Other Hoaxes — 26 June 2013
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Snowden Hoax is a Zionist Plot

What more evidence is needed than this that the Edward Snowden issue is just another Zionist-orchestrated hoax and scam? Arch-Zionist mole Glenn Greenwald, who just happens to be a cohort of Michael Hastings, along with the Rothschild entity the UK’s The Guardian are responsible for confabulating and spreading this hoax – perfect timing, creating yet another fake hero. It’s a distraction to take the public attention away from other Zionist scams and far more, a means to discourage whistle blowers, that is “Hunt him down, and prosecute him.”

“Oh, I could be rendered by the CIA at any time.” Our hero says this so philosophically: scam city central. Just another “snow” job, this time by the man with the namesake himself.

How long did it take Greenwald to get him to rehearse his lines? And what is the purpose of the film-maker? Is a screenplay in the works? Have promises been made? Talking out of the corner of the mouth, the man merely spouts lies. The impression people have is that he is a bona fide espionage operative who has come clean: another fake story line.

Yet, when you are a hero, anything is possible, like escaping to Hong Kong which is infested with Western agents, including CIA spies, and not even get a knock on the door. Regardless, see the connections: Zionist agent Greenwald, Mossad mole Hastings (the two are close associates), TV producer Poitras, and, of course, the UK’s Guardian. The Zionist connection is clear and indisputable.


Nearly 20,000,000 views: the people have been fooled, once again. Why in the world anyone would believe anything that is spewed by Zionist mouthpieces is beyond comprehension. This is at the minimum a distraction hoax to cause people’s attention to be focused in another direction, largely by targeting the American government as the enemy, taking pressure of the Zionist cabal.

Snowden is a fraudster, like the others, likely given a massive pay-off for the scam. It’s all here, for this who have the shrewdness to see it. Note how Greenwald protests so viciously to drive home the Zionist agenda: a fake, like the others. More as soon as possible.

Heroes: how about the Palestinian people fighting against tanks with rocks, not this phony? Did he mention the real threat to the world, and, yes, to United States, which are Zionist spies–those ones, like Jonathan Pollard, who caused the most secret of all secret data to be sold on the black market to the Chinese, among others? Not a word. No, the closest he got were “other agencies.”

Glenn Greenwald? He’s best friends with arch-fraudster and scam artist, Michael Hastings, the phony reporter who faked his death:

He speaks in the third person: what a fake. “You can’t come forward against the world…” Not believable. ‘The consolate is just around the block–I’m walking distance from the CIA offices.’ Sure you are. You’re one of them.

See also this incredibly bizarre interview:

After watching her does anyone believe her? The woman is a total fraud. The entire event is an espionage circus, and, once again, by millions the people have taken it in, blubbering endlessly about this new-found hero. “Snowden for President” will be the next slogan. The Mossad has made a mockery of the people, no doubt about it.

Then, look at this protesting from the co-founder of Home Depot:

Talk about protesting too much. “Give him a medal, he’s the real brave one, our savior.” Still believe in this scam? They are all running cover, Snowden, Greenwald, Hastings (through his fake death) and more for the Zionist entity, creating diversionary actions, so no one will expose the real crime syndicate, which is powerful world Jewry.


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  1. Ah, yes. I could see the vacancy in Snowden’s eyes as he “Spilled his Beans”. There was no fear of recrimination ( from his “government” ) heard in his testimony to Greenwald. Something kept tugging at my compass needle….telling me that Snowden had deviated from true “North”.

    I agree that this man is a fraud. Very good work, Drk.

    • Hey everybody, the CIA office is just a block away. How about that for protecting a double agent.

      • He’s definitely not ‘in on it’.
        Your analysis of hastings and snowden seems a little less on point.
        Sorry DR K, I know snowden is clean.
        I can only trust that you’ll take my word for it.

  2. I don’t know – Our government, it’s agencies, and the nontrustworthy president always, always are pulling one over on its citizens. If Snowden is in on it, he is serving several purposes. One is bringing to light the massive spying done on the american people (it was coming out anyway). Two is to distract the american people from all the other scandals of which the president is involved. And three is that if they set up a Snowden to be killed by a hitman or drone, whether real or fake, it sends a message to the american people that you don’t mess with the US government (a perfect chilling effect).

  3. I agree with the researchers at NoDisinfo.com that this is another Zionist Jewish scam.

    I am glad that there are still people who are able to look at the big picture and put it all together without getting deceived by Jewish scam artists.

    I always found it difficult to trust Glenn Greenwald. When Edward Snowden divulged the secret information to him and when these two started getting the media attention and Ellesberg joining them I told myself: “All right now there are three Jews getting attention as heroes and this seems like a set up to make them look like saviors”.

    My suspicion grew stronger when Greenwald kept on appearing on various main stream TV channels.

    When I realized that Snowden selected Iceland I actually got worried because I thought Iceland did not deserve this Zionist Jewish agent. I knew in my heart that Jewish bankers will try to find a way to infiltrate/subvert Iceland as a punishment for having kicked them out.

    I want these Jewish criminals to leave Iceland alone.

    Snowden went to Hong Kong as a way to involve China in a war with America.

    He was planning to go to a South American country to entangle South America. Zionist Jews have been trying to steal their remaining wealth for a long time and even gave President Hugo Chavez cancer.

    When this fraudulent Jew went to Moscow I did not like it at all because I don’t want anymore trouble for Russia and the Russian President Putin.

    Is there any Jew in the Jewish media or Jewish controlled American Government we can trust?

    The answer is “no”.

    People like Brother Nathanael, Michael Rivero, Deanna Spingola, Rick Adams, James Corbett, Jeff Rense, have been telling us these things for so long and all of a sudden a false ‘Jewish hero’ is born and it is of course another Jewish scam!

    This is a well planned Zionist Jewish hoax by insane criminals to get America into war with China, Russia, South America and to also go after this nice little country: Iceland for revenge.



    • Snowden is a liar and a fraud. The most vicious of all Zionists are behind him, including Michael Savage and far more.

      • You’re losing it.

      • Every time I see or hear the name Michael Savage, I immediately think of his real name Michael Alan Weiner. He’s not a savage. He’s a weiner.

  4. That woman “Mavanee Anderson” (real name Judith Rosenthal?) was probably receiving instructions on what to say via a hidden earpiece, like G.W. Bush did. Hence, her bizarre, stumbling, hesitating interview. She claims to be an attorney, but speaks more like an airhead actress. Fake as hell.

    • And you are retarded.

    • I think I’m done with nodisinfo. You’re turning in to bunch of douchebags.

  5. Fake indeed. Sorry for those who cannot see the big pictures. All this “leaking” of info is/was carefully controlled by “them”. They only give us what we want to see and/or hear, nothing new. If there had been some truth in it, Snowden would have been “offed” immediately. Noone escapes from there and shares info to the rest of us and then stay alive and well, creates controversy, requests for asylum and so on. Agree, there are exceptions, but very rare, extremely rare. Snowden’s act was meant for us to get a taste of what is going to be: more big brothering, total transformation into Orwell’s 1984, so get used to being listened to, watched, followed and if u dare to mess with us u will end up like Hastings. Well, like the dummy that was instead of him in that car anyway. Coz Hastings is now laughing at us and enjoying his share of publicity and of course having another identity.

  6. This is the way these people do things. Its crime, deception, fraud and lies as their way of life and then placing the blame on a third party and they go free.

    Like the researchers at NoDisinfo.com have pointed out Snowden hoax is to place all the blame on the US government. This will help the Zionist Jews to deceive the whole world that it is America that is the culprit and America to the world is run by White Americans. World does not know that American government and American military are hijacked by Zionist Jews who are enemies of America and have done everything to destroy this America and Americans.

    Zionists Jews cannot live and let live. They have a compulsion to make things happen to the lives of other people. They are meddlers, social-engineers, war-architects and criminals who participate in usury, fraud, thievery and other crime.

    They orchestrated the destruction of Russia (and other Eastern European countries) and then killed millions of Russians and escaped while blaming everything on the Russian government. They orchestrated the destruction of Germany and then escaped while putting all the blame on Hitler.

    Jews are the agitators behind all wars and through deception has advanced their new world order agenda. It is about them being a master race, a false idea which has taken root for the detriment of all other people in the entire planet.

    Like previously mentioned Jews have been behind the destruction of many countries: Germany, Japan, Russia, many parts of Asia and South America and the Middle East and now about to kill Americans and then blame American White people before they move on to India or China, probably want both. India is attractive to them because of the huge movie industry India already have.

    They have been preparing this move for a long time. Framing the Bollywood actor/director Sanjay Dutt and getting him a prison sentence was part of the Jewish plot to have him locked away so that this courageous man is out of the picture while they can loot the Bollywood film industry. And there will be a total take over unless Bollywood fights back. Mumbai bombings were Mossad activities just like 9/11, London bombing and all these other false flag operations: Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Woolwich event, Santa Monica etc and other murders like the shooting in Aurora.

    They are trying to show the world that good things are always done by the Jews and it is the White man who is evil. Jews are the saviors who comes to rescue the world from the White man.

    There have been White American whistle blowers before Snowden which the Jewish controlled media failed to report which Jewish Glenn Greenwald did not want to hear about or report.

    This is deception on a global scale that adds on to all of their other deceptions and lies and manipulations and it is the opposite that is true. White people have been blamed for many things they did not do.

    • Excellent analysis. Notice that its those “American” institutions that are now under the radar and are being now blamed as the great evil of the world. Yet, it is exclusively Zionist Jews who ‘leaked’ and facilitated this, and likely intend to make a movie about it. Not a word is said on the Talmudvision about the real source of high crimes against Americans or others, the thieving, conniving, murderous Zionist institutions and that nest of spies, the Israeli Mossad.

      Another issue: what exactly did Snowden reveal that wasn’t really already known? Did he reveal anything about Amdocs, Converse, or any of the other corruption-based Israeli entities or their spin-offs, which monitor every act/coversation in virtually the entire universe – or the Israeli moles who are constantly wire-tapping key government officials for purposes of framing them: or the murderous Israeli spies of 9-11? If Snowden brings up the Zionist Jews, then, yes the assessment will then be reconsidered.

  7. Researchers at NoDisinfo.com needs to be aware that I had difficulty in getting to this article on the website this morning before I posted my comment.

    I had to try again. It appears to me that Jews who run the cyberspace are trying to sabotage our efforts to share this vital information with others in order to preserve humanity by protecting the human race from these cruel group of people.

    Please be on the alert at all times to make sure all systems are in place.

    This only proves that the crimes perpetrators and criminals who try to cover-up the crimes belong to the same group.

    • There are constant efforts to disable the site. I will be working with admin to see what can be done. Anyone having difficulty: all of you, please send emails detailing your difficulties.


  8. Whistleblower Russel Tice exposed TSA long before Edward Snowden yet Jewish controlled media said nothing about him:


    • Snowden is a distraction and Zionist asset promoted by heavy-hitting Zionists themselves. Double agent, no doubt about it.

      • U know whats sad? That Jim Stone – google his name and ull enter his site – still gives credit to Snowden big time. Really sorry for Mr. Stone, he got fooled big time…. How about the ARIZONA WILDFIRE DEATHS OF THOSE 19 FIREFGHTERS? Yeah, I know Im sayin it again but still….

        • Don’t know. But looking into that supposed beheading. Something seems fishy; it’s all fish. It all stinks to you know where. Thanks for the Bangladesh lead.

  9. Here is the very first NSA whistleblower: Russell Tice


  10. Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle Government Blackmailing and also talks about Russel Tice: the very first NSA whistle blower in the interview with James Corbett:


  11. Russel Tice exposed NSA spying long before Edward Snowden

    Countdown – Russell Tice – NSA Domestic Spying Targeted Journalists


  12. Listen to the Russ Tice interview:


  13. “Snowden Hoax is a Zionist Plot”–NoDisinfo.com

    In some of these photos Ed Snowden is seen smiling.

    I wonder what he is thinking about? Could it be that he is thinking about his future book and movie deals.

    Yes this is a Zionist plot. There is no doubt about this being a hoax.


  14. Zionist Jews are also destroying other nations. What is happening in Brazil is another huge crime.

    Snowden and Greenwald and WikiLeaks are behind the plot to destroy Brazil and are all working for Israel and Zionist Jews to help bring about the new world order.

    Whenever the main stream media praises someone we ought to be very suspicious about it.

    Here is more about the Snowden Fraud:

    “Coincidentally” , Snowden’s other partner in scam, “investigative journalist” Glenn Greenwald of the UK Guardian, just happens to reside in, of all places, Brazil . It has already been revealed that the Snowden / WikiLeaks files will expose that the US has spied on MILLIONS of Brazilian phone calls and E-mail”


  15. Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent

    “Now [Edward Snowden] has providedThe Internet Chroniclewith top-secret Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) documents outlining just how terrible the solar flares’ results will be. In just two months, “the killshot” is set to disable all electronic food and water delivery systems.” Not to mention the Internet and non-hardened computerized systems! This may be a cover-story in advance for the NSA to detonate a series of EMPs, create communication chaos and impose a fascistic, military-police state. I do not believe in “remote viewing”, but if military, financial and government communications are hardened against EMPs, could they be used with the purpose and effect of taking out the internet?

    I would be surprised if a solar phenomenon of this kind would be predictable with such specificity, which raises serious questions about whether Snowden is out there to put out this story. It may also be the reason why DHS is gearing up for a civil war with the citizens of the US and why Barack Obama is going crazy promoting gun control and supporting the NSA surveillance program, in violation of his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. For me, his defense of NSA spying has been the last straw. The man should be impeached.–Jim Fetzer”

    Read more here:


  16. Greenwald = U.K equivalent of the U.S Snowden Religion.

    Agenda= Reveal how Gov.t will stop at nothing to silence Activists and Whistleblowers. Display of power extends to Journalists and News groups attempting to help.

    Method= Create a Drama – Fake scenario and put outdated- exaggerated and false information in the hands of Gov.t Operatives and actors. As this is a drama based on lies (Not Illegal) and false info we can not be held liable for anything.

    Conclusion= All potential Whistleblowers will then have to consider being tortured and spending the rest of their life in Prison (Manning) Refused Asylum (Snowden) The media they approach will fear retaliation (Hastings) News group would need to be an international network that makes several copies on hard- drives and willing to face being targets of Gov.t. (Gaurdian)

    N.S.A make redundant 90% of its workforce – Was exposed 3 times since 1998 and kept out of the media and Obama admits N.S.A does not have a domestic program. The main targets of N.S.A took counter measures when it was originally exposed and kept out of Mainstream Media. Only recently constantly reminding and reporting individual targets of N.S.A one by one to keep it IN the Media and every possible action Snowden could take- does take or threatens to take. These events are no coincidence after Obama declared a war on Whistleblowers and they do seem to be leading up to something- Their is obviously information out their that causes a threat to the Powers that be and they are in a panic.

    Truth v Illuminati = Facebook

  17. People who are honest in the truth movement never get the attention Snowden has got from the mainstream media.

    The dishonest people who have been planted by the Zionists get the media attention. They also never get attacked by other shills and by the police.

    This is the story about a person who has been trying to speak and write the truth as a free man and his name is Christopher Bollyn.

    Christopher Bollyn has been the target of vicious attacks by Michael Collins Piper (who is a good friend of Mark Glenn: another agent working for the enemy) who would constantly attack him on the radio which became so intolerable that I started shutting down the radio as soon as Piper mentioned the name Bollyn and I later found out from Bollyn’s site that he was also the target of a vicious police attack twice.

    It is starange that Michael Collins Piper who lives in Washington DC has never been the subject of such an attack which may indicate that he is protected.

    It is important to inform these incidents to people in the truth movement so that we all can understand who is real and who is not.

    In this situation after having listened to Piper on the radio and after reading Bollyn’s blog it was clear to me that Bollyn was not a plant and Piper seemed like controlled opposition with an assignment to silence Bollyn who appeared to be a free man. Controlled opposition tries to shut down the truth coming from those whom they cannot control and if they succeed we will only have disinformation in time to come.

    That is why we need to examine these people carefully now and determine the level of their sincerity and committment to the truth and weed out those who are working for the masters while deceiving us and some of them are even draining our wallets by getting donations.

    Here are 2 links for more:



    Undercover police has been roaming in Hoffman Estates IL perpetrating crime on Chris Bollyn

    This is what Chris Bollyn has faced for daring to speak and write the truth as a free man instead of being an agent for the enemy.

    Read more here:


  18. It bothers me that this innocent man with a young family has been attacked and traumatized so much for standing up for the truth.

    I decided to take few paragraphs from Chris Bollyn website which I posted below to give the reader some important information about Zionist crime and the lack of police protection for real good people who are courageously speaking and writing the truth like Chris Bollyn.

    In fact undercover agents were the criminals.

    The fact that Michael Collins Piper and Mark Glenn do not get attacked by undercover agents or people in uniform give us an indication that these two are protected by the Zionist regime because they do the bidding for Zionists while deceiving the public.

    I know about both these dishonest and vicious people Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper because I used to listen to their radio shows and visit their blogs and also have given them money–all of which is a total waste. The best thing is to boycott all criminals and their products and services and protect your wallet from all of them.

    “July 12, 1989 – Undercover agents of the Hoffman Estates Police Department (HEPD) pose in their disguises for a Metallica concert at Poplar Creek Music Theatre (Photo: Michael Fryer/Chicago Tribune)

    June 2007 – Timothy Stoy, one of the undercover agents who assaulted Bollyn at his house in 2006, arrives at the Cook County Courthouse. As an undercover cop Stoy does not even own a police uniform. A former prison guard, Stoy used an improper and dangerous restraining method by kneeling on Bollyn’s right temple with his full body weight for several minutes – while a Homeland Security agent tortured Bollyn with a TASER. Both the restraining method and the TASER could have been lethal.

    Bollyn was tortured with a TASER while pinned down and handcuffed. He stood about 10 feet away with a weapon, drawn and ready to fire……”

    “Clint Herdegen, the police chief at the time of the attack on Bollyn, became the chief of police in 1998 after 17 years on the force. Herdegen was made the chief of police in Hoffman Estates although he had only finished high school. Police departments that lack proper training and education are much more likely to be corrupt and abusive.

    I came across a 1989 photo of a team of undercover agents of the Hoffman Estates Police Department (HEPD) ready to attend a rock concert. The agents in their disguises are very similar to the undercover squad that attacked me at my home in 2006, except the men who attacked me wore blue body armor vests and carried weapons behind their backs.

    I decided to write this piece to show the history of undercover units in Hoffman Estates and how such undercover agents do not wear anything that identifies them as police. In my case, the police department presented false evidence in court and lied saying that the undercover agents had worn armored vests that had the word “POLICE” on the front. How much sense does that make?”

    Read more here:


  19. 100% shill, the little he has exposed has been in the public domain for almost a decade. No other whistle blower has has this much attention or media coverage. Controlled opposition !

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