Sandy Hook — 16 May 2013
Print Friendly receives Cease and Desist email from Levitman-Greenberg
It must be noted that the entire purpose of is never to attack anyone nor spread slander or disinformation. Rather, the purpose is to deal with and reverse that vast mass of lies and decpetions–disinformation–that is being heaped upon the people. It is to counter the vile lies which ultimately lead to great damage to the human race and this planet: the lies that lead to rumors for war, the incitement to war and bloodshed, and the perpetration of actual bloodshed. It is also to all that is possible to halt the perpetration of false flag events, like Sandy Hook and Boston.
It is the people behind such vile acts who are culpable for great tyranny against the human race and great disaster, include actual malicious slander, libel, and even murder. Both Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing hoax are associated with capital crimes, including extortion and murder. In this respect it is not the purveyors at who need to be concerned about their actions or even their words but, rather, those hostile ones who are associate with or are behind these acts.
It has been said many times, here, that if we get it wrong, fine. It will be corrected. It is asked that people provide strong evidence of any errors for evaluation. However, the site is not inclined to remove information for no sound reason. This includes purportedly legal letters of threat and intimidation.
If the information is in error, it will be removed. It is urged that all parties who find the information erroneous, including those mentioned by name, submit any data for consideration. However, mere threats and posturing, is not considered sufficient cause for the removal of or censuring of information. Surely, during any investigation errors are made. Even newspapers routinely retract errors and correct any omissions. They are rarely if ever taken to task for such errors, even when they are done purposely.
Curiously, real action would be, in fact, revealing. Depositions are under oath and any perpetrators of, for instance, Sandy Hook or any other similar events would be readily revealed. None of the perpetrators behind either Sandy Hook or the Boston hoax would ever wish to go through real litigation with testimony under oath. They would incriminate themselves, which is a certainty.
That said, such posts can be reviewed and any mistakes corrected. If the information is wrong, it will be changed. Any information that is determined to be false will be removed, because that is opposite of the goals of this site. The email was disguised as a kind of legal notice. Yet, the source was clearly vague. It is signed by no one and attributed to no one in particular. Third party references, that is “they” or “we” are used by the emailer creating the inference that the person behind this email is actually representing the “we” or “they.” That appears to be a ruse. That is because the emailer herself is one of the “they” or “we” Thus, the attempt to disguise herself as legal counsel is hereby exposed. has received the following email. This is the exact email, hereby reproduced. Bizarre parts of the email are italicized:

A Raysyd (


You are hereby directed to cease and desist all defamation of the Greenberg, Harmon, Brickell family’s character and reputation.

These families are well respected in their communities- and have spent their lives building positive reputations.  They have learned via the internet that your site “NODISINFO.COM” is spreading false, destructive, and defamatory rumors about them.

It is unlawful to engage in defamation of another’s character and reputation.  

Defamation consists of:

(1)  a statement that tends to injure reputation;
(2) communicated to another; and
(3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false.

      Your defamatory statements involved these family members and references them in many of your articles.

      Accordingly, we demand that you (A) immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of the Greenberg, Harmon, and Sexton families and (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten 48 hours that you will cease and desist from further defamation of the Greenberg, Harmon, and Sexton family’s character and reputation.

      If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, these families are entitled to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation.

Editor’s note: has no assets, in fact, minus-zero.

In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that the Greenberg, Sexton, and Brickell families have asked us to communicate to you that they will pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees.  Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.

      Before taking these steps, however, our client wished to give you one opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with this demand within 48 hours.  

You are to remove all slanderous articles referencing these families within 48 hours of receiving this notice.  

The source plus analysis

The email is from In fact,, when put in the search engine, comes up as Anne for Anne Levitman-Greenberg. The “we” in the letter represents not an attorney but Levitman-Greenberg herself. It is known, though, that such letters may be standard recourse prior to legal action. The statement that the “families have asked us” to communicate is surely bizarre but also deceptive. It is precisely a family member by proxy, Ms. Levitman-Greenberg, who herself is doing the communication, though she is giving the impression that she is a third party.

Then, there is prior to this the claim of “rumors.” No one, here, is spreading rumors but, rather, publishing information about the available facts at hand.

Perhaps most telling is the phrase “ten 48,” stated in reference to a demand or deadline. Surely, it would be impossible to comprehend the meaning of such a phrase. “Your illegal conduct:” such a statement hardly bears any need for comment. This is sophomoric to say the least. Notice, too, the unprofessional nature of the email, with some of the type in tiny 9-point type in the same line with 12 point type.

Here is a Google reference showing precisely the same email:

renterzzz wrote:

Are you interested in renting out your house from June-beginning of October 2009?
I live in Westport and will be needing to move out of my home for renovations this summer.  I have two small children who are zoned for Green’s Farms Elem. and would like to be able to rent within the zone for busing.  If you are interested in talking about renting the house out either furnished or unfurnished, let me know…  -Anne

It is not known who is A. Raysyd. “These families” in the letter is the use of a third person terminology, though it is Ms. Levitman-Greenberg who sent the email and who is, apparently, responsible for the content and who is representing the legal-like jargon in the letter and the words “we, they,” and more.

Again, if there is anything in this site that is false, unlike the powerful media sources, it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Anyone who has any proof of any incorrect information on this site, please forward it promptly. Yet, is there evidence of the association of the named families with the Sandy Hook hoax? On this site such evidence has been discovered, for instance, as demonstrated by these pictures:


The first picture shows a portion of the Harmon family featured with a member of the Sandy Hook fake parents group, Natalie Barden of the Mark Barden family. The Mark Barden family is a key component of this scam.



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  1. Dr. K, please know that the email is a scare tactic used by rank amateurs. I firmly believe that the families mentioned in the email never ever want to be seen in a court of law or in any other legal action. The discovery and publicity part of any such legal action would expose them to unimaginable consequences. I would assume they would want to keep their real faces and names ‘out’ of the news, rather than ‘in’ the news.

    • Thank you for your support. It is believed, here, that the letter is an act of desperation.

      • Remember, they think no one else has the right to publish.

        4. NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

        5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the GOY communities to such an extent the they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses; if already now there is not a single State where there exist for us any barriers to admittance into what GOY stupidity calls State secrets: what will our positions be then, when we shall be acknowledged supreme lords of the world in the person of our king of all the world ….

        6. Let us turn again to the FUTURE OF THE PRINTING PRESS. Every one desirous of being a publisher, librarian, or printer, will be obliged to provide himself with the diploma instituted therefore, which, in case of any fault, will be immediately impounded. With such measures THE INSTRUMENT OF THOUGHT WILL BECOME AN EDUCATIVE MEANS ON THE HANDS OF OUR GOVERNMENT, WHICH WILL NO LONGER ALLOW THE MASS OF THE NATION TO BE LED ASTRAY IN BY-WAYS AND FANTASIES ABOUT THE BLESSINGS OF PROGRESS. Is there any one of us who does not know that these phantom blessings are the direct roads to foolish imaginings which give birth to anarchical relations of men among themselves and towards authority, because progress, or rather the idea of progress, has introduced the conception of every kind of emancipation, but has failed to establish its limits …. All the so-called liberals are anarchists, if not in fact, at any rate in thought. Every one of them in hunting after phantoms of freedom, and falling exclusively into license, that is, into the anarchy of protest for the sake of protest

      • A letter sent via certified, return-receipt will carry more weight in a court than a letter sent without a signature requirement. Emails can be doctored, backdated, and altered.

        • Anyone can send a cease and desist letter, however, sending one does not necessarily mean you have adequately, or even legally asserted or protected your own rights. Sending a threatening cease and desist letter under false pretenses, or for malicious reasons, could even be a crime that exposes you to potential counter legal action.

          Before you accuse someone of breaking the law and demanding action, especially if you are demanding payment, you should consult an attorney

    • An attorney handles matters for incompetents … is this attorney telling you these “families” are incapable of handling their own affairs? Maybe these “families” are really just “fictions of law” sitting is some file in the records of these attorneys and what has happened is the “beneficial purpose” of these particular fictions have been “outed” ?

  2. Lawyer here
    I will give very basic, very general legal summary of defamation (slander and libel) under american common law. This is not intended to be specific legal advise on any specific case.
    The exact laws regarding defamation vary slightly by jurisdiction (state to state and federal).
    Truth is a complete defense to a claim of defamation.
    There are different legal standards of what constitutes defamation of a public figure verses a private person (a private person can become a public figure in some circumstances simply by being in the media but that is very specific and must be evaluated case by case).
    To be liable for the defamation of a private person you must publish damaging information that you either: “know is false” or publish information “with reckless disregard as to its truth or falsity”. A fair impartial examination generally protects you even if you unintentionally publish a false damaging information. Whats left of the first amendment still protects citizen journalists not just the MSM.
    Personally, I would not take anything down without a fully contested court order (that is just me, I am not advising anyone else), perhaps you may offer them an opportunity to fully publicly refute your claims in detail as to what is false and why. However, I’m not giving specific legal advise. You should always consult with your own attorney.

    • I agree with Leo. Stand firm and fast. Common sense and logic would tell you that the three named ‘families’ are exactly the people we see at Sandy Hook and elsewhere. Otherwise why send NODISINFO that threatening email. By sending the email, they admit that they are the ones who were faking it at Sandy Hook. NODISINFO did no wrong….its the exact opposite. Its the three families who are in the wrong. What could be more obvious, they know it and it scares them.

      • This letter is very telling, IMO. There is another site that looks at the Greenberg’s and says that they are actors in staged events. I googled Anne Greenberg and found the following video, EXPOSED Another Role by Anne Greenberg as Sibel Edmonds COINTELPRO – YouTube. Additionally, there was a comment from a YouTube user Alg2561, Very interesting to say the least.

        • This is all very simple in a complex manner. The three named ‘families’ and others, are very aware they’ve been caught red-handed faking it at Sandy Hook and elsewhere and they’re scared. The amateur email to NODISINFO was a lame attempt to intimidate. There are many sites that name the so-called Greenbergs as major hoaxers. They’re aware they have committed treason against the United States for which there is a very serious penalty. They don’t want their nefarious illegal actions to blow up in their face. Any lawsuit would do just that in a heartbeat. This current email is an attempt to scare NODISINFO because they’re the ones who are really afraid now.

          • Here is the video I referenced above along with the comment. Interestingly, in the video there is not a clear shot of Anne’s eye color…


            alg2561 9 months ago- this video is complete garbage. This ear is totally different, so is the jawline, the eye shape, and hair line, the skin color, the eye color and the position of the piercing in the ear. How much do you think make-up can change and if you think it can change so much… don’t you think it would be able to mask the ear? Jesus. People are not stupid. I just wasted precious moments of my life on this crap. Pass.

    • I should also add that opinion and satire are generally protected speech. The recent Limbaugh birth control/slut issue. He relied upon both as his defense/excuse. E.g. In my opinion, you are a slut – acceptable. vs. you are a slut – risky unless true. Portraying someone unflatteringly for satire is also generally safe. Perhaps we add a laugh track?

    • Your assessment is precisely the internal assessment at That said, the all posts are continuously under review for accuracy. Thank you for offering this analysis.

  3. is publishing valid information and research based on the known facts – lawful free speech pursuant to the First Amendment. The Zionists are trying to subvert the First Amendment with this baseless “Cease and Desist” notice. initially served a “Cease and Desist” on the Zionist thugs, who were harassing and threatening.

    If they sue, simply COUNTERSUE them for much more!

    Joe Sansone, for CT Global at and

    CT America at

  4. This is really too funny. A cease and desist related to the reporting of the truth about lies, hoaxes, deceit, fraud, collusion, and treason? The only thing we all want is for these criminals to cease and desist their acts. So let this be my cease and desist notice to all those involved in their immoral and illegal activity.

    A huge victory I’d say. These scum do not want the light shined on them. They are definitely showing their weakness here.
    I happen to have nearly 20 years of photoshop experience and would gladly testify in a court of law against these ‘want a be’ government agent gangster filth.
    Sorry. Got a little excited: )

  6. They thought they would never be exposed ? This is only the beginning ;)

  7. haha wow so this person is from Westport, Ct where the average home price is $1,200,000 definitely some scared rich **** that doesn’t understand that their money means nothing to God and that their eternal life will be in hell even though their limited life is full of luxury.

    • tony Greenberg and annie levitmen greenberg live on 12 flower farm lane Westport ct 06880-5536 that home sold in june 2008 for 2,067,500 they maybe cousin’s ??? but they have a home in florida tony sister live in florida I FUCKING HATE JEWISH NAZI

  8. I highly doubt they want the scrutiny in a courtroom. They are the traitors who should cease and desist. If they hate the US so much, they should head to Israel because I am sure they have dual citizenship.

    • The scrutiny of a courtroom or lawsuit is the LAST thing they want.

    • They don’t want to do that. They know Israel will go down in the coming WW3. The US is their next homeland. Hence the name DHS. The Greenbergs and the rest of the thugs are only foot soldiers. They know they will be left behind when the shit hits the fan. The highest leaders will leave for safe continents where they already have castles and mansions. The rest will seek shelter underground (Denver!) and let their private armies like the DHS fight the american patriots and christians. After the war their plan is to resurface and install themselves as undisputed kings. The american goyim will be their obedient servants. That is the plan.

  9. These people are starting to feel unsecure for the first time in their lives. They know the death of the dollar is coming. This is the reason for all these pathetic hoaxes – they need to get the police state before the shit hits the fan. The zionist jews know that Israel is not a safe haven when ww3 kicks off. They need a USA where the angry sheeple are kept at bay. This is their refuge when their own designed disaster strikes.

    People like the Greenbergs are expendibles for the super-elite. They will be left behind when their leaders leaves for luxurious castles in some safe continent. But these foot soldiers are many and desperate. And they need protection from the christian american patriots when TSHTF. They are desperate to introduce new laws and build armies of bodyguards like the DHS.

    But even this scared “illuminati-zionist-jesuit-satanic middle class” are just pawns in the bigger game.

  10. A Hungarian American called into a radio show and said that Jews have bought about 80% of Hungary, Poland and Romania for Israeli Jews to move there.

    A Hungarian political party known as Jobbik is fighting back and the world Jewry got frightened and instead of holding one of their their annual meetings in Jerusalem they held it in Hungary to intimidate this political party in their effort to stop them from going forward with their rightful action on behalf of people in Hungary.

    They also orchestrated an event to falsely blame the Jobbik Party for some activities the Jobbik Party did not commit in the usual Jewish way they have done in the past namely: Jewish hoax productions akin to false flags.

    Jobbik Party is being unfairly attacked by world Jewry because of fear of blacklash.

    These people cannot take even an oz of opposition. Because they lie they have nothing to fall back on except control the dissent.

    They are not capable of debate to prove their point while allowing others do the same.

    It is intimidation and threats to cover up their lies.

    Let us stay on the path of truth to continue our efforts to expose all fraud including that of Jews. Criminals are criminals whether they are Jews or Christians or Muslims and Jews don’t get a pass because they are Jews.

    Why is it OK to call all Muslims terrorists and face no consequences while anyone has to face fury from all Jews every where if similar language is used on Jews?

    Why is it that they are now trying to criminalize the mere questioning of the “Holocaust” unless they have a lot to hide?

    Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to Jews and non-Jews?

    And why do we tolerate this madness?

  11. I’ve heard that people like that won’t sue because they would have to disclose too much.

  12. If it amounted to court action, I for one would gladly help to support you financially – anyone else?
    The evidence you’ve amassed on this website alone is overwhelming and indisputable. In a court of law you would win hands down – that is, in an impartial independent court of law. We’d have to hope such a thing still exists…
    Either way, don’t be intimidated, keep on reporting the truth.

    • The legal system in the US is sadly nowadays just as impartial and independant as the former Soviet Union. They finally win the cold war. Who would have thought? The evil parasite behind that empire did not disapear, it moved to a new host.

  13. I wonder why it’s “Greenberg, Harmon, and Sexton” in the first use, then “Greenberg, Sexton, and Brickell” in the second use.

    • Hi skeptical
      Good eye. I caught the same thing. Tiny detail among several others I won’t publicly discuss. Doesn’t look like the work of a legit law firm.

      • As I’ve said before, real lawyers would never write such a goofy email was the one sent to Dr. K. The email is a backward admission of exactly what they want to refute. Laughable at best.

  14. Is the cease and desist a smart idea? One thing about libel and slander is this: Truth is the defense and you have the right to subpoena witnesses and to a subpoena duces tecum of documents. To mount a defense of your property against their ad damnum you have the right to secure the evidence that their injuries are false.

    You have the right to have physicians examine them. You have the right to due process of law. Your first amendment rights are guaranteed by the Constitution.

    You have been alleging fraud, you have been warning of fraud. It is within your rights to do so. What real damages have they suffered as a result of your statements?

    No lawyer wishing to protect these families would slap you with such a casual email. The purpose is to chill your First Amendment rights. A real lawyer would be cautious about opening this to litigation discovery process and to the oaths made in court which could be subject to cross-examination and the pains and penalties of perjury. You. Could. Go. All. The. Way!

    • Exactly, Dianne. The Defense could demand that the named injured be marched into court for a complete examination of their identity, including those old photos that we’ve all seen on the Internet. The potential danger of this is monumental, especially ” litigation discovery process”. Such a situation boggles the mind.

  15. I just found a picture that puts Anne L.Greenberg & Tony Greenberg at Sandy Hook scene.
    Walking as a group that includes Barbara Cash, Jeffery Greenberg’s woman, which proves he is in fact Mr.Mc.Donell.

    • Post removed for further eval.

      • yes a.Greenberg is rekos. photo on the way

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