Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013
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Was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Throat Slit by the Mossad? – Anonpyrates

According to testimony by a SWAT team member, somehow, Dzhokhar’s throat was slit open. Since this could not have been the result of pressure cooker bombs (there were none), the only possibility is that someone in that SWAT team or other mercenary-like individual actually cup open his throat. That would make sense; it would be an attempt to incapacitate him, that is his ability to speak, since he would surely demand his innocence. He would also be able to bear witness to the events that night, contradicting entirely all that was falsely portrayed: and he would be the only legitimate eyewitness remaining in view of the murder of his brother, Tamerlan. Regarding the secretive elements behind the Boston hoax watch this carefully. It would appear that Anonpyrates have caught the culprits red-handed, as demonstrated by their facial expression. In this video numerous hostile ones who are behind this hoax have been revealed, including the possible individuals who helped orchestrated the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Includes a wide range of highly incriminating evidence against a wide range of culprits.

The perpetrator of the slitting of Dzhokhar’s throat is likely identified in this video. Because of the urgency, it is posted, now. Screenshots will follow shortly. It appears that it was embedded, secretive Mossad operatives who were behind the attempted assassination of Dzhokhar, the slitting of his throat in attempt to silence him, as well as the brutal murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The mole in question is the apparent Israeli whose sudden changes in facial expression is the most clear and evident upon the revelation of his act.

Here is the mole. He is the culprit until proven otherwise.

Let’s analyze the facial expressions sequential as the one relatively truthful SWAT team member stated the facts (to be posted as soon as possible). What follows are sequential screenshots of the mole’s reaction to precisely those words in fractions of seconds, that is the words of the one SWAT member who appeared to be most straightforward:

“It looked more like a knife wound where it was spread open. It looked more like a cut of some kind,” when he points to the lateral aspect of the neck. Keep in mind that this is a man likely accustomed to seeing gunshot wounds, and he describes this injury with his fingers as a kind of lateral slit of the throat. Now, watch carefully the facial expression of the Mossad operative behind him, as well as associated agents, in their micro-second reaction to his statements:

Picture 205
Looking down as he begins the revelation. Is his subconscious mind saying, “Yea, I attacked and tried to kill an innocent man?” and “instinctively, deep down inside, I know it was wrong.”

Picture 206
As the SWAT member in front begins making the unexpected revelation there is a stark change in the man’s eyes. It goes from no whites showing, the eyes dim and mostly closed to whites showing. As tis happens the criminality becomes more evident. Look closely. It will be seen.

Picture 208Picture 207
Picture 208

Whites under the eyes begin to show, more so than the other SWAT individuals.
Picture 214
Whites under the eyes increasingly expand.

Picture 209
More whites

Picture 215
Furtive glance to the side with sudden movement of the head upon the revelation of his wicked deed. Will he simply be whisked away to the Zionist entity, like the Israeli explosives moles of 9-11?



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  1. Hi Dr K, have we any verifiable evidence, other than media hearsay, that these two brothers actually exist ?

    • Andre you need a remedial course or you are just fking stupid. This question is a waste of time. Andre, before posting, do a little research before posting your a dumbass. I very seldom call someone a dumbass, but tonight you are a dumbass,

      But. why would you ask that they actually exist. Please we need more than one sentence to take you serious. Explain, explain, I am waiting for your response.

      Andre,,,,,give it to us, maybe they went to school, very goods kids, that the fking Talmud Zionist murdered.

      • drkresearch, I know this idiot asked you the question, but I have a low intolerance for stupidity.

        I do miss the trolls, please come back to the board. I know you can not stay away because you are neurotic, anxiousness, and unrelenting self-consciousness.

        • Also. the bullshit email you received, I have sued the shit out of many people from South Carolina to Arkansas. First, a signature from a certified letter has to be rec’d. with a letter from an attorney. Please give me a break,,,,,,Greenberg dumbshits.

          Greenbergs, I though you were smarter than that stupid email, I got confused with all the bull shit in it. What degree are you out of 33. maybe 10.

          drkreasearch, displayed that your are a bunch of idiots that have no idea about the legal system.

          Please, bring back the trolls, have enjoy toying with them.

    • What universe do you come from?

      • I dont mean to be rude, but this is a perfectly legitimate question. These two are completely fabricated, with whatever sayanim actors as “family”. Staged and scripted and filmed for news.Their name is very similar to “Sarnoff” a jewish name. I also believe, except of some photo/video ops of a jewish actor holding an AK47, that this “Osama Bin Laden” was another “fiction”. You guys also believe planes also the towers ?
        Your guest Kenneth was rude right out of the box and I am a long time listener of Rick and RBN. I am also a damn good, long time researcher from the Cooper camp, Ill out debate anybody. Show me the evidence, that these two perps exist, please.

        • Andre, first no planes flew into the towers. nothing but holograms. The towers turned to dust in midair, due to a nuclear device. I am trying to follow you about the brothers, but having trouble understanding your post. The brothers are real, due to posting at nodisinfo that said that said their kids went to school with the brothers..Osama Bin Laden was real, he worked for the CIA. On 9-11 is family was with the visiting the George Bush. His family was flown out that night. But, do not forget the money, they were all investors in the Carlyle Group.

          • I disagree. You do not have personal intimate knowledge of any of what you said, and it wasn’t holograms, its was CGI

          • Hi kenneth
            I think andre asks a legitimate question. I have been thinking the same. I notice over at letsroll forums the photo of what looks very much like a younger version of the 19 year old with the greenburgs gets violent knee jerk reactions…why? We are “through the looking glass” on this one anything is possible.

      • drkresearch, do not give up. You are providing a service to me and the other people that post.


      • drkreasearch, are you asking me “what universe I come from” or the dumbshit Andre

        • Yes, wrong click, yes, Andre.

      • Andre, the 5 dancing dickheads (aka) Israelis explains 9-11. Also. watch building 7 fall, when the Jew says PULL IT !!

        • Dr K, this Kenneth is a troll. I am light years ahead in the research game to have this nobody insult me. Take a hike Kenneth.

      • drkresearch, are you asking me,,,,,,,

    • Hi andre
      I for one think you raise a valid question.

      • Thanks Leo.

  2. Dr. K: As they said during WW II…when you’re getting the most flak, you know you’re right on target. Keep it coming!!!

  3. It makes no sense to stage an event with fake victims and then use real people as “patsies”, there is too much to risk. Much easier to control the script, but that script in tandem with TV and pre filmed scenes, shut down a city. So, “No witnesses” Whats the Mossad’s motto ? So I always ask, “Show me the bodies”

    • I’m with you on this one, Andre’. Like you said, why fake bombs, use actors as victims, but frame and kill real people while portraying them as the perps? I does not make sense at all.

      We even have a police commissioner slipping at a press conference calling the suspects “actors”. And all the connections to CIA in the Tsarnaeva family?

      And the inteviews with the uncle and mother of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar… Come on, folks! You definetely need to tune your BS meters, I think.

      Can this be the person acting as the angry muslim mother “Zubeidat”?

      Compare the face, nose, hands, gestures, head movements, intonation, broken accent with these clips for example:

      R.K. has the motive and the means. She has done it before and gotten away with it. She is part of the extremley powerful zionist network in the US.

      From wikipedia:
      “She attended a fundraiser of theirs dressed as a Muslim woman. Soon thereafter, again disguised as a Muslim woman, wearing a burqa and wearing recording equipment, she began attending Islamic conferences and fundraisers, visiting mosques, and participating in pro-Palestinian rallies in the U.S. as an undercover investigator in order to expose links of American Islamic groups to foreign terrorist groups.”

      “She regularly provided the White House with a stream of information about possible Al Qaeda activity inside the U.S. that was apparently largely unknown to the FBI before the 9/11 attacks.”

      “In January 2007, Al-Jazeerah reported that the National Association of Muslim American Women filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section, and also with the Executive Office for the United States Attorneys at the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging that as a result of misleading and false information provided to U.S. law enforcement agencies, the media, and various governmental bodies, various Jewish organizations and individuals including Katz had sought to create an environment in the U.S. that is hostile towards U.S. Muslims, resulting in the deprivation and violation of Muslim civil liberties and civil rights.”

      “In October 2007, it was revealed that Katz had discovered and issued to the Bush administration a copy of an Osama bin Laden video which had yet to be released by al-Qaeda.”

      • I agree that the resemblance is there. If the mom is being played by an imposter, wouldn’t it be more likely that she’d be apologizing for her sons and pleading for mercy, etc., as that would be more useful to the phoney case against the brothers? It’s not in their best interest to have her pointing to conspiracy theories that this is a false flag by the U.S.A.

        • Exactly. That would be counter-productive to say the least, to give the mother a script revealing the false flag. They would have her expressing shame, as the uncle did. And it’s the uncle whom some say has ties to the CIA.

        • Remember, we are in the rabbit hole now. Two dimensional thinking is useless. Their plans are advanced and does not fit in the frame we are used to. They have constructed this frame, this simple way of thinking, so that we fail to see the truth.

          Why didn’t they just use a real bomb instead of this lame shit? I mean, innocent lives obviously does not matter to them otherwise.

          Maybe they want to divide us even more by making the fake stuff relatively obvious for some (i.e. truthers, patriots, etc)? And make the brothers and the parents seem like rather nice people so that the muslim community get even more furious over the injustices they are forced to deal with? The movie about Dzhokhar, portraying him as a cute and happy teenager, is a little bit to professional and “Hollywoody” I think. After all, it is supposed to have been made by friends of him or something.

          And again, we are deep in the rabbit hole. Nothing is as it seems.

          • That video looks professional because it is. Cambridge, MA has a very high percentage of people with advanced college degrees. It’s not just any town. This is an Ivy League area. It is one of the most expensive areas to live in the US. There is a section that is not as well-off where Tamerlan lived. But the majority of Cambridge is very well-educated with good income. The friends of Jahar have parents with money and high educational levels. The high school, Cambridge Ringe and Latin, is focused on social justice and surely trains the students in multimedia production.

            It is a professional-looking video because it is done well. It does not have the fake Hollywood production look that the Sandy Hook vids such as Noah Pozner’s and Emilie Parker’s had.

  4. Ok, I watched the video to try and make sense of your allegations here.

    I do not see the connection between this video and the assertion that Dzokhar’s throat was cut. The video clearly illustrates people are uncomfortable with the fraud being perpetrated by their superiors. The blue jacket man and the police officers at the press conference have the mannerisms of a men caught red handed (red footed?), they are really scared… scared of people like us. That is all it shows clearly and attempting to link that specific policeman’s facial expression to the alleged slitting of Dzokhar’s throat is patently ridiculous.

    I find it highly unlikely Dzokhar’s throat would be cut. It is possible, if he wasn’t in on the plan or split from the program, but I think it is much more likely that he and his “brother” and the rest of his “family” are in protective custody at a secure location, in the process of assuming new identities while carrying on the charade as needed. It is too great a potential liability to slit his throat and that implies a lack of opsec or the necessity of a patsy, when the entire operation was clearly a well organized drill in which nobody was even hurt. Maybe a skinned knee or two and some eye irritation, that’s it.

    If you want to assert Dzokhar’s throat was cut, we need real evidence of that. So far there is a single photo of the young man on his back with a cop over his head, this one photo *might* depict a throat injury. It is not clear. We know he was not injured by shrapnel, because we saw him with his bro buying Red Bull at that gas station as well as running away from the scene of the bombing.

    Here is my current theory on the “throat cutting” meme:

    Take a look at the Craft International logo. It clearly says “Violence does solve problems.” This was phony Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s outfit and he wrote a book about sniping pregnant women and other disturbing things he claimed to have done in Iraq. They called him “America’s deadliest sniper.” He became a media sensation and was allegedly murdered shortly after Sandy Hook by a “crazy veteran” he had gone shooting with as a form of “rehab.” His whole story stinks to high heaven and he is the man who founded Craft. I do not believe he was a real person.

    I think what they are doing here with the throat cutting meme and the whole fake-ass Chris Kyle saga that unfolded through the lead up to and aftermath of Sandy Hook and now Boston, is promoting the idea of torture and summary execution of those deemed “enemies of the state.” They want to normalize in our collective subconscious the idea of our boys “giving terrorists what they deserve.”

    The only explanation I can think of is that we are on the verge of either a big domestic crackdown on our freedoms, a potentially nasty invasion of Syria or both.

    • Hi fug
      High quality thinking. I’m no mo$$ad but it has to be pretty hard to screw up slitting the throat of someone restrained. Unless you were trying to destroy the larynx. Or give them an excuse for not speaking. why not just drug them up? IDK The whole cut throat makes no sense.

      • The msm was also saying that Jahar had “extensive damage to his tongue”.

    • Oh and your last statement – both. It is pretty obvious that I$eral used 1-3 U.S. supplied tactical Nu#es. Won’t hear that on C(IA)NN.

  5. I’ve been busy and am just reading this now. As many here know, I am a long-time commenter on this site since before Boston. Dzhokhar is a real person who had a promising and happy life. I know this because my best friend lives in Cambridge and her daughter went to four years of high school with “Jahar”. They graduated together in 2011 from Cambridge Ringe and Latin High School. This is a prestigious public school with a focus on social justice. He won the same scholarship as my friend’s daughter. We have pictures of them accepting the scholarship together, the group graduation picture, and the yearbook. I repeat… he is a real person who had a seemingly normal life up until THE DAY of the supposed gunfight.

    He even went to a college party the night before, and was living his life normally. This party was the night before they were supposedly going to bomb New York! It is nothing but LIES. Now as for the question of whether these brothers have been put into hiding and were forced to be framed as patsies but have not been harmed, I have no way of knowing. If this is the case, they still destroyed a young man’s happy life. I do know that there was absolutely nothing in Jahar’s life that would indicate any strange secret double life. He was a good person who was attending college, and had many friends. No one in his community believes a word of this. Here is a video giving some insight into the real person:

    • Hey Cerulean, interesting info you posted. Dzhokhar reminds me of a Turkish kid I went to high school with. He had lived all over the middle east and spoke perfect English, loved American girls and fast cars. He mostly grew up in Saudi Arabia and his father was an advanced chemist. They were a really weird family and it was clear his father worked on things that were of “value” to the US government, whatever they may have been. One day he was just gone, his father had been reassigned and he hardly said goodbye to anyone.

      Here’s the thing with Dzhokhar, he is very young. He was not a ringleader in any way on this. In the marathon footage we see Dzhokhar following his brother around. His *much older* brother who allegedly raised red flags with the Russians on a trip to Dagestan. So what you are saying about Dzhokhar makes sense, he is probably a victim of sorts in the sense that he had to give up the life he settled into. Dzhokhar may have known little to nothing in advance about the operation, given his age.

      None of this means they hurt or killed him, though. In order for that to happen Tamerlane would have had to be an unwilling dupe, tricked into taking part and the evidence (His CIA Uncle, for example) contradicts this. It is possible that Dzhokhar “freaked out” when he was told what was really going on, but I doubt that would result in his death or in serious injury.

  6. And Dzhokhar is not a Greenberg. I have studied the Greenberg albums with a fine tooth comb. I was a major contributor to the study of those people during Sandy Hook. No one in those albums is a match for these brothers. Dzhokhar came to the US when he was 10 years old and had to learn English. The community of Cambridge is close-knit. People knew him since he was 10. Not a Greenberg.

    • Hi c lake
      i have read most all your posts the last few weeks. You seem rational and honest. On an emotional level, I would prefer to think he was a willing participant. If the only innocent victims were the accused perps it just takes the whole thing to a very deep unacceptable level of evil.

      • Thank you Leo. It is unacceptable evil either way. Their lives were stolen, dead or alive. I have no reason whatsoever, to think that Jahar was a willing participant.

        • You know c lake, most of us have nothing to work with except what is on the net but if you have real world local contacts it would be interesting to get the full backstory on the injured police officer and even more so the killed police officer. Both have my B.S. meter maxed out.

          • I wish I could. My friends who live in Cambridge do not know anything about the police officers. I can only speak of the fact that Jahar was the classmate of my best friend’s daughter. They went through four years of school together and were fellow scholarship winners. Their circle of friends does not believe it. They are traumatized.

  7. Here is another vid with people who knew the brothers speaking about them. They are interviewed at 1:25.

    And here is his neighbor who also coached Dzhokhar in wrestling.

    • Have a look in Todd Harmon’s albums on FB:

      You will find a scary Dzhokhar look-alike bottom left. His name is Steven Levine.

      Next to him in that photo is a guy (David Samson) that looks like a thinner version of the young cop (Sean Collier) supposedly shot in the shootout four days after the bombing:

      Here is Steven Levine’s dad, Ian:

      And here is Dzhokhar’s father:

      Isn’t all of this very, very strange? In the Facebook albums belonging to the same people that most likely played the victims in Sandy Hook, we find three persons that bear a striking resemblance to three of the main charachters in Boston. Two of them are even father and son IRL. And according to posters on GLP, Tamerlans wife is also possible to find in the Harmon-Levine albums on FB.

      And what do you think about the resemblance between arch zionist Rita Katz and Zubeidat Tsarnaeva (see YT links above)? I am 99% convinced they are the same.

      I tell you, DrK, this rabbit hole is bottomless. And do not forget how sure Nodisinfo was the first days after the bomb that it was the real thing. I beg you to take what I am saying into consideration this time too.

      • Well Shad, I took a look at those pictures not knowing what to expect and I can totally see what you’re saying. With all of those cases you brought up there is a *very* strong resemblance, especially in the hair.

        On today’s Hollywood film sets any one of those people could serve as a stunt man or body double for the person you compared them to. It would not take a lot of work with makeup or photo manipulation to make these individuals look like their proposed alter-egos. In the case of the cop it is just a question of weight between the two individuals, with Dzhokhar and his double the main difference is the nose and skin tone and the balding pattern between Mr. Levine and papa Tsarnaev is practically identical. You could be onto something.

        • Is it possible that they may have actually scouted in advance for patsies/scapegoats that resembled existing operatives (which the greenburg clan must be)? Obviously they plan these events years in advance. If you get a look alike to be the patsy it would make it real easy to work the setup.

          • That or maybe Dzhokhar has loves a double life for years? Tamerlan feels like the odd man here. Something tells me he is both real and dead (not necessarily recently, could be the old trick re-use dead people with no family). But that he is the older brother of Dzhokhar in the matrix we call IRL, well, I really don’t think so.

            Sooooomewheeere oooover theeee rainboooow…

        • I can’t take credit for any of this. I stumbled on to these theories on other forums. The big sites are nowadays totally controlled by TPTB and they erase or move down threads fast if the poster is on to something. These ideas have not ended up on the first page to say the least. And when people are banned for posting something, then comes back writing it again using a new IP, then you know for sure they are on to something. If they are banned a second time – bingo.

      • Yes… i did a little work on this too… on the remarkable resemblance between Rita and the ‘Mother’ of the two ‘Suspects’

        I sent this to DK… but here is the download…


        • Nicely done! I hope researchers with some punch do something with it. More analysis is needed.

          But I can not take credit for this, I found it in small threads and posts on GLP several weeks ago. Posts that always were move down by the admins and the posters banned.

        • It is something to consider. I would actually be relieved if they were actors and were unharmed. However, I’m not going to give up based on this one picture. A lot of Jewish kids have this coloring and dark hair. Let’s all try to find more pictures.

  8. Jahar is a citizen and should be allowed constitutional rights to defend himself as well as the rest of us. Is there not one lawyer who would take his case pro bono? I for one would be willing to contribute money for his defense if needed.
    I became totally convinced of the official story being all lies when Jahar supposedly run around the neighborhood bleeding for 24 hours and not one dog can trace him. What I don’t know is whether he is willing or unwilling participant? Lets find out..

    • The key to how they pulled off Sandy Hook was avoiding the courts. With no trial, there is no need for evidence and no public record of what really happened. Adam Lanza and his supposed mother were both “dead” so nobody could be put on trial and the perpetrators could lie however they wanted with full media and law enforcement compliance.

      I do not think Dzhokhar will ever have a proper trial. I do not think we will ever see him again. They may tell us he had a military trial or got sent to Gitmo or something. The key here is that nobody died in the bombing, thus they CANNOT have a normal trial whether Dzhokhar was a patsy or not.

      Mind you I am not saying that we can trust American Judges. Every court in this nation is corrupt and they exist primarily to levy citizens with fines and strike fear into the heart of the population. There are certain standards that must be met in a homicide trial in order to maintain the legitimacy of the court in the eyes of observers and obviously Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon would not meet these standards. I would be absolutely shocked to hear the Dzhokhar was “getting his day in court.”

      Myself, I am quite certain the Tsarnaev brothers are lounging in comfort somewhere.

      • Well, I certainly hope they are unharmed. But as I said, even so, their lives were destroyed. Tamerlan has/had a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. If he is alive, will he ever see her again? Jahar had a whole life of friends, including my friend’s daughter. He loved his life. He was going to college to be a nurse. He is an uncle who loved his little niece. There is no way they are “lounging in comfort” without the people they love.

        • We will probably never know all the details. I don’t mean to offend you with my statements, but there is strong evidence the Tsarnaev family as it has been depicted is closely associated with the CIA. I believe the brothers were extracted and taken to a secure location, they are probably out of the USA by now. I believe Tamerlane is probably a field asset who was brought home for this collaboration with DHS, he fits the ideal profile of a contemporary CIA field asset. Uncle Ruslan’s ties to the CIA are too strong for it to be nothing.

          If you are as close to this as you claim to be then you have a lot of hard questions to ask yourself. How well did your friend really know the family? Did they just know ‘Jahar’ as you call him? If Tamerlane is an asset then he will certainly see his daughter again. That’s if it is his daughter… you seem fairly certain it is. You could definitely be right about that.

          Operational security can be a pretty messed up thing. This WAS an intel operation and Dhzokhar/Jahar was probably too young to have been privy to much in the way of advance notice. He is probably pissed at his family, but relatively comfortable. This could be his introduction to the family business.

          • “Jahar” is how they pronounce his name and a lot of his friends just spelled it that way for ease. I am not offended by anything you said. I don’t claim to know if they had knowledge of being set up as patsies or not. I simply know that Jahar led a very normal life and did not seem to know anything about this right up until that night. Why would I have “hard questions” to ask myself? My friend’s daughter went to school with Jahar for four years. She was not a best friend of his, but in four years was well-acquainted with him and shared the circle with many of the same friends. In his community, there was nothing to indicate his involvement in anything secret. Why would he bother changing his major to nursing? Why even think about his future? View his tweets on the video. They are very light-hearted and kind. Would you think this way, knowing you were about to have your life trashed?

          • Nursing is a great major if you are going to be in combat. You need to know how to rig up intravenous fluids, dress a wound, calibrate proper drug dosage, prepare a tourniquet… etc. Many male nurses and even skilled surgeons are former Army medics.

            You are surely aware of what is going on in Syria and what happened in Libya with Colonel Gaddafi?

            NATO used young Muslim men from, many from Europe and perhaps even the United States, who they had trained and supplied, in conjunction with local malcontents and professional soldiers from the Gulf Arab states in order to conquer Libya and then they rapidly shifted gears to Syria. They portrayed this as a revolution when it was no such thing, the entire “Arab Spring” was a NATO operation. The battle for Syria is ongoing and vicious. It is my belief that the Tsarnaev clan is up to their eyeballs in this effort. I believe that Tamerlane may have even been in the field in Libya or Syria, but that is purely speculation on my part.

            When I say you have to ask hard questions, all I mean to imply is that some people you or your friend knows may be in on this. I think a significant number of Bostonians know what really happened at the marathon. Tamerlane was a Golden Gloves boxer, so a lot of people probably knew him too and they *probably* don’t believe he became a Jihadist.

            As far as his tweets go, Dzhokhar isn’t saying anything I wouldn’t expect to see from any other young soldier waiting to deploy. Lots of men I know who have served overseas are big softies. I realize this may sound a bit crazy to you, but you have to understand that Asymmetric Warfare is the new mode of conflict in the 21st century. The days of great armies battling it out are largely over, at least for the time being. The Tsarnaev brothers are Uncle Sam’s ideal soldiers. Study fourth generation and the theory of fifth generation warfare (4GW/5GW) and you will understand.

          • His Tweets are like a young man who is kind and fun-loving. I have a son his age who would never in a million years consider joining the military. He sounds like Jahar when he writes. Nothing in Jahar’s Tweets points to a pre-military “softee”.

        • Again, how can you be so sure that this family is what the MSM say they are?

          Dzhokhar/Steven could have lived a double life since he was 15-16. The mother and father… Something is SO off with them. And now we have identified almost identical persons, one is Steven’s father IRL, one is an arch zionist who even has a history of acting to be a muslim woman. And we even have video of her with identical voice, accent and gestures.

          I think the story they have created are supposed to make us both angry, frustrated and soft hearted, so that emotions takes over. When that happends, the brain stops working and we fail to see the obvious – EVERYTHING is a movie, from special effects to main characters.

          And the video in support of Dzhokhar.. It is a bit to “Hollywoody”, a bit to professional. Someone wants us to feel something. Always makes me suspicious.

          • Someone wants us to feel something… that’s right…. his friends! This is just some YT video made by friends of his. Unlike the commercials for the Sandy Hook event, it is not a slick piece paraded before the public on mainstream TV. One has to seek this out. Yes, they want anyone who may happen to see this, to feel something, and possibly question if he is innocent. Hardly anyone will actually see this video. It is not to be compared with anything put out for the masses by TPTB. As the video says in the end, if it was your child, friend, or you… wouldn’t you hope there were a few people left in the world who could still “feel something”?

      • Hi fug
        Lawyer here. You are spot on. I would gladly defend the kid for free. No one legit will ever get within a mile of him. The fix was in before day one.

  9. Ceruleanlake: I agree with you about the video, and I’m glad that videos like that one exist. Those people who are ignorant and easily manipulated need to have things put into perspective, and see a side of these these young men that are not being shown in the MSM. The “officials” don’t want us to view the brothers as human beings with loved ones and a life….they want us to just blindly accept what they are telling us they are: cold-hearted terrorists and murderers. They want us to hold this view in spite of the fact that there is ZERO evidence to support it, which is the truly frightening part. Every single person who knows Dzhokhar testified to the fact that he was a friendly, loveable, intelligent, funny, caring, talented kid who was beloved by others. Not a single friend, teacher or coach ( people who actually KNOW him) had anything negative to say about him. Yet, this doesn’t stop the media from calling him a dangerous murderer, terrorist, and “islamic extremist,” all baseless claims! Not a single shred of proof has been shown to illustrate that these brothers placed a bomb anywhere, shot a cop, or “threw bombs” at police. Not a single shred. All some people need to hear is what is told to them on their nightly news, and it is enough for them. Videos like this one on youtube NEED to be shared.

    • In politics and international affairs in these times, there is no such thing as morals or ethics. Murder and mayhem are the order of the day.

    • I do not understand your thinking. We agree on that the bombs were fake. That they used crisis actors as victims. That they used actors as heroes in cowboy hats. Actors as rescue workers and victims.They have made up storys about these people, about their previous history, families, etc.

      But when it comes to the muslim perps, then suddenly you and many others believe they are real.

      Why? What is the logic?

      They are after more than just portraying muslims as evil people. If that was it, they would not have chosen a puppy looking teen with powerful friends.Think outside the brainwashed two dimensional box, please.

      And how can you deny all that points to the same clans that acted SH?

      • Not trying to say you are wrong or anything but i just wanted to bring up a possibility that just popped into my head. What if one of or both of the brothers was involved in CIA or other black operations, and learned something he wasn’t supposed to or had plans to interfere with or expose their plans Sure, they could just kill him/them, why make all the fuss, well perhaps this is SOP, since it furthers their agenda, strikes fear into the hearts of the people, takes care of a ‘rogue’ asset, sends a message to other intelligence operators to stay in line, and probably brings many other benefits that i wouldn’t even be able to guess at. While this may not seem likely, it could be a possible answer to your question of why use a real person.

        Another point i would bring up is that it seems that the Tsarnaev brothers were the second choice of patsy/perpetrator. If you remember there was supposedly a suspect in custody at a police station or courthouse, they had claimed they were gonna make an arrest and charge the guy, suddenly there is an alleged threat made on that facility, they evacuate and set up a perimeter something like 100 feet away. An hour or so later they are talking about having identified the bombers as the Tsarnaev brothers. It appears they may have in fact been a contingency.

        Just a few thoughts, what is your take on them?

  10. Boy, did Dr K go silent! Why?

    Fellow Americans be careful of a psyop on top of the psyop. You’re being juped!

    • Well, did you pay and get the full report? Please explain your findings.
      Dr. K. does have a real life and a real job. One day off and you think Dr. K. has gone silent!

  11. ALL were willing participants in these false flags bottom line. Adam Lanza is Ryan, the bombers are particpants not patsys. Aurora shooter will get Hospital time and paid very well.

    The question is … Which EXECUTIVE BRANCH is doing it? & WHY? WHY? WHY?
    My fear … is it is leading to a LIVE event in which persons WILL be hurt & it will be an event on such a large scale as to enact “State Of Emergency” procedures.
    July, Virginia area?

    • There is no evidence to support your stance that they were “participants not patsies”. You say that you have the “bottom line” but there is ample testimony to the contrary from the people who know him, that Jahar led a normal life (including that of my friend’s daughter who went to high school with him for four years). I don’t claim to have the “bottom line” and know for sure that he was not a participant, but all the testimony suggests he was an unwilling patsy. I suggest that you read Michelle’s post above.

      • Correct: they weren’t even there. Good God, people, these men are victims of brutality and tyranny. Would anyone like to be in their position of having the whole world of tyranny hunting them down: they were HUNTED DOWN like WILD ANIMALS. Who will dispute it?

        • Yes what an idiot i must be asking for evidence! :)

      • “No evidence”? You are starting to sound like NJ… :-)

        We have…

        1. A Police Commissioner mistakenly calling them “actors”.

        2. Several interviews and press conferences with the relatives of the perps that are really weird and could be something out of “Borat”.

        3. Proven family connections to the CIA and other covert operators, not just one such connection, but two.

        4. Found two look-a-likes in zionist Todd Harmon’s FB photos.

        5.Found out that one of these look-a-likes in real life has a zionist father that also is a look-a-like to the perp’s father.

        6. Found a super zionist lady that is a gesture-, voice-, accent- and look-a-like that coincidently has played the role of a muslim woman before.

        7. Seen them most likely faking a shoot out with fake witnesses (the lady who appears in three different interviews in Boston and Sandy Hook).

        8. An event that in all other aspects is a complete hoax, from the bombs itself to the victims and witnesses.

        I would say that this makes it hard to keep on saying that the perps are real people being chased, severly injured and killed.

        • There are no look-alikes of any kind in the Greenberg album relative to the Tsarnaev brothers: none, zip, nada–zero. Why are you posting such fallacious information?

          • DrK. Have you looked at the pictures in the links I posted above? Do not say that these people do not look the same.

          • Okay… that boy is not Jahar! That research took me all of two seconds. I clicked on the first name in the caption. The boy’s name is Steve Levine and he looks nothing like Jahar now that he’s older. Here’s his page:

        • This is the aunt of the brothers. She brought them to the US ten years ago. Watch this and then tell me this is an act. Again, you are saying that Jahar is not a real person who led a normal life. Again, my best friend’s daughter (whom I have known since she was born) went to four years of high school with Jahar.

          Their apartment was full of sports equipment, not bomb making material. Jahar recently changed his college major, was at a party the night before he was supposedly going to steal a car and bomb NY! He had his own car, a green Honda, and Tamerlan’s car was in the shop! These are real people and if anything at all were unwilling patsies. TPTB surely planned their frame up long in advance, but they seemed to have no knowledge of it until that night they were hunted down after getting some snacks at the 711. What happened to the lie that they robbed the 711? Just because the ones who did Aurora, Sandy hook, and Boston have majorly screwed up their movies, does not mean that these brothers were leading double lives for 10 years. I’m not saying this is impossible. I always keep an open mind. But I am not ready to clamp it shut and say they are actors. As with James Holmes, Jahar could be in desperate need of help.

          Here is their aunt. This seems genuine to me:

          She is afraid for her life:

  12. In the above video at about 8:19, if you watch very carefully, the Israeli-looking guy behind the commander actually prompts the commander to say “shrapnel” after the commander says that it looked like a knife wound. You can see Mossad-man’s lips forming the word “shrapnel” as he turns his head to the side, and then the commander immediately corrects himself and says “shrapnel.” So apparently, the Mossad operative was the one really running that press conference, not the commander.

    • Great find. Please post the exact sequential time of the lip gesture. Will update all posts.

      • drkresearch – As I said, it happens at about 8:19 in the above video. Not sure what you mean by exact sequential time. He tries to hide the fact that he’s speaking by pursing his lips tightly together and turning his head to the side, but he definitely says the word “shrapnel,” after which the commander immediately changes his tune, and also says it was shrapnel.

  13. Looking even more closely at about 8:19 in the above video, as the Israeli operative says the word “shrapnel” in a tight-lipped manner and simultaneously turns his head to the side, he also appears to use his right hand to poke the commander in the lower back! You can see the Israeli guy’s right arm come up behind the commander, and the commander’s body moves slightly as he gets poked in the lower back. You need to expand the video to full screen and watch several times to see these details.

  14. Corrections to my previous comment – you can’t actually see the Israeli guy’s arm come up, and you also can’t really see the commander’s body move. It’s more of a movement of the Israeli guy’s right shoulder towards the commander’s back as he says the word “shrapnel” and turns his head to the side. I think that’s why the Oriental guy looked in his direction – he saw him tap the commander in the lower back. They’re obviously all scared to death of this guy – he’s probably an Israeli assassin who was given total control of this particular mission.

    • How easy it would be to stop this cancer if nations stayed homogenous in culture and race. But with all this mixing of ethnicity, the cancer can infiltrate and spread unhindered. Asia and Africa will be difficult to infiltrate until they too are turned into multicultural nations. They need to instigate a mass exodus of whites to these continents first. This is why this mafia talks so warmly about open borders and mass imigration to white/christian nations. An obviously Israeli-looking police, politician or general does not stand out the least with all the other orientals occupying important positions in society.

    • Yup. I saw this as it was broadcast on TV. As soon as I saw it I thought, “Wow, look at that! His ass is grass!” I was looking for this for weeks and could find it nowhere. It was not on CNN’s site. Sure enough, when CNN finally published it online, this whole part was edited out. Thank goodness someone had captured the original version then and posted it to YT.

  15. Try this then!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Anon
      I am glad you are here, we need you.

  16. In case anyone is not aware, the reason this particular interview is so incendiary is because the mainstream media was pushing the story that Jahar had shot himself in the throat as an attempt to commit suicide while in the boat. The SWAT team leader didn’t get the memo, as they say. His statement went against what all the news outlets were screaming.

    • Agreed. Definitely not the same person.

  17. I still tend to believe Tsarnaev brothers were not willing participants. But I find it a bit weird that Zubeidat Tsarnaev have always had a nice make-up on her face during the interviews; her eyebrows were carefully thickened by an eyebrow pencil (the thickness level is different in each of her photos), her eyelids are ruled with an eyeliner, there’s a lighter lipstick on her lips while her lips are contoured by a lip-pencil. Please forgive me if I sound rude as I don’t have this intention but is this the normal procedure that maybe CNN interviewers -or others- encourage people to have some make-up on their face during the interviews even if they experience a personal catastrophe, so maybe she couldn’t refuse them? As a female I couldn’t think about having make-up on my face while going to work for about ten days after I lost my 9 year old cat. So maybe she couldnt think about it either, if this was a real loss. Just an idea.

    • Maybe it is a cultural expectation. I don’t know, but perhaps just as Muslim women are not supposed to be seen without their heads covered, maybe the makeup (or upkeep of personal appearance) is also required regardless of loss. Just a thought.

      I read the comments under her video and I am posting one of them here, to remind us all of the level of blind vicious ignorance we are dealing with in the general population:

      “Oh really you miserable biatch? And what part did the dead 8-year old play? Rotten woman. She’s a radical and I bet she’s a terrorist. She’s a criminal for sure…shoplifter, welfare wh0re. For those of you who say she can’t be blamed…actually she can. She’s most likely the reason her sons were radicalized. I am a parent too…one is a U.S. Marine. Jim Rosent, instead of focusing your sympathy on an undeserving animal like her, why don’t you show it to the parents of the little boy who was killed?”

  18. I have not seen any real physical evidence that the so called Sarnoff brothers actually exist as represented. Ceruleanlake, you are also a troll of misdirection.

    • What on Earth would make you call me a troll? You are calling me a liar? Dr. K has known me for months and can attest that I am fully committed to researching these frauds. I don’t know who the hell you are, though. This case happens to have hit close to home for me because my best friend’s daughter, whom I have known since her birth, went to four years of high school with Jahar. I have pictures of them accepting the same scholarship. I have the yearbook picture of the entire class. And I have the individual senior yearbook pictures from the Cambridge Ringe and Latin High School. My friend also happened to be standing just down the street from the second bomb site.

      I am the furthest thing from a “troll” as is possible, as Dr. K will attest. We have worked very closely together since Sandy Hook. My friend’s daughter and Jahar’s other high school friends are traumatized by this. In the end it may turn out that he was leading a double life. I have said that I have no way of knowing at this point in the investigation. But you are NOT going to call me a troll and a liar. I am dedicated to finding the truth. You are some ASSHOLE.

      • You are talking like you have first hand knowledge. You sound like that jerk Mark Humphries who had it all figured out when the “planes went into the towers, and brought the towers down” Nobody here on this thread has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with irrefutable proof that these Sarnoff bothers, except for some CGI photo op, actually exist. You want to say “fake” to everything else, BUT then you run with the mossad narrative as if they exist. Its double minded.Thats a troll. You want focus on the actors and not the real perps.

        • All you do is run your mouth without actually reading what I say! I SAID, for the umpteenth time, that I have NOT come to a conclusion yet about the brothers’ involvement because we do NOT yet have enough information. If it turns out that they were willing participants, I would actually be relieved!!! I would rather that they were not murdered and tortured for nothing.

          Get it??? How many more times do I have to clarify my stance for your blockhead? What I have said… is that there is far more evidence of their leading normal lives without knowledge of what was about to happen to them, than there is for your assertion that they were actors. This evidence is based on numerous interviews with people who know them, and my very close to firsthand knowledge from my best friend’s child who knew Jahar for four years in high school!!!!!! These friends of mine live in Cambridge and knew him for four years. How that makes me a “troll” in your thick-headed world in undecipherable.

          I do not know if they were patsies or actors yet. No one knows that at this point. You are merely yelling your opinion, your perception. You may be right. You may be wrong, and a young man may need the help of humanity. You are taking the easy route out by telling yourself that you somehow KNOW they were actors. You’re done researching, aren’t you? So go nighty-night. Not much different than a sheep’s life. A belief with no foundation. Easy way out.

          • ” This evidence is based on numerous interviews with people who know them, and my very close to firsthand knowledge from my best friend’s child who knew Jahar for four years in high school!!!!!! These friends of mine live in Cambridge and knew him for four years. How that makes me a “troll” in your thick-headed world in undecipherable.” NOW HEAR THIS – ” I OBJECT , HEARSAY EVIDENCE. ” YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW THE RULES OF EVIDENCE. EVEN IF THESE 2 SARNOFF BROTHERS EXIST, PEOPLE SHOULD BE EXTREMELY INCREDULOUS OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. IM NOT THE BLOCKHEAD, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS OBTUSE. YOU KEEP REPEATING HEARSAY AND THAT MAKES YOU SUSPECT.

          • Direct witnessing by direct contact is highly desired on this site. Ease up on the name-calling: one warning, only.

        • I sent the yearbook picture of Jahar’s entire graduating class to Dr. K. She will post it on the site.


          • Take it easy on the caps: one warning only.

  19. All I been while here , is insulted because I didnt follow the party line on this thread. Your guests were rude to me first for asking a perfectly legitimate question, most notably Kenneth and Cerulaenlake. Prove to me that ANY of these guys exist, even the recent “murder” by the FBI/Mossad. Then we start from there, because the crisis actors are secondary and a distraction. Once you prove the perps dont exist, all you have standing there are FBI and Mossad holding complete bags of bullshit. Even IF the guys did exist people need to lean on all authorities for verifiable proof, just as a matter of exercise. and make them work for the public. “Show Me” Then when they dont or cant; guilty as charged. These perps were as fake as the planes on 911. That’s why they are “killed off”, no body, no crime.

    • It’s agreed that the faking can reach all levels. There is agreement that real proof of the claim of the deaths should be sought. But the claim that they don’t exist: what is the basis of that? Let’s all work on getting as much documentation as possible. No one disputes that.

      • Ok thank you and I agree.

    • Andre, I was not rude to you when you came on this forum. Go back and look at the posts. It was Kenneth who responded rudely to you. I never even replied to you until you rudely called me a liar and a troll.

      I am not asking anyone to believe me, but I am thankful that I do not have to waste research time and energy trying to figure out if Jahar was a real person who seemed to lead a promising life. I already know this, because as previously stated, my best friends’s daughter knew him for four years at Cambridge Ringe and Latin High School. I have the pictures of them in the class. But to you, this is not even sufficient proof. You very rudely called me a troll and a liar. Why don’t you call the school and verify his enrollment, graduation, and receipt of a scholarship for college? These are things that I have firsthand knowledge of. Instead of looking for this verification, you keep repeating the baseless claim that Jahar was an actor for the ten years he lived in Cambridge!

      As I have said, I have not concluded that he was or was not, knowingly involved. But I do know that he was a real person who led a real life. We have zero evidence to the contrary at this point.

      Once again, I did not even respond to you until after you called me a troll and a liar. I was not rude to you in any way when you came on here. Now you are lying as well as other rude behavior.

  20. I don’t recall whether the SWAT spokesman stated this about his team taking custody of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but, I just saw this:

    “There were several SWAT teams present, but the F.B.I. team initially took him into custody and then allowed members of one of the local police teams to cuff Mr. Tsarnaev, the official said.”

    Police Release Thermal Imaging Video of Boston Suspect’s Capture
    April 21, 2013, 4:57 pm

  21. Is This the Man Who “Radicalized” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
    Friday, May 31, 2013
    Joe Giambrone – Activist Post

    “I hope I didn’t contribute to it. That kid and his brother identified with the Chechen struggle.”
    –Brian Glyn Williams, South Coast Today, April 19th 2013

    Who is Brian Glyn Williams, and why was he telling his local newspaper such things relating to the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? This question may be highly relevant to our understanding of the bombing and of the longstanding Chechen insurgency itself. It was Williams who contacted South Coast Today reporter Steve Urbon first, and not vice-versa. This important article indicates a series of contacts between professor Williams and the boy who would later be accused of terrorism and mass murder at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

    Brian Glyn Williams bills himself as an associate professor of Islamic History at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. That’s where his byline tends to stop, abridged as it is. Recently, however, Williams has come clean about his CIA past as a field operative in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and around Central Asia in the early 2000s. He studied, of all things, the motivations of “suicide bombers,” establishing himself as an expert on the subject.

    Professor Williams also has a longtime association with the Jamestown Foundation, created by the head of the CIA in 1984 and steered by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Williams’ role as an “analyst” for Jamestown Foundation is usually also omitted from his byline, when his editorials appear in such mainstream journals as the Huffington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and elsewhere. Such failure to disclose his personal connections to US intelligence and to an intelligence-connected front organization mirrors his non-disclosure concerning his personal relationship with the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in those very same publications.

    Read more (much more) here:

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