Sandy Hook — 23 January 2013
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Updated, Jan. 27, 2012, to include the McDonnell family, Updated Feb. 1 to include the Rekos’

Nodinsinfo’s List of Phony “Sandy Hook” Parents

All the parents of Sandy Hook are phonies. This includes those who were given a prominent status for being interviewed by the major networks.

Donna Soto, pitutiary

Perpetrator #1: Goes by Donna Fagan-Soto, real identity unknown. Probably not a Soto, which is a Jewish name of Shephardic descent, the name is usually taken by families of Spanish Jews.  A proven phony, she has given a variety of fake interviews. She is posing as the mother of the oft-pictured Victoria Soto, which is not the case. It is necessary to know her real identity. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Please any such findings post in comments or send via email contact.

Important summary points:

  • is not the mother of Victoria Soto
  • the three children often posing with her are not her children
  • is an actor with somewhat scripted lines
  • is only interviewed by the major high-powered networks, particularly CNN
  • is a government operative of some type
  • cannot be found anywhere on the Internet in actual photo-shoots with Carlee, Jillian, or Vicki Soto (prior to December 14)
  • shed not even a single tear for her purported daughter
  • showed no sincere emotion regarding Vicki Soto; was not distressed at her loss or in shock
  • is seen in a photo-op with Obama while he is reading a letter (purportedly honoring the bravery of Vicki Soto)

CIA operative, smirks

Perpetrators #s 2 & 3: David Wheeler and Francine Lobis-Wheeler. Seems to be their real identity. Phonies, there is no way their son has died. The real question is do they have such a son, named  Wheeler , and, if so, where is he? Was he taken to Florida to the Greenberg residence? This is the crucial information that needs to be discovered because, regarding this couple, they are proven frauds. Once again, the only important question is, “Where is their son?”

Important points:

  • both Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. F. Lobis-Wheeler are in the acting/performing business
  • move to Newtown recently, in April, 2012
  • Mrs. Wheeler was the executive secretary for a top operative of the Democratic party
  • both are major proponents for gun control

Greenberg, ear

Perpetrators #3 & 4: Nick and Laura Pelps. Phonies to the most extreme degree these individuals posed as Sandy Hook parents, claiming a personal relationship with purported principal Dawn Hochsprung. The Phelps’ may not really be who they say they are and bear a striking resemblance to a family known as the Sexton-Greenbergs (see that thread on this blog). In fact, apparently, this is precisely who they are. The Phelps, that is Sexton/Greenbergs are a key prove of the scamming nature of Sandy Hook. Look at how Nick Phelps is dressed. He is merely  Hollywood prop, with his brand-new Newtown hat and more.

Important points:

  • are running cover for Dawn Hochsprung, indicating that she is likely still alive
  • are definite, 100% actors and are therefore busted as such in their CNN interview, pictured above
  • are likely using the name Phelps as an alias but are, rather, Richard Sexton and Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg
  • came into town artificially sometime between 2010 and 2011; most likely the real parents of Jillian, Carlee, and Carlos Soto
  • are not by any means known, long-time residents of Sandy Hook
  • were only interviewed on TV by the major Zionist-orchestrated networks

What needs to be uncovered?

  • exact date of arrival to the Sandy Hook/Newtown area
  • any witnesses who saw them there
  • any evidence of being in direct contact in Sandy Hook with the Soto clan (which, barring the mother, is actually them)
  • any evidence in the involvement of the transport of any children, the purported victims, from Sandy Hook after the event
  • their exact whereabouts at this time



Perpetrator #5: Ian Hockley. This man is a clear and categorical fake, which is readily proven by his horrendously inadequate acting job performed on CNN. Could the man smile any more dramatically? What was he thinking? His date of arrival was sometime in 2010 from England.

Important points:

  • this man did a terrible job of acting; it was obvious he didn’t lose a son. It is also obvious that he is after the guns.
  • what is his history in acting and government operations? Clearly, he is an agent, putting on an act
  • how much is he being paid?

Dylan Hockley

Perpetrator #6:  Nicole Hockley. As phony as can be she can’t even keep a straight face. She talks about her supposedly butchered son in past-tense and third person. An obvious fraud, she combines the standard description of the beautiful nature of her child with a call for gun restriction. Both these individuals are liberal hacks who are after America’s guns. She stated categorically that she would “push” for action. Ian Hockley has made it clear, according to the UK press, that he wants the guns dealt with before America ‘forgets.’ Like the others, no way did they on December 14 lose a child.

Important points:

  • who is paying her? she is an aggressive agent for gun control
  • what this couple do with their son; where are they holding him, now? Is he in Florida with Noah Pozner and Pozner’s father? They have proven by their emotional detachment that he is still alive? Where is he?

If anyone has any doubt, once again, below are the real faces of people stricken by the grief of a schoolyard murder:


Here’s another picture of these two hucksters: any grief, sadness, or shock here? Looks like an act, doesn’t it?

HOckley fraudstersI

In case it is ineligible it says, “Paid in full by the taxpayers.” It’s actually sickening. The worst thing they are stealing are people’s hearts.


Perpetrator #7: Diane Licata. While she doesn’t look too pleased about her role, she was one of the few relatively conniving of all actresses, shedding at least a few tears. Despite that, she is an actual phony, just a better one than most. Her fraudulent acting job can be seen, here: One question is who is she? Does she work for the networks, particularly CBS or CNN? She has the tear thing down. Is she a professional? Is this her real name?

2 morre phones, the Licatas

Perpetrator # 8 : Robert Licata. An extremely poor story-teller, he ran cover for the murder skit by telling a fable similar to the one told by Gene Rosen. Apparently, the networks were using him to support the Rosen claim of some children escaping from Vicki Soto’s classroom (that too was a fable; there was probably no class held by her that day).

Nothing he said is believable.Since the networks were so patronizing to them the key question is, “Who does he work for? Is he an associate of the major media? Is this his real name? It is important to hunt down his resume to determine his connections, which are surely significant, as he sold his soul to the devil.

Robbie parkerdddd

Perpetrator # 9: The arch-phony actor, Robbie Parker. He may have fooled most people if it wasn’t for a brave cameraman. That person was so disgusted with the Sandy Hook fraud that he leaked the film of Parker’s “Get into the moment” act on YouTube, the various videos of which are among the most viewed in all of history.

Important points:

  • Did anyone in Newtown Bourough or Sandy Hook area see this individual, particularly in 2012.
  • When did he arrive there? Did he establish a home?
  • How many children did he have, two or three? Are they all girls?
  • Who is his agent, and how much is he getting paid?
  • How much has he collected in his money-grubbing charity scheme


Perpetrator # 10: Another arch-phony, Allissa Parker, maiden name Cottle, like her fake parent husband, is on the payroll to put on an act. A pathological liar, she is happy playing a most vile role of a sniveling, grieving mother. Thus, she is an offense to any mother who has truly lost a child. Nothing she says can be believed.

Important point:

  • Did anyone really see Emily Parker in this area? If so, when was the last time she was seen?
  • Did anyone get to know the Parkers closely at sense any odd or unexplainable behavior?
  • Are they currently under constant watch and escort by espionage agent?
  • How many children does this woman really have? And where is Emily?


Perpetrators #11 & 12: In a telling interview with Anderson Cooper Lynn and Chris McDonnell immediately reveal themselves as frauds. Both these people were caught on camera in a state of euphoria, and in a debacle reminiscent of Robbie Parker buffoonery the cameraman left it in. No doubt a paid actress Ms. McDonnell spews lie upon lie about a girl named who she calls Gracie, whom she claims is her daughter. The problem is she doesn’t have a daughter by that name. In her interview she wishes the world to know that she has an extensive album of pictures of this girl, which she will “take memory in.” That wasn’t enough. She had to make an additional protest. She asked Anderson Cooper to broadcast after the interview, as follows:

“When Anderson visited our house, I showed him one of our pictures from Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve always said that I took my photographs to be my children’s eyes. I wanted them to remember everything from our adventures together.”

Then surely Ms. McDonnell would have an extensive number of pictures of the two together “in those adventures,” not just the standard contrived head shots offered by the media cabal. Let us see what she has offered, which is only a single photo of the two together:

Moreover, this is the only photo offered of the father together with Gracie. It, too, is fake, glaringly so:


The girl has clearly been ‘shopped’ into the picture. It’s a total phony. With all those adventures is this the best that Ms. McDonnell can do? Thus, she and her husband are fake parents and the child is also fake. It may well be that McDonnell was also shopped in, at least her head; notice how it sets at an angle and is actually smaller than the girl’s head.

Chris McDonnell is yet another key Sandy Hook actor. He made the rounds all over the region putting on a fake show of grief. One of his falsifications became iconic, rending emotional reactions throughout the world. His key phony act is captured, as follows:




Those two McDonnell frauds sure work the cameras hard. Wonder if they are extorting any money from people for their crime? As giddy as they act they must have been paid a pretty penny to perpetrate all their scams.


Perpetrator #13: A most apathetic-, even pathetic-appearing cohort, Neil Heslin is hardly convincing, other than being a shill for the Zionist world order. Interviewed ignominiously with CNN it was Heslin who revealed himself as a categorical fraud. His supposed son, Jesse, “was his buddy,” who told him just before he was going to die that “this was going to be the best Christmas ever.” When Piers Morgan attempted to lionize Jessie Lewis a hero, Heslin became exceedingly nervous making all manner of faces. He kept posturing and twitching in an exceedingly bizarre manner, which can be seen, here: .

Before the corpse was cool Heslin went after the guns, saying, recently, January 29, 2012, that he seeks a ban on all semi-automatic rifles, along with large capacity magazines. Heslin does so in part, because he is likely being paid to do so but also because he is a Zionist agent opposed to an independent, strong America. There is no question that Heslin is an operative. He did not lose a child that day.


Perpetrators # 14 &15: The Rekos’ are about as phony as anyone can get, especially Krista Rekos but also her husband Richard. Her daughter, she would have people believe, was slaughtered in a hail of bullets; and she isn’t upset, saddened, or angry about it in the least. Nor is she in shock over the existence of such a bullet-ridden corpse. She provides no proof that the individual in question, Jessica C. Rekos, is really her daughter. There are virtually no family photos showing the girl with the parents. Those that do exist are contrived, especially the one shown above. She is clearly inserted into this photo. The fact is Jessica C. Rekos doesn’t exist as an actual, real student of Sandy Hook, or in any other fashion as claimed, including her “little CEO.” What a fraud. Both her and her husbad Richard told bold-faced lies to the whole world. Are they collecting donations for their ditry tricks? If so, they are guilty of extorsion.

Veronique Pozner

Perpetrator to the extreme (#16), Veronique Pozner: Pozner is the resident bulldog for gun confiscation. A dire enemy of the Second Amendment, she seeks to institute draconian restrictions against weapons and ammunition–for Americans exclusively. Simultaneously, she and her ilk, including her anonymous husband, are primary contributors to the notorious Jewish National Fund (JNF), the chief architect of the Apartheid campaign against the Palestinians. Money she collects in her fund goes in part directly to the Zionist entity for projects involved in land confiscation and, therefore, the arming of settlers. She has admitted on the air that money is being sent to the Zionist entity based upon Noah’s death, now deemed fraudulent. Thus, she is committing extortion. which means to “obtain” funds “by improper means.” Regardless, in the epitome of hypocrisy see seeks gun restrictions for Americans, while supporting the illicit Israeli invaders to be armed to the max (that is through the Apartheid-promoting JNF).

Important points:

  • on the Internet there are no pictures anywhere in existence of her holding or being at the side of Noah Pozner, as pictured in the post-Sandy Hook portraits
  • she shows no normal emotions of any kind when speaking about him
  • the first thing out of her mouth in interviews is related to the corruption of the Second Amendment
  • she mentions her loyalty to the Zionist entity frequently
  • she is a dual nation and is loyal to the Israeli entity, while committing high treason against Americans
  • a fraud, she is using the purported death of Noah as an emotional wedge to drive legislation against gun rights, thus acting as a shill for the Zionist World Order
  • let her produce even a single document or photograph proving Noah Pozner is her son or better yet that he died
  • she is attempting to garner sympathy, while collecting more, for the Zionist cause

What needs to be uncovered?

  • Where is her husband? What role did he play in the scam?
  • Why did he go down to Florida instead of grieving with her over Noah’s loss?
  • She says “what a mother goes through” in pregnancy is horrendous, only to lose a child to an AR-15. Does she have any birthing records or a birth certificate for Noah Pozner that isn’t forged? Or is it an Obama-like issue?
  • Does Veronique Pozner live in Newtown/Sandy Hook and if so, where?
  • What is the role of her “brother” the Mossad agent, Alexis Haller? Why is this man from LA her spokesperson, instead of someone closer by, like her missing-in-action husband?
  • Fine: you claim he is dead; you are collecting money, planting trees on stolen land; prove he is dead and stop collecting money on his purported corpse for hypocritical gains

(Note: picture that was here removed for verification)

Other perpetrators will be described in more detail shortly.

There is, here, though, an obvious trend. Virtually all the culprits descend upon Newtown recently, all within a 2-year period, as follows:

  • Ian Hockley and family: 2 years before the incident
  • David and Francine Wheeler: 6 months (Connecticut Post)
  • Phelps’: about 2 years (via a visit with an Internet friend Meg Duerksen, who posted their movement to CT on her blog)
  • Donna Soto: about 2 years (source yet to be identified, exact time yet to be confirmed)
  • Marquez-Green: 2 months
  • Robert and Diane Licata: unknown but believed to be under 2 years
  • Veronique Pozner: unknown but possibly up to seven years; needs to be confirmed
  • Robbie and Alissa Parker: 8 months

Here is the purported Parker timeline according to Katie Couric:

Robbie Parker info, timeline

Here is another standard report used by “media sources:”

Mr. Parker said the family moved to Newtown about eight months ago, when he accepted a job in Danbury as a physician’s assistant. They have family in Utah, and formerly lived in Ogden, Utah, according to press reports.

Other reports have him in New Mexico, not Ogden, before arriving in Newtown for the espionage project. That’s awfully convenient. Clearly, the Parkers are operatives.

At this time there is a question if they even have a third child named Emily. She, too, may be a creation of the computer.

These spies came into town 8 months in advance to become “established members of the community,” which would be their cover. They were instructed in advance to fabricate the death of Emily Parker.


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    “Emilie Parker, shown on the school’s playground equipment last year, was one of 20 children gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. The family moved in January because of a job opportunity for her father, Robbie Parker.”

    It’s impossible for the Parker family to move from Ogden Utah 8 months ago (April, 2012) according to CNN, and move from Rio Rancho, New Mexico in January (2012) according to the Rio Rancho Observer.

    • More lies and obfuscation. It is reasonable to presume that Parker merely arrived preemtively shortly before the strike. Thank you for bringing more discrepancies forward. Yet, the point is even according to the standard media, even according to the invdividuals themselves, the majority are “recent” arrivals, virtually all under 2 years if that long. It is likely that their real residence in the area was shorter, like six months or less.

      • just wanted to say, the picture that person provided of “emilie parker” on the playground whenever it said it was from (sorry i know it said it was from awhile ago but not for sure what it said now) looks NOTHING like all the other pictures of emilie other than the fact she has blonde hair blue eyes. obviously i cant prove this but looks like a totally different child. also they show another picture of emilie alot (its a solo of her, pink sweater i want to say not positive, close up on her face) that also i cant prove but does not appear to be the same child at all. i know children change with age, and i know different pics different angles can show differences, but it seems as though they are using pictures of different girls completely which is weird. almost like original photos maybe are of a girl who has died some time ago, and so for older pics, they have to substitute. just an thought. thanks

        • This is correct. The difficulty in detecting photoshop lines is that this was done against a light or sky background. Looking at it carefully, though. May do some head shot comparisons: good idea.

        • the Parkers have/had 3 daughters there are 1000s of pics on their blogspot including the births & growth of all 3 girls thru the years thru 2010… however 1 internet savvy friend said most of the pics were uploaded to the blog on 12/16 or 12/17/12 (2-3 days after the ‘event’). He could be wrong, but if so, the pictures are STILL of a real family w/ 3 girls. It may have been updated to try to make them look legit, which I do NOT believe they are. I firmly believe we were hoaxed. Just want to set the record straight about Emily being Madeleine & vicey-versey. It’s

          • So after finding this site, and reading down a few of the responses, I saw the link to “” and pasted into the address bar. WOuldn’t you know it, you have to have an account and SIGN IN before you can access it. Nice way of tracking who views it. We think a tfew terrabites in a WD Mybook is impressive? The government has the technology to fit EXABYTES into something the same size, and they use that storage space to build files on us and store all the data they could ever need on each of us. Use public computers and stay away from webcams. You are being watched.

  2. Nice breakdown of the frauds. However — What about Grace McConnell’s parents? You left them out.. they are the biggest frauds ever.

    • Still working on that. If you have anything valuable, do feel comfortable posting it, here. Working on two more frauds to be posted shortly.

    • In fact, Mr. Whitifield, this is so correct, just discovered a major evidence of their hucksterism and will be publishing shortly. Thanks.

      • you also forgot the kowolskis , there was an interesting article on another sandyhoax blog but it was quickly removed, in the article i remember it saying her maiden name was something really jewish ,like cohn , but i forgot it , i couldnt find the article again anywhere

        • Yes, none of them are entirely forgotten; just have to get to it. Also, Richman. Any screenshots or links any of you can provide would be appreciated. Also, Pinto is surrounded by Jewish handlers.

    • They are in the post, now. There is a heap of fraud related to the others. If anyone has any revealing data, please post it, here.

    • You dont even get their names right you bunch of c reepy wack job assholes. Why dont you come see for r yourself. Get off welfare and do something meaningful with your life . You people are WORSE THAN ADAM LANZA. I think you all must be some hillbilly inbread jerks.
      No wonder this country I s so screwed up.

      • Nice try, troll. This is your first warning to clean up the language.

  3. while not a “parent”, vicki soto should also be on this list of phonies. given that she was outfitted with a family of actors, i’d say there’s a good chance she was the “inside man” for the operation. could be she was the one who fled the scene disguised as a nun.

    • Yes, she is in on it in a big way. Am working on a write-up in this regard. Thank you for your suggestion. She will soon be on the list.

  4. See Scott Walker’s vid called “Newtown’s Got Talent”, exposing many of these parent entertainers.

    • If Robbie Parker is the best they can do, I’d say Newtown definitely has NOT got talent.

  5. See Scott Walker’s video exposing Laura Phelps acting in a sold out national stage production called “Expressing Motherhood”. This woman is no shrinking violet like she appears on the CNN interview. She is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton acting as Laura Phelps.

    Also see his video “Newtown’s got Talent” exposing these other performer parents.

  6. What I am working on… and have reached a brick wall… I have identified School psychologist Mary Sherlach AND her husband AND their two daughters in the Greenberg albums. They are ALL there. Her maiden name is Mary Greene, and they often retain “green” in their alias.

    What I can’t figure out is the claim that Sherlach worked at the school for 18 years. All the other frauds are new to the area. So, I need to find evidence that this woman actually worked there for 18 years. I need some past yearbook pictures or if anyone knows her from Newtown, please post here! Since these people are in the Greenberg albums, I highly doubt that this woman pictured as Mary Sherlach is the REAL Mary Sherlach! So, whaaht have they done with the real one???? If anyone can get an older SandyHook yearbook, please post here so I can contact you!

    • Just wondering if anyone has followed through with more research with the parents, June seems to be a long way off for all the authorities to get the case in the open. . Was any info found about Mary Sherlach was she at the School for all those years? Is Bill still in the same house.

    • I saw some of these “friends” as we sailed up the Hudson on Sept 11, 2001. The feds had just blown up the WTC, and they were actually planning to blow up the George Washington Bridge, just north of Manhattan!
      They were planting dynamite (or CP4)all around the base of he bridge supports, But as more and more of our yacht armada surronded them, they realized there were too many witnesses, so gave up the plot.
      We were arrested, and our videos seized. They warned us- stat blabbing and you’ll lose your sailing license.
      Maybe your yachts will accidentally be sunk one day.
      Se we kept our mouths shut.
      I’m tired of it now. I wanna come clean.
      I know some of these Sandyhook actors- a few of them were there that day. And then they reappear ten years later as grieving parents! Strange, huh?

      • ust an addendum –
        Some of these actors had a New York accent, and I think they were gay. How could such people have children?
        My cousin, Yvette Lafumeuse who runs a nearby pub ( called “Poutine Pub”) – see – even thinks she has seen them in her restaurant!

  7. Right. Licata says those escaping kids (that ran right past the gunman – rolling my eyes) were picked up and brought to the police station where their parents came to get them. This totally contradicts Rosen’s story. they couldn’t even get that right!

  8. Alyssa Parker already had practice the year before in setting up an online money-collecting site for her father. His name was Doug Cottle, a well-known cyclist who died from a biking accident. Here’s a link to his donation site:

  9. Add to you list of recent people to Newtown… Alleged dead teacher Rachel Davino had only been at Sandy Hook school a matter of days as a substitute teacher. This person is found in the Greenberg family albums. Who knows if she was ever even in the school? All she had to was provide a victim photo for this scam. No acting involved, probably. She had the easiest job of all of them!

  10. just an fyi…

    Noah Pozner’s father was interviewed briefly by Anderson Cooper I believe on the night of the owl painting. He was as disturbing as the rest of this crew.

    Thank you, this is all good info, I hope it will stop this insanity. I don’t understand how it can continue to go on without jail time.

  11. On Dec 15, 2012 on the Today show, they aired a report entitled “the investigation is very complex.” In that segment they admitted that the AR was found in the back seat of the guy’s car and only handguns were used. So what’s that about? Now Piers Morgan and others claim the kids were gunned down by an AR. It would be good to capture that before it is taken from the site. I don’t know if I can post the link here – but this is it

    Where are the citizens of Newtown? Why aren’t they speaking up? And why aren’t all of us making a huge stink today about the SH kids being used in the halftime show of the SuperBowl? Write to every advertiser and demand they apologize for exploiting children. It’s possible no kids died, but those kids (even if they are actors) are being exploited and that’s shameful.

  12. says Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook is 59 yrs old? No NM trail on that profile. Nick Phelps from Sandy Hook has. Previous LA residence ( Laura and Expressive mothers act). I did read that Greensbergs father bought a farm in the Sandy Hook area 18 months or so ago. The full address was given in wellaware1 or Godlike
    Productions thread. A newly moved in hair salon SHH, Sandy hook Hair and logo is something to look up as the previous tenants had to move around 6 months ago. I think Emi LIE is a fake and at best living in a big Mormon family somewhere. Go watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics 2012 it all makes a bit more sense now

    • It would appear that this was a carefully assumed alias. At this time his real name is apparently unknown, as there is no trace of a Robbie Parker in his age group. And you nodisinfo readers are correct: there is no Emily Parker. She is a photographic invention.

  13. Has anybody tried to get the utility records and or payroll records for Sandy Hook elementary–They should be public record under the sunshine law–It would confirm if that was a full operating school or not–What about that janitor–Where is he? There have been two different names given..

    • The janitor is part of the game. I called him. No answer; no response.

    • I don’t think that anyone has tried to do so, but an Intellius search, published here, shortly, shows that, for instance, Dawn Hochsprung has numerous aliases, P.O. Boxes, and addresses.

  14. I don’t know if you already have these but I was looking for info on the Parkers and found this photo album of them…

    They seem to be related to these people–

    • This is a spectacular find. Will preserve in screen shots. This shows a trail of premeditation. Thank you.

    • Alyssa’s maiden name is Cottle.

    • According to the Parker photo album Emily was only 5 yrs. old on 12/14/12 .

      • Sorry my reply posted and I wasn’t done. Where the photo’s of all 3 girls pics was posted stating that they were 1,2, and 3 for 3 weeks the date of the post is May11, 2010 and looks to be around Emilie’s birthday so she wasn’t 6 yrs yet on 12/14/12 which means she wasn’t a first grader. I ALSO READ in a N.M. newspaper that she went to kindergarten there.

        • This is an excellent observation. Am embroiled with the Rachel (or shall we say, Sarah) D’Avino op-ed right now. Will likely post an incomplete version, asking for any further help, like screenshots, data, write-ups, or research, from the posters. Emilie Parker is a definite subject of Photoshop; an attempt is being made to find forensic evidence to substatiate obvious cases. Any help is appreciated.

      • You can find the birth photo of Emilie on the parkerfour blog & her little wrist band shows the year as 2006. I had to enlarge it when I 1st saw it last month because I was questioning also, but it does show the year 2006.

  15. Who are the “Sandy Hook Children’s Choir” that performed at the Superbowl and are all over the mainstream media at the moment.

  16. Look at this. I have found something that I don’t think anyone else has noticed yet on the hundreds of SH videos I’ve seen:

    We were only shown two pictures of the kids outside the school. You can find them on a Google image search. First look at the one of the kids leaving with their eyes closed. I wanted to figure out which direction they were walking. Waht I discovered was that this one and only news photo was not even taken at Sandy Hook school! Nor the firehouse! Put this photo on your computer, then look on Google Earth and compare to the photo to the school parking lot.

    Smoking gun… there is NO line of parking spaces perpendicular to the woods in the SH lot, as seen in this photo! The parking spaces at Sandy Hook run PARALELL to the wooded hillside, NOT perpendicular. This is a fake, not even taken at that school.

    Now bring up the other photo of all the kids lined up neatly behind cones. Dawn H. tweeted this pic from a supposed drill at Sandy Hook school. Well, that is a bullcrap lie! Do an image search for “Sandy Hook drill photo”. Now look on Google Earth… this pic was NOT taken at Sandy Hook either!! There is no black peaked roof on that school anywhere. Nor was it taken at the firehouse. I checked that, too. The only pics that were shown to us of the children are both FRAUDS!

  17. In January, looked up the school districts website and was surprised the Sandy Hook Handbook had the 2010-2011 school calendar! Also, the hero school teacher of 5 years as reported – Ms. Soto was listed as an intern! Took screen shots of that if you would like as it is no longer there.

    • Would very much like any help possible. Please send the screen shots to: Am currently working on the Sherlach issue. Found thus far only one photo of her with Bill Sherlach’s two daughters or at least the two girls on stage with him and Obama. The number of pictures of Bill and Mary Sherlach are few; I have five, now. Also, a clear picture of her with, apparently, her two sisters. That figures that the had the 2011 Calender. Under the Zionist plant Janet Robinson, the whole facility was likely shut down.

      What you have is very important. Thank you.

  18. I noticed that almost all of the pictures of sandy hook victims and families look like professional photo shoots (almost like they were taken for a portfolio), they are way too perfectly posed for candid shots

  19. I know someone who lost her grown son – Her hair turned from jet black to bleached white within days.

    There are no genuine emotions coming from anyone associated with the events of Sandy Hook.

  20. Someone did a background check, for a Adam Lansa, he doesn’t even exist. Paul Lansa is the real son of the mother, and he was at work and cleared of the case

  21. What’s weird is a lot of these actors just look a LOT older than what you would expect parents of 6-yr-olds to look like. I mean, a lot of them look old enough to be the kids’ grandparents. Fakety, fake, fake, fake!

  22. Lynn Mcdonnell I believe is the daughter and volunteer fire department pictured in a 2010 photo at a lobster fest. She was supposedly a first responder to Sandy Hook but this seemed to get swept under the rug and the link for interviews are gone. Karin Halstead. There is a resemblance that you cannot miss even after the costume and wig she had on as a parent.

  23. For those of you wondering about the photos on the Parker family blog. Right click on them and select “view image info” then click on the “genera” option. You will see that regardless of what the blog says, the images were all uploaded on 12/16/2012 at around 3:00 AM.

    • Big John: what a fantastic proof you have provided. This has been one of the most curious parts of this hoax, which is to determine the exact nature of that spy family. They are for sure spies. We just have to figure it out.

  24. While I can understand a grieving family not updating their blog for a while…I find it strange that this particular family did not update it for YEARS….then decided to upload a ton of pictures to it…and insert them into their blog etc….the day after their daughter was killed….THEN they chose to not even mention the shootings.

  25. Traitor SLUT sexton is also: wait for it:

    the SAME ACTOR “lawyer” for the ACTOR who posed in the “courtroom” with the bright orange hair as “jamie holmes” after the FAKE Aurora “shooting.” You know – where the swat team wore short sleeve shirts while looking in the window of the “perps” 3rd floor apartment, while perched on a FD lift, which was just overflowing with “explosives,” after the serial killer, for the very 1st time in history, suddenly decided to “warn” his new BFF, a swat team, to be careful, so they would not be blown up with all the bombs at his little apartment. So like all PIGS investigating a bomb, they wore, ummmmm, of that’s right, short sleeve shirts! I could rig a bomb to a $12 motion detector, that would blow the hell off the roof of that apartment building and every window which deteted motion, even outside motion. LMFAO!!!

    Look at the two women, the “lawyer;’ witch with orange head, and the “greiving mama at Dandy HOAX, and you will see it is the same TRAITOR whore. Identical face, eyes/nose etc, only difference is the SOON-TO-BE-SLAUGHTERED scumbag cia/mossad agents cleverly “disguised” her by, are you ready: parting her brunette hair on the opposite side of her head. Wow how sliccccccck!

    BTW the Aurora HOAX actor dude withe the orange hair was wearing day glo orange hair for a reason: so the sheeple would look at the HAIR, and not the face. Why? Because the orange hair actor in “court” with FAKE “lawyer” traitor scum sexton, and “jamie holmes” are TWO DIFFERENT people. Go look yourselves. Someone made a pic fo half of each ace pasted together. TWO different people!! zionscum are not too smart, now are they?

    SPREAD THE TRUTH!! Cannot wait to execute my 1st TRAITOR at the revolution….THIS year…..

  26. This is the summary of a book called “The Twisted Thread” by Charlotte Bacon (not the same Charlotte Bacon listed as killed in the SH shooting, BUT it still seems kind of “ironic” and fishy). Ironically enough, it almost EXACTLY states the plot of what happened during SH, but the book was published on June 14, 2011, long before the shootings occurred.
    “When beautiful but aloof Claire Harkness is found dead in her dorm room one spring morning, prestigious Armitage Academy is shaken to its core. Everyone connected to school, and to Claire, finds their lives upended, from the local police detective who has a personal history with the academy, to the various faculty and staff whose lives are immersed in the daily rituals associated with it.
    Everyone wants to know how Claire died, at whose hands, and more importantly, where the baby that she recently gave birth to is a baby that almost no one, except her small innermost circle, knew she was carrying.
    At the center of the investigation is Madeline Christopher, an intern in the English department who is forced to examine the nature of the relationship between the school s students and the adults meant to guide them. As the case unravels, the dark intricacies of adolescent privilege at a powerful institution are exposed, and both teachers and students emerge as suspects as the novel rushes to its thrilling conclusion.
    With The Twisted Thread, Charlotte Bacon has crafted a gripping and suspenseful story in the tradition of Donna Tartt s The Secret History, one that pulls back the curtain on the lives of the young and privileged.”
    Any possibility that the government could have gotten the ideas from this book along with the name Charlotte Bacon as a coverup?

  27. Good imaginations, but nothing listed here is based in fact. Enjoy your fantasy.

  28. You people that believe this are complete asses and on crack. My children went to that school and I personally knew these families. Typical Obama ass kissing liberals and freaks, hopefully you will all be spayed and neutered.

    • Troll, then, you made the statement, name the year that your ‘children’ went to SH, and name the families you ‘knew.’

  29. My kids went to Sandy Hook Elementary. They graduated from Newtown High School. I lived and worked in town for many years. The remarks here are a clear indication that mental illness is rampant, and cuts across all socioeconomic lines. Someone remarked that the parents looked old enough to be grandparents. Education is important in this part of the country, and it’s uncommon to have start having children in (or before) high school. This is not Texas. We don’t live in the bible belt. I know a first responder, and a family whose daughter was murdered. I hope none of you ever has the misfortune to share their experience. Many of you would benefit from a library card, or investing in a dictionary at the very least.

    • shutup lying bitch.. everything been proven fake at sandy hook and I cant wait till u all goto prison one day

    • I couldn’t of said it better♡

    • I couldn’t of said it better♡ They ALL need mental help, better yet….a hole in their heads! Nutbags!

  30. If the alleged parents appear old enough to be a 6 year old’s grandparents, it stands to reason that they easily would’ve made it through both high school AND college before having borne such a child…unless you New Englanders don’t age well. But then, we see that none of the alleged victims’ parents were from this place that you claim values education. And it is not rare for people in your part of the country to have children in their teens, your high taxes fund social programs to subsidize illigetimacy. And why are you on a website you disagree with? Why not ignore it? What possessed you to seek out such a site?

  31. im not even american and can see this is all total bullcrap ~ even the same women in which was as the boston bombin newton n anoter inccident (i forget) same lady all 3 interviews as diff ppl and se is a columbian national that specializes in crissis control i hhave done voice imprint analysis n facial reconition all 100% matches

  32. Wow….so much stupidity in one little web page.

    • I know how can so many people agree on something so ridiculous and callaous? The shit they say hopeful warns them all a spot in the depths of hell? While I’m praying for all the families of Sandy hook, I’ll be praying these freaks all burn for eternity after dying in the worst possible mental hospital ever created on earth;)

  33. ian hockley 100% was a late night infomercials guy 3am british tv long form sales of crap.
    he is a presenter or low level actor on tv 3 maybe 4 years ago.
    somebody must know this prick

  34. Kateleen Foy the Sandy Hook Photoshopper supplying pics to Getty Images for the Sandy Hook Gun Confiscation Event & Operation at age 19…???


    Karin Halsread
    Phoney EMT Who along with others supposedly never bothered treating and trying to save or even examining any of the shot children simply because the cops said don’t bother they are all already dead! Right!


    Check out the voter registration xls doc, it may put some of the missing pieces in place.

  37. Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad — until I realize that boy keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.”
    Lenny Pozner is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax info to watch his own son. That’s why Noah keeps dying, over and over.
    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan.
    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the “mother”) thinks of her son dying every 2 years.
    Is Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam?
    Anderson Cooper’s nose vanished because he attended the Noah Pozner memorial via Green Screen from a different city. Here’s Anderson interviewing Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) outside the memorial:

  38. I want to see yearbooks of the last 2 years.

  39. I have done extensive work on researching the Sextons, Greenbergs and others. Most of it is contained in the videos on this channel. Help yourself.

  40. So i’m reading into all of this sandy hook hoax stuff and hit this site. wow. sad thing is you are probably right but because of your other crazy claims you have no credibility. pick your battles morons. the holocaust was a lie? you actually print this stuff and expect credibility?

  41. Where do they go? What happens to all theses crisis victims? From these events there must be sombody who will speak out a whistleblower? These “actor kids” must be in school somewhere they should be easy to find I’d there in United States unless there’s some kind of secret facility or somthing where they keep these people where is everybody there must be thousands of these people out there somewhere that government is hiding? If anybody knows please post.

    • The thing is, there are thousands of kids who resemble each other. I wouldn’t think twice if a child who looked like one of them knocked on my door. It doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Just means it would be very easy to blend in somewhere else in the country and nobody would bat an eye. That being said, I have the hardest time believing that every person who lived in Newtown could be in on it, which makes the insinuation that the elementary school was closed seem far fetched. People would know in a small town if a school closed. The only thing that would make sense is if the school operated legitimately but was the town was infiltrated with crisis actors in the year(s) leading up to the shooting. These people blended in and real townsfolk “knew” them. The real children who were present at school were made to do a drill that day, and even though (since their eyes were shut) they didn’t see blood, they heard loud noises and believe to this day that the events they are told took place, as do their parents. The 20 crisis actor families and their “deceased” children were the only people, other than the few other important actors (medical examiner, first responders, etc) who knew the truth that day. Since the road was blocked the only people to be let in or get close were people in the know. Everyone else (including these innocent townsfolk “friends” who really feel like they knew the victims parents) was left in the dark and led to believe what everybody else believed.

    • Woooooooooooooooooow! Are you fucking for real? Wtf. You truly are FUCKING CRAYZAY!!!


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