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Paul Walker’s Home Stripped Before Estate Settlement

Regarding the reported death of actor and movie star Paul Walker there is no hard evidence that the claim of such a death is true. Rather, there is a plethora of evidence against any such claim.

Regarding any actual grieving there is none, not by his mother, father, brothers, friends, co-stars, or anyone else, that is other than his devoted fans.

Too, there could be no greater suspicion of the hoax than the behavior that surrounds his estate. This is in regard to the sudden and unexplainable removal of his personal effects less than five days after the event (it can’t be said death, since there is no evidence of his fatality).

For such a high profile individual and considering the shock element of such a sudden death the behavior of brother Cody is hardly explainable, especially considering the types of goods he is removing.

The papers and documents would surely serve him no good if he were reacting to a will. Those would only be of value to the owner himself, Paul Walker.

Brother Cody was photographed outside Paul’s home loading up an entire car full of his brother’s belongings. The load that he made would seemingly confirm that Mr. Walker is alive and well. The items loaded into the hatchback included a surf board, a rifle/shotgun, and several boxes.

The effort was a solo mission by his brother to procure essentials, including various papers/documents.


Shotgun seen, here; surfboard already packed. Where is Mr. Walker now? It would be easier on him if he just surfaced, admitted to the scam, and, then, went on with this life. He was going to end his career regardless. Surely, he can’t remain in hiding forever.


There is no possible way these actions make sense with a real killing. Why is a lone family member suddenly acting as an agent to remove, haphazardly and randomly, the deceased person effects. A shotgun, personal papers, and a surfboard? Who would believe this is a mere coincidence?

The DailyMail said that Cody Walker was distraught from dealing with this agonizing effort. So distraught was he that a good Samaritan gave him a hug. He needed it.


He’s actually studying his text messages. He is seemingly pleased with the results? Or, is it that he has found Mr. Walker well-pleased after receiving his return text. Distraught, anyone?


More fake hugging, this time by Mr. Walker’s sister-in-law with an unknown man.

The real and, in fact only grief seems to be endured by the fans. Plus, many of them have spent their hard-earned money on memorials, candles, flowers, flower arrangements, cards, tokens, gasoline and more: all a wretched, though well-intentioned waste.


His mother seems to be in a happier condition than any of his fans. Surely, she’s not going to get filled with remorse and all the stress that this causes the nervous system over this:

Not a word from the mother about any of this. Not an interview, and surely not even a tear.

Pops has no real concern about grief and, rather, seems to be elated and the prospects resulting from the fake death::


Is he equally happy now that the hoax has been revealed and on an international scale?


A feeble attempt is being made by the family to counter these so-called rumors: very feeble. Yet, incredibly, no one in the family is attempting to refute the findings that the death was faked.

Paul Walker’s tragic death has ripped many hearts, but the rumors that the “Fast & Furious” star faked his death have troubled more. The late actor’s brother Cody Walker responded to the insensitive fake death news as “disrespectful“. In his exact words:

“So Disrespectful. This media is so cruel. Please Let My Brother Rest In Peace.”

Apparently, is now the media. Let that rest the minds the minds of those who truly seek the truth in peace.


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  2. I already knew about this, Paul is alive cody was texting him. He faked his death, sick bastard.

    • He is not a sick bastard. How dare you call him that

    • Your sick for even believing this bulls**t, let the man rest in peace

    • I know I am replying much later than needed but all of you idiots need to eat your words now because Paul would never fake his death and his family dealt with it in the only way they knew how!!!

  3. Check out this crazy video which shows the carrera gt in PERFECT CONDITION

    • Also the plates of this car are different in this video just 10 months ago in the AE performance shop… Why are the plates different????

      • I wonder if u log onto the California DMV and type in the plate # if it will tell you who it’s registered to? Same for the one that crashed imagine if they r both registered to roger rodas or to ae , def strange I read on the YouTube comment it said the video was when it got delivered but it wouldn’t be delivered with the previous owners liscence plate, the previous person would have removed that prior to sending it off to the new owner.

    • This video was before the accident but I also know this is the car that Paul Walker died in. I remember seeing a picture of his garage on NOV 30th, the day of the event that showed the Carrera backed up. Right before they showed Roger leaving the garage in it. I’ll have to find that picture again.

  4. And it’s def at always evolving if you watch when the cars pull out you can see the ae logo on the huge trailer to the left. And that Porsche is supposed to be super rare I doubt he bought 2

    • Kat im curious about your comment, im confused but would like to know wat u mean? Im really starting to think 100 percent hes alive. Also, that is weird about the removal of items. Also, if you notice the car it lookd like the one Jasmine was in when she stopped at his house. Could they be using Paulls own car to transfer things to his house?? Weirddddddd

      • I meant to transfer things to his new home*

  5. Salut les gars ! étant un grand fan de sport mécanique je me pose encore des questions sur la perte de control de la Porsche ce qui pour moi reste très mystérieux…
    Que c’est t’il vraiment passé était t’il a 170kmh voir plus vite ?
    Vu les dégâts de la Porsche et l’incendie qui a suivi, je pense que la vitesse était bien plus…
    je suis encore choqué des images et vidéo qui circule sur le net du drame
    Mais des doutes persiste sur les raisons de cette perte de control
    J’ai donc cherché a comprendre et par commencer a trouver le lieu exacte avec une vu satellite de la route emprunté par la Porsche et j’ai trouvé avec beaucoup de malle … Voici le lien et lieu de l’accident :
    Première chose qui ma surpris c’est la route qu’ils sont emprunté ressemble plus a un circuit ou tu retourne sur tes pas que de te rendre dans un lieu.
    Surtout a entendre les riverains qui dise qu’il a rien fait pour eux et que pour cette raison ils veulent pas que la rue porte leurs non en hommage a Paul Walker & Roger Roda qui pour ma part est honteux …
    On peut voir avec une vu aérienne que sa tourne en rond
    Pourquoi était t’il dans cette rue ?
    Une route qui ne mène nulle part juste a te refaire revenir sur tes pas … Mystérieux
    Peut être pas … Et si ils était invité a un rodéo “une course” ?
    Revenons sur les raison de la perte de control nous voila dans la courbe avant le crash on peut voir qu’elle nais pas très serré je ne pense pas qu’une Porsche de se standing perde le grip a 170klm/h ! allons soyons sérieux…
    je dirai plutôt que quelque chose est venu perturbé cette chevauché en voiture a une vitesse élevé vous pouvez voir que juste avant l’impact une sortie de parking.
    Et si il y avait quelque chose qui est sortie de la et qui a traversé la route pour tourner a gauche ils serai donc possible que le conducteur de la Porsche venant très vite sois surpris de voir quelque chose devant lui qui traverse la route et pour l’évité et par reflex donne un coup de volant a droit qui l’envois contre le poteau et après dans l’arbre pour finir sa course avec les conséquences dramatique qui vont suivre …
    On ne sera peut être jamais, mais sa demande réflexion
    Pour en s’avoir plus sur pourquoi il pouvais se trouver sur cette route j’ai continue a chercher des indice pour m’éclairer un peut, je suis donc allez sur le virage très serré qui arrivais a eux et la je tombe sur un indice qui m’ intrigue beaucoup et confirme un peut plus la possibilité d’une route faite pour les amoureux de vitesse et de sensation forte
    Si vous regardez bien dans le virage plusieurs trace de pneus “Chleff” en cercle se qui est courant dans les rodéo de voiture.
    Vous pouvez donc voir aussi que la carte satellite a été prise avant l’accident et que se lieu est certainement un lieu de rassemblement pour faire des courses
    Participai a un rodéo et serai la raison de voir sur cette route des amis et fan et des proche de Paul Walker & Roger Roda dont le fils de se dernier qui essaye de les sauver des flammes . On peut voir également des voitures de sport au tour qui film cette scène de l’accident.
    Je conclu mon raisonnement qui me parais quand même plus réaliste qu’un complot
    Après chacun peut essayer de comprendre se qui c’est passé vraiment seul dieux la connais la vérité …
    Reposé en paix et merci pour tout se que vous avez apporté avec votre aide aux sinistrée on ne vous oublieras jamais ” Paul Walker & Roger Roda R.I.P” les bon nous quitte toujours en premier c’est vraiment injuste

  6. Where did that Cody Walker quote come from? I suspect it was from one of the many fake Facebook accounts in his name. If it’s the same as it is written here, then it was written by someone who can’t write properly…and I doubt that is Cody. Besides, Cody’s social media sites aren’t ‘public’.

  7. Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! says actors crash their expensive cars on purpose to get more money or more attention on a topic

  8. Yeah, I wonder who can text me?

  9. Yes this is definitely from the always evolving center look at the end of the vid and see the last man walking by with the red and white sneakers, that is the same guy that was trying to help PW and Roger from the crash but he;s wearing glasses in this vid.

    Sorry i but don’t think any of this can be a hoax that vid was made several months prior to PW accident and the same people are still working there who are shown in the vid?

  10. in ny you can log onto the department of motor vehicles and enter in a liscence plate # and it will show you who the car is registered to I did this a couple years ago when a car hit my car while it was parked and I saw the car hit mine and drive off, I wonder if in California you can check the plates on the website as well. and @taro I know the video is from 10 months before but I was stating that the fact that it had a different plat 10 months ago was strange why would roger rodas need a new plate # in such a short period of time, someone said that the plate was old and belonged to the previous owner which is ridiculous and makes no sense no one is goin to sell an exspensive car and leave their old plate on the car, it just doesn’t blow over with me. That plate if it did belong to the previous owner would have been removed prior to the car being shipped off to its new owner.

    • If you look at the video above, you can see on the license plate the letters DLR- That means DEALER plate, the plate was there from the dealer they bought the car from, thats why that plate WAS on the car when they first got it, and why it wasnt at the time of the “crash”.

      • happy traills yes your right the vid shown above is the dealer’s plate but no one really knows how long it was before PW and roger decided to replace it with the new plate? its so creepy to think that this car shown in the vid is the actual car PW and roger had died in.

  11. kat i would think PW and Roger had probably replaced the old plate with the new plate just before the crash had happened, what i;m pointing out is the same guy in that vid above was on the news report saying he had tried to save PW and roger in the crash, many people here were saying all this was a set up but that person was obviously working at the performance shop so he couldn’t of been a staged person?

  12. There is also the behaviors of the cast & people even went as far as to truck in the cars from the F&F movies to the site? Now, I have lost people close to me – and the timeframe in which Cody was seen loading his effects really isn’t unusual. Normally after the will is read, the items are given to the people they belong to, so that one is a bit weak…
    Still – I think its plausible….maybe.

  13. Cody could of been picking up his own possessions from PW house i would think Cody had spent time at that house? its funny how everyone assumes something isn’t right with Cody going to the house… how about his family didn’t want to leave personal items of PW hanging around the house and wanted to get them for safe keeping?

    • Is your purpose, here, to add to the disinformation? Are you a troll?

      • drkesarch are you refereeing to me? no not a troll but i’m sorry your hoax death needs to be highlighted with some other logical sense other then just assuming a fake death with some blurred photo;s? a car that had a different number plate after the crash? and according by this site a fake coroner that investigated the crash, even though that person’s name has now been confirmed with the LA deputy coroner’s office?

  14. If it was a staged death, I think paul walker would take his personal items long before the hoax. What can be the logic in this? Yes I was also surprised about grieving way of family until one of poster told me that it is normal to attend funerals with make up, with done hair in usa. In our culture it is not possible I don’t know what to say, can grieving also differ between countries?

    • Well to be honest Paul Walker was all about survival. In all honesty he is gone. If he were alive he would have come out by now. Gees have respect for his family.

    • Nvn..loll omg still you are surprised about the funeral attire? They look PRESENTABLE you ignorant twat

  15. Naaa i like reading your blogs but this man is dead!! 😛

    there is no reason to hoax this, the only reason that could be is if he did it himself like pac to leave hollywood and its bosses

  16. neither Paul or Roger faked their deaths both men did actually die the picture of Cody i zoomed in on it i don’t see a phone in his hand i see what looks like a piece off paper just because you haven’t seen pictures off his family breaking down crying in public don’t mean they ain’t grieving everyone has their own way off grieving but i can honestly say after seeing some off Paul Walkers family and friends real facebook pages they are without a doubt are actually grieving and they are missing him

    • Well said, there is no proof on this site to say they faked their deaths, they need to stop all this now and let the family get on with their lives!

      • I think after the release of the autopsy report – we could all just leave this alone? I retract my previous posts and suggest we all do the same…fair?

        • You are placing this same post anywhere there is a PW post. You actually ask people to retract their posts? What is your purpose, here? Do you personally know Mr. Walker. If so, where is he? Essentially, you are spamming the site, so much of these are being deleted.

          • I don’t know paul – but if you really are a “writer” – I think there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to think for themselves? I mean no “spam” and if you feel the need to delete things so people can’t think for themselves – then by all means. However, Im not saying retract their posts…just maybe think a little differently? If you even took the time to read what I wrote, you would see that I too – believed it at one time. Come on – be a pro and remain unbiased. Only crap sites delete info from their users….

        • You said it :

          “I retract my previous posts and suggest we all do the same…fair?”

          You’re right, we can think for ourselves, so don’t try to ” suggest” us to retract our posts. If people want to, that’s their choice. We’re not your children….

  17. I applaud NoDisinfo for a job well done in exposing these hoaxes!

    • Loosers !! Rip PW

    • Harriet, i have read and seen every photo and theory explained on this site but i still do not think this was a hoax death? you need to look back over PW career to see if it would been
      something that make him create a hoax death for a very good reason and then get everyone who he knew to pretend that he was dead?

      I really do not see why PW would go to such lengths to do this when many of his fans and friends where saddened about this accident? how would PW feel if he was to be exposed to the world that he was lying to everyone, i just can’t see anyone hiding from the world just because he wanted to leave Hollywood and spend time with his daughter?

      Anyway there is also enough proof that he did die its just that people on this site do not want to believe it, even though i have pointed out that many of the staged people were in fact genuine employees of both men? the coroner’s ID has also been confirmed with the LA department.

  18. That coroner in the picture at Paul Walker..Roger Rodas death scene is the same coroner who was seen at the Sandy Hook staged scenes on the East coast and also he is the same so called “coroner” that was seen at the Batman staged death hoaxes in Colorado. also, the lawyer who represented the “this red haired killer in the Colorado debacle in 2012, was also portrayed as one of the so-called parents in Sandy Hook last December of 2012.
    As Morpheus told Neo in the hit movie Matrix..’wake up at the world around you(paraphrased)it is not the world you think it to be’. Also, people need to view the old 1920’s movie called “Metropolis” which discussed Hollywood’s need for a place for elite actors and actresses to go if they wanted to retire or pay off their debts without being sacrificed..and where millions would be made after they left the physical “stage’ to help pay off their debts.. It is the power of Metaphysics with the Sensationalism of Hollywood which sadly most people cannot come to understand because of paranoia and fear in their way. People do need to wake up and smell the “coffee” if they want to survive 2014 and Beyond. Peace to All.

  19. Aset Ma’at Edju-Bey

    People need to view the old 1920′s movie called “Metropolis” which discussed Hollywood’s need for a place for elite actors and actresses to go if they wanted to retire or pay off their debts without being sacrificed..and where millions would be made after they left the physical “stage’ to help pay off their debts.. It is the power of Metaphysics with the Sensationalism of Hollywood which sadly most people cannot come to understand because of paranoia and fear in their way. People do need to wake up and smell the “coffee” if they want to survive 2014 and Beyond. Peace to All.

    Well i’m still wondering why on earth PW would want to just leave his very comfortable life style and live like a recluse from the public and stay in hiding for the rest of his life? and lets not forget his many millions from his estate that he already had…so him wanting to make more millions from a hoaxed death was the answer, PW walker knew that his franchises would earn him even more millions over the next years doing sequels so why bother with this death hoax seriously….

  20. I don’t completely disagree but I think it is a stunt but what if it was a stunt but he did not pull it. I thought that he did at first and still think that it is a possibility but now I think something else. Just hear me out. I think that it is also a possibility that he could have been kidnapped. I think this because people always get kidnapped and go unrecognized because there are always people who try to cover it up. Have you noticed that they brought up the car and then never brought it up again. Alot of things don’t make sense. I thought that he might have been murdered but that didn’t seem to fit the crash scene. So I think that it might be a stunt but at this point i think he was either kidnapped or faked it. I mean he did do certain events in the Philippines. Who knows. I do agree that something is not right about this whole thing but we may never know. But when there is darkness, soon the light will come and show the truth. So with the faking or being kidnapped there is a possibility that both men are still alive. And if so I hope for their sake that they are alive and well and if they were kidnapped that they come home safely. And if he did fake his death I hope they both come back and surface. I wouldn’t be mad if they did fake their death. I would just be happy that they are both alive. They both know not to do this type of driving on regular roads and roger loved paul and knows not to put him at risk like this. Paul even said that he knows that it is not woth risking your life by racing or speeding on a road like that so why would they be irresponsible then. All I know is that something is not right about the whole accident and something is being covered up. It could be his doind but it could also not be his doing. Something is suspicious about it for sure.

    • No one will ever b a 100 percent sure that Paul walker & roger rodas r dead Paul had a franchise behind him if he wanted to disappear that could help I’ve looked at hundreds of photos pw and the only 1 he has sunglasses on is the very last one it could have been any1 in that car I pray that he is alive but if not rip Paul walker

  21. Leave the dead in peace and his family

  22. Paul Walker would never fake his death! It is so disrespectful to say something like this, everybody accusing Paul of staging his own death clearly has no idea of who he was and what he stood for!
    Rest In Peace Paul. Paul is an idol and rolemodel towards many and he has helped and changed many peoples lives and no one can take that away from him! You will be in our hearts forever

  23. I agree there are things that dont make sense but its also realistic to wonder why Paul would do this, if he wanted out of hollywood all he had to do was leave. Its kind of hard to know what to believe!

    • Let the young man rest in peace and his family need peace Paul walker was something special he wasn’t like any other actor he was so himself and not false like those big headed actors he will be missed <3

  24. According to these morons every highly publicized death is fake! They really need to be shut down. For those that believe them you’re just as fucking retarded as they are.

  25. Well dont you conspiracy theorists looks like a bunch of douche-bags now? My granny warned me there are strange people in the world, but I didnt realize they all lived here, on this blog.

  26. I guess this is what happens when you don’t have a life people need to get one

  27. Oh oh oh!
    I was warned about stupid people and I realized that they live everywhere!!!
    I am trying to get a life, but those stupidos won’t let me…hmm maybe faking my death would help…

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