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Corrected: ShowBizSpy.com Pictures Prove Paul Walker Death is a Fake

Updated, Jan. 14, 2013, with blurry, undefined images removed.

The fiery crash death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas is a fairy tale – a total fake – and these admittedly ‘slightly altered’ photos prove it.


Showbizspy.com prides itself on having the scoop on the Paul Walker events and claims that these pictures are its exclusives. It seems to have the exclusive for the spreading of propaganda.

The firemen were shinned up real good and made bigger than life, even though they aren’t real firemen. Profound, isn’t it, how he fake sheriff glances high in he sky, while the fireman is pointing his arm up at a region unknown? The background of the photo appears to have been manipulated, the sky, trees, and more

The canvas is supposed to block the view of the scene, preventing any public view of the gore. Yet, it serves no purpose, as a number of photographers were found on the other side, and in the videos of this scene the snapping of the cameras can be clearly heard in the audio.

NOTE: The write-up on people being in the background has been removed, as the imagery is too vague to be fully confirmed as people live on the scene.



MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT these are dummies, not humans. That’s fake blood drizzled or painted on the dapper cadaver dummies. There is one whole dummy in the image plus a part of another. Regarding body or dummy parts there is no way that such a car crash would lead to the clean splitting off of legs and arms.

For the fans and others it must be made clear that these are not real corpses. Instead, these truly are synthetic bodies. Regardless, the official claim is that these people were burnt alive to the degree of being unrecognizable. Where is the evidence of burning or char in this image? Does anyone, now, need any further proof that this is a fraud?

Now, once again, let the whole world know these are dapper cadavers used continuously in Hollywood for fakery. that red color is clearly artificially created, drizzled by drizzler moles.



Regardless, can anyone doubt it? These are Hollywood moulage moles, prop-meisters. It’s all fake, proven here.

Yet, what else could be expected from Masonic cults?


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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdwTWUpQaOk&feature=youtube_gdata_player pls check this video. It says paul walker death has published on 29 nov 10 pm. It is very interesting but could it be due to time difference??? Or that website belongs to usa?

    • It might have been published on the 29th because he was a victim of one of those celebrity hoax’s that you see advertised on on facebook all the time. His hoax death was made up a day before his actual death. That’s why so many people didn’t believe it til it hit the news.

  2. I can’t see the three women, can you modify the pics, please?
    By the way, it’s freakyyy!!

    • Is that paul voice in the video? What are they coverin with the tarp there is nothing there? This gets creepier by the min

  3. Here a vid of PW’s body arrival to LA (in the white trunk)

  4. In the second photo one female is sitting on the seat that is all I could see. But her size is very small as compare to policeman. It cant be real looks like a horrible doll. And where are other women?:(

    • It is possible that SpecialFX placed horror dummies in throughout this or were put in via PhotoShop. The entire image is demonic.

      • It is probably photoshop. In the other photos of crash even there is no seat. But what about 29 nov? Did you check it drkresearch?

  5. What he is saying in that video? I couldnt catch the words. No ghost:) may be someone added one of his movie dialogue. Or it is the voice of a guy who recorded that video. And woman also says something in between?

    • I don’t know, I don’t think it’s a ghost neither.
      Seriously, man.
      I just wanted to show the tarp.

      • Yeah what are they covering with tarp? There is nothing behind.Ohh I ll sleep now here it is too late hope so I ll not have nightmares:)

  6. It sounds like the guy is saying were not getting that body out & the woman says ‘yeh your not getting out’ ?

    • I don’t understand, so..
      You can see, maybe some people are behind the tarp talking

  7. Come on… I’ve been watching and listening carefully to all these videos, pictures and other hoax proofs…. really…. his dad’s interview… just smile and laughter…

    • It’s really hard to grieve when you are thinking of millions of dollars that is going to be up for the grabs and his dad apparently needs some of it. I do wonder why his mom has not been caught even once or his sister. This is suspicious to me. With all today’s technology, it would be so easy to catch them trying to pull a fast one. If they are never exposed, then all this is just hog wash.

  8. Again . U guys are sick. Im really sorry

  9. If this was indeed fake, any media source would catapult to the front runners for exposing just one of the so called death hoax’s. It wouldn’t be hard to do with today’s technology either. Or just follow a paper trail for anyone filing an insurance claim and collecting money. This is a Felony of proportions and would certainly be the first thing to look into. If no one filed any insurance claim, chances are it is definitely without question a great big HOAX. Expose it if it is a HOAX with FACTS rather than speculation.

    • Yeah.
      However….some people already faked their death….and the media believed them…so… I won’t say it’s a so much reliable source…
      Imagine they want to hide someone because she knows something that could put her life in danger? The gouvernùent itself would try to hide her faking her death.

  10. What a ridiculous idea that this is faked . The corpses look red because of the lights from the fire engine / emergency vehicles . Nothing you point out is real , just conjecture from a stupid overactive and paranoid mind . Let them rest in peace .

  11. Paul death hoax

  12. There is not enough reason why PW would fake his death only because he no longer wanted to be apart of the Hollywood scene? sorry but this is not good enough reason for me for any1 to fake their death and put his many close friends and fans through a fake hoax like this accident…

    Give me a better reason other then wanting to just leave behind fame and a scandal from his reach out charity which has not been proveg? these two reasons alone have not provided enough satisfactory proof or reason why PW and RR would fake their own deaths…

    • Enough,,,Paul walker and rr are dead, let them rest in peace. Please!!!

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