Boston Bombing — 07 May 2013
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Boston Hoax: Fake Blood Pumps & Bladders Confirmed

It is realized that the resolution on many of these photos is less than ideal. However, as this is the best that is available and effort will made to utilize them to the greatest capacity possible. One issue is certain: the analysis does show evidence of deception and fraud. This is through various tactics aimed at disguising the acts being committed through a variety of artifices. These artifices include using hoods, using human bodies to block the view, and the confiscation of cameras from the innocent-minded public or unauthorized photographers.

It must be presumed that there is a reason for such attempted disguises, and thus a premeditated cover-up must be considered as the basis. The players directly in view are Christian Williams, who may have other aliases and thus this is merely the name he is identified with, here, a man acclaimed to be Jeff Bauman, and an African-American woman in red and white clothing. Many of these photos are derived from a video by Anonpyrates, as follows:

It should be made clear in regard to deception the hooded man, Christian Williams, is a key culprit. He can be seen attempting yet another disguise just as the bomb exploded. This is a cell phone image of a person running from the scene and it is the only such image available:


A fraction of a second later he seems to reach behind his back, and this is what he pulls out:

While the resolution is poor it appears to be the fake gore artifice itself, the one that will be put on the amputee’s left leg.

From here the culprit will rapidly move to the scene of the false flag, likely carry what appears to be a back-pack wedged between his legs.

By this time the first prosthesis has been placed the left leg. That has been covered elsewhere by other bloggers. This essay will focus on the action related to the right stump/artifice, of which there are numerous images, along with the method of application and distribution of the fake blood. There was obviously no blood on the device originally, a seen with him next to the building. It to come from somewhere.


First, it can be seen that Williams is using his left hand to remove a black strap of some kind that he had stored as a band around his head. It could be elastic in nature. It can also be seen that despite the claims of a real bomb with shrapnel and significant explosive power–with bullets, BBs, and more–there is not a shred of evidence of any kind of injury on any of these individuals and surely no blood. It is also important to note that, despite the resolution, all people are moving about efficiently. Plus, no limbs are missing, that is from fresh, violent injuries.


Here, there is a relatively clear and rare view, showing the amputee with his normal stumps or prosthetic devices placed on such stumps. The amputee is precisely on his back for the purpose of easy administration of the fake gore. It appears the visible stumps are prosthetic devices for a high bilateral amputation. There is a circumscribed edge of the right prosthetic although photographic anomaly cannot be ruled out. He now focuses on the right leg.

Quickly removing the black strap, Williams holds it firmly and moves it about, which also can be seen on the video.


Important:the artificial device for the right stump appears to come into screen, here. It appears to be a wrap-around silicon component; see what appears to be ruffled edges; see how he appears to be tying the black strap around it. Purpose of the woman is in part to disguise the fake gore stump from view. Woman is holding amputee’s right hand.

Another important finding. The amputee seems to be holding a kind of tubing or cord, which is brownish in color. Is that the PVC tubing which sprays the fake blood?

Williams moves the black strip closer to the target area, which appears to be a prosthetic device that is being worn on the amputee’s right leg. There appears to be a flesh-colored device, which looks flattened out in the frame, virtually adjacent to the woman’s lips and nose. Is this the ghoulish-appearing fake gore prosthetic being brought  in place? He appears to be tying the black cord around that flesh-colored flap.

Let’s have a closer look:


If this is studied closely, it can be seen that the black strip is being placed around the edge of a fleshy-colored component, most likely the fake gore device. The black strap partially disappears under the apparent silicon artifice. Regardless, there is something flesh-colored above and in addition to the  prosthesis. Clearly, in the next frame Williams uses the black material to attach or secure the gory-appearing fake stump, which shows what appears to be severed bone and flesh (not visible, here):


Note for the above: cord or tubing, brownish-red in color is seen around amputee’s left wrist. A difficult job? Fake gore is secured. The first magic trick is completed. Yet, the bone is dry, as is the flesh. The real gore is in the blood-red effect. Yet, starting now, is a blood-like coloration happening. It seems as if it is running through tubes.

Now, the artifice is fully in place, black cord fixing it, as seen. It can be seen to be distorted, lumpy, compared to the previous, original stump. Moreover, it is dry “as a bone” without the slightest amount of oozing or spewing of blood. Notice the amputee’s hands. Is he in control of any device or tubing, is he pinching it off?


Now, things start really happening. There is a purplish-red colored matter spewing out; it seems to be arising from the orange device. Is that a bladder of some sort with a pumping device? This happened right after the big signal was given. The control of the pump was likely elsewhere.


It is truly coming up in a spray pattern, apparently from the orange bladder. Is the woman happy? She’s getting her fill of this fake spray. Let’s have a closer look:


Turned vertical, clearly and unquestionably, it’s a fake blood bladder spurting fake blood on command, likely through compressed air. It is shooting straight up by, also, there appears to be seepage out of the sides. All those final hand signals indicated that the crew was ready for the dispersal of the reddish paint. It is now spraying on her shirt, while striking the fake gore device.

That’s where she got a chest-full of that fake coloration:

Looks like she got a relatively powerful blast. Was this the power source for the pumps?


Regardless, great placement of the purse for the critically ill; cut off a bit more of the blood supply. Yet, then, when no real blood is lost, what does it matter?

More signaling to the production manager in brown. The blood begins to cover other parts of the fake gore device, as seen below, notably the left top side. The bladder is seeping out blood from the pressure of the compressed air in various directions. woman in brown looks on:


Amputee is likely controlling the flow through his grip on the plastic tubing. Let’s enlarge it to see if this is the case:


It truly is the case: the amputee is controlling the flow of the blood, as seen by the fake blood-filled Tygon tubing, by alternatively pinching and releasing the PVC tubing.  Arch-mole woman in brown adds to the fraud by preparing to toss down a blood packet or possibly hand it off to another collaborator. Notice the bulkiness of her sweater pocket with likely more of the same. Are those rather than packets blood-filled capsules?


Misting the culprits with red dye-tainting corn syrup or actual red tempura paint:


No injuries of any kind noted on Williams. He will later feign injury for profit.

Now, the fake bone is even tainted red. The blood on the right from the bladder, that on the left from a pre-placed PVC tube situated down his back, then through the pants and underwear:


The bladder, now, seems largely exhausted, shriveled up. A red–and fake–mess everywhere.

Before and after:


The finale: fake gore for public consumption: no hesitation to broadcast to the world. The people of the world truly have been hosed with nothing but lies and filthy deception.

man with tube lightenedamputeebloodsource-9



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  1. Excellent. Those empty orange containers are all over the scene in the pictures after the people are gone. And we see why they had the black woman dressed in red and white… to blend with the stumps and fake blood while the prop was being set up. Christian Williams is a prop man. In his own words: “I build props”.

  2. Yes, another excellent study. And all should take the opportunity to listen to the brilliant discussion with Dr. K on The Realist Report yesterday, archived at HURRAH

    • I want to state that any references to the cell phone video need to be removed or at least edited, the entire theory behind the findings in this video are entirely false. Which I have posted several FACTS proven from images after the blast clearly showing the presence of a man against the wall while showing the crowd of victims, and although you have slightly modified the video posting I believe it should be removed due to the entire video being false! If this website is entitled nodisinformation, why is this disinformation still present! It only adds to the impression of conspiracy theorists!

      • Interesting. The video identified two very important people. Why do you want it down?

        • What people does it identify? The man against the wall? And the woman in the red/peach fleece? Reported to be Christian and the woman with wavy hair in the sea of victims? I posted a series of links that prove nether of these is accurate. Maybe I am missing something, but now the man against the wall is being used in another post on your site, look at his shoes, different color, not to mention the image post blast of a many identically matching the one in the cell phone video helped to his feet, and a full visual of the crowd of victims.

          • All this protesting. We do have one thing in common, which is respectable, which are serious questions about the status of Ms. Campbell. With the revelation of the spraying of fake blood all over the scene. Is there any news on her status?

          • Are they the two people you claim are identified? In the same series of images, you see the woman in with dark hair, and sun glasses, in the green jacket, as well as another woman in similar dress, several Images show both in the same image, and one you see the one fleeing appears to have sunglasses more round in shape as the woman in the video.

            Why are you dodging my question, and diverting to krystle? I am interested in the truth. Per the purpose and goals truth is the reason this site exists. If the truth leads away from a hoax will you follow it too? I am not disputing the distinct facts that lead me to believe something’s don’t add up as reported. I just can not support such outlandish unsubstantiated information being posted as fact or proof. Cross check, verify, or simply remove the words fact or proof, post them for exactly what they are theories, one person or persons, impressions, suppositions (def:unproven belife) of images and videos. I mean at one point it was reported the earth was flat.

            I look at the stories, which come across clearly as supposition or fantasy, of blood pumps, tubing, dust, gore masks, paint balls, ect. And all from grainy poor quality blown up images. Great food for thought things to investigate to see of they could be proven. I mean the basic principle to our justice system is innocent until proven guilty. I ask simply can another image prove this, and when I look at the other images, in addition to those presented, I don’t see it. And then I rely on my common sense and logic, is it possible absolutely, regarding the cell phone video, it is not possible, because they are not the same people, and the images readily available prove that. I mean really. I got lot up by someone last night regarding a comment I posted, which had nothing to do with Christian being a surgically altered Jon who is affiliated with John Kerry, claiming it is absolutley true and unless he saw them in the same room he would not believe they weren’t the same. Ok I’ll admit it may be possible, I mean I did see the movie face off, highly unlikely, and I see no clear evidence to support it. And that is the bottom line where is the CLEAR evidence to support these posts. Truly it diminishes the information that attracked me to particate in these discussions. Now I am questioning that decision because it seems the more outlandish, paranoidmand ridiculous the better. I guess i am more neutral, to it having to be a hoax, and interested in the truth, whatever that may be.

            95% of the time I have requested more information and it is not presented, like the picture of what is reported as a pump, under the fence/railings, I asked for the link or full image be posted, to literally see the whole picture. I am not beyond posing the question, if the images reported to be from MSM, could have been altered,miss it not possible the same could be true of those in support of the hoax. I am quite confident I can place myself in any of the images posted from the marathon, and I haven’t been in boston in 22 years.

  3. I always thought those “orange objects” looked weird. Now we know what they are. They had to get the gallons of fake blood to the site and onto the sidewalk. Excellent visuals!

    • I just love that little cute face she has drawn on her foot using fake blood while waiting for the show to start.

  4. So once again the scam cell phone video is used as proof! That is not Christian leaning against the wall! Look at the shoes not the same color! Instead numerous comments regarding the cell phone video, nothing is accurate, and supplied a link to a post blast image of someone helping a hooded man up off the sidewalk leaning against the building with these exact same clothes, again CHECK THE FACTS! Posting it over and over does not make it true! I’d like to see the link for the image with the reported pump.

    • Prove that wrong Christian Williams IS Jon Patsavos … A John Kerry senior advisor.
      Explain what the $#%4 he is doing there. (Use these, keep the language clean)

      • Well your comment has nothing to do with mine, but I will postulate an answer, perhaps he was there to watch the marathon! Do you have any proof of this plastic surgery, a doctors bill, testimony from a witness or staff member? I suggest you review Occam’s razor principle. I have proven the image reported to be Christian leaning against the wall is another individual, clearly proven in my previous posts. The core of Occam’s razor is basically the simpilist explanation is usually the correct one. More likely there is a resemblance to this individual you refer to than him having plastic surgery. If you can prove it I’d love to see irrefutable proof, and as an FYI all facial features share a common equation of placement although facial and head shapes and sizes change, a head can be scaled down and laid over another and line up similarly, unless each image as an item of equal dimension, you know a ruler, quarter, there is no way to validate your findings. But what do I know I a professional artist! And by the way the language is unwarranted. Dont spout obscenities while asking me to prove something wrong that has not been proven right!

      • teeth are different shapes, lower lips are different, cheek bones higher on Christian, chin, eye color, hairline, nose ears, oh maybe they are two different people. I am really loosing my sense of humor, with these unproven ‘facts’ I guess they are just fantasy. This site claims to be interested in the truth. Unless you have proof beyond some obviously photoshopped set of images, I’m pretty sure I could do the same with a picture of myself, and have the same false fact. Until you have proof, concrete proof it is just a theory. Perhaps these definitions will help establish a baseline for this discussion.

        Definition of THEORY

        : the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another
        : abstract thought : speculation
        : the general or abstract principles of a body of fact, a science, or an art
        a : a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action
        b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances —often used in the phrase in theory
        : a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena
        a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation
        b : an unproved assumption : conjecture
        c : a body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of a subject

        fact noun \ˈfakt\

        Definition of FACT

        : a thing done: as
        a obsolete : feat
        b : crime
        c archaic : action
        archaic : performance, doing
        : the quality of being actual : actuality
        a : something that has actual existence
        b : an actual occurrence
        : a piece of information presented as having objective reality
        — in fact
        : in truth

        1proof noun \ˈprüf\

        Definition of PROOF

        a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact
        b : the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning
        obsolete : experience
        : something that induces certainty or establishes validity
        archaic : the quality or state of having been tested or tried; especially : unyielding hardness
        : evidence operating to determine the finding or judgment of a tribunal

      • Wow again with the language, clearly you are looking to argue, and offend. Not sure why you are behaving in such an offensive manner. Your position is illogical, and irresponsible. And more over completely irrelevant to this post or my comment, why you are attacking me makes no sense. You are entitled to believe what you feel is correct, logic and common sense will guide my beliefs. Not sure of you are the photoshop guru who did the side by side comparison or some unknown on the Internet. At the heart of every blog on this site and thousands of others, is the real possibility of falsified images, altered in some fashion. And here ismamclear example of such a deception, you believe it if you want to. Nothing absolutely nothing about those images stands as fact, proof or more importantly evidence. Yes them being in the same room could act as proof. Again the simplest answer is usually correct, they have similar features. I’ve been told a few times I look like Tom cruise, that doesn’t make me him. And I can correct the same differences to facial features and most importantly I am several inches taller!lease if you have any thing to act as proof I’d love to be wrong, I don’t have a problem with being wrong. My ego has no bearing on the truth. And we wonder why people speak so ill of thoseosimg conspiracy theories, you want to believe only what you choose, and despite the lack of any tangible proof, you still believe. More power to you. I prefer to draw my conclusions regarding these events in what is proven or provable.

  5. Bullshit .. I am not claiming anything about the cellphone clip. The fact remains that Christian Williams IS Jon Patsavos they are the same person. The only way to prove otherwise is showing Jon P & Christian together and that will never happen.

  6. Christian Williams is the best evidence I’ve seen this was a hoax. After the bomb he’s hunkered down by the building, apparently uninjured. Then, later, he’s obviously working on Vogt…er, Bauman. Don’t get me started on dude’s missing fibula. But after the woman and “amputee” are carted off, he’s shown laying injured. When did that happen?


      Ok so lets discuss the guy in the hoodie from the video, I have a picture of the crowd before the bomb and it highlights jb and appears cw is next to him, have not been able to locate the site it came from to provide a link. I have also just reviewed images from a Flickr account and can see a man with a dark jacket grey hoodie being helped to his feet from along the building front.
      In the lower left of the image, which is a wide shot showing the remaining persons in the crowd of victims, in which cw is seen, now with photoshop a person can be at two places at once, but I think this creates a reasonable doubt, as well as my other posts regarding this video proves there is reasonable doubt to the findings of this blog. There are numerous images from this Flickr post that shows the other ‘suspects’ in the crowd of victims, split seconds after the blast, some wven on the ground, proven by the reactions of people in the crowd, covering ears. I am not disputing the concern surrounding these people, particularly when I see the woman in pink, not reacting to the blast. So I am not sure what else needs to be said about this post. Again why are we chasing ghosts when there is so much to question.

      THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PROPF IN THE CELL PHONE VIDEO IT HAS ALL BEEN CHALLENGED AND PROVEN WRONG! For a website called nodisinformation you sure are ignoring the facts! I do not dispute the flaws in this event there is enough actual proof without this ridiculous scam postings. This is disinformation and met be edited to reflect the findings.

      • Hi Richard
        I have a challenge for you. If you fail to try it it will be conclusive proof that you admit I am right. If you prove me wrong (using exactly the standards of proof you insist upon above) I will admit I was wrong. Prove that the “lady in pink”, is NOT Mass. Auditor S. Bump. Give it a go….

        • I can no more prove that it isn’t her than you can prove it is. It does look like her, unfortunately, that doesn’t make it her, and what does it mean if it is her? She came to the marathon, and according to mainstream media she assisted the victims. I agree her actions are appear suspect, unfortunately that does not make them so. I agree her appearance is similar, as is numerous people in the cell phone video to people seen in the crowd, yet they are not the same people. My issue is the amount of information contained on this site claimed to be proof or facts, and even after clear information, should I say proof to the contrary it remains in its original format as proof! Read the purpose and goals section of this site, and ask if it is living up to its own mission. To me claiming something as an alternate theory, or possibility is fine, but claims of fact or proof, with out due diligence is the same irresponsible journalism I believe this site is trying to fight against. And I find a tremendous amount of the information at best entertaining, and even thought provoking, however falling short of any actual proof. With a few reviews against some images I’ve downloaded on my iPad, and a few minutes with other postings, a vast number of these things are proven false, yet the authors leave them as fact. My leanings are towards that it is far more important to present information, that supports the greater hoax theory, than the truth. And I am solely interested in the truth. Do you not agree that these Images and videos should be vetted for accuracy? Some theories are so ridiculous and divert from the real truth, which again is what I thought this site was interested in, maybe I am wrong. Once again the simplest theory is usually the correct one, until further information proves it wrong.

    • Hi tim
      Agree 100%. Next most obvious (and should be easy to track and catch) conspirator is the “lady in pink”, Mass. Auditor S. Bump. We really need to work her up. I f we get one to crack..they will all fall down…oops… they already did didn’t they.

      • This posting is entirely false! None of the people it claims to identify are not the same. Receive all posts I have regarding this NSA video. First the shoes on the guy against the wall are different color, as are both the jacket and hoodie, not to mention the materials appears very different, as for the woman in the red/salmon fleece the video has a white line around the popped collar, and the woman in the crowd has a dark inside to her collar all proven in images shown after the blast!and back to the man against the wall. Despite the narrator of this fraud video, claiming there are no others with great hoodies there are at least two shown against the wall after the blast, and in wide angle shots which show the buildings and the crowd including the victims, and an image clearly shows the same guy against the wall I’m this video being helped to his feet!


  7. I just have one question. Was any of the fake blood on the scene from the boston bombing analyzed for authenticity? I’ve tried searching the almighty web for the answer but have came up with nothing. with this question answered i think it would tell it all.

    • Has not. coverup; all purged.

  8. What utter freaking nonsense.

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