Sandy Hook — 20 December 2013
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CORRECTED: Sandy Hook’s Jessica Rekos is Not Dead

Note: Error corrected. A comparison of Jessica Rekos to one of the SH choir individuals proved to incorrect and that has been modified in this post.

More great news for Gene Rosen, Lt. Paul Vance, Coroner Carver, and the rest of the Sandy Hook cabal.  Based upon the latest discoveries of finding over a dozen formerly supposedly gunned down in cold blood Sandy Hook children, Jessica Rekos is alive and well.

She was discovered fully alive in the 2013 SuperBowl, where she performed in the Newtown choir, which sang the patriotic song, America the beautiful.

Here, at there is great pleasure to know that she really is alive and well and did not suffer a disastrous, traumatic – and untimely – death at the hands of some supposed madman.

It is certain that she is alive. But where?


It is certain that these are the same child. It would be believed that this would be stupendous news for all involved but also for law enforcement and the various judicial apparatus such as the judges and attorney generals. They should be absolutely exuberant at the findings of such posts that, in fact, no child actually died on that infamous day of December 14, 2012.

Don’t her parents know she was there? Can anyone find her in the crowd? There is a similarity, there, but that is apparently Anna Mattioli (we were wrong on the comp, there).


Yet, who is seen in this picture? It is several  Sandy Hook children who are alive, including Allison Wyatt, Josephine Gay, Charlotte Bacon, Avielle Richman, Madeline Hsu, and Noah Pozner, a significant finding. By all odds, then, Ms. Rekos, too, is still alive.

Rekos herself doesn’t seem to know for certain the status of her daughter. She’s still in grief over her loss: an actual death according to her and her family.


That was as of December 9, 2013. This article was published some 10 days later. Hallelujah- such stupendous news for the family. Time to rejoice as never before. No more fake grief, which was exceedingly dire, at least according to arch-Zionist New York Daily News:

Nearly 2,000 people — their faces twisted with grief — packed the church…

Among those twisted around like spirals was Krista Rekos herself, Jessica’s mother:

With her sobbing parents, Rich and Krista, wearing black in the front row, Jessica’s tiny white casket was placed before the altar.

Sobbing, really? Twisted in grief, all at the Newtown Church of Satan?

She needs to at least be as happy, now, with this latest news, as she was at the funeral.


No tears, though. Never were.

Too, shouldn’t they all be happy, all the different Sandy Hoaxers, on Mr. and Mrs. Rekos’ behalf?

Long faces not more: Jesse Lewis, Emilie Parker, Jessica Rekos, and, presumably, Ana Marquez-Greene are all proven alive.

Even the obituary stands corrected. Don’t the Rekos’ know that it is fraudulent? After all, millions of dollars have been extorted on the basis of such a fraud:


It just doesn’t make any sense: fake obituaries, phony funerals, fabricated wakes, corrupt interviews, and treasonous gun control acts.

What is the problem, is all that purple CIA-Mossad psyops scheme driving them out of their minds?

Rachel D'Avino Playground

Major psyops plot, the CIA purple, the photoshopped-in flag, and useless police tape.

No need for any further ponzi schemes, as Rekos helps launch the new money-grubbing Website. Time for instead a Website collecting information on donors before the litigation strikes. Better to give all the people refunds than to end up being prosecuted in court. Zionist moles all, let there be no doubt about it.


Older children were used, but the earlier photos were loaned to the hoax generators to create the gun-grubbing and pro-UN Agenda 21 scam, all for the benefit of Zionist machinations. The hair pattern is the same, and a careful look reveals that the eyebrows are precisely the same, and the eyebrows are among the most distinctive features of the human face. The right eye is narrower than he left and it droops down, which means she has critical expression: seen in both photos. It’s here: no doubt about it.

If she doesn’t regret getting involved in this, as well as her husband, she surely should.

This part of the hoax is solved. It is hoped that the families of Sandy Hoax can finally gain some relief for the sake of their overused ‘grief and anguish’ facial muscles.

There is empathy, here, for the Rekos girl and what she is going through. Regardless, who in this universe would sign on to fake the death of their own child?






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  2. All the children that were at the SB were all the children used as the scam. We must remain stong and determined to keep our guns. It’s people like the sandy hook group that we need the guns to protect ourselves against.

    • Well said. Good ‘ol Neil Heslin & Co. are changing their tactics, trying to ‘act’ nice and concerned and not going for the jugular so obviously. Scoundrels all.

      • I cannot even bear to look at Neil Heslin. The mere sight of him makes me ill. In every picture I have seen of him, he looks like he just escaped from a mental institution. That is probably where he needs to be placed, seeing that we now have 100% proof these children were NOT murdered last December, which makes him and all of the other parents phonier than a three dollar bill. They should all be prosecuted for this fraud…but we know they never will be!

  3. The children exploited in the horrific scam are probably going to lead very psychologically disturbed lives. You cannot be involved in this type of crime without be scared for life. I would expect many cases of child, drug and alcohol abuse to eventually be found among this group of children.

    History has long proven that the sins of the parents are visited upon the children for many generations.

    The evilness of the Sandy Hook parents is totally off the charts.

  4. Douglas,
    That may be why the Rekos girl is already pushing over 155 lbs. at 10 years of age. Besides the psychological issues, they are going to have to deal with the 300 million people in our society that hate them for what their parents did. The sandy hook parents have proven they are unqualified to be capable parents. Social Services or Child Protective Services need to get involved and help these kids.

  5. RonK,

    Plus we all know how mean and cruel children can be. Surely these kids school chums know or will know what they were involved with. The teasing and taunting will certainly happen to these underage accomplices, in what was one of the largest fraud crimes ever committed in the US.

    We must also consider that this crime is still ongoing. Just because the day has passed means nothing. The Sandy Hook Hoax is still in progress and will continue until there’s a complete and public confession, the preps are exposed and arrested.

    Ultimately there is no way to sweep this under the carpet. The passage of time will not make this go-away.

  6. Douglas,
    You indicate this was the largest fraud committed in the US. I really have to insist that 9-11 and the twin towers (and tower 7) was the largest fraud. Either way, there is one constant between both these frauds. The NDAA, patriot act, and disarmament of the united states citizens. It’s all about government power over the governed. I’m not alone since I’m sure there are millions of american citizens who will not be suppressed by our own government – a government that we empowered to govern but got too big and out of control.

  7. You have it right here, I did not have as clear of a photo of the big girl as you. That is definitely her.

  8. I can’t tell if the big girl has blue eyes. But I know these parents are acting. Did you guys see this killer video?

    Also, there is a lady going around as the Mad Jewess, and other folks on a series of blogs, who have embraced the hoax but refuse, on purpose, to tie the hoax to Yinon Zionism as translated and feared by Jewish hero Israel Shahak. I attempted to post the Zionist connection, as my natural father was Jewish and I am adopted, to show my support for Shahak’s work, and it was rejected in all but one post.

  9. [img][/img]


    • The photo in the link shows massive amounts of Photoshop work concerning the boy on the left side [who is supposed to be Jake]. His eyebrows, hair, eyes, etc., have all been radically altered. Compare the photo in the link above with this photo linked below….see the differences?

    • Could not find this link.

      • Both links work OK for me. [ With PCgeek link…remove the http:/]. Anyway, I sent you email that contains both photos.

  10. The girl is Anna Mattioli, sister of James. NOT Jessica Rekos. Do a little research, and you would know this, geez!

  11. My opinion going back to my original thought is that she may be the girl to the left of Benjamin Wheeler and to the right of Emily Parker. If not she may be played by the daughter of Ann and Tony Greenberg as Ann does play the mother of Erica..

    • Do some comps on it and see. Nothing can be ruled out.

  12. You will all burn in Hell for believing this…these children are dead and you dare disgrace their memory by spewing filth and dragging their families and friends through the mud…my family is from Sandy Hook…we know the truth…we felt the pain…we saw the blood…and the bodies…shame on you

    • I totally agree with you Natalie

  13. My mom lost her first child to SIDS, and in the pictures of his funeral I saw what a mother who has lost her child looks like as she anguishes in absolutely soul-crushing agony over the tiny casket of her child as tears pour down her face. None of these mourners showed anything close to the depths of sadness one would expect in such a situation, and act rather artificial and hollow in their lack of empathy. Suspicious, indeed.

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