Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013
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Updated with additional photos and commentary, updated, again, May 22, 2013

The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures

In the enduring drama of the Boston bombing hoax the identity of the individual known as Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a kind of CIA-like psy-ops creation. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and, thus, at least initially, rather than quote what are largely lies the pictures surely the photographs alone could e relied upon to demonstrate the truthfulness or lack thereof of Haslet-Davis’ claims.

It is, nevertheless, clear that she was not where she said she was on that day, that is milling around at the Marathon near or at the Forum restaurant. There are no photos of any kind which place her at the scene.

For now, the pictures with brief commentary.

Notice something right away? What is her boyfriend doing secreted away behind that wall? Where is his right leg? News reports have him as having two legs, one of which was severely injured in the incident. It is known that such injuries are a lie, thus is even the existence of his severely injured leg a fabrication? There are other pictures, which show him having a wounded leg in the hospital bed. Because of the Photoshopping now detected in this case, all photos will be analyzed and others will be posted, shortly. Even so, the image of the person behind is not sufficiently clear to know who he is:


There is no evidence of a leg of any kind in this view. He is using a walker–and it is not because of any injuries sustained at the smoke bombing site. Is this man also an amputee actor? (It is not being ruled out that his leg is off-screen and that he has two legs; however, the combination from the lack of its presence plus the walker indicates that the possibility that he simply doesn’t have a right leg). Plus, the pant leg appears to be flat. Regardless, he appears to be attempting a disguise. Did he want to watch Haslet-Davis in action so badly that he slipped up, accidentally exposing himself? Is he nothing more than yet another amputee or double amputee actor?

Here is the picture in the same room (note the flowers in the back in both scenes) of both of them in hospital beds, three apparent unamputated legs showing clearly:

He’s wearing a similar blue shirt, but the shorts are not visible. Who are the four men in the red shirts? Their res

See any shrapnel wounds? Moreover, what is that patch of red on that ‘leg’. And what about the three lines? Brush strokes? What happened to his shorts? What’s the purpose of the diaper dressing? Nothing is even remotely oozing? This is a phony. He has no such injuries, as described by the Zionist-controlled media. There is no such radial line in human anatomy. Could these legs be merely silicon/Teflon sleeves? With that demarcation and the alteration of color from the stumps these appear to be silicon/Teflon sleeves; in other words, he is likely an amputee. It all just seems so bizarre. At a minimum it can be said that the gore is fake:

That’s paint, not a wound: a perfectly square bloody lesion? Blood but no oozing? No lacerations, indentations, cut/opened skin; it’s a make up act. Clearly the other three dark-colored regions are brush strokes. Someone came in with the moulage kit before the camera shoot. Yet, what is that line that can be seen radiating around the upper thigh?

Here is a another photo showing what appears to be a real left leg:


Too lovey-dovey for a pair of bomb-blast victims? Moreover, why only show one of his legs? The suspect one, the one missing in the photo where he is disguised in the other room, is off-image.

Here is a shot of the feet, for reference:


This, too, is fake: there are no injuries which would justify the placement of such feet in such splints.

Screenshots from the AP interview

hasletfakery hasletfakery2

Coming up with the story line. Trying to collect her thoughts?
hasletfakery5 hasletfakery8

Awfully happy for a person who just go her legs blown off. The purpose: to create that heroic status to solicit emotionally charged reactions, even the solicitation of money.
hasletfakery9 hasletfakery99
hasletfakery0 hasletfakeryarm
Telling the story about the smoke bomb, even though she wasn’t there to experience it.
hasletbutsad hasletfake5
It is all an act. Perhaps she wants to be an amputee dancer perhaps not. Regardless, how much was she paid to participate in this scam?

The photos ARE used as evidence, because they are being used precisely as a kind of tactic, a false tool, to create the guise for and appearance of a mass killing and injury event based on random ‘Islamic’ terror. Thus, Rothschild-controlled AP news never misses an opportunity to drive its scam home. While the camera-men and interviewers are there, she just happens to need to get up to go to the restroom.
hasletwalker hasletfakery6
Standard hospital procedure to use a bed with fresh linen as a staging area for purses, camera bags, and more? Is the hospital merely a staging center? Was money exchanged there as well?

They even film her inside the restroom.

haslet fakery5

Pictures are shown of her as a dancer, the attempt being to demonstrate the existence of two legs before the event, to justify the claim of the bombing as real and destructive:


Incredible as it may seem, all the dance pictures are fabrications. It’s merely make-believe, with all the figures being brought into the image. The dancer story was perpetrated to solicit emotional reactions from emotion, as a means of control and corruption. The man in the above photo is in a most odd position for a dancer, about to tip over? Sharp line noted on his neck, back, and highly sharp line on the back of his legs. Curvy cut-and-paste possible on the front of his pant leg. Haslet-Davis has an anatomical distortion on her wrist; blurred cut line appears to be visible above the distortion. Haslet-Davis’ left arm is exceedingly straight. Head and black strap show cut lines, the cut line on the head actually being under the chin going toward the black strap. Shadowing is abnormal for the face and neck, which ends at the diagonal cut line. Haslet-Davis face has poorer resolution, though she would seem to be the subject of the photo, than the instructor.

What appears to be a bracelet on the wrist may well be a glaringly inadequately disguised cut line; use of paint tool clearly noticeable on the front of the wrist as an attempt to disguise the artifice.

Sharp edges noted on the shirt of the dancer in white behind her. Dark, hard edges around he arm of the man behind her; sharp edge of Haslet-Davis top near the neck line; head cut in and pasted. Sloppy use of the cut tool evident on Haslet-Davis’ black gown, left edge of gown, right screen. Notice, here, the hard, straight edge of the dress gown along the neck. Notice, too, the color defect against the wall near her left ear. Cut lines are also evident following the top edge of her left arm going up.


Cut lines virtually everywhere. Notice another important finding: a white wedge of white matter starting mid-left side of her chest line, then cutting down, another glaring cut-and=past defect, as is the hard, black edge along the man’s hand, front of screen. Note, too, the poor job at color correcting the defects of the woman’s peach-colored dressed along the white sleeve. This is not a natural picture and is clearly a fabrication:

The gross anatomical distortion between the two legs is clearly evident. The legs were simply cut-and-pasted into the frame; all of them have the cut line borders. Once again, without doubt, Haslet-Davis, along with all others, have been brought into these frames. She was not a dance student at this institution. A pseudo reality has been created for her as a disguise. Cut-and-past lines are found throughout, as well as the use of the blur and paint tools. The shadows are painted in. Hard lines along the legs prove cut-and-past, as do the angular anomalies and bizarre anatomical impossibilities. Note in particular the angular cut-out to the left of her right leg:


There are also sloppy cut defects all along the left leg (right leg on screen), which re clearly and glaringly evident. It is as if they cloned her existing leg and modified it into a left-appearing one; note the curved cut line where tissue is removed from the photo on the inside lower left leg.

Grossly obvious cut-line clearly evident in the middle of the left thigh with bizarre circular defects on either side; use of the blur tool clearly evident. False painting of shadows. Cut line on the lower left screen. Cut lines along the inner thighs. Blurring through Photoshop along the leg edges; impossible anatomical distortion on the background leg; leg is bent in the middle of the tibia or lower. In fact, all the people in this image were put in artificially. Regardless, the distortion in the anatomy alone of these lowers, especially the glaringly obvious one of the woman with the strap shoes and Haslet-Davis around the knee–especially the cut defect surrounding her inner left knee–is categorical proof of gross and malicious fraud. Let anyone attempt to prove it wrong.


This picture, too, from Facebook is a fabrication. The left leg was likely cloned from the right and inserted into the frame. Note the great difference in coloration and light on the two legs, along with the hard black line adjacent to the left shoe.

Note: we are working on getting the photo to set. See comments for link.

Blatant fraud?
Additionally, there is the anomaly of her right hand, noticed by a poster:


The above is an in the face corruption by the Zionist criminal regime, which surely fits the modus seen in the Sandy Hook hoax; with this devil’s horn sign on Haslet-Davis, the middle two fingers are not in view. In fact, they are simply not there. Not the cut line, a kind of wedge, still visible on the distal index finger. Also look closely on the right side of the dress in this image. There is a circular cut-line going from the dress on up. In the process a defect of black was created that is drawn out from her dress at about a 50-degree angle from the plane. Follow that black, triangular defect and the cut-line becomes clearly evident, as does the smudging defects between the line and the dress.

Note: photo no longer available.

Therefore, the identity of Haslet-Davis is an espionage creation and has no relevance to reality. It is, rather, a false reality created for public manipulation and influence, just like falsehood of her purported injury at the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax, an injury which never occurred.


It seems incredible but even the certified photo shows her in the suspect frame, same Masonic hand sign. Plus, as noted by posters look at the stance in the image: all the dancers are in motion, legs crossed or bent in a partial squat. Not so with Haslet-Davis. Both legs are like poles, no flexion of any type.


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  1. The moment I watched the video of this woman in the hospital bed, she moved with the grace and fluidity of being an amputee person for many, many years. This woman doesn’t fool me for a second. She had no left leg for a very long time before the hoax in boston.

    • yeah the best one was the interview with anderson CIA jooper vanderbuilt ,it was 4 days after she supposedly had her leg amputated and she is there no hospital gown all smiles full hair and makeup and nail done regular clothes, in the hospital bed with her husband the airforce capt. no monitors no IV ,no drain tube leg with perm bandage on it ,and says to cooper “dressing takes longer ,showering takes longer” its like bitch if you had your leg off 3 days ago you would not be getting dressed or showering ,you would be in bed in a hospital johhny
      not regular clothes all made up ,i was ICU for almost 2 months for a GI bleed and was not able to get out of bed be off IV and monitors get dressed or shower ,gimmie a break

    • You people need more than mental health help. Gonna explain away the family that lost their 8 year old to this islamic terror?

      • No, Harry, we won’t be explaining to you anything about “the 8-year-old boy who was killed”. No such thing occurred. How about if you explain to us why the family photo was Photoshopped? How about explaining why they used his older brother’s younger pictures to represent him in the photos? you’ve got a a lot of learning to do before throwing out the “You people need mental health card”. We’ve seen it all before. Start learning the facts of this case. You have nothing of value to say to us at this point in your knowledge.

        • My opinion is that those of you who are saying these people did not get injured at the Boston Marathon is that you are all nuts.

          • Good thing your opinion is of absolutely no value to us. Your opinion is useless. We are looking at evidence.

      • Harry,
        If you didn’t figure out by now that this was a drill “gone live”, you’ll never get it. This was as fake as the sandy hook betrayal our government tried to pull over our eyes.

    • I know this woman also, what happened to her is a tragedy ,how dare you belittle her brave journey through all this pain and horror. As a dancer I know dancing is more than a hobby or job, it is a life calling, and I cannot imagine having it torn from you. I know 1 legged dancers. I have known dancers who have danced 4 days after open heart surgery, 6 days after a mastectomy, and even one who died right on the dance floor during a professional competition. Dancers are driven. I am not surprised at all that she is dancing now, and I am sure she will be dancing for a long long time.

  2. At 3:03 in this video, it looks like they photoshopped her left knee on backwards. If she could dance before as an amputee, there is no reason she could not resume dancing as an amputee. Nothing with her has changed.

    • at 3:03, she’s the woman on the right, not on the left

  3. Many of the so-called victims were hiding inside nearby restaurants and stores that Marathon day. That is why we don’t see them in pre-blast photos. When the flash-bang smoke charges went off, they were carried or moved outside to lie on the sidewalk as victims.

    While the sidewalk was covered in smoke, the “stage hands” moved in to apply fake blood and moulages to the fakers. The photos prove this beyond all doubt.

    Later on when these fake victims were ensconced in the local complicit Boston hospitals, they immediately made webpages and started to collect thousands of dollars from well-meaning people who are duped into giving their hard earned money to these fakers.

    • yeah thats what i think too,especially given who owns the businesses there, look at where the 2nd bomb went off, at forum ,next to forum is zionist jew owned starbuck and looks at what next to starbucks, ***MAX BRENNER***

      an israeli owned business ,owned by the STRAUS GROUP,that send its profits directly to israel and the golani brigade

      at bomb site #1 we see SUGAR HEAVEN right next to marathon sports ,a candy shop is owned and run by jews, DAVID SAPERS and ETHEL SELTZER ,not sure of their connections to israel or strauss group,,but they are jews ,they had a blue and white eminem figure at the door to the business too

      so both bombs sites hapend right next to jew owned and or israeli connected businesses
      that if you go to google street view and do some research you will find just moved in those locatons not too long ago ,they all have been there for around a year sugar heaved was the old aveda store,max brenner was either verizon of vacant, the bar forum is also new, it used to be VOX ,all the businesses there are new

      • Can you provide a documented list or links of the following:

        –owner of Forum Restuarant
        –owner of Starbucks (and corporate ownder)
        –owner of Marathon
        –owner of LensCrafters, chain AND local store outlet


  4. As someone who has been paralyzed from the waist down for ten years, who has been through intensive rehab alongside amputees and stroke victims in addition to other spinal cord injuries, I can say with absolute certainty this woman did NOT lose her lower leg at the Boston marathon.

    She appears to have been an amputee for some time, as RonK suggested. The photos of her dancing which appear to be manipulated most likely included her prosthesis. There is a very significant amount of pain and recovery that comes with limb amputation or major surgery of any kind. I have seen no real evidence of any of these so-called victims really going through recovery. I understand they are supposedly cleaned up for the national audience, but I’ve been hospitalized and I know what it is like and all of these people are just too clean and happy. None of them appear doped up and let me tell you, post surgery and well through rehab for an amputation you are doped up.

    I’m not sure what kind of pitch they would have used on my fellow disabled people to convince them to take part in this charade. Most likely they told them it would be a beneficial culture vignette that would make everyone respect disabled people more. Oh, and you will be set for life financially… Personally I am disgusted and outraged, you should be too. Nobody is coming up to my crippled ass with a suitcase of money asking me to fake fresh injuries. Maybe if I chop a leg off I can get in on this shit?

    I can tell you that it does not surprise me that members of the medical profession, specialized in this field would be a part of this. In rehab for an injury like this you encounter doctors, nursing staff, physical therapists and occupational therapists. It is a very tight knit and professional community with a feel good, collectivist attitude. I shouldn’t need to tell you that medical billing in this country is a huge fraud and this is an elite profession full of Jews. The other day I got new parts for my wheelchair through medicaid and the invoice was for nearly $1000 dollars. This was for a cast aluminum part and 5 minutes of work by a tech. If I had paid for it myself it would have cost $300 delivered to my door. You can imagine how bad this gets throughout the medical field.

    Many of the OTs I dealt with in rehab were clearly the wives or daughters of wealthy men who had gone into a “soft” profession to keep them busy and/or sate their altruism. My own PT was a Jewish woman and she was very good at what she did, a very good teacher and devoted to her work. But I cannot deny that these people were manipulative, liberal and fully capable of this kind of fraud. It certainly extends to the mental health profession too, which I have worked in for the state. I saw the same patterns in psych clinicians that I saw in PT an OT staff. It is a certainty that the same faction responsible for creating the person of “Adam Lanza” from some Autistic boy is the same party responsible for these amputee actors.

    • Hi fug
      Good insights. Every member of my family for 3 generations has been involved in healthcare professions. You are speaking truth.

    • Fug.

      Standing ovations.

      As a doctor I agree with you completely.

    • Fug, thank you for posting today. You are one strong minded SOB, I could never endured what you have when thru. I think I would go into a fetal position and given up on life. Again, you are a very strong individual to post today without no emotion.

      This is what pissed me of the most! These fuckers are going to hockey games, getting new teeth, new hair dues, and setting up after 2 weeks with a shit smile on their face.

      You have went thru depression, learning who to walk, feed yourself, therapy, and just facing life without a limb. I think these assholes have misrepresented what an amputee faces

      Fug, I am also upset that the posters on nodisinfo that did not show no empathy today. I did not see one person express your pain today. I am very disappointed with the posters today. You write what an amputee has to go thru, without any emotion.

      Fug, sometimes proving your point overrides real life. Today, that was the case, posters here are very intelligent but a little naïve.

      Again. I would ask every poster to watch Inside Combat Rescue, and watch PJs saving amputees lives.

      Again, Fug thank you for posting today.

  5. Anyone else notice her right hand in the picture with the black dress?

    • Good eyes, I certainly hadn’t. No mistaking those horns…

    • Good job. Now added to the post. That hand was Photoshopped. Cut line and missing wedge of tissue seen on the index finger.

      • If any part of the photo is corrupt, they entire photo is corrupt. I do not know why they would need to photoshop her right hand. The extra leg may be the person behind the other guy but regardless, the photo is corrupt

  6. Off topic but interesting “big picture” intel
    Full disclosure – I don’t live in nevada so I’m not shilling for him.

    • I’ve seen the David LoryVanderbeek video before. He is a straight forward and honest presenter of things that are going on. He has a decent you tube channel.

  7. What we have here in the united states is the majority of people that believe everything they see or hear on t.v., radio, and internet. If so many people were not so passive/gullible and actually questioned things, we would not have government agencies pulling this stuff on us all the time. If these government agencies can get away with it, they will do it as much as they please.

  8. Rappoport asks why media is suddenly looking into Barack (walks on water) Obama and all of his frauds.When the media liars start moving on “real news” rather than propaganda, you have to ask what they are planning that is even worse for we the people.

    More on site.

    Excerpt: Stunner: who is suddenly telling liberal jackals to attack Obama?

    by Jon Rappoport

    May 16, 2013

    When Chris Matthews files for divorce from Barack Obama, you know the world is upside down.

    When the liberal online rag, Politico, features a clip of Matthews saying, “[Obama] obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch,” we’re through the Looking Glass.

    Chris Matthews loses ‘thrill up leg’ …

    The liberal jackals are stalking their own leader, the President. After making mind-bending excuses for Obama’s disastrous presidency, they’ve suddenly heard a supersonic whistle, and they’re out for blood.

    Jonathan Turley, famous liberal constitutional lawyer, is counting Obama’s sins, ranging far beyond the current IRS and AP phone-tapping scandals.

    James Goodale, former lawyer for the NY Times, is writing, at the Daily Beast, “Obama is fast becoming the worst national security press president, worse than Nixon, and it may not get any better.”

    Liberal radio host Bill Press is calling for Obama to fire Eric Holder. Charley Rangel says, “No one believes that the president has given us a sufficient answer [to the IRS and DOJ scandals].”

    Representative Zoe Lofgren and NBC’s Brian Williams are down Obama’s neck.

    Just a few weeks ago, after the Boston bombing, Obama was unassailable. He was still the king with his own people. Now, he’s turning into lunch meat.

    More on site.

    • Sara: Wow! Is that document saying what I think it’s saying? “Pre-Event: Mass Casualty Planning??” Do you know where the document originated? It definitely looks authentic!

      • Michelle no and I cannot take credit for this… Mostly I relay messages from fb group to here. That’s what I read!!! I went to the Perrc website and was reading up on it…I’m not quite sure how the girl came across this… But I do know Mary e Clark has some Splainin to do…. If only we could send a good email to her pretending to be an actor that participated…

        • A FOIA request would be the first step. Honestly, to me it looks like a post event powerpoint handout where someone has added a pre-event date to make it look suspicious.

          • Sorry eyes not so good. POST-event date. nj is correct. nothing to see here.

          • LEO: No, I know it’s a post event document, but I’m referring to the section that reads : Pre-Event: Planning for Mass Casualty Incident.
            It’s in the same font and color as the rest of the document, and doesn’t look inserted or “faked”. Why is a “Planning for Mass Casualty Incident” “Pre-event” being referenced?

          • I went to their site at and could not gather any further information about what that article is about. It seems to be an advertising concerning the medical care needed by runners and a crowd where there are large numbers of people. It also seems like it was updated that their services are necessary and available by updating it by inserting “bombing location”. I clearly don’t understand all of what perrc is about or what the intent of that multiple page document michelle referenced.

          • cerul,
            We don’t know all the facts. We all are at different levels in what we understand about this event. To indicate he has an agenda by thinking it’s a not a staged event but believes it is a government cover-up is not an agenda. He seems to believe it was a government cover-up – I do too. As for staged – NJ doesn’t think it was staged – but I do.

            I want people to debunk things that are not factual. That is what we are all striving for.

      • God no check the date on this 13th May 2013 – this is a documenting outlining what happened that day and important lessons to be learnt from boston. I have downloaded the pdf and checked the creation date on this too. MAY 13th 2013!!!!

        Its a pdf created from a presentation.

        Do you not even read this information but just draw conclusions straight away and posted?

        • Hi nj
          Way to keep us focused. Next time you cross the pond I’ll buy you a pint of Gunniess.

    • Did you actually read the document sara?

  9. Great posts! Good catch Sara! And Ron K, welcome aboard with your perspective. I agree. My mother fell and broke her hip. After surgery, there were months of painful physio and drugs. She was not capable of smiling and sitting for the camera after a few weeks.

  10. The boston bombing hoax, the sandy hook prank, 9-11 inside job attack, sabotaging the helicopter that killed 26 seal team members, and others are just a preview of what’s to come. This forensic profiler identifies obama as a psychopathic and evil guy. Obama assures us there will not be an upcoming “apocalypse” but Andrew G. Hodges, M.D. suggests otherwise based on what he has observed with obama’s past.

  11. One thing I liked was the local police in New Orleans handled the identification of the guy that shot into the crowd of a parade just this last week. The local police caught the guy (guys) that did this already. In Boston, they required 9000 military people and invocation of martial law to catch an innocent young man. We need to take this country back or we are going to be in a lot worse condition than communist china. (this is not off topic because of the military presence used in the boston’s hoax.)

  12. Obama might be holding THEIR PLAN up. He is now the target. OBAMA’S BIGGEST FANS ABANDONING SHIP?

    They used to think him a ‘thrill,’ but latest scandals smell more of ‘tyranny’
    Published: 36 mins ago
    author-image DREW ZAHN About | Email | Archive
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    Barack Obama once enjoyed a Teflon reputation in the mainstream media, where his allies were quick to deflect criticism of his presidency and bad news never seemed to stick.
    But as scandal upon scandal have washed over his administration in recent weeks – first a floundering response to attacks in Benghazi that led to the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, then reports the IRS targeted his political opponents, then news the Justice Department seized phone records of Associated Press reporters – even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters in the media are turning critical.
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    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, for example – he of the infamous “thrill up my leg” comment during Obama’s 2008 campaign – offered unusually harsh words earlier this week, complaining the president “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch.”
    Politico – certainly not a conservative-leaning news source – described Matthews’ remarks as “a rare, unforgiving grilling of the president as severe as anything that might appear on Fox News.”
    On another occasion this week, Matthews blasted testimony from former IRS chief Steve Miller, who suggested the agency’s behavior was inappropriate but denied any political targeting.
    “That Mr. Miller guy,” Matthews said, “It’s like he didn’t see what he knew people certainly right, left and center could see, that when you target particular groups, you’re targeting particular groups. I mean, if this were on the other foot, and this was a George W. administration, they were targeting groups that were calling themselves progressives, I would say it’s prima facie evidence of targeting. I don’t think it’s complicated.”
    As WND reported, even CNN talk-show host Piers Morgan paused in his relentless crusade for stricter gun-control laws to comment, “I’ve had some of the pro-gun lobbyists on here, saying to me, ‘Well, the reason we need to be armed is because of tyranny from our own government,’ and I’ve always laughed at them. I said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! Your government won’t turn itself on you.

  13. Drkresearch – DO NOT post information about photoshopping on here, you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about.

    All your above photoshop related comments are rubbish!

    • Hi nj
      I would really like your opinion. I’ve asked twice before and I’ll keep asking. Based upon the totality of the circumstances not just the photos, do you think the u.s. govt/MSM have been completely (or even remotely) honest about this event? Yes or no.

      • Hi Leo, i did reply on previous post, this was it –

        Yes it’s what they do with a scientific break through isn’t it. Someone comes up with the theory then others try and destroy it, if it then survives that interrogation it has merit.

        i agree there are some anomalies but i’m not sure if this mis-information being provided isn’t just bad work by the media. Its the break out of social media such as tweets, blogs etc. Where we see people tweeting info from scanners before the news has broke it or sites such as reddit doing a lot of investigation work. I don’t think this is a bad thing but it can fall down in places as we have seen.

        I don’t think this is a staged event BUT i do think there is some covering up by the government. LIke the FBI knowing about these brothers before hand, the fact there was an apparent drill – do you think they had a bomb threat which they failed to stop happening? So now they are back tracking on certain issues? They knew about it and failed to protect people, they basically f**ked up!

        So to answer your question – yes they are lying about certain parts (to cover their failures) but no this isn’t a staged even. In my opinion.

        • What you are doing on this site is trying to push a “red herring”, an admission that something is wrong with the story, but attempting to distract from the truth, by presenting a far lesser transgression.
          Red Herring:

          • What you are doing is manipulating and distorting evidence to suit your own agenda.

            The problem for you though CERULEANLAKE is you’re not very bright so you actually discredit your own argument by opening your mouth before thinking things through rationally.

            See points 1-3

          • I could not agree more with your assessment of “NJ”s motives. It’s annoying and counterproductive. We are way beyond that point now, and NJ continues to throw his little temper tantrums screaming “NO! Stop posting about photoshop! You’re wrong! ” It’s sad to watch. We intelligent people here all know why he’s here and what he’s attempting to accomplish, so it’s probably best we don’t waste time arguing or even responding to him—it’s what he wants. The more he can rile us and get us to respond to his inane, narrow-minded deflections, the less time we spend talking about what we actually see with our own eyes. Please don’t let him do that.

          • Indeed. He’s using the red herring tactic, which is well-rehearsed among shills. And now he is introducing the personal attack, as just witnessed on me. These are simply the practices that shills are taught to use to distract on forums and videos. He has been hanging around this site for a long time, doing his desk job. His particular assignment is Photoshop debunking. It’s so obvious. The transparency is getting ridiculous. Yes, we are way beyond it. Thanks for the word of agreement and support.

        • According to your silly theory, these brothers really bombed Boston. That’s where your thought process ends, so why are even on this site? You have a predetermined belief that they are guilty. You are not here to contribute or learn, merely to try and bend others toward your mainstream story. THAT is an agenda.

          I happen to have knowledge of this situation that most people do not. My best friend’s daughter went to high school for four years with “Jahar”. She knows him. No one in that community who knows him believes a word of this. There was absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary with this kid. That is, up until the night of the alleged gunfight. See the post on Dzhokhar’s throat to see the rest of my comments/insight into this person.

          • Touched a nerve Cerunleanlake? This is not my silly theory this is the official story. Do i buy into it, i’m not sure.

            You don’t have knowledge of the situation If your cousins best mates, friends husbands daughter knew jahar and it certainly doesn’t mean he is innocent. I’ve seen the cute little vid you posted of Jahar, very sweet. What does it mean? Nothing.

            In case i’m mistaken it was you that personally attacked me after i was simply responding to LEO. Telling me i’m trying to distract from the truth when i was expressing my own opinion, which Leo had asked about. I stand by what i say… as i said it’s my opinion.

            As ronk mentioned I’m just pointing out things that don’t make sense to me. I am here to contribute. I have pointed out quite a few flaws here that drkresearch has posted. I have even replied to 2 of your comments calling me out to explain things to you – i still have not had a reply back from these.

          • That’s funny! You say:

            “No i’m not here to learn, of course i’m not. I read these stories and try and look for alternatives ideas. I question them!”

            You admit to us that you are not here to learn. And why don’t you question the msm as you question this site??? Why not look for alternatives to the official story? You are here to tow the party line, with a little added extra (saying you think the government covered up for the bombers).

            Don’t worry, it won’t be long before CNN is giving us your big “alternative” theory, and some heads are gonna roll for the public eye. Your theory is barely scratching the surface of real inquiry. And I’m sorry that I didn’t answer two questions of yours some days or weeks ago. I have a life outside of this forum, and as you can tell, I am aware of your tactics. So answering your questions is not a priority to me.

            You were correct about the woman cop’s shadow. Sure, there are some things that are incorrect about the Photoshopping on the site, but in the overall picture, there are far more anomalies exposed that show the official story is hogwash. So you identify a few errors in the Photoshopping. Okay. Great. That actually helps to refine the evidence. That is a welcome contribution if you demonstrate it well. Thanks for that. As for your general opinion/theory on this case, in light of all the other evidence…. it is remedial level.

          • keep posting your theories and i’ll keep breaking them, even at a remedial level.


          • Again, insulting my intelligence in your comments. Explain to us all, according to your support of the official story, what is going on in this video from 4:07 on.

            1. The man with no rips in his jeans who says his thighs are covered in wounds.
            2. The long-time smiling woman being whisked away.
            3. The SWAT team leader saying that Jahar’s throat was slit (admitting he was NOT shot as the official story alleged).

            And explain to us the reason for the SHOCKED/UNCOMFORTABLE/GUILTY LOOKS EXCHANGED from the other SWAT team men at the moment of his divulging this abut the slit in Jahar’s throat.

            And please do tell us why this part of the interview was SCRUBBED when CNN finally posted it online. Have at it! Explain these things. You’re out of your league now as it it requires real thinking and intuitive skills, not just your opinions on Photoshop. We await your detailed defense of all three of these points outlined above.


          • 1. The man with no rips in his jeans who says his thighs are covered in wounds.

            You mean the man that shows markings all over his shins (lower legs) but in the bomb video it shows him in a wheelchair only from his knees upwards – but still clearly showing a large tear in his jeans up over his thigh?????? (4.38)

            2. The long-time smiling woman being whisked away.
            That women with a look on her face and she is driven away with a yellow scarf obstructing our view? It just looked like a smirk or a face you pull when you are concerned. Is that evidence?

            3. The SWAT team leader saying that Jahar’s throat was slit (admitting he was NOT shot as the official story alleged).
            Who’s official story? The news, someone on twitter? He actually says it could poss be a a slit from a piece of shrapnel.

            He flashes runners times at hitting the 40K mark at 3.30pm then flashes to a clock at the bomb 4.50 – This is not a clock stating the time of day but stating the time since the race started.

            It also shows runner times as runners pass the two brothers – one shows 3.50 finishing as if to say she had already finished. But the blast happened at 4.09 the brothers obv didn’t detonate straight away. Even at 4.00 the brothers are together in the same spot.


          • 1. Man with leg wounds
            You did not address the most important part. I will spell it out for you: The man showing his leg wounds ends by saying his thighs are where he was hit the worst. In the wheelchair he has NO HOLES in his jeans on the upper thighs where he says his worst wounds are. No holes. No blood. I thought your observation ability was more keen than that. You missed the point!

            2. Smiling girl
            I don’t think anyone will agree with you that the woman smiling is “concerned”. But okay, if that’s all you’ve got.

            3. SWAT team leader/slit in throat
            The official story that Jahar was shot in the throat by his own hand as an attempted suicide, was what was being told on all the mainstream news. Then the SWAT team leader says otherwise, his teammates squirm and their eyes pop open in disbelief. Then he tries to cover knowing he screwed up… by saying it could have been schrapnel.

            And then CNN deletes this part of the interview. The only reason we have it is because someone captured it and posted it on YT. You don’t see anything wrong with the above? If you think you explained away any of those three points, I give you an “F”.

          • 1. Man with leg wounds
            So you can say from that grainy pic on youtube without a shadow of doubt there are no holes in the top parts of his jeans from BB pellets? You cant see the bottom half of him and just a slit through his jeans at the top.

            No you can’t

            2. Smiling girl
            Even if she was smiling does that prove a staged event? Could be shock, trauma, perhaps because someone flashed a camera on here it was instinct. There’s a number of possibilities before you would deduce she was some sort of actor in a scam to blow up boston involving over 40,000 people.


            3. SWAT team leader/slit in throat
            What official story? where is the official source? There was plenty of speculation. Thought you had masters in history? You a body language expert too??????????

            Not a body language expert and no link to an official post from the FBI government etc.

            4. What about the dis-info on the runners i pointed out, comments on that? That’s not speculation that can be proved wrong.

            Yes thats true NJ is right.

            I’ve taken the time to answer for you too, congratulations you got 100%

          • The guy had an enormous wound on his lower left leg. He goes on to say that his WORST wounds were on both thighs (as he’s patting them – which should be painful). So if the worst ones were on his thighs, they would be worse than the gaping hole on his lower leg. We would see holes and blood on his pants. There is nothing wrong with his pants. It is not a “grainy” image. He said he has massive wounds on his thighs. He was proven a liar. I am finished conversing with you. As I already knew, your shill attempts are pathetic.

          • Yes you know you have already lost this argument, so last resort – call me a ‘shill’

            good one!

          • Last note to you: I have not lost any argument!!! Answer the damn point. Explain why he says he has the worst wounds in his thighs and the video clearly shows no holes or blood on his pants. You have no explanation other than the lame “grainy image” excuse. It is NOT grainy. It is clear to see. No holes. No blood. You have lost on more fronts than just this forum. I pity your sheepish existence. But the sad thing is, it’s not just a personal flaw… your ilk makes it possible for TPTB to bring down the remaining thinking humans into this pit. Some of us aren’t going down without our sensibilities. Good try here. But you won nothing.

          • Can you hand on heart say there’s do damage to the side of his jeans? or the back so when the explosion happened its tore the jeans from the side and shrapnel entered here? No you cant can you? Can you tell from that footage that no BB pellets have penetrated the top parts of his his jeans through to his skin? So its plausible isn’t it?

            I pity you and your pathetic attempt to cling onto something thats not there…

            and this is your best evidence too?????? go on show me some more? 🙂

          • BBs? Where did those come from?

          • The smoke bomb didn’t have any BB’s. That is a DHS and FBI lie, spread like wildfire by the corrupt media.

        • Hi nj
          Sorry I didn’t see your previous answer. I shared that same opinion at one point. I have since evolved beyond it. I think you will also. This whole event is not about photoshop it is about prepping america for martial law when our dollar collapses and the world wide financial system implodes. American financial collapse is a mathematical certainty, just a question of how long they can keep the ponzi scheme going, months?, years?. TPTB don’t want to go the way of french aristocrats. How do you feel about this thesis? You agree that our govt/MSM is lying. Like the old joke…..”we agree they are whores now we are just negotiation on the price”.

          • crap….some of us just can’t tell a joke…”negotiating”

    • I have to agree with NJ on his post. The edges on the “victims” black dress involve a man’s white shirt. The strapped shoe and distorted leg looks weird but no on in their right mind would photo shop that into the photo.

  14. Well, that’s an interesting conclusion you have drawn about me. I have a 3.9 GPA in a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree as well. I guess those are the things that “not very bright” people accomplish, right? Summa cum laude graduates are not very bright! How exactly have I “distorted evidence” to suit my agenda? Examples? What argument have I discredited by sharing the definition of “red herring”? You are talking out of your ass, to be blunt. Empty accusations to discredit me.

    • ceruleanlake,
      Your post has nothing to do with the boston bombing. We don’t need to know any of the information about your education level. NJ is simply pointing out things that don’t make sense. Much like most of us on here are doing with the boston bombing details. NJ has clarified some things posted on here and he’s not discrediting the person, he’s discrediting the information, or perception of the information presented.

      • My post has to do with the words that NJ wrote to me. It’s called a “Reply”. Did you even read what I was responding to? My words were a direct reply to the discussion. His words were an insult to my intelligence, and his words had nothing to do with the bombing. It was a personal attack. So I don’t know why you are defending this person:

        “What you are doing is manipulating and distorting evidence to suit your own agenda. The problem for you though CERULEANLAKE is you’re not very bright so you actually discredit your own argument by opening your mouth before thinking things through rationally.”

        Now how does this address the bombing? Read the discussion before posting a comment.

        • ceruleanlake,
          Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post. The information about a 3.9 gpa in history, a masters degree, Summa cum laude graduates, and ass-talking comments are what has nothing to do with the bombing hoax. I clearly should have said, “your immediate post above” to be clearer. I assumed when I said “post”, rather than “posts” that I narrowed it down enough. I assumed wrong and I will refrain from doing that.

          • Well, thank you. I was only referring to that one post, the things I divulged about my education are indeed relevant to a personal attack. My first post was a contribution to the discussion identifying his theory as a red herring. To which, he responded in typical shill manner, by attacking my intelligence instead of the point I presented. As for the “ass” comment, I don’t usually use these expressions, but I don’t have any more patience for this particular person. He’s not here to learn anything, only to try and convince people that these brothers bombed Boston.

      • My original reply was to identify his theory as a “Red Herring”, which means a distraction from the full truth by pointing to a less criminal theory. I commented that the theory is a red herring and he responded by calling me “not very bright”, etc.

        Here is the agenda he is trying to put forth on this site, in his words:

        “I don’t think this is a staged event BUT i do think there is some covering up by the government. LIke the FBI knowing about these brothers before hand, the fact there was an apparent drill – do you think they had a bomb threat which they failed to stop happening? So now they are back tracking on certain issues? They knew about it and failed to protect people, they basically f**ked up!”

  15. @cerunleanlake try logically debating rather than trying to discredit by the ‘shill’ term yet again.

    No i’m not here to learn, of course i’m not. I read these stories and try and look for alternatives ideas. I question them!

  16. @Michelle i’m very sorry if questioning these articles is annoying and counter productive to your theories, you of course are welcome to buy into everything you read and not question a thing… as are you cerunleanlake.

    In the mean time i’ll continue to question and research the points behind these articles.

    • NJ will “continue to question and research the points behind these articles”, but does not point the microscope at the official story. Ask yourself why someone would do this. Folks, this is clearly a job being done by a shill. Either that, or this is just entertainment for him. He is spending a great deal of time here and has admitted that he is NOT here to learn. Again, not open to learning anything! That is an agenda if I’ve ever seen one.

      • haha, there’s no need for me to do that is there because this site already does point the microscope. My only agenda is to come on here and annoy you cerunleanlake, seems to be working though.

        I haven’t read one intelligent post from you, its all rubbish.

        • Hi nj
          I have to disagree with you on that one. I feel that c lake has made several valuable astute comments. This is an emotionally charged issue (as it should be). We all need to take a deep breath.

          • Appreciated, Leo. Yes, this does “touch a nerve” as it should. We are not on here talking about a TV show, or sparring for entertainment. This is real life. These events all in one year (Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston) are hugely impacting our lives. And each one is a step up from the previous one. This is no joke. This is not a fun little game arguing with strangers online. There is nothing more serious happening than the deception being perpetrated on the world with these heinous events. Yes, as you said it is “emotionally charged”. Anyone who does not feel that and know that, does not grasp the gravity of this subject matter.

  17. Some very interesting stuff at this youtube video.

    • Havf8 is an excellent YT researcher. Everyone here should subscribe. As with this site, sometimes makes errors, but is usually steps ahead in exposing the fraud.

  18. Yes, havf8 knows what’s going on. I find his delivery method a little slow and repetitive but he knows what he’s doing.

  19. This is all very interesting. I have a legitimate question for NJ. How do you feel seeing interviews with the amputees? Does it bother you that, without exception, all are happy, lucid (not drugged), very well healed given the short time frame since the incident, not wanting to “think about the people who did this” and instead saying “it is in the past” and that they are “anxious to move forward with their lives?” This bothers me tremendously. I think most of us here would agree that something as huge as losing one or more limbs in a bombing event would be a life altering, medically problematic and DEPRESSING state of events, yet not one victim appears affected by these emotions or problems. What we see is fresh blow-dries, new manicures, very well-healed limbs, lucid interviews, smiles, and great attitudes. Thoughts on this, specifically? Thanks.

    • Exactly the same behavior/appearance as with Sandy Hook. Losing limbs and even children is no big deal. It’s the same directors, same producers and they are the bottom of the barrel, but have lots of cash and power, apparently.

      • Oh yes! Able to smile and joke, and appear on camera with makeup and a fresh blow-dried hairstyle, within hours or days or weeks of losing a child. Not possible. Most of us moms/dads would have to be heavily sedated and checked into a mental facility.

        • I tend to agree with chimps assessment. Regarding Sandy hoax, not a tear was shed. People were laughing, smiling, and having a grand time sharing their imaginary stories with the media and the fraudster, anderson cooper. (If anderson cooper is involved – it’s fake because he has proven over and over that he is a dedicated liar.)

          Also, the gal being carted away in the back of an all terrain vehicle at the boston bombing site was smiling the entire time – it seems contrary to have a continual smile on your face when your leg is injured and dripping with blood. Real injury victims DO NOT smile if they are actually injured.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that sandy hook was a hoax. The tipping point for me was when London and Paris sites, called SIPA Press and REX, had the photos posted of the victims as early as june 15, 2012 on their sites. Not only the victims were known 5 months in advance, but the entirely of all the misinformation and lies about that event were more than enough to convince me the entire hoax. Just look at SIPA Press for example and you can enter the “alleged” victime children in their search and you will find when the photos were uploaded.

        When our government agency, DHS, will do this as well as involving our government controlled media of CNN, msnbc, and others that promote deception and lies, I have come to question every single thing especially if it furthers the imaginary need for DHS in this country.


      yes that is strange but i could imagine someone flashing a camera on them and everything is all smiles and entertainment. People want to be entertained, who knows whats happening really.

      No one can say what is really going through their minds and what is happening when the camera’s aren’t on them. I can imagine it will be a massive shock and awful come down when all this attention suddenly dies down. They are celebrities right now and i should think still in a state of shock, where things haven’t sunk in yet.

      I would also imagine the footage would be edited and this actually would be a staged event, they wouldn’t be showing drugged up amputees they want to show americans persevering, the American spirit etc!! I’m from the UK by the way.

      • Just one of the odd things about that photo where everybody is looking at the camera is that it is not conceivable that anyone would have 6-7 people around a “victim” providing assistance. I have full confidence that at most, only 1 or 2 people can give credible assistance to an injured person – anymore than that is illogical. When I have attended injured people in the past and I took the lead of the primary one assisting and I required room to operate. I have seen others provide assistance to other real injured people and the aid was provided by 1 or 2 people and the other people were asked or demanded to “make room” for the injured person and the aid that was being given. That excessive crowding of people around an injured person is contrary to common sense and the required space to effectively render aid.

      • NJ thank you for that quick and thoughtful reply. But can you honestly say that you would be able to give an interview that soon, looking well put-together and groomed, so shortly after losing a limb (or, a child)? Could you do this, as a human being, shock or not? Someone in shock probably wouldn’t get a new hairstyle or manicure. Every one of them is so overwhelmingly positive about the situation. Would every one of these people react identically to such shock? That really bends the imagination, at least mine. And even if their mental states are up and down (and we only are shown the “up”), what about the amazing speed with which their limbs seem to have recovered? No further surgeries, no infections in any one of them? All nicely bandaged (in pink no less!) and able to get around fairly nimbly! Not so much as a grimace, anywhere.

        • Veronique Pozner went out and got a Tattoo of her twins THE NEXT DAY after the “massacre”!!! She described this in the local article written about how she was coping. Tattoos are against the Jewish religion which she claimed to be so devoted to, for one thing. For another… who goes out and gets a tattoo the next day after their child was literally slaughtered along with all his friends? WHO writes this stuff, aliens without human feelings?

          • Gawd really??? The NEXT DAY??? Come on people, any parents here want to chime in? If it were my child, I’d be unresponsive and suicidal. Yes, emotionless aliens do come to mind, hard to imagine any human doing these things or even writing/reporting about them. *looks around room* What planet are we on again???

          • Here is the article telling that Veronique and her daughter got a tattoo the next day after Sandy Hook. It’s on the first page:


            This article also describes that she requested that Noah not be autopsied. But Wayne Carver said he autopsied Noah. Their stories are falling all over each other’s. Noah was covered from the eyes down at the open casket funeral. I don’t believe a real dead child was in the casket. A forehead with closed eyes of some kind, but not Noah Pozner.

          • Just read the entire article. So many, many things wrong in this article. I don’t even know where to start. *sigh* None of it normal human behavior. So many supportive comments after it too, so sad to see that people are brain-dead.

        • To be honest mate, i don’t know. It’s a remarkable situation to find yourself in, suddenly to lose a limb and be a huge celebrity because you had your legs blown off. Its a proper mind f**k.

      • “People want to be entertained.” So you’re saying that these alleged victims of horrible, unexpected, life-altering trauma are somehow making a conscious choice to hide and suppress their genuine, normal feelings of overwhelming loss, sadness, pain, etc. and smile and talk positively for the camera simply to fulfill some bizarre need/desire to “entertain” the public? Extremely implausible, and even more so when you consider the fact that they ALL seem to express this same set of priorities.

        • It’s more certainly more plausible to assume they can smile for a 5 minute camera segment than to assume they are actors involved in an elaborate hoax involving thousands of people, to fool the world. Don’t you think?

          • NJ, you seem to be missing the point of all this. The 9-11 twin towers was a massive cover-up. The sandy hoax was a massive staged event to take away our 2nd amendment rights of gun ownership. The boston bombing hoax was a further attempt to blame a patsy gun owner on the pressure cooker bomb. This is very telling that we have a corrupt government and a number of its agencies. If you don’t believe there are hundreds and thousands of people involved in this cover-up, we don’t know if you can be convinced other than when the top secret and classified documents are released to the public. We are now getting unclassified and released documents that confirm the corruption of our government of past incidents. You will have to wait years and years for this. Our government is not unlike all other governments which get too big and powerful and turn on its citizens. What out-of-control governments do over and over is supported by history. Our US government is no different than all governments of the past.

            There are so many more government cover-ups that there is not the time or space to discuss them all. Are you aware of our IRS corruption? The benghazi corruption? The government involvement in phone tapping and phone record invasion of the Associated Press? It has been confirmed our government control the message and footage of what CNN, msnbc, and cbs project in the media. You being in the UK doesn’t give you the personal involvement that the rest of us have. Our president has released fraudulent documents concerning his birth certificate and others. Our constitution requires our president to be a natural born citizen. Since obama was born in Kenya, he is unqualified to hold the president position. With that said, we Americans are being ruled by a foreigner. Foreigners do not have the best interest of the US in mind. I read a recent article that obama has provided $4-6 billion dollars to his home country of Kenya.

          • Do i believe the government are involved in some things, yes. Are they involved in everything bad that is ever done? No.

            You’re right i don’t understand everything going on in the states but i do think this gives me the opportunity to bring an objective view to the table.

          • Well firstly, you changed the wording of your original statement ( which I’ve noticed you have done a few times in other posts), so let’s go back and look at what you originally said: “I could imagine someone flashing a camera on them and everything is all smiles and entertainment. People want to be entertained, who knows whats happening really.” Alleging that these “victims” all care about “entertaining” the public is quite a different matter than “managing to smile for 5 minutes” because they’re in front of a camera. To say “people want to be entertained” says that you think all these victims of traumatic, life-altering tragedy are, for some reason, mentally and emotionally capable of and motivated to “entertain” an audience. Beaming with happiness, declaring they aren’t angry or bitter, and smiling and laughing is not the same thing as putting on a brave face and managing a half-hearted smile in spite of their pain.

            Secondly, it would not require “thousands” of people in order to pull off this staged event ( or drill-turned-hoax.) They can, and did, pull it off with a lot less people. I’d estimate that under 200 people would have to be fully in the know in order to successfully pull this off, and that includes “victims”, “eyewitnesses,” and “medical personnel.” 200 people ( maybe even less) is a far cry from the “thousands” you say would be necessary.

          • I agree. 200 people at the most. And you said exactly what I would have said in response to the silly idea of real amputees being concerned with entertaining anyone (and all of them behaving the same way).

          • Michelle and Ceruleanlake

            Michelle i have changed the way i have approached things in many instances to try to get you to understand something.

            Maybe you will understand this – I’m not saying the victims want to entertain but the news channels… OK so far, got it? As i said American spirit, thats what they want to portray, whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, boston strong etc. Do you get it now????? I watched a vid or Adrianne and a good few times she cracked up but they cut it as she almost broke down. It’s propaganda, you should know about that.

            so 240 odd injuries, 3 dead, surrounding crowds, police who are apparently in on it, all medical staff (thats doctors and nurses to you michelle), all these people apparently applying fake blood, all the doctors, the runners passing, members of crowds attending, FBI, Government, the photographers, cameramen, CNN, all the news channels…

            BUT you say only 200 now in on it? Explain?

          • Here’s your hundreds of injured and surrounding crowds as not seen in the vid below. If you analyze all the videos, you can clearly see that there are only 30 or 40 people on the ground tops, including both bomb sites. There are no crowds nearby. all the people fled. Most of those injuries are now claimed to be hearing loss, hence no one around. But funny thing is, none of the amputees in the news have any hearing damage. Weren’t they the ones on top of the bomb and should have the hearing damage? My friend was just down the street from the second one and had no hearing damage. so who are these hundreds of injured? It’s a lie.


          • That’s your evidence is it, one video taken at ground level showing a smoke covered area.

            Take a look at the many documented images of people blown to the floor or others running away. Or this video from a much better angle –

            Can you see crowds running in this clip???? they must be CGI or green screen in, i guess.

          • That is just one video. As I clearly said, watch ALL the available videos of the scene. And FYI, the ground is not “the floor”. I am getting so sick of hearing all these indoor people calling the ground outdoors, “the floor”. Get outside and take a walk in the woods, folks.

          • Thanks for picking me up on that.

            Point noted – I ran 26.2 miles of the ground (not the floor) in the Paris marathon, this April!

          • This is to clarify we don’t know how many people were involved in the boston hoax, the sandy hook hoax, the 9-11 inside job, ect. There are many directors, managers, people behind the scenes, people who create and apply the props, and others. There are many people behind the scenes. If you ever watch a movie with 1 or 2 main characters, look at the credits at the end of the movie and you will understand the number of people involved. We also have to account for the crew editing and changing the video action, and all the people doing the photoshopping of images. There are likely thousands involved in all these hoaxes.

          • NJ’s original comment was that there must have been thousands involved, and he doesn’t believe it was staged, due to this. The replies were to assert that they likely could have done this with only 200 people. So now we’ve come in a circle… right back to thousands being involved and him not believing it would be possible to involve that many people.

          • OK Ceruleanlake – breakdown these 200 people? into groups for me

            Nearly every article here makes accusations of people involved – the injured, doctors, police, by standers, race marshals, runners, crowds applying blood, cutting clothes, people doctoring images, crowd members running away, the dead.

            So explain then 200 then, who’s involved and who’s not?

            I don’t think that this was staged but i agree with Ronk. To stage something like this, it would take thousands of people.

          • Well, if you’ve been reading the multitude of articles with pictorial evidence on this site, you would not have to ask me to explain this to you. Dr. K has shown in great detail that there were only a few people doing the cutting of clothing, the fake blood devices/bags were concealed on their individual persons, the amputees came out of the buildings, and there were no “bystanders and crowds” as clearly shown in the footage of the scenes. As for the “officials”, this was clearly like Sandy hook in that the real local responders were not allowed anywhere near the school.

            As for the hospitals’ collusion in this, we are not privy to whom they paid off and how they structured the arrival of these few injured people. I did see one interview with a surgeon who said that none of the amputees came to his hospital. This would have been tightly controlled – delivery of these people to the rooms/doctors who were part of this scam. It would not take thousands of people.

          • Here is a doctor describing how she was turned away from the bomb scene! Just a s with Sandy Hook, when the local responders wrote an article saying that they were told it was under control and to go set up triage at the firehouse. They felt helpless to assist in their own community because other “teams” were already there. Surely Boston was set up the same way. Those weren’t regular race officials, and we don’t see any medical people or ambulances at the bomb site. None of them were applying proper medical techniques. We only see actors. Here is a real doctor who was told to skidaddle:


          • Trauma surgeon’s brother, here: direct quote, “The whole thing is a fake. A double amputee from trauma? He would be dead in a few minutes or less. There is no way it would be allowed for him to be transported in a seated posture. Where are the trauma boards? Where are the stretchers? He would immediately rendered recumbent in order to stall the flow of blood. That blood, too, there’s no way it is real. It’s paint-or other matter, but not real blood. I know from nearly a decade in the ER in my field.”

          • You’ve just tied yourself in knots here by trying to back up this stupid theory of 200 people.

            Check out these photo’s – 200 people involved right??
            there’s much more than 200 people here alone – just at one blast scene.

            Add in all the people behind the scenes involved, forensics, SWAT teams…

            It doesn’t make sense does it??!!

          • No. Those pictures, which I have studied in detail, show exactly what I’m saying… there are only a handful of people in the group of injured and maybe 15 others milling around setting up the scene. Where you see a crowd way down the street, they are too far away to see what is happening in the little group, and in videos you can see that this crowd way down the block was immediately dispersed. They all ran away. the people on the bleachers were hollered at to “move”, “this way”, “go”. Haven’t you seen that video? There were no gawkers hanging around. they yelled at them to instill fear and directed them out in a path away from the blast area.

          • OK

            lets work backwards shall we….
            1. take the pic with all the medics, marhshalls, crowd members helping, police, victims being treated, other runners, cameraman.
            2. Now count how many you have in that scene alone.
            3. Still think it’s plausible that 200 alone people could stage this entire event?

  20. The times say complete on the video because they are showing the mens elite, women’s elite and wheel chair races.

    Firstly the wheel chairs go off, then the women’s elite, shortly followed by the mens elite. This elite race can be over in between 2.5 hours.

    The main stream runners (inc charity etc) start after the mens elite and will finish any time from around 2.5 to 6 hours, before they usually open back up the roads.

  21. not sure if there is anything here –

    • Wow. So clear. Plenty to analyze.

      The cops are hilarious to watch. They sure are very interested in that blue plastic. And keeping it in place a while longer.

      • Shad, I did not notice the cops – good point. Also, at :38 seconds, it looks like our cowboy is on the sidewalk to the left.

        I downloaded this video and started using imovie to slow it down.

        I can crop and zoom on any area.

        anyone, let me know if you see anything and I can zoom in on it.

  22. I supplied the photos of faker black dress Adrianne dancing the night away with her left leg clearly showing a serious out-of-kilter anomaly above and below the knee. I guess someone thought no one would notice. Also we see that when the fakers release crucial photos, they’re usually out of focus. I suppose this tends to hide amateurish photo-shop jobs. Dr. K and crew …..excellent work.

    • Doug, can you give me the link to the source image of this anomaly. My theory is what you have marked out as a mis-shapen knee is actually part of the lady’s leg behind her – you can see her red shoe to the right. I cant confirm unless i see the source image though.


        This is not my photo source but is the ‘same’ photo [see link above]. My original photo source on Google Images has been scrubbed. Judging by her face…this appears to be an old photo and has been deliberately blurred. I have other photos of her dancing that are crystal clear. Why is this one showing her bare legs blurred? This photo is not available on the Arthur Murray Boston Dance Studio webpage…at least I did not find it on that website. Yes, its possible that the shape of the left leg is compromised by the view of the woman behind Adrianne but that was not evident in my original photo search. That being said, there’s something very wrong with her story and current appearance. It seems to me that we have a lot of much younger photos of Adrianne and current hospital ones but no ‘recent’ years photos. Why the gap? I encourage constant re-evaluation of all evidence.

        • Hey Doug, I commented before about her pose. It seems the everyone is in sync doing the same dance move by crossing their leg in front of the other, everyone except her…don’t you find this odd or is it just me?

        • I’m just wondering if this is relevant or not.

          • Greeney: Many of her photos are strange indeed. Her left leg is often hidden, covered or in some way obscure. Mostly I’m concerned about a large time gap in her photos. We see many youthful photos, her legs look OK. Then there’s a gap. The recent photos show in hospital missing a lower leg. Why the time gap in photos? [ Also, in several of her more recent dance photos she’s wearing a black dress that’s floor length…we see nothing. ]

        • Yeah Doug I caught that too. Long dress probably hiding something. It’s good to brain storm here and find clues, ask questions and/or hopefully get answers that the MSM is ignoring.

        • Thanks Doug

  23. Bill, I would like you to see what that one cop is saying to the cop that is attempting to lower the blue banner fence. After he is approached, the cop lowering the blue banner fence stops lowering it. But, that is probably something you can’t zoom and crop to figure out. Nice job with the slowed down version just after the blast.

  24. Not about this fake, but there is one guy that I have identified and have been looking for other images showing him. If you go to 2:31, there is a guy with a blue long-sleeved shirt and hat. He is right in the thick of things and is probably a participant in the activities. In pic 13 here you can see his race number 25379 which according to makes him David P Twomey who completed in 4:01:58, is 35 years old and from Quincy, MA, which I commented on before. I didn’t know if he was just a runner who happened to appear on the scene by accident from just the photo, although the photo shows him close to the brown sweatshirt heavy-set woman and the woman in the pink vest. The video shows him right in front of Carlos Arrendondo. Knowing how many cameras there are at marathons, keeping your race number on while you participate is probably not a good way to stay anonymous. He also is listed as a finisher in the 2012 Boston Marathon.

  25. If anybody wants to see a lying actor, here she is on youtube. Notice her orientation of her upper body in the bed? Well, that position would have her legs naturally pointed to the left of the screen. Both her fully-functioning and uninjured legs are under the covers. The fake leg above the blankets is a prop. Notice the toes don’t move? If she was really in that position, she would be uncomfortable, yet she doesn’t appear uncomfortable. We have lies fed to us every single day.

    Although it shows a side angle, I don’t believe that is her leg. Bombs are not selective, so why would a bomb only affect her knee while ignoring her lower leg and her upper leg? The only reason I can think of if it was a specific “knee” bomb or something – one that just targets knees for massive damage but leaves all other body parts intact. God, these people really must think we are idiots.

  26. I forgot to mention she’s in a bed with a blazer and a scarf on, and the fake display leg has a hospital sock on it. Looks like the pile of pillows behind her were never laid against too.

    • And sunglasses on her head in the hospital bed! What did they do… grab this woman off the street and offer her some quick cash?

  27. With a side-by-side using both this photo and the video, it’s a miracle what make up can do. But more importantly, look at her right leg how old and wrinkly it is. You would not believe this is the same woman. Also, I again have to stress that bombs are not precision instruments. They don’t just mangle a knew and leave all other lower parts of the body unharmed.

    • Exactly. Same with all of these people. No other nasty cuts above the knee or on the other leg, or on their arms, hands, and faces. Look at Adrianne, changing those tight leggings to different colors for every interview within a week of the “bomb”. No other cuts, just blew her lower leg away. Same with Heather Abbott. The only ones they bothered to make up facial cuts on were the Corcoran mother and daughter. They did this for the news video with the veteran who came into their room and gave the pep talk. But if you Google image search them, you will see that the holes all over their cheeks magically disappeared in pictures taken soon after.

  28. Hm-m-m. Same woman interviewed at Sandy Hook and at Boston “bombing”?

  29. In the dance pic where she is with the other dancers, it seems they all have their legs crossing each other and she doesn’t.

    • The latest I read were 264 people were injured. I find that highly unlikely. There is SO MUCH CORRUPTION and lies and misinformation it’s really amazing. The MSM can’t be trusted. There are no more true journalist except for a few Greg Palast, Wayne Madsen being amongst the few.

      • There is plenty of video showing at the most, 40 people injured including both bomb sites. Many are claimed to be hearing loss injuries, but strangely, none of the people in the hospital with amputations have hearing damage. They were the ones supposedly on top of the bomb. It’s BS. Also my friend was standing just down the block from the second site. She had no hearing damage.

        • Just like at sandy hoax, no one died and no one was injured. There is no evidence of this. Only staged and fake videos and images of pretend injuries and death. Our government is severely corrupt.

        • I must agree with Ronk, this indeed was a false flag. Both brothers got a judge, jury and an execution without due process. People think public opinion is all that’s needed but if they stop to realize that their opinion was based on what the media and actors selling this hoax.

          • I completely agree that this was a false flag. Fake injuries. But I have not concluded that the Tsarnaev brothers were also actors and unharmed. We are working on the truth. I don’t believe we have come close to revealing the nature of their involvement or victimization yet. This part of the inquiry is in the very beginning stages.

          • I agree ceuleanlake, we can get answers if the younger brother gets a fair trial. He’s more likely to commit “suicide” before that happens though. As time goes on and more people get involve something is sure to surface…I hope.

  30. These fraudsters need to be taken out at the knee, one by one! No pun intended.

  31. I recently read Adrianne haslet was in the military and lost her foot in a training accident in 2009…. Looking into it but has anyone else heard this?

    • She does appear to be ex-military: the affect. It would make sense that her husband is also an amputee, therefore, the plastic legs.

      • Do we know where this information was found about her being ex-military?

        • No , someone posted about it somewhere and I googled it for answers but found sites that just say what I posted … Gonna try to dig some more

  32. With regard to the interviews of the “victims” in this case, this guy makes a good point:

  33. I agree with NJ about the “Photoshopping” issue. What the original author is showing here are NOT clear signs of image manipulation.

    I don’t know the truth about this whole “Boston Bombings” matter, but from fotos and other evidence I’ve seen so far (I don’t have a lot of time to research this) I slightly tend to believe, it seems staged, quite possibly to push to militarisation, martial law or other hidden or not-so-hidden agendas.

    So the first thing that’s disturbed me on this site the most is the seeming “photoshop”-obsession with widely wrong claims about perceived image manipulation artifacts. Thanks to NJ for also pointing that out.

    The second drawback here is the undefined mentioning of “jews” – Zionists are clearly defined, and I would mention them in cases where I had clear proof ready, but mentioning “jews” can easily leave impressionable readers, who tend to generalize and endorse enemy stereotypes irated and perceived “jews” in potential peril.

  34. Look at the 5th picture. Here we see Carlos kicking the fence down op top of Krystle and other victims! He is actually standing on top of the fence as it crushes the bodies of amputees. But hell, he’s still waving the flag!!! This is so absurd:

    • Good point ceruleanlake, check out the 2nd picture here
      On the right you can see the guy with the grey hood, if you look closely you can see he has his left hand on the amputee’s(Jeff Bauman aka Nick Vogt’s) leg. I used to be a magician for many years and I think the guy that was running across from right to left in the video that was shown so many times, was a distraction or misdirection as the grey hooded man helped fasten the prosthetics to the amputee. In other pics you can see him take his sunglasses off and put them back on maybe indicating he was done.

      • Yes, his hand is busy working on the leg. And if you look at the 8th picture, you can see that there is nothing wrong with hoodie guy’s hands. No blood. Nothing. Yet he is in the hospital collecting a load of money for his “degloved hand” (meaning it has no skin or tissue left on it)!

        Have you seen the video French Fries with Gravy? It details the job being done.

        • Yes i saw this today in fact I think I posted a link on another site because I don’t see it here. I agree excellent vid. I saw this on Russianvids youtube channel. How can anyone dispute this!!! Also you ever notice that there are many guys helping out with sunglasses on? For example at 11:56 on the right the guy with the dark blue cap and red jacket helping the supposed victim Celeste Corcoran, shielding what I think is her already amputated legs.

          • FROM A PREVIOUS POST –

            As a paramedic for 19+ years, 10 of which were spent in a Level ! trauma center, I can say you are all full of shit. I have seen plenty of horrendous trauma where the wounds were no longer bleeding!

            Tourniquets were used because initially there were no trauma bags on scene. Medical crews are ALWAYS on scene for these events, but mass casualty trauma is not what is to be expected…that is why the quick arrival of wheelchairs, and first responders without much equipment. Also, anyone with any type of emergency medical training will go into the mass casualty triage system….that is why the blonde checks a pulse and moves on…mortal injuries get lesser priority

        • OK let me tell you what’s wrong with that video –

          A) Bauman is not cupping his knee but holding his thigh keeping the leg raised, you can see his knee is about a foot higher up his leg.

          B) Christian Williams is not putting his sunglasses on but pulling something from around his neck to use as a tourniquet – this can be seen in the thorndike pics – he already has his sunglasses on.

          C) How can a man with sunglasses on make eye contact with anyone? He has sunglasses on you can’t see his eyes!!!!!

          D) twenty frames in! a standard video camera is around 24 frames per second. I Know this is a photographer but we are talking seconds here.

          E) Where are the shots of them pouring the blood out? Could it be the blood what they are pointing out as fake poured blood is…. dun dun dun real blood? After all that would make more sense.

          F) Someone has already posted on here that its standard practice to immediately attend to victims who have a higher survival rate – I’m no expert but this is posted in the Krystal thread here. I can dig it out. That maybe why Bauman is left but we are talking seconds.

          • NJ,
            Whatever bauman is holding up is not part of his body. Please copy and paste this into your browser and take out the space I inserted after the word “funny”. It would not post to this page unless I added that space. Look at bauman at :35. He doesn’t have any legs.


          • That is not Bauman at 35 secs Ronk. You can tell by the quality of that video it is at least 15 years old and taken on (what is now considered) a very low res camera. Someone has just pieced on a vid of an amputee.

          • NJ you may have 19 year experience in dealing with trauma, this Doctor has 35 years…

          • NJ does not have 19 years in trauma experience. He was quoting that from a previous commenter.

          • OK Ronk, last time now:

            1. The photographs of Bauman are real
            2. When it cuts to the video it is not Bauman.

            Here’s the video link of it on its own

            The montage video has been stitched together with photographs of Bauman by ‘Sandy Hoax’

            Ask him where he got the video from? and we can check the source and verify?

        • @ Ceruleanlake AGAIN it is not a degloved hand – it is a PARTIALLY degloved hand.

          • NJ, you indicate it is a partially degloved hand and not a fully degloved hand. What makes you say there is anything wrong with his hand? Did you see it? Just because you heard or read about a partially degloved hand does not make that an actual condition. It only makes it a condition that you and we all are supposed to believe on nothing more than blind faith.

          • Right. Obviously NJ did not even look at the picture of hoodie guy and his perfectly uninjured hands. Rather, he is just spouting off here again. NJ must be really bored in his life as he is entertained by sitting around and attempting to counter everything other commenters say. Once in a while he points about something of value, but mostly (as with the “partially degloved” ridiculous point), he is here to distract with minutia. As he stated in another post “I am not here to learn anything.” So that should say it all. I’m not responding to him anymore, for real this time. He is wasting my energy as any troll does, if you let them.

          • What makes you so sure he’s lying? Have you seen him?

          • Try reading my comment above with the LINK TO THE PICTURE OF HIS UNINJURED HANDS.

          • The hand is NOT bleeding at all, and there’s no skin missing. His hand is not “partially degloved”! Do you see an injury that should be collecting massive amounts of money? You’re so full of crap with your defenses. Ohhhh… It’s only “partially degloved”. Well, that explains it. NOT.

          • so are you making that assumption based on a photo where you can only see part of his hand?

            Leaving out the word partially is very misleading as it suggests you can tell from that pic. Which you cannot.

          • tell me can you see his full hand then????? NO

            and i noticed you went off on one yesterday when somebody called you a troll so you can dish it out but can’t take it.


          • NJ, I can see a fully functional Christian Williams putting fake leg apparatus in bauman who is a double amputee. If you want to make the claim it is an old video, please tell us how you know its age. I take notice of a low resolution video made by someone close to him that uploaded it. I don’t know it’s age but it was clearly during a time after he became legless. So, you conclude bauman was an amputee for a long time (because the video is old) opposed to just a couple of years? You seem to be comfortable to take the word of the lying media and perpetuate an unconfirmed partial de-gloving claim despite seeing there is absolutely no evidence that supports that pathetic lie.

            Do you think the photos of bauman dressing was before the photos of him with legs or after he got prosthetics so he could ambulate on his own? Either way,the video seems to be a tribute of him being a rather independent amputee. I think we can both agree no matter how old the video is of bauman putting on his shirt and shorts, that he was a double amputee before he was involved in the boston marathon, right?

            Or if you want to argue the video of him putting on his shirt and shorts was after the result of him being a double from the boston bombing, that is ok instead. Please take notice that I forwarded the link of that video to Dr. K (of this sight) about 3 weeks ago. So, that would be bauman a little over a week after having his legs ripped off in boston. You choose which position that makes more sense, ok?

          • RONK – my position is –

            That video is over 15 years old, it certainly DOES NOT show a 15 years younger Bauman but what it does show is a completely unrelated amputee at least 15 years ago.

            It’s unrelated and someone has pieced it in to support the stance of Bauman already being an amputee. Same as he was Nick Vogt last week.

            Search youtube and i reckon you could find the original video they have used.

          • NJ,
            This is not how it works. I presented this video that purports to show bauman without legs. You concur with me that the person in the video has no legs and that video was before the boston bombing.

            You go onto say that the video is over 15 years old, with no support or evidence of why you claim that. (Could someone be using software to give the video an older look?) I don’t know and I make no claims about its age. I simply provided that video because it purports to show bauman with legs and bauman without legs -in the same tribute video to bauman – and nobody but bauman.

            Then you go so far to say that leg-less person is a completely unrelated amputee (to bauman). Whoever uploaded that video writes “jeff bauman boston hero”. Bauman is shown in every single image on the entire video but you go off the deep end to say the person in the video is bauman EXCEPT for bauman when he appears without legs. I’m serious, do you realize what you are saying and the lunacy of the statement you are making?

            Then you go even on step further and say, “it’s unrelated and someone pieced it in”. Why is it “unrelated”. How is jeff bauman in the video with legs and video of him without legs unrelated? What do you base your claim that bauman shown with legs is unrelated to bauman without legs although both conditions are in the same video? Bauman fits the profile yet you want to dismiss the video with bauman’s name AND likeness as the subject of the video.

            Going on about your statement, you say, “someone pieced it in”. Well, that sure is encouraging that you believe “someone” pieced it in – are you claiming you know their motive to piece together some “random” amputee in a bowman tribute video, when it is clear that bauman was a double amputee before the boston bombing? Are you saying that the person who pieced it in is trying to contort the truth and fool all of us? How do you know this “someone” pieced in a completely unrelated amputee? Even you know that is speculation that cannot be supported.

            Finally, you then tell me to find the original video by searching on you tube. That would be a daunting task and if you want to search for it, you can.

          • Yes Ronk its lunacy to question. So what i’ll do is post the link for you, which was posted by someone called ‘sandyhoax’

            People can make their own minds up now, can’t they.

            Mine says 100% False.

          • NJ, You say you made up your mind and you say false. What are you saying is false? That the video isn’t real? That the main character of the video images is not bauman? Or do you accept that the main character is bauman that shows he has legs but the one that shows he doesn’t have legs in all of a sudden not bauman?

      • jeff bauman is clearly not nick vogt, that is clead disinfo, they look nothing alike totally different nose

  35. More on hoodie guy and his uninjured hands, as he’s relaxing on another person’s body and receiving directions. He sure looks like he’s in agony with the bones of hands exposed and all:

    • According to NJ we are all full of sh_t ! Case closed nothing to see here let’s move along folks (lol). Why can’t people treat others with respect. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was damage control agent. We’re just brainstorming here but he’s the expert!

      • Exactly. He has stated that he’s not here to learn anything (in other words, has a predetermined conclusion and zero respect for anyone here), yet he is trolling the site. Where’s the “block” button?

        • @ CERULEANLAKE…LOL!! There is no block button just ignore. Eventually people reading his comments will come to their own conclusions as to what his motives are. :):)

    • Nice link to the picture of “Christian Williams. His hands looks ok to me.

      • hey check out the free subliminal advertising for firehouse suds at 2:53 in the dt monteith video, it is owned in somepart by firefighters ,thats why it is called firehouse subs ,

        • i mean fire house subs, they give part of the proceeds and profits they make to guess what? to buy equipment for firehouses and 1st responders ,i live here and i dont even think the business is anywhere near there

    • OK read this, i’ll try to explain this for you –

      That article YOU just posted says –

      ‘It looks like maybe he has some finger damage.’


      Check his funding website –

      ‘Christian’s right hand was also partially “degloved”, meaning he has no skin left on his last three fingers.’

      But Ceruleanlake says;

      ‘He sure looks like he’s in agony with the bones of hands exposed and all’

      Now draw your conclusions

      • Just because some narrative next to a picture says, “looks like he has some finger damage” does not mean he actually has finger damage. With all the red on the sidewalk, you would think a lot of people were bleeding. So, if an article says, “looks like people lost a lot of blood”, would we believe that statement or would we realize it was fake blood poured there or photoshopped into the photos?

        The important thing to realize is that this sunglass guy put on bauman’s gory looking appendages with both those hands. After he completed that task, he relaxed while laying on the sidewalk thinking of how much money he will collect in donations. A good idea would be to declare your hand was partially de-gloved because that should raise at least $100K from people who want to send suffering victims some money. How about add in there your right leg was completely destroyed after ripping a couple holes in your pants. Pants can be replaced for $40 bucks, but he can collect thousands in donations for his “devastating injuries” which are fictitious.

        • Don’t know mate. I tell you what, take your evidence to an independent analysts and let me know. cheers.

    • I’ve been looking at pics, videos and reading comments from many sites concerning the Boston bombing but I’ve never saw or read anyone commenting on these pics that are so overlooked. While everyone,(including me) was focused on “Jeff Bauman”, nobody’s has caught or even commented on what I’m about to reveal now. I got up at 4am and started doing some deep viewing and analysis and this is what I found.

      I focused on two points although many more can be found if looked intently. In the 3rd pic you see the guy running and right above is Celeste Corcoran’s husband with the dark blue hat and red jacket, we’ll get back to him later. As the smoke clears he appears to be helping his wife Celeste. Now notice, in the 6th pic to the left side of the red jacket guy is a guy with shorts lying on the floor with what appears to be a tube of some sort running down his leg, and in the 7th pic you can see it more clearly. Also notice, at this point there is NO BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!! It’s not till the next frames that you see blood on the floor. My guess is that this guy was used to spray some blood on the floor. You would have to zoom it to really see what I’m talking about. Also I would save these pics as I feel they might eventually take them down because of this and what I’m going to disclose in my next point that has to do with my second link of Sydney Corcoran.

      • Getting to my second point, as far as I can tell Sydney Corcoran comes in at the 5th frame, you can tell by the chartreuse color clothing she has underneath her black sweater or jacket in which she has a grey jacket over everything. In the following frames you can see her more clearly especially in frame. Also notice in the 18th frame the blood squirting guy on the floor has his leg between red jacket’s leg presumably squirting more fake blood. In frame 20 you can see her better. In frame 9 you can see her with her back turned. On her right side of her leg it appears to be blood, fake blood or squirt of fake blood from the guy lying down with the tube on his leg. If I’m wrong about all of this I apologize but that truly what I see. Please don’t attack me. If you have any other inputs I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

  36. @ceruleanlakeThere is certainly nothing to learn from these articles these articles.

    I do ‘partially’ take back my statement though as there are some posters on here that talk sense.

    Again troll comment, come on why resort to that? you don’t like it do you

    Thats the same picture again and i ask – CAN YOU SEE ALL HIS HAND, how about you greeneye????

    Greeneye look at the thorndike high res pics – THOSE ARE NOT SUNGLASSES. Do you need the link????

  37. Another sincere question for NJ: With all due respect, if you’ve nothing to learn here, and you disagree with absolutely everything said, what are you doing here? You’re really active here, posting every day. Seems like wasted time since you disagree so strongly and don’t seem to have an open mind to look at this evidence (some of which is barking up the wrong tree, but some of which is really quite compelling). I’m really just curious.

    • To be honest i’m asking myself the same question. I have come on here with an open mind and am willing to give my professional opinion on subjects. I question things while others just throw their weight behind them, and without a second thought. Is it a bad thing to question?!

      I thought i may be able to use logic to reason with people but i just do not think that’s what these people want. They claim they want the truth but when the truth goes against their already cemented beliefs they choose to ignore it.

      Yes you’re right I’m wasting too much time here.

      • NJ, it’s great to question! That’s what most of us are doing here. (at least, that’s what we should all be doing) Yes, most of us came here with a strong bias… but still… we should keep our minds open.

        For me, some of what I see here doesn’t hold water… some of the blurry images, tubes and spraying devices, duplicate people at multiple locations, etc., not sure about those things… a lot of it is certainly conjecture… and we can only guess at what people are saying and what they are really doing in the footage and images. But some of the evidence is just so compelling, for example the amputees, how quickly they seem to have healed, and how cheery they all are, fresh makeup/hairstyles/manicures, fantastic forward-looking outlooks, and smiles. Do you agree? And what about, for example, Jeff Bauman… could he have survived that catastrophic injury, left on the sidewalk for six minutes, then placed in a wheelchair (not a stretcher) with white (of all colors) tourniquets on? (one even fell off halfway down the block and got stuck in the wheels) I mean, he looks pretty healthy, even on that fateful wheelchair ride. Not much blood on himself, on his helpers or on the ground. Not trying to sway you, but what are your thoughts about that?

        Lots and lots of things about this story just don’t ring true. I personally would love to believe the bombing happened just the way we are told by the media, as sad as that is to say. But I just can’t… from the first image I saw, I thought “hey that blood is awfully unnaturally red…” and from there, the evidence has just been mounting that this story just isn’t 100% what we are being told. I really wish that weren’t the case. The idea that this is a hoax, even just slightly, is infinitely more terrifying to me than any actual bombing by terrorists.

        So, please don’t go away, but let’s hear your thoughts on these things I’ve brought up. Any part of you doubting the official story, even a little? I’m typing this with respect, btw.

  38. I have a question that’s been bugging me. I was convinced that Celeste was an amputee actor but after viewing a brief interview it made reference to her being a hairdresser and had a lot of clients. My question is, if she was a hairdresser was she a hairdresser as a concealed amputee. In other words was she hiding the fact that she was an amputee or did she really loose both her legs in Boston and just like Jeff Bauman have a very speedy recovery? I find this very confusing can someone please touch on this?

  39. This site must be developed andsupported by fraudulent personas because nearly everyone who is from Bostonarea knows someone who had first hand experience as a victim, responder or someone who was near the bombing sites that all coorberate the news stories and photos. Your misinformation is misguided, deceitful ans downright evil. May God, Allah, Mohammed, Jesus or whomever you fraudulently worship, have mercy on you,!

    • J Deroch,
      That sure is nice that you speak for the majority of over 625,000 people. Those that are involved with the made-up victims, managers, organizers, and accomplices surely will not publish this is the local paper or post it on the web that it is a hoax. You seem to be missing the point that the hoax needs to be kept secret so the world doesn’t become aware that they’ve been duped. If you say that nearly 625,000 people are closely linked to everybody at the finish line, then I can clearly say that nearly 625,000 were involved in this hoax. (I don’t think it was that many, but do you know how absurd you sound by saying “nearly everyone”?

  40. dude get a life! you are really paranoid!

    • Your so-called “life” consists of what? Anyone who has not yet realized that these events are frauds is not only seriously impaired… you are part of the problem. A big part.

  41. David,
    If you take a moment and do a little bit of independent thinking for yourself, instead of letting the media do all of it for you, it would become more than obvious that this stuff is all made-up.

    I am only going to touch on one example for you to think about. That would be the destructive force of a bomb that creates a powerful blast that moves outward and upward from its epicenter. It doesn’t matter if the objects around it are legs, dirt, doors, etc. Well, let’s take this haslett woman for example. The force of the bomb was so severe that it took off her entire lower left leg. You are going to have to concede that was a very powerful bomb in order to do that much damage to her, right?

    Well, now let’s insert some common sense and logic in here, ok? Well, first we must realize that bomb explosions and their force do not discriminate. Anything in their blast area will be damaged to some extent by the power and force of the explosion. They don’t just blow off your entire lower left leg and leave your other leg completely unharmed, do they? Come on, not even some scratches, bruising, burns, anything? Didn’t the media confirm there were BB’s and nails in the bomb? Well, with the haslett bomb, it must have been only a “lower left leg bomb” because it destroyed haslett’s left leg but spared her right leg from any and all injury – not even a scratch on her right leg.

    All we ask you to do is think about what makes sense and what doesn’t. Is it reasonable that there would be absolutely no injury to the womans lower right leg despite the bomb being able to shred this woman’s lower left leg to the point that it has to be amputated? (Remember, her right leg was only inches away from the left leg that was blown off.)

  42. This entire page is absolutely despicable. This woman lives in my building and I knew her before and after. I’m sure she wishes every day that she was only acting.

    • There was no before and after. Who do you work for?

    • Ashley, we understand you knew her before and after she was an amputee. I’m sorry if you assumed we thought she was always an amputee her entire life. The thing is she didn’t lose her leg in the boston bombing on 4-15-12, she lost it sometime prior to that but we don’t know when.

      If you know this woman who you allege lives in your building, you could probably relay to us that you didn’t notice she was an amputee because of the way was able to move so well on her prothesis.

      If you really know this haslet woman, you would be questioning why the bomb allegedly blew her complete lower left leg to shreds while leaving the lower right leg completely untouched. You should be questioning why her other leg was spared from any harm or injury when the other leg, just inches away, was blown to pieces. Don’t you think this is odd? Don’t you think it’s odd that same scenario happened to nearly everybody except bauman, who was already a double amputee before this event?

  43. Adrianne was my dance instructor at Arthur Murray as my husband and I learned a first dance for our wedding. She is an absolutely lovely, vivacious, kind young woman who had two legs and danced beautifully on them. She did lose her lower leg and foot in the Boston marathon bombing. She does not deserve your horrible treatment of her. Visit her and visit her doctors before putting these claims out on a public forum.

    • Real Talk, you are obviously not aware that amputees can do many things well, that people with both legs can do… to the point that you would not even know they were amutees.

      Everyone who believes this woman had two intact legs needs to see this video. There are photos of her wearing the ADAPTIVE SKIS used for amputees! And footage of amputees doing things with ease. The video also contains more background on Adrienne’s life. Sorry that you were fooled by her set-up dance story:

      • It appears we have a very talented amputee that can teach people how to dance while at the same time convince these people she is not an amputee. People have a very strong desire to appear normal, and being normal means having 2 arms and 2 legs, especially among women. There is tremendous motivation for an amputee to fool people into thinking she is normal.

        • Yes, true. But her motivation mostly came from being paid,trained and set up in advance to participate in this hoax. It’s just like the Newtown parents, who were all moved there in the 1 – 2 years preceding Sandy Hook to create a backstory of their residence in the town. This dance teacher story was a creation to give credibility.

          As seen in the last post on this following page, according to the San Antonio Examiner, she was in the fashion industry and a freelance writer. There is no mention at all of her being a dancer. It says she ws well-known in the fashion industry in Seattle , where she lived before San Antonio. But I researched that and found nothing AT ALL about her being in fashion in Seattle either. Adrianne Haslett’s persona is likely just another fabricated persona for another hideous hoax.

          See the last post on this page:

          • She may well have been a dance teacher for a short time preceding the Boston event, just as the Newtown families actually did live and take jobs in the Sandy Hook area preceding the event.

          • There is also this: the so-called dance claim is a set-up. Let someone, anyone, prove that she really was a dance instructor. A post by a person who seeks to create doubt about this research is irrelevant.

    • A crime was committed on Boytston St. Wounds were faked, including Haslett-Davis’, leading to the murder of two men. What is your purpose in claiming she really lost those anatomical parts? Are you attempting to cover-up this crime?


    i appreciate what you’ve done here… and i’m exhausted from reading the comments from all the “experts” like vinfx who after twenty yrs (allegedly) still thinks it takes all day; and stuff no CIA guy could get his hands on in order to do this all because you don’t know the specific brand of fake blood used. i enlisted in the army in 1984, and these type of fake wounds were the norm then during training exercises that i participated in. link is to another website with a different analysis, but the same conclusion… my favorite pic is the one at the moment of explosion where everyone is looking at the second story of the building behind them and not in the direction of the “blast”… ‘cuz that’s what folks do when they hear explosions, they look some other way… lol!!!

    • i would also add that if you don’t stop at just the photographic evidence, and delve into uncle ruslan’s alphabet soup agency connections you’ll find a plethora of tangled webs, that would only serve to disgust and outrage you further, as you pull on the threads. our government, long ago, even before eisenhowers’ farewell address, had been hijacked by monied interests who will stop at nothing to secure themselves to the seats of power. at the davesweb site he provides a pretty good play by play insight that upon even only a modicum of scrutiny shows you that this was little more than a training exercise… drs. milling about while people lay “dying” at their feet. worst injuries treated last… all of the posing for cameras, and the presence of the craft… doing… well whatever it is they do… standing around looking menacing and carrying backpacks that are eerily similar to the ones used… these people are villainous scumbags…

  45. Not that it’s a huge thing… but in the pics above of her in the interview she has a fresh mani. Did anyone else notice that her pinkie finger is not painted? Does anyone know if this was purposeful? Just strange I thought.

    • Oops… also in the pic of her with her BF on the bed. Pinkie also lacking polish.

  46. Wow, there really are some crazies in this world

  47. BlueDevilGirl,
    Yeah, there sure are a lot of amputee actors who pretended to be injured in a comfirmed drill. That alone supports these people are crazy to pull this off, but the deceit also makes them criminals.

  48. F#$k you all! As her Husband (the so called boyfriend above), I feel sad that you are all so low in life to spread such drastic and libelous information. Both Adrianne and I went through a lot that day along with over everyone else watching mad running that day. I invite you all to call and/or email. None of you can talk about the experience without firsthand d knowledge.

    Adam Davis

    • This paid shill can’t even write a coherent sentence. To quote you: “Both Adrianne and I went through a lot that day along with over everyone else watching mad running that day.”

      Say what??? You two had a difficult time watching mad people running a marathon?

    • Adam Davis’ phone number is California number. These are the search results for Adam Davis in California. I don’t see any military service for any of these people. I do see an Adrianna Davis (not Adrianne). We have found that many of these people participating in these frauds have aliases wherein they change their name by a letter or two. So which one of these guys is you Adam?

    • Is that first entry you, Adam? I see there is no age listed and that one has lived in S. Walpole, MA. That person also attended:

      Brent Street School of Performing Arts and Newtown Performing Arts High School.

      We found a whole list of people involved in the Boston bombing that were registered with performing arts agencies, so this would not be surprising.

    • Now let’s keep those tight bright leggings wardrobe changes coming. No swelling, no pain pulling them on and off for a new pair in each interview. She’s thinks she’s quite the hottie doesn’t she? Despicable liars.

  49. “Adam”,
    You are a liar, just like your imaginary wife. Your imaginary name is also telling. At least you were able to provide a CA number – but hey, wait, doesn’t the liar Adrianne live in Boston? Probably her boyfriend lives there too.

    If Adrianne was injured on that day in question, she would be one of few people to have been injured from a FEMA/DHS drill in which pyrotechnic explosions went off. Also, because the fake bombs only “blew off” her left leg, she must have been standing by the “left leg bomb” because her right leg was completely unaffected. Please stop lying, dude. You must not realize how dumb you come across to the entire world.

  50. You are insane if you believe this is a hoax. I have known Adrianne for 10+ years, and what happened to her is very real. Your “theory” is SICK and disgusting.

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