Boston Bombing — 03 May 2013
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Proving the Boston Hoax by Pictures, #4

The Boston bombing scam is essentially a Department of Homeland Security false flag attack, purely theatrical. All the people in this immediate scene are paid operatives, perhaps even the runner, who conveniently goes down right at the blast point and is then available for national interviews. The drill had been fully announced, even by the major media. Runners were made fully aware that despite the heightened security there was no danger to them or the spectators.



The two women in the front are operatives and are acting the false flag out; are not frightened in the least. Notice their DHS badges prominently displayed:

dhsmolesdisp dhsmoledetected

These individuals are wearing taxpayer-supplied yellow sports jackets as a diguise. Underneath tells the real story. The police in the background are actors, attempting to create the air of authority. These men were duly informed that it was a drill. Boston bomb squad sent out a message, including through Twitter, that there would be, incredibly, a controlled explosion in the same proximity worked by these DHS agents.

Downed runner is part of the act. If not, how bizarre. The police are more concerned with tearing down the barrier than attending to a man obviously down on the ground.


It can be seen from this photo that all these individuals are a part of a pre-ordained DHS drill. It can also be clearly seen that the potential victims of this bomb-blast were well taken care off by being prohibited to the site through the metal barrier. No is seen to the right screen of that barrier, the area of the dust bomb; note how the vinyl barrier is puffed out at that point. These three men are more concerned with removing the blue barrier than the runner down on the ground.





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  1. Yes it is proven before even a shade of doubt that Boston incident was staged.

    Also go to

    On behalf of all truthseekers my thanks go to the researchers of this website (,, corbett report, memory hole, and

    Now the danger is of another false flag.

    See below where explosives have been stolen in Montana. Is this another effort to blame White patriots by the DHS run Jews now that fake war on terror implicating innocent Muslims is falling apart?

    • To win this you need to win over all the jews that hate the bankster zionist mafia as much as we do. It is much more complicated than jews, christians and muslims. We are all in this together. Many jews are as fooled as the rest of the sheeple. All this religions against religions BS is part of the evil hoax they play out on us. They want us to fight eachother over ethnical and religious reasons. The people at the top do not give a rat’s ass about Israel and common jews. They have proven that from time and again.

      Change the terminology. Win the war.

  2. Eustace Mullins knew who ruled our rulers. You can hear him explain this at, “Eustace Mullins, The Neo-Zionist Order”, found at youtube.

  3. Of course, there are the reactions of men like Kenneth Vance, a youtuber, posting, “The Government Fears the Awakening–Unplug the Matrix.”

  4. The US Government = non-stop lies.

    • Ok, so to just get this conspiracy thoery clear, what you are saying is that within the space of a few seconds, a large area was covered in debris, barriers were bent and laid on top of people, wooden fencing broken into pieces, fake blood poured all over the place, fake injured people put in place, shop windows broken. And not only was this done within a few seconds, but also, none of the people who were not actors saw it happen.

      • Exactly.

      • Notice what WASN’T broken. The slats of the wooden fencing are intact. The bulbs of the streetlamp didn’t even get hit by a piece of shrapnel (the pattern formed by an explosion would tend to have some pieces in the periphery – in spite of a fairy tale about it being “only on the ground”). The flags are not ripped but the clothes of the actors are. Etc.

        They had a lot of time to get ready back in those shops which get their windows blown out at some point. That’s backstage, so no, it didn’t all happen in seconds. You couldn’t even see the people at the finish line behind those barriers.

        Now think about it – why would anyone stand behind so many barriers where they couldn’t see the runners? Because they weren’t there to watch the race.

        The people at Forum (2nd explosion) were filmed at a barrier at some unknown point in time – though since there were so few of them they had to make it up that there was even worse carnage there to get the numbers.

        Look into it. You made an error to say the stuff all happened at once and that the wooden slats got broken in the blast. NOTHING was broken in the blast. NADA.

      • Yes, it makes much more sense that debris would be blown towards a real bomb.

  5. The problem here is that you are claiming “the government is evil enough to create massive and logistically complicated plots to erase our freedoms, but somehow not evil enough to kill people.” It would be far easier to ACTUALLY set off a bomb and kill/maim people than hire actors and stage the whole thing in a very public place with the media present. Hiring actors means too many loose ends– the actors could talk, so they would have to be killed anyway, so why bother with actors in the first place.

    There also seems to be this weird assumption that every shooting or terrorist attack is fake simply because the government will use it to take away our rights, but of course the government will move to increase security if it’s a real attack too, so how the government acts after the fact means nothing.

    • Did I say they’re evil? They are playing propaganda games. Plus, no statute of limitations on murder. Regimes fall. Dictators have been made to answer for their crimes, even by other countries. Why kill when you don’t have to? See how well this is working for them? They’ll get away with it.

    • Trying to account for the logic of the perpetrators in determining what happened is an equally wrong approach. Eliminate the impossible, and whatever is left no matter how implausible, must be the truth. Thus spake Arthur Conan Doyle.

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