Boston Bombing — 07 May 2013
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Paintball Bombs Used in the Boston Hoax to Mimic Blood?

Formerly titled, “What Do You See in this Boston Hoax Picture?”

More evidence of great fakery: red paint-loaded white balls being dropped on the fake victims and obvious shredding of the clothes artificially.

It’s all fake. The entire claim of dire injuries and deaths in this Boston hoax is mere make-believe.

Thanks to a poster these clear images are available:


In fact, there is a great deal to see. Real people, real good Samaritans and independent photographers, are ushered away. That is highly clear by the authority of the Zionist-compliant Boston mafia. Let these real people come forward and bravely explain what they saw and experienced. Let’s enlarge it to see more.


It can also be confirmed that this is a Hollywood style Zionist plot, with the fraudsters even being willing to abuse children for the agenda, with the fake father and child, photo-central. Man in red with jeans is one of the major Hollywood coordinators. Only authorized persons allowed near the fake scene, national guardsmen standing guard.

No one is speaking; no one is telling us the truth.

What’s that man in black with the bluejeans doing? He has something in his hand. It’s a paint ball. The filthy scoundrel is throwing fake blood-filled white balls at the fake victims. No wonder the stains are helter-skelter.


He is bombing them. It can be seen that he is using his ocular vision to line up and take aim. Yet, one of the bombs missed its mark.

See the paint issuing from the ball, which errantly fell on the pavement:

Comes in all colors.

One more look at this picture:

It can be seen where the clothes were shredded to give that effect of a trauma victim from a bomb-blast and also to create exposed skin for the application of fake blood or red paint. See also the random blotches of paint on the person’s jeans from dropping the paint ball bombs.


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  1. Wow. He’s clearly dropping a white ball. And where did all these blue gloves come from? Everyone who ran to help happened to have blue medical gloves in their pocket? Total bull.

  2. The people wearing red shirts means that they’re Evaluators of the event. The Red color keys to the DHS/FEMA badge information for these fake events. Go to this link:

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