Boston Bombing Sandy Hook — 22 May 2013
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Sandy Hook Freedom Fighter, Scott Walker, Arrested

Fraudster Lt. J. Paul Vance, the man who told bold-faced lies about the hoax of Sandy Hook before the whole world, has apparently made good on his promise, arresting one of the top Sandy Hook freedom fighters, Scott Walker.

His given name being Reich, Walker is 0ne of the more preeminent YouTubers fighting against this hoax. His work has brought great truth in exposing this fraud; to researchers, including the posters on this site, have relied upon his incisive work to give evidence against this fraud. It is high time to start a Fight Back for Scott Walker fund (fund not set up here at this time) The fund is initiated by with $200.00. If anyone can act to collect such funds, do post that, here.



The charges against him are trumped up and completely fraudulent. He did not break the law and was, rather, exercising his rights by that law to the fullest. Walker is fighting for all of us. Bravely, he confronted these brutes, exposing their tyranny directly.  We can free Scott Walker. He is merely a political prisoner, who was attacked, now, because of the exposure of this regime’s high crimes. More as soon as possible.

Urgent alert!! Please spread the word any way you can. A Sandy hook Youtube researcher has been arrested for his activities in exposing Sandy Hook. He made some of the most groundbreaking videos of the Sandy Hook investigation. His YT names were Scott Walker, Scotty Walker, and Scottty Walker. His YT channel was shut down three times and he returned each time with a different name.
UPDATE: it was Walker who bravely called the office of  Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner. He called to ask questions based questions on the fact that Carver was involved in a cover-up.  Carver assisted in passing a law one year before the event, sealing all future pediatric homicide reports from the public. This essentially allowed his office to distort records or even fake deaths. The call was also made to ask why Noah Pozner’s mother stated that Noah was not autopsied (on her request), but Carver said he did autopsy Noah. Lies.
From one of our posters: “At no point did Jonathan threaten Carver with any personal injury. He only spoke with the secretary and he simply let her know that people are aware there was a cover-up and lies being told by Carver’s administration. As Vance said, “anyone who contacts the people of Newtown will be arrested.” It has happened to Jonathan Reich. Spread this among the whole research community.”


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  1. Dr. K,
    Please provide a link in this article where we can donate to Scott Walker. Thank.

    • Can take money by a P.O. Box but I’m waiting for one of you to take the funds or set up a method to do so. Will post a p.o. box on the thread shortly.

  2. Thank you for this additional information. The ZIONIST / MOSSAD / CIA / DHS thugs are DESPERATE NOW, as the NEW YORK MISDDEMEANOR of AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT – 2nd DEGREE is a TRIVIAL and VAGUE CRIME, and we can WRITE THE PRESIDING JUDGE and send him/her ALL of our evidence that this is a FALSE and RETALIATORY ARREST.

    The Sovereign Nation-State of CT AMERICA’s aggressive hosts “The X Man” and BILL STOLLER have agreed to expose this BOGUS ARREST on the May 25, 2013 (Saturday) GLOBAL BROADCAST at 11 am EASTERN, at


    STOLLER has dared these thugs to try and kill him. He’s fine, and is eager to continue lawfully challenging and fighting these losers in court and in the media.

    JOE SANSONE, for CT Global at and CT AMERICA

    The Sovereign Nation-State of

    CT America

    14 Berrylane Court
    Fairfield, CT 06825 CTA and

    The CTAmerica Flagship Global Media at CT Global – http://CT-Global.


    May 22, 2013

    To ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER, THE USDOJ, FBI, The ICC Prosecuters at The Hague, and The World Press:

    These are opinions based on known facts. EXPOSES FALSE ARREST of SANDY HOOK WHISTLEBLOWER.


    We request that the USDOJ, FBI and ICC PROSECUTERS at THE HAGUE investigate what appears to be a FALSE RETALIATORY ARREST of a SANDY HOOK WHISTLEBLOWER.

    • Thanks for the links. They try to and do arrest anyone that tries to expose them. Poor Snowden had to leave the country, Hastings is dead and Tsarneav had his thoat sliced and is hidden away and will never get a fair trial. It is bad and people can’t even see it.

  3. By the way, $50,000 dollars bond on a CLASS A (high) misdemaeanor is UNCONSTITUTIONALLY HIGH, but we fear that the lawyers are SELL-OUT PUNK DIRTBAGS who will NOT zealously represent MR. WALKER / REICH.

    You can also donate to via, and DR. K and others, plus will MONITOR YOUR DONATIONS to ensure that the CONTRIBUTIUONS GO TOWARD THIS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE.

    Feel free to call CT GLOBAL / CT AMERICA at USA / CTA (203) 382-1350 and/or write .

    Joe Sansone, for CT Global and CT AMERICA

    • Thank you; send the money to CTglobal; nodisinfo will work with them.

  4. Thank you for spreading the word. Here’s another article on his arrest and videos are also coming out:

  5. What the hell are these guys thinking? It is not the best interest for the hoaxers if the kid goes to trial where the trial will expose more citizens to the Sandy Hoax. The hoaxers do not need more publicity than necessary. Paul Vance is an idiot, and he will be removed by his masters soon. Hopefully, this case will go to trial, and the kid will shine with all these facts supporting him.

  6. Bail posted. I’m sure his family must have put up the money. Court date is June 5.

    • Where exactly is the trial?

  7. This arrest is an absolute mockery of the law and our supposed justice system. He made phone calls asking legitimate questions about a very public event. The fact that this is somehow classified as “harassment” is just ludicrous. How very convenient for the participants of this fraud. Thank God bail was posted, but the fact that an outrageous $50,000 bail was set for a misdemeanor is just absurd. The judge clearly was not being honest and forthright in doing his job, which only serves to make one wonder just how far and how deep the corruption goes in this case.

  8. The truth is a legal defense, so Mr. Reich needs to plead innocent, get a great lawyer, and prove before a jury that Sandy Hook was a false flag. His attorney will have a legal right to view evidence obtained in the investigation, as well as depose witnesses.


    • The Chicago Tribune is running an attack on NODISINFO with a story on the poor abused Soto clan. These people have connections. No one wants to go to court, but it would be to see them explain the amazing coincidences of Doppleganger family members. Mrs. Soto claims on her fundraising site that she has a photo of two little hands, blown apart during the Sandy Hook shooting – but she won’t actually post it out of sensitivity. Oh come on – she couldn’t possibly possess crime scene photos.

  10. Regardless of JONATHAN REICH’s ehtnicity, we are following the MALICIOUS PROSECUTION case against him here in THE BELLY OF THE BEAST – The Traitor State of Connecticut, where it looks like ZIONIST / MOSSAD OWNED CT STATE COP VANCE was recruited to perpetrate the FALSE ARREST and DETENTION of MR. REICH, hauled illegally out of NEW YORK to CONNECTICUT.

    The MALICIOUS and FALSE ARREST and PROSECUTION of JONATHAN was confirmed with the atronomical and unconstitutional bond / bail og $50,000.00 on ONE MISDEMEANOR.

    Folks, we are gearing up to file a MOTION TO INTERVENE and/or AMICUS CURIAE BRIEFS in the Shew, et. al. v Molloy, et. al. federal lawsuit against ZIONIST / MOSSAD LACKEY “Governor” DAN MOLLY of CT. The landmark door-opening FEDERAL SLAM was/is filed by GUN OWNERS / ADVOCATES.

    Federal litigation is NOT CHEAP, so we need funding, which will be FULLY MONITORED BY and ACCOUNTED FOR by THIRD PARTIES, including PATRIOT “DR K” of, E-mail .

    Contributions can be made to , via and/or to Agent WILLIAM STOLLER, 14 Berrylane Court, Fairfield, CT 06825, (203) 382-1350 .

    MR. STOLLER and “The X Man” host the HEAVY-HITTING CT AMERICA GLOBAL FORUM at , and will CALL OUT and EXPOSE the coward and traitor JOHN McCAIN on Sunday, June 2, 2013, 8 pm Eastern, at

    McCAIN, like ALL American politicos and cops, is covering up the SANDY HOOK, AURORA, and 9/11 false flag murders and atrocities.

    God / Allah Bless All of You.

    Keep the Faith – Keep the Fight!


    Joe Sansone, Media Agent, for CT GLOBAL at and


    From THE BELLY OF THE BEAST – New Haven, Connecticut

  11. JONATHAN REICH’s FALSE ARREST and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION were highlighted by CT AMERICA, on the June 2, 2013 global presentation

    at at about 1/2 to 2/3 into the broadcast.

    Art McNamara, for CT Global Legal at and

    CT America Global Forum at

    The Sovereign Nation-State of

    CT America

    357 Commerce Drive
    Fairfield, CT 06825 CTA / USA (203) 218-5187

    CT AMERICA exposed JOHN McCAIN as a GLOBALIST SUBVERSIVE, and praised his VIETNAM SERVICE, and also slammed JOE ARPAIO as “half senile” and “a physical wreck,” on the

    Sunday, June 2, 2013 presentation at

    June 2, 2013

    ANOTHER CLASSIC CT AMERICA GLOBAL PRESENTATION, as the CT AMERICA hosts ridicule “America’s Toughest Sheriff” JOE ARPAIO as “half senile” and “a physical wreck” at approximately the 1/3 point of the MP3 file at

    CT AMERICA exposed JOHN McCAIN at

    and also praised McCAIN’s service and sacrifices in VIETNAM, but hammered the OLD BUZZARD as a GLOBALIST SUBVERSIVE, on the Sunday, June 2nd broadcast at

    The aggressive CTA hosts also raised allegations that McCAIN is behind the GUN GRAB AGENDA, which is being furthered by OBAMA’s imminent execution of the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY.

    More to come.

    Art McNamara, for CT Global at and

    CT America at

    • McCain has 2 nicknames given to him by people who knew him very, very well during his Vietnam Nam era “service”. One is “Wetstart McCain” and the other is “Songbird McCain”. Google has lots of hits for each one. Do your homework.

  12. This is most definitely the worst site I’ve seen this month. For shame, folks, for shame.

  13. How is he now? We will all be shut down soon …my heart is breaking for all those who have to carry this truth. I too am a rare bread in this country who grew up on PBS only. I don’t automatically assume all that is projected is true. Whether these people from sandy hook lost their precious gifts from god or not … Evidence sadly or happily proves they didn’t … They should take the $$ made from donations and give it to the absolute destitute people of Seria losing their children to starvation. Shame on those involved in this people with no compassion in their hearts ..they shall one day be brought down to a state were they will have no choice but to cultivate compassion.

    • Carver “this in all my career is the worst I ever seen ” “and this makes me proud…of ….. Pride is your response to the most horrific American tragedy? . Standard twilight zone response …god help them all

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