Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 12 April 2014
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Pittsburgh Stabbing is a Diabolical Zionist Hoax

PRELIMINARY POST: To be updated as soon as possible.

They are at it once again, the people behind the Zionist cabal, faking a violent act. This is easy to realize as a fake. It makes a person wonder, though, how many people have been fooled. Is it hundreds of thousands, or is it millions? How many people in Pittsburgh-area alone have been bamboozled? After all, it is right out of Zionist TV land, that is this Pittsburgh-area school ‘stabbing.’

Moreover, like all Hollywood-style productions it is 100% fake, and there can be no doubt about it. Not a single drop of real blood flowed, unless there were a few paper cuts from shuffling the nondisclosure forms necessary to prevent the hoax contributors from leaking any information. It is in a sense diabolical. Yet, then, so are Alfred Hitchcock moves. The imagery conceived by  people of visualizing 22 youths being stabbed in a wild frenzy by a fellow student: this is a kind of diabolical representation. If real, the wounds would be great, the agony extreme, the pain severe.

Furthermore, it would have taken a monumental effort, a herculean one, for a tiny, frail-appearing youth to have done this without opposition in a security-ridden school. Where is the evidence for all this? What about the flowing of blood? There is no evidence for any of it to even the most minimal degree. Therefore, it is a fake. It is surely ludicrous to claim this degree of bludgeoning without any evidence – without actual severely wounded people, many of whom would be photographed stumbling about, plenty of screams, a plethora of horror, and, absolutely, a measurable trail of blood.

This would be a major, significant crime scene. There would be evidence of the crime evident in an irrefutable degree.

Instead, there is no such evidence, no trail as expected from the scene of such a violent crime. There is, however, a trail of empty ambulances, though, and plenty of people merely milling around, none of them in a crisis or emergency mode.

Is the world supposed to be convinced simply by a bunch of ambulances lined up in a row? There are supposedly “22” stabbing victims. At least they should have put 22 in a row; it might have been more convincing. Or, perhaps another Satanic number, “11:” double them up.

Every element of this ‘event’ screams drill. Other than a few crisis actors being coached into the role there are no people who are in the expected Fight or Flight mode. That would be impossible if this were a real event; there would be vast chaos and confusion plus much fear and horror. Therefore, it is a fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise?


There is one may running, though. Yet, that, too, is a set-up for the cameras:


Note what appears to be a camera aimed at him from the posterior and the lack of crisis action regarding the man (or woman?) behind him, who is walking sideways.

Is there not one honest crisis mole left in this world, or is the taxpayer supplied DHS money just too good to honor up to the real facts behind these acts? If HollywoodLife.com is promoting it as real, then, it is virtually guaranteed as a hoax. Even so, there are plenty of empty gurneys and ambulances. When in a real crisis is there an empty ambulance with the doors left wide open? What is it waiting for?Is it the loading up of a few crisis dummies?

There is a madness, an extremist basis, for this scheme. It is to depict America as the bastion of senseless violence, while causing the ultimate realm of violence, the murderous Israeli entity, to remain free of scrutiny. Once again, some “22” people is a considerable number. Where are they? All that can be found are empty gurneys and vacant ambulances. Regardless, why would anyone be seen ambling about in a casual, normal nature, hands in pockets and more, if this were a real emergency involving potentially fatally wounded individuals? Too, there are plenty of hired crisis moles about, none of them in a crisis or emergency mode:

Note the DHS-supplied water bottle and also the cup of coffee; note the tissue as a prop. What’s that for? There are no tears being shed.
Here is yet another taxpayer-supplied water bottle, this fake griever, also using tissue as a prop, taking the time to look at the camera.
What a litany of hoaxers it is. Fake grievers can apparently be bought in this country routinely. Once again, the standard water bottle is featured. Note the mother with the child. Did she bring the kid to watch the three-ring circus? Does that imagery make any sense in the event of a real stabbing from a madman gone berserk?
The hoax is greatly confirmed by the following photo, which demonstrates staging of two fake huggers before the cameras:
A pair of women walk arm-in-arm off the campus of the Franklin Regional School District, where several people were stabbed at Franklin Regional High School on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Murrysville, Pa., near Pittsburgh. The suspect, a male student, was taken into custody and being questioned. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

In this fake school-yard violence event the culprit is still alive: how rare. Even so, it makes no sense that he would kill himself. How we he do so, by stabbing himself directly over the chest? What high-school youth could do so? Therefore, it was necessary for this hoax contributor to remain alive in full view of the cameras. They surely couldn’t show a corpse of a youth with a knife stuck in his chest:

This individual gives the concept of a furtive glance a new definition.

Alex Hribal, the suspect in the multiple stabbings at the Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., is escorted by police to a district magistrate to be arraigned on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Export, Pa. Authorities say Hribal has been charged with allegedly stabbing and slashing 19 students and a police officer in the crowded halls of his suburban Pittsburgh high school Wednesday. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)
AP caption: Alex Hribal, the suspect in the multiple stabbings at the Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., is escorted by police to a district magistrate to be arraigned on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Export, Pa. Authorities say Hribal has been charged with allegedly stabbing and slashing 19 students and a police officer in the crowded halls of his suburban Pittsburgh high school Wednesday. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

The above photo clearly appears staged; why have him walk about in his prisoner’s gown in the middle of public view, unless it is all a scam?

It is also necessary to have a few fake dead or wounded, like this hoaxer supposedly taking his own picture before the mirror:

Even so, it would all have to be supported by fake witnesses, just to add that extra component of fake reality:

Jenna Mickel, right, a sophomore at Franklin Regional High School, right, stands with her father, Richard, as she talks with reporters near the school, where several people were stabbed, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Murrysville, Pa., near Pittsburgh. The suspect, a male student, was taken into custody and being questioned. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar)
AP caption: Jenna Mickel, right, a sophomore at Franklin Regional High School, right, stands with her father, Richard, as she talks with reporters near the school, where several people were stabbed, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Murrysville, Pa., near Pittsburgh. The suspect, a male student, was taken into custody and being questioned. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar)
What are those two looking at? Why are they staring off to the far left? Surely, they were set up for the role as false story tellers.


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  2. The alleged knifeboy must have gone to school in his uniform, now ends up in a gown without a speck of tomato juice, blood on him after some heavy duty stabbing spree !!
    Unreal or Bloody Effing Unreal !?

    • Man I am trying hard to post something fairly long but it won’t let me. Testing to see if this nothingness will post…

    • I am a franklin regional high school student. I witnessed the entire thing and you want to tell me it was a hoax? You must really have a sad life if this is what you spend your time doing. I came home with that “tomatoe juice” on my hoodie. I saw several of those victims that day and j promise you it wasn’t a hoax. Don’t speak unless you were really there. You know nothing

      • Yeah…and I’m your professor. Wrong answer!

        Go straight in the corner, tagged as a local Hoaxer!

    • My sister was there. Thankfully unharmed, but blood was everywhere! It’s hurtful and crazy to suggest this didn’t happen.

    • Yea hi. Franklin doesn’t have uniforms. I know because i went there and was there when this happened

    • You stupid people NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! MY daughter was there and saw everything. Please get a freaking life and do not put this bullshit out there! Really sick people, All 3 of my kids were severely affected by this act.

      • What are the names of the people your daughter saw getting stabbed?

  3. Finally u posted about this, it was time, great work

    • I go to that school… It was real, one of my closest friends was a victim and you’re really going to say it’s a hoax?

  4. Research Alex Hribals father, Harold. He is in the banking institution like many of these hoaxes parents. Banks are behind these scams kinda strange how James Holmes and Adam Lanzas fathers both worked for banks. Research it America are you really that stupid.

  5. Don’t forget to point out the lack of an IV insertion point in his hand! The first thing they would do to the guy before stitching him back up! I tweeted the moron and commented on the lack of an IV point must mean they knew the knife was sterile. The idiots in this hoax are just amazing.

    • Really? An IV insertion point? If someone has a superficial wound that does not automatically mean you get an IV…. If you worked in health care you would know this. For a non sterile knife they would make sure the kid is up to date on his vaccines and then he may get a tetanus shot.

  6. Two ZioScam False flag stabbings the same day! April 9, 2014 ….Ramping up this current “Period of Escalating Violence” (terrorizing the dumb goyim) to ridiculous new heights!!!


  7. Watch the video of the guy running! It was the 1st thing that tipped me off. He took off like he was going to some injured kid, and then they keep shooting him to the point where he stops at a cop and starts talking to a cop! REALLY?? He jobs to a freaking cop?? They knew it was so stupid, so the media tried to chop that part off. Most of the videos now don’t show him stopping at the cop!

    • People are assholes this event happened and caused alt of pain and suffering to students and families. Dumbasses students were life flighted and parents were frantic. How ridiculous to post this s a hoax!

  8. I’d like to see HOW this scrawny shit actually wounded 20 with a knife! I was expecting some gnarly football player to be the fall guy, and then they show pip squeek. LMAO! I could have taken that guy out single-handedly, and I’m a woman all of 110 pounds. In fact, I’ve taken out a guy that looks just like that little loser!

    • I don’t know, have you ever fought someone holding two 9inch steak knives pointed at you with the idea of gutting you like a fish? Something tells me not. In fact most sane people would definitely run away from the crazed boy with the weapons.

    • You’re a faggot nothing you said makes any sense what person instantly thinks someone the size of a football player would do this

  9. I saw this article on Before It’s News yesterday. The trauma doctor, Chris Kaufmann, that treated the alleged school stabbing victims closely resembles Dr. Wayne Carver from SHES. I can’t tell from the video if it is really him or not, and I can’t find a picture of Dr. Kaufmann to compare it to. See what yall think.


  10. One more thing…the response to this article by shills was immediate and personally vindictive against the lady that wrote it!

  11. They pulled-switched the link above
    Official Screwy blurry altered looking Hribal picture this looks little like neither staged stabbing or shooting character:

  12. Your a fucking idiot!!! I’m the guy running there. Go chase UFO s and government theories. Your mom must be so proud!

    • In which case, you wouldn’t mind providing a picture of you beside a sign with the time and date on it, would you? Anybody can claim anything, I don’t necessarily believe this article but I sure as hell dont believe a random comment, so prove it.

  13. I was there, stop being so retarded.

  14. You want to see my brother’s scars? You want to relive my experience as a sister watching your brother painfully recover in the hospital for almost 40 days? Whoever believes it was a hoax is a fucking low life, inconsiderate asshole. This article is unbelievable.

  15. I was a student at Franklin Regional. My best friend got stabbed in the back saving my life! I suffer PTSD from this happening. All I can say is that you are a fucking dumbass to think this is a hoax. I hope you go to hell. You need mental help.

  16. I was there guys. I’m currently a senior at franklin regional high school. I know the kids who got stabbed and I watched the panic saw the blood.

  17. First of all, get a life. Second of all, a whole community was tragically effected by this. All you’re accomplishing is making yourself look like a low life. I and many others have scars to show this day was no hoax. I pray you get an actual life.

  18. To the writer : you are disgusting, and a lying piece of shit.

  19. are you serious? i went to this school and graduated by the time it happened but i have two cousins that went to this school and saw the whole thing and i know everyone in thr pictures are real and went to that school not actors.. but i must be an actor typi.g this as along with everyone else that went to this school and are telling you its fake right? wow you people are so dumb and will believe anything people make up idiots! i guess the only way you people will believe is when it happe.s at your school!

  20. This is heartbreaking. I was the nurse that admitted 3 of these kids post op into the Icu that I worked in. My little sisters best friend was one of the students who is JUST starting to get his life back after multiple surgeries from having a knife go through his abdomen. This is disgusting. You are a sick, sick person.

  21. How dare you have the audacity to claim such ideas. My cousins go to this school, and some of their closest friends were victims of this mentally ill boy. If you believe that this was such a hoax, go to the school yourself and interview the student, hell. Talk to the attacker’s family. Or is that too much work for you? Or are you just afraid what you’ll find out, and that you are a hoax and a fool? Now get your nubby nose out of our city and out of our business, you pathetic piece of dirt.

  22. Im fucking dying this is so funny. Especially since, ya know, i was there when this happened. People are fucking hysterical

    • Yeah, Scared,

      it’s extremely funny.

      Any fkn Hoax has its ludic side…:)

  23. Whoever wrote this is so pathetic. If you really believe this is a hoax then stop hiding behind your computer screen and username… Say who you are, come to our town, and talk to ANYONE who went or currently goes to FRHS. The entire town was effected because we all knew people who suffered from this tragedy. Do you really think the government fooled every person? I live next to the school, it sounded like a war scene because of the amount of ambulances, police, and helicopters that were sent to the school. You obviously dont live near here or else you would know the truth. God help you…..

  24. Fake? Get a fuxking life my friend was stabbed in the throat that day at franklin. So who ever wrote this article go fuxk yourself

    • ..Stabbed in the throat..! Jee… can he talk now or just fart..?

  25. Yeah I was around and knew kids that went there and there is no way they convinced a bunch of high schoolers to lie

  26. Quite a tall tale you post here. The entire town must have been cooperative in the hoax. The teachers that still are haunted by holding wounds together with towels while the organs of a child leak out. The nurses, doctors, and first responders. The hundreds of witnesses, and the kids that almost died…all just for fun! Ridiculous. My daughter was in that hallway that morning and saw people stabbed. She visited dying friends in the hospital and was relieved when they pulled through. She has PTSD. We know children who are scarred for life, both literally and figuratively. We also know, quite well, the attackers family…which has been decimated by this event. I wish this event was a hoax. It was not. It traumatized an entire community and children very nearly died. There is also video of the events from the school cameras. You wasted a lot of time on this when maybe you could have come out of your basement and helped your mom with the laundry or something.

  27. When people started saying this shit about Sandyhook, I didn’t think much of it. When they started saying it about Franklin Regional, an event that me and all of my friends witnessed, I couldn’t help but to find this entire mess hysterical. The author of this article is autistic, and it’s glorious.

  28. I went to this school and it is a pice of shit school who only care for the rich. And if your not rich you are lower then dirt here.

  29. You’re an idiot and do not deserve to be a writer you piece of garbage

  30. To those of franklin #Pray4FR was real. The writer can go and talk to my one guy friend about that night and see who is right.

  31. This was not some hoax. I went to Franklin and still live here in the community. To the person writing this and people making jokes and light of this situation, you should feel horrible about yourself. You all are probably some internet bullies and liberal pussies. One major problem with this country.

    One of the kids from my church was in the hospital the longest time of any of the kids injured. To the kids and staff that was there, you are stil in our hearts and prayers and do not pay attention to such a stupid and ridiculous article.

  32. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. You say there’s no evidence? Apparently you haven’t looked. I was there and witnessed the event. You are an absolute sick person.

  33. I hope this is satire.
    I wish it was a hoax, that the nightmares weren’t real. Having been there, it was very real. Until you’ve seen a coworker holding some kids guts in, until you’ve looked a bleeding child in the eyes, you sir have no room to talk. The doors on my truck were left open because I was digging through it for supplies in a rush and did not think about closing it back up. Please loosen your tinfoil hat, it’s preventing bloodflow to your brain.

  34. It really happened my attorney is his attorney!

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