Boston Bombing — 12 May 2013
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With corrections: turns out, it is not yet determined what she has lodged under her clothing.

Note: We were wrong. It’s not a computer. Instead, it is believe to be a kind of nylon pack containing a bladder for the distribution of fake blood.

Peach Woman Caught Smuggling Something to Bombing Site

The woman in peach (known here as peach woman) is one of the key directors of the Boston Marathon fake bombing scam, while the purple woman is a coordinator/director. Here is what is known for sure about these two individuals:

  • they are key culprits in the scam and played a preeminent role
  • peach woman smuggled in a computer
  • peach woman is looking down at amputee Jeff Bauman
  • purple woman was the manager of the computer during the event, having the screen open and facing her the whole time
  • both of these individuals attempted to disguise their acts
  • they are both scissors moles, although the peach woman is the only one of the two seen aggressively shearing off clothes, notably pants above the knee line
  • both these individuals posed for a shock photo at the culmination of their vile deeds
  • peach woman managed a kind backpack-like pumping device, directly putting fake blood on the fake victims, after stripping off their clothes
  • Jeff Bauman, a computer, and fabric shears were clandestinely smuggled into the fake disaster site by the various nefarious individuals pictured below
  • the woman in peach bears a striking resemblance to a TV producer in virtually precisely the same area, whose office is on the 600 block of Boylston St., Margie Sullivan

Notice something bizarre? What is stuffed under her shirt? A key operative in this scam she would work directly with the various actor-victims, as they rolled around on the pavement.
Here she is with a number of recognizable operatives, all acting like they are having the time of their lives attending the Marathon. They are there not for pleasure but instead for the perpetration of a plot. There is something under there. What is it?

It’s thick, and it’s some kind of a bag with tight edges.

Checking on one of their chief government moles, Jeff Bauman, who is in position, propped up on his prosthetic stumps. These operatives have position him for an immediate removal towards the staging area.

Is it not incredible that a man is positioned backwards and is half the height of the women? The whole world needs to see this for the scam that it is.

Boom. He’s moved amongst the cover of the Hollywood-style smoke. The key co-producers on the ground, the woman in peach and the other in purple, move in. Peach is apparently handed a clothing shears and starts ripping off clothes, staying low to the ground to avoid detection. In this frame her arm can be seen but that’s all.

There really is something there. In a picture some seconds/minutes later, it was no longer there. That flat and sharp-edged distortion is no longer visible. Something was removed to be used in this hoax. What was it?

Peach women comparison

At first it was thought this was a computer. That was wrong, as pointed out by producers. Additionally, note that the bearded cameraman is also in on the act, giving his leg a good rub with the artificial liquid. How did his pant legs explode without him sustaining the slightest degree of damage? Blood pack man is to the left, stripping down and getting ready to spread his fakery.

Where is the lady in peach’s device? What is she doing on the ground, presumably working on the actor-shills? It happened all so quickly, little can be determined definitively.


At this point the laptop seems to read, 24/7: note, RETRACTED, that is a folded over sign from the Marathon. No need to concentrate on that square item.

Have no doubt about it clothes are being manipulated artificially to mimic bomb-blasts; see all the knees which protrude through. Peach lady is working at an extreme pace, along with the woman in the light green jacket and the pink vested mole.
Arch-drizzler mole, the eventually hooded fake blood sprayer, gets prepared. The ‘blood’ trail for the fake massacre, necessary for maximum shock, is largely his domain.

Sprinkler mole gets caught up and trips on the Tygon medical grade blood flow tubing. Woman in black acts as blockade for the CCTV camera so that the peach woman’s antics are out of view. Still no blood visible: drizzler mole hasn’t set up yet.

Moles still rolling around on the ground. Still no major or even minor blood pools. Chief drizzler mole, with his mechanical apparatus, is seemingly running out of time. Laptop still visible.

Yet, look, the ever-present woman in the green short jacket: finally, what she is doing can be in part seen. Let’s get a close up as best as possible:
It is admittedly poor resolution, but it does appear that she is in the posture of shearing clothes and that these are possibly collapsible shear (we can’t say for sure, but her posture and arm position are curious). Same blue handles as seen in the Scissors Mole posts.

Here is a key finding, though. A close-up is also provided of the woman behind, who is being drizzled and pumped with fake blood.

scissorsmolesblue fakebloodnewwoman

Don’t doubt it: they are both aggressively cutting away at clothing, so that the fake blood and gore can be applied. These are TV producers and directors as well  as prop people: they’re not mere B-grade actors. See the aggression? See the angle of her work? See how she is cutting those jeans even, like she did on the right leg?

Look behind her. it appears to be PVC  tubing. It attaches to another structure. Appears to have a ring of red in it. Is that a pump or bladder behind it?

Another view. What are they doing down there? It’s not paramedical services. Regardless, they don’t have much time; the disguise will be at least to a degree lifted soon. It can be seen that she is concentrating intently. These are not victims but, rather, operatives. That is proven by the fact that the injuries are fake.

Peach lady is a pro. See how she takes the next step, applying fake blood to those knees and lower legs.

And there it is, both jeans cleanly cut in a near perfect line, just as predicted; it does appear that the mole in black with the turquoise collar is applying fake blood to the other knee, as seen, below:

They appear to be both rubbing it on with their hands, the fleshy-colored objects. Madame Rothschild’s latest plan has been foiled. It’s that same purple color seen throughout the scam. There is no way that perfect cut could occur without a man-made element. Peach producer is working away as if her life depended on it.

Before                                                               ‘After’

Can anyone explain how this is normal post-bomb-blast activity? The only thing it is normal for is a sham. Apparently, that is a backpack loaded with fake blood, operating under pressure. Was that what she had disguised under her sweatshirt?

Not sure what she’s doing on the ground. She’s not one of the injured actor. Why aren’t the producers clothes shredded. Why aren’t they cut off perfectly at the knees or sliced up in a perfect slice along the lateral jeans.

It Hollywood they can do all this quickly, presumably with micro-explosives. This is mini-Hollywood. It happened fast. It was 2 minutes before Carlos Arrendondo arrived ‘to the rescue.’ Was it enough time for the pros to get the job done?
Mission accomplished, scissors and shears in hand, computer safely secured in the bag.  A scene of stupidity and waste of horrifying proportions.

Crawling out on their knees, as good moles should do. Peach lady checks her earpiece, presumably for any further instructions. It is seemingly now confirmed that these are shears that she is carrying. What will the shills say, now?

Woman acting in shock is a fake also.

Smugglers, too?

Is, then, that item under her sweatshirt now found in this bag? It is no longer under her shirt. Or is it something else? What about this, the bladder in the black nylon? Is it in the bag? Was it this all along?


It’s about the right thickness, same shape. Could she really have stuffed that in under her sweatshirt? The frame was turned upside down to get a good comparison of it on edge:

They had to get the fake blood-spreading devices in somehow, so that no one would notice–so that the world would be entirely deceived. It almost worked.

The DHS collaborator seems happy with the progress. Yet, what happened to the scissors and computer moles?


Seconds later, their role now complete, where did they go? Are they mere innocents, all along? Were they merely coincidentally positioned directly in line in the stands with other operatives. Is it even reasonable to presume that smuggling an item into the bomb-site is “innocent?”

So, what did they do when the Hollywood smoke cleared? Did they simply leave the scene?


What’ this all about? The bomb already went off. One more act for the cameras? Yellow-cap mole isn’t acting. He’s just on the lookout for any outsiders–or Internet trouble makers.


Just act surprised, like the bomb-blast just occurred, because everything else is a total fake.


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  1. WOW! That laptop screen is clear as day, and those are some great shots of the woman in peach cutting the clothing–I hadn’t seen either of these images before. Thank you for all the hard work that you do uncovering and analyzing all of this evidence. I’m working on finding any photos that we haven’t seen yet, and will continue to do so.

  2. In the first photo at top there is a guy standing behind purple woman with a hood up on his head-he could be the drizzler. And the guy in front of purple woman is probably not Wheelchair Man Bauman-look at the way his hair is cut in the back at the neckline-it matches the mysterious guy with the cut off pant legs and arm sleeves that runs thru the scene juking and jiving like OJ Simpson and disappears up the street here:

  3. I have watched this site for a couple of weeks and it now has a serious problem with misinformation pollution. A submitter should have to source the best available image and explain any image processing done on it. These images are all part of the Thorndike series and are available in their original 4448×3312 resolution. If one takes a look at thorndike_8736 in the original image, it is pretty clear that the “laptop” is in fact one of those signs spectators hold up for the runners. I believe (but don’t insist) that if you look closely at the sign in thorndike_8736 you will see the last word in green is a printed “Mom”. The woman in purple is flat on her back, and then spends several seconds trying to get up. She is not doing anything. The entire premise of this article is invalid. Unless this site starts to require “best image” sourcing and analysis in about another two weeks the noise level will completely overwhelm the trickle of genuine and verifiable analysis.
    The input of pollution is understandable, that is how the situation stays “unclear” and this site becomes/is a “crackpot conspiracy site”. If you don’t filter you are.

    • Thank you for the source of the Thorndike images. Found new, incriminating evidence. Keep posting.

  4. have you seen this in real time? these frames are like 3 seconds.. i’ll find the link and post it.
    i cant see shears .. i see a news paper that looks very much like a computer in one frame though :/

  5. For those that think this is a lap top – please view

    As the above poster has mentioned this is a spectator sign NOT A LAPTOP

    • Correction: what you are sending does not have any lettering on it. Where is the sign?

    • OK: I have the other images. Will correct that part.

  6. drkresearch Is this the image you are saying is a reflection of her?

    If so look closely and you will notice it is someones shoe. You should look at high res images and not youtube screenshots as posted above.

    I do not have to prove they were there, the picture clearly shows it. You’re trying to prove the pic is faked and photoshopped…

    • Yes, it is a shoe. I was attempting to get you to send at least something with lettering, but is see the numbers of the sign, now. Post is removed to determine what she had under her clothing, as she was transporting an item. You are right about the poster. No, we know it’s not photoshopped: our mistake, noted. What I was asking on your end was why the attempt to prove the Tsarnaevs were not photoshopped into the frame?

  7. No attempt, I see them in the pic and i can see there is no evidence of photoshopping. Thats pretty much it!

    I’m not for or against any side i just look at these pictures (in high res and from various angles) and try and logically determine what happened. Of course there are tricks of the eye such as the floating leg but with a good eye and time you can see the reason behind this.

    We are lucky in this respect as it’s at a marathon – especially near the finish line there will be lots and lots of cameras. Every marathon i have done, there are probably about 5 or 6 professional photographers a the finish line alone. Hired by the organisers to take high res pics and sell you them back to you after. Everyone wants a pic of themselves nearing & crossing the finish line. Add into that all the spectators cameras and shots, trying to capture a relative, along with video footage which they now do.

    This is one good reason why you wouldn’t stage a hoax bombing at a marathon finishing line. Too many variables, it cant be easily controlled. To someone without this foresight such as the Tsarnaevs it seems like a perfect opportunity, plenty of spectators, crowds to hide in, central town, major event, lack of security, most people carrying bags, they would never stand out or be detected beforehand.

  8. Hi DrK
    I really like the fact that you are making corrections but NOT removing the inaccurate prior theories. Putting a “strike out’ line through the item so future readers can see the evolution of the theories proves you are not trying to hide anything. It demonstrates honesty.

  9. Good article. The Animated GIF on this same site also does a great job of showing the woman in peach with her fellow pant-cutters in action. http://nodisinfo.comanimated-gif/

  10. when the black chick gets wheeled out in a yellow stretcher type of thing, i saw an orange bag hanging there

  11. I was there. It was real. I was injured. This site should be SHUT DOWN.

    • Where were you lynn when it went off

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