Sandy Hook — 05 April 2013
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The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has permanently revoked the federal firearms license of East Windsor, Conn., gun store owner David LaGuercia, whose shop reportedly sold guns used in the Newtown school massacre and a second Connecticut mass shooting.


ATF spokeswoman Deb Seifert told The Journal News on Thursday that she could not be more specific on the reasons LaGuercia’s license was revoked. It was revoked Dec. 20 and the 60-day time frame to appeal has expired.

“It’s been revoked,” Seifert said. “It’s final at this point.”

Seifert declined to comment on any criminal investigation into Riverview Gun Sales, which ATF agents raided in December, days after the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary left 26 dead. She referred questions on any criminal probe to U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Tom Carson, who could not be reached Thursday for comment.

Citing anonymous sources, The Hartford Courant has reported that the guns used in the Newtown massacre, including a Bushmaster rifle, and the mass shooting at Hartford Distributors Inc. in 2010 that left eight dead were both bought legally at LaGuercia’s gun shop.

LaGuercia could not be reached Thursday for comment at the store, which continues to sell ammunition, clothes and other accessories, said a female employee, who declined to give her name.

In December, LaGuercia said in a statement that he was “absolutely appalled” to learn that a gun he sold to Nancy Lanza may have been used by her son Adam in the Newtown massacre.

“There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a child, and I am absolutely appalled that the product that was sold several years ago would be used in this type of crime,” he said in the statement at the time. “Our hearts go out to the victims’ families and, as a father of three, I know firsthand of a parent’s loss and it’s the worst nightmare.

“We are cooperating with law enforcement in their efforts to get to the bottom of this senseless tragedy,” he said.

Editor’s note:

There is no evidence, in fact, minus evidence that this shop or any other sold Nancy Lanza any guns. Thus, the write-up by this news journal is propaganda. Admin posted this as a curiosity, but the premise is false. All gun shops interviewed show no record of Adam Lanza buying any weapons. they couldn’t even find any CCTV evidence of either Adam or Nancy entering any such shops. Note the citing of anonymous sources. Therefore, the Hartford Courant’s statement regarding this, italicized above, is false.


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  1. I don’t see that the store committed any crime by selling the guns. It seems hardly the store’s fault that any crime was committed using a weapon they innocently sold to someone. We need some specifics on this. I suspect the ATF will wait a short while and then reinstate the store’s permits to sell….just more drama.

    But let’s consider the possibility that this story is just one more fake fabrication to keep the hoax alive.

    • Agreed. It’s just a re-post; nothing analyzed or confirmed.

      • We should have a discussion!!.

  2. The Police Report states that three weapons were found inside the school. NO photos of these guns actually inside the school has ever been seen. No photos, even censored ones, have been seen of any bodies inside the school. No photos have been seen of any bodies being removed from the school [photographers were staked out all night, just in case]. There are no photos of even one ambulance anywhere near the doors of the school. All of this can only lead anyone with three brain cells to declare….hoax.

  3. This may in fact be part of the fabrication to keep the hoax alive

  4. This statement says it all,

    “We are cooperating with law enforcement in their efforts to get to the bottom of this senseless tragedy,” he said.

    Mr. LaGuercia has been paid off or threatened or both, and he will not raise a finger in his own defense. Typical behavior in this heinous scenario.

    Joe Sansone, for CT Global at and

    CT America – Join CTA tomorrow for the “Sandy Hook Scam Update,” at – we will NAME SUSPECTS and their alleged crimes in another NO HOLDS BARRED global broadcast.

    • I agree with CT Global 100%!

  5. My family member told me that ATF is a Law-unto-Themselves. They make up laws and rules on the spot. They are totally out of control. If you merely look the wrong way at them, they can take all your guns and there is nothing you can say or do about it.

  6. Ah yes, “An Arrogant Bankster Says Goodby” posted at vidrebel.wordpress today.

  7. I listen to the radio for news once in a while but the internet is the best.Urgent news needs to be known quickly especially in this “M” world of ours.We are definitely been duped,all of us,all around by this episode.I’m not too sure of the address of this place though?.

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    Thanks to and for your courageous efforts to effect Truth and Justice.

    Joe Sansone, for CT Global and CT America

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  9. Host, have you researched Jordan marsh? There is much circulating about this guy. Allegedly he stole numerous guns from that store including an AR-15. Lots of good info on this blog, scroll down for the info about Marsh.

    • It’s all a side-show. The stolen guns seemed relevant at first, but not any more. There was no AR-15 found at the school. Nor was there any shooting of any kind.

    • Yes, the Jordan Marsh story is very interesting…It looks like this gun shop was part of fast & furious (seriously) with the amount of gun walking that has gone on there.

      • Feeling a liitle bit of the tropical heat,eh!!,mate!!.A little bit of sun-bathing or sun-tanned doesn’t hurt anyone,i always say.Don’t you agree mate?.Let’s Rock On then!!.

      • I thought the shooting had happened but after much research and the lies about Jordan Marsh. Do you guys know Jordan Marsh stole that gun on December 11,2012. Three days before the shooting not the day after the shooting. Do u guys know that he was arrested on December 14 for an incident. Sick lying bastards.

        • He’s just a goat. There was no shooting: no gunfire. No real action. All fake. No killings. No one died. A total fraud.

  10. I try to understand everything but not all.This Jordan Marsh episode is very interesting to me and to other readers as well.Luckily,internet is still working as my tv has broken down,no imagery,no sound is available to get the best news.All of this episode is sometimes give me a headache and a little bit hungry,need a break,need to go on a holiday of sorts.Looking at the world map and thinking of some exotic travelling destination to past the time while having some snacks.Too bad about the snacks though as my top pistachios and dates in the middle plate is all sour and the rest needs to be thrown into the garbage bin.

  11. This is like closing down GM because a car they sold had a drunk driver behind the wheel and kil led someone. This is BS and I believe it is to send a message, look how easy we can destroy you if you don’t do what we say.
    People in town are coming forward and a local CNN reporter said he could find no evidence of the kid after 2009. Since then, other have said the same thing, only three members of the family could be found, including neighbors saying they didn’t see him.
    This is an intimidation tactic.

  12. Is it must me, or did the school feel like like an unused school? Was there playground equipment? No Christmas decor around of hanging in the windows.
    No video shown, a witness said there was no broken glass, and some residents said when they drove by the Fire department, people were there an hour before.
    I worked around rescue vehicles for years, and you never block them in, and none, not one, had any lights on. You can see a video of people walking in circles in one door and out another at the fire station. And the people standing around in the FD had access to pallets of water sitting there and the people had IDs on Langards around their necks.

    • Yes, this is actually hard proof that this was all a pre-orchestrated drill: or Hollywood-like TV set for creating the basis of the scam. Good summmary. It would appear to have been a shuttered school, with Hochsprung and Robinson acting as cover agents; Robinson herself acting shortly thereafter as a gun grubber. The staging area was simply the firehouse, so that’s where the EMS fakery occurred, as seen in the post, The Gurneys of Sandy Hook.

      • Thank you, that was my take.

  13. Sometimes we do give the wrong impression but this is the consensus reached by the many not the few.The signs are there if one is not blinded and duped by the hypocrisy of it all.While we are looking over the horizon,friends of the boy “j” is encircling us everywhere.That is why it has been eons and still no recovery.This episode is a nightmare and it is only going to get worse.I wished i didn’t threw all of the lower quality pistachios and dates as it was meant to be offerings for the “J” boy.

  14. What is happenning is very sad.What kind of a world are we living in today.Look at the system and think about the Old illusion of Choice.There is a similarity between the two.What is this all about?.Is it philosophical or ideological?.If we take look at the system and the religion,we can cry.I do love listening to the soundtracks of the movie Kingdom Of Heaven.

  15. If the CT legislators do not have SWORN,OATHS of OFFICE filed and recorded with the
    applicable State and Federal agencies, their VOTES may be NULL and VOID.

    OATHS of OFFICE are usually (always?) required by State Constitutions (and The US Constitution) and State/Federal laws and administrative rules.

    If those who voted for the oppressive CT GUN LAWS can be legally challenged in this manner, the laws can possibly be declared null and void.

    In addition, the Second Amendment violations are clear, especially if evidence of the Sandy Hook hoax is submitted.

    Brad DeShane, for CT Global and CT America

  16. Here’s another tack – corporate “shadow governments” are behind ALL STATE GOVERNMENTS and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They even have “DUNS” numbers for credit purposes

    The CT legislators really work for a SHADOW CORPORATION(s) in Connecticut, possibly “The Connecticut Company LLC.” They are NOT representing “We The People” when they enact laws such as the new CT gun legislation. Therefore, the laws may be NULL and VOID on that basis..

    You can check the CT Secretary of State’s website for possible shadow entities. Sometimes these shadows are out-of-state corporations. .

    The Delaware Secretary of State’s website lists the TWO MAJOR UNITED STATES SHADOWS, the profit “The United States of America, Inc.” and the not-for-profit “United States of America, Inc.” The agencies of the U.S. government also have shadows.

    Brad DeShane, for CT Global

    • Note: Two of the previous posts have been moved to private for reevaluation for accuracy and re-editing. Will be re-posted with corrections and additions. Also, please control your language. Posts with excessive profanity will not be approved, which was the original policy.

  17. We are certain that blasphemous “Corporate Christians” are complicit in this fraud, especially 501(c)3 entities that “front” for profit corporations. However, we must first establish reasonable / probable cause.

    BE CAREFUL NOT TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, these are only SUSPECTS at this point.

    BLACK ROCK CHURCH in Fairfield, CT, timed the construction of its pending NEW MEGA CHURCH with the SANDY HOOK HOAX, and is suspected of complicity and pay-offs in the cover-up.

    BLACK ROCK’s DAWN BREHM (see Staff list at, is the wife of KNOWN COVER-UP KING (and possible “crisis actor”) PASTOR HENRY BREHM, of BLACK ROCK’s sister gig – FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of FAIRFIELD at

    Both of these alleged “churches” have a close relationship with the not-for-profit BRIDGEPORT RESCUE MISSION LLC, another not-for-profit “front.”

    Art McNamara, for CT Global

  18. Veterans Today has picked up on Sandy Hoax. They have a wide readership.

    “There are good reasons to believe Sandy Hook was a staged event and did not take place as federal, state and local officials have claimed. Had 20 children been shot in their classroom, then swarms of EMTs and ambulances would have been expected on the scene to rush them to hospitals for qualified physicians to determine whether they were dead or alive and treated them. Officially, they were instead left in the classroom and only removed later in darkness and complete secrecy.

    There is a widespread belief that, when most Americans are strongly supportive of new gun control legislation because of the atrocities at Sandy Hook, yet it still appears unlikely to pass in Congress, we therefore have a failure of the democratic process. But there are multiple reasons why new gun control will not become the law of the land but also why the country is far better off without it and should not have more gun control.

    More on site. Good to see that this is getting out among the military and veterans. The more coverage on this constitution-breaking event, the better! (If this has been posted, sorry for the repost, but better to have too much than too little.)

    • Islam is a well fortified wall with a solid gate. The wall represents justice; and its gate is truth. If the wall is torn down and the gate destroyed, then Islam loses its protective strength which lies in the fulfillment of truth and justice and not in killing with swords or the lashing of whips.

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