Sandy Hook — 02 April 2013
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No Sandy Hook Children Died

Despite protests by actual parents, as well as their handlers, towards this site as well asvarious others purporting to be relatives it must be said, “Thank God no children were killed.” It could have been a real massacre, like the ones perpetrated every day against the people of the Middle East and, now, Africa by the armies of modern warfare and their associated mercenaries. It could have been real deaths like those seen on video film of the drones, as the fire hellfire missiles at innocent children, sending those pitiful ones to heaven, while the ones who fire the missiles secure their place in that very hell fire.

The real children who are dying: in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and more–all at the behest of the satanic Zionist military machine–no one sounds a word about them. Those are real deaths and real massacres with real suffering parent. That’s quite the opposite of the so-called parents of Sandy Hook who not only didn’t lose any children that day but even had the audacity to feign grief over them–and who the children are and where they are remain unknown. Regardless, what kind of individual would fake the death of a child and then do play-acting about it?

Those real children who are being murdered by America’s weapons the grief of the parents is dire and real. They are not laughing or smiling in glee, like the Sandy Hook fraudsters. They don’t sneak a smile or smirk when they perceive themselves off camera. They don’t have to fake tears or facial expressions of despair.

Are any of those parents who really lose children to massacres: are any of them lionized, given iconic status: or is only the fraudsters of Sandy Hook, who achieve such heights?

Despite constant protests from individuals unknown it can be said categorically that there were no murders on the grounds of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nothing happened there. Not even a shot was fired. People can scream all they want. They can hurl insults. They can make demands, including the inane protest of requesting that this Website be shut down.

The parameters for the scrubbing of this Website have already been established, which is if anyone can prove that a single child was murdered at Sandy Hook: if such a one can even provide the most minimal level of proof, then, the Sandy Hook blog will be purged. We are waiting.

Otherwise, the facts shall stand on their own, and these facts show obfuscation, fraud, deception, and corruption at every conceivable level, from the judiciary to the State’s Attorney’s office, to include the State Police and, ultimately, if not primarily the offices of the Governor himself. The SH Fire Department is culpable, as is the local police chief. Don’t forget the commander-in-chief, who is largely the architect of this farce.

It will now be proven that no children died directly from media sources themselves. It will be shown here that the media entities are malicious in their actions and that they are directly involved in the plot.

Posting media pictures on-line: before the children are killed?

Could the world get more convoluted than this? Do Afghanis, Iraqis, Yemenis, Gazans, Pakistanis, and more post the pictures of their children on-line for media consumption prior to their slaughter, or is this reserved only for Sandy Hook victims? See the dates for the French media resource firm, Sipa Press ( In all cases the date stamps are prior to the SH event, considerably so by precisely six months in some cases and in others a least a month or more prior. Why is this so revealing? Recall, again, the presumption that no children died. Then, if that were the case the pictures and all that relates to them would be phonies. This is precisely what these sites reveal: pure fraud.

Here are comprehensive screenshots of all the frames where Sandy Hook children are portrayed:

sipapress    sipapress3 sipapress2

Here are the REX screenshots:



rex1 Here is a close-up of some of the SIPA Press dates:


Here are a sampling of these images, expanded:




Note the findings: the registration dates on SIPA for the various children all precede the time of the purported killings. This means that the entire claim for dead children is a diabolical hoax of the most unfathomable proportions.

A few notes: there are errors which are made, in the age, for instance. There is also a trend to state, “between 18 and 20 children died.” Is it they weren’t sure they could get the identities of the last two? Was that a buffer?

Beyond debunking

Can there be any other explanation for these findings? Did they post-date the deaths? Or, is this merely magic, or, rather, black magic: they just “knew” six months prior that there would be a massacre at that school and precisely these and only these children would be killed.

There is no other explanation. It is only in the Sandy Hook massacre of all public killings which are post-dated. In fact, nothing on the SIPA or REX sites is back-dated by six months. Under Sandy Hook, Connecticut, there is a prominent example, which is the news story regarding thefts at the National Archives. It just so happened that a Sandy Hook resident helped solve the crime, thus this made national news:

The date of the interview is April 30, 2012, while the story was posted on May 3, 2012. Should the SIPA time stamp be near that time or several months or even several weeks prior?


Note the date. The timing is just right, the date stamp being a day after the interview. After all, the photographer would necessarily need to take advantage of any hype about the story in order to earn money on the images. Thus, there are two stories worthy of SIPA’s involvement relative to Sandy Hook in 2012, one is the purported massacre and the other is as above. Only the massacre is pre-date-stamped by up to six months prior. All the National Archives photos are timed to match the story.

Is it just public and school massacres where photos are pre-dated? Is it, too, only such massacres where the photos of victims are time-stamped up to six months prior? Again, from SIPA Press:


It appears that just is not the case. How will the Zionist scoundrels worm their way out of this?


Alex Brandon followed protocol, as did all the other photographers, when it came to Aurora, time-stamping the date correctly of this interview with one of the wounded at 7/29/2012, some 8 days after the event. Not in Sandy Hook? Not a single photographer follows the standard of issuing either a correct or reasonably correct time-stamp?


Yet, then, when the entire purpose is to corrupt and undermine why speak the truth? The case of Aurora was different, with actual people wounded and killed. There were actors there, too, no doubt, but the issue for the Zionist mob was the existence of a live patsy versus a non-existent or, rather, murdered one in Sandy Hook. Yet, that didn’t stop these thugs from demonizing Mr. Holmes in the most ruthless, wild way possible, as demonstrated by the huckster Richard B. Levine’s montage, as above. Holmes is innocent. He shot no one and was, rather, set up for the fall. It was exclusively Zionist elements which perpetrated this crime, as can be seen by the brutal, relentless attacks these tyrannical thugs heap upon his character.

Back to Sandy Hook:

Now, the presumption, here, is that no children died and that the entire claim for a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is a hoax. That would imply that the names and images of the children infamously displayed as victims is also a part of the hoax. That, too, would indicate a systematic attempt at falsifying the massacre, which means both foreknowledge and the commission of a deliberate plot.

The names, identities, and photographs of such children, or various manufactured, altered photos, would have to be produced well in advance to commit this act. If so, then, surely there would be a plethora of evidence for this. Is it possible that a scam of this proportion could be achieved without even a trace of the source, without the slightest evidence of the scheme? In fact, there has been revealed considerable evidence of foreknowledge, like the advance creation of Websites and Facebook pages involved in fund collections for victims, like the advance knowledge of the media, “27 people were killed,” announced hours before by AP well prior to any official announcement by the local sources, like the State Police and Governor Malloy.

How about Gene Rosen? With his multi-faceted crystal ball, he saw the ‘victim’s list’ according to his own proclamation a day before it was issued to parents. It was Rosen who also, somehow, held according to one of his stories six children in his home for “hours” after the initiation of the shooting.

He wasn’t the only one who committed magic. Consider the AP. By 10:00 EST it had reported through multiple channels that there was a shooting and that up to 27 were killed. The entity thus proclaimed foreknowledge of a massacre when no one else reported it, no local or State Police and surely not the coroner or governor’s office. As demonstrated by Professor James Tracey in his Timeline CNN and CBS joined the foray by proclaiming a variety of stories, demonstrating knowledge far in advance of any official statements, which itself proves that the shooting was impossible:

At 10:47 a.m. a report of the ‘gunman’ dead:

Connecticut School Shooting Update: One Gunman Dead, One Teacher Injured at Elementary School,” CBS News, December 14, 2012.

At 11:30  a.m. a report of fatalities (gunman) plus multiple injuries, all according to CBS:

“There are reports of multiple injuries,” quoting, also,the Newton Bee as saying that a student with apparently serious wounds was carried out of the facility by a police officer.

Connecticut School Shooting Update: One Gunman Dead, One Teacher Injured at Elementary School,” CBS News, December 14, 2012.

At 11:34 a.m. a report by CNN of a dead gunman plus weapons:

Police say the shooter is dead and two weapons were recovered from him. “The source says one weapon recovered is a Glock and the other is a Sig Sauer.” Children and Adults Gunned Down in School Massacre,” CNN, December 14, 2012.

The entity followed this by another statement, saying that, about 2:09 p.m., “18 to 20 of the dead are children.” CNN claimed it was told this. That statement will become more important as this post continues.

Thus, there are countless reasons to suspect foul play.

Fake massacre: hard evidence

As repeatedly demonstrated by Tracey and others there is glaring, undeniable evidence of foreknowledge of the event by both the media and various local perpetrators. This is through a tweet circulated by former Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung (if she ever really was a principal). Through this tweet was distributed the infamous photo, insidiously ordained by The Atlantic Wire’s Zionist mole Esther Zuckerman as a photo of an actual massacre-day photo,  published on Dec. 14, Zuckerman’s title reading, “The Sandy Hook Principal’s Twitter Feed is Haunting .

Meanwhile, according to the Market Daily News Diane Feinstein had already met with various government agencies to create the basis for a weapons ban, as per Tracey, “Senator Diane Feinstein Moves to Ban All Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips,” Market Daily News, November 7, 2012.

This alone is sufficient evidence to call the entire operation a scam and all who are involved in perpetrating it, including the purported parents and other false-testifying relatives, as scammers.

For those who would cast aspersions regarding this, that it was just an innocent mistake, this was prepared in advance by the media crime syndicate maliciously:

It can be seen, here, that the vile ones who control the media channels, notably the arch-Zionist Rothschild family and its collaborators, produced this for purposes of deception. The caption claims these children as post-massacre victims, even giving an attribution to the female director as State Police. It is two filthy lies, and they are busted in that crime: this is an October drill (school yet to be determined, possibly Sandy Hook) and the coordinator is a DHS agent.

Note: the above photos sufficient proof of intent to defraud and corrupt, since it is NOT from the December 14th event and was, rather, taken in October 2014.

The SIPA-REX revelations revisited

Thanks to alert, investigative posters and emailers there has been a major development in the investigation. This is the discovery of the SIPA Press and sites. These entities are specifically geared for rapid communication with the major media, that is specifically as a source of photos. The photos are taken by journalists, whether real or maliciously altered, and uploaded for mass consumption. To download or copy the photo registration is required.

The majority of these SIPA (and REX) photos uploaded to the Internet arose from the following photographers:


Now, for a review of the revelations seen in the REX images:






Notice something? It would appear that REX is shrewder than the nearly defunct SIPA, whose agents may have sipped one too many. REX refuses to put the original date, the one that exposes their crimes, on the photos. There is not a single month-day date code for any of the dozens of pictures on this site. In contrast, regarding the adults, including the purported victims, all such photos are date-coded AFTER the supposed event. Thus, REX is involved in a criminal cover-up by attempting to disguise the original time-stamps.

SIPA’s and REX’s pattern: Photos of Sandy Hook adults, time-stamped after, adult victims and wounded, after. Mass shooting victims from areas besides Sandy Hook: after. Hook supposed school-yard massacre victims: BEFORE, often by months.

Here are a few more examples:



Editor’s note: That was quite a job by Adam Lanza to know exactly which kids he was supposed to massacre. While he may not have the same crystal ball as Gene Rosen and Scarlet Lewis, he might have had a different advantage. Being computer savvy, did he study this site and know who he was supposed to kill? It is simply so ludicrous that, if it wasn’t so diabolical, it would be laughable.

There is additional evidence against these hucksters from these albums. It has all been saved in screenshots and will be up shortly.

Satanists or scam artists?

It is the work of Satan to perpetrate this, especially to fake the massacre of children. That isn’t enough for these arch-criminals. Now, despite the fact their crimes have been fully revealed they are, regardless, entirely unrepentant and now, furthermore,  hurl the memories of the children against the people even more. “I’m so-and-so’s cousin,” many people claim. “I know this is wrong. This is despicable. You are cruel. You are #*!!# and more. Fine: the premise of this Website still holds. Prove one death, and the Sandy Hook portion will be purged.

Sandy Hook IS a scam, and no one can deny it. No children died. People can scream, buck, and pontificate all they want. Regardless of the degree to which they protest and even curse and threaten: no matter how much emotionalism they hurl, it’s irrelevant. It is a certainty that there were no deaths. Now, it is time to prosecute all those who uphold the false claim of this elementary school massacre and, particularly, all those who solicit funds on that basis, particularly after the facts have been laid bare.

And they thought the got away with it: devilish looks and all. They didn’t get away with anything: God is watching.


Part One in a multi-part series, because the children really didn’t die, thank God — at least not at Sandy Hook. 


Credit: Thanks to the many brave posters and emailers for guiding the authors to this crucial information.


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  1. Great work.

    What is going on in the 4th block of 5 images from the REX archive? The pic captioned with scumbag ‘Robbie Parker, Emilie Parker (left) and sister’ – is that supposed to be a window or something in the back of the stroller with another child behind the one seated? Hope you’ll take a look at that.

    • Yes, we have the large size of that picture and are analyzing it. It would appear that the baby was simply, or its head, put in that image. Hucksters galore.

  2. How …..ummm…..convenient.

  3. Awesome article.
    Again everyday more overwhelming evidence of the hoax. It’s amazing how many people must be involved. Are they all ‘just’ gun control advocates? Do they realize what they’re connecting themselves to and their expendability if the truth begins to unravel ?
    Imagine the scale of loose ends created by the sheer number of players. The controllers of this operation must have something big planned or they wouldn’t create such a difficult long term psyop.
    Get ready for a new 9/11. I can’t even imagine what these scum fucks are going to roll out next. And if you’re a government agent reading this post, just remember, you’re as informed as all of us now. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Break your oath, the law? Go along to get along?You better hope the bad guys win because everyone is accountable, even your low life Internet screening punk ass.

  4. Yes, April Fools, your government is a joke, as explains in depth today. I am suggesting to other radio hosts that they have Dr. K and associates on their shows to present their findings, and applaud Rick Weber for his fully doing this.

    Terific report, NoDisinfo, You are great humans; our countryclub set are not.

  5. [Fake Victim] Dylan Hockley attended his own funeral. He pretended to be his older brother Jake at the funeral. His brother Jake looks nothing like Dylan, as we see in the photos above. I have no idea why they thought they could pull this charade. Look at the funeral photos….that’s Dylan pretending to be sad, sad but his parents are smiling most of the time.

    • Let’s get some screen shots of a real person instead of those fake Hockley photos and do a comp.

      • The original Sherrlach’s are Rick and Jane Brickell you have not mentioned that above or below their picture in this article. Case closed on them (they keep switching in other actors, made up to look like the original characters to confuse and side track, building fake databases to create characters that are non-existent ie Adam Lanza and Peter LANZA Chasing their fictitious characters is like chasing their media lies.

        Their son Robbie Brickell in real life debunks the Sherlachs and Dana Hochsprung being a photoshopped creation, of the two of them on the couch, which is an impossibility, he is around 25. ROBBIE BRICKELL aka Chris Sawinidis is featured in an Occupy rant last summer. That is and old pic of DANA Adler Srarr aka Rosa Koir who is 55-ish now. I am talking about the DAWN Hochsprung media photo with large picture over her head released by the media. This one photo debunks them all Hochsprung / Sherlach plus the daughters of the Hochsprungs debunks them all as a Greenberg MEDIA hoax fraud in violation of 18 USC § 1001 – Statements or entries generally.

        Now go after Dana Adler Starr aka Rosa Kior (Behind the Green agenda), Mauice Strong’s aka Adolf Eichman’s daughter. Eichman/ Strong created Agenda 21 and is the fraudster behind the Carbon TAX FRAUD scheme that is Treasonously being shoved down our throats.

        The solution to this whole game is simple, draft a Declaration and indictment outlining the proven Sandy Hook Hookers and Hoax… Pack corrupt Mayors, City Councils and Supervisors offices demanding they DENOUNCE the Sandy Hook Shooting as a Rockefeller non-profit charity fraud scheme. They have 30 days to respond… In the indictment it must be made clear a fraud is being protected by a RICO enterprise that has infected out State BARs, all the way down to the D’s offices and mayors offices who act blind to the prosecution powers in the furtherance of the scheme, covering up a treasonous overthrow of our government. All we demand, is they denounce ICLIE, Chemtrails, Rockefellers Project paperclip and the Greenberg family terror network which produced the Katzenberg / Dreamworks non profit charity fraud scheme debacle, known as Sandy Hook.

        We demand the step down and incarceration of ANN COULTER aka Nicole Hockley #1 and Amanda Whale, Nicole Hockley #2. Those two are an open shut case as the photoshop creation of Dylan Hockley is of Ethan Greenberg. If you don’t post this charges soon they will just create another person you will have to debunk!

        This War must be waged creating our own media via internet and doing just what the Greenbergs have done to our Constitution with a small family working together using the media against us.

        Finally it will take only 76 women and men in each state, city and county across the country to opack unlawful supervisors offices. ! Keep this simple and stick to the physical evidence in their media lies! You seem to be falling into their trap chasing fake moms, dads, Greens, Greenes, Rosens and LANZAs do not exist, not mentioning in this article above… Rick and Jane Brickell, ROBBIE BRICKELL aka Chris Sawinidis, who debunks Hochsprung who is already debunked by the daughters… and get to the next victim. It’s about the physical evidence, not chasing internet paper trail we can’t trust! Pictures of Reily Harmond from Video still is a must, wearing a boxers mouth piece or fake veneers, demanding MEDIA shills strip down these terrorist like TSA does to innocent citizens flying to Hawaii!

        Please contact me and let me know who is backing this site, I am curious? We all need to be up front in a world and internet of fakers and liars.

        Gregory Bradford

  6. CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at

    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    these issues in upcoming presentations at

    Worldwide Release April 4, 2013

    These are opinions based on known facts.


    UPDATE: The Zionist-controlled, and owned, bought and paid for CONNECTICUT LEGISLATURE has passed this Nations’s most oppressive GUN GRAB LEGISLATION, based on the SANDY HOOK GUB GRAB SCAM and MURDERS of ADAM and NANCY LANZA, being fully exposed by and .

    Please see

    The illegal draconian laws will also cost the DESTITUTE CT THUGS over $15 MILLION DOLLARS in implementation and enforcement costs.

    CONNECTICUT has BLOOD ON ITS HANDS, folks, and ultimately we will see these TRAITORS doing the PERP WALK to FEDERAL PRISON, GUANTANAMO BAY, or the GALLOWS (letal injection gurneys).

    Previous related releases:

    The CTA Global Discussion Forum is at .

    Episode Information

    CTAmerica’s Community Call

    Hosted by: CTAmerica

    Title: SANDY HOOK SCAM: Prosecuting, Suing, and Jailing the Zionist Perpetrators

    Time: 04/06/2013 01:00 PM EDT

    Episode Notes: CT America will discuss the irrefutable evidence against the Zionist thugs who perpetrated the Sandy Hook scam, which may be the murders of ADAM and NANCY LANZA. CTA will name suspects, discuss the pretrial investigations and research, and instruct the audience on how to file complaints and requests for investigations with CT, federal, and international officials.

  7. Really excellent article here, keep ’em coming! I hope these “people” realize that this was TREASON.

  8. You have squarely hit the nail one the head. Besides the uploaded photos on the REX site, they are in time order indicating they were posted before 6-21-12. The SIPA site shows the children “victims” uploaded as early as 6-15-12. This is the biggest find anyone could possibly have found. Your message is heard loud and clear. Either lanza hand-picked all of his “victims” and uploaded them almost 6 months prior to 12-14-12 OR someone that had foresight to this theatrical event did just that. It is reasonable to believe no children died, but then if that is the case, why would those sick people do this to the american people? thank you.

  9. Interesting, the DHS photo is taken in October 2014! Did they use a DeLorean to take the photo?????

  10. yeah, thats a fairly glaring typo. you might want to fix that drk

    • Mr. Justice: which post title is the typo in? Editing is going on, today.

  11. No one needs to prove anything to you sick people. Karma is a bitch

  12. B2,
    Thanks for stopping by. There is no such thing as karma. In fact, there is also no such thing as children being shot at sandy hook. That government shooting was planned at early as December 2010.

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  14. This article pointing out that the children were listed as victims of an event 6 months in advance is one of the most convincing elements that sandy hook was an entire hoax. Contrary to H. Wayne Carver’s hope, this entire event has “come crashing down on the heads of the people of newtown”.

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