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UPDATED: Paul Walker’s Hoax Autopsy

UPDATED with new pictures and commentary.

Clearly, the deaths of both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were faked. This is confirmed by the ludicrous autopsy report which was posted by the LA County Coroner’s office. According to the hoax-promoting Website TMZ:

Paul Walker‘s entire body was charred through the skin it was burned so badly … this according to the autopsy … burned so bad none of his organs were suitable for donation.

According to the report … obtained by TMZ … Walker’s body was laying supine in the passenger seat in a “pugilistic stance” — that’s a defensive position, as if he were bracing himself for impact.

Editor’s note: Stance means standing, not lying on the back-side, as is seen with the dapper cadaver dummy in the photos.


He had multiple fractures throughout his body, including his jaw, collarbone, and left upper arm.  There were also various ribs and pelvic fractures.

The report concludes Walker died from “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries” sustained from the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, CA.

According to the report, the L.A. County Coroner is preserving portions of Paul’s organs in a jar — sources tell us tissues are kept for a certain period of time in case of lawsuits.

Roger Rodas — the driver — suffered major head trauma with the top portion of his skull fractured and his brain exposed.

(making this a major accident scene, requiring a proper examination, pictures taken by officials, and a sound coroner’s report; yet, the coroner merely kicks evidence out-of-the-way and starts laughing as the scene comes to an end)

No alcohol or drug traces were found in either body.

The report also says there was “scant soot in Walker’s trachea” — suggesting he took a few breaths after impact.  Sources close to the investigation, however, tell TMZ, they believe both men died almost immediately.

Editor’s note: so they did an autopsy? Moreover, they write about “Scant soot?” Who believes it?

They both died instantly? Anonymous sources are the source of the report? Shouldn’t that be the domain of the actual professionally trained individuals, especially in such a high-profile case, the coroner versus those same, standard hoax-confirming anonymous sources?

And the report goes on … Paul had 14% carbon monoxide saturation in his blood stream (by the way, the reports only that it was “probably him”) … the normal level is 2%.  Roger had 10%.

According to the report … after impact the car spun 180 degrees, struck a tree and nearly tore in half before exploding in flames.

End of TMZ’s claims.

Of course, all that this supposed network reports is terminal lies. It is simply all a story-line, mere make-believe. Is TMZ a division of NBC Universal? Actually, it is not quite that close, yet it is close enough:

TMZ is a celebrity news website that debuted on November 8, 2005. It was a collaboration between AOLand Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros., until Time Warner  divested AOL in 2009. The name TMZ stands for thirty-mile zone, the historic “studio zone” within a 30-mile (50 km) radius centered at the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

TMZ’s managing editor is Harvey Levin, a lawyer-turned-journalist who was previously a legal expert for the Los Angeles television station KCBS-TV

The Wikipedia write-up continues with the owner claiming that everything on the site is thoroughly researched for accuracy. Yet, here, it has been proven that virtually all that is claimed on TMZ regarding the Walker issue is a fabrication.

Autopsy report analyzed

If the car would have struck a tree or lamp post at that level of speed and force, there would be evidence of an impact. There is no such evidence.


Regarding this coroner’s report, first, note the claim that the car struck the curb at an exceedingly high-speed. There is no evidence that any car struck that curb, no tire or car marks: nothing. At a high-speed, presumably, the car struck a tree. There is no evidence that of any expected damage to the bark of the said tree: not so much as a chip or a scratch.

Note how it begins: “According to the reported information…” Really, is that how the average coroner’s report is produced, according to ‘reported’ information presumably from the Zionist-controlled media, Universal Studios, TMZ, and, perhaps, Fast and Furious agents themselves? According to what information reports, those on Twitter and Facebook?


“I assigned both cases to me.” Really? Is this standard language in such a report? Regardless, “assigned by me” is not only highly unprofessional but also exceedingly poor English. “911 was called.” By who?

“The decendent died.” OK, that has been the standard claim. Yet, shouldn’t the world know about this if it is a lie, since money is involved as is a charitable organization soliciting donations?

Witness are mentioned? What witnesses? What are their names?

The vehicle “spun around.” Then, why are there no marks on the pavement to reflect this? It struck a tree “and then a light post.” Then, why is there no red paint marks on the light post, no scrape marks, and no damage to the bark of the tree?

The vehicle “burst into flames.” There is no evidence anywhere in the photographic record of any such bursting. Rather, there is evidence of the Fast and Furious crew starting the fire with pyrotechnic materials and flame throwers.


Really, a cement light pole was “sheared off?” How does a carbon fiber-framed Porsche achieve that? Remember, the terminology is “sheared off.” That means there would be shear stress not merely on the pole but also on the car, demonstrating this ‘shearing’ impact. According to eyewitnesses (non Fast and Furious ones) and the available photography there is no evidence of such a shearing impact.

Then, too, there is the claim that there was a broken tree. Close-up examination must be done. It will probably show that the tree was cut down with a chain saw.

Now, the final part of this statement is most curious, which is that according to this ‘official’, signed report a few feet away from the “sheared light pole” was none other than the red Porsche “with California license plate #7CCY590.”  Is that not, then, confirmed officially by the coroner’s office? Then, what is this:


Did the coroner, who is not sure who died or what they look like and who waxes back-and-forth between every conceivable propped up claim: did he or she himself put it there, or was it placed there, as posters have seemingly proven via PhotoShop?


This is the best part of all, when it is said, essentially, “I didn’t do it.” In other words, “Listen, if this all blows up, and even blows up in my face, I’ve got my ground covered: I didn’t have anything to do with it. I’m just reporting what I was told.”

So, he had some clothes on, underwear and a part of a black t-shirt? Why are there no clothes lingering on the dapper cadaver dummy as it is resting upon the char? See any residual clothes, here anywhere? The hoaxers can’t even keep their hoax straight.


Caption: “Charred in a pugilistic stance.” Anybody see any charing or any pugilism?

Now, regarding the ID’ing of Paul Walker the coroner got the age right. Yet, it can’t be configured even what his eye color is or if he had a mustache or beard or even stubble? Really? Was he roasted into a char into oblivion? The dummies surely aren’t roasted to any degree, although the moulage mole aka coroner’s assistant did apply a bit of charcoal for a fake burn effect.

OK, he’s got all his teeth. However, are they really ALL-natural? Surely, he has at least some crowns, caps, bridges, or other. However, according to the report there are no tattoos? Really? Is the coroner blind?


Yet another proof of this hoax is found in the conclusions, which is that the dead man, who the coroner’s assistant did not examine (that is “did not collect any evidence”) cannot be positively identified, visually.” What was his source, the imagery scene on TV of the dapper cadavers suffering all that reflection from the strobe lights? No matter, the report continues, “it’s probably Paul Walker.” Probably? Really? Is that the best this high-powered coroner’s office can do?

The report also lists this man at 5’11”; however, numerous reports place him at nearly 6’2”.

Next of kin? Did they really view the body?

While no one can say for sure what the Walker relatives did just after the fact, regarding the night of the event there is a bit of information:


Mixed among the NBC Universal crowd the parents did show up, but they didn’t seem to be upset about their son’s “pugilistic stance.”



Paul Walker, Sr., doesn’t seem to be too upset about it all, these reports of a man, rather, his own son fighting for his life down to the last second, even after giving it a day or so to set in.

They made sure that the last line is put in there, which is that he is too burnt into a crisp to be an organ donor. The coroner’s report is a farce – an absolute hoax. Who could prove otherwise?

Now, the man laughing it up with the rest of the crew on the night of the supposed fatalities has been identified: it’s the Assistant Chief LA County Coroner Ed Winter himself:


Same jacket: what about the coroner’s news conference that night? Were there any further revelations there?


Caption: A smirk is seen on Coroner Winter’s face as he concludes his last words of the interview. Money was surely exchanged. As NBC Universal is on the receiving end of hoax-related sales, did it lay out financial favors for the participants?

Said Winter according to the LA Times the men really did die, “within seconds”, when the Times then stated that their bodies had been “positively identified through dental records.” Yet, as anyone can see such an identification was never mentioned in the autopsy report, rather, a contrary statement was made, which was that in Walker’s case all that could be said is that it was “probably” him.

Read more:

Includes information on the hoax hood piece theft, which was developed in all likelihood as a distraction once the scam was realized.


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  1. you sick bastards let him rest in peace. He is gone,he is not driving around with James Dean, or hanging out at the 7 11 with Elvis or Marilyn Munroe. YOu yanks have a conspiracy theory for everything,including the mmon landing. I hope the family sues you sick assess

    • I don’t know that this incident was fake but the moon landing was definitely a hoax.

      • January 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

        Very interesting… my question is this… then if Paul and the other driver were NOT in the accident mentioned, then who? And there is footage from nearby video cameras of the impact, any comments on that? Thanks!

        • pw not hewrte ,,rr? dm
          ont know…heas gonny get leaed hes staying away till faf7 and hisb charaties make from the ploy


      • So bcz they are infamous you get the right to crap about their sons death?
        Hey smart ass denial is one gigantic answer in grief
        Why would his familly,rogers familly, all f&f cast bunch of fire man autopsy crap and many others go through this much trouble to cover a 40 year old ACTOR not a politician who was really into cars and was getting paid a lot to do so in f&f fake death?!
        The reason you insist on your theory so much is bcz hiz death was so tragic that even you dont wanna belive it.

    • @Di again: FYI Elvis faked his death. Secondly its Marilyn Monroe, not Munroe and yes she was most likely murdered. James Dean was ritually murdered himself. Now go back to sleep, everything is pink, fluffy, positive and shit…..

      • Provide proof that Elvis faked his death (which I don’t believe for a second). Then tell me why he’s never been seen in, what, nearly 40 years? I do believe that Paul Walker faked his death, and not just to get away from making films…more like his life was in danger.

      • You are a fine one spouting crap about take your Never in my life have I witnessed a person who spouts unwarranted venom so easily just because someone did not agree with what you believe they needs meds. Lol. Classic.
        I can assure you that Elvis died. And I can assure you that the given death date AND reported cause of death are correct. My father was one of his concert promoters and good friend. Heck, they knew each other in the military and used to fly to Eggland Air Force Base with Clarence Hero as their pilot throughout the early to mid 70’s…right up until the day he died. In fact, when I was just 6 years old (1976) I was in a fire that left me with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on both hands. I was in WPB FLA at the time and he flew in just to sing me a lullaby. So do not even start that crap about a wonderful man I considered my godfather!
        Now it is my turn to spout venom…but I have good reason!

    • You dumb person Paul is alive have you not read all of the proof I am a preteen who figured out he wasn’t dead the first day they said it because I had just came back from the same car show and saw them in the store a few minutes later.

  2. I’m no coroner, but even I know that Paul did not have “ALL NATURAL TEETH” – he had an implant or crown at the front right…older video/interview footage proves this. I’m still suspicious about this ‘death’; there’re too many things that don’t add up/make sense.

    • The coroner said he had all natural teeth? I might have missed that. I’m trying to find that statement

    • I agree with you. It does not add up.

    • You do not know positively if it was a crown or an implant? Crowns and caps are considered natural teeth because those are placed over what is left of the natural tooth.
      Implants are not because the implant replaces the natural tooth.
      Just a little FYI

      • The A-Report would (or should) include all dental restorations, crowns, etc. that dental x-rays/records show as treatment, after all, the comparison is what is being used to identify the body. But, as we can see, in Paul’s case, the A-Report does not state he was ID’d by his dental records, unlike Roger.

        • Motley214,
          The A-Report absolutely should include this information but seeing as the same coroner who kicked aside evidence and did not wear gloves signed off on it then I am not surprised. That coroner should be replaced immediately and a complete overhaul of the department should take place.
          Also, wasn’t PW’s and RR’s signed off by two separate people? This could explain why PW’s report is lacking in information.
          I believe he is dead but I am open to hearing and seeing evidence that points to him perpetrating a hoax.
          I am making a for and against chart which includes ALL the evidence. So far the evidence shows he is dead. But it certainly is a close race. I will post my findings as soon as I have enough information since it is always evolving (lol sorry, had to do that 😉

          • The coroner did wear gloves. Google some photos and you will see.

    • If he had crowns and/or caps then the statement is technically true because crowns and caps cover what is left of the natural tooth.

      If indeed it was an implant then the statement is false because an implant replaces the tooth.

      I wish we could get a hold of PW’s dental records so we could find out for sure.

  3. Di,
    If walker is dead, I’m sure the doubts about his fake death aren’t being observed by him – mostly because he would be dead. But that is not the case here. Everything about his accident appears to be a hoax and he is alive laughing not at us – but you, and people like you.

    Also, anybody that has a brain knows the moon landing was a complete hoax and faked to fool people all over the world just like you.

  4. ” YOu yanks have a conspiracy theory for everything…”

    Well, Di, considering where we live, I think we should have a conspiracy theory for everything. Otherwise, we’re not awake !

    Di, it’s NO CONSPIRACY THEORY that the UNITED STATES has implemented the ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST AGENDA, evidenced by the Delaware-based “Shadow Corporations” known as the profit PONZI SCAM MONEY-LAUNDERER “The United States of America, Inc.” and it’s not-for-profit PONZI SISTER known as “United States of America, Inc.”

    You can verify that at the Delaware Secretary of State’s website, with a quick “Business Entity” search.

    We AMERICANS do not live under the illusory U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are CHATTEL PROPERTY, with our BIRTH CERTIFICATES and SSNs bought and sold, pursuant to the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE and ADMIRALTY LAW.

    Those are FACTS YOU CAN VERIFY, and that HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD is the EVIL EMPIRE that mandated the creation of USA, Inc., with the goal of BLEEDING US DRY with the “Shadow Corporations.”

    Since we’re MULTI-TRILLIONS in DEBT now, I’d say THAT’s A REAL CONSPIRACY ! (( – :

    Ah, EVIL ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM in its final phases, we’re on the verge of MARTIAL LAW and LOOKING AT THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS, and Di says that we shouldn’t be worried about any conspiracies?

    I got it !!!!!

    Di must be a SHAREHOLDER in the HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD ! (( – :

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


  5. You really need to stop with this stupid shit. Why would somebody in his fake their own death ? He was an actor, not somebody in the run from the FBI or the mafia and in fear of his life, but according to you their is probably some secret society that was going to kill him and he faked his death to escape. Shut the f%$k up with this dumb shit. As far as the tattoo is concerned, his body was charred through his skin dumb ass meaning that the tattoo on his wrist that you show wasn’t visible because there was no skin left

    • 1) How do you know he wasn’t in fear of his life / that his life wasn’t in danger?
      2) Why do you have to swear to try and get your point across?

      • Motley2014
        Just answering these 2 questions
        1. We don’t know-that is the most simple answer
        2. Because they are angry. That is no excuse for swearing though. They need to calm down. You can get your point across without swearing or using derogatory language.

        • They weren’t angry, they were just being obnoxious.

    • 1) Why was the coroner called 2-1/2 hours after the crash?
      2) Why no mention of only being able to identify him by his dental records?
      3) Why do the Case Report and Case Notes still have the corpse named as ‘JOHN DOE’?
      4) Why does the Case Report also have Paul Walker’s name ‘pencilled’ in beside the ‘John Doe’?
      5) Why, also on the Case Report, is his DOB and AGE only pencilled in?
      6) Why does this supposed FINAL document have both typed AND pencilled information on it? – I work for a US medical agency and this wouldn’t be allowed.

      • Motley2014,
        After pondering on these questions and asking around, I am going to make an attempt to answer them. This is the information which I was able to get from 2 different physicians, one a family physican and a physician who works in the emergency room. I could not get ahold of our local coroner (never retuned my calls). The names of these 2 physicians are Dr. Barksdale and Dr. Bowman. Here is the information I was able to research:

        1. The coroner could have been called earlier. We do not know exactly when the coroner was called. Since PW & RR were obviously deceased at this point (or the dummies placed by this point) there was no need for the coroner to rush in and pronounce them dead so the forensics team can removed the bodies (or cadaver dummies) to be taken back to the lab.
        2. Cannot logically answer this question as it appears that the autopsy for PW is lacking a lot of findings on the report.
        3. Since this report pertains to deaths and would be placed into the persons medical records, the coroner cannot by law white out or black out John Doe part but they can place 1 line along with their initials before making a correction.
        4. See #3. At this point the coroner would have had to wait on the dental records findings so PW was penciled in which by the way is legal. When the coroner received the dental records findings he/she should have placed a single line along with their initials through the name.
        5. Pure laziness on the part of the person making out the report. Again, these should have had a single line along with their initials through the name, then add the correction in ink.
        6. It is legal to have both typed and penciled information on an autopsy report. According to Dr. Barksdale (ER Doctor) and Dr. Bowman (Family Doctor), it is sometimes necessary to have ink and typed information on medical records NEVER PENCIL! One cannot erase pen ink from medicals records. ANYONE can come along and erase pencil but not ink.

        • Larin, you are incorrect on several points.

          1. We DO know what time the coroner was called as it is clearly stated on the A-Report.

          2. Roger’s A-Report states he was identified by his dental records, Paul’s doesn’t – not laziness by the coroner – it’s a legal requirement, hence the question, why not.

          3. I know the A-Reports relate to the deaths and are placed in the person’s medical records and I know pathologist/coroner cannot white/black out John Doe, but your comment, “can place 1 line along with their initials before making a correction” is not quite correct – they don’t just put a line through John Doe – in ink, they put the correct name and date of identification (check out RR’s – not done to PW’s). They are supposed to do this to ALL documents they have temporarily named John Doe, once corpse has been identified.

          4. It would have been ILLEGAL to pencil in PW’s name given he hadn’t yet been identified by his dental records – and still hasn’t since it’s not stated on his A-Report. See also 3 above.

          5. There is no such thing as “Pure laziness on the part of the person making out the report.”…the family could sue (and I would). See also 3 above.

          6. There seems to have been a contradiction in your comment, first you say, “It is legal to have both typed and penciled information on an autopsy report” but then you say your ER Doctor and Family Doctor state, “NEVER PENCIL! One cannot erase pen ink from medicals records. ANYONE can come along and erase pencil but not ink.” …Pencilled info would ALWAYS be confirmed with typed data/ink, especially as the data becomes a permanent part of their medical records and staged at some point in the future.

          Please stop trying to prove me wrong. I don’t need to make visits to the ER doctor, my family doctor, or pester the coroner’s office for information as I work in this field.


          • Motley2014,

            NEVER said that I was trying to prove you wrong. I just gave the answers that these two (not mine btw) physicians gave me

            My answer still stands seeing as they DID come from 2 separate Physicians.

            I do not know why all of a sudden you turned into a person trying to prove everyone wrong and being ugly about it as you do it but you need to get that bug out of your a$@ and be civil about it.

            I said my peace now I say g’day to you. Have a nice life.

          • Motley2014

            Is this not what you stated?:


            January 5, 2014 at 2:52 pm

            Yes, I know what it means, but if you look at how his teeth used to be (right-hand side, front), you will see that he did have a crown or cap afterwards.

          • Excuse me. It was supposed to be this response from Motley2014. Is this not you Motley2014?


            January 5, 2014 at 6:40 am

            …Now someone (the coroner) either got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to check ‘the corpse’s’ teeth properly, or they never obtained his dental records (to identify the corpse) like they stated.

          • Just revisited this page. Not sure what you’re getting at Larin Noel (or is that Noel with 2 ‘l’s?).

          • Motley2014,

            No. That was NOT me. My screen name is still in my IPad so I did not have to change anything. Don’t know. Maybe someone tried to impersonate me and keep a dropped “fight” going. Also, look at the quotation marks. I use ” and this person used ‘
            Know clue as to why anyone would want to impersonate a person so hated on a site like this lol.

          • Motley2014,

            Besides, why did you ask these questions if you did not want someone to answer them?

            I NEVER said I was correct. I said to begin with that I was ATTEMPTING to answer them.

            Now please stop being nasty in your comments.

            BEFORE you state that I told you to die already, remember that I apologized for that comment.

            Other people have stated that they noticed you attacking me on almost every comment I made. I have tried to ignore your nasty comments but truthfully I can’t. If you do not like what I have to say then please skip over my comments. That is all I ask.

        • go easy on the CAPS,larin…..;)

      • That’s kind of weird because Tyrese Gibson shouts John Doe in 2 Fast 2 Furious i believe.

  6. Let…it….go…man.
    We all know you are that “djhererra” guy that you tried to get people to wonder about in your initial post. Mission accomplished, your social profile was raised. Hope you can sleep at night.
    And if you even knew how to research these articles you write – you would know it was WIDELY reported that there was rubber marks and obvious swerving right before the crash site.
    “no evidence” of bursting into flames? How about looking at some of the videos and barely useable pictures you posted?



      • Seriously. Chill Christine. Calling people you don’t know imbeciles and what not because they have a different opinion than you is a childrens ploy. Grow up….or at least pop a few of your little blue pills because you are way out of line.
        “BRAINWASHED IMBECILES SCREAM IN PAIN WHEN TRUTH IS REVEALED”? Who talks like that, really? You are sounding more and more like those wacko kids from Children of the Corn. What state do you live in besides psycho? Just want to know so I can avoid that part of the country altogether…

      • Get some meds u wack job. Like seriously do u have any idea how f’d in the head you sound? If he faked his death (which I dont believe he did) so what? Do u think the ramblings of some unhinged demented nut nuts will make a shred of difference to whether he faked it or not. Hes not high profile such as the other acters singers etc mentioned with no real reason like they may have had to so it. I think its more people are questioning their own mortality and the thought of dying in such a horrific way terrifies them so disproving it ever happened makes them feel better.

  7. i still believe both men died however i just wanted to say while we don’t see the back off the body in that picture only the front in the autopsy report it stated his lower back and buttocks were sparred off charring and sparring of charring on both feet so that might explain why they were able to find clothing i do find it a little odd they put his height at 71 inches when i looked it up that is 5’11 however Vin Diesel is supposed to be 6 foot Paul was not only taller than him but he also looked taller than 5’11 and in 1 or 2 of the fast and furious movies they put his character height at 6’2 and Dwayne Johnson is 6’5 Paul was only a few inches shorter than him

  8. the other thing i found odd was why they blacked out the names off his parents when everyone by now knows their name again i still believe both Paul and Roger did die

    • Answer to your question about blackening the names of the next of kin is that even though we ALREADY know the names of these people and PW & RR are dead is to protect the identity of the next of kin, Yes, WE know the names because of PW’s father. Actually, I have not seen or heard the name of RR’s wife. Has anyone?

  9. Hem, I dunno but you don’t find any real proof, it’s gonna be hard.
    I still doubt cause some things just don’t match, but…
    C’mon, it’s 2014, we should move on.

    • What I found odd is what Dr. K mentioned in this interesting piece. Why were they able to know it was Pw age right away? Hmm also, they knew wat he was wearing really?! vs, that so called dead pic, he is fleshly and clearly his clothes are gone yet they identified what he was wearing. Wasnt he wearing a BLACK SHIRT and Blue Jeans?? The typing of this report seems unprofessional, im disgusted by this lying world and media

      • My favorite part of the report is “The decedent is probably”

      • The 40 y/o on the report is probably just an educated assumption because I am sure that to be trained as a coroner, they probably had to take an anthropology course somewhere in their schooling. Take is only my take on the age thing. To me, it could have been just an estimation. Now, if let’s say that PW was 43 and the coroner stated on the report initially that he was 43 then I would definitely question it.

      • Has anyone stopped to think for a minute that the body everyone is ‘assuming’ is Paul, may actually be Roger??!! Would explain the clothing issue , Paul’s body position etc. There were 2 men in that car after all!

        • The “body” you see, the legs are under the dashboard on the passenger side it is Paul or someone wants you to believe it’s Paul. I never understood why we couldn’t see two bodies, but I am guessing maybe they had already removed Roger’s body or the body that was supposed to be the driver. The Autopsy shows the drivers legs were under the steering column feet on the floor and the passenger was lying supine with legs/ feet under the dash.

  10. i myself think they are not dead because of the pics i seen and what ive read and herd like two pics i seen of two different body parts and what they wernt wearing any clothes seriously its a hoax.

    • Tyler I agree and landing on the moon? Lol wat do yall mean and as far as the height being off Lonely86 , that is strange and to the other persons comment RonK, IF HE REALLY is dead WHY THE DOUBTS ABT IT, maybe cause he Isnt?? Hmmmmmmm I agree with u

      • sorry i hope i didn’t make you or anyone else mad with me saying about the height i just found it a little odd when they said 71 inches 5’11 before writing that comment i had looked up his height and other people height like Vin diesel and the rock as well and i tried to compare heights i also looked at the pictures off Paul and his best friend Aubrianna Atwell standing next to each other according to the model website they listed her height as 5’9 though i don’t know if that is with or without shoes however in pictures off them together Paul was aleast 5 inches taller than her it just made me wonder why on the sites i found they listed his height as 6’2 and why in the fast and furious movies they too also listed his height as 6’2 and yet in the autopsy they listed his height as 71 inches though i do remember something someone had told my sister and i which i just looked it up The average height of a person decreases, on average, 15mm over the course of the day

        maybe that might explain the height

        • No offence, but from what I know, Paul Walker was AA’s best friend but she wasn’t his, although, like with many of his ex’s, he stayed good friends.

  11. everyone should already know the moon landing was a fake but this one with paul walker is a big screw up becuase of the many different pieces throughout the accident that does not add up like why aint the hood damaged or why aint the wheels damaged because i know personly that if you pop a low car up over the curb its gunna mess up the wheels. why aint the paint burnt off and seriously the biggest mess up with this hoax is the dead bodies they are to big to even be paul walker or rodas becuase take a look at the legs and head and shoulders of suppossed paul walker are square like the head and the shoulders are like a quarterbacks shoulders and paul wasnt that big. im a real big paul walker fan so i would look at all this that is happening in this hoax.

  12. As to donating organs, you have to be ALIVE to donate major blog flowing organs that is why everyone needs to know this. You can not be is one of the most misunderstood medical situations one could be faced with. Sometimes they literally kill the one patient to transfer the organ. Look it up.

  13. seriously you dont have to be alive to donate organs. if a person dies and they had previously elected to be an organ donor, their organs are tested and deemed usable or non-usable. if organs are usable then they will be preserved and transported to whoever is in need of that specific organ. also for certain transplants such as a heart transplant, they keep the patient alive artificially while they remove the bad organ/heart and insert the new. go back to school

    • No I think ur find they usually remove donor organs within a specific time period after being declared dead. While they may have been declared dead the heart lungs etc are still functioning with mechanical assistance I.e life support. I think ur smart arse comment at the end has back fired and makes you come across as a know it all who actually knows jack shit. Maybe next time do a quick Google search to validate what you THINK is fact least that way you dont look like an arse

  14. check out if you still think you are correct about donor organs

  15. The “coroner’s investigator” McCrackenalso investigated the strange death of Whitney Houston. Her supervisor is Joseph Bale in this instance. Bale was involved in another “thorough” investigation of the alleged suicide of Tony “Top Gun” Scott 2012:
    A witness saw Scott, 68, climb over a fence on the bridge and jump into the water, according to Lieutenant Joseph Bale of the city coroner’s office. Other witnesses said they later saw Scott’s shoes floating in the water……The family has confirmed Scott’s death, but offered no details.

    “I can confirm that Tony Scott has indeed passed away,” the late director’s spokeswoman, Katherine Rowe, told reporters. “The family asks that their privacy be respected at this time.”

    Sounds familiar
    “a witness”…”Shoes floating…” hmmm.

  16. There are a lot of unanswered questions regrding this crash and P Walker. Why did paul that day introduce his girlfriend to Jim Torp as his “assistant” as Jim himself has said in an interview. MRr Torp said he only knew she was Paul’s girlfriend when she collapsed after learning of the crash. When they first met, what on earth was a 33 year old man doing “dating” a 16 year old girl and why no intervention by anyone be that authorities or family or even media? What was the felony reduced to misdemeanour Paul was charged with when approximately 18? It is written in some media reports he would never reveal what the charges related to. Mr Torp said he heard a very loud bang and knew it was an accident- what was the loud bang? From the cctv footage over the wall the car easily knocked down the tree and sign so did the car explode prior and if so why? And how did Mr Torp know instantly “they” were in an accident? In an interview Mr Torp also said that parts of the car were on the top of the building behind the crash, how on earth did the parts get up there and how come there is no mention of this in any other report or interview I’ve seen? Why is the hood of the car still intact? Why is there so little damage to the tree? If Paul’s body was in a pugilistic stance why are authorities not commenting on the pics and videos of what’s meant to be Paul’s body as they are clearly fake? Why has no cctv footage from the buildings behind the crash (looking from direction of the road) been released? In video footage of the immediate aftermath of the crash, why have authorities denied there was a person moving when it obviously looks very much like it was indeed a person. Why are none of the ordinary everyday people who witnessed the crash or the immediate aftermath being interviewed by the media? What was the object seen moving very quickly in the first cctv footage of the crash as seen through trees and why no mention of it? And why have the two cctv videos (through trees and over wall) been clearly edited as at first no-one realised it took a minute for the fire to start?



        In this article he talks about how hard it was to see Meadow get upset when she heard! I thought she wasn’t there!

        • @amanda,Jim lied about Jasmine and about Meadow!Paul wasn’t with Jasmine anymore,i think from the summer of 2011!!She wasn’t at charity event,and Meadow neither.There is a million photos from charity event,on Paul’s fanbase sites and he was with friends!I have no idea why Jim lied and why he is talking stupid storyes!

      • Torp torpedoes himself every time he opens his mouth.

      • I agree as well, too much just isnt making sense, Jim Torp keeps changing everything with every interview..

      • Come on that Jim Torp guy is nothing more then a media hungry attention seeker, he even went on a few day time shows to tell his lies about him seeing PW Daughter at that event even though PW Twitter page had made it clear he was their ALONE?

        People need to remember that these people like this Torp guy thrive off any publicity that makes their lives seem interesting and important…

      • There is a picture from the event of Jasmines younger sister Weslea following Paul I think Jasmine and her sister were there and Jim got Weslea mixed up with being Meadow. Probably an honest mistake they are the same age and she is seen with Meadow at the beach memorial also.

        • Interesting. Do you have links to those photos?

          • I doubt there will be any photo;s of Jasmine or her sister, funny how PW Twitter page said he was at the event ALONE…


          is the girl in the black jacket Weslea the girl your talking about Jasmine’s younger sister they were the only pictures i could find of a teenager following Paul around when i first saw them i thought maybe it was Meadow

          • Some of those pictures look like it has been photo cropped? some are genuine but the one with the girl does not look real.. like his Twitter page had said he was there Alone at the event why would his publicist lie about that?

    • i don’t believe Jasmine was there the reason why because except for when he took Bliss his ex girlfriend after that and in recent years Paul stated himself he never took dates to events with car accidents remembering when i had my learner’s licence and i crashed my brother’s car into a pole after over steering i wasn’t even going that fast but people who were inside their homes and who came to check if we were ok said they heard a loud bang maybe them hitting an object was the loud bang Why are none of the ordinary everyday people who witnessed the crash or the immediate aftermath being interviewed by the media it could be those people may have been fans and refused to talk to the media or anyone i too also seen that footage where you can see an object moving which kinda looks like it is heading towards the car itself that i found odd i don’t believe anyone was trying to get out off the car in the autopsy report it stated he had multiple pelvic fractures multiple rib fractures left humerus fracture that to me sounds like it would be impossible for anyone to move with those kind off injuries you can read the full autopsy report here

      scroll down there is like 15 pages
      or try this link

      • Perhaps they said this to account for the partially disjoined dapper cadaver laid in place by the NBC studios moulage moles before they drizzled fake blood on it.

  17. 1) Why was the coroner called 2-1/2 hours after the crash?
    2) Why no mention of only being able to identify him by his dental records?
    3) Why do the Case Report and Case Notes still have the corpse named as ‘JOHN DOE’?
    4) Why does the Case Report also have Paul Walker’s name ‘pencilled’ in beside the ‘John Doe’?
    5) Why, also on the Case Report, is his DOB and AGE only pencilled in?
    6) Why does this supposed FINAL document have both typed AND pencilled information on it? – I work for a US medical agency and this wouldn’t be allowed.

    • If you look at Rodas autopsy report which was filed the same day a half hour later – his diagram is extensive and detailed including numbers of the toe tags etc – yet walkers was very empty….

    • Yeah really who is john doe? Is it a joke? It can’t be a mistake on such serious reports.

    • Motley2014,
      After pondering on these questions and asking around, I am going to make an attempt to answer them. This is the information which I was able to get from 2 different physicians, one a family physican and a physician who works in the emergency room. I could not get ahold of our local coroner (never retuned my calls). The names of these 2 physicians are Dr. Barksdale and Dr. Bowman. Here is the information I was able to research:

      1. The coroner could have been called earlier. We do not know exactly when the coroner was called. Since PW & RR were obviously deceased at this point (or the dummies placed by this point) there was no need for the coroner to rush in and pronounce them dead so the forensics team can removed the bodies (or cadaver dummies) to be taken back to the lab.
      2. Cannot logically answer this question as it appears that the autopsy for PW is lacking a lot of findings on the report.
      3. Since this report pertains to deaths and would be placed into the persons medical records, the coroner cannot by law white out or black out John Doe part but they can place 1 line along with their initials before making a correction.
      4. See #3. At this point the coroner would have had to wait on the dental records findings so PW was penciled in which by the way is legal. When the coroner received the dental records findings he/she should have placed a single line along with their initials through the name.
      5. Pure laziness on the part of the person making out the report. Again, these should have had a single line along with their initials through the name, then add the correction in ink.
      6. It is legal to have both typed and penciled information on an autopsy report. According to Dr. Barksdale (ER Doctor) and Dr. Bowman (Family Doctor), it is sometimes necessary to have ink and typed information on medical records NEVER PENCIL! One cannot erase pen ink from medicals records. ANYONE can come along and erase pencil but not ink.

      • Larin, please see my response to this on the other section where you posted this.

  18. i wonder if vin diesel and pauls family etc were given a lie detector test whether they would pass in regards to the ‘accident’ i seriously doubt it.this is definately a hoax no doubt about it. youve got something here you need to take it higher

  19. “The bodies were burned beyond recognition and Walker was referred to as John Doe 240 until his identity was confirmed by dental records. Rodas was referred to as John Doe 239.” This is I found about john doe. But is it necessary to give a fake name till bodies are identified by autopsy? Is it kind a rule? This is link to website but mobile version

    • I haven’t seen any reference to Paul’s dental records in the autopsy report.

      • Excellent point. And thank you for posting, here, in view of your experience in the field.

  20. The autopsy write-up is full of assertions that are not based on actual findings and is unprofessional. The language seems to me that of an uneducated person trying to use (but abusing) long words and language that sounds official and “police-like”.
    It is very odd that they found a T shirt and underpants after showing us a naked corpse. It is also odd that they even showed photos of a corpse, it is a horrible, tormenting invasion of the family’s privacy.
    The dental history is often the only available ID confirmation in cases of fire. They say there is no dental work of any sort on the teeth of the subject. . is that to say he never even saw a dentist who could confirm that PW was a rare specimen who had no dental work ever in forty years? I think those perfect teeth would be rare enough to confirm his ID!
    Another sinister aspect of this is what has happened to PW?
    If indeed it wasn’t him, where is he now?. As a lively, talented, energetic and great looking young man, has he been taken? Why?
    Is he captive somewhere?

    • I agree with you on all accounts. Autopsy is not at all your usual report. Hand written? Even I know autopsies, especially highly classified ones for celebs, politicians, and other famous people, but even for common, average Joes, are all typed/printed. Never handwritten that I’ve seen.

      Friends, family, and fans who followed him closely, knew he made no bones about having homes abroad, in various countries. There was also a couple different interviews done with a friend of his in Hawaii, that said when Paul came over there, and hung out with the guys there in their group of friends, even girls coming around wouldn’t recognize him as Paul Walker, that he looked just like one of them, an ordinary guy. This is a big world, and Paul’s been around it, many times, all over the place, and was also known for going to places most of us have never even heard of or ever will because he loved seclusion, nature and wildlife. He even has a house in the middle of the jungle on his own island, that doesn’t have electricity, and he has done an entire interview about it in GQ magazine and someone videoed another interview of him talking about it and its also on youtube I saw. So, to answer your question, I don’t think he was taken, I think if anything, he just wanted seclusion to be with Meadow, his daughter and girlfriend, in a place where friends and family can come visit and no one would ever know and well, lets face it, there are hundreds if not thousands of places he could be where none of us ordinary “fans” will ever see the light of day or hear about. 🙂 It’s shitty I admit to fake your death, but I think for too long he has been tied up in contracts, and with investors supporting his foundation, that if he walked away from, would stop funding that, so to me, it was a “smart business move” I suppose if you are looking at it that way, but on a personal level, shitty for all his fans.

      • First of all i think yes your right PW did seem like he wanted to just leave his Hollywood life behind, also yes its quite possible that yes he wanted to remain anonymous so he faked his death, but what was the reason to have RR involved with this death hoax everyone seems to be forgetting the driver of the accident? do you think PW and RR went off together to live in this secluded jungle with no electricity? i can not think of anything more tedious and boring being stuck out in a secluded place somewhere with really nothing to do all day, without motor vehicles to get around or entertainment which both of them enjoyed what were they planning to do all day just walk around watching the wild life?

  21. Why does it say John Doe???

    • Bex,

      Because they could not legally white or black out the John Doe since it becomes part of the medical record. They can however place 1 line through the John Doe along with their initials.

      • Actually, John Doe is (if the report is real and done correctly) would be replaced with the real name and date the corpse was identified.

  22. very good site, the majority of Russians also of the opinion that all this is a hoax, well, as they say, all the secret becomes clear.

  23. its also quite strange that in some of his interviews he had mentioned about his 40’s are gonna be awesome / he is looking to spend more time with his daughter, etc …

  24. We appreciate all of your feedback, evidence, references, and opinions, no matter which side you’re on.

    This is arguably the toughest (alleged) hoax to prove, so we’ll need a great deal of circumstantial evidence.

    Found it rather amusing that Dr. K posted a PW shot where the third rate wannabe “actor” is flashing the “Devil’s Horns” or a somewhat “modified” version . Was he sending us a signal, testing us?

    We note that our press releases on ARAB / MUSLIM, and other. SOCIAL MEDIA SITES, are getting widespread approval.

    Got word of a “Thumbs Up” sign by “Ahmad Nasrallah,” among many others, on the Lebanese National News Network’s page. Is that the “Nasrallah” who’s TOP DOG in HEZBOLLAH / HIZBULLAH ? Maybe…

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    Our take is – they either LOVE US / YOU, or they HATE US / YOU !

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    • devils horns? Good grief. Paul was a surfer, and that’s the hand gesture he always used like so many surfers do….as in “narley”, or, “right on”.

  25. I/we again applaud all of the contributers in here, and DR. K, and welcome you to CT AMERICA’s INFORMATION and STRATEGY SESSION 1, to discuss administrative and legal remedies against the ZIONISTS, et. al., on January 9, 2014, 8 pm Eastern, at

    Blogster “LN” makes an excellent point re: lack of dental records for PW, per this statement,

    “… is that to say he never even saw a dentist who could confirm that PW was a rare specimen who had no dental work ever in forty years?”

    Come on, folks, PW was a BIG TIME NBC STUDIOS SLAVEDOG, albeit a well-paid one.

    The actors / actresses’ GREAT TEETH get them BIG BUCKS – PW may have even replaced his 40 year old choppers with typical HOLLYWOOD “Dazzle Dentures.”

    So, YES, there are records, but they’re withholding them (for now).

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  26. unidentified bodies are called john doe wikipedia says.

  27. “LN” should consider LAW SCHOOL aka LIARS, CHEATS, and THIEVES SCHOOL; however, being a TRUTH-SEEKER, LN may have a very hard time with the WANNABE SHYSTERS !

    To the point, LN noted,

    “Another sinister aspect of this is what has happened to PW?
    If indeed it wasn’t him, where is he now?. As a lively, talented, energetic and great looking young man, has he been taken? Why?
    Is he captive somewhere?”

    Here we have COMMON GROUND with Sandy Hook – where are those used and abused children ? And where’s the scammer PAUL WALKER ? Is he possibly a VICTIM, held hostage, as LN posits ?

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    • No offence, but would you mind limiting your posts here to just Paul Walker-related information? Many thanks.

  28. Wake up nelson mandela death is hoax!

    • Yes, it was a death hoax. So was the gun-grubber’s fake massacre in Australia.

      • when you say fake massacre in Australia do you mean the Port Arthur massacre because i can honestly say that was not fake

      • I no longer know what to really believe anymore my head heart and gut are all telling me Paul and Roger both did die but there is also a part off me that is having a bit a doubt because
        in this report page 3

        it said on Paul Walker autopsy report the decedent was lying supine in the passenger seat his right arm was bent at the elbow with his right hand in the air his left hand on the ground just above the other decendent’s head both his legs were bent at the knees with booth feet resting on the passenger floorboard i was unable to see which direction they were pointing

        page 18 on Roger Rodas autopsy it says almost the same thing the decendent was located lying supine in the driver’s seat his right arm was bent at the elbow with his left hand in the air both of his legs were bent at the knees with his right foot on one of the pedals and his left foot on the floorboard i was unable to see which direction they were pointing

        i don’t know about anyone else but i personally don’t see 2 bodies in any off the pictures that were taken at the crash site i only see 1 body and what looks like a leg that is no longer attached to a body laying next to that body also i know they said he had all his natural teeth but like someone else pointed out he did aleast have a crown or something because there is footage off Paul years ago giving an interview and he had what looked like a small gap at the front right side if i can find that video again i will post the link

        • I agree, I do not see two bodies, just one with what looks like a leg of another beside it. The autopsy says Rogers legs were both under the steering column one on the gas the other on the floor board, unless when they “pulled” his body out and it became dismembered, according to the pics both legs were not under the steering wheel. I guess it’s possible these pics are after they removed Roger. I did see some pics that I guess are supposed to be Paul and it looks like an actual foot that you can see that to me didn’t look burned at all. According to his Autopsy he was burned except on his lower back and butt and also no on one part of the bottom of his feet…these pics I am talking about are of the top of the foot.

          • i too saw that picture off the burnt foot but i’m pretty sure it said on Paul’s autopsy his feet lower back and buttocks were sparred off charring unless i’m seeing things you could be right about Roger’s body being removed before that picture was taken and that’s why we only see 1 didn’t even cross my mind Thank you for that information

  29. All I want to know why does the autopsy report list him as a “John Doe”

    • “SaffaGirl,” if all you want to know is why the punk Paul Walker’s name is listed as “John Doe,” we suggest that you take a BROADER APPROACH and consider the other 7,354,568 items of highly credible CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE that spell “H-O-A-X” and “D-I-R-T-Y M-O-N-E-Y” and “G-R-E-E-D.”

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  31. It’s happening, folks.



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  32. TMZ leads the race in propagandizing celebrity matters. Do you ever think its strange how they get all the divorce papers, birth certificates, death certificates, and footage of celebrities walking into court trial first? Harvey is at the forefront of getting ‘news first’ but TMZ is a tabloid. Just the fact that he can get these fake documents hot off the presses show you how fake TMZ is. Huge red flag anytime a story breaks on this site. Did these people even proof read this report? If they had maybe they would’ve spent more time on making it sound professional. A body burnt to a crisp yet you know what he was wearing down to his gray boxer briefs and that he was 40 years old? Unbelievable.

  33. Anyone else find it odd that they claim Rodger had on jeans, black tee, underwear, belt, 2 socks and 2 shoes, yet on part of the autopsy they say no clothes and they say he had 4th degree burns everywhere…how does this much “clothing” survive that kind of burning? Also the Autopsy says Rogers arm was straight up in the air…I may be wrong but Judging my the body pics at the accident scene there wasn’t much of Roger left, all I can identify is a leg, no body not head and definitely no arm sticking straight up in the air. Rogers autopsy is 20 something pages long and pauls only 15 and no where near as detailed and informative as Rogers. I’m still on the fence here, but I am leaning heavily toward hoax or cover up or something. I’m not sure if Paul faked his death or if he is a victim in all this. I don’t believe any of this was an accident at all though.

    • can i please ask where did you find Roger Rodas autopsy report i’ve been trying to find that one but had no luck could only find Paul Walker’s

    • I, too, found it odd that they listed his clothes, belt, etc. yet he was totally burnt. And also that PW’s autopsy report was not as detailed, including his toe tag info…in some cases, the reports are duplicated, as in their arms sticking up in the air. It’s also strange that some documents are still named John Doe, and in PW’s case, his real name, DOB, etc. pencilled in. Another thing, what coroner kicks evidence out of the way at the scene, for Heaven’s sake?! …Too many discrepancies.

    • did anybody notice in the A-report where the tip of rogers tongue was burnt but pauls tongue was sticking out …..

  34. John Doe #240…..paul walker drives owns and glorified in his movies the nissan 240sx” This is just one connect..may not be significant

  35. the report also reads “i did not collect any evidence in this case” Really?….REALLY?

    • That only means that they did not physically collect evidence from the scene

      • Surely, as they mention clothes, socks, shoes, etc. they would have had to collect these as evidence – unless they were all burnt, in which case the autopsy report shouldn’t have mentioned them. What disputes the report’s information about the shoes, is that photo floating around the web of a tagged BARE foot (and lower leg) which is charred in some places and then in another photo, charred all over. …If they were both found with shoes on, whose foot is this?!

        • Motley2014,
          That means that the coroner themselves did not physically collect evidence from the scene, bag the evidence, tag the evidence and then transport the evidence to the lab. So if the coroner did not do at least 3 of the above then that statement is true.

          As for your other question. Toe tags are exactly that. Tags that go on the toe to identify the cadaver. The shoe was probably with the rest of the evidence. That is why you saw a photo of a bare foot instead of one with a shoe on.
          HTH 🙂

          • Only in this case, it wasn’t a toe tag, it was an ankle tag. I do know that toe tags are to identify bodies.

          • Would that be the shoe that wasn’t collected as evidence by the coroner herself?

          • Motley2014,

            Are you stalking me just to argue?

          • Not at all, that’s your game, as noted by a poster previously on another page.

          • Motley2014,

            No. That has been YOUR game. Ever since drkreseach seemed to get onto you about the pics on the pyrotech page, you have been a 1 person army against any detractors with your nasty comments and name calling.
            Grow up please. I know you are at a difficult age but this is ridiculous!
            Just so you know, I googled (anyone can do this amd it is legal) your screen name and what do you know…you are a 16 year old girl!

            So from now on, I will put motlet2014 =ignore on all nasty comments to me by you.
            problem solved!

  36. Sign of the times when a NoDisinfo-article about a Hollywood celebrity faking his death because he wants to live a different life gets close to 40 comments… 🙂

    Sandy Hoax, Boston Smoke Bombing and your liberites taken away forever? Boring…

    • Edit:

      Close to 70(!) comments…

    • Yes, I know. The Wichita gun-grubber martial law and Islamophobic hoax, busted, here, has two comments.

      • At least many new readers found your site, probably people that never ever had given SH, BB, etc, a single thought before.

        TBTB must be careful now that they have opened Pandora’s box of hoaxes… Imagine how many people there are out there that have learned these skills, must be tempting to try a hoax or two in your free time.. 🙂

    • Anyone hitting a tree at 100 MPH which was noted in the death report by the coroner those injuries alone would kill you?

      The report had said he was in a defense position in the autopsy report meaning he probably knew he was going to be hitting something hard like a lamp post and tree? he would probably of lived maybe a minute after impact when the smoke from the car started and that’s how soot was found in his trachea?

      Only the driver died on impact with serious traumatic head injuries and PW died from combined traumatic and thermal injuries? that’s why PW cloths were nearly burnt off as seen in that pic but if you look closely you can still see remnants of clothing on PW body.

  37. I wonder how they calculated the blood alcohol content… Just a question.

    • Roger was lying supine??? Really well that pic of the so called dead bodies hes lying down towards the concrete , him and Paul, this is Bs

      • Actually if you look closely, the second face / body right where the front window of the firetrack meets it’s red body, you can make out the nose. It is facing upwards and appears to be on its back. just an observation althoughwe all see what we want to 🙂
        Also, this is in general,I was going through random autopsy roports online and for evidence, they all state clothes, shoes, jewelry etc that might have been on victims. I am guessing since everything was burnt, they couldn’t get any ‘evidence’ in this case but then how did they know about what the guys were wearing :/ shouldn’t they be reporting every lil thing as evidence ??!!

  38. We have noticed that, too. This third rate wannabe “actor” – DEAD or ALIVE – doesn’t deserve this amount of attention at all.

    Mind you, if a FATHER such as PW (regardless of his tainted profession and lack of talent) did indeed die a horrible death by incineration, we have much compassion as HUMANS, for both him and his family and friends.

    However, after looking at and analyzing the circumstantial and other evidence, and the opinions of experts in here (probably some cops, CIA, DHS, etc. who are fed up), we can only conclude that this was just another Zionist-instigated hoax, scam, and money grab.

    The apparent “crisis actors” are truly laughable, including PW’s father, who some of my colleagues now call “The Moneygrubbing Whiskey Stiff,” caught smiling by the slick folks.

    The acting is on the level of notorious DR. WAYNE CARVER, the fat, arrogant, and very vague SANDY HOOK SCAMMER and CT’s CHEAP MEDICAL EXAMINER, now turned in to the CT DEPARTMENT of PUBLIC HEALTH, MEDICAL REGULATORY HONCHOS, undoubtedly cowering in fear. We expect a cover-up on the complaints against CARVER, of course.

    Keep hammering them form all sides, folks, and someone or something WILL BREAK.

    Law of nature at work here – they and we can’t control or contain it.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


  39. Ive just read report aswell & none of it adds up im a suspicious person anyway but u ask question in any situation & you find things out, im in uk so all ive seen is pics & read what you all have, what im still wondering about is….
    why they had to wait for dental records, all his own teeth were there so why the need to wait for these records
    The coroner isnt wearing gloves & then kicks debris out of her way, everyone knows you cant go to a crime scene or any accident scene & not wear gloves or touch anything
    No tattoos were noted…how?
    I agree about his height id read he was about 6ft 2
    Pauls daughter wasnt at the event but rogers son was as he tried to get them out, how would an 8 yr old attempt this, torp then said he heard the crash & they must have had an accident how would someone inside a place hear a bang & know instantly it was them so he said ‘oh that must have been rogers porche blowing up’ & he says this infront of an 8 yr old does i dont think so, the child jumps the fence or torp is lying & told him & kept him there so he wouldnt see it, torp also said he didnt know paul then minutes later he’d met paul before at another event & roger was buried the same day paul was cremated wouldnt the walker family want to pay respects to rogers family as paul & roger were close friends?? hmmm!!!!!

    • Sophie Holden,
      1. They did not need his dental records to see that he had all of his teeth. They needed them to do a comparison/ No two sets of teeth are exactly alike ( correct me if I am wrong on this ) so the had to compare his dental records to the cadavers teeth.
      2. It has been established on another page entitled “Hard Proof of Two Cars” that the coroner was wearing white gloves. As for kicking evidence, the coroner needs to be taken to task for doing this.
      3. The A-Report states something to the effect of “no tattoos noted” which means he was probably burned bad enough that one could not be able to tell if he had tattoos or not.
      4. A cadaver which has been burned extensively will seem to have lost some height. Yes, upon researching alot of evidence I found that IMDB lists his height as 6’2″ (1.88m) but when was the last time this site updated their information. Also, the information on this site is written by fans. The problem with updating the info on this site alone is that if the info has not been updated in years then you have to factor in that he might have “shrunk” in height due to the fact that he was getting older. I used to be 5’7″ in my 20’s but now at 43 I am 5’5&1/2″. So it is possible that he “shrunk”
      5. When was the last time you tried to catch an 8 y/o running at full speed? Those boogers are quick lol. Torp is a media lover and in my opinion is that I compare him to an incubus. Anything he says should not be believed because he will say anything to keep himself in the spotlight.
      6. What times were the memorials and cremation? In regards to paying respects to RR, PW’s family were either mourning or going to the wake of PW. I do not know this one for sure. But I do know that in this country it is customary to throw a wake post funeral/cremation.

  40. So how does one explain the official coroner’s report? I have my doubts as well but that looks pretty authentic…

  41. Greetings to our British / UK blogster “Sophie Holden,” in the land of the HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD, the REAL PERPETRATORS of these scams and BIG MONEY GRABS.

    Who knows? Maybe “Sophie’s” one of the few who’s honest enough to USE HER REAL NAME ! (( – :


    SESSION 1 is on January 9, 2014, 8 pm Eastern (NYC) time, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT TIME that is in land of “tea and crumpets” and “loos.” (( – : Ah, those BRITS are a strange lot, folks! Just kidding…

    Below I’m posting the MP3 file for CT AMERICAN DUAL CITIZENS “The X Man” and BILL STOLLER’s last gig, during which the BRASH NEW YORKER STOLLER hammered DONALD TRUMP, JESSE VENTURA, and TRUMP LAWYER MICHAEL COHEN, then taunted them with insults and placed them on CT GLOBAL’s “National Traitors List” at .

    STOLLER is going after TRUMP and COHEN (legally) like GANGBUSTERS – he despises them, although stated that he’s “…commanded by God/Allah to forgive them…” Aw, shucks! (( – :

    From the CT AMERICA ARCHIVES (, here’s the December 5, 2013 show at

    That gives you a lead in of what to expect on the January 9th presentation.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


    • Hey hun, thanx im only commenting to be honest cos you have to open your mind about all sorts these days dont you nothing is all black & white sometimes things dont add up & questions get asked i am actually always asking things thats me when things like this come up how can you not keep reading or responding to other points or opinions pictures out there the interviews make you think or you just end up accepting lies & bs sorry but liars get caught out jim torp is one of them it will either all come out or it will be another of hollywoods secrets

  42. There are people who are paranoid nut jobs completely out of their minds that make no sense when commenting on this stuff, then there are people who don’t believe it’s a hoax at all, and then there’s those like me, who strongly believe Paul did fake his death, and have good reasons to believe it, but aren’t whacked out crazy.

    1) Dental records are not mentioned anywhere in this autopsy
    2) Paul’s identity is NOT confirmed in this autopsy – it states “possibly”
    3) His body was charred, yet they were able to identify his clothing and underwear? Which is it?
    4) Height and weight are totally wrong. Coroner first estimates at the beginning of the report, but at the end she definitely states his hight is 71 inc and weight is 173. Paul Walker (and you can find this anywhere) was 6’2 and 190lbs. He was skinny and muscular, also contrary to the reports of the body in this report.
    5) Burnt to a crisp yet they knew immediately on a “lucky hunch” that this person was 40?
    6) Is there any real official proof anywhere out there, a document, anywhere, that 100% definetly identifies Paul Walker as one of the bodies found in this accident? This coroners report doesn’t, there’s been NO official statement that I’ve seen or been able to find anywhere, like you see with so many other celebs who have died, that positively identifies, 100% the person claimed to be dead.

    So, let me get this straight, you people who are so pissed that anyone dare question the validity of the “unofficial” reports and lack of 100% definite evidence that Paul was in that crash and was killed, you believe he in fact WAS in the crash because of what?

    Because Jim Torp said he was? Or is it because someone has a 3 second video, with no marked date might I add, showing Paul Walker. not in the car, but merely leaning on the car talking to whomever was actually in the car? Or is it because some black dude that worked at the shop stated “we did everything we could to get the guys out with fire extinguishers but just couldn’t, there’s nothing we could do” and then turned away from the cameras? Wait, wait, or was it because you watched videos of the “tops of a couple trees and a light pole seemingly come down” and was told it all happened due to the crash that killed PW and RR?

    Now, who seems like the silly one? Who seems crazy now? I don’t think anyone is crazy for questioning the validity of this because there’s absolutely NOTHING out there that 100% identifies Paul Walker as one of the guys in this car. Have any of you thought about that, those of you who are SO dead set on believing this garbage?

    • I agree. When it comes to life there are ways secrets. There are always ways to cover them up. But here is the problem with secrets and stories. When it comes to stories there are always sides to them. Which sucks because each side can prove it which canbleave things a mess. This ends up making things hard to prove or put out in the open. But you shouldn’t always believe what others say. Sometimes wheb there is doubt, that means there is something that is hiding in the shadows. Don’t regret having doubt people we all have it about everything we do. Usually when we have a gut feeling avout something it is usually right. Like when you have a feeling that the answer you chose on a test was right but change it anyway. Then when you get the test back you relized your second chose was wrong and your first instinct was right. But in life don’t be blinded by what you want to believe and make sure that deep down these feelings are true. But you should be curious and question things but don’t always assume something and it doesn’t mean you should become paranoid. But Pepper is right. Sometimes you never know who is lying. Everyone’s word is against each other. Its the medias word against yours. Its Torps word against yours. We may never know who is right or who to believe. But stay true to your own opinion and heart.

    • You just knocked them off…… i just love you ( in agood way ofcource) :)) amazing post, well done

    • Pepper, you are AWESOME! Thank you for your wonderful insight! I agree with you all the way.

    • i too thought about that how did they know his age but than i remembered i’m not from America but when i watched the local news in my country they said his friends who tried to get him out off the car had told rescue crews who was in the car so that could explain how they were able to know his age i’m not sure if you are aware but there is actual pictures off Paul and Roger in the car on the day in 1 of the pictures it looks like Paul is smiling

    • there are people who don’t believe it’s a hoax at all, and then there’s those like me, who strongly believe Paul did fake his death, pepper

      You are the small minority on here that do believe in this death hoax, also lots of your questions can be answered about the autopsy report.

      Yes the body had 4 degree burns most of his skin and clothing were burnt off, if you read the full autopsy report it said that only the back side of PW body had remained charred free and that’s how they could establish what he was wearing has the evidence of his clothing?

    • I too have pointed out these ‘autopsy report’ errors on various stories on this site…why no-one has officially spoken to the coroner about them, I don’t know…for sure, if that was one of my relatives in that crash, and given the amount of doubt surrounding it, I would be pushing everyone for answers.

      Regarding Paul just standing by the car and bending down talking to Roger, he was actually pictured sitting in it and them driving off.

      • Totally agree! If these were my relatives, I would of been raising hell by now! Maybe they have more answers than us, maybe they are in shock, or maybe they are not bothered b/c they have other info than we do…like he is alive and well? Who knows, but I do wish someone would at least attempt to come out (of his family or even his rep) and explain these things. I still do not believe he was dating Jasmine as so many have said. I really think whatever they had going on ended a few years ago, when the pictures of the two stopped. Maybe they still “got together” from time to time, but I don’t think he was focusing on Jasmine the past few years, just trying to spend as much time with Meadow, while doing his charity and his movies. Also someone needs to address this Torp guy and tell him to shut his lying mouth. As far as the “friends” that were supposedly close to Paul, why have we never seen pics of Paul with these people…maybe b/c either they are actors in this whole mess or just associates that worked for AE? I’m just baffled at how they are that many people in the same vicinity as the accident, yet no one saw it happen, not one person, at least not that we have seen interviewed and got their story on.

  43. People should really research things before they comment or post such lies. Paul is gone, he was killed, he is NOT coming back. To answer some questions…

    Supine means lying face up. He was lying face up when they found him.

    pugilistic stance is a position a burned body takes on after the person passes away. It is not a bracing position, but a normal position that a burned body forms due to muscles stiffening and shortening.

    His tissue could not be donated.. This means his skin could not be donated, not his organs. Skn is still alive for around 24 hours after someone passes away. His skin could not be donated, for obvious reasons. His organs would not have been able to be donated even if he wasn’t burned. Due to the decomposition would have already started.

    Taking a few breaths before passing away would be almost immediately, it would be mere seconds.

    Paul’s clothes… His body was not burnt in the lower back, bottom region, therefore they got his clothes from that area.

    Height and weight changes… when a body is burned the height and weight can change do to drying of the skin, loss of body fluids, fractures, stance of the body, etc.

    All of this can be RESEARCHED

    Paul is gone people, please leave stop this nonsense and leave his family alone..

    • I think the same as you!!
      (about the bodies).
      Now, unless someone was wearing the same clothes as Paul, he’s dead.
      But how can you explain the “all his naturel teeth” if it’s not the case since he (as some people said) had not all his natural teeth?
      And I don’t understand baout Roger’s body. I don’t see his body on the pics..

  44. I no longer know what to really believe anymore my head heart and gut are all telling me Paul and Roger both did die but there is also a part off me that is having a bit a doubt because
    in this report page 3

    it said on Paul Walker autopsy report the decedent was lying supine in the passenger seat his right arm was bent at the elbow with his right hand in the air his left hand on the ground just above the other decendent’s head both his legs were bent at the knees with booth feet resting on the passenger floorboard i was unable to see which direction they were pointing

    page 18 on Roger Rodas autopsy it says almost the same thing the decendent was located lying supine in the driver’s seat his right arm was bent at the elbow with his left hand in the air both of his legs were bent at the knees with his right foot on one of the pedals and his left foot on the floorboard i was unable to see which direction they were pointing

    i don’t know about anyone else but i personally don’t see 2 bodies in any off the pictures that were taken at the crash site i only see 1 body and what looks like a leg that is no longer attached to a body laying next to that body also i know they said he had all his natural teeth but like someone else pointed out he did aleast have a crown or something because there is footage off Paul years ago giving an interview and he had what looked like a small gap at the front right side if i can find that video again i will post the link

    • If anyone is interested – I have scoured over documents and come up with the “coming home” theory….

  45. Guys it boils down to where pw died is a brumuda triangle (sorry for spelling) but pw crashed into four things no one heard anything saw anything. No camera phones no CCTV nothing all them apartments still no one heard it o and he apparently spun a few times dam USA u know where to go for anything illegal because if a car crash can happen and no one heard or see anything. I dunno about u lot but if I hear a massive bang I’d jumped up and looked out my window and that would of been on the first bang

  46. Here is a link to footage showing that Paul had work done to his teeth on the right-hand side towards the front (there is more footage out there, showing it more clearly). Once again, the autopsy report states ALL NATURAL TEETH:

    • …Now someone (the coroner) either got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to check ‘the corpse’s’ teeth properly, or they never obtained his dental records (to identify the corpse) like they stated.

      • Motley – “all natural teeth” means that there were no implants, denture or veneers…so that statement is true.

        • Except Paul did have an implant, so there goes that theory.

        • Yes, I know what it means, but if you look at how his teeth used to be (right-hand side, front), you will see that he did have a crown or cap afterwards.

          • A person can have a crown or cap and still have all natural teeth because a crown or cap covers what is left of that tooth.

            An implant replaces the entire tooth

        • Link not working.

  47. There is an interview of Paul talking about his experience making the movie “Hours”. He explains how it has shown him that the movie represents his life. He says that the machine in the movie represents his life and that we as people juggle too many things and life and need to realize that we need to let the balls hit thw ground and just f*ck it. There is so much to live for and juggling all these things is too much and we should stop. I’ve never seen him so inspired by a movie especially the way he explains it. In fact when it comes to the fast in furious movies I’ve noticed that he tends to change the subject as if not wanting to talk about it. Also when he talks about marine biology you can tell he loves it with the way he goes into great detail and his expressions and body movement. You can tell that he would rather do that. He even said that as he gets older marine biology continues to be his first love. He even said when hewas 38 he said that he would continue these last two years and then when he hit his 40’s he would do whatever he wanted. Also in another interview he stated that when he was told about doing another fast and furious he said with a sigh that he wished they would have asked him this before they just decided to make another one. I’m sure he loved his cast but he had said in the beginning that he never thought the franchise would go this far and thought it would be a short thing so he could go back to school. I dont think he wanted to keep doing the movies for so long. I’m sure he loved the movies and working but I think he’d rather be with his family and working with animals and marine biology and making a difference. He also said “what is an idea alone. Its nothing. But when you have others to help it becomes something greater” not word for word but you get the point. I just wonder if these were hints to show he was done woth hollywood or a sign that god was someday going to take him. He also had mentioned how vi. Diesel had bullied him when it came to the contracts. In his interview it seemed as if him and vin werent the best of friends. In other interviews the atmosphere betweeb the two of them are awkward as if there is tention. If he did fake his death, the whole contract and movie thing could be a factor especially if he fealt that he was being mistreated and was just tired of making the movies. Wouldnt be the main reason but definitely a factor. At the endbof another interview. One of his lasr ones. The interviewer said “I will see you in fast and furious 8” paul replied saying “I don’t know if I’m going to be there”

    • V. Diesel is a bully. Looks like a zionist in disguise.

      • If Roger Rodas had 100% burns on his body , more than Paul, how were they able to determine MORE articles of clothing he was wearing than they could on Paul? It lists all clothes he has on then later says “there is no clothing” STRANGE.

        • Good point on the clothes. A lie begets additional lies. RR dummy didn’t have hardly any charcoal on it, and all that could be seen were parts of that dummy. It is safe to say that the RR Dapper Cadaver had zero percent charcoal moulage, although don’t hold us to it. If we are wrong on this, it might give the NBC Universal trolls the upper hand, since they know what kind of make-up they applied to the dummies.

    • Daniella, you hit the nail on the head! I 100% agree with you. PW himself stated many times when he hit his 40’s he wanted to give up acting and do what he wanted. When you watch his interviews he did try to get the subject off of F&F, and you could see it in his facial expressions when he spoke about marine biology, he dearly loved it. I hope and pray that this accident was truly a hoax and he is alive and well somewhere living his dreams of marine biology.

      • You’re prayers are absolutely answered; he and Rodas are without doubt alive. The crash and the deaths were staged.

      • It would not be good if this was all a hoax and then PW came out and said ”hey guys i was fooling most of you with my death but really i’m alive…how do you think the public are going to react to that ??? i would think Not very well and it would finally damage his career.

        Sorry but the autopsy reports looks very authentic to me, he died in that crash.

        • @Taro, Im sorry but when the name is penciled in on an autopsy report- that is NOT authentic, by any means. PW’s autopsy report also seems to be lacking in information compared to RR’s.

        • I think you missed the point. Paul wouldn’t say anything because he wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore to begin with. As for damaging his career, he had wanted out of it for years, so he wouldn’t care. He gave fans the movies he made and interviews he did and that’s it. Show over.

          • janet yes i knew that, but what i meant was if PW would get found out how long wld it be until someoneexposed him…its very unlikely he would keep in hiding for so long how would he do it?

  48. Wait…the autopsy said paul was wearing a black tshirt and blue jeans…but the final picture of him getting into the car shows black tshirt and black jeans…also in a prior pinterview paul stated he wanted to retire at age 40 in order to spend time with his daughter…strange coincidence

  49. V,Diesel might of been a bully on the film set but that does not mean PW was scared of him there is also a funny vid clip of PW impersonating V.Diesel i’m sure they both felt tension towards each other after spending months together on many film locations and with the same people everyday it must of been getting tiresome.

    But i doubt V.Diesel could make PW stay in the FF contract how was he going to do that? if PW wanted to leave he could of just walked away a long time ago.

    • Things got so bad with VD taking over and demanding, that Paul used to take his legal team to meetings.

    • Paul and Vin were friends from 1998 till the day he died he was also godfather to Vin children. there is a lot of pictures with Paul with Vin oldest daughter Hannah Riley she is 6 years old know she is sitting on Paul lap and in others it is were she is still a baby and Paul also loved Vin mother very much . So all the people please stop speaking bullshit!!!! about Paul and Vin friendship they were not just friends on screen but of screen as well they were brothers friends allies and naughty together they where best friends including Tyrese Ludazris The Rock Dwayne Jonson Michelle and Jordana they were a fast family on screen and of screen so please stop talking bullshit if you don’t know anything personal about one of this persons!!! they are my closet friends so stop talking nonsense please and leave all of them in peace they are still in mourning just like me so leave us all alone please.!!!!!!!! including all of Paul family as well they don’t need this bullshit wright know in their fucking life’s They were going to make the fast franchise till both of them were 50 then they would have retired and started a TV series of the fast franchise that was their plans so stop talking fucking bullshit of all the people and please leave Paul and his family and friends alone leave his memory alone leave him in peace let him rest in peace just leave it a fuck alone !! How do you think his family and friends feel about reading all of this shit on the internet do you think it is cool do put shit like this on the internet with pictures of the car of their dead bodies and video clips of the accident !!!!!!! to see how many viewers you can get on you tube to make all of you popular!! i think all of you people are fucking sick to put this on the internet do you think it is a fucking joke for his family and friends and fans to see this disturbing shit on the internet i don’t
      think so because the truth is you all don’t care and respect his family and friends and fans all over the world i can just say one thing to all of you fucking grow up it is tragedy not a fucking joke it is not a fucking movie it is real life so fucking grow up please and leave all of PAUL FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD A FUCK ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You all say you want to respect Paul memory and you are fans it does not sound like you are fans or want to respect his memory. If you cant respect his memory or his family and friends and fans all over the world leave it a fuck alone don’t say anything just shut the fuck up
      and stay of the internet were his family and friends and fans all over the world can see this shit

      I AM TIRED OFF ALL THE PEOPLE TALKING SHIT ABOUT PAUL HIS FRIENDS AND HIS FAMILY I HAVE BEEN LISTENING AND READING TO THIS SHIT FOR OVER A YEAR KNOW I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT KNOW LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NO PUN INTENDED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT FUCKING FUNNY YOU ALL ARE PISSING ME OF KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. With so many points being discussed for or against the death hoax, I am really on the fence about this. However, if someone from the hoax believers can explain this to me, I think I will be fully convinced and a 100% believer too. The tmz link below shows the moment of impact. You can actually see something/car going fast to its right as if it lost control. Def a movement. If the accident was staged and props were added, would they still have a video of a movement like that?

  51. Sorry about that.. Try this link-

    • all you can see even in the slowed down version is “smoke, a glimpse of something shiney kinda, and more smoke.”

    • This looks like the footage from one of the companies that the police wouldn’t allow them (the company) to release to the public at first (taken from the car park behind the accident). It’s obviously been condensed. What I can’t understand is, why there is smoke/an explosion BEFORE ‘whatever it is – vehicle?’ that comes to a standstill from impact? The speeding ‘vehicle’ doesn’t look red to me, it looks white, and I don’t think that’s because of the speed.

      • I think it wasn’t smoke, it’s probably the mid/dirt from the side embankment when the car supposedly got out of control and went off the road. Again, my assumption! Before they slow it down the impact moment, you can actually see something red amidst the dirt that was disturbed, no?? Just asking!! 🙂

        • Mud*

        • Yeah, maybe it’s mud. I thought of that too.
          Or maybe it’s the fire extinguisher. Someone said before all carrera GT has got a fire extinguisher somewhere inside the car. Maybe, by exploding…

  52. Thanks for this, Dr. K,

    ” He also had mentioned how vi. Diesel had bullied him when it came to the contracts. ”

    Guess PW didn’t have good legal representation, because if he was “bullied” into signing contracts, he never legally agreed to them, and could raise some type of “coercion” argument to nullify them.

    So, what does the punk do? He pulls off this stunt, uses and abuses his many fans, steals donations, illegally cuts up that $ 50 million dollar estate, and is liable in massive lawsuits, and, ans can be criminally prosecuted.

    This guy makes DUMB GREEDY AMERICANS look even worse than they already do ! (( – :

    BTD, et. al.

    • Paul Walker was not greedy. No one knows the whole story to why or if he actually faked his death. Yes, I am questioning this but Show some kind of respect. He’s helped millions of people who are sick and helpless. How could you be so cruel.

      • That’s right Kelis. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Some people on here are just here to discusss and see others genuine disbelief in all of this, but some people are on here and are total nut jobs. Good grief.

    • @CT: Paul wasn’t a punk, far from it. He also wasn’t coerced into signing any contracts, hence his legal team being present at meetings. How can he be liable in massive lawsuits through faking his own death – he didn’t steal anything?…And as for DONATIONS to his charity, that is the peoples choice – I don’t recall ROWW or anyone related to his charities soliciting for money, just because they have recently come to light. Sure, some people might feel cheated for a while, if he suddenly did surface, but again it was their choice to donate and it was for charitable causes, not his own pocket.
      Regarding whether he is still alive or not, if you read both Paul’s and Roger’s autopsies, it would certainly look like he wasn’t dead given the errors in Paul’s A-Report…Roger’s is far more detailed. Paul’s A-Report has a lot of information missing, e.g. – the name change on some documents (Roger’s has a comment and date at the top of at least one paper when he was correctly named from “John Doe”, Paul’s doesn’t); then there is his address, his SSN (last four) and other information in that section which is also missing (Roger’s is complete) – perhaps because of Paul’s celebrity status, but I doubt that because why would they leave off ‘form of identification’ when Roger’s has “Dental Records”…they have already stated they needed his dental records to ID Paul…and – if they did have Paul’s dental records in their possession, they would have known about the obvious crown/cap/implant (don’t know which), that would have prevented them from IDing him as “PROBABLY Paul Walker”. Incompetence or cover up?

      • I agree Motley2014, well said

  53. i think sometimes deep down we sometimes know or have these feelings that are our life on earth is nearing the end but i do have a question if it was actually proven that Paul Walker and Roger Rodas both did actually die in that car crash do those like myself have a responsibility to apologize

    • I dont think you need to apologize because this is how you felt deep down. You should only apologize if you actually hurt the family or criticized the family or paul and roger. You have this feeling in your heart and you shouldn’t feel sorry. But if you are using those feelings to talk against the family or criticize them in a negativeand rude way then yes you should but don’t apologize for having hope or an honest and harmless opinion.

      • i hope my comments don’t in any way come across like i am trying to hurt the families of Paul and Roger because that is something i would hate to do if at any time it appears i am from my heart i am so very sorry my head heart and gut are all telling me the same thing that both men did die but there is also a part off me that has some doubts which i have never had with any other celebrity or anyone’s death maybe when the final report regarding the car and the investigation is complete maybe my doubts will go away

  54. I found this link…it has a few pics of the bodies as they are removing them that I have never seen before. The feet in this one look to be actual feet not a dummy, still I am not 100% either way that he is dead or alive. I actually almost hate admitting after seeing these feet I googled pictures of him on the beach barefoot just to see if the feet “matched” his :/

    • I actually did the same as you did when I saw this a few days ago.. I too have to admit that the skin color does match Paul’s. Deep down my heart is telling me that this accident was real but my head just keeps saying “it doesn’t add up” If this is real, I’m not trying to disrespect Paul but I absolutely hate his friend for this.. Any person should know going over 100 with a car like this, is asking for trouble. Why go 100mph in a car with bad handling and have a notice of stalling before they left?

      • I know and I honestly don’t want to believe he’s dead….just sucks! The foot and the toes seem to match those I found of his. I really was pulling for it all to be a hoax. I’m still confused with the lazy autopsy and the lack of Rogers intact body (or a picture showing two intact bodies). I didn’t believe he was even at the event and maybe the pics they used were old, but I even found pics of him holding the leapfrog sign from the toys donated by them and posing with Roger with it. I also found a pic of Roger driving the car and Paul is in it. Roger has on a black cap and a black shirt. I just don’t still want to believe it since so much of the other stuff doesn’t add up.

    • T yes i had seen those photos on another forum they are the real coroner’s photo;s and just out of curiosity what his the large woman taking the photo’s id name, when you see all the other photos with the limbs you can tell it does not look like its been staged?

      • Taro, I’m not sure of the Coroners name on site. It was listed on a few places I had researched, but I have had no luck finding it again. I will keep looking!

      • Are you talking about the photos on the above link? They’re not the coroner’s photos, they were taken by someone watching the events unfold. What would normally happen so that photos can’t be taken by the public, is the scene would be hidden much sooner than this one was. …Just something else they got wrong, although their actions were probably intentional just to try and prove they were real bodies.

        • Motley, yes those are photos from someone being at the scene watching? i was asking who was the coroner that large woman who was holding the camera in the link above?

    • That foot I see has no shoe, were are the shoes….. burned? Or the coroner took them off….? I don’t think so…..

      • in the report it doesn’t list Paul as having shoes on, it did however say his feet were burned except on a portion of the bottom, BUT the autopsy for Roger claims he had on shoes and gave the color of them. I was lost on that one too.

        • this is so weird….like most of it, in fact…we’ ll see …….

        • T, I looked over those photos again those from wwtdd. Maybe I need some glasses but aren’t there two different crash sites…? I mean the car came to rest on one or two trees…..there is one in some pictures and two in others…I don’t know what to believe anymore

          • I agree at just being confused. I think confusion is the one reason I can’t say for sure he is dead or this is a hoax. I mean the burned body we see as Paul in the pics looks messed up, the foot that is supposed to be Paul’s has no shoe, no sock and they claim his feet were only not burned on the bottom, yet the foot doesn’t look totally burned here, like I see flesh color and at least the first 2-3 toes on the foot. Just so lost 🙁

          • Where in the world do you seen any burns? What about any clothes, per the fake autopsy report? See any?

  55. So…. if his body was so badly charred with his head closer to the flames. How did he still have some hair left on his head? Not to be graphic but That stuck out. He said he couldn’t tell the hair color but still had hair on is head? My friend caught her hair on fire in class before and it burned fairly quick..

    • With the gas tank being behind the driver and passenger seat (as I learned last night when guy posted the diagram of the car and tank location). I don’t know how he had hair on his head or how anything survived, I mean they were pretty much sitting booted up next to the gas tank.

      • You have read all these posts and you still think the accident was real?

        • Honestly I still have no clue what to believe. Part of me wants to believe he isn’t dead, then part of me says he is. I am still just hanging here. I was about 90% convinced he was alive when finding all this out and coming across this page originally. I still say there are a lot of questionable things though. The “burned” body I was referring to, up above (for some reason there is no reply there to let me reply to that comment) is the one in the pics of the “body” from the side and no it doesn’t look charred (black) it’s more of a red flesh colored mess and off of those pics I didn’t believe it was him, but when I saw the foot pics I will say it confused me even more, shouldn’t they be burned more? As far as the clothing they claim he had on or they found I don’t see how they found any. That car was an inferno so I find it hard to believe anything survived. I’m not done researching and looking, I am one of those that want to believe he is alive and not dead, no matter if we ever see him again or know the truth. I have never doubted a death of a celebrity before, I’m not a huge Paul Walker fan (I never disliked him, he was nice to look at even with his not so awesome acting skills, but I watched just b/c he was nice to look at….lol), I think he did great things with his charity, I think he was a pretty decent guy overall so why this person’s death who I don’t know and wasn’t a big big fan of bothers me so bad to want to know the truth, I don’t know. It just doesn’t all mesh right, there are too many what if’s and mess ups by all involved so no I am not believing the accident was real and Paul is dead, but at the same time I don’t know, some things look legit (which if it was planned and someone wanted to get one over on the world….they should look legit for them to be successful at getting one over on us).

      • I just reread the autopsy thoroughly again to make sure I didn’t Make a mistake but no, I didn’t. It says in the comments that he had some of his hair left, most of it was gone. The eye’s are described as cloudy and Then there’s the height change.. He’s supposedly 6’1-6’2.. but in the report they say 5’11. I understand the fire might have changed it by a little but why does the body still weigh the same? you think it would change.

        • The height thing bothers me too. They seem to of gotten Roger’s info right or closer to right than Paul’s.

      • Someone claimed that they saw pictures of RR’s funeral but never was able to prove it with a link. It’s weird but I keep looking at the leg and it seems to be too bent for it to be under the steering wheel like they claimed. It could be just me. I’m sure the seat was messed up with impact

        • Ashley, the day light photo of the crash scene where you see the steering wheel on the car, there seems to be a charred grayish leg, but it was not covered so i’m not sure if this was RR leg but it could possibly be the car seat?

  56. Yes and why wouldn’t T think this was a real accident? those coroner photos look very genuine to most on here.

  57. Has anyone found any info on Roger at all? Like a pic of his body? Full body pics are taken during autopsy so they have to be out there, just not leaked yet maybe? I’m still just so lost since I have yet to see an intact body for him in that car. You would think they would of placed a better body not just parts since they aren’t saying he wasn’t intact, only his skull was open with brain exposed. I mean I haven’t even found info on his funeral or pics from it…some new outlet for sure would of covered that….right?

    • Isn’t there a way to get hold of the autopsy photo’s from the coroner’s office then we could be sure, i know other famous celebs have had their autopsy photos leaked online , i’ve seen M Monroe’s and JFK’S but these were just in B/W photo’s?

      • I think eventually autopsy photos will be leaked, but the thing there is, if the bodies are as messed up as they claim, can we really honestly know that the pics we are seeing is of Paul and Roger’s bodies. That is where they have got us. My husband and I were talking about this the other night. If it was truly something set up to get him in a witness protection plan or help by higher ups, then the bodies they used, were probably someones bodies not dummies. They could of taken pics of the teeth and such so when the records were requested they matched the bodies they claim to be Paul’s and Roger’s. Records can be made to look like what is needed to make it all look legit. Granted no mention of dental records being used in the autopsy. I’m not one that believes even if he is alive that his friends,family and costars were in on it. I think that now a few may know the truth if he isn’t truly dead. I just hate not having 100% proof and no doubt. I think I will always doubt he is dead, but at the same time, sometimes I feel I am holding on to false hope he is alive :/

        • T, yes i mean by all account these bodies were badly deformed but what i do know is you can not readjust a dead body, so with the autopsy photo’s we could still see the way the body had remained when they had died, like the bent arms and legs and what remnants of clothing is seen and compare them with the crash scene photo’s?

  58. So if you look at all the pictures on the website with all the real coroner pictures, there are a few discrepancies. First look at all the pictures that show the charred foot- in one picture his first few toes are skin color and the rest are charred. In another picture all his toes are charred? How is that possible? I am pretty sure it is the same foot. And the if you look at the autopsy report it states that “there is sparing of charring of the feet'” according to the report, his feet were not charred or burned. So I dunno just found that interesting

    This is the complete autopsy for both PW and RR

    • You are totally right about the feet looking different in the different pictures. When I went back over them and made them larger it confused me even more. That was one of the pieces I was going on that it might actually be real, now I am back to the beginning and just not sure what to believe. The Autopsy reports are not done well at all. Rogers is more informative, but I still do not buy that he was in one piece…I need more proof.

    • Wait… those are not two different legs? I thought they were… But maybe not… The leg is moved in a different angle. So it’s hard to tell.. I thought the toes were burned differently in the pictures but now I’m just second guessing myself too much

      • I’m not thinking they are two different feet. We’re they painting them to look burned or what? I guess it could be lighting or shadows…but still confused.

    • Yes, I noticed the charring difference on the foot as well.

  59. However, the autopsy report looks like they contradicted themselves. In one area on page 6 under external exam…it states that there is sparing of charring of both his feet. But on page 14 with the drawing of the body and where all the wounds/burning are described….it says that SOME skin of feet spared from charring…so what are we to believe?

  60. I have a question… I’m confused on this part. Is it actually possible that Paul’s car did a 180 spin before his side was able to hit the tree? In the report the coroner said that the car smashed into Roger’s side first, following a 180 spin hitting into a tree on paul’s side. I keep looking at the scene (in person) and keep thinking “how was that car able to do such a thing?” I don’t know everything about cars, so I would like thoughts on this?

    • You have read all these posts and still think there was a car accident at that site?

      • The pictures of this so called dummies are HARD PROOF THAT UR INFO IS FAKE. Because it’S photoshopped. There is a picture circulating the inet where the police officer stands in exact position but the bodies are covered. So someone is laughing fucking hard right now making all this people believe he is alive! Never ever. Unless paul shows up in front of my door he is alive. And if he is i will donate7 million dollar period

      • No, I don’t truly think it is real but I have that one question I want someone to answer.

        Sarah: That photo of the intact body (Paul’s body) laying down next to the leg? it’s real. It’s from a video.

        • Kay,
          What video? Post it please so people who believe he is dead like me can analyze and compare it.

          • I believe this is the video she is talking about. It’s really quick, but you can see what looks like a body (supposed to be pauls). IT’s from a distance though, but the pic was taken from the video and a picture of is in the actual post. It has exclusive in a red box on the top of it.


          • T,
            Thank you so much. I will analyze and dissect this video then add it to my For or Against” chart 🙂
            btw, how were you able to upload a video or picture? Just wondering because I have a few that I want to post.
            Thanks in advance

          • Larin, no clue how it posted that way. I shocked myself when it showed up. I just pasted the link in the comment section as normal and bam it popped up…lol!


    if you go to that link look closely under the steering wheel you can see what looks like a really burnt leg


      It looks to me that the leg was left there……. same white or yeloow something on the knee…i may be wrong though…

      • No, many people have thought that it was a leg, but it has been confirmed that it’s actually a part of the seat. The yellow is suppose to be the foam after the leather was burned off I believe.

        • kelis, those photos look like a badly burned deformed afm and a charred foot? why would the coroner lift up a part of the foam seat and place it on the stretcher?

          • typo above ”arm

          • I agree it looks like a burned leg, but I have to say I think Kelis is right and it is actually part of the seat. In the pic of it looking like they left the leg, the car is about to get put on the tow truck, so if it was in fact an obvious body part they would of never left it. Now if it was just a piece of a dummy and they had no clue it was then maybe they confused it with a piece of car and left it. I really do think it’s just the seat though. Just having to go by pictures for things really makes it hard to see what is really going on :/

          • That fleshy-appearing burnt component is actually the burnt off seat: correct.

          • Dr k, not sure why a fleshly colored foam seat would be placed on stretcher? that is a deformed arm along side the foot if that is what you are looking at? but in the day light photo of the crash scene where you see the steering wheel on the car, there seems to be a charred grayish leg but i think what people are pointing out here is its part of the car seat?

  62. One thing too that keep me saying hoax is this idiot Jim Torp. How many different stories can one man tell? Who is he? Was he truly at AE the day it all happened? He claims he was with PW’s girlfriend and she passed out once he had to tell her the news. He also claimed Meadow was there and that Jasmine had to tell her the news and take her home and he didn’t know if they had stopped by the accident site before heading home. PW’s FB and Twitter claim he was at the event alone. Jim also claimed to know Paul and Roger. Then he claimed he didn’t know them. Today I found an old article that Torp is claiming his son Brandon was close friends with both Paul and Roger and was there that day. So was Jim there or was his son there or maybe they were both there? I have tried to find info on him and nothing but him being one of the main vocal people for what happened during the accident.

    This line stuck out to me in the article

    In the SCV Signal clip, Jim Torp was asked if he knew any other witnesses to the crash.
    “I know there was a couple that came out of one of these parking lots, a man and his wife, they saw it happen; they have it on videotape that — they thought it was a film being made. They didn’t know it was Paul or Roger; they had no clue. They just saw a very nice car get into an accident and then blow up,” he said, noting that he didn’t know the couple personally.

    Ok so where is this video this couple took? AND unless they were setting up something to look like a film being made why or how would of the couple of been ready with their camera to record something that would of happened so fast no one would of been able to prepare to get it on film on time. Just little odd things like this are the key points to me believe it’s all fake.

    Link to the article

    • T one thing for sure what ever this Jim Torp had said now and previous to the accident should not be taken as the truth? you can see how he’s twisted every detail around with his stories to make it look like he was one of the important witness at the event?

      1. When PW and RR drove off after about 3 mins Torp could hear a big bang and instantly knew there was an accident – how did he know it was RR car did Torp have extra sensory vision?

      2. When his friends drove off to see if the bang was RR car they stopped to see if they could help PW and RR and then phoned Torp with the bad news that it looked bad, while at the same time he was standing with PW girlfriend who he then told she collapsed?

      wow he must of been a very important friend of both PW and RR for him to have known meadow even though on the TV show i saw he went on saying he wasn’t sure who meadow was, but said there was a 13 -14 young girl at the event around, but i can assure you PW twitter page had confirmed he was there ALONE… so there was no Jasmine or meadow at the event?

  63. It seems like the coroner and aids have tried to cover all steps/options in this case – first with the dummy and covering it in fake blood (not knowing this was being recorded) and then with “the foot”, charred more in one photo than another. Understandably, bodies are named John Doe following death when there is no identification on them, and those that remain “unclaimed” (as in a homeless person), will keep that name until the time comes to bury the body. It is these bodies (or just parts of them) that can be used in fake deaths…and what could have happened here. I don’t believe the photographed foot is Paul’s, mainly because the A-Report states, “…both of his feet resting on the passenger floorboard. I was unable to see which direction they were pointing”. …Surely, when the coroner was tagging/removing the body she would have seen the feet and how they came out from the passenger floorboard. …And how would his socks and shoes have come off?… If they were burnt away, then, under that amount of heat, both his feet would have been charred to the max.

    • Motley, you seem to be another small minority here that believes this hoax fantasy? just to list what i have heard so far without laughing a theory that PW and RR went off together and wanted to live in a secluded part of world possibly a jungle ? another here wanted to believe a flesh colored seat was not a body part but instead mistaken for a car seat which the coroner placed on a stretcher?

      • Personally, I wouldn’t class a death hoax as a fantasy. Do I believe Paul died in that crash?…I think it was all too convenient, and with everything that’s followed, there are too many inconsistencies for me to think that he did.

        I’ve read your posts and they seem to say that you believe it was a hoax, but also that you believe it was real (the minority)?

        • Motley, if you read my posts again i was quoting other peoples posts, as i have said i;m not convinced with any of the theories presented on here about this hoax death, there is just not enough reasoning behind why PW would involve RR to do a death hoax? did RR also want to go in hiding for the rest of his life?

        • motley, do you think Taro and T are the same person? I’m starting to get that vibe.

          • Not that what I say matters (since I am one of the ones assumed to be the same as another poster), but I am not Taro…lol!

          • Janet, I hadn’t picked those two names in particular, but there are others I think are just one person, you can tell by the style of writing.

          • Janet and you really motley i’m also getting that vibe from your posts, what a silly thing to say i have no idea who T is? only that we have agreed on some facts but not on everything I’ve noticed you and Dr k hate anyone disagreeing with the fact that this hoax was not real there is something called having different opinions?

          • T, i love it when the one’s who really want this hoax to be real on this
            just hate it when other dividing posters do not agree with

          • All I really want is the truth. I see signs pointing to both sides though. I mean it could of been a freak accident, but just coming off of the “hoax” that came right before his actual death, I’d put money on (if he is dead) someone took him out and Roger just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We really do not know a whole lot about Rodger though. He raced cars, he was a financial advisor to Paul (but is there a company name?) did he assist others or just Paul? He co-owed AE with Paul. Seems he was tied to Paul through all 3 of these things, so maybe he did know of more and was in on more than we know. No true family info, claims his son was there and tried to pull him out (no clue if this is legit or not or one of Torps stories), but no pics of a child in any of the pics (of course doesn’t mean he wasn’t there). If it is a hoax and Paul and Roger are chilling on an island somewhere, it wouldn’t be hard for Roger to come back to the states as someone else. He isn’t as well known as Paul and given a few months no one will be thinking of him at all (most aren’t now). I just keep gong back and forth on it…I am totally lost on what is the “truth”.

          • Taro, I’ve just seen these posts…are you saying that you think I am Janet? Lol!

      • In that picture of the lonely leg near the steering wheel, that car was in the process of being towed. I’m sure that if it was a body part, the man who is chaining up the Carrera, would have spotted the leg while observing the car… or at least the other 10 people who were at the scene before the coroner left…

        • Yes, its just the burned of part of the leather car seat and has become an optical illusion.

  64. Have anyone else noticed the position of Paul’s left leg? I was looking at the picture revealing Paul’s body in the car but to me, it looks like his left leg is off the flooring of the car. It looks like it was slightly bent but mostly straightened out after the body fell backwards.. Is it just me?

    If other people agree, then this would be another mistake done by the coroner.

    • They should have studied those air-filled dapper cadaver dummies more thoroughly before filing the report. Didn’t they shoot photos of the position of those dummies before leaving?

      • Drkresearch,
        Do you honestly believe that an air filled dummy could survive any type of fire and not melt?
        Please come up with another theory because the air filled dummy theory just isn’t making the grade.
        1. Looks nothing like the photos floating around of PW and RR burned no matter how much fake blood you say was drizzled.
        2. Would not have survived a fire without melting or exploding

  65. The PW media team left us amply warned when you examine the timeline *updated* with some pretty crazy stuff that happened on their social feed..I break the timeline down – check it out –

  66. How come the autopsy doesn’t mention the watch he is seen wearing in all the pictures right before the crash? Wouldn’t the watch be part of his possessions??

    • thought the same thing too, but I found pics on of the actual day and event and he wasn’t wearing a watch. Their is a guy beside him with a watch on and it gets in one of the pics making you think it was on Walker (at least it did for me) and then someone added a pic of Paul signing something under the hood of a car and he has a watch on there, BUT it’s not the same day…same shirt or similar shirt but not the same day.

  67. Quoting Motley in his last comment- ‘It seems like the coroner and aids have tried to cover all steps/options in this case – first with the dummy and covering it in fake blood (not knowing this was being recorded)’.. It just made me wonder how in this day and age, they could forte people have smart phones..that people record everything as their first reaction. Maybe they’ll keep this in mind when they plan their next hoax..

    • In their excitement (lol!) they may not have realised they weren’t hidden.

  68. Where does it show they are covering a dummy with fake blood? Just wondering

    • I’ve been told that in some cases coroner’s have been known to use some sort of smelling salts, i imagine after burning flesh there was a strong odour when whey were moving the bodies? so in fact it looks like the coroner is tipping something around the bodies but it does not look like blood to me?

  69. Here is the video with the coroner pouring something on the body once it is on the stretcher….watch closely around 1:50 mark into video

    • MEG, the coroner was putting something in her nose i had explained this in my above post, smelling salts are used in cases of badly burnt victims?

  70. thanks for the link of the video

  71. something else i just realised they put Roger’s height as 46 inches 5’3 however does Roger look that short in any of these pictures

    not completely sure if the guy in the picture below standing next to PW with the sunglasses on and the watch is RR

      • This is the first time I have see the lady in the blue coat, at least I don’t remember seeing her in the video of them removing the bodies). I’ll have to go rewatch it to see. Are there more pictures of her?

        • T, the video when you see the coroner removing the bodies had been edited so much, that lady in blue was edited out of the clips so that’s why we can’t see her in the video? but she looks like the ambulance driver.

          • I went back and watched the video and caught a quick glimpse of her twice. I just missed her the first few times I watched it I guess.

    • Ya know I thought that the guy with the watch beside Paul was Roger and had been Judging by that, that Roger was taller than Paul, but after now looking at other pictures of Roger, i am not sure that is Roger. All the other pictures I find of Roger are right on face forward and this one being from the side I really do not know now. I’m looking for one of Paul and Roger standing together, yet I can’t find one.

      • Are you looking for any picture of Paul and Roger standing together or one from that day? I don’t have the link, but there’s a YouTube video that has pictures of Paul at a different event and in one of them, you can see them standing together. I never bothered to look at their height difference though.

        • Just a pic of them together. There is one pic from the event, where I think it’s Paul and Roger, but I cannot be 100% sure it is Roger. Once I really looked at the guy his facial features look different than the other pics I have seen of him. A pic from their racing days would be great since we could verify it is both of them. I’ll keep looking. I just haven’t had any luck :/

    • sorry i made a mistake with the height it was 63 inches not 46 inches

    •×450.jpg Here is a picture of Roger without a hat on. He is partially bald/have that same hair cut? I think it fits the guy standing next to paul with sun glasses.

  72. I’m not saying, I believe or don’t believe but their are some things that are strange to me.
    1. Where are PW’s shoes? Did they burn?
    2. How did the license plate get under the hood?
    3. If the car did a 180 degree turn, wouldn’t there be tire marks from the car? Because supposedly the tire marks at the scene were from smaller tires.
    5. The report states that PW’s back and butt were spared from charring, it’s strange to me that he didn’t have any identification on him.

    • Hey, guys, this is a hoax. Can’t be something else: the clothes described in the autopsy aren’t the same as that one of Paul Walker.
      And RR’s body is seirously missing…
      Was his head sent to a building too, like a part of the car?

      • Never seeing Rogers body is what keeps me leaning toward hoax too! I keep saying his body had to be in pieces, there was nothing left of his side of the car (at least the whole back half was on “Paul’s side”). Yet they want us to believe he was just laying out there the same direction as Paul’s body? Wouldn’t we of see him then?

      • I saw the comment that Torp mentioned pieces of the car flying up to the roof of a building… I don’t see anything flying around in the videos of the crash. You can see the pole and trees come down but nothing else is “flying” anywhere..

        • Torp is a pathological liar.

        • SHAYNE actually if you look very closely on that video there is a part from the car that fly’s of into the top window of the building, i didn’t know that jim torp had said that i heard it from another news reporter?

        • response to SHAYNE, can you up load the video that you are seeing please, i did see something fly off from the crash, the object was very small to see possibly a head light or something that size but i definitely saw something go into the building?

  73. I have a question- is it normal to keep bodies on the scene of accident for that long? I mean California is relatively a warm place and to top that, those bodies were burnt- wouldn’t the bodies (if real) start smelling bad?? I have seen accidents on highways where the first thing an emergency crew does is take the injured away or if incase there were fatalities, take the bodies away- for obvious reasons.. We as humans are very curious and yes traffic does slow down to see what happened- people gather around to get details. In this case, you can see once the accident became known, there were people around the yellow tape and once it got dark, you can see news channel people and locals around the area. Why keep the bodies if it was all fake and why even if it all was real??

    • Some people are saying that they were waiting for the coroners to get there but it’s not normal for them to leave bodies there. It was strange to me. It almost looks like they wanted to show the bodies because they kept them well covered til at the end. Why didn’t they move the trucks closer together instead of leaving a big gap open? I know they put the tarp across but they didn’t cover much of the open space. They folded the tarp up… why not just cover the whole area?

      • During that ‘show time’ of the fake bodies you can hear the rapid-fire clicking of multiple cameras firing off in the background as well as a child’s voice: there were a number of photographers brought to this scene, and that isn’t normal.

        • Totally agree there were tons of cameras going off like they knew it was time to take pictures. And who brings a child to a crash site like that, I mean seriously if it was real I wouldn’t want my young kids looking at it, especially once they “revealed” the body(ies).

  74. was just thinking… Where is Walker’s engagement ring? Surely it wouldn’t have burned off of his finger? it was not mentioned… I know it seems small.. but he was wearing it.

    • It’s just another observation that the autopsy was created as in fairy tale-land and that the LA County Coroner’s office was in on the scam.

      • Sorry but i disagree, nothing on that video looks like its being staged…

        A Coroner’s tipping fake blood onto burnt victims does not make sense? if they were trying to make the fake bodies look more realistic then trying to show lots of blood would not fit into a real description of 4 degree burnt victim, it would be totally charred black not red?

    • SHAYNE, paul wasn’t in engaged to anyone at the time there had been some news reports of this Jasmine but paul ended that back in 2011 and were just friends? in the last ever reported interview of him on his last film Hours he said he was happy being single and wanted to spend more time with his daughter, but no mention of anyone special in his life and as far as i could see he wasn’t wearing a ring?

      • I’ve seen so many articles saying “Paul’s girlfriend” that I thought they were still engaged. A lot of people were saying he was engaged but I did see that interview you mentioned. Its so hard trying to figure out what is a lie and what is true.

    • i agree with Taro Paul wasn’t wearing a ring or did you mean Roger Roger wedding ring it may have melted in the fire

    • Shayne,
      Why would PW be wearing an engagement ring? It is customary for the female to wear an engagement ring, not the male. Just sayin

      • Larin N, it is also customary to show each other’s commitment by sharing a ring on both fingers why just the female? there had been recent interviews where PW had stated he was single and happy and just wanted to spend time with his daughter?

        • Taro

          Thank you for clarifying that for me. I just never have actually seen a man wearing an engagement ring.

          But he did say he was single and happy, so why would he still be wearing this ring?

  75. Oh deary deary me! I really pity any of you for believing this nonsense…. photoshopped fake photo’s of wreckage with a dead body popped into it, & stills of peoples facial epressions during a grimace or other form made to look like a smile or a smirk, REALLY people?? Come on see through this… inexperience & uneducation in handling any paperwork from Coroner report & Prelim paperwork that had yet to be typed up officially, lack of information from the police department’s investigation. The list is endless & any educated human being can see through all this poor attempt at claiming a fake death. Why have you done it? I mean, REALLY why? May I suggest if you have such a keen interest in death, forensics , autopsy, crime scenes etc that you do go back to University for many years to get an Education + some ‘proper’ knowledge of these areas & then maybe, just maybe you will look back on this whimsical farce you started & realise how ludicrous & utterly wrong you were. Paul Walker is dead…..FACT!!!

    • Paul Walker is dead…..FACT!!! yes very true and very tragic as well

    • BECKSTER123,

      This is a tasteless attempt to go mainstream. You can tell that by the page with the title that has the comment about insensitive in the title.

      The funny thing is I instructed the people on almost every page on how the photoshopping was pulled off and my evidence for the photoshopping supposedly went mainstream and picked up by mainstream news journals AND is all over the internet. This is almost word for word what drkresearch stated to me. He called my instruction “disinfo”.

      I have not found evidence myself but another poster on this page did state that a photo with the image in question is mainstream
      With your education and background, I would LOVE for you to analyze some photos that were sent to me to analyze,

      my email addy is:

      BTW, I am a professional photographer so I can spot a badly photoshopped photo from a mile away 😉

      • Larin, I had heard that there is a picture that shows the same set up but without the body(ies) is that what you are referring to? (Although I think that pic was taken from a video, but I guess people with true talent could add anything in) I had also thought that the License plate was photoshopped in under the hood of the car…it just doesn’t make sense it would land that way and the hood was down on the originally….right…I may need to recheck that though. Not to mention that there is only one photo that shows the license plate that way the rest of the pictures do not show it under the hood. It’s just so hard to believe anything you see or hear these days on the internet. I’m still thinking he is dead, BUT there is that part of me that wants him to be alive :/

        • T,
          This is the link to my blog in which I dissected the photo that shows Mario Man and the Pyro-Tech. It was photoshopped. I found the original DailyMail photo which this site put up as proof of this hoax. I was told that my analysis went mainstream and was picked up by mainstream news sources. I only found 2 sources regarding my instruction of Photoshop. But here is the link with side by side pictures so you can decide :):

          Sorry, I do not know how to put a clickable link in lol.

          I did see the photo without the bodies. It was taken after the bodies were removed. If you do a side by side comparison, you will find:
          1. The fire truck is gone
          2. A rope has been left on the sidewalk in front of where the bodies were
          3. The coloring is different. Since the fire truck is no longer next to the car and bodies, it cannot “throw” the red tinge over the scene. This photo has more of a yellow/green tinge to it.
          4. This photo is sharper and clearer than the photo showing the bodies.

          This is just a few inconsisitencies that I found upon first inspection. I have that photo in my bin to thoroughly analyze.

          As for the license plate under the hood.

          Upon first inspection, it appears to me to be photoshopped in. This is also in my bin to analyze, so when I get the chance….I will look at it. I have a great many people sending me their photos for me to analyze. While I do thank you for these, I am not ignoring you….I just need the time to really analyze them. I am getting upwards of 15 a day. I know that doesn’t seem much but when I have to print them out and use my loop to look at them and then compare the printed photo to the one on my screen, it gets tedious. I promise I am NOT ignoring those sending me photos, I just need the time to analyze them. 🙂

          Here is my email addy T and whoever would like to send me photos to analyze:

          Thanks in advance

          • Thank you Larin for doing this for us. I know I really appreciate it and I am sure plenty of others do also. I will check out your blog!

          • Larin, re “Sorry, I do not know how to put a clickable link in lol.” didn’t you say you were a web page programmer/IT specialist in one post?

            Also I clicked on the link and can only see a photo of the scene with a photo of you next to it saying something about your next book. I also clicked on the actual photos and got the same thing. Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps it’s because I’m using a tablet.

          • Motley2014,

            This is the 12th time that I have noticed you stalking me just to argue.

            No I am not a programmer / IT person. I am a forensic photographer and I am a professional photographer.

            No I do NOT believe he is alive. So what?

          • You’re nuts. ….As pointed out by another commentor on this site. I read through comments and respond accordingly. And I sometimes revisit pages to see if there any updated comments. …Not that I should have to explain myself to you.

          • Motley2014,

            Why can you not skip over my comments instead of being an ass? I have never seen any comment anywhere here stating that I am nuts. I have only noticed you trying to fight with me on EVERY comment that I had made.

            For the most part, I have skipped over your nasty comments and posts. But I did notice that on the “is this pw?” Page, you were called rude. So, please leave me the hell alone!

            Have a nice day

      • easy on the CAPS…buddy…;)

      • paul walker is not dead,it was another zioniist,devilwhoreship-fake sacrifice-psy-op-media-mindfuck-HOAX!(look by the way at paul walker: FATHER/DADDY his face….HE LOOKS VERY EVIL-he is a freemason-zionist!)100%!!!

    • Lol! It might be a good idea for you to check what the coroner’s office put out as FINAL reports, not prelims, as you state, and then decide whether you want to retract part of your comment.

  76. Does anyone question the comment “The Porsche hit on the driver’s side continued with a 180 spin before crashing on the passengers side when hitting the second tree” I keep looking at the scene and I googled it a few times. Those trees and pole are so close. In the video of the trees and pole falling. It doesn’t look like the car had enough time to spin around that much before coming to a halt.

    • I question it too. I honestly think the way that car is messed up in the back it looks like something blew up. The fact the front of the car (the hood especially) lacks damage is just not right. I’m no expert on this stuff by any means but I have see other high speed accidents and the cars look nothing like this one. Things just do not add up with this whole thing.

    • That is actually a good point, that is to analyze the laws of physics. The F&F and/or NBC Universal crew was right there and felled the lamp pole and trees. That is the only explanation for what is seen.

    • Anyone else find it odd that Peoples Choice awards were on the other night and not one mention of Paul at all? I thought for sure they would at least have a RIP Paul Walker at the end or something, but not one word about him. Same thing with popular talk show or TV shows. Ellen mainly I was surprised no mention of him passing, she usually mentions people and their passing. Is there like a gag on speaking his name or something? Did the PCA want to do something, but Universal said no or did they not even think about it?

      Vin also keeps getting to me. He has made a lot of post about Paul and how he and Vin were close. Calling him his brother and making a video tribute to him. I don’t know if this is true sentiment from Vin, an act or if he’s trying to boost himself in to the limelight. I had always heard there was tension between Vin and Paul, maybe that wasn’t true.

      • I saw that… I thought The awards would mention him since his sudden “death” made a huge impact on so many people, not to mention the media going crazy over it. The only time I heard Ellen talk about paul’s death was when she announced that JC Penney donated money to ROWW. That’s about it though..

        • Thanks for the info Kay. I must of missed her saying that. Makes me feel a little bit better. Maybe I am expecting too much….lol! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Oscars do anything.

          • T..dont share this but fast n furious is concerting this!!! pauls alive and only gas grazed knees a d pelvic probs…he wasnt in car , only rodas to do a drift from xacy point they died. its all to do with money…u see the pyrotechnitions on site? if u got good software then play the ‘omg clip but concentrate on the reflections on the window of premisus on that day …the omg one where white smoke(leaves) but try using effects to en large and clean up refection of crash so we definately in know …any cars near?how fast
            please loo into this !!!! divmilan x


    • I noticed how close the trees are when I found a video of the crash (I believe it was the day after the crash) I too, questioned it.. My mom seems to think it’s possible but by looking at the scene, I can’t imagine that car had enough time to spin like that. I’ve seen a few people asking these same questions, glad I’m not the only one confused by this

      • Not only that, how was that car stopped in its tracks by a puny tree? It should have knocked down a little tree like that and carreered down the embankment and into the car park, given the damage done to it.

        • There would have absolutely have been damage on the bark of that tree from a car going 30 mpg, let alone 100 to 150 mpgh. There is no such damage.

          • No way a car could move alone. How can you explin tow dummies driving?

  77. I just tried to post a video I guess it didn’t work,sorry

  78. For those who keep asking which body is in the car on the site. I am pretty sure that it is roger that is in the picture and not paul. because paul is getting in on the passenger side. He might have been removed before the picture was taken. People keep saying that the body in the picture is paul and that they can’t find roger. I’m pretty that is because the person in the chair is roger and paul was removed. I’m not saying he is dead or alive just saying a statement. But in my heart all I can do is hope and pray that if he is alive that he is okay and that if he is dead I pray to god that I am happy he is in a better place. To be honest acting was never his dream. He even stated that in an interview that acting found him and that it wasn’t a choice. He needed the money for school and his daughter. And acting was a fast way to get it. I’m not even sure he even wanted to make another fast and furious because when he found out they were making another one, he kind of sighed and said “I wish they could have asked me first before deciding to make one” I’m sure he liked the people he met but deep down he just wanted to support his family, daughter, and other people around the world and even animals. Dead or alive I love him either way and if he is alive I welcome him back with open arms and I wouldn’t be mad at him at all.

  79. Why can’t I see any of these pictures?

    • Good point..Maybe DrK can enlighten us..

  80. Ok I’m so nervous to even say a word in fear that I may jinx it or be wrong haha but I think I figured it all out!!! I put a few things together and I think everything makes sense and is possible., I saw an interview that paul did before he died talking about if fast 7 tanked there is for sure an 8 to come and there is talk about 9, 10 and more. He’ll be in his 50′s he said. In another tmz interview, again before he died he was talking about all the fasts that are being talked about to come out and how he would be using a walking in them. Vin told everyone there was more to come in a London interview too. So I think the crash was probably planned for awhile. Isn’t it weird The only leak of the movie is Luda asking Paul to promise no more death? How about vin’a fb posts? Calling Paul brain and saying things like he is talking to Paul himself? His cheesy what the hell was the point speech at the crash site? Sry I’m gonna end up getting off track and I’m already losing my train of thought lol. I just feel like I had a break through and want to get this out there just in case. Feel free to add ur own ideas and clean this up. Anyways….I think fast 7 is complete, I think they are working on 8 as we speak if not already close to done. I think with the new director they thought they needed to go big or go home, as Paul has been know to say!!! What’s bigger then faking one of the main characters death in real life to get big movie buzz!? I think they are gonna make it look like brain dies in fast 7 and probably at the end of 7 will be the beginning of 8 and it will be of brain coming back. I think they told us they wouldn’t kill brain off so no one wouldnt be upset and feel they were being disrespectful to Paul’s memory and come watch but they are gonna kill him off. Think about it….it’s genius really! They might even use the crash in fast 8 somehow. Think about it….that’s why only ppl from the movie showed up at the crash site and no one: friends, family, movie cast were shown crying. That’s why none of this has made sense from day one and why there was so many answer less questions too. Does anyone else feel like everyone involved in this was giving hints to this being a hoax from the start? Like all the answers have been under our noses the whole time? Idk maybe I’m crazy maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe the idea of him being gone has finally caught up to me and I’m about to have a break down lol. Maybe I’ve jinxed it all and it won’t happen and I’ll feel like I should have kept my mouth shut. Or maybe I really have figured something out!? I guess time will tell. If the movie comes out this yr. like it was suppose to then I know for sure I’m onto something. Or for whatever reason they bring Paul back at the mtv movie awards….why else would they nominate a dead guy for an award?? Ok I’m grasping straws with that one maybe lol. I’m ready for this all to be done. Ready for hard proof one way or another.

    • Cool post, but provide a link please to the statement you made in the early part of what you wrote. They may have been leading us down this road to make it more mysterious or confusing…to make the movie coming out even more affective. Even if 1/3 of people never heard the name PW, they now have…hence the news about the toxicology results negative and speed killing them both.

      • I must be brain dead or something cus I don’t know how to link stuff sry. But the website is called The article is called Paul Walker talks HOURS, aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the fast and furious franchise, working…. This is where he talks about if 7 tanks. I took this quote from vin says “I don’t want to go too far ahead. I found myself talking about ‘8’ yesterday and I had to stop myself,” Diesel told MTV News, adding, “I will say that ‘7’ is a reset.”
        Paul Walker piped up, “His ability to manifest stuff is like nobody else in the business, I’m going to tell you, and I’ve been a part of that for 10 plus years. Who is this guy, Nostradamus? It’s pretty impressive, that’s for sure.”
        It sounds like the greater plan is for a third trilogy to continue the storyline of “Fast & Furious 7,” which is due in theaters on July 11, 2014. Diesel said that looking at the series in sets of three has helped them better develop its story. Then on he says “‘7’ is the beginning of the next trilogy in the thought-out story,” Diesel contends, noting that the first six films form two distinct trilogies. “The three stories of 7, 8 and 9 are mapped out in a structure, even if they’re not signed off on,” he continues. “The direction of 7, 8 and 9 is clear.”

        Ooo did I just link somehow lol? There was a live interview I watched on YouTube where he talks about 10 but I can’t find it sry. Hope this helps. Now we all need to figure out what the hell this is all about

        NODISINFO paul-walker-arsonist-moles-detected article today, I immediately noticed that the photos were so different from what I saw earlier of the crashed car. To make the comparison, it may be easier to open each page in its own window. There are 2 different cars for sure. The photos as I have posted them in this comment are huge.

        Here is what I noticed: There is no water around the car (which looks to me as if were pieces of a car just dumped there). I see water flowing in the the street, but no water under the car. How do you spray water on a car with a fire hose, yet leave ground completely dry. In some photos there is a fire extinguisher against the curb, others don’t have the fire extinguisher. Some photos have melted tires, some don’t. Some photos are of the car hood down flat with a hole burned in it, other have a complete car hood opened up to a 45 degree angle. The leaves on the tree the car allegedly hit are not singed or burned, impossible if it were the alleged “fiery explosion.”


        In paul-walker-hoax I found different backgrounds. 3 like photos have 2 tree trunks at the tree trunk position, one brown, one white–where the pile of car pieces were dumped. These same 3 backgrounds have a horizontal white fence-like structure camera left through camera center. Note: a white truck is parked behind the “crash scene.” The unburned car hood is “UP” at a 45 degree angle.

  81. Interesting NEWS on radio today saying that Paul and Roger were in the car speeding at 93 miles an hour, and that speed was the factor which killed them both. Also, that their toxicology results were negative….wonder what the hell provoked the media to distribute that “info” to all us?

  82. I should be studying, but so many things on my mind, for example, believe that all e have seen the imgen controversial “body of Paul Walker” lying on the floor, no legs, and I think that if indeed the that body not else was unrecognizable and that image is that it is assumed that Paul’s body was day and e have seen photos of the bodies in the car was night and seguien bodies in the car. is not, in my opinion is all very strange, I hope all is discovered soon. Greetings and sorry for writing as I am from Spain

  83. When he sit in the car he had black shirt but when his friend take him out of the car he had white shirt

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