Sandy Hook — 19 January 2013
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Sandy Hook Actors (Greenberg-Sexton Clan) Confirmed

On and before December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook was infested with espionage operatives. These operatives posed as the incredible, primarily parents. This can be easily proven, the most prominent example being Nick and Laura Phelps. This is the name these two people gave to the news media. The problem is that isn’t their names. Their real names are Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg and Richard Sexton.

Other actors include Gene Rosen, Nicole and Ian Hockley, Robbie Parker, David Wheeler, and multiple others. People can say whatever they will in their defense and complain about conspiracy artists. None of that matters. They were all acting. Rosen tells ten different versions, while Parker smirks and smiles, not realizing he was being recorded. Who can deny it?

Yet, what is of even greater import is, were any of these individuals actually not merely acting but also impersonating another? In other words, were such individuals actually attempting to perpetrate a grand fraud? Moreover, can such impersonation be proven?

What follows is a glaring case of falsification by the placement of fake parents within the Sandy Hook region. Parading as Nick and Laura Phelps these are apparently not their real names.

Yet, one thing is certain. The Phelps are not actual Sandy Hook parents. Rather, they are clandestine operatives.

People might find this unbelievable; however, it can be readily proven through careful facial analysis. Pictures, when real, cannot lie. Thus, specific traits and features can give evidence if a person is acting as an impostor, that is taking on an artificial role. The Phelps have virtually identical features to another couple. This couple is named, according to their own photo album and historical data, Richard Sexton and Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton. The family album was found online, but once people started posting pictures and describing this hoax, it was scrubbed.

The implications are profound. It means that the couple came to Sandy Hook specifically to falsely act out the role as parents. In order to do so they were well paid, possibly through taxpayer funds.

Now, again, there is no question that these are the two impostors, since their feign as parents has already been proven fake. With his brand-new Newtown hat and perfectly attired ‘winter’ clothes, clearly Phelps is a fake, as is his expressly indifferent wife. However, is the fraud multiplied by imposture? In other words, are they actual spies?

That would appear to be the case. However, the true identity cannot be entirely hidden. This can be confirmed by facial features, as follows:


What prominent facial features are seen, here? In this regard it is always crucial to focus on the most prominent features on the individual. With Mr. Sexton the strongest features are as follows:

  • full lower lip, the most unusual and evident of his features
  • a strongly set chin, quite square at the end and jutting forward
  • a bulbous tip of the nose
  • obviously high cheek bones with fullness of the flesh
  • a relatively thin upper lip compared to the lower
  • a high acquisitiveness with prominent ears that point upwards; ears flare outwards in an obvious fashion
  • relatively narrow eyes
  • relatively bushy eyebrows closely cropped to the upper eyes, meaning a need to be liked and a tendency to feel comfortable among others
  • unusually broad shoulders
  • wide-set eyes
  • long, narrow face

Regarding Mrs. Greenberg-Sexton her most prominent features are as follows:

  • her eyes, which are different on each side and are relatively piercing (more on this later)
  • the nose, which is thin and tipped downward, indicating a degree of skepticism
  • a relatively strong chin for the size of her face, coming to a point but still prominent
  • an unusual kind of arching to her eyebrows, which are quite distinctive
  • a fullness of the lower lip compared to the upper, the latter being relatively thin
  • a downturned right eye, making her vulnerable to mood swings
  • prominent flaring of the nostrils (a feature not seen in her husband)

Let us analyze her eyes more closely. Notice the difference between the two. The right eye socket is closer to the bridge of the nose than the left. This is clearly the case and could be measured. The eyebrows are also unique. They have a distinctive arch from the inside corner of the eye, going up at about an 80% angle, the flattening out on the brow, then curving downward towards the outer eye’s edge. However, keep in mind the most prominent feature, which is the setting of the right eye socket closer to the bridge of the nose versus the left.

In contrast, Sexton’s eyes are more evenly set. However, here, he does have one unusual feature. Can this be seen clearly? His eyebrows start in a distinctive way, which is a good distance away from the nasal edge of the eye. Rather than trailing downwards, like his wife, the eyebrows arise higher on the brown comparatively. Here are a few more pictures of the Sexton/Greenberg couple that also demonstrate these features:


In this picture, clearly, the high cheek bones of Sexton are seen versus those of Mrs. Greenberg, which are mid-face. This, too, is an excellent example of the right eye socket being closer to the mid-line than the left: note, also, the flaring of the nostril and for Sexton the wide-set eyes, bulbous nose, full lower lip creases in the brow and outward angle of the ears.


Notice also the tightness of the skin in the neck. Notice that downward curving of the tip of the nose. See. too, how the bridge of her nose blends virtually even with the forehead. Make note of that taught skin about the jaws from the ear downward plus the strength of the chin. .The bulbous nose of Sexton represents a slight money nose; relatively narrow eyes, and other features, as mentioned. Notice, too, the indentation in the middle of the forehead just above the brow, a feature not found in his wife, plus the three forehead creases. See also those exceedingly broad shoulders. The other prominent feature of his head, that large amount of bony tissue, which prominently wraps around the region just above the eyebrows (brow): this is known as the tendency to be methodical. It is relatively lacking in his wife, accounting for why he took the lead in the interview, as she would likely make errors. Keep in mind that for women the eyebrows can be difficult to read due to make-up.

Now, let us look at the pictures of the Phelps (can they even be called this?). While a bit more fuzzy, extracted from YouTube videos, still, a vivid comparison can be made.


What is seen here that is similar. See that methodical sign of Sexton’s brow. It is the same. The eyebrows are close to the eyes: a match. The indentation of the forehead is visible, as is the long, narrow face. So is the high brow, as seen above. Look at the lower lip: it is an exact match. For his wife there is that infamous nose, no getting around it, with the flaring of the nostrils being clearly evident on the side-view. The medial part of the eyebrow is also a match, with its near 90 degree angle.


Here, the bulbous tip of the nose is obvious: a full match, along with that terminally obvious full lower lip. The taut facial skin in Mrs. Phelps is the same as Greenberg’s. Below is a close-up of the nose. As one Internet sleuth so wisely pointed out, this is a brand-new Newton-embossed hat. In other words, it is a made-for-Hollywood prop. Nevertheless, precise characteristics are evident, including the outward flare of the ear, the angled-up tip, and that exact same nose as Sexton.


But what of that prominent feature in Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg, those eyes? Close ups are attempted but difficult, since the part in her hair covers the right eye:

It can be seen clearly on the Greenberg photo that the right eye socket of Laura Phelps is closer to the bridge of the nose than the left one. It can also be seen that the part in the hair is an exact match. So is the prominence of the chin, and very clearly, the flaring of the nose, the latter being an undeniable match. Look especially at the hair pattern. It is precisely the same. The nose is also the same. She looks happier in her element in Florida. Too bad.

888888888888888888888888888888Phelps, eye issue

Here is another set of pictures, showing an older Sexton compared with Phelps:

methodicalness, high degree777777777777777777777

See the methodical sign on the upper brow plus the indentation in the forehead above. It is an exact match. Those bony prominences just on the brow simply don’t lie. Clearly, too, the balding pattern is the same. Greenberg-Sexton seems visibly concerned. Is she worried about the implausible nature of their acting job?

Star colors actor's guild, screen shoteyes with brush

It can be seen that the real eyebrow is distorted by the false or painted one. Actually, both brows are likely painted: hard to tell.

Star colors actor's guild, screen shothair and flair

cccccccccGreenberg, eye with arrow

It can be clearly seen that the left eye is more wideset in terms of distance from the bridge of the nose than with the right eye. The nasal flare is also clearly evident, again, proving that this is the same person. Thus, what in the above two photos is precisely the same? It is:

  • the color of the hair
  • the parting of the hair
  • the pattern of hair flow in a large block on the right
  • the unique and distinct eye sign, where the right eye is of different distance from the bridge of the nose than the left, the left eye being more wide-set
  • the downturned eyebrow on the left (from what can be seen)
  • thinner upper lip compared to the lower
  • strong, stubborn chin
  • medium-placement of cheek bones
  • incisive, slightly bulbous tip of the nose
  • narrow, straight bridge of the nose
  • obvious flaring of the nostril

Thus, there is no other option than the fact that Laura Phelps is none other than Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg.

See the full CNN interview, here, at the 1:35 mark or so:

High cold tolerance?

Now comes the family photo, RE: an Alaskan cruise. Moreover, look at how they are dressed. This merely shows how canned was that CNN interview. Here, Phelps is in the frigid north and he’s wearing a sweat shirt, while for his Newtown appearance he is decked out in virtual full winter gear, even though it was only 41 degrees.  Who wears a scarf in such weather. It was all for show. Yet, how could he know? He’s from Florida. Regardless, look at his features: eyebrows set laterally, wide-set, evenly placed eyes, bulbous nose, full lower lip, ears flared outward, prominent chin, long face, and especially those broad shoulders: it’s an exact match. That means that the entire Sandy Hook operation was a premeditated fraud. The conclusion at this point is that perhaps James Tracy is correct? Did any children or school employees die at all?

In addition, here’s how it can be known for sure that it is them. It is impossible for two people to match this well. Perhaps one person could have similarity, but two with exactly the same features, also acting as husband and wife? It is them, the Phelps aren’t really who they are. They are instead members of the prominent Jewish families, the Sextons and Greenbergs. The Phelps name is an alias. Thus, they are Mossad spies.


Running cover

Sexton-Greenberg had a purpose in Sandy Hook, which was to solicit an emotional response from the American public. This was for the purposes of gun control and far more. Now, there are even schemes being considered to curtail First Amendment rights. In particular, the focus was on Dawn Hochsprung, who they were retained to lionize, thus the emotionally charged conclusion to the Wolf Blitzer interview that ‘the teachers loved her’ because ‘she was such a good person.’ Sexton, Greenberg, and their ilk went to this region for one reason, which was to undermine Americans’ freedoms.

Apparently, no one in Sandy Hook knew her well enough to get that dramatic on camera. Regardless, there was a need for convincing, emotionally charged words to get at people’s guts. That’s what these actors to a degree achieved, although, quickly people became suspicious of them.

Rightfully so. Among these suspicions is the fact that they never mentioned any name of their children, although, according to CNN they had two in the school. CNN specifically reported that their names would not be revealed. Even so, two of these children are apparently pictured above. Media reports say they had a first- and third-grader there, and, thus, they are ‘concerned’ and will “talk to counselors,” because, said Mrs. Phelps, whoops, Greenberg, “We are going to have to learn what to say before we say it.” In one of their interviews, occurring the day after the event, Phelps, or, rather, Sexton, said he was alerted to the crisis through a robocall, which is likely cover for his being there in a premeditated plot. “When I saw those teachers, I locked eyes with them separately. If I could go back, I would embrace them,” adding, “because I had no idea what they had gone through.”

Who talks like that? Unemotional, detached, contrived. With two real children involved, it this were real, they would be real and would be with their children, consoling them, not promoting the New World Order agenda of total control, including the control of children’s minds.

Thus, the various freedom-fighting revolutionaries are right, while the Zionist-controlled media is wrong. Sandy Hook is a conspiracy. It is a plot to destroy the American people’s freedoms. It is everything that these brave researchers claim. That’s why the media needs to desist. The conspiracy is perpetrated by such powerful ones, not the people who are researching this. Regarding the Sexton-Greenbergs they have some explaining to do.

Special thanks to all YouTube and Internet warriors, who made this post possible, esp. Scott Walker. (a very powerful thread)



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  1. Looks like the daughter was used for the Gifford’s shooting.

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  3. Great article. Right on… they are the Greenberg Sextons of Florida. You must fix one thing in this article: The picture on the Alaskan cruise is Richard and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. They are with their daughters. This picture is in the Greenberg album. It is not a Phelps family picture.

  4. They took Scott walker’s YT channel down. We know we are exposing something big when that happens.

  5. hang them!

  6. “Sexton, said he was alerted to the crisis through a robocall,,,”

    That would be a megaphone alert from

  7. Wolf Blitzer?
    The ZIonist?

    Before joining CNN, he was with AIPAC.

    • The SuperZionist mole, loyal to his death as a traitor and fabricator for Zionism.

  8. The things one will sell their soul for.

  9. Most of these folks/actors are jewish, however the real culprits working
    behind the seens are Jesuits – the ends justify the means-
    The Class photo was over 5 years old and photshoped – so the 20 victums are
    now 12 to 13 – several sung at the super bowl – the 1st photo of children
    being evacuated on the front page of most newspapers has been Dated to
    October 2012 – so old photos- doctored photos – greenscreen and actors
    playing witnesses and family members playing up the anti 2nd amendment

    agenda- ( Well Paid $ ) created the illlusion

  10. Can you please get the pictures back up or found. Seems the bastards removed them

    • i agree w/Lyndo. somehow surfing i came across this,& pics r dwn.

  11. Check out the FB page for these illuminati “actors”. Forgot to take it down before the big “job” for the masters!

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