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Paul Walker ‘Still Alive’ Video Legitimate

There are definitely live people who are either in or next to Paul Walker’s car as it just begins to be set on fire. It is not a real fire, though, rather, a pyrotechnic one.

Initially, it was thought that what was seen was none other than Paul Walker alive within the flames, therefore explaining the titles of such videos. Moreover, the images available do not represent a person in any respect who is being burnt up alive and is trying to escape.

Nor do the so-called dead body images demonstrate this. Rather, they show the opposite, which is the fact that there was no charring of any kind to the bodies, which are actually dummies not real people (or their parts).

Rapidly, these videos showing a live person seemingly within the flames of the car were debunked, not legitimately, however, as a hoax. That discouraged people from pursuing it further. It is not entirely a hoax by any means, as it is clear that the image of someone can be seen through that pyrotechnic fireworks-style explosion. Such an explosive display is dangerous but not even remotely as dangerous as a real petrol-based fire.

Regardless, the title of the video might well be better worded as ‘Roger Rodas Still Alive,’ as the image of the pyrotechnician is more conducive to him than Mr. Walker.

The point, here, is to confirm that this video is legitimate and that there really is imagery of a person just posterior to those pyrotechnic-induced flames.


The video, provided by agents of Universal Studios and/or Fast & Furious, shows at this stage what are obviously people – see the flesh tones – near the driver’s side of the car. There may even be the image of a head, that is a person, sitting in the car finalizing the Hollywood-style fake car burn.

The fact that these individuals exist at the staging site is seen more clearly seen, here, including the emergence of someone behind the flames:


This is not a falsely created image or a hoax but is, rather, merely a close-up, zoomed-in view of the original footage provided by the Walker cabal.


The stunt man’s silhouette is perhaps most clearly seen in this black and white conversion of the same image. Note the identification of some 4 person on site at this time.


This is the outline of a real person, not a fake or a planted image, not a hoax.

Is it the same as this person, thought to be Roger Rodas?



Or one of these persons, hunkered down, firing a propane torch at the car and its surroundings.



If you look carefully, you can see his hand on the torch as he fires it. Too, it can be clearly seen that there really is a person behind the flame; the eyes, hair, and nose are clearly evident. There was much charring on this opposite side of the car, which may be explained through the use of the flame thrower. Regardless, this is not what is seen in a real car fire or explosion.

An actual pyrotechnic mole, no doubt about it:


This makes great sense, as there was no extension of the fire. The trees remained free of any burning (slight charcoaling on the trunk) but absolutely no fire extension to the leaves: not in the least degree.

Make no mistake about it Mr. Walker is alive and was likely in-place somewhere near the movie set. Just where has yet to be determined.

This is a set-up by Universal studios through its entity, Fast & Furious. It is a Hollywood-style hoax. No one died, and no one was injured.


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  1. Idiot… he’s not only still alive he is also the Terminator or Highlander…walking right out of the explosion….

    • Umm pyrotechnics are very controllable
      How do u think they do it in the movies

  2. Seriously dude? This is beyond insensitive. What would they even gain by faking their deaths? Im not even sure whats worse, the fact that you would post this and get fans hopes up or the fact that your using the footage of someones death so disrespectfully. Smh just let the dead R.I.P. and respect their family and friends in mourning.

    • Life and Freedom

    • I agree with you. If only the idiots on this site would listen and not be so gullible

      • YO MOMMA

        • It has seven months I think he would have shown up and announced he wasn’t dead by now

    • From various news outlets online and in print are saying that Russian mobsters were extorting him and this is how he vanished, hope so that would mean he is still alive! Or a publicity stunt to get people to watch the next FF5 hope so it’s a shame when we loose people to stupid shit like this;(

  3. Why Why do this is not enough suffering? Why have you done this? We fans are destroyed because Paul Walker went so fast between us. Mercy will not?

    • he was tired of all the racing so he wanted to quit and go away his dad said that on a video of news people saying it was paul walker

  4. Good point here – our society is so defiled now that we idolize THIRD RATE ACTORS like PAUL WALKER. They’re saying that we shouldn’t have paid any attention to him, even when he was / is alive ! (( – :

    Also, they are not that callous, and most of our colleagues care about their fellow man / woman as humans; they are talking about IDOLIZING PEOPLE.

    We also like the not-so-subtle shot taken at OLD CLINT (as in Eastwood).

    From a recent press release:

    “Considering that PAUL WALKER is a MEDIOCRE ACTOR, and never “paid his dues” sufficiently, we shouldn’t GIVE ONE DAMN ABOUT HIM – alive OR dead.

    By the way, our colleagues say the same nasty things about VETERAN ZIONIST-OWNED “Fake Bad Ass” CLINT EASTWOOD.

    However, when the punk WALKER is part of a ZIONIST-STAGED PR DEATH HOAX, designed to DEFRAUD UNSUSPECTING FANS and STEAL THEIR MONEY, we must take action.

    Here’s ‘s latest credible evidence on the WALKER HOAX and MONEY GRAB:


    Joe Sansone, West Coast Press Agent, Tempe, AZ, for

    CT GLOBAL at


  5. You know what I find extremely interesting, is how both men were announced dead as soon as the first blue car pulled up without anyone going up to the car to even check, after all its possible they could have gotten out before the smoke and flames, everyone was so quick to say there dead or he’s dead how would they know who was in the car. Also I watched Paul’s father give numerous interviews. And he showed no emotion at all except in one where he pushed himself to start crying but there were no tears, in one interview he says ” maybe it was supposed to be this way” what??? Maybe your son was meant to ” burn” to death yah sounds legit. Also in any photos taken of Paul’s family members throughout this ordeal there is no one crying Ever, even at the beach memorial his daughter and her friends are seen smiling and in very good spirits, then his daughter attends the Justin bieber premiere ?????? Your. Father just died and not an ordinary deaths but a supposed outright tragedy of epic proportions and your going to a movie premiere ????? All I know is that since the accident roger rodas’s name has not been mentioned once why was his body in a bunch of pieces? Why was paul walker cremated? He was a Christian theydont normally cremate and edpevially after your son was burnt in a car your gonna lay him to rest by BBQ his remains. Also his funeral service was non denominational? Why if he stated many times how he was a Christian and didnt get people who didnt believe in god. There must be a good reason why domeone would go to such extremes to make people think he was dead. Too many things don’t add up. I wouldn’t be surprised if his gf hopped on a plane soon a she could to start a new life wth him in some remote location.

    • Moron Paul Walker was burned. Why would they bury the complete burnt remains of someone idiot. Only thing to do is cremated

    • He is not dead!! 1. Funeral was militarty,Paul Walker was never in the military. 2. Death certificate even states he was not in the armed forces. Facts people,u cant lie on a death certificate!

      • Ur an idiot. He’s gone. No reason for him to fake his death

        • I’m talking in general here and not about if he’s alive or dead, but unless you actually knew Paul personally, you can’t make the claim that he had no reason to.

        • Russian mobsters are a great reason

    • I totally agree with everything you said

    • Very true kat I dont think hes dead either

    • He did it for publicity( money) that’s all Hollywood sees out of this is more money because everyone know when a actor dies while making a movie the movie sells like crazy like that batman movie and a couple others they faked it so it would help the franchise with more money ans he might have just wanted a more private life he is a person who could blend in with society Society easily because he has no noticeable or dominate feature of his body that can ensure it’s him just by a everyday quick glance so yeah he could just change some facial hair and walk right past someone without them noticing it was him

      • Correct: it was all well planned, and the F&F clique sought to profit from this.

    • I can honestly say I agree.Its funny just today I was watching a interview with Vin Diesel for the Furious 7 premier and he got very emotional with his shades on and tears ran down and he said. I just hope he’s watching. This is so crazy

    • Seriously, I’m a christian, if my body was severely burned, I rather be cremated.

  6. This accident immortalized the FF franchise. The fans who want to know “why” Paul did it need to realize its so much more than Paul. This is business. This is money. If they continued starring in FF movies they’d ALL be aging dudes in their 40s racing cars in C list movies. Now they are immortalized forever in Hollywood and to their worldwide fan base. Paul Walker’s name is one of the 2013 most searched for names on Google next to Kim K… Do you think that would’ve happened without this accident? Never. Regardless if the next Fast movie is actually good or not, every fan will rush to go see it in 2015.

    • Excellent insight, Mrs. Hayes. And we applaud your entrepreneurial spirit in your business, and “Moppin’ Mommies” assistance to the disabled.

      On a humorous note, a colleague who is a rather “intense” law student, claims that your “Moppin’ Mommies” business

      “…appears to be actively, invidiously, and illegally discriminating against men in employment…please alert Mrs. Hayes.”

      We haven’t researched this yet, but “Moppin’ Mommies” may be exempt from employment discrimination laws if it has a only a few actual “employees,” or if they’re subcontractors.

      We’ll relay your response to this rather overzealous law student.

      Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    • The movie releases April 10, 2015. What day is 10 days before that? PERFECT day to say something was a joke.

    • F&f was the #1 movie franchise in hollywood idiot it was already immortalized Paul Walker was 40 too stupid disrespectful lil shit

    • Exactly he faked it for publicity(money) more attention = more money in Hollywoods eyes

  7. I want to ask one thing. Witnesses said that they tried to help walker and rodas but due to huge flames they could not. I see in this video man with white pant is standing near door of the car and flames aren’t engulfed yet the front part of the car. And he is not attempting to pull anybody out. Is there a really guy standing and doing nothing? Or I see wrong.

    • Looks like maybe Bigfoot started the fire. That silhoutte looks like a saskwatch to me.

  8. From the beginning of all this I have had doubts as to whether or not they really did die. Too much doesn’t add up. 1. Jim Torp lying every time he opens his mouth, 2. always evolving was a very successful business(from what I’ve read) and now closing so quick,3. video and photos showing a smirking coroner,4. PW’s gf smiling and laughing then turning on “tears” when she sees cameras, 5. the only “crash” footage is from a surveillence camera far away, come on now this happened in an area surrounded by businesses, none of them had working video surveilence? I can go on and on about the crap that just doesnt add up, but you all on here very well already know this. I personally think PW and RR are alive and well, and we will most likely never know why they chose to do this. Hiding isnt so hard to do, no matter who you are, you need to remember money talks, and when you have enough of it you can pretty much buy your way out of anything.

    • He did it for publicity( money) that’s all Hollywood sees out of this is more money because everyone know when a actor dies while making a movie the movie sells like crazy like that batman movie and a couple others they faked it so it would help the franchise with more money ans he might have just wanted a more private life he is a person who could blend in with society Society easily because he has no noticeable or dominate feature of his body that can ensure it’s him just by a everyday quick glance so yeah he could just change some facial hair and walk right past someone without them noticing it was him

  9. the video with sound

    • Sorry, I have no idea why this video is now ”private”. Maybe someone has a mirror copy of it. I suspect that someone figures it shows too much of the hoax.

    • This video looks like it was tape in the morning .

  10. Yes if someone were in the car then why he is not helping?. He was enough brave to stand near the door but no any action not trying to open the door or something helpful. Fire was behind he could take them out if he wanted.

  11. TMZ already said it was just a part of the car…

    • Paullie No im not talking about silhouette which appears in flames. Isn’t there a man near the passenger seat with white pants??

      • I think it’s the same person who sid he could see PW unconscious in the car, with his belt attached…

      • His name was Net? or Nut? XD

        • 🙂 ok maybe he is the same person who said he was unconscious. Did you feel that he is trying to help?

      • that’s weird, how can that news be before his actual death?
        I remember, a day before the accident, reading somewhere he has died on a website.
        Then, the day after, they announced they were died in an accident in the afternoon…
        I don’t get this suff…
        I thought it was because of “mediamass”, but the source tells the exact story of the crash…

  12. Why were these fellows in the blue car filming this fire? Did they know about it in advance? Why did one man “Don’t help him”? Who is the woman speaking at the end? Is she PW’s girlfriend Jasmine? What is she doing there moments after the fire started? Is she one of the ”directors” of this event? Who are the men standing around casually observing the fire?

    • You’re absolutely right OMG they were already filming when they aproached the scene….but lowered the camera in some point ….why?……..and the explosion sounded more like fireworks to me…..

  13. WHY did one man in the blue car say…”Don’t help him”..??? Did he know that this was a staged fire and this was all acting?

    • Douglas I too find this accident weird. But how did u decide that the voice of woman is walker’s girlfriend? It is impossible to judge only by voice. But the voice of guy doesn’t look scared. They weren’t panicked. I would be bustling in that case. And if the accident was real they died due to those selfish people. As I watch the video it was possible to help them.

      • NVN: I did not decide the voice at the end is the girlfriend. That’s just a guess based on other videos…especially the one where a woman tries to stop bystander’s filming. Did you see that film?

        • I saw but face of woman is not clear all I could see she wears glasses and there are similarities but the quality of video is low, we can’t say she is jasmine. And if the crash is staged she wouldn’t be at the crash scene. What do u think hasn’t she mind? Didn’t they think that they will be caught by people. But even she wasn’t, this doesn’t prove that they did not stage the accident. There are still many questions in my mind I don’t get answer.

      • You must be watching a different video. When is the last time you reached into a fire? Try it and then say those people could have helped. People did come with fire extinguishers but it was too late.

    • @Douglas the blue M3 is known to Jim Torp and AE. There is an interview where Jim talks about how supposedly an M3 drove back to the charity and told them about the crash and then they all rushed to help and estingush the fire. It was no ordinary car cruising by.

    • Omg. How are you people getting this stuff. The guys turned on their cell phone video when they saw flames. One guy was freaking out cuz he thought the car was going to explode so he wasnt going to help and started running away. The lady is on the phone with 911 answering questions 911 is asking her. She’s just a bystander who called for help. It’s sick you all think this is a hoax.

      • Tell em becca, people on this site are really dumb and very gullible and have no respect for victims families or friends and in this case pauls daughter meadow

      • Thank u someone with a damn brain r.I.p paul v.v

      • Don’t you think it’s odd that she never spoke to the press/tv about her experience? Don’t you think there’s anything at all odd about this?

      • I think we are all just hoping that it’s a hoax because this sucks if he really died like this I feel for his daughter he never really got to know and his family!

        • I agree but even if it was just a crash and he came out alive and we all still looked at how everything went down, the interviews, pictures, the crash site, etc, etc….it still wouldn’t make any sense or add up!! The only reason ppl are putting such focus on this is cus they are saying he died in it. If he walked away from the crash no one would investigate. See what I’m saying?

  14. Please, take a look here :

    Tell me its not true !!!

    • Susana martinez. Im not able to zoom it. actually I wanted to see facebook upload date of photo, but if u r talking about the pic with the fan it is from the charity event before crash few minutes.

    • A few things about that 1st scene photo. The angle of the arm stuck like that, why? The body is laying down, as gravity would do, but the arm is up. Is that plastic under the body? Maybe for easy cleanup, I guess. And if you compare where that body is, against the location of bodies in the other pictures, they don’t match up. That would be where the driver’s mangled body was supposed to be. Doesn’t look that mangled to me.

    • C est comme meme bizarre je constate sur ces photos le pieds et la main d une personne la preuve que c est un corps humain donc Roger ou Paul il n h a plus donc de doute sur leur décès ! Carie

      • Tu as raison, les preuves sont là.
        Sinon à qui d’autre sont ces corps?

        • Bonne question….

  15. You can have your views, theories, opinions or what you believe happened that’s fine!

    That still doesn’t prove that he’s alive if he supposedly got out how come all those people that were there filming this didn’t see him get out? And you can hear them say there’s someone in the car,

    You article keeps saying it was confirmed they were busted but then there’s no arrests being made none went to jail and no actual clear pictures of him walking away from the car? Or clear pictures at all

    What your trying to say is all the police officers and firemen are stupid not to know what was going on when they got there or in on it and knew everything?

    So basically all your articles are false because no one really knows right?

    But don’t write false articles of them being busted if you have no actual proof of it

    • Noo, DR. K is a MAN of INTEGRITY who is making sincere efforts to bring out the TRUTH.

      Sure, some of these photos/ videos are so fuzzy we can’t make HEAD NOR TAIL out of them, but note that DR. K and some of his blog contributers appear to be professionals / experts, maybe even decent FBI / CIA / DHS / COPS who are working in here on the sly.

      Most important is to consider the TOTALITY of CIRCUMSTANCES and FACTS, which is how the courts will look at each alleged “false flag.” Then consider the ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE also; study the evidence section at THE FREE LAW SCHOOL at – look up the cases at the FREE LAW LIBRARY at .

      We need the DOUBTERS and OPPONENTS as much as we need the SUPPORTERS of DR. K / ‘s conclusions, in the upcoming PRE-LITIGATION INFORMATION and STRATEGY SESSIONS on CT AMERICA’s FORUM at (First session is on January 9, 2014, 8 pm Eastern).

      Brad DeShane, for CT GLOBAL and CT AMERICA

    • They could have escaped down the embankment to a waiting car in the car park (see my other post). As for everything else – money talks.

  16. I dont think you are well informed by doing these theory. If you’ve been following all articles you would know that paul walker’s friend was trying to pull him out of the fire. Which the shadow is most likely that friend.

  17. You are on drucks?

  18. Why PW is wearing the same clothes,… as Newt Wimer ? Look at this pic …

    • This is a good effort to compare all evidence in this hoax. However, unless Mr. Walker changed his shoes it couldn’t be him. Take a close look: he has white edging on the base; the ‘rescue’ man has no such edging. Doesn’t appear to be him.

      Wimer? Can’t confirm it is him, either.

    • i looked at the pic you posted of the clothes. thats odd to me.. then i look at the shoes, unless they were covered in soot or mud his had white trim at the bottom.

  19. Ok this website has published death of walker on 29 november friday. It must be 30th november. But the original source of the news says it is 30th. Anyways is it possible the change publishing date or can it be a mistake??? Here is the link

  20. Thank you again DR. K, and blog contributers, regardless of your opinions on this WALKER MATTER.

    As with SANDY HOOK and the many other false flags, you must consider the TOTALITY of CIRCUMSTANCES, and not fixate on ONE or TWO VIDEOS.

    Using HOOK as an example, the circumstances and proffered “facts” tried to make us believe that the FRAIL and INEXPERIENCED ADAM LANZA was able to pull off a MASSACRE that even experienced COMBAT VETERANS could not execute.

    Yeah, right – try to sell us some more SWAMPLAND in FLORDIA. Next ?

    Regarding these people ON THE SCENE before or during these so-called “accidents,” that leads us to believe that information is leaked out and some know when these false flags are going down.

    HOOK again – isn’t it interesting that AIRCRAFT were filming the gig AS IT HAPPENED (the rehearsal, or drill).

    And, YES, we are well aware that many people have quick VIDEO CAPABILITIES THESE DAYS in the “Age of Snoopsters” who just love to GET IT ALL ON TAPE, often for improper purposes.

    A NATION of NOSY BUSYBODIES with NO RESPECT FOR PRIVACY – of course, our corrupt “government” sets a very bad example.

    Just ask EDWARD SNOWDEN !

    Keep up the great work, folks.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


  21. The US is run by criminals and a system that corrupt will spawn lots of weird stuff like this. Perhaps petty hoaxes like this will finally wake up the masses to what is going on?

    There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of people working in the hoax industry now. Of course some will use their skills to come up with personal hoaxes like this. It happends in all other criminal businesses.

    If I was the mastermind behind Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, I would not be happy seeing people running around setting up private hoaxes like this one.

    • In 2008, our corrupt “Attorney General” ERIC HOLDER did talk some Truth, calling AMERICA a “Nation of Cowards.”

      We can now modify that to a “Nation of Hoaxers,” which also implies cowardice and subversion.

      Possibly we can use “divide and conquer” tactics to pit the BIG HOAXERS versus the WANNABE HOAXERS, in hopes that they will DESTROY THEMSELVES through INNER CONFLICT.

      That’s a lot less work for us !

      BTD, et. al.

    • Yes just look at a man that lost his daughter in sandy hook was seen smiling and laughing seconds before a news interview about his daughters death suck people do this

  22. Nothing is adding up here. I read on the first day that everyone heard this loud crash and they knew it was them and ran there with fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Did anyone happen to see the location of the charity to where the accident happened? There is no possible way someone running over with a fire extinguisher is going to beat someone driving in a car. Idk but the dead give away was Tyreses horrible show at the scene with his fake cry. I automatically thought it was odd. As for his gf, why would she cry, either way, she is thinking she just hit the jackpot.

  23. I agree. Total hoax. U know how many Others Were hoaxes.Heath Ledger who Became Michael Grimm and won americas got Talent in 2010. There’s many more

  24. thnk u soo much for this report

  25. paul walker is still alive…m soo exited…

    • We can be grateful that PW is alive, and didn’t suffer a horrific incineration, but the man and his Universal / Zionist cronies must be held accountable.

      The goal now is to block their efforts to get undeserved publicity and money out of this scam.

      We recommend alerting the probate officials, in that they’re all dividing up the “estate” of this so-called dead man, including PW !

      Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

      CT GLOBAL at

      CT AMERICA at

      • NBCUniversal was the power behind the hoax and is fully responsible for spreading this scam. Well said.

  26. I wish this was true 🙁

  27. Thanks to everyone, friend or foe.

    Now we have to ACT, and will appreciate your feedback, evidence, opinions, analyses, and conclusions on SOVEREIGN CT AMERICA’s first PRE-LITIGATION INFORMATION and STRATEGY SESSION, on January 9, 2014, 8 pm Eastern at

    (Sovereign CT AMERICA’s ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL STOLLER has agreed to host.)

    For the record, CTA’s unopposed “Declaration of Sovereignty” as DUAL CITIZENS is posted at ,

    and it’s filed, recorded, and acknowledged at THE HAGUE, THE UN, and was posted for the maximum time on the former White House “Petitions” website. ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER and alleged “President” OBAMA didn’t object. Not a peep heard.

    CTA is basically the equivalent of a NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATION, guided by the CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW, GOD/ALLAH’s LAW, and good ‘ole COMMON SENSE.

    For example, regarding GUNS, you have the right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS in CT AMERICA, unless you become an OBVIOUS THREAT TO YOURSELF and/or others.

    In other words, get drunk on CTA PROPERTY, start waving a loaded shotgun around children (or anyone), and we’ll GLADLY take that firearm from you, until you prove your return to sanity ! (( – :

    ALL are welcome as DUAL CITIZENS, which gives you a bit of protection if the tyranny becomes so bad that OBAMA and THE FEDS march troops on you.

    Simply complete the online contact form at, state your loyalty to the CONSTITUTION as intended by The Founding Fathers, and you’re a SOVEREIGN CT AMERICAN, and can declare your personal and real property as SOVEREIGN.

    Unlike the MONEYGRUBBING, ZIONIST-OWNED CANADIANS (and many other Nations), CT AMERICA charges no FEES or DUES for citizenship, and you retain your FULL AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP, even though the USA has basically been destroyed.

    Keep up the great work.

    Brad DeShane,

  28. Drkresearch do you have an idea why did they publish death of walker 29 friday. I posted a link above.

    • Similar disastrous errors were made in Sandy Hook and the Boston hoax. Am looking at the link to determine if the date is valid. Thanks.

  29. What if it was pre meditated murder and they wanted to kill paul walker. And rhodas realy alive but walker is really gone.

  30. Maybe the person standing by the car is an angel, taking him to heaven. Why can’t people just let him RIP. He was a person despite his fame and he deserves some respect. People will say many things but the fact is he is gone and there was no reason for him to stage his death. He lived and he made a difference. Now he is needed beside God. Condolences to his family and friends.

  31. This could be real i mean really this porshes is mid engine and theres no way it exploded because motor is in the back and if it wass real they mihgtve been going over 110 mph

    • Could be real? On what basis?

  32. after his death I watched this video in slow motion and blown up because i saw something black out of the top of the car like some one standing up inside the car, thinking they captured poor paul walker burning alive, trapped in his car. later online it was described as a piece of the roof catching on fire. i didnt believe that because it seemed that the torso had a white shirt on. now after all of this im glad to know i wasnt the only one who said, “hey wait a minute, this doesnt seem right,” and i know nothing about fire and car crashes. as far as the gf running at the cameras, maybe that was her after she made it to the crash site, they said it happened just down the street from the charity event. then i think, why would he fake his own death….he was making movies and making money…? Also like everyone else, Im wondering why the family isn’t showing remorse like the fans are?

  33. You know what, you Ned to shut your website down because all that is on here are f$%£king conspiracy theories. Youre such a dumb ass! I’m surprised the police havent came after you yet. Let him R.I.P. god damn! Y do u even f&$%king do this! How do u expect to make people bbelieve this when REAL news channels are saying he is dead and they have pictures of his burnt body it is NOT a f&$%ing dummy. And the people are around the car in fire suits to try to put the fire out and to try to get them out but they were too late! You all really need to grow the fuck up ad get a life! This website needs to be shutdown who’s with me?

    • Amen!!!

    • Hell im definitely with u this site is ridiculous

  34. I will reward u with watever u want Bring paul walker and roger rodas alive in front of world….. then and only then i will believe something like this…. go kill urself cos u cant get a life loosersssssss….. i dont want to abuse people like u cos that will be disrespecting bad words…. now u knw where u stand….

    • u first 🙂

  35. Look at the feet of the people standing on the curb. Something looks kinda…weird.

  36. What’s weird about the feet???????

  37. Yes they all went to a funeral knowing he’s alive seriously let these two men rest in peace already

  38. I said from the very beginning there was a person moving behind those flames and that I thought that they had escaped down the embankment into a waiting vehicle. My suspicions seemed confirmed when someone’s footage of the scene showed a car in the car park flashing its lights as if to give a signal before driving off (unfortunately, I didn’t take note of whose footage it was). And then, someone showed an aerial view of what appeared to be their car on a tow truck, in that area, before the accident (again, I didn’t make notes of who posted this as I thought it would be easy to find, but unfortunately, having looked high and low, I can’t track it down). There’s definitely something fishy about it all – it’s all a bit too convenient.

  39. Interesting

  40. I had a thought while reading this. What if Walker went to execs and came up with the plan to draw up more publicity for the movie (he did die a week or so before the DVD came out). And used this to negotiate a higher paycheck than Diesel’s. Just doing it to piss him off.

  41. Ahahahahahahhahaha pleaseeeeeee… Who wrote this article?HE IS DEAD!!! Get over it! Dumb people

  42. Paul’s life could have been in danger, hence the fake death. This would enable him to ‘officially’ get a new ID, through the correct authorities. It happens a lot, even to prisoners whose lives are in danger upon their release from prison. He’s not the kind of guy who would fake his death for financial gain. I just don’t know how he would be able to maintain his level of ‘many’ outdoor interests/activities without being recognised, and without extensive cosmetic surgery…not too mention giving up the bonds and fun he had with his friends. Never to see him again, for me, whether it be through death or in hiding, is such a sad loss.

  43. Je ne crois aucun mots de ce que vous dites!!!!!

  44. “Secret Societies of Hollywood” on E! Says actors crash their expensive cars to get money or attention on their movies! That’s what this sounds like…

    • I think after the release of the autopsy report – we could all just leave this alone? I retract my previous posts and suggest we all do the same…fair?

      • I’m no coroner, but even I know that Paul did not have “ALL NATURAL TEETH” – he had an implant or crown at the front left…older video/interview footage proves this. I’m still suspicious about this ‘death’; there’re too many things that don’t add up/make sense.

  45. I am not sure what to believe, there are times when I believe he is dead and there are times where I see these videos and pictures. it makes me wonder….was it fake? These pictures are making me wonder if its real that he lied about his death. One more thing, I thought the family and paul walker were Mormons/Christians…why would they have a non-denom service and especially cremation. These minor details really make me think why.

  46. If anyone is interested – I have scoured over documents and come up with the “coming home” theory….

  47. Who fakes the death of a B-rate actor??? I mean for what purpose?! Stop being delusional kids, he’s dead as Dillinger. And no, Dillinger didn’t fake his own death either. Or Bruce Lee. Or Brandon Lee. Or Elvis. Or Michael Jackson. Or Tupac. Or Jim Morrison. Or Jimmy Hoffa. Or Andy Kaufmann. Or Princess Diana. Or Adolf Hitler.
    They’re dead, facts of life. Idiots.

  48. i see dumb people….but what really scares the Shit out of me, is there enormous number. Shut down your Devices and try to use your Brains again.

  49. why are you doing this??? Leave the man to rest in peace!!

  50. Okay, one more time, why didn’t any other surveillance cameras pick up the car crash? There is only one camera from far away to the left of the crash. So, my question is if there are other camera’s active along this industrial area, why didn’t they record the car crashing into the tree.

    So I do believe no one was killed, prove it to me by showing more of the accident, well you cannot because Paul Walker and Roger Rodas new that there were no other working cameras except for the one’s there crew had setup.

    He is alive and well and enjoying his new life……good luck to ya brother.

  51. I would enjoy this site alot more if there was a little more respect for Paul Walker. Yea alot of people think things don’t add up about the accident & that’s what this sites about but Im tired of reading that Paul Walker’s a third rate actor & a punk. it’s not very professional. State the inconsistencies about the wreck & leave the hate out of it. Not all of us wana hear Paul be talked about like he’s a dog.

  52. If he is alive and came out and said it was all faked for whatever reason…how would u really feel? I would welcome him back after I gave him one hell of a smack down lol. I can’t make up my mind if it’s real or fake but I fear we won’t be seeing him either way, which sucks! So many weird things that just don’t add up. If he is alive it’s almost like he is giving us clues that it was all fake. There is a pic going around of a guy in a green beanie, ppl think its Paul, it’s not its Cody. There is a mole on the guys face, Paul doesn’t have one there but Cody does. Other then that pic I can’t find any real facts to prove he is alive or dead. I think it’s weird how he was dead a day before he really was. Why are there only pics of Paul’s dead body but not rodger? Why is no one tryin to make money off having pics of him? Every pic I’ve seen is of one dead body and what ppl think is body parts that belong to rodger. If u read the autopsy report of rodger(how easy btw to get both so fast) it reads just like Paul’s which is strange, and it never says anything about him being mangled and missing parts or smashed like a pancake, just that his lid was flipped (poor guy). In the pics it’s almost like he is “missing”. The reports say Paul was in his seat then it says he was laying overtop rodger with his left hand on the ground ontop of Rodgers head?? Maybe I read it wrong all five times but um how can he be found two different ways? My list of why this all doesn’t make sense goes on then I read other questions ppl have and it makes me feel even more confused. I have a hard time thinking there are this many ppl out there who question this as much as I do and we are all crazy. To me a conspiracy theory is someone asking and figuring out the right answers to someone’s messy “job” and was made to look like a dumb crazy ass and or to shut up! Someone is on to something and I really can’t wait for the truth to come out either he is alive and all faked or he did die somehow. Anyone else find it weird that the only leak to fast 7 is of a funeral where Luda asks Paul to promise no more funerals?? Or that no one what so ever has been photographed crying? They are all smiles!! I’ve never met the guy and I cried for days and still tear upto this day but yet family and close ass friends are smiling and saying it only took less then a month to get their smile back?? If Paul is dead he is better off cus his friends are awful or maybe (doubtful) he wasn’t as great as we all thought and they are all glad he is gone. If it’s fake they need to work on their acting skills which is funny cus most are actors or like I said they are hints that he is alive! Idk but I wish I did. Huge fan of Paul either way

  53. Who’s ever read the Hunger Games? Yeah? Haymitch was making Katniss and Peeta pretend that they were in love and the people totally believed it. For those of you that think he is actually dead, boy did they fool you.

  54. If he’s alive let the man alone. If he’s dead then let his good deeds help him.

  55. You’d think that if he were still alive there would be a photo from a cctv cam, or his card being used? Anyone who believes Paul is alive is a moron. I am sure his daughter is still greiving . Just let it be, just move on…I’d love for Paul to be alive, but the tragic truth is that he isn’t

  56. Ok I’m so nervous to even say a word in fear that I may jinx it or be wrong haha but I think I figured it all out!!! I put a few things together and I think everything makes sense and is possible., I saw an interview that paul did before he died talking about if fast 7 tanked there is for sure an 8 to come and there is talk about 9, 10 and more. He’ll be in his 50′s he said. In another tmz interview, again before he died he was talking about all the fasts that are being talked about to come out and how he would be using a walking in them. Vin told everyone there was more to come in a London interview too. So I think the crash was probably planned for awhile. Isn’t it weird The only leak of the movie is Luda asking Paul to promise no more death? How about vin’a fb posts? Calling Paul brain and saying things like he is talking to Paul himself? His cheesy what the hell was the point speech at the crash site? Sry I’m gonna end up getting off track and I’m already losing my train of thought lol. I just feel like I had a break through and want to get this out there just in case. Feel free to add ur own ideas and clean this up. Anyways….I think fast 7 is complete, I think they are working on 8 as we speak if not already close to done. I think with the new director they thought they needed to go big or go home, as Paul has been know to say!!! What’s bigger then faking one of the main characters death in real life to get big movie buzz!? I think they are gonna make it look like brain dies in fast 7 and probably at the end of 7 will be the beginning of 8 and it will be of brain coming back. I think they told us they wouldn’t kill brain off so no one wouldnt be upset and feel they were being disrespectful to Paul’s memory and come watch but they are gonna kill him off. Think about it….it’s genius really! They might even use the crash in fast 8 somehow. Think about it….that’s why only ppl from the movie showed up at the crash site and no one: friends, family, movie cast were shown crying. That’s why none of this has made sense from day one and why there was so many answer less questions too. Does anyone else feel like everyone involved in this was giving hints to this being a hoax from the start? Like all the answers have been under our noses the whole time? Idk maybe I’m crazy maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe the idea of him being gone has finally caught up to me and I’m about to have a break down lol. Maybe I’ve jinxed it all and it won’t happen and I’ll feel like I should have kept my mouth shut. Or maybe I really have figured something out!? I guess time will tell. If the movie comes out this yr. like it was suppose to then I know for sure I’m onto something. Or for whatever reason they bring Paul back at the mtv movie awards….why else would they nominate a dead guy for an award?? Ok I’m grasping straws with that one maybe lol. I’m ready for this all to be done. Ready for hard proof one way or another.

  57. man im realy confused is paul walker live or dead , if he fake his death that will make his fans sad, so why would he fake his death ? and is there are a picture of him alive in hospital , but the picture is only one and why is he still using tweeter ? is he alive or dead ? can any body answer my question

  58. lol he is alive … why fake your death so you sell more movies dumbass easy answer he has a new movie coming out and plus the new fast an furious god people are so bli d its histerical

  59. Please stop spreading these rumirs that he is still alive think of how his family must feel just let him r.i.p. and definetely stop showing his death picture, seriously?

    • So if he’s dead, how is he coming out with two new movies? When he “died” before they were filmed?

  60. Hi Dr K Is there any latest news on PW’s whereabouts?

  61. confused how does this wok if hes dead

    • OK so I hve looked at the picture taken of jasmine sum other dude in a red shirt and a dude looking alot like paul wearing a green beanie and black raybans and their are alot of similarities in the photo if you hve a good eye you can spot them !! His skin and face features if u know pauls facail features well are the same as the dudes in the green beanie and that photo was taken two three days after the supposed death!! After reading all the comments I couldent leave the suspicion alone, And if u read the tabloids His girlfriend hasend been seen or been caught bg paparazi seince April &Last report was on the 17th Of May but was a re run of info.So Where is she?? He did want to finish up his Acting career and spend more time with Meadow and Jasmine.How better than to fake your death to get out of the Public eye forever!! How else would you escape it and live a normal life after being in a camera veiw for most of your life.And really the Media did the job they were suppose to do by spreeding the news like wild fire! Media support is needed even if unintentional.So The accident was a set up and Media did the rest Or He lived and wakked away.MEDIA ALLWAYS plays the big role in helping a faked death!! IF the paperazzi can find Jasmine were ever she is? Paul if alive wont be too far behind , Mexico/Greece/Italy.His or her most Fav place in the world untill All the hype dies down atleast its calked lieing low!! He deserves to hve a quite life at 40 Thou.Just sayin.My take on the matter .Id probs fake my death too to leave the public eye too.

      • And I mean no disrepect it just an observation if that was the case its not ricket science its just How else would you get away fron prying eyes and cameras and papraazi oh god I cant spell haha jst saying!!

        • Oh I fogot!!HE IS AN ACTOR …ACTOR with alot of ways to get the help needed to pull off such a dramatic ending to leaving the public eye FOREVER!!

          • It really isent rocket science and pretty simple really!! I dnt think its a big deal And can you blame him if this is the case?

        • I believe that Paul broke up with Jasmine in summer of 2011 for good. She wanted him to choose between her and Meadow a very stupid choice. However, a female was seen in the midst of the fire and smoke which Nodis believe’s to be Jasmine. Maybe when he made his choice to leave the movie industry I might have wanted to settle down with her. I also have this gut feeling that he is very much alive. We probably will not recognise him with longer hair a bit more weight dark glasses and a cap. He said it is easy to disappear. I am just concerned about his safety. He did not forsee the hype his ‘death’ would have caused.Universal is involved in this hoax.

  62. Clearly there’s an image of a human form. But being that I’m a spiritual person I believe that it was an Angel to take both Paul and his business partner home. But that’s just me. I truly do hope that they’re both at peace.

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  70. Even if it’s faked why would he do it? He would feel like a huge asshole especially after how everyone’s reactions. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I’d have too much guilt.

  71. You are pathetic you really think he is still alive the real autopsy said his arm had been severed he had broken ribs and pelvis and a fractured skull with the brain exposed they found soot in his trachea eluding that he had taken his last breath I don’t know why people have to make up this fake stuff about him he was a good person he did pay his dues he did humanitarian work he even bought a $9k wedding ring for a military couple who could not afford it quit believing all this shit you here on the internet the in my book is evil

  72. One more thing pauls body was found in a defensive position with his hands up preparing for the impact of the crash only the person who did the autopsy has the real proof if he died or not so drop the subject and live with it that he is dead

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