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More Proof Paul Walker Death is a Hoax

There is no way this could be a real event with the detection of blood drizzlers and moulage moles at the time of the event. Not possible. It’s one or the other, that is it is either real or fake.

Do the Zionist moles of Hollywood simply feast on all this fraud? Is there no end to their chicanery?

Regarding the corpses seen on top the pile of burnt, twisted metal and charred fiberglass/plastic/upholstery these are not real corpses to any degree but are merely cadaver dummies, which has been demonstrated, here, repeatedly.


As can be seen by the shape of the torso and pelvis, clearly these are not real humans, dead or not. Nor are they bodies “burnt beyond recognition.” Nor do they even look remotely like the men in question. Nor does this image make any sense. Did the fire selectively burn off their clothes, rendering them naked, when in all other cases, in all other instances of sudden incineration injury to a human, the clothes are burned into the tissues? Only in Zionist chicanery can there be an unheard of exception to the rule?


These are dummies, dummies, and more dummies drizzled with mere red paint: sophomoric, even moronic, if it wasn’t so sick and wretched. Note the man-made pattern of the distribution of the fake blood. Too, that is, by the way, charcoal on the one face, not fire damage. The fire would never be selective to the face only. Regardless, it is not a face but is instead a silicon effigy.

Yet, who set up these dummies and how? No one can be seen doing so.

There are major gaps in the videos offered. Obviously, that was the time for performing the dummy drizzling routine under the cover of darkness; that’s what drizzler moles best do.


Moreover, here she is, the same drizzler mole who was responsible for dumping the fake blood on the empty gurney.


Same truncated hair style.

It is clear the same person, as identified by the body conformation and hair style, just earlier, when she first got there. That’s when the tarp was removed and the dummies set up, of course, without being recorded. Someone rushed too quickly and took the photos while she was still making the escape, presumably with any sheets, residual fake blood bags, and the dummies’ clothes.

In the original images posted of these dummies on BeforeItsNews.com this screenshot was taken. Seemingly eerie, if not macabre, it shows what appear to be effigies. At the minimum it shows moulage moles busy plying their trade, which including not only the placement of the dummies but also the drizzling of fake blood.


It is impossible to know what it is. Yet, it sure is bizarre.

Here is that mole of moles, the white-shirted woman, carrying a Ziploc bag of fake blood. She is carrying it possibly by its base, holding it in her right hand.



That Ziploc bag of tempura paint-fake blood is firmly pinched in her gloved right hand.

It is known for sure that this is the case and it is not a reflection, as some claim, of the light from the flickering red lights, because in her nervous panic she accidentally popped the bag and sprayed some of that fake blood into her face.


She can be seen, here, wiping it off with her index finger, the bag of fake blood, once again, being held in her right hand. With the other moulage or gurney mole looking on, the woman in the Hollywood-issue, movie-style coroner’s jacket, complete with that smirking smile, the mole opens one of her many packets and begins disseminating it on the sheets, which can be seen clearly below:


From Ziploc bag in hand to dumping it on the empty stretcher. What more proof does anyone need?

Lots of smirks and smiling faces in this hoax. Not something that would be expected after stumbling upon two men roasted alive in an inferno. That would be macabre for any real witness.


Lamp pole and sign perfectly placed (yes, placed) parallel to the curb. The fire is via pyrotechnics and accelerants and has nothing to do with an actual car crash. Yet, that kind of fire and there is no char of any kind to the ‘bodies?’

A car crash of a fiberglass-metal vehicle into a lamp pole, a sign, and two trees? Really? Yet, there is no clear damage to the front end of the car as would be expected from the crash? So, just where and how did it impact a concrete lamp post with such force as to knock it down?




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  1. I am having a hard time seeing the moulage in the area to the right of the bodies

    • It’s the moulage mole, the one that laughs at the end. Same truncated hair-style. She is in the midst of that darkness. Added a photo for clarification. It appears that she is in that mix.

  2. My goodness I can’t believe people actually waste their time concocting ridiculous bullshit like this?! Are you for real man?

    • Well said

  3. I’m surprised no article about Nelson Mandela hoax?

  4. You may know this already – http://www.PressTV.ir appears now to be in the “American false flag
    reporting” business, although we can’t accuse the IRANIANS of being ZIONIST ALLIES (yet).

    Check out the http://www.PressTV.ir report here about another Colorado shooting, in which the gunman (as always) commits suicide (or so they say).

    See http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/12/13/339830/colorado-school-shooting-injures-two/

    Disturbing, is that the IRANIANS refer to Sandy Hook again, despite being sent the http://www.NoDisinfo.com information.

    We think that they are hyping any reports of American violence (false or not), to strengthen their valid arguments against American aggression in the Middle East.

    Brad DeShane, for CT GLOBAL and CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    • It’s possible. All the Middle East seems to accept whatever is in the News as true. Where is Mr. Khomeini? He fought against the Zionists all by himself. Who knows what is going on now.

      • Khomeini according to this article (A) was a British agent. (B) He was not Iranian but rather half British , surname Williamson, and half Kashmiri Indian. And (C) Could not speak the Iranian language of Farsi, having only a 200 word vocabulary.


        • NO: he threw out Rockefeller’s Shah. Not a British agent. Disinfo.

          Not British or half British: 100% Arabic blood and yes, not an actual Persian. His parents were not actual Persians but in no way was he an agent of the cabal.

          The article is filled with lies. Easy to prove.

          • The Shah was thrown out by the same people who installed him as Shah in the first place, the satanic Zionist Cabal and their front the CIA and Mi6.
            The Shah objected to his country being flooded with cheap opium by the CIA and Mi6. His people were being turned into drug addicts by the millions. In other words he was becoming nationalistic and stopped carrying out the satanic Zionist Cabals orders. So they decided he had to go and replaced him with another Zionist puppet the half British/ half Kashmiri Hindi ” Ayatollah Khoneini who named himself after the Iranian village of Khomein.
            Will the “Mullahs” start WW3 on the orders of the satanic Zionists by attacking their other invention, the hell hole that is Israel?
            Here is another link to his Kashmiri originins;


          • Garbage. What is your purpose of spreading lies about a man who has absolutely no blood from the British population? Can you see? Have a look at him. He is 100% Middle Eastern. And, by the way, it is proven that his ancestors are Arabic, not British and Hindi: ridiculous.

          • OK. Here is more evidence for Khomeini being an agent of the British Mi6 and his British roots through his father from a website called discovering Islam which is not an anti-muslim but rather a pro-muslim website;


          • No, just think about it instead of reading the site. The Zionists hated Khomeini and still hate him. He called out world Jewry for its crimes. Good God, man, the British aren’t so powerful to draw 9 million people into the street and throw out their own installed monarchy overnight without any bloodshed? That’s a divine thing, not a ‘monarch’ thing. Regardless, the Zionists initiated the Iran-Iraq war to attempt to destroy the newly occurring revolution? Destroy their own revolution? Use chemical weapons in desperation against their own ‘agent?’

            It is fairly well documented that the Zionist secret police assassinated Khomeini’s eldest son. An agent?

            The Shah was precisely a Rockefeller-Rothschild agent. THERE IS NO DOUBT about that.

            Neither he nor his father had any British roots or any British genes. Use your head.

          • More evidence to suggesting Khomeini was a British agent;


  5. His body did not exactly burn so much long… I don’t think it’s so unbelievable.
    And she is pouring something. Parfume? xD
    Anyway, there’s a link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKhuexe0bGA&hd=1
    LA Coroner about the death of PW

  6. Check Tyrese Gibson facebook… His post r quite interesting. Go check urselves if there’s anything thought-provoking…
    Been observing for a while now, CAN.U.FEEL.IT?

    1. 10/10 Miss my bro -> a link to “Disel time!”
    2. 10/10 Genius intentions..
    3. 10/10 Never ruin an apology with an excuse…
    4. 11/10 Voltron Travel let us help get you there….

    U know what I’m trying to say?

  7. Just look at the water pipe right to the crash side. U miss the most important point. The water pipe. How could the car drive through it?! It is still there!

    • Or it’s a gaz pipe…

      • No, 100% water pipe. Why are you trying to imply gas?

        • It is a fact that the direction of the impact is not possible. The water pipe is still there and the car couldn’t fly. It is impossible. Look at the aerial videos or google maps. The car was placed there.

    • I never even looked at that area, i would believe it if i saw the tattoo on his wrist cos dental records can be faked & there is a pic of a guy in a black shirt looking at the car if it was tapped off how is he standing so close. Defo faked his death

  8. It is also strange that his brother Cody went to his house a few days after the accident to get some of Paul’s belongings….including clothes, rifle, surfboard, aqua tainer bottle (to keep water fresh), a bunch of boxes, and maybe a sleeping bag (appears to be in the car). It’s strange that his brother collected his belongings so quick after his death…but it’s even more strange about what he took from his home…and why those items?

    • Holidays with Voltron Travel, lads&gents! 😉

    • Exactly..i was thinking about that a few days ago..why would he do that..thats a good point

      • I think this is for real. The police would have not permited to put on dummies at so important celebrity crash location.

        • Lol the police were never around because this was all fake. Don’t you get it!? They may even have notified the police so they know not to respond,real police and EMT and fire brigade were never there.its not very hard to do. How do you think movies and tv shows are filmed?!

  9. Why a fake crash!? He was in a middle of shooting a huge movie, let alone that if he is really alive then he cannot hide being such a famous name. Why would he want to kill himself!? As much as I would like to think he’s alive I’m sure he’s dead. A lot goes on in a crime scene and nothing is really obvious from these pictures, nothing is clear. The only thing I don’t understand is that there was someone getting out of the car while burning and that someone was possibly standing and I feel that if it was Paul Walker thn he had a good chance of getting away from the car. I felt this might be a conspiracy and possible hoax but logically I don’t think that would happen.

    • I agree! No one can hide from this, but the fact that his brother came to his house and picked up things that are not needed like a water bottle is confusing, or maybe the family want to make their own memorial in their house.
      I read somewhere that it is a hoax because they wanted to promote F&F7 more than it is already promoted ’cause the fans and other people would want to know how they would pull off the movie without him being there when in fact he is alive (not my words)
      Anyway, I hope he’s living his life to the fullest if he didn’t die.
      & RIP Paul If he did.

  10. To the author of this article and the idiots believing this crap….i cant even begin to say how ignorant these claims are. First of all you the author are not educated enough nor do you have the background to say what a burnt body looks like. I myself have 2 tours to Iraq and dealt with plenty of burnt bodies and there is no Golden standard for what a body looks like after massive trauma and fire. Every body is different and every tragedy is different. Of course with your line of thought I guess I never really went to a war zone and experienced that….I was probably kidnapped by moles and put into a coma and they embedded those memories in my mind. Why is it when a tragedy happens people come out of the woodworks to come up with crap like this. This is jot a faked event this happen and 2 people lost their lives…am i devastated by their deaths or do I have any connection with this men? No i dont. I just cant stand to see ignorance. People like you are part of whats wrong with this country. So in closing until you work accidents and deal with bodies on a daily basis please stop making up asinine stories that the uneducated and gullible masses of our country will believe. This does nothing but create more people who question reality and lead to the demise of our country.

    • I wouldn’t call them “idiots”, some poeple are just abused by some others because they’re grieving. A bit like some mediums…
      Just don’t pay attention to these articles.
      But let’s them be free to think if he’s alive or not. Once the grief passes, they’re gonna realize.
      Also, I wanna say that it’s possible that some people have faked their deaths.
      I’m not specially talking about PW. But it’s still possible.
      Nothing to do with education, that’s so “psychological”

      • You are absolutely correct people have faked their deaths in the past. But the caliber of claims that are being thrown around on this website are asinine. I registered for this site and posted just because it really disturbs me at how far people reach into the details of tragedies to come up with opinions that have no basis. And freedom of speech is a right I fought for myself and agree in it thats why I am expressing my view on how ignorant these claims are just like people have the right to post this crap. Its just really sad that people take photos and analize them with silly assumptions and then post it out there and people believe it. For instance with these PW photos noone myself included can assume what that woman was doing or what she had in the bag. So where are peoples minds and thought process in order to conceive the idea she is planting fake blood. Dont people think that if a millionaire wanted to fake his death he wouldnt cover all these bases. The paranoid ideology that is gripping such a large portion of our population is sad. If these people put forth half the effort towards bettering this country that they do bringing it down we would be in alot better shape.

        • Actually, there’s nothing you can do about it. So if you want, you can jsut read, maybe you could change your mind. But lots of people think he could be still alive, here or in another sites. And anyway, dead or not, we won’t see him anymore…

          • I really dont understand where you are going with your reply to my previous post but whatever floats your boat. I have given up on this website and the content it has. The whole PW thing is what lead me to this website but now its obvious that the PW incident is nothing compared to the absurd claims this website is making. I just wish it was as easy as just forget about it and ignore it but the propaganda this site distributes is what creates radical thinking which leads to radical behaviors. And does that affect me? Your damn right it does I have spent 3 years of my life away from my family trying to eliminate this plague of radicalists and to find a website that promotes the idea of islamaphobia and zionists. This entire website is just adding fuel to the fire.

  11. The person that wrote this shit is obviously in deep denial and probably a sad obsessed fan of some kind of generally just a mentally disturbed individual..He burnt to a crisp. Hes dead. Hes not hiding.Neither is Michael Jackson.or Elvis.grow up.Seek medical Help.

  12. Im starting to wonder aswell its all a very fishy & i didnt really think anything of his brother taking certain things from the house, when my aunt died we too pictures & things we wanted in our house, sorting everthing else took a few weeks as it was so upsetting & he is on his own why isnt anyone helping, if paul did die, whos the guy standing next to the car cos it doesnt look like a cop to me & hes in a black shirt, he found out about some drug so maybe the fbi/cia had to fake his death to protect him.

  13. PW’s official death certificate has now been creased to the public, i suppose your going to say that the coroner’s death report is also false?

  14. above typo released to the public

  15. JIM TORP gives credibility to any Paul Walker HOAX story since he is caught blattenly lying over and over and can’t keep his story and facts straight. What an insult to Paul Walker and His Family. Also, the big fat pig woman who is with the Coroner’s office who walks around the accident scene kicking things out of the way like a mad pig is so ‘UNPROFESSIONAL’. Can anyone believe that such sorry and low class people were involved in this accident investigation. I mean REALLY, I have witnessed more professionalism on side of the interstate accident investigations and local crime scenes. I’m very surprised both the PIGS, JIM TORP and The FAT Woman from LA CORORNERS office weren’t walking around with chicken legs in their hands and talking with their mouth’s full. That was apparently the only thing that would have made either of them any worse than they were. God people, where is the decency?

  16. The one and sure way to prove whether or not this was a hoax is for this media to find any reports of anyone collection on any life insurance policies or other. It is not illegal to ‘fake’ your death but it is illegal to commit any other crime while doing so and that means collecting life insurance monies. That is so simple and if there is any credibility to this media reporting this and accusing this claim, that would be the first thing to uncover to really blow the pot off the stove on Paul Walker. Accomplishing that, you would have to make everyone who has bad mouthed you eat their dirt.

  17. I have been told that the LA coroner was a Evonne D Reed who was the coroner of PW crash report, so my friend had done some research on this person and she is legitimate? here is her ID.details


    • what’s your point here? He is bad at his job or he is fake??

  18. Meadow is going to movies withbbieber. Jasmine is missing as no one has seen or talked to her. Why are they being so quiet!???? Any new info!?

    • Not really. The moles and hucksters of this scam are being fully revealed. Keep posting links, though.

    • It was reported that only close immediate family and close friends had attended the funeral and there were pictures of them on a beach, but funny no pictures of jasmine with the group and probably she was not invited by PW family?

  19. well that it’s true where is Jasmine she wasn’t in the funeral and anyone hasn’t seen her but on the hand she is probably just home crying and trying to get over it.

  20. Oops spelling correction but on the OTHER hand

  21. The car was sideways when it hit the lamp. Paul Walker had his hand up protecting himself, his right wrist was broken. THE CAR WAS RIPPED INTO.. Bodies are mostly water, of course they’re not gonna be charred. My God you guys really need to step back an look at the big picture. They were losing control. An as for your fake blood. These photos show notta.. nothing!

  22. Yes a hoax. So was OJ. hahahaha SUCKERS!!!

  23. So was Farley,MJ,Elvis,Morrison,Joplin,Hendrix and many others. OJ was hoaxed to keep the guy now in offic from that happening to. Don’t belive me go look again. ALL faked. Hoaxed. rAll with motive. Some motive. Money or to protect history and fame of this good ole country yolive in. All a nice try though but you cannot i repeatr cannot fool the naked eye. Close but no cigar. Now that I let the cat of the bag on the OJ thingy. Go relook at it take another look at it in this eye set that I have given you and really see..Belushi faked too. Monroe yes. JFK,JFKJR,Teddy Kenneddy, hmm who else. Well anyone you can think of. Now and in the future to come. haha

  24. The proof Paul Walkerrs death is a hoax is simply the very corny bsided way in which it was done. Like a bad B movie out of the 50’s. It should have been done much much better. It was not and so we all see it is a fake.

  25. Its like tupak and bigee I mean 1st they faked tupaks so didee had ta use the same bluprint and fake bigees.

  26. Well there ya hav it. My take on Pauls and others. I just had to say it here. Once and for all. I am so sik of the media bein used to fake people out and get money mo money mo money I mean come on people we aint dum here we are highly intelligent human beings with brains brains that were God given brains that when look thru cannot be faked or falsed of anything seen. So thats my words here. Peace. Out..

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