Sandy Hook — 13 January 2013
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Sandy Hook Scam Confirmed: Hard Evidence of Foreknowledge?

Updated: January 14, 12:00 a.m., again Jan. 17, 12:06 a.m. with info on photoshopping and new screen shot, Updated: Jan. 26, 2012

Sandy Hook was staged. The purpose is to rob Americans of their guns and force them deeper into tyranny. It is also to create a cover-up for the Fast and Furious debacle, where both the Holder Justice Department and the Obama White House will likely be brought up on murder charges. That crisis involved gun running by the Obama White House, which led to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, along with hundreds of others. It was Terry who was murdered while protecting this country by Holder’s Fast and Furious guns. Say “Wag the Dog” anyone?

To bury the crimes of the Obama regime a cover-up, a scam of unprecedented proportions, was required, and Sandy Hook achieved this. Bit by bit brave Americans, as well as foreign nations, have systematically revealed this scam. They are to be commended for their efforts, many of them researching relentless in their search for not only truth but also justice.

This act was perpetrated by the combined forces of the Zionist-controlled media, Mossad-like operatives, and the federal government. The money for this hoax was extracted from the taxpayer largess, which makes this a doubly evil crime.

This conspiracy involves a vast number of individuals, all working vigorously against the people’s’ interest. A key objective is to exploit the hoax to mobilizes forces against guns rights. The greatest evidence of this is the creating of a scapegoat, in this case, Adam Lanza. Here, the objective is to create great fright in the general public. It’s the fraud of the lone, crazed gunman, who killed people in an act of madness. “It wouldn’t have happened if guns weren’t so readily available. We have to go after the guns. That will end the killing.” To confirm this a boogeyman was created. He was made to look so menacing. Who wouldn’t want to go after “those wicked weapons, especially that terrible ‘assault’ rifle, the AR-15.”

The problem is this is a malicious deception. The people are being conned. Adam Lanza didn’t do it. One proof of this the fraud media manipulation. Moreover, when that manipulation occurs either before or while the act is occurring that is highly suspicious. The greatest proof of the scam is simply this: the accused man was not allowed to stand on his own, that is through his own pictures. Instead, his pictures were photoshopped. The objective was to make him look menacing, found here:


All this was done in advance as a grand plot, which was to get into the minds of the American people regarding the need for gun control. Once the mechanism was place of the lone, crazed shooter, it didn’t take long for plotters to be exposed. Gun control proponents surged out in full force, calling for draconian anti-gun restrictions. One of the individuals who is involved in the premeditated attempt to impugn the right to bear arms is Cheri Lovre, and it is she who helped confirm the scope of this crime.

Lovre is the owner of an entity called Crisis Management Institute. The Institute provides a kind of social working platform to aid children enduring a wide range of disasters, including school shootings. Purportedly to assist the students of Sandy Hook she produced a PDF called “Talking with Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Shooting.” The only problem is it was apparently created on or before December 10th created before December 14, because it was posted before this time. As alerted by one poster the date of last modification of the PDF is December 14.

Yet, on one Website,, it is listed as being posted on the 10th. That can be seen in the screen shot above, which clearly records the 10th day of the month. Are there Internet sleuths out there that confirm this? The following screen shot was taken directly from the Word-Press code on her Website,, on January 9th and, of note, nothing has been altered or manipulated. If studied closely, the number “10” in the date code is seen (that screen shot removed).

December 10th was the Monday before the event, the perfect day to begin strategic action for the plot. There are numerous examples of preemptive action to prepare the public mind for this false flag, including the RIP Facebook page for Victoria Soto. The following is a screenshot from that page:


Once this was revealed, the page was purged. This level of activity combined with the specific actions on Lovre’s site against the AR-15 raises a high degree of suspicion. This is especially true since the entire media campaign has been aimed at banning such weapons. Other people involved with Sandy Hook, such as Veronique Pozner, have also specifically targeted this weapon. By the way much misinformation is spread about this gun. It is merely the trade name for the weapon. AR does not stand for assault rifle. However, the perpetrators are focusing on this to create a subliminal effect for those who are unaware.

How was this posting of the Arlington Devils discovered? An alert Internet sleuth, posting on, found a link to a school Website to Lovre’s PDF, as follows: Attempts have been made to confirm the date and precise time of receipt by the school of this document, which have thus far been unsuccessful.

There is another issue at hand. This is the fact that this work of “counseling the children” isn’t free. According to the Obama White House federal money has been doled out in 2012 for agents of all types, including social workers, to facilitate preparedness for violent crises, including school shootings. Incredibly, much of this money was delivered to the State of Connecticut beginning in November 2012. At the time this state suffered from a severe budget crisis. The question is was the state rewarded for the enactment of this false flag event?

Regarding the screen shot the Arlington Red Devils site gave this a different title than is found in the PDF, meaning that someone composed the paragraph. Underneath the title is clearly written “December 10, 2012.” That makes sense, since this is the date on the PDF. That screen shot can be seen, here:

December 10 Posting; Sandy Hook

December 10 Posting; Sandy Hook

Diabolically, that could mean that the PDF was both sent and uploaded on this preemptive date. If that isn’t sufficient, there is the call which was made to Ms. Lovre herself. When asked a number of questions, she confirmed three separate times that, in fact, this PDF was uploaded and circulated on December 10th. Thus, fraud can be readily confirmed by:

  • the fact that the PDF which gives specific mention to the Sandy Hook shooting and how to help the children through it was posted on the Arlington, Ohio, Red Devils school Website
  • the fact that the actual Word-Press code gives the date of the 10th day of December
  • the fact that the producer of this PDF, Cheri Lovre, M.S., confirms that December 10th was the date of issue
  • that the URL, which cannot lie, gives the date of December 10, 2012

If that isn’t sufficient, perhaps more mining could be achieved, it was determined. A more thorough check of Ms. Lovre, a person with clear foreknowledge, is a necessity. This check reveals the incredible, which is a Website produced no later than December 17, possibly earlier, which targets guns rights. It’s not just anti-gun, it’s rabidly so. Lovre is a staunch opponent of guns rights, specifically the guns targeted as a consequence of Sandy Hook: semi-automatic weapons:

CMIonline evidence

CMIonline evidence


This is highly suspect. In fact, it is even more suspect that the date code or Website posting. Lovre’s entire Website is rife with vitriolic attacks against America’s guns, offering gushing praise of the President and all he represents. Turns out, Lovre is a socialist Democrat and long-term opponent of the right to bear arms. Below is another portion of the same page. Note the color-coding, with blood-red against black. Note also the Satanic/Devilish references, again, aimed specifically at the AR-15 and its likes. Lovre is part of an organized campaign to achieve a ban on such weapons, while manipulating Sandy Hook as leverage. As well, incredibly, through these posts the devil comes into play twice, and who is a greater liar–and fraud–than he? Moreover, people can be certain that Dianne Feinstein had legislation ready to go well in advance of this event. Right upon the heels of Sandy Hook Michael Bloomberg demands action against guns, even saying that it is important to rush the issue, while the subject is hot. Once again, these actions are not mere coincidences but are, rather, evidence of a plot.

It is more than mere manipulation. As she herself revealed, this is a premeditated act. Thus, Lovre and her ilk are involved with a criminal enterprise. Worse yet, people knew in advance but did nothing, like those who photoshopped Adam Lanza’s face and Victoria Soto’s body, who failed to alert the authorities despite knowing about an upcoming attack. How could anyone disguise that information from the relevant authorities?

Yet, there is a final proof to this scam. This is the perpetration of a cover-up. After contacting Ms. Lovre, apparently, action was taken. The date on the Arlington Devils site was changed. However, as only the divine hand can achieve even this was blundered severely. In the haste to disguise the crime the perpetrators didn’t change the date, as expected, to December 14th or afterwards but, instead, to December 13th. See this incredible finding, here:


Sandy Hook Fraud, Screen shot

Arlington Red Devils

So, what was the final decision of the school? After changing the date erroneously to the 13th when clicking on the link, this is what is now found on the site:

latest arlington

Thus, the original PDF has now been scrubbed, as has any reference to the document. All evidence of the Lovre PDF as well as the date of installation is gone. Regardless, even if this was an honest mistake, why purge the document and the uploading information? Also, how can it not be suspect, since the PDF was issued by a rabid gun control proponent?

People are due a plausible explanation for this action. Combined with the freakish anti-semi-automatic weapon site by Lovre, who would have any option but to consider a conspiracy?

Moreover, here is what Lovre posted on her Website regarding such a scheme. Is the following not proof of collaboration? Are the public schools, too, involved? If not directly, such schools are surely involved by their acquiescence:

“For teachers, administrators and counselors

As we anticipate conversations in the classrooms across America about what happen at Sandy Hook Elementary, we are continuing to upload helpful resources.  There are a couple of interviews uploaded and an expanded guideline for schools. We hope to upload another video about talking with children later today. Continue to check the website as we won’t send out more emails with each new set of uploads.”

She is uploading material to classrooms all over the country based upon an obviously false-flag attack? Lovre is soliciting gun control based upon terminal lies, attempting to engage the parents into the act. The parents and the children are being manipulated to achieve this. Clearly, she is committing great fraud. Regardless, the school administrators, if they have even a modicum of justice in them, should reject her PDFs as corrupt, not merely purge it because of a scandal.

Here is proof of the scam, as well as ill intent, right from Lovre’s gun control-promoting Website:

We are people of faith, seeking to eliminate semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition clips in our state, our nation, and around the world.  After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, December 14, 2012, it is time for us to say ENOUGH!  There is no excuse for civilian possession of semi-automatic weapons or high capacity ammunition clips.  Our children will not be safe at school, in a mall, or in a theater until we take these weapons out of circulation!

Who can say this isn’t a plot? The aforementioned alone is sufficient suspicion of foreknowledge by Lovre and cohorts. In a direct interview, again, she said “Go ahead and put the 10th” down as the date of creation, saying, “yes” it was uploaded and disseminated on that date.

In further discussion with the Arlington School staff it was reported that the PDF was not received by the school via electronic mail but instead arrived by mail. A “hard copy” is what was received, which was then “key-stroked in.”

Now, it takes 3 to 5 days for first class mail to arrive from California to Chicago (not sure about Ohio), the average being four. One person posting on an Internet forum said he and Ms. Lovre worked “all day” on the document on the 14, making sure to note that it wasn’t created prior. Arlington Devils staff now claim that the post was uploaded on the 18th. Since they worked on it all day, surely, it couldn’t have been processed as mail until the following day. So, did this document arrive in perfect timing in the three day window, then, get immediately opened, then processed, then key-stroked and uploaded? Are people supposed to believe in fables? Then, too, this is Christmas time: no delays, no snafus, everything arrived promptly and perfectly? Sounds more like a movie plot than actual events. Perhaps it’s all true. However, they do have some explaining to do about that not so coincidental strike on the AR-15-class weapons.

Regardless, early arrival of the document, even premature arrival, is more plausible than this story.

There is no need for more proof than this, especially when combined with the brazen photoshopping of Adam Lanza. This is a coordinated effort to eliminate guns rights. Is the next hoax going to be to realize the blunder and change the date, again, to, say the 14th or 15th? The entire Sandy Hook event was a categorical fraud. It is a scam of the highest order, a charade, and, as many people have bravely posted on the Internet, a hoax.

Sandy Hook is a scheme to usurp America’s freedoms, specifically in relation to key elements of the rule of law: the First and Second Amendments. “The children have been killed. We need to do something, now. Turn over your rights.” To do this vast lies are being told. It may well be soon proven that even the claim that children were murdered is a lie.

Moreover, make no mistake about it these filthy lies are the work of the devil. The guns are perhaps the only defense left against this evil entity. Ask the family and colleagues of Brian Terry, Anwar Awlaaki, and more. They’ll tell you who the real devils are.

If there is a simple explanation for this, it would do well for someone to provide it. For now, this Arlington Red Devils post adjoins the numerous other evidences of foreknowledge of a crime, including the deliberate alteration of the Adam Lanza photo graph by NBC/AP, the photoshopping of numerous Victoria Soto photos, the pre-knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security, the posting of donation/RIP pages for Soto and Emilie Parker in advance of the crime, and countless discrepancies and evidences of foreknowledge broadcast by the major media. At a minimum someone needs to explain how the date could be listed as the 10th and then changed to the 13th as soon as this was published. If the school system can explain this, that is acceptable: awaiting that explanation, especially the bizarre and unprecidented  purging of the data from the site.

Then, too, there were the Department of Homeland Security drills occurring within Connecticut simultaneously with the Sandy Hook event. That is the same corruption which occurred on 9-11 and the London tube bombings. This cannot be a coincidence and is itself proof of fraud. Nor is a coincidence that the entire region was quickly teeming with federal agents, who coordinated the heavy hitting propaganda campaign.

There’s one good thing. Thank God they didn’t kill the children.

Read/see more, including other evidence of foreknowledge (and motive): (Fast and Furious)



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  2. Some people are speculating over the idea that nobody was killed – I doubt that was true since we have a recording of the police dispatch where one officer says “we have bodies here”.

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  4. This concerns me….”NO CHILDREN KILLED ?? What the going on ? This is the Gist of the matter ! Will Someone just tell the Truth ! What Did Happen at Sandy Hook School ??????

  5. Magnificent items from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff previous to and you are simply too magnificent. I really like what you’ve obtained right here, certainly like what you’re stating and the best way during which you are saying it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to learn far more from you. This is really a terrific website.

  6. My goodness, you are so correct. Most of these annoying spelling errors have now been corrected. Thank you so much.

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  8. I have read many many articles about Sandy Hook and seen many videos of the Grieving parents- or should I say FAKE grieving parents. Perhaps the most Convincing one for me was Robbie Parker, whose daughter Emilee was a victim but before he was to speak he was seen laughing and grinning from ear to ear and he even said, Do you want me to just read what’s on the card and was even smiling and then came up to the microphone and tried like hell to put on distraught, tramatized look, I could immediately see that it was fake. There is SO MUCH deception going on in this country it is making me dizzy.. This is satan he knows his time is very short and they want our guns VERY BAD and we all know why. They realize they cannot fully take us over and TOTALLY control us when MILLIONS and MILLIONS of us are armed and for that reason alone We will NEVER surrender to them we will pull out those guns and fight them with all we have. NoOne in their right mind would turn their guns to such a wicked gov’t. NO WAY try and get them we will Shoot you where you stand and at some point we need to go after BHO and many others and make sure he spends the rest of his days in Prison

  9. You write, “This act was perpetrated by the combined forces of the Zionist-controlled media, Mossad-like operatives, and the federal government.”

    This is disgusting! Regardless of what else your article may say, blaming the Jews for Sandy Hook is disgusting! Your anti-Semitism destroys your credibility for me.

    There is nothing linking Israel to Sandy Hook, nor would Israel have any reason to be involved in this (or 9/11 or other staged events).

    • Israel did 911 and they had MANY motivations for doing so, like getting US soldiers to give up their lives fighting Israel’s enemies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon Iran – despite that these countries had nothing at all to do with 911.

      The obvious reality is that jews are behind all these mass murders.

  10. CMI, in Marion County, Oregon, is right above Linn County, and that’s where Sheriff Tim Mueller,who wrote to VP Biden that he wouldn’t be supporting any gun-grabbing laws, resides. Hmmm….. lol

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