Sandy Hook — 14 January 2013
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Sandy Hook Hoax: What a Real Grade School Shooting is Like: the Hubbard Woods Shooting Spree, Winnetka, IL, 1988.

This is what real grief looks like. It is agonizing despair. It is the agony of a violent crime, especially one perpetrated against innocent children. Contrary to what some might maintain the faces and expressions of Sandy Hook is not what grief looks like. There is no way any children died in Sandy Hook. There is a natural bond of love between parents and their children. No one in that region is showing even the slightest grief as would be expected from the sudden, and violent, loss of a child.

This is about the Hubbard Woods School shooting, occurring in 1988. It was the first shooting within an elementary school by a crazed gun-person, in this case a woman, Laurie Dann, who was under the influence of potent mood-altering drugs.

By the time of the shooting Dann was completely deranged. This was the same woman who also delivered mysterious containers of juice to several homes and arsenic-laced snacks to a pair of university fraternities. In one case a boy died after drinking the juice, which was then linked to Dann after the massacre.

According to then Winnetka police Chief Herbert Timm three people who ate the snacks at Northwestern University’s Alpha Tau Omega became seriously ill and were taken to hospital.

That was the morning that Dann walked into the school and gunned down several children, killing one, a second-grader.

This is in stark contrast to Adam Lanza, who was diametrically opposed to hurting any living creature.

Does anything more need to be said?

full news report:


More extreme grief, as well as shock, at the realization of the fatal shooting.  It breaks the heart to see this pain.


More real chaos, sadness, and grief: for the loss of one child. Imagine the nightmare scenario with a bloodbath of the acclaimed proportions:


With real murders there is always a trail, paper, pictures, video, and more. These really are the faces of tragedy–and despair:


For the wounded every heroic effort his made, six people assigned to this gurney alone, plus one very serious man directing traffic. All of them mean business, working in a panic towards saving lives:


Those who are injured are often affected for life, like Phil Andrew, who went on to become a FBI agent. People don’t take school shootings likely; it is trauma for life:


There are the victims, faces who can never be forgotten, lives senselessly destroyed, like little Nicholas Corwin. He had so much potential, so much to give, but he was taken from us, wrongfully:


Then, there is the crime scene, always available for public consumption, a chaos which is unfathomable, in the little kids’ school. Nothing could be more dire and sad than this:


When it is real, the world gets to see it, even if it is dire such as the children’s’ books strewn on the floor in the ultimate of all terror acts:


Police Chief Timm shows the pain 20 years later. He says there’s no way to estimate the trauma it caused:


It is time for people to be told the truth about Sandy Hook. We’re big enough. Our hearts are bleeding for the victims of Hubbard Woods School alone and any other victims of senseless crimes. Just tell us. We can handle it. We’ll bleed for the victims of Sandy Hook, too, but not for the lies.
















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