Sandy Hook — 14 April 2013
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Updated, April 15, 2012, 12:30 EST

Sandy Hook: What Is Known For Sure


The following is a summary of what is definitively known regarding Sandy Hook. In other words, this is information that is incontestable.   All that is said, here, is easy to prove. Let anyone prove it wrong.  Regardless, these facts will prove that Sandy Hook was a fraud perpetrated by elements hostile to the American people. One purpose of this fraud or scam is to orchestrate new laws for gun control and confiscation. Other reasons are to create increased control and oppression over the American people. The irrefutable facts about Sandy Hook or what might more appropriately be called the Sandy Hook Hoax are as follows:

The common pictures of Adam Lanza, where the whites of his eyes are showing, are not real. Those pictures have been altered through Photoshop. The evidence for this is found on the Website, The proof for this is irrefutable. His face was altered to make him appear menacing.

Gene Rosen is an actor known to play out skits about children. Rosen was caught practicing his lines well before the time of the claim for a shooting. He was the man who said he took six children into protection in his house in the midst of the crisis. This is not true. He can be seen practicing these very lines via overhead camera (via helicopter) in the morning of Dec. 14 sometime before 10:00 a.m. He can also be seen interacting with a TV producer at this time. Also, as has been confirmed by a direct communication, Rosen is a producer on local community TV, CTV. Furthermore, while Rosen was being interviewed by CBS a solar-powered sign could be seen behind him, ordering all actors to “sign in” before entering the secure area.

Chris and Lynn McDonnell, the supposed parents of the deceased Grace McDonnell, are not real parents and instead are actors. They can be found on network film and also via overhead camera near the firehouse performing their acting skits, often with TV producers in close proximity. This is also indisputable, and there are several examples where they can be seen acting out fake grief, as well as shock, while also being instructed by these producers. Some of the instructions are audible, including one command to start/conclude the act, the producer saying, “OK.”

Grace McDonnell, who was supposed to have died in Sandy Hook, is not a real child. Instead, she is a pure and undeniable creation of Photoshop, the proof of which is found on There was/is no person by this name living in the Newtown/Sandy Hook area or, in fact, anywhere in Connecticut. Thus, the claim that this child died in a school-yard massacre is a categorical lie, simply due to the fact that such a person doesn’t exist.

Donna Soto is not a grieving mother of the purportedly dead teacher, Victoria Soto. Instead, she is an employee of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Soto, a paid actor, was caught in the act via news footage, where she was filmed standing next to the side of the firehouse on Dec. 14 sometime before 3:o0 p.m. with a taxpayer-supplied DHS water bottle in her sweatshirt, checking her text messages. Prior to this she was seen acting out grief with purported son Carlos Mathew Soto, where she was surrounded by two TV producers. The fact that these were TV producer is beyond doubt and has been confirmed by news film.

A TV producer, name unknown, who was assisting Donna Soto in her fabricated grieving act, was caught on film faking grief herself near the corner of the firehouse, in the mid-afternoon, exact time unknown. The fact that she is Soto’s TV handler is proven by the clothing she wore and her style of purse in her possession when she was instructing Soto.

Robbie Parker, the supposed father of a murdered girl, Emilie Parker, was caught smiling in glee just before doing his CNN interview, while also asking if he should read from the script or speak spontaneously. Just prior to his interview Parker was seen “getting into character” by taking bizarre-appearing deep breaths and dramatically changing his facial expression. During this time instructors and handlers can be seen instructing and guiding him. A photo is available showing Parker holding in his hands the script.

Dawn Hochsprung called the Newtown Bee on Dec. 14, about 10:00 or so a.m., saying that there was a shooting at the school. The official reports have her dead by that time and the shooting already over. When questioned about this, the Bee originally confirmed that this call was made by Hochsprung, saying, essentially, “Well, we know her.”

Krista and Rich Rekos were caught posing before cameras early during the day on Dec. 14, like the McDonnells, right at the corner of the firehouse. When before the camera, Krista Rekos suddenly put on a display, acting as if she was in shock.

A school psychologist by the name of Mary Sherlach does not exist as an actual employee at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There is no licence for such a person and instead, suspiciously, her licence was issued only in 2013. The woman pictured as Mary Sherlach has been identified as Jane Vogel Brickell and, thus, Mary Sherlach is an alias. Ms. Brickell has been determined to be alive and well, living in New York. Morever, this individual is not disputing this finding, because she knows it to be true. Without doubt, the marriage depicting the pictured Mary Sherlach (aka Jane Vogel Brickell) with Bill Sherlach is a fake and fraud: those two individuals were never married.

In two different CNN interviews actual actors using aliases from an entirely different state were uncovered. Posing as Nick and Laura Phelps, the real names for these actors are Richard Sexton and Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton, who are residents of Florida. Their role was to act as begrieved friends of Dawn Hochsprung, while also claiming to be parents of Sandy Hook grade-schoolers. In real life these individuals are in not parents of any Sandy Hook children. In fact, their children live in Florida and were formerly students of Gotha High School. In other words, the people posing as the Phelps’ do not have grade-school-aged children, their daughters being in their teens. Thus, everything that these two actors said on CNN was a lie.

The oft-seen picture of children being led out of the school by an official-looking woman in a blue jacket is not from Dec. 14, 2012. Rather, it is  from Oct. 17, 2012, a fact which has now been fully confirmed. So, when it was said by the media that “A horrific shooting Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,” while this is combined with the picture, this is an attempt to scare and intimidate people into believing in the official story by creating the impression of frightened children being led out of the school, when this really never occurred.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other elements of the federal government were swarming all over the Sandy Hook region and were fully in place before the time of the acclaimed shooting. DHS agents were seen driving  their black antennae-equipped vehicles by precise eyewitnesses as early as 8:30 a.m., well before the time published for any attack. The black and other dark-colored government vehicles were seen racing about with serious-looking men inside by local Sandy Hook residents.

According to veteran news reporter for criminal events, David Owens, the entire operation of Sandy Hook was controlled from the beginning, early on Friday morning. The powers in total control of this event were “Washington, D.C.” and the “Justice Department.” Noted Owens, ‘local police of Newtown and State Police’ are not responsible for any discrepancies or errors in the reporting. That all came from federal sources (direct communication). That means that the entire event was orchestrated by the Obama White House.

Regarding injured people at Sandy Hook there were no such injuries, which occured. It has been stated that a teacher named Natalie Hammond alone was injured. However, the only person who was transported on a stretcher or gurney was an actress. Hammond was never transported or assisted by EMTs at Sandy Hook. This actress, who is not Natalie Hammond, was given a piece of paper to review, possibly a consent form, prior to her act. She was then at a strategically correct time placed an a gurney and rolled from the pavement of the firehouse to an ambulance along the firehouse wall. All this was caught and confirmed on overhead (helicopter) camera. Hammond herself has faked her injury, a purported bullet wound to the foot, and was quickly, that is within weeks, participating in the gun confiscation agenda.

A first installment in a series. Idea thanks to a reader. She has advised people to hand this simple sheet out and also post it, where appropriate.




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  1. The “Parkers” were not quite certain how to spell their daughters name. Emilee and Emily have both been used; including the wrong one for her obituary.

    Additionally, I personally saw and copied photos of the woman who played “Dawn Hochsprung” from one of my facebook friends photo gallery showing “Dawn” parting it up in March. Link attached:

    Of course there is the fake photo of the parking lot with emergencies. All one has to do is Google “Sandy Hook yacht ” to see the same photo claimed to be current when a year before that photo was taken without the ocean cropped out!

    • Emi-LIE …another play on words by these Fraudsters?
      Also, Gene Rosen has been shown in a utube (that was at one time on ) to be listed as an agent of FEMA on FeMA’s own website! Picture of him there too! NO DOUBT that Rosen is an Agent /employee of FEMA .Also he is in the Screen Actors Guild. Perfect combination for this hoax!

    • Bogtrotter – The picture you are referencing is from the fake yacht accident call in New Jersey. Very few, if any, new organizations ran this photo claiming it was from Sandy Hook. This is mis-information. If you are correct, please provide links showing that news organizations ran this photo as Sandy Hook.

      Also, your photo of Dawn Hochsprung smells badly of the Goldbug – Wellaware1 bologne.

      • yes, the photo is not a match. However, a few news wires did run with the yacht phony, including the Huffington Post. See the story, here, The Gurneys of Sandy Hook. Be well.

  2. Alleged Sandy Hook ‘dead’ boy Dylan Hockley attended his own funeral. Dylan also appeared with Obama at a signing ceremony at the White House in 2013. The fraud goes on and on. Unless this is exposed, this could be news for many years.

  3. Is it possible to put this in a .pdf type file on this site so that it can be easily printed and distributed? Or scribd file? “printer friendly page”? something?
    This would help to disseminate the information.

    • Yes, will work on that, right away.

  4. Am so glad to be able to log on to today, because I am gratefully hooked, and will continue to spread the word.

  5. I do need help in figuring out how to print this off the computer, so that I can then copy it as a sheet, to hand out and post. Teach me, please.

  6. Great summary of the Sandy Hook incident. Check out Real Questions Now ( if you want to know more about the entire narrative of Sandy Hook.

  7. This is ridiculous. How about some citations and physical evidence. All of your sources are Prove it! Expect Us

    • you said what I wanted to say. thank you, Kracker Jack :) I know for a fact Sandy Hook happened. I wish with every fiber of my being that this was fake, but I know it’s not. The fact that this site claims Sandy Hook is simply “made up” beyond insulting. What is known for sure is this site is wrong, Sandy Hook unfortunately is not a hoax.

      • prove it.

  8. If you compare the cars and orange cones set up in the school parking lot, it seems to match up perfectly with the staged evacuation pictures of the kids being led out. So, assuming the helicopter footage was actually live…it would seem to me the famous evacuation pictures did seem to happen on the day of the event; which, doesn’t really dispute that this was a hoax…it just reaffirms that it was a drill that either was turned into an “event” or simply sold as real.

    Pics of the comparison:

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