Boston Bombing — 11 July 2013
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UPDATED-CORRECTED: Mildred Valverde Identified as Brown-Shirt Boston Hoax Twin, While Black-Coat is Sara Valverde?

Editor’s note: Originally, brown-shirted mole was wrongly identified (name now withheld) and a retraction, as well as apology, has been issued. The woman appearing in court, Mimi Valverde, is culpable of being one of the fake injured at the Boston smoke bombing hoax and her actions are being used as the basis for framing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the fake event.

There is a dispute on just who she played out in the hoax. Regardless, the Valverde family is deeply involved in this scam, Mimi, Sara, and even the youth or daughter, Jocelyn Perez.

One important picture, though, apparently, several years old, is as follows, which shows Mildred, far left in red, Tania, center, and Sara, far right.


Family members have indicated that the woman on the stretcher is Sara Valverde. We shall hold them at their word and presume it so.

Even so, a break in this occurred as a result of the arraignment against the innocent Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the real identity of at least one of these two moles would appear to be confirmed. Mildred Valverde has identified herself as one of the Boston smoke bombing fake injured. Was she one of the blockade twins of the Boston smoke bombing hoax, who acted as a means to obstruct the set-up of that arch-faker, Jeff Bauman?

Sara Valverde is thought to be the woman in the black coat with the purple under-garment, as seen, here, that is posted on Mimi Valverde’s Website:

In one case the image is listed as a cover photo, changed with the date, April 17, that is two days after the drill.


The picture arises on her Facebook page and, then, it is mentioned that Sara is in intensive care. So, the presumption is, again, that this faker is Sara Valverde. However, to add to the confusion Sara Valverde did not show up at the sham trial: only Mildred Valverde was there.  Then, too, she has made it easy to identify her, since she showed up at that fake arraignment, walking around faking her injury on a cruch, even though she wasn’t really using it.


Sarah was supposed to be severely wounded. Is this really Sara?

Here is black and purple shirt in a rarely seen combo of photos, where she is looking for the signal to act out agony and injury. She is of extremely great right but is tubular, known in body typing also as apple shaped. She is not the pear-shaped person of the brown sweatshirt fame:

Note also the tiny nose, which is a match for Valverde.


Part in the hair is in the same place, hair the same color, eyebrow inner edge similar, nose similar, mouth the same.


Boston hoax black shirt versus a younger “fake wounded” Valverde. Note the tiny nose and the centrally located hair parting: enough to call the person the same.

Mimi Valverde implicates herself and her sister through posting this stretcher woman through her Facebook posts. Below is the fake injury and blockade woman with the black coat.
blockade twins

It is Mimi Valverde’s Facebook pages which repeatedly identify her association in the scam with her posts on the black-haired woman on the stretcher:

mimi VAlverde8

See the mention of Sara through the terminology, “particularly Sara.” Remember, according to the scam it is Sara, who was supposed to be nearly dying in “intensive care,” not Mimi.

Here she is faking the role of an angry injured party ready to lynch, as in a witch hunt, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:


Two sisters. Yet, who is who? Stretcher woman is now identified as in all likelihood “Sara Valverde,” while brown-shirt is believed to be the woman who showed up at court, Mildred (Mimi).!/sara.valverde.7?fref=fr_tab&__user=688914527

Sara Valverde (brown shirt) in pink, multi-colored shirt, left screen, Mildred Valverde (black shirt) black hair, far right screen. Is it merely Sara dying her hair black? Regardless, Mildred Valverde is confirmed as the fake wounded woman on the stretcher. Her wounds and her expressions of anguish were entirely staged.

The woman on the stretcher can’t be Sara, despite what some of her relatives say and post. It must be one of the other sisters; could it be Mildred?  Then, if the stretcher person is Mildred, that means that brown-shirt is Sara.

More evidence against the Valverde twins


Here is Jocelyn Perez, daughter of Sara Valverde-Perez: all in the family.

These two know it is a fake, but they keep on faking it regardless–and regardless of the direst of consequences, which includes the murder of the innocent.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attend an interfaith service for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing April 18 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.


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  1. What a fat cow whore.

  2. You were correct the first time–Sara (purple shirt) is featured in the stretcher photo. Brown shirt is Mildred aka Mimi. Here is a comment from a friend of the Valverde’s posted on his facebook page that verifies this fact:

    Chip Greenidge shared Mimi Valverde’s photo.

    Okay. I am crying again. This is a picture of Sara Valverde at the Boston Marathon. I saw this picture yesterday and said this looks like one of the Valverde sisters I grew up with and said “it could not possibility be one of them”. I was wrong!!! It is HER! Her brother Alex Valverde was one of my best friends and high school and college. I literally was at there family’s house in the Port eating at their house with their wonderful mother for years. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER AND HER FAMILY and her upcoming surgeries! Cambridge & Boston Let’s Stand TOGETHER and end senseless violence!

  3. More lies: “Hearing the president speak today marked a renewal; it gave me hope that my sister is going to be OK,” said Mimi Valverde of Boston, limping from her own injuries, with a sister still in the hospital.
    “My sister is currently facing an amputation,” Valverde said.

  4. The picture you have posted with the girl in the pink shirt in the middle, that is not one of the sisters. That is another family member or friend. Sara is the one on the right, in the red. She is the woman in the stretcher wearing the purple shirt.

  5. Here is the link to the facebook photo of Sara in the stretcher, along with the comment referring to her as Sara:

  6. If you click on the “shares” under the photo, you’ll see the second person to share the photo is a Chip Greenridge. He makes the comment referring to the woman in the stretcher as Sara.

  7. Mildred “Mimi” Valverde ( Brown sweatshirt mole) Linkedin page: ( Ironically, she claims to have attended the same school as the young man she is currently helping to have wrongfully incarcerated or even killed:)

  8. In the first photo with the family, Sara Valverde Perez (purple shirt stretcher girl) is in the shiney red sleeveless top, standing to the left of the mother. Mildred “Mimi” Valverde (brown sweatshirt girl) is in a red sweater, sitting to the right of the mother, who is cut off in this posted picture.

  9. I don’t think either one of these Valverde’s look like the women at the bomb scene. Yes, they are heavy women with brown hair, but not the same. I think this is a cover-up. As we know from Sandy Hook, Facebook pages are made to support the story. The friend, Chip Greenridge’s FB page would be a fake.

    And the woman who spoke on the news is much older than these women at the bomb scene. Again, they are purposely confusing us with multiple people filling in roles, just as with Alyssa Parker, Mary Sherlach, Noah Pozner, Jeff Bauman… numerous people playing the same person to confuse.

    I read a quote that said “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” This tactic is being used.

    • You have to keep in mind that that profile picture of “Mimi/Mildred” is old. It first appears on her Facebook page in 2010 so it’s at least 3 years old, but it’s probably even older. She looks to be on her very early 30s in that photo, but she is currently 44 years old, which matches the woman on the scene and at the courthouse. She has gray roots and is wearing more mature clothing at the courthouse, but the face is the same.

  10. Mimi Valverde is starting to match brown shirt girl. The hair, eyes,, chin and nose are a match for me. Especially the hair is consistent and even the part in her hair.

    • It could be; but one is pear-shaped, the other rectangular, that is the black shirt and brown shirt. Mimi Valverde appears to be more rectangular, like the woman on the stretcher.

      • Mildred is the brown sweatshirt girl and Sara is the purple shirt one on the stretcher. Mildred confirms it on her facebook.

        You can tell for sure by the back shots of Mildred’s ass both at the marathon and at the arraignment, it’s the same ass. And, Mildred is quite a bit taller than Sara as well.

        In the family picture on Sara’s facebook, Mildred is in the red sweater sitting to the right of their mom and Sara is in the shiney red sleeveless top standing to the left of their mom.

        • I believe your assessment is correct Firestone. Mildred “Mimi” Valverde is the brown shirt girl. Sarah is the stretcher girl [who was previously wearing the black jacket at the Marathon]. We see Mildred holding the black jacket in some photos.

        • Yes, exactly.

  11. What evidence do you have that these two fat women at the first blast are who you say they are, other than a possible, slight , physical resemblance, if you have a good imagination that is.

    • The physical resemblance is much more than slight.

      Go to their facebook. Mildred “Mimi” Valverde has the picture of her sister Sara (purple shirt) on the stretcher and comments about her.

    • Dear “Bit Tim:”
      The “evidence” you seek is ALL OVER THE PLACE in the series of photos and videos taken at the Boston Marathon… If you are sincerely interested in finding out the truth, why don’t you spend a little time and do some research for yourself? If, after doing some investigating, you discover that the photo/videos don’t support the conclusions being drawn here about the Valverdes, you can share that with everyone.

      • Well said sir! What a complete farce, there’s no way this is going away, it’s far too obvious and completely indefensible.

  12. Here we see Mildred “Mimi” Valverde at the SECOND smoke bomb site, pointing to an absurdly fake injury on her niece’s ankle. ( How sick is it that they involved innocent children in their disgusting fraud?!) So now she was not just at the first blast site, but the second one as well! We have the photos and video of her running all around the first site–first standing by the fence, then moving toward the Marathon Sports store front, then moving back up toward Lens Crafters, taking pictures, laughing, etc. We’re expected to believe that after all the time she spent at the first site, she then somehow wound up at the SECOND site, by the Forum restaurant?? How is this logical by any stretch of the imagination? To top it all off, as is evidenced by the numerous photos of her ( now from BOTH locations) she had absolutely NO injuries WHATSOEVER, but now, almost 3 months after the event, she shows up at the courthouse with a cast and crutches!!?? The arrogance of these frauds is really insulting and infuriating beyond belief.

    • Nice find! Why was this 10 year old little girl all the why up at the second blast site, when her mom and aunt were at the first blast site? From the before shots of the two sisters, we know the little girl was not with them.

      So, was this 10 Year old little girl by herself in a crowd of strangers by the second blast site? And if she was, how did aunt Mimi make her way there with her messed up leg that still today requires a brace and a crutch for her to get around?

      • Her court house debut with cast and crutch are merely Hollywood props. She has no injuries.

      • Exactly, Firestone. It’s entirely implausible to think that this little girl was not with her mother and aunt at the marathon, and completely impossible that Mildred aka “Mimi,” managed to run all around the 1st site and then make it blocks down to the second site, on her allegedly injured legs. Absurd. They must think we are stupid.

  13. We should not go easy on evil women.

    Anatomy12. Rene Fielding, QUEEN of EVIL MANIPULATION

    It took me 14 days to complete this 14 minutes’ video. I hope it will contribute to the truth of BMB.

    • I agree 100%, Zaurus Snape. Excellent videos, by the way. Really great work.

    • Snape nice job … Can i ask what software you used for it ?

  14. Treason pays

    Portion of article – more at link.

    (Reuters) – The families of the 20 children and six adults who were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Connecticut elementary school in December should each get $281,000 from donations that poured in after the shooting, a committee recommended on Thursday.

    The families of the 12 children who witnessed and survived the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School would each get $20,000 and two teachers who were injured would get a combined $150,000.

    The remaining $3.7 million of the $11.4 million in donations raised with the help of the United Way charity would be set aside as a community fund, according to the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, which is overseeing the donations. The committee gave no details on how the money in the community fund would be used.

    The committee will make a final decision by July 15.

  15. Dr K u have it backwards Mimi Valverde is brownshirt girl Sara Valverde is the injured on stretcher one. Mimi was also injured both are frauds and proveable as such.

    • Sara is the one with the daughter. She is attending to the fake injury (see the new post about the Valverde clan. How can Sara be the one on the stretcher, when it is her daughter, Joceyln who brown-shirt is attending to and likely drizzling fake blood. Mildred has a hollow cheek feature; so does the woman on the stretcher. Please see the new post. Let’s make sure this is 1000% correct before taking further correction.

      Sara has that big fatty area on the lateral cheekbones. So does brown-shirt woman. State your reasons from facial rec. why it is backwards. NOTE: PCGEEK and letsrollforum have provided sufficient info: correction made.

    • OK: it is being changed. Seen the light.

      • How about we dicuss this in public and let the world see how ignorant and STUPID you are

        • Mimi ,
          You really want to take this public ? Go ahead bitch and make my day.

          You do realize we have more than a dozen verifiable pictures of your fraud. Both you and your sister are seen walking around perfectly fine long after the pyro smoke cannon blast. Unless you want to cause your own indictment for fraud , treason and accessory to murder.

          It is bitches like your self that deserve nothing less than to tried in a court of law and hopefully be hung until dead. That would be justice for murderous zionist bitches of the likes of you and your sister.

          Burn bitch burn I really can’t wait for the day when this goes mainstream and we chant death to the bitch at your upcoming trial.

        • Is this the real Mildred “Mimi” Valerde? Or are you just trolling?
          If you really are the “big brown sweatshirt girl,” there are a slew of questions I’d like to ask you.

          Who were you all with at the marathon? Were you there to watch anybody in particular? During the entire ordeal, you seemed to be on your phone a lot. Who were you talking/texting with?

          I saw you at the courthouse last week walking with a leg brace and a crutch. Why? You were seemingly walking around the entire area of ground zero just fine. You even managed to make it up to the second blast site to your niece, Jocelyn. What were her injuries? I’ve heard your son was also injured, what were his injuries? And, your sister Sara whom you have stated was facing amputation, what exactly were her injuries?

          There’s photos of Krystle Campbell with her left leg seeming gone at the hip, yet in the footage of her being taken away on a gurney, she still has both legs.
          Can you clarify whether her left leg was attached or gone? Also, was Krystle taken away before or after Jeff Bauman?

          I’ll stop here with the questions for now.

          • Could you also ask her to scan and upload the nondisclosure form, email that to us. Since she wants to talk in public how about an admission to the financial gain for her role in the hoax.

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