Sandy Hook — 08 April 2013
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Newtown’s Communist Jews and the CBS 60 Minutes Interview
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A conspiracy by Zionist thugs to take away our rights

In case no one noticed it was Zionist Jews who did 911. Up to 200 Israeli agents, in the country illegally, complete with fake passports and even fake clothes (the clothes used by desert bedouins) perpetrated a high crime against the people, blowing the World Trade Center to smithereens and in the process killing hundreds of people.

They blamed it on the ‘Arabs’ and, alternatively, the Palestinians–and, more crucially, Islaam and the Islaamic people in general. This, then, formed the basis of murderous wars which have left millions of people dead.

There is a vast amount of proof that this is the case. The PNAC document alone (Project for a New American Century) is fully demonstrative of this Zionist high crime, where its writers and signers called for a brutal attack, a “Pearl Harbor” like event to “galvanize” the American military for a massive invasion of the lands of Islaam. That attack was culminated by the detonation of pre-set charges within the WTC complex, including Building 7, which fell to the ground in six seconds within its footprint through controlled demolition. Like Sandy Hook, this was perpetrated by Zionist brutes, including Larry Silverstein, who admitted that he was responsible for the destruction of Building 7, saying he “pulled it,” which is demolition jargon for the setting of the charges.

Is it not unfathomable that the wrong people are being blamed for murderous acts committed by Zionist Jews, so that the murders are then extended all over the world? The enemy is never identified and, therefore, these vile ones can continue to wreak endless havoc upon the face of the earth, never being held accountable for their crimes?

Is it not incredible that Islaamic people throughout the globe are being murdered in the basis of 911, a crime committed exclusively not by the Jews?

Yet, is there any justice left in America? Despite capturing many of the actual culprits in the act, including individuals in possession of actual bombs no investigation was done, no one arrested and tried, no prosecutions secured, no one punished–no one put in jail for life or even executed for carrying out this vile crime, despite the fact that the perpetrators are known.

Will Newtown be the same? Will the world fail to identify the real culprits, exclusively Zionist Jews, thus allowing the crime to go unanswered? If so, then, this world can expected countless other criminal acts, including various murderous false flag attacks.

Among the arch criminals of Sandy Hook are the purported parents. They are in many respects the king-pins of the operation, acting as the hub upon which this fraud is generated. Like 911, many of the Sandy Hook criminals are thus known and can be clearly identified by name. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly expose them, as well as prosecute them, in order to prevent further criminal acts.

Drones have killed 3000 people in the Middle East and Pakistan, including at least 1000 children. These are real deaths and real grieving families, which can be proven, many of the deaths documented on camera. What a contrast that is to the arch-fraudsters and fake grievers of Sandy Hook, none of whom lost a child. This is why the actions and words of Barden, Rousseau, Hockley, Parker, Mattioli, Greene, Marquez-Greene, Heslin, Wheeler, Sherlach, and others are so criminal.

By fabricating these deaths these parents have, after all, committed great crimes in the land. For this reason their acts cannot be allowed to stand uncontested. They must be held accountable and culpable for what they have achieved.

Only the people themselves can hold this ruthless elements accountable. Consider 911, A great crime, up to 2700 people were directly killed by this brutal act, while countless others have died from the resulting toxicity, like the first responders and people living close to the area? These deaths (and permanent disabilities) number in the thousands. Shall that be allowed to stand without the slightest degree of justice being pursued?

The Newtown 60 Minutes interview was nothing less than another assault against the 2nd Amendment and far more, including the principles of freedom itself. Should the primary culprits, the media agents and the supposed parents, along with their handlers, be allowed to stand untarnished? Should they be permitted to tell terminal lies with malicious intent: fully faking the grief that they portrayed? Will they be allowed to commit such wicked acts unscathed without any recrimination and punishment?

These ‘parents’ are serious about attacking fundamental rights. They are working vigorously to strip Americans of their guns, and that is their obvious motivation for their involvement in this hoax. Moreover, since there was no school-yard massacre on December 14, fully proven on this site, that means these individuals have other more nefarious motives than mere ‘do gooder’ motives for setting the world aright. Those motives are clearly diabolical and treacherous and are completely unrelated to any purported personal loss they claim to have suffered. Moreover, rather than victims of a massacre they are perpetrators of precisely the kind of scam that would result in countless massacres in this land through their plot to crush America as a well-armed society.

Guns in homes and also on-bodies, in holsters ready to be used, prevent violent crime. The argument is incontestable. Despite this fact the Zionist moles of Newtown seek to remove that protective power. Thus, if successful in their plot, they would prove to be accessories to high crimes for causing great harm against the people, including an increase in the incidence of violent crime and murder.

It is, therefore, the Sandy Hook parents who must be held under a high degree of suspicion, not those who are investigating them for their indefensible acts. It is they who are source of the scandal, never the ones who are holding them to their words and actually proving those words to be wrong.

Zionist plot confirmed

Consider the players, the owners of CBS, the producer, Henry Schuster and the parents, Neil Heslin, Jimmy Greene, Nelba Marquez-Greene, David Wheeler, Francine-Lobis Wheeler, Mark Barden, Jackie Barden, Bill Sherlach, Theresa Rousseau, and Bill Leukhardt: all are Zionist agents.

Regardless, the Jewish people do not take lightly the loss of even a single child to a bloody attack. Why would they take lightly without great and intensive grief, the slaughter of 10 or more Jewish children?

Through their lies and deceit the supposed parents are a great danger to the people of this land and have already created great corruption and chaos. They are hereby proven to be actors and far more, actual frauds. They have forced the issue. Through their own lies and deceit they have created the basis of any investigation both into all that they say as well as their actions. If they weren’t lying, if they weren’t acting out: if they weren’t essentially baring their teeth and attacking the people and their rights, they wouldn’t be investigated. Thus, any words said, here, are not an attack as such, that is for any political purpose or agenda, but, rather, merely a response to their attack, that is to the attacks launched by the Bardens, Hockleys, Wheelers, Greenes, Rousseaus, Mattiolis, Parkers, and more against the people of the nation. Note: some of these names are alias’; yet, these will be used for now until any new information is forthcoming.

People are supposed to feel ‘bad’ about the parents. Feel bad about people lying to the whole world, faking grief and even fabricating deaths, while spreading hatred about innocent people, like Adam and Nancy Lanza? The only bad feeling that should exist is for not taking the appropriate action against these criminals and hucksters and for not fighting with all one’s might against their fraud, for laying back, even apologizing for their schemes.

People can sling all the hate they want. Let anyone, though, actually dispute the fact that no children died. That means the parents are frauds. Let anyone prove otherwise.

The 60 Minutes interview

Mere propaganda, the interview was produced by yet another Zionist cohort, Henry Schuster, while conducted by local collaborator, Scott the fraudster Pelley.

Incredibly, orchestrated by these unrepentant Zionists the plot attempts to use the same psychological ploy as 911, the production being called 12/14. It’s a desperate move for a scam that is crumbling into oblivion.

Pelley fully well knows that the massacre is a hoax, as do his fellow architects in crime at CBS, which may more appropriately be known as the Communist Broadcasting Network (System). Yet, despite this he carried on with the scam as if it was real.

Pelley (in narration): Newton is now synonymous with unimaginable tragedy (not so, nothing happened there). But (inaudible) dark dreams awoke, murdered his mother, and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Nearly four months later, just last week, Connecticut passed a gun control law that expands background checks and limits ammunition magazines to ten rounds. Tomorrow, these families will push for the same in Washington. They believe that their only chance is to keep the resonance of that date ringing (with emphasis).

Editor’s note: the legislation was rather feeble but the Communist Broadcasting Network seeks to use this as a thrusting point to attempt to create momentum for their dying scheme. In other words, “See how powerful the parents are, they got Connecticut to change it’s laws. Watch out: they are going for the entire country, next.” Back to Pelly (in narration):

Something else we noticed about 12/14. Add them together, and you get 26 (their idea, not Adam Lanza’s) the number of lives lost at Sandy Hook.

Editor’s note: does he really think this will work again, like on 911? People have his number now and know that both he and his network are scammers.

Pelley: At Newtown Town Hall we met a seven families. They’re part of a group called Sandy Hook Promise, which works for change and remembrance.

Break to the parents, all sitting in two rows of chairs.



Caption: Fraudsters in screen from left to right, Nelba Marquez Greene, Francine Lois-Wheeler, David Wheeler, Mark Barden, and Jackie Barden (off screen), with Bill Leukhardt, Theresa Rosseau, Neil Heslin, Nicole Hockley, and Bill Sherlach (off screen) in he back row? Where is fabricator Donna Soto and the three lying teenagers,Carlos, Jillian, and Carlee Soto?

Jimmy Greene: Our daughter, Ana, was six-years old (shows poster of the girl). In those six years I can look back and say it was an honor to know her. She taught me about how to love, how to give. She was beautiful, and every day I cry (likely story; that comment alone raises plenty of doubt regarding his ‘story’)

Break to Lobis-Wheeler, holds up a portrait of ‘Benjamin Wheeler:’

Lobis-Wheeler: This is Benjamin Andrew Wheeler. Ben was six-years old. He has a brother named Nate (squints eyes, speaks out of the corner of her mouth, looks off to the right). And Nate was hiding (presses lips together) when he heard Ben and his classmates and educators get shot.

Break to Mark Barden:

Mark Barden: We lost our sweet little Daniel Barden. He is known as the kid who would talk to somebody sitting alone. He was genuinely an old soul (a common one-liner used by this huckster).

Break to Nicole Hockley:

Nicole Hockley (British espionage agent): This is Dylan (closes eyes simultaneously while saying this). Um, ah, I think (eyes closed, again) the picture kind of sums him up perfectly.  He was always smiling and always laughing, and, uh, he was very pure. Possibly because of his age, he was six, and possibly (acting very emotional) because he was autistic.

Break to Neil Heslin:

Neil Heslin: I’m Neil Heslin. I’m Jesse Lewis’ dad. Jesse was six-years old (closes eyes) He was my best friend (same old, tired story) and my buddy. He’d introduce himself as Jesse and daddy. He was my whole life.

Break to Bill Sherlach:

Bill Sherlach: Mary was a school psychologist at Sandy Hook (closes eyes) Elementary School for 18 years, and truly believed that was the place she was meant to be doing what she would call God’s work.

Break to Theresa Rousseau:

Theresa Rousseau: Lauren grew up with this idea that she wanted to be a teacher and work with other children. She had a sort of innocence about her, a kind of denial of all the ugly things in the world. Um, we had no idea that some ugly (acts shaky and emotional) thing would come and take her from us (Note: this fraudster does a bit better at faking the emotion than the others, certainly far better than Nicole Hockley).

Editor’s note: This gallery of arch-phonies, including Jimmy and Nelba Greene, David and Francine Wheeler, Mark and   Barden, Bill Sherlach, Nicole Hockley (spy Ian Hockley is curiously absent), Neil the liar Heslin, Theresa Rousseau and Bill Leukhardt, and a few other phonies, is relentless in the attempt to strip the people of their inalienable freedoms, all for world Jewish control. Additionally, at this time the back row is clearly shown. The only one recognizable is an African-American woman commonly found as support staff at the Sandy Hook Promise sessions. None of the rest are ‘parents.’ In other words, they are extras to possibly fill the void for the absence of the other ‘parents.’ Are they running scared?

Pelley: Those are the memories that Terry Rousseau, Mark and Jackie Barden, Nicole Hockley, and others wanted state legislators to remember in Hartford…”

The CBS scammers then break to a line-up, apparently, in a government building, the Connecticut legislature, where this line-up of Zionist fraudsters is seen greeting and lobbying legislators, while passing out four-color post cards with picture of the fake victims, then breaking to Mark Barden, who says, “The law makers are going into their caucuses to discuss the legislation at hand (prominently featured is scam artist Nelba Marquez-Greene and fellow cohort Tom Bittman. Note: it was Bittman, head of Sandy Hook Promise, who proclaimed, “We have a responsibility to make something happen.”

Down the line in that line-up lobbying the legislators are both Mark and Jackie Barden. Barden continues, “and the rope is there, I think, just to separate the various lobbyists who approach them as they go in their as a last-ditch effort to appeal to their cause. That’s where we were.  We had a letter that we wanted them to read. And we had pictures of our children (some of which appear to have been Photoshop creations; regardless, those children did not die at Sandy Hook; consider the fraud that Barden is perpetrating) to give them a personal connection to why we’re asking them to go in there and legislate.

Pelley: Why the photographs?

At which time pathological liar Nicole Hockley, ready to lunge, teeth bared, says, “They need to not just look us in the eyes but look our children and the lost ones, and, and see those faces, see what’s gone, and remember, this isn’t just about political parties, just about careers, this is about people, and this is about making changes to save people. And it’s important to remember the people that you are doing this for (obviously reading from a telepromter).

Pelley: At one point a woman walked past (closes his eyes), and as you were holding your cards of your children out, she said, “No thanks, all set” and kept going by…I wonder how that feels?

Hockley, ready to go, teeth bared, “Uh, that is not a good feeling.” Hockley continued, “Several of the caucus members, when they realized that we were the people from Sandy Hook, the vast majority of them spoke to us and apologized. Many of them were crying with us (when they show that wicked one, Jackie Barden, once again feigning grief, with a few moans added: all fake). They weren’t being callous. They just didn’t know who we were,” when the camera breaks to Jackie and Mark Barden, where, when a legislator says, “My heart goes out to you,” and she replies, “We just don’t want this to happen again (liar: you want to drive this home to create federal legislation in an attack against the American people and the rest of the world). It was great that they listened to us…”It’s made some changes (shuts eyes) and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day ( a common phrase used in England).

Pelley: Mark, what in your estimation is the most important change that the legislature has voted for?

Mark Barden: The universal background check is, is very important, and to that point I think Connecticut has done a wonderful job. They’ve worked very hard, and they’ve passed almost everything we were hoping they would. And they have done it in a by-partisan way, which I think is a great message to send to the other states and the federal government as they begin this process.

Editor’s note: It can be seen from Barden’s words that he and his collaborators are fully intent on corrupting the Constitution and stripping Americans of their native rights.

Pelley: Mark singles out the universal background check. Does anyone else find another part of the law important?

Sherlach: I think the idea of limiting the size of the magazines is critical.

Pelley (in narration): Bill Sherlach’s wife, Mary, tried to stop the gunman.

Sherlach: You can have a million bullets, but if you have to put them in one at a time, the ability to do any kind of real damage is significantly reduced.

Pelley: The legislature in Connecticut has decided to limit the size of the magazines to 10 rounds. The gunman at Sandy Hook was using 30-round magazines. I’ve heard the argument made, you can change the magazines in a matter of two seconds. So, what difference does it make?

Sherlach: Well, I mean, there was one instance where it wasn’t two seconds, and it allowed 11 kids to get out of the classroom.

Pelley: Tell me about that (great job, Pelley, you just asked Sherlach to answer a lie with another lie–not an easy achievement).

Sherlach (stumbles greatly, doesn’t answer the question): I, um, it’s just a simple arithmetic. If you have to change magazines 15 times instead of five times, you have 3 times as many instances where something could jam, something could be bobbled. You just increase the time for intervention. You increase the time-frame where kids could get out. And there’s 11 kids out there today that are still running around out there, pretty much at lunch time.

Pelley: who escaped from that classroom.

Sherlach: Right.

Barden: Another point on changing the magazines, is the data that they use, they’ll tell you that it takes two seconds or three seconds or how ever many; that’s in a controlled setting, that’s at a range. That’s in the comfort of your home. When you are in that situation, if you want to picture yourself murdering children in a classroom, the police are coming in to kill you, and you’re about to commit suicide, your brain is in another place. You’re not neatly, effectively changing that magazine.

Hockley: And when we looked at the search warrants as well and we know that he left the smaller capacity magazines at home, that was a choice the shooter made. He knew that the larger capacity magazines were more lethal.

Break to David Wheeler:

David Wheeler: The more bullets you could get out the end of that gun in the least amount of time, that is the single area that I believe effects lethality. And the size of the magazine placed in that weapon is a direct contributor to that factor.

Break for coaching?

Wheeler: There is a place for 30-round magazines: in the military. On the battlefield. At a range (shutters eyes). If they stay at the range, they stay at the range.

Editor’s note: Why should anyone believe even the slightest words of such an individual, after hearing the news, April 7, 2013, that 18 more Afghan children were murdered by US bombs? Regardless, while real pitiful souls are blown to smithereens the world must listen to this blithering scoundrel fakes an actual childhood death, while blood from the little souls of Afghanistan and far more is endlessly drawn by those same military weapons: real deaths, not fake ones, like that Benjamin Wheeler.

Pelley: …We asked (the parents) to tell us what they have learned in four months (in narration). Now, when I asked about the gun control legislation, you mentioned the background checks, you mentioned the high-capacity magazines, but nobody has mentioned yet the idea of a ban on assault weapons of the kind that was used at the school. What do you think of that?

Marquez-Greene: At first that was where my heart was. We gotta get, you know, let’s have a big bon-fire and burn everything: burn all these damn guns (shuts eyes). I have since learned that it’s a more complex issue than just saying let’s ban assault weapons. We’re looking for real change and common sense solutions, not things that just sound good.


Jimmy Greene: When we talk ban and confiscate, it becomes a political argument. It’s so much bigger than a political debate. It’s so much bigger than Democrats versus Republicans, conservatives versus liberals. I believe in my humble opinion this all transcends that.


Editor’s note: See the espionage-related color coding: the purple accoutrements, the tie, handkerchief, and purple coloring on the dress.

Pelley: What about the mental health care? What thoughts to you have on all that?

Barden: I think mental health, brain health, is paramount. It’s just as important as everything else. It’s just at this particular time the focus on the legislation is about the gun part of the issue.

Marquez-Greene: I’m not an expert (closes eyes) on guns. But I am an expert on mental health. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. We need to put a lot more dollars behind our mental health system in America. I’ve had the benefit of practicing in another country for quite a while. And I can tell you that we’re behind the curve on how we deal with mental health issues, and family issues in this country.

Pelley: Based on your expertise, what do we do wrong? Why do these people fall through the cracks and not get caught by the system?

Marquez-Greene: I think one of the barriers…is that there is a whole lot of stigma attached to getting help. The fact that you have to go to a therapist or a psychiatrist or a psychologist  and then get a diagnosis for your child, that can be very humbling and scary for parents. I can’t speak specifically for what happened with Adam Lanza and his family. As a mother, my heart breaks for Adam Lanza’s mother.

Pelley: We will never know within a precision what was happening in the Lanza home. But I wonder whether any of you blame Nancy Lanza?

Wheeler: It is obvious to anyone who looks that sees any of the information that has come out about that family, specifically Nancy and her son, that was anything but typical. It was like a set of dominos in many ways just waiting to be tipped over…something was very, very wrong in there.

Pelley: One of the things we learned from the documents that were released by investigators was that the gun safe that all of these guns were in was in his bedroom (shuts eyes fully).

Wheeler (in an adamant, hostile tone): Something was very, very wrong in there.

Greene: As a parent it’s my job to love my children, and by loving them doesn’t mean to give them whatever they want, or to feed whatever their passion is about, if it is potentially harmful to them or someone else. So, I feel like there is huge, huge gaping hole in the way that child was parented.

Wheeler: It is more than just a parenting vacuum as well. It is a community vacuum. This didn’t happen by itself. This didn’t happen in a bubble. She had a life. She had friends. People knew. They had to know.

Sherlach: We have this sense of complacency where it should be someone else’s job to take care of this. I shouldn’t have to worry about this. Well, you know what, you do have to worry about this (heavy emphasis, sales-job). You have to worry about your family. You have to worry about your community. You have to be involved. You just can’t sit off and say, “Well, you know what, I have mine, so I don’t have to worry about that, because it’s not going to affect me.” Well, you had 26 families that became directly affected by this sense of complacency that seems to be overwhelming our country at this point in time.


Wheeler: I would like every parent in this country, that’s 150 million people, I would like them to look in the mirror..I mean, literally, find a mirror in your house and look in your eyes, and say, “This will never happen to me. This will never happen in my school. This will never happen in my community.” And see if you actually believe that. And if there is a shadow, the slightest shadow of doubt about what you’ve said, think about what you can do to change that–in your house, in your community, in your school: in your country (shuts eyes). Because we have an obligation to our children to do this for them. It’s gonna happen again. It is going (great hostility, here) to happen again, and every time, it’s somebody else’s school, it’s somebody else’s community, until one day you wake up and it’s not (huge act, here, completely fraudulent).


It takes a particular kind of person to achieve this: to lie about a mass killing. Not just any person would or could do it. To think that these individuals, some of whom may well be parents, would risk their careers to lie about a school-yard massacre is surely unfathomable. Why do it–and how could they in their right minds do it? How could they stand before the whole world and tell such bold-faced lies? How could they do so repeatedly, while simultaneously attacking the various natural human laws such as the right for self-defense and the right to be free from government interference? There could only be one explanation, which that they fanatically, and rabidly, working for a cause. It would be a cause so compelling that it would overwhelm any native inhibitions and sensibilities. That cause is to achieve total and absolute control over the people. It is to also to “secure the realm,” in other words, to bolster the Zionist entity at any expense, the creation of so-called Greater Israel, and the establishment of total control over the perceived enemy, including both the people of Islaam and the non-compliant “goy” Christians. To do this the guns must be stripped from the American public. Too, guns must now be regulated, these same perpetrators propose, based upon a person’s ‘mental’ status.

Yet, the true nature of this plot was revealed by Marquez-Greene herself, when she proclaimed to her ideal objective was to throw all the guns, notably the so-called assault weapons, on a huge “bon-fire and burn everything…” Thus, unwittingly she leaked it: she revealed the agenda, saying ideally she wished to “burn everything.” Her basis: that she lost a daughter to a massacre. The truth: no massacre occurred. That means that Marquiz-Greene is a part of the deliberate, malicious plot to undermine Constitution of the United States and, therefore, the rights and freedoms of all American people.

Yet, the ultimate proof of the parent’s fraud is more simplistic. What kind of parent would lie about the death of his or her child? Thus, the real nature of the Sandy Hook parents is once again revealed as terminal Zionist moles whose entire purpose is to attack and undermine any remaining freedoms enjoyed by the American people, beginning with gun rights but attempting to achieve far more in regards to the attacks against the rights and freedoms of the people.


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  1. Yes, these actors and producers of 60 Minutes are very very dangerous people, and so is President Obama, who is flying these fake parents around in an attempt to promote his gun grabbing agenda. YIKES!.

  2. obama was in CT yesterday blabbing to a select few in hartford then… families of newtown were flown on air force one to washington so the priveledged few can have special treatment to change laws—listen i dont care if they get rid of assault weapons the thing that disgusts me is the way they are doing this. like they are the most important people in the US and their kids were more important than any other kids who died here. thats all and their constant money begging also makes me ill. greedy greedy greedy never enough money for them and never will be. If they really cared they would help their own state not just their rich isolated lifestyle so sickening. plus ruining baseball now opening day was also ruined due to their nonsense

  3. Hey guys, a backlink would have been appreciated, since you are using Swansongs banner..just saying.

    On another note, who is that CT global person? He keeps mentioning your site and ours, and links us to threats that were made against us, We have not been threatened by anybody..yet.

    He also spams every article with huge amounts of text and links to your site and his.

  4. I agree: “There could only be one explanation, which that they fanatically, and rabidly, working for a cause. It would be a cause so compelling that it would overwhelm any native inhibitions and sensibilities. That cause is to achieve total and absolute control over the people. It is to also to “secure the realm,” in other words, to bolster the Zionist entity at any expense, the creation of so-called Greater Israel, and the establishment of total control over the perceived enemy, including both the people of Islaam and the non-compliant “goy” Christians.”

    What are your thoughts on this as a compelling cause:

    The emerging Police State is intricately connected to the gold rush in providing “Homeland Security” services—there is incredible pressure to keep this gusher flowing.

    1) Israel has experienced an economic boom, a “Homeland Security” bubble, as it is the largest provider of security consultation to the U.S. ***The intense dependency this creates is shocking, Israel’s economy and its security is exponentially strengthened by the emerging Police State in the U.S.****

    See: Naomi Klein, “Labratory for a Fortressed World”,

    2) Our schools represent a $11.5 billion playing field for “Homeland Security” firms to hone their craft on a captive population. A chief benefit is that our youth will come to accept this policing as normal.

    Ingersoll Rand, with offices in Israel, had an interesting response to the Sandy Hook attack:


  5. What makes them “Communist”? I don’t see that you’ve named any political organizations, past or present. Are you following some working guide of Dr Paul Josef Goebbels that cosmopolitan Jews of this sort are typically “Communists”? Is it hard to understand that Zionists can be ARCH-anticommunists, like Ben-Gurion, who was captured by Red Army forces in World War II with machine pistol in hand, having fired on Red soldiers, or like Avraham Stern’s Lehi group, who were allied with Hitler’s Third Reich (the same Lehi group that were in leaders in the founding of the State of Israel, and later the Likud Party)?

  6. Few people talk about the fact that “automatic guns ” were banned in the US for sale to the public in 1934. Semi-automatic guns are for sale and should remain so. Most people in Congress are very confused on these issues and have no idea what they’re talking about.

  7. Great title. Only thing is the Communists were the main opposition to Zionism and vice versa. Read ANYTHING on that – so the “Zionist Communists” makes no sense – and if you need that to make sense of your World View, then maybe your world view makes no sense. But keep up the good work on Sandy Hook Hoax – SO IMPORTANT !!!

  8. I’m confused. I live in Newtown and went to church with one of these families and my child played on several occasions with many of these kids. Are you actually insinuating that these parent sacrificed their children’s lives for the anti-gun movement? How can this be a farce? Are their children still alive and shipped off to some far away government witness protection program. Having known some of these people, I can more easily believe that they are just victims of a false flag who have been brainwashed by government owned media to push forth an anti-gun agenda.

  9. Knowingtree give it up. There is one of you in every comment board, on every article in this site. Your probably the same hack just under different names. You live in Newtown, you know the parents, all the kiddies hang together, blah blah blah. Ive said it once and I will say it again, this is a really hard site to bullshit on. You are confused, were not.

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