Sandy Hook — 08 April 2013
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Schoolchildren in Windham, N.H., will no longer be allowed to play dodgeball because of the Sandy Hook tragedy, a New Hampshire school board has decreed.

“When I saw the names of some of these (dodgeball) games, unfortunately guys, we live in a world where 20 babies were slaughtered, Windham School Board member Stephanie Wimmer said. “We need to take the violence out of our schools and not teach it.”

The board voted 4-1 to ban “human target games” for kindergarten through 12th grade at all schools. It cited a National Association for Sport and Physical Education study that called dodgeball inappropriate because “weaker” children are targeted more often and “being hit by a hard-thrown ball does not help kids develop confidence.”

The lone board dissenter Dennis Senibaldi, said, “It was offensive to even put a tragedy like Sandy Hook in the same realm as dodgeball. They’re not even in the same universe. They are billions of miles apart. They are not even comparable.”

For now, background checks are not required for purchasing a dodgeball in New Hampshire. “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” can still be rented from Netflix without a waiting period.

Meanwhile, despite its bad rep, dodgeball is still managing to proliferate in the other 49 states.

The town of Bellevue, Neb., for example, hosted a fundraiser dodgeball tournament in January.

The beneficiary of the event? The Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

How far will they go?

What will they want to ban next?


What makes this even more incredible is the fact that Sandy Hook didn’t name. That makes this ban a double crime. The play-sport  can simply be managed to make sure that people don’t abuse it. The ban is an act of tyranny, aimed at increasing more and more tyranny. Parents in the area need to rise up and put a stop to this.

If there is any bullying the blame, if there is any, is in the supervisors for neglecting their responsibility of supervising. An actual installed ban is just another movement towards increasing tyrannical acts. Mr. Sinabaldi, above, is the only person in this group who didn’t act, or, rather, react emotionally on the basis of a the Sandy Hook emotionalism.

What a shame. As a youth that was one sport that I looked forward to, even though I rarely did well. It could be abused, surely, with mean-spirited children (it got hit with a ball by a meanie, once): but to legislate against the game based upon Sandy Hook is highly suspect, especially considering the language being used.

The ban must be rescinded. Dodgeball is a ‘fun’ game that many children look forward to. It helps in their coordination. Let it be more properly managed, and let supervisors be made responsible for any bullying surrounding it. However, banning such games at a State or Federal level, unless they are proven to cause notably physical  harm, must be halted. It is merely a tool to increase tyrannical rule over the people.

Then, to ban it over a lie? That surely reveals that the motivation to ban it was itself a scam for which the apparent perpetrator, Stephanie Wimmer, must be held responsible for uploading and perpetrating a hoax.

Let’s analyze what this hoaxer said:

…unfortunately, we live in a world where 20 babies were slaughtered.

There are two lies, here. The purported deaths were in 6-year olds. A baby is different from a six-year old. Wimmer is involved in a plot. Why else would she specifically use the word “babies?” The real lie, though, is even claiming the massacre. Yet, the fact that she did so with the use of such terminology proves that she is acting maliciously.

Not everyone agrees with this opportunist:

“If dodgeball is done right, it’s safe and well worth the activity,” said Windham High School Athletic Director Bill Raycraft.

One mother described the decision as “ridiculous.”

“This is dodgeball, it is American pie,” said lone School Board member holdout Dennis Senibaldi. Moreover, Senibaldi was not impressed with Vice-Chairman Wimmer’s comments.

Who is Stephanie Wimmer?

The board members can be found here:

Whoever she is, clearly, her proposal was agenda-driven. She is using a fake massacre to create new legislation, just like the gun control hoaxers.

Regardless, what kind of message does this send? That school-children and teachers are being penalized for an event–even if it did happen–but worse, for an attack to be made against the sport based on a terminal lie? The school staffers and children should be informed that they have been stripped of this sport because of not a legitimate cause but instead because of a malicious fabrication.




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  1. OMG….Seriously?! I had a love/hate relationship with that game in school…lol…but, c’mon!? Banning it? What are those nor’easters drinking up there??? Grape kool-aid laced with the blood of bleeding hearts!!? SMH….

  2. Yes, all should be notified that the reason why dodgeball was banned in Connecticut is due to a malicious fabrication. Btw, I certainly do understand why some gym teachers do not allow dodgeball as a game.

    • Yes, and that is how it should be done, on an individual basis, especially if it is abused: to legislate it based on Sandy Hook is the fraudulent element.

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