Other Hoaxes — 28 May 2013
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This video reveals a clandestine act committed by Zionist operatives to cruelly murder Palestinian hospitalized patients and do so clandestinely. This is by sending deadly carbon dioxide gas labeled as the far safer anesthetic, nitrous oxide.The carbon dioxide acts to saturate the red blood cells, displacing oxygen. Quickly, this can lead to cardiac arrest and the potential death of the patient.

Another compelling interview and indictment against great Zionist crimes:


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    • Excellent find PCGeek. All of the Boston fakers will eventually be exposed.

  1. Poisoning the oxygen supply of patients in Gaza hospitals is another crime against humanity by the world’s worst crime syndicate: Israel and Jews.

    How long will it take the international communities to end this Jewish violence on innocent Muslims and Christians in Gaza and Palestine?


    Russian Orthodox Priest Brother Nathanael of Real Jew News gets death threats from Jews for exposing Jewish crime.

    My colleague Rebecca Carley MD’s medical license was taken away by this nasty group of people who control everything in America. And to further punish her, her child was taken away because she stood up against toxic vaccinations.

    When she is in her yard they send insect drones to torture her.

    The Jewish owned power company despite opposition has installed smart-meters in the basement of our apartment complex. Through the smart-meters and through microwave and satellite radiation is directed at me and my family because I am speaking about Jewish crimes against humanity.

    These criminals are destroying people in America and all other countries while pointing blame at innocent Muslims.

    They wage one false flag after another to terrorize people.

    Jewish Mossad bombed Mumbai and blamed Muslims. They also orchestrated false charges on Actor Sanjay Dutt son of legendary stars Sunil and Nargis Dutt for buying firearms from those who did the bombing.

    Jews want Bollywood and they went after Sanjay Dutt because they perceive him as a threat to their future, secret plans. Sanjay Dutt also own a production company. Jews have been after him for a long time because they knew his abilities and connections. Jews are also afraid of Sanjay because he is a courageous man who is also physically strong. They knew he will not tolerate their takeover of Bollywood.

    These blood thirsty criminals are very greedy and revengeful.

  2. I also meant to write about how Jews were working behind the scenes to create trouble for the legendary Bollywood movie star Dilip Kumar and by the way he is Muslim.

    Dilip Kumar is a very kind person and he was working to bring peace between India and Pakistan for which he received an award from the Pakistan Government. Some Indian authorities were asking him to return this award to Pakistan which Dilip refused.

    Some how he ended up with being called “a Pakistan spy” which hurt him because he considers himself an Indian while he loves people in both countries.

    Jews like to insult Muslim people saying that they have not contributed anything to the society. Of course they have not robbed the world like the Jewish bankers.

    But there are scientists, actors, musicians, engineers, doctors, architects, movie producers, directors and in all these roles they have given the world many gifts.

    In fact my favorite actor, music producer and singer all happened to be Muslims namely Dilip Kumar, Noushad and Mohammod Rafi respectively. Mel Gibson is my next favorite. It is strange that Jews have created trouble for both Dilip Kumar and Mel Gibson.

    I am posting this for all of you to see who Dilip Kumar is. He is a beautiful person from inside out.


    Can you imagine these criminals want to murder people because they are Muslims. We say ‘no’ to Jewish wars in Syria, Iran, Pakistan and any where else.

  3. We must fully understand that jews are not the culprits it’s the devils who are running Israel ..young Jewish ppl are sick of the situation in Gaza ..elite use Israel’s name to carry out the dirty work and we the rest of the world fink its Jews ….the devils of America UK and France make up world power and nw it’s being squeezed by China Russia India Iran Venezuela …Israel is americas play area and Iran as an excuse backed by China Russia and Syria as a battleground to kick off the game ..and last of all Palestine is the tea and biscuit room where we all sit in un headquarters and come out with no solution ….

    • Name me one Synagogue in America that does not support Israel. Also, only a handful of Jews were against Israel attacking Gaza. EVERYBODY knows that the Jews run America. Israel is NOT America’s playground, but vice versa.

  4. Thank you all for posting. It appears that the researchers on this site allow freedom of speech which I applaud even if I disagree with certain statements made by some. It is the American way.

    Russian Orthodox Christian Priest Brother Nathanael of Real Jew News is hailed as a truth-teller. Here is what we hear from him.

    Jews control America:


    The war on terror is a Jewish hoax:


    It is important to present the truth to dispel lies. Present your view point with supporting facts and people will take a look.

    • Yes, and the more freedom the better.

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