a concerted effort to perpetrate this hoax under the utmost levels of deception. That proves malicious acts involving malfeasance and the purging of resources, all for personal and wicked gains. This is a plot against the people. Let the perpetrators be punished.

Posters are welcomed to add helpful links  to upgrade this difficult issue of working with such poor resolution materials.


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  1. This was all staged by one or more departments of our government. Just like they have clear video and images of the 9-11 towers, impacts, etc, they also have clear video and images from this event. They are only sharing out of focus images and video and suppressing the rest.

  2. Possibly they could be the pyro contractors for the bomb effects. The pink hood could be a noise/concussion protective device and the other device the blood drizzler. Other pics of the blast site show the chubby brown shirt girl standing to the side with others, hands over ears waiting for the pyro crew to set the scene.

    After the pink hooded pyro guy setoff the smoke/concussion charge and the blood drizzle machine drizzled blood on the scene. The fake injured victims and directors moved in to stage their spots and the pyro crew retreated away to packup and remove his protective hood all under the cover of smoke.

  3. The government is controlled by the Jews, and they have turned America into occupied Palestine. For supportive evidence, check out and .

  4. Not sure if there is anything here, but these 2 people moved a lot in 70 seconds.

  5. video here of pink hooded person from the stands

  6. haven’t seen a video of the second bomb, so adding here

    the guy in the blue shirt pushing that guy down street looks really suspicious

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