Sandy Hook — 13 February 2013
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Robbie Parker Busted as Homeland Security Mole, DoD/DHS spy, and more

Far from the sweetsy-appearing nice guy he portrays on TV Robbie Parker is nothing less than a government spy. Like the rest of the Sandy Hook operatives he works for the devil; in fact, he’s in the thick of the realm of the Satans.

Americans need no reminder regarding how brutally they have been abused by Homeland security goons. These arch-perpetrators have willingly irradiated the American people to oblivion with backscatter devices while, simultaneously, such devices have been banned by the European Union because of the toxicity on the basis of “we’re not going to irradiate our citizens.” Even so, what happens when Americans on their own fight back against such corruption, since their government is too evil to stand up for them?  “Op Out,” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operatives yell with indignation, making a dramatic scene, treating the people as if they are  common criminals when an average American says, “I won’t go through the scanners.” Who knows how many cancers such DHS moles have perpetrated by their vile insistence on towing the government line at all costs, including the cost of the massive decline to the health of the people and also their own selves.

The entity, that is the DHS , consists of more than mere ‘government servants.’ It is rife with thieves, hucksters, and perverts, including countless pedophiles and other sexually perverted deviants, many of who took on the job with wicked intent. True enough, there are people who take that job just to lay their hands on people, even little children, for their own devious purposes.

That was the devil in Parker that was revealed, when he was ‘accidentally’ caught smiling, gleeful, smirking. Who else except the devil would lie to the world, while maliciously defrauding the people of their hearts, tears, and money? Both he and his phony aunt asked for money right from the outset, right on December 15. His father and mother are no better. They are cohorts in the scam.

Nevertheless, Parker is not who he claims. The physician’s assistant role is merely a cover–a shell–for his real nature, which is, like his mother, a government operative. Parker the spy is known by the name Robby Parker and/or, possibly, another alias, Robert H. Parker.

What has happened to Parker? He seems to have disappeared from the scene. No longer is he at the forefront promoting gun control. Is it because the real Robbie Parker has been exposed? In fact, this appears to be precisely the case. His cover was first broken by an Internet researcher named Chrissy Sumer and associates: credit to them.


Regardless, all spies need such a cover. Recall, too, that Donna Soto was purportedly a nurse at Bridgeport Hospital. Yet, a call to that facility determined that she is not on the roll of employees. In fact, according to one receptionist, Soto isn’t listed in any capacity there.

Same person, same time, same place

Who in the world wouldn’t realize that this is the same person as Robbie Parker? Does he have doubles, like Saddam Hussein?


Here is another link showing the use of yet an additional name:

Robert Parker | Serco North America | Email, Senior Information

Robert Parker is the Senior Information Technology Analyst III of Serco North America. Lead411’s profile includes an email address,, linkedin, 

There is also this, which shows that rather than a Newtown/Sandy Hook resident, Parker is apparently a resident of Utah or at least that is the cover for the operation:



This is all sufficiently diabolical, evil enough. SpotterRF is a division of Serco, one of the most diabolical multi-national companies known. Moreover, again,  it is not just Robby (Robbie) Parker who works there but also his mother:


This gets even more interesting. She is a recruiter, placing, essentially, espionage operatives all over the country. It was her husband Randall who said on local Salt Lake City news that his wife had gone out to Sandy Hook in advance and that he would follow shortly. Was she involved in recruiting other players for the hoax? Was it she who placed her son in that role as an operative? Her husband also appears to be a spy and willingly lied to the world in his interviews in Utah. Randall Parker himself was notoriously behind his son when he did his phony act and can be clearly seen in the CNN clip.

Low and behold, there it is, she’s a placement agent for the Zionist-Chertoff-controlled DHS. Everything about her says spy:


Robby Parker is an engineer. Regardless, DoD, Cyber Security, Fort Meade, senior recruiter, DHS: that says it all.



Here she is in what appears to what appears to be a fabricated photo, where Emilie Parker could well have been installed into the image (more on this later in a separate post). Correction: the photo is of Alissa’s mother, Mrs. Cottle.

The secrecy of their behavior and the fake interview gives reason to cast all that surrounds Parker in doubt, including that the fact that the profusely pictured Website for the ‘family’ came about only after the event, which gives further credence to the spy claim for Parker.

Parker himself per his LinkedIn profile is a Defense Department cohort. His employment with SpotterRF radar technology reveals him as an embedded government agent, especially in light of his inane performance at Sandy Hook when he was surrounded by what appeared to be fellow spies.

Some people have created doubt, saying that this isn’t the same person. They look exactly the same. Therefore, they are the same person.

Yet, he is not the only SH collaborator tied to such multi-national entities, particularly Serco. It is that arch-spy Ian Hockley who is also closely tied to the entity. He is at least indirectly connected through his employment in Hampshire, England, with IBM, which has a branch in Hamsphire. That branch has business relationships with Serco. 

Yet, so does the US Homeland Security entity as well as the CIA. Moreover, there may be even more direct ties of cyber security to the Sandy Hook infrastructure. According to one Internet researcher (anonymous) “First Selectman of Woodbury, Connecticut, Jerald Stompski,  who advised Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung on school security prior to the event, apparently, has his own greedy motives for Sandy Hook. He is seeking patents for entering a similar line of security business as that orchestrated by Serco. Stompski’s patented system is known as Advanced Automated Security Systems, LLC.

Karen Parker: embedded spy?

Karen Parker’s role in the Sandy Hook plot is extensive, as she acted as a behind-the-scenes agent for her son’s role. She is clearly tied to that government leech Serco:


That ties her indellibly to the Department of Defense:



Her role can be seen, here:


It also ties her to the various spy agencies, such as the NSA and CIA, which recruit extensively from ex-military.

Washington, D.C., Newtown, or Ogden, Utah?

Can Parker’s location be actually determined? That is no easy achievement for an embedded spy. Yet, there is surely no known evidence of his existence in Newtown or anywhere else in Connecticut.

He does go by Robert Parker according to the Intelius report. which is the only other alias detected by the report, However, for his defense industry job, he used the name Robby Parker and, perhaps, Robert H. Parker, which makes sense, since he used the proper name when in the Sandy Hook area.

The date of is telling. Since there is no youthful Robbie Parker listed in the area he, apparently, adopted the identity of a known Robbie Parker, who is older, by using his age:



The age is revealing and indicates the possibility of forging documents. The addresses are also revealing, showing a highly limited construction for his operation. Embedded seemingly in Ogden, this limited address status may explain the rapid departure of the Parkers from Sandy Hook, right back to the home base in Ogden:


Or, is it really his home base? That house appears to belong to Parker’s parents. So, where does Robbie Parker live? Intelius provides no such information.

It is bizarre. There is no information on Parker in Sandy Hook/Newtown; no one seems to know him, there. There is also little to no information regarding his whereabouts in Ogden. Yet, if he is a spy, this lack of notoriety can readily be explained.

Then, what about Serco? Are the Parkers really tied to this entity? Surely, the entity plays a major role in the globalist terror system such as was used to perpetrate 911,  Sandy Hook, and more:


Focusing on the federal government? Surely, there is nothing, here, regarding focusing on the needs of the people. Serco does what Serco wants: for its own greedy gains. Since it can’t generate profits on its own, it furthers its schemes by purging the public treasury. In its own words Serco does this in order to support whatever plots are hatched by the so-called federal govenrment, including black ops actions and the solicitation of war. Headquartered in spy-center Reston, Virginia, in particular, it acts as a key agent for the America’s espionage agencies, therefore helping to confirm the Parker/Sandy Hook connection:

SI International/Serco | Crocodyl

Nov 16, 2009 – SI International, Inc. of McLean, Va., is a key NSA contractor now owned by Serco, Inc., of the UK, the world’s largest outsourcing company. Note the link, “Spies for hire.” That is precisely the service Serco provides to the government, not just in the United States but in the UK as well. It is likely that the entity recruited a number of people for the Sandy Hook hoax, including Robbie Parker, Alissa Parker, Ian Hockley, Nicole Hockley, and more.

In fact, how much of the Sandy Hook contract did Serco procure? With Karen Parker as their senior recruiter, particularly for DHS fraudsters, it could have been considerable, since it is such a parasitic organization, fully dependent upon public monies for its existence. Without extracting funds from the people–from the taxpaying public–the entity would ultimately rot into oblivion.

The potential ties of Serco to Sandy Hook is no minor issue. It implies that the firm is purposely committing fraud against the American people for its own wicked gains. That includes promotion of the gun grubbing agenda, as it is to Serco’s advantage to keep all the weaponry out of the hands of the general public and instead in the arena of government operatives. That’s because the rebellion against government tyranny is rebellion against Serco itself. So, thus, Serco sees the free access to firearms as a danger to its existence.

Details about the entity come from its own promotional video, featured on RT times:


It perpetrates against Americans precisely what freedom-loving people detest, which is the invasion against personal rights and freedoms, while promoting increasing federal control against them. It does so by purging the people of taxpayer dollars.

Here is one of their embedded collaborators, Oscar Montes, who says in what amounts to a revealing connection to acts like Sandy Hook and 911 that regarding Serco “For the DHS we mange over 62 million active (that’s when they show the fingerprint scanner, above) records,” (this record-keeping represents the kind of invasion of privacy that freedom-loving Americans detest). “helping to keep our nation secure.” In other words, with that kind of data base, surely, Serco could have achieved the heavy work of placing the various Sandy Hook hucksters, spies, and frauds. After all, admittedly, they manage the DHS, and its agents were crawling all over the area. Even so, does anyone really trust this federally funded stooge, pictured below?


Next, this breaks to another corporate mole, Diane Greshem (it could have been Karen Parker, same substance), who asks the world to “think of it (Serco) as an integrated system that helps the right person make the right decision at the right time (that is whether or not the person Serco is spying on is a terrorist or not).” The narration continues describing the primary purpose as “supplying defense and intelligence services” with access, apparently, to public records.


Next, we hear from one of their upper level ‘managers,’ who says, “For the intel community (that is spy centers) we provide planning, training, program support, and project execution.” It was also added, revealing the cabal’s ultimate nature, “We embrace our government’s mission as our mission,” in other words, Serco and its collaborators are zealots for increasing government control over the people. Therefore, it is expected that the entity played a predominant role in Sandy Hook.


That could well be but will take some further investigation, since, as noted by this Serco cohort, “the rest, it’s classified:


A person doesn’t need to see these diabolical domes to realize that all the people in this video are unsavory characters. Yet, for those who need confirmation, there they are, those spying centers to pry into the lives of the general public.


Moreover, prying, meddling, and corrupting is what Serco does best.

All that invasion of privacy that the freedom-loving people so rightly detest? Serco is at the center of it and, in fact, is the key perpetrator. Here are its sprawling facilities in the UK. Plenty of symbolism of the works of the devil inside and out:


Address: Serco House 16 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UY, United Kingdom

Phone:+44 1256 745900     Transit: Hook, that is, incredibly, Hook, Hampshire, UK (credit to

Note the spider configuration first observed by a Canadian investigator:


The Great Satan

Globalist in every degree Serco makes its money through the public largess. Through its bids it uses taxpayer money, both in the UK and in the United States, to further its greedy aims. Western governments outsource its projects to the entity, including highly nefarious ones. Any examination of Serco leads to the conclusion that it is run by nothing but zealots.

The cabal runs some of the world’s most critical institutions, including prisons, security at U.S embassies, schools, spy agencies, and hospitals.

Serco’s entire existence is dependent upon government meddling, that is interventionalist wars. Espionage, its forte, is its life-blood. Without war, strife, and corruption–without sowing corruption in the land, like the Sandy Hook crime to which Serco is connected, it couldn’t survive, not for a moment.

Parker the spy

Can people can trust their own eyes? Unless he has an exact double, this is the same person as the Robbie Parker who lied to the world, faking a young girl’s death. Nevertheless, are there two Robbie (Robby) Parkers living in Utah that look exactly the same, with the same hair-line, forehead, forehead creases, eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and chin?


It has been convenient to call Parker and his ilk mere actors or even, perhaps, dupes. Yet, could it be far more diabolical than that? This is Robby Parker, a defensive department worker who is employed by a weapons contracting entity called SpotterRF, a subsidiary of Serco. Regardless, the fact that his mother works there, the same woman who accompanied Parker in advance to Sandy Hook, is sufficient proof of his indentured role.

By any simple assessment this is Robbie Parker. There are only a few persons in the United States by that name, and the number known or listed in Utah and Connecticut is even fewer. Surely, this could not be a coincidence. Even so, let’s look more closely to see what is found:

It is said that he looks just like Parker with the exception of the ear. All that a comparison can be based on is a mere photo on LinkedIn and a poor resolution one at that.

His ears are distinctive. From a distance they look relatively similar. As this has been an area of contention it will be examined in detail, here.

Here is Robbie Parker’s ear, taken from a photo from his indoor media appearance in Sandy Hook, also under low resolution; the ear is actually highly similar to the DoD photo:


There seem to be slight differences versus the LinkedIn photo, mainly at the area of the earlobe. That will be carefully evaluated, as it could be an issue of shadows and camera function; the middle and top of the ear are highly similar. The rest of the face is far more definitive. The similarities are extensive. The hair pattern is the same. The forehead crease, predominant on the left, angling upward is a match.


That crease can also be seen, here; the right one isn’t as visible but the outline can still be seen on the spy photo. Eyebrows are down low on the brow in both cases and are, actually, an exact match. Most strikingly is the nose is the same. It has precisely the same construct in both pictures, with that strong angular nasal flare.


In fact, a close look at the eyes, here, the level of the eyebrows as compared to the brow, and especially the nasal flaring and bridge proves this to be the same person.

The fatness of the lower lip is virtually the same.

Now, look at the structure of the chin, working from the lower lip downward. Note the central fatness, gradually becoming thin towards the corner. Note, also, the angle of the jaw, the muscular lines, the indentation between the edge of the lower lip and the chin’s prominence. Any substantial difference?


What normal father in the universe would do this, including bring his children into the foray? It cannot be a regular father. Therefore, Robbie (Robby) Parker is busted as a spy.

A side-by-side comparison proves it, too; the teeth, from what can be seen are a match, as is the neck. Take a close look at the cropping of his hair as it greets his temporal area and forehead: a near exact match.

Regarding the teeth a photo was uncovered on the Parker blog, known as :


Now, the photo simply turned to the same plane as the spy image:



The picture on the left screen is from 2009, the one on the right most likely 2012. It can be seen that the ear is substantially the same, as are, importantly, the teeth. Note also the slight downward turning of the tip of the nose and its sharp point, evident in both photographs. Notice how with the Sandy Hook Robbie Parker the top row of teeth is always exceedingly prominent, with not much seen on a smile of the bottom ones. Incredibly, the same is true of the DoD photo. The front lip, with that thickness and curving in the center, is also an exact match.

Now to the area of contention: the ear. The first two photos are the known or Sandy Hook Robbie Parker, the one in the middle being derived from the same photo above (the one on the right, with Parker in a striped shirt), while the one on the far right of the screen is the SpotterRF picture. Note the shadow behind the ear in the LinkedIn photo: that has been color-corrected below in the far right picture in order to cause the pictures to more correctly match, as there is virtually no shadow distortion in the other photo (nothing was done to alter the ear, however). Now, look at those ears. Look at them from the top to the bottom and all the prominent regions and invaginations. How are they different? Are they not substantially the same?

In this case the nose and eyes tell all. It is the same person. There is no other conclusion. The Physician’s Assistant identity is a ruse, a mere cover for his main role as a DoD operative. His assignment: to use the false death of a girl with what was hoped to be an iconic image, burned into the minds of Americans forever, Emilie Parker, to corrupt the nation and rob the people of their rights, including their rights for freedom, peace/security, and, more specifically, their rights to freely bear arms.

A conclusive issue regarding Emilie has been difficult to determine, mainly because of the mass of photos available. Suffice it to say that a number of family photos have been proven to be corrupt, which makes no sense for a normal family. Yet, one issue is certain, since it was all a fraud and a drill, no one by the name of Emilie Parker died on that day.


Research by

This investigator has uncovered a variety of links demonstrating ties of Serco and its cohorts to the Sandy Hook fraud. He wisely notes that the United States has been taken over by hostile elements, including Israeli agents and their local, American Zionist collaborators, along with criminal Zionist elements from the UK. Serco, he notes, serves the interests of the monopolists behind British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell.

The NSA, by outsourcing so-called national security to Serco, is essentially giving full control to Zionist elements, operating out of the UK, to control the American system. That makes Serco directly involved in what these Zionists do best, which is to manage the international control of weapons, drugs, and financial institutions. Keep in mind that it was strictly high-powered Jews, like David Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Douglas Feith, Dick Cheney, Paul Bremer, David Wurmser, Robert Kagan, Donald Rumsfeld, Norman Podhoretz, Dov Zakheim, and numerous others, who organized and orchestrated the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan ostensibly in part to regenerate the poppy plantations, which had been destroyed or halted by the new, non-Western controlled Afghan (Taliban) government. Wall Street may well be artificially propped up through illicit monies from this trade.

The following are the links he uncovered tying Serco to Sandy Hook:

 Loxton lets Grosvenor House offices, Redditch to Serco – Property › Latest News 
Jan 23, 2013 – Fast expanding Serco Healthcare have taken a six-year lease on a 6,300 sq  Ian Parker, Partner at John Truslove Surveyors, who negotiated the deal for Hollis Hockley achieves 100% letting on Hatch Warren Farm offices, ..
USA – Serco › Home › Geographical Regions › Americas  Sept. 23, 2012 – Serco’s history and market presence has helped enable the Institute to build up a broad range of material on the US … Hockley, Tony, and Nieto, Daniel, 2004…. Ball, Ian; Dale, Tony; Eggers, William D; Sacco, John, 1999 …
Serco wins $190m Department of Homeland Security contract › News › International News

Date : 10 August 2009. Serco Inc., the US subsidiary of Serco Group, a provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal 

Homeland Security Infrastructure Solutions – Serco…/homelandsecurity-infrastructure-solutions.pdf
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
Serco has been providing mission-critical support to the Department of Homeland Security and its legacy components for over 20 years. We support DHS as ..
Sandy Hook massacre: Tragic letter by British victim Dylan Hockley…/Sandy-Hook-massacre-Tragic-letter-British-…
Dec 16, 2012 – Ian and Nicole Hockley lived close to house Lanza shared with his ….Peter Missen, 55, who worked with Ian at IBM in Hursley, Hampshire, for 
SI International/Serco | Crocodyl
Nov 16, 2009 – SI International, Inc. of McLean, Va., is a key NSA contractor now owned by Serco Inc. of the UK, the world’s largest outsourcing company.
Dylan Hockley: How mother of British victim fell in love with…/DylanHockley-How-mother-British-victim-…
Dec 15, 2012 – Lost joy: Nicole and Ian Hockley with their son Dylan, left, who was killed in the  And in a poignant interview with the local newspaper in NewtownHampshire, with her husband Ian for 18 years until the family moved to 
Serco Inc

Serco Inc. headquartered in Reston Virginia, provider of professional, technology and management services to federal government, state and local government, 

Serco’s Homeland Security Solutions…/serco-s-homelandsecurity-solutions
Serco’s Homeland Security Solutions. The 21st century has presented a significant set of global challenges to the security and prosperity of our nation. Serco 
Serco Chosen By IBM To Implement Bradford Council’s IT › News › News by Market › ICT – Traducir esta página
Date : 30 June 2005. Serco Group plc (“Serco“) today announced that it has been chosen by IBM as sub-contractor to implement Bradford Council’s IT platforms 

(thanks to Wolfblitzer0 blogspot for these links)

He notes that it can be no coincidence that Ian Hockley is from Hampshire, actually working there in IT (for IBM), which is connected to Serco, the same company connected directly to both Karen and Robbie Parker. That means that at least three of the Sandy Hook hoaxers (adding Nicole Hockley makes it four) are potentially Serco cohorts.

Did Karen Parker recruit Hockley or was it merely the Mossad-infested MI6?



Criminal cabal: warriors against the people

This is a revelation that ties directly to Sandy Hook. Karen Parker’s role demonstrates the connection. Whats federal money specifically used to contract Serco to perpetrate the entire scam? It is worthy of a thorough investigation. That seems to be what it does globally, that is rape the public treasury for its globalist agenda, which would appear to include gun control, as that was surely achieved on the Australian continent:



The so-called guards are given the following command, demonstrating what is nothing less tha ruthlessness, authorized and ordained by Serco itself, that is those guards:


Clearly, Serco is merely another Halliburton of the Guantanamo fame, a self-serving entity which will do all in its power to further its own agenda, regardless of the cost, and that includes the cost of the taking of human life. It is also clear that it is part of Serco’s avowed agenda to not allow the guns to be in the hands of the regular people.

There are those who might think this is merely a police or self defense manual in case of mass rebellion. It is exactly as it appears: multi-national tyranny. That is confirmed by local Australian legislators themselves, many of whom are appalled by Serco’s tactics:


Sandy Hook truly is a vile, elaborate hoax. Since all the parents have thus far been proven to be actors, some of which are suspected as government and Zionist spies, the existence of false identities would be expected. The old adage still applies of “Thou doth protest too much,” and the Parker blogspot is surely a kind of protest, saying, “Look at us, we are a real family with three children, and I, Robbie Parker, really am a PA.” Without any licence known in Connecticut and with all this protestation even that must be held under doubt until proven otherwise.

Nevertheless, there is only one LinkedIn resume online, and that’s the one for Robby Parker, the DHS and DoD spy.

It takes years to plan for hoaxes as complex and diverse as Sandy Hook as well as 911. Regarding the latter it was Mossad chief Isser Harel who alluded to the fact that for the various Zionist moles the planning began as early as the late 1970s, when he announced that there would ultimately be a strike (he named the jumbo jet element) against the high-rises. Sandy Hook was sufficiently complex to require extensive planning. That required the human element; there could be no leaks. Therefore, the need for the spies.

Moreover, all spies need a cover. If there wasn’t the cover of the physician’s assistant, what would people think if all they could find about Parker was his resume as a government mole?

The LDS Church covered for him, as did the local media, his father, mother,and his fake actress aunt–as did the Obama government. There is only one conclusion regarding Robbie/Robby Parker, and that is the fact that he is an embedded government operative. What a convoluted Web they weave, one which takes Parker to the most evil web of all, the entrapments of Serco. There was another web in which Parker inserted himself. That vile one of the Obama White House:


Now, look at those faces; look at the ingratiating look of Parker. See the pandering of Obama. Can there be any doubt that this assessment is correct? That picture is worth several thousand words.


Is that the look of two spies who’ve lost their cover? It certainly has nothing to do with any deaths, as there wasn’t anyone in that casket. Nevertheless, like all spies, the Parkers wasted countless millions of dollars and created endless havoc. Busted: the entire family is government ops. No wonder no one has seen much of him any longer. He’s gone underground.

Note: this is a preliminary post. To be updated, shortly. Thanks to all those who have dug up this research.

Read/see more:

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>…/…

Serco Group PLC, SRP:LSE company performance –*1_Robby_Parker_*1_*1_*1_*1_*2_*1_Y_*1_*1_*1_false_1_R_*1_*51_*1_*51_true_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2&pvs=ps&trk=pp_profile_name_link


link to]

[link to]…/serco-english-halliburton-or-worse.html

Another note from of interest (not yet confirmed but plausible and worthy of investigation; the Mossad was responsible for the detonation of the bombs in the London tubes (see Wrongly Blamed, same author, K. Khaleel).

Marine Links Bankers Front-Running Broker, Serco Clock to Cameron Libor Underground Bombs

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the British Bankers’ front-running stockbroker’s (Panmure Gordon) Serco clock to David Cameron and his late father Ian Cameron to synchronized short-selling orders a few milliseconds before Serco insiders transmitted the simultaneous trigger signals which detonated London Underground bombs during a simulated (?) spread-bet training exercise on 7/7/2005.

McConnell notes Serco’s banker HSBC – founded by David Cameron’s great, great grandfather, Sir Ewen, to fund the opium trade – is a Libor panel user of Nortel’s Entrust PKI and Serco clock technologies needed to front run the international capital markets before they respond to synchronized acts of sabotage, assassination and deception.


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  1. Most excellent work.
    It really does not take much of a stretch to see this for what it actually IS. I think it imperative that we do not allow this hoax, and the discovery of new evidence linking it back to those who perpetrated it, to be swept under that proverbial “rug”. I, for one, will continue to spread the word that this even was a completely faked incident of monumental proportions.

    • That would be “event”, not “even”.

      • Thank you for the proof-reading. Found a couple of other issues, corrected. Welcome anytime to make corrections.

        • Hi, drkresearch. I was correcting my comment and not your post. 🙂

          Due to the immense amount of research and info that you provide I would think it natural to have all kinds of grammar and punctuation errors. The immediacy of the situation precludes the necessity of proof-reading at this point, at least, this is what I feel. Keep up the good work…..errors and all. 🙂

  2. Sorry, but they don’t look like the same person to me. Sure, there’s a resemblance, but you don’t think they’d cover their tracks a little better than that? C’mon. You are trying to connect dots based on two guys who sort of look alike and share the same name. You’re better than this.

    • What’s the chances that a company would have a guy that looks that close in appearance to Robby Parker, has the same name as Robbie Parker, and has another person working for them with the same name as Robbie Parker’s MOTHER?? What’s the chances of that combined with living in the same state?? We are already at 1 in 10,000 odds.

      Digital images can distort easily. I have professional digital wedding photos where my husband looks like Ricky Ricardo in one of the 200 photos! It’s hillarious that one of our wedding photos was distorted in a way that nobody would have guessed that was my husband if you look at it. I always see that photo and say that I was lucky and got married to two different men!

      As soon as he did that interview, I knew something wasn’t right with that entire Sandy Hook story. So, I immediately went on the internet and found Robbie’s connection with Serco and the Fed’s. I have no doubt that this is the same guy. Even more confident now that others agree with my findings.

  3. Want some more interesting findings?? There was one (1) EMT interviewed, and he was the only one that was written about. The EMT Peter Houlahan from WEST REDDING. Peter Houlahan, EMT, was a VOLUNTEER EMT that went to Sandy Hook to assist. The articles on him were all the same, so I take this as government propaganda story since they commonly will read verbatim or publish verbatim the propaganda that comes from the feds. Search that article, and none of them say what Peter does when he’s not a volunteer EMT except one (1) story kinda does. I found one article that stated Peter Houlahan is also a WRITER! So, I started looking for any Peter Houlahan that lives in CT. I found one that lives in WEST REDDING. The Peter Houlahan that I found in WEST REDDING, sold a mult-million dollar production company called FocusVision. I found a photo of the multi-millionaire, and low and behold, he’s an identical twin to the EMT. So, why would a multi-millionaire want to volunteer as an EMT, let alone Have the damn time??

    The Millionaire Peter Houlahan is now working for a culinary video production/marketing company, still living in West Redding. Get this though! The multi-millionaire Peter H. has a Masters Degree in of all things, WRITING! What a coincidence! NOT!

    So, this guy probably wrote the damn article! But guess what else is a coincidence!?! The culinary type of background would now coincide with another Sandy Hook character that has been discussed. The kindergarten teacher that has a son that was the chef to Mayor Bloomberg! The guy that some people think was the real shooter, since the media stated that the shooter’s mom was a KINDERGARTEN teacher! The only Kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook with a son about Adam’s age! That connection makes sense with all of the reports from the media, and the interview with the school nurse that stated that the “shooter’s mom was a wonderful kindergarten teacher, the kind that you would want for your own children”!

    If you want another piece to this puzzle, I would contact this EMT Peter Houlahan by calling the West Redding Volunteer EMT department to see if they know this guy! I have a hard time believing this guy actually volunteer’s as an EMT! He probably wrote the damn article for the government propaganda office. Search for him, and read the handful of articles that are the same. At the bottom of one of them, I believe it’s a CT newspaper, states he’s a “writer”. Then, search for the Peter Houlahan in CT. You’ll be questioning this part of this SH Hoax as well. If they don’t start fessing up soon, things are going to get nasty! They just think they can lie and treat us like morons, and this time they’ve went too far involving babies!

    • Thank you and good job, PE-MomOF2!

    • Houlahan sold a $25M video / marketing related business in 2007. So he’s likely quite wealthy, but Intellus shows he’s NOW employed by CCN “Chef Culinary Network” a ‘career & job placement” agency for professional chefs. There IS a high-level-chef who works for Bloomberg, and whose mother is a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. Do you think Vollmer may have gotten his lovely job placements for political functions & high-level events & was able to parlay those postions into a position on Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Task Force from CCN with the guidance of Mr. Houlahan? I think it’s highly likely.

  4. VERY INTERESTING INFO! Will take time to process but Thanks! (might want to double-check photo of granny w/ Emilie & Madeleine in nightgowns. I think that’s Mrs. Cottle, Alissa’s mother not Robbie’s.)

    Thanks again!

    • Yes, this is correct. Will update the post.

      • tripped across a pic of robbie’s mom & the blog says she works/worked for an airline (2008 entry):

        it’s from the blog site. file:///C:/Users/Admin.%20Facilitator/Downloads/assault%20weapons/parkers%20in%20general/The%20Parker%20Family14.htm

        • This picture gives credence to the existence of a real Emilie despite Photoshop corruptions. Is it possible to find out if this is a match for the DHS recruter?

      • oh, sorry, that was my saved file.. Robbie’s mom is in the 2008 part of the ‘ parkerfour blogspot ‘

        • Is the picture we see with the fairly large woman from the actual “parkerfour” blogspot or from the bp.blogspot? Please clarify between your two comments. thanks

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  6. houlahan is a an emt he sold his company and always wanted to be an emt So he decided to become one and why not ? He doesn’t do it for the money.

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