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Paul Walker fire truck was there before the hoax fire

K. Khaleel

Turns out, the conclusions of this blog about the fake deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are absolutely confirmed. It might be good news to some, like grieving fans. The fact is they are absolute alive and well, never injuring so much as a pinkie in any kind of high-speed car wreck.

It has already been established that the Paul Walker fake death hoax involved the use of pyrotechnics, which also includes the presence of a qualified pyrotechnician. That has been demonstrated abundantly through the revelation of this photograph, published by the DailyFail (the following being a cropped image):

paulwalkerhoaxsupermario12 was correct in the finding of this pyrotechnician setting and accelerating the ‘fake’ fires of the Porsche vehicle. Sneaking about, he was sure to generate within and surrounding the car sufficient combustion to inflict the greatest degree of damage without setting on fire the trees and local grounds. Gasoline, by the way, would have set on fire the tree and its leaves, but pyrotechnics don’t do that.

Who is that hoaxer setting off the pyrotechnics and well-protected in the white Kevlar suit? Could it be Rodas himself?

paulwalkerhoaxsupermario12Roger Rodas

Makes you wonder.

The end result seemed convincing, with a mass of charred matter. Yet, it was fake: 100% proven.

Investigation: Fire officers examine the wreckage of the burnt out car where Paul Walker and his friend died

That means the interviews, wakes, memorials, eulogies, tears (rare, only seen in Tyrese Gibson), and funerals are all fake (although Roger Rodas didn’t have a memorial, funeral, or wake).

It also means the corpses were fake and that the coroner and her associates are all phonies:

It was correct to state, categorically, despite some resistance that in no way are these real people but are, rather, mere fakes, known as dapper cadavers. It was also correct to point out with arrows the various moulage moles and others, actual people in the background associated with the set-up, including the coroner or whoever she is carrying what appears to be a load of rags or perhaps the dapper cadaver’s clothes.

Fire truck proves the hoax

Fireball: People can be seen ducking for cover as smoke from the deadly crash fills the sky in California on Saturday

The caption underneath this photo reads, “Devastated. A friend said, “Brave man, he did everything he could do that day. He would have carried on if he wasn’t restrained. In fact, it’s lucky he was, or he could have died, too.”

Mere lies. He, that is the man being artificially restrained, Bruce Wimer, was merely there to put on an act, on behalf of both Walker and his scamming charity.


“He was attending a charity event for the victims of (this or that) and, then, he tragically died. Donate.” His handler, Jim Torp, is constantly attempting to drum up support for this fraud. Yet, he was doing in correlation to those announcements was an absolute fake. See Team Walker-Rodas above crowded near the fake car crash area. Yet, what else is seen (pointed out with the arrow)?

Lightened up, it is none other than a fire-truck, visible despite all the Hollywood-style subterfuge and disguise.


The arrow defines the moment that visible fire arises at the base of the pyrotechnic ignition.


This pre-existence – pre-placement – of the fire truck is absolute proof of a death hoax by the Fast & Furious cabal, the leaders included the major actors of the group, the directors and producers, but also Paul Walker himself.

What a real petrol-based fire looks like in a sudden, fatal accident in a car:


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(31) Readers Comments

    • Also, another video of PW’s body… I wonder if it’s his body, that’s different from that one in the others videos;

      • Paullie they have already written there, dead body is not real.

        • which one is not real??

          • Last video. Pause at 0.13-0.14 on the up right written it is not real. And also one of the dead body is in sitting position.

    • I can’t read what the arrows are pointing at.. Is this supporting that the crash did happen or that it’s a fake?

      • The video I am referring to is the one where they used the song “I’m coming home” in it.

  1. Now there is a new release date for Fast and the Furious 7–2954512
    What do you guys think?

    • Yeah I also read about it. I think no more grieving, time for business.

  2. This happened in my country Mexico and i think Paul Walker crash is a dummy look at the bodies are so different…

  3. Why can’t you people just leave it all alone!?!! Paul walker wouldn’t do this to his fans! He was a great guy very funny outgoing and supportive. It’s just a tragic end to a wonderful life!

    • Mar.. A lot of people are asking questions about is crash that don’t make sense. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions and doing some research on your own, is it? And his whole life was not about his fans. It was about his daughter. I don’t think Paul would fake his death and cause pain to people, but then again, I am questioning a few things that don’t add up. It’s fishy.

      • “seriously, these people act like Paul Walkers life depended on his fans…”

        Fans act like they were the center of his life…. Paul’s life depended on his daughter and familly. Nobody else. He was gratfull to his fans, yes, but that’s all.

        Without being mentally ill , or paranoid,I think it could be possible that he’s not dead. Other people have already done it, fake death. He’s not the first one, and certainly not the last one.

        The reasons why? I really don’t know. Only God knows what people have in their mind. Unless you knew him personnaly and very well, you can’t say that he had no reasons to “do that”.

        • I absolutely agree. Plus, what is up with the article of his death that came out a DAY before the “accident” happened? That creeps me out.. There’s plenty of facts supporting both sides that he’s Alive/dead. It’s hard. I rather remain hopeful and do my own research than take the medias word for it.

        • I very much doubt his family and friend would go along with pretending that he was dead, how the heck is PW going to keep hiding from the public’s view? i’m mean come on PW would need to live like a virtual recluse and i doubt that would be easy for someone like him?

          Just accept it he has died and yes the accident did seem unusual, but it still does not mean it did not happen?

  4. Jst leave it alone he dead stop trying to find Shit to prove other wise…..

  5. Ok if it was fake wear the hell are they

  6. You guys need to get a life Paul Walker is dead let him rest in peace he’s just human

  7. if he still alive he and the poeple was worge for that it borke my heart and many others as wall

  8. “100% proven fake…”
    Then let me see Mr. Walker..
    I think universal studios and his fans and his family and the producers and the entire crew and local emergency personal all collaborated to fake his death..?

    • Ya know. If it was a hoax so what then he is alive and well I hope he is. Controversy sells guys. If it wasn’t a hoax the may he rest in peace

  9. Elvis is alive to lol

    • No, he’s dead.

  10. I watched a video of them driving three min before the crash and the plates on that car don’t match the one on the burnt up car

    • The plate that was placed at his crash site or the plate that was burned under the open hood after the fire?

  11. Paul walker is alive not dead all that u see is a set up see for self on the vids on u tube

  12. There is some REALLY good points on the whole hoax theory that DOESNT involve the creepy pics shown all over the internet – it’s pretty interesting…Check it out – I liked the theory behind it. *Oh Hollywood* 🙂

  13. I don’t know what to think…to be honest,i want that he is alive and ok.I was his fan,all this hurts me so much,especially the way that he died.Horrible…

    But,some things is really strange here….

    1.Why the man,who said that Jasmine was with him at the charity event,lied?First of all,Jasmine wasn’t Paul’s girlfriend from 2011…Second,she wasn’t at the charity event at all.We can see a lots of photos from that day,on Paul’s fan pages,paparazzi photos,too and there is no Jasmine.Nowhere.Is not possible that no one didn’t cap her.Paul was with friends,we can see that when he arives and when he is leaving…

    2.The autopsy report said that Paul had ALL NATURAL TEETH.That is not true at all!!!

    3.Why some of the cast from F&F smiled like a crazy at the place where he died???!Is that normal?!

    4.Why his family removed his stuff,before funeral,from HIS OWN house?

    I have to say again,i don’t care if this was a fake,i want him alive,but i know that he was a good person,with a big heart and that he couldn’t do something like this…Btw,
    WHERE HE CAN BE??I mean,if he is alive…
    He is not some unknown actor,whole world knows how he looks,especially after all this,he can’t do some plastic surgery….that is stupid…

  14. Hate to point this out again but the pyrotechnic person that has been as of now Mario Man is doctored. The original source is the DailyMail and this Mario Man is not in the original photo. Neither is the black suited pyro-tech that is supposedly in the full photo also.

    Dead give away is:

    1. His ghostly appearance. He does not match his surroundings. This is due to the grayscales being off.
    2. He is way too short due to size scales being off.
    3. He is distorted: head too big, face too long to match his body stature, he has a laughable longer than cool handle bar mustache that would have been burned off in such a fire. Also, his arms are too short for this distortion.
    4. He is practically in the fire. Fire codes require not only protective suits (which this guy seems to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with some lettering on the sleeves), protective head gear and an air pack. This “person” is wearing non of the above.

    The “pyro-tech with the flamethrower”
    1. This “person” IS wearing protective gear minus an air pack BUT
    2. This “person” is way too clear for their surroundings
    3. This “person” has been darkened to make people unsure of its authenticity.
    4. This “person” is wearing a get up that looks like it stepped out of the movie Resident Evil.

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