**Breaking News** — 15 November 2015
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The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax

Make no mistake about it the purported terror attack in France, including the supposed terrorist shooting at the Batcalan concert hall, is a terminally corrupt hoax. It is neither a false flag attack nor a real, spontaneous event. These are complete misrepresentations. No one is in shock to any degree. People are moving slowly. Others are milling around. No one is in obvious pain. There are no raw gunshot wounds from an AK-47 to be found. There are also no bombast victims. No one is suffering from burnt, shredded flesh and/or amputations. Then, how could this be a real event represented by the detonation of suicide vests, the pumping of people full of live ammunition, and/or the shooting at point=-blank range with powerful long-guns?

‘The Syrians did it.’ Sure, they did, right. What perfect timing it is. Hoax arch-Zionist agent ‘Jihadi John’ is now dead and thus Syrian ‘rebels’ launched a concerted attack, right in the midst of that heavily armed, security conscious NATO nation. In fact, rather than an actual terrorist attack by outside elements this is an arch-Zionist Rothschild-inspired NATO exercise, a plot, all to justified continued intervention by the Zionists in the Islamic Middle East: to justify bombing, murder, and destruction, and there can be no doubt about it. Even so, people should stop calling this a false flag. There is nothing about it that has to do with murderous actions. The murder will come in time: through the actions of NATO in its criminal enterprises in the Middle East.

What is this entity on the ground? Is it a dummy or a real person? Where is the expected blood? Where is the evidence of gunshot injury? It’s surely no a realistic example. When a Palestinian is shot in the head, back, or chest blood runs from the body. Are the French that cold-blooded that their bodies can’t respond to the norm?


Notice the abdomen, how tense it is., This is typical of dummies. There would be no bloating of the carcass that quickly. Here are other entities. Are they dummies as well? Even so, where is the evidence for some 130 dead with dozens of others wounded? Regardless, where are the casualties, some 130 dead and 200 wounded? Why in the world are there only images available of merely a few ‘corpses,’ seemingly five or ten or less?


What about this individual? How can he be  a truly injured person. Moreover, it is cold in the dark night. Why was his shirt removed? Let us have a closer look to evaluate what is represented as head wounds:


There are no obvious wounds to be seen: only red paint. There are no lacerations, there is no bright red arterial blood, and there is no way to account for the red matter staining his nose and face:


Clearly, rather than actual blood this is mere paint. Furthermore, there is no evidence for any facial wounds. For instance, there is no wound accounting for the red matter seen on the nose. Nor are there any obvious scalp wounds. The use of a hair net for scalp wounds makes no sense to any degree, and unless it is sterile, it would cause contamination. The only purpose, it would seem, would be to make the theatrical blood more visible to the cameras.

What about this woman? One supposed eyewitness has stated that she had bruises all over her forehead. Where are those bruises? Moreover, why is she before the cameras? Why isn’t she, if she has suffered head wounds, rendered supine?


Here is another hoaxer who is merely painted with fake blood. He’s in on the act, though, putting forth plant of dramatics. Yet, despite the facial expression no wounds can be seen. Nor does his position make sense, that is being laid on his side, other than for purposes of the camera-shoot. This is a fake. The Zionists are behind this. They are attempting to use this treacherous fraud as the basis for further invasive war. That is why they have deemed it, this Friday the 13th hoax, “France’s 911.”


What about this fake? Can anyone imaging it? There are wounded people on the ground, and they are being dragged about like so many sacks of potatoes? Who in the world finds this plausible even to the least degree?

Then, there is this element of the staging, the back-alley component.


One of them has the legs crossed during the dragging. It appears that two of the (fake) good Samaritans are camera-people; notice what appears to be a camera-bag on the one individual, complete with obvious strap. Regardless, why would anyone drag a wounded person like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the street? There are liabilities, here. Most people would never do so. If they were to remove a person, it would be by lifting and carrying.

Here is yet another curious example of a fabricated injury, in this case the attempt to mimic a bullet wound. This may readily fool a person, as it does what appears to be an opening, as would be seen from a penetrating object. Yet, even so it is not convincing. As always, there are the good Samaritans in charge, supposedly stabilizing her. She has been full exposed before the camera, making the ‘lesion’ clear before the media capture.


This is acclaimed as being imagery at Cambodge Restaurant. Yet, it must be asked, where is the blood? Where is the induration and any actual blast injury? Truly, why is this woman not bleeding out? The brachial artery is there.

Lightening it up and zooming in on the image leads to one conclusion; this is rather than an actual wound merely a silicone fake. It doesn’t seem to belong to the category of human flesh at all. The following is an example of the creation of a fake wound through silicone and other components:

Here is another example of pure fabrication, in this case the hugging huddle. Yet, this is not merely shot before the cameras for the hugging routine. All these people are plastered with fake blood:

Notice the bandage hanging down stained with tempura paint. Let us not forget this arch-hoaxer, the one with the heaviest dose of phony blood:

This is clearly merely a moulage paint job – and there can be no other conclusion. Even so, where are the man’s gunshot wounds and/or lacerations? What is he doing walking around while the firemen and others do nothing to secure him? Oh, how the Zionists seek to corrupt it all, spreading nothing but lies, attempting conquest after conquest through mere raw deceit.

This is a filthy lie. No one died, and no one is injured. All the red matter is red theatrical paint. It’s a set-up to manipulate the mind of the always gullible, vulnerable goy but also all others, including Islaamic people. Who wouldn’t believe it is as true when bombarded with the imagery and with the arch-psyops trickery? It’s brain-washing. The vast majority of people fully succumb to it.

‘It’s graphic, terrifying, and horrific. Sure it is, right. “It’s a horror,” says Hollande, while the Israeli press is playing it up, saying all eyes of the world are fixed on France, the (fake) horror deeply affecting the world. This is what the Zionists seek. They seek to confuse and to fool.

Yet, in this case they shall fool no one, that is no one who has a mind to think and eyes, and consciousness, to see.





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  1. How anyone takes this site’s “analysis” seriously is beyond me. This article (and all the rest) sound like the paranoid ramblings of a 10 year old. If I had the time (and inclination) all the points made could be argued against and dismissed, there’s no “HARD” Proof to seen here…….Only Sheep following a different Shepherd (“Dr” K).

    *waits for inevitable meaningless Spam Posts from Cowboy, Christinne and Co. …

    • Shill – If you can explain the so called blood pattern on the guys T-shirt (last photo) I may believe you. Can you?

      • Yeah, last photo. For someone who’s lost that amount of blood he looks wonderful. His skin color is perfect….nice beach tan still shining. His eyes show no shock. Nothing wrong with him. There’s not even any EMT attending to his needs. Why? He has no needs…he’s an actor.

        • Doug, that’s such an easy and simplistic outlook, why not consider the myriad of other possibilities before claiming HOAX. (See my previous post for just one example)

          • Mr. Shill, that’s your job….not mine. I look for the direct and most obvious answer. You, on the other hand, whine about endless nonsense of this being real. No little bit of trivia misses your attention. Of course to you, your opinions matter. Others’ facts and observations don’t interest you in the least. In fact, you ridicule them while ignoring their obvious veracity. I guess this is your full time job…..10 cents per post.

          • 4th picture: whine-glass above the forehead of the right person?
            6th picture: right person with a bright light-horn:-)
            7th picture: vertical lines in the face
            8th picture: collage of pictures of bodies?
            9th picture: her arm looks unreal / surreal, black spot in face (why black?)
            12th picture: the face of the right woman looks odd
            Last picture: In spite of the huge amount of (real?) blood does he remain cool/stone-faced and is talking with his phone calmly. Does he ordering a pizza? 🙂
            My favorite is the last picture.

          • Pick up the pace.

          • Jews did it it sure as Fuck was not Syrians

          • All this is just a hoax, no one died there….lol…..what a coincidence the guy is shouting …this is for Syria….every time there is an alleged attack, the terrorists shout something…..to make sure that media spreads the reverse psychology message they want to spread….its a joke

        • France Friday 13 2015 PsyOp Zionist Terror Attacks
          VicSim #1(b) Fake Dead Marie Mosser
          This not her but Emeah Page


          So clearly VicSim Marie Mosser was working with Singer Emeah Page on Nov 2 who had just recorded an EP. And she stopped using her official twitter at Universal Records suddenly that day, right then & there! There is no way she would suddenly stop using her twitter right after working with such a talented singer she would be excited ( & clearly was) & required to promote Emeah on twitter and everywhere else as it was her job! Unless told to stop. They told her to stop. They screwed up obviously, because they arrogantly know most people are too dumbed-down, braindead, mind controlled to use their common sense and see such a glaring screwup as her stopping doing part of her job 10 days prior to her being killed role as a dead Victim, VicSim Hoax Dead Crisis Actor ten days too soon! Obviously to concentrate on her dead vicSim role & her next identity aka position aka zio assignment, scam,etc. lol So I supposed they set her up with a new job right then & there & under another identity right then. (But often it is the same name almost or exactly same with different addresses shell jobs etc.) And the new identity is pre-existing, already established, perhaps mostly dormant, though probably semiActive recently to show presence. She may have been transferred to USA, Australia, Belgium, UK Canada or where ever..and may still be continuing working for Universal even. Or maybe a TV or radio station, newspaper, ad agency etc. She could do the the same type job all over American & the world. And do lots of short Crisis Acting Jobs as a: false witness, VicSim-Fake Victim, family member griever, etc.., every year, like this, concurrently & zioscam money $$$ off each one fundraising & ofcourse also get DHS-ZIO paid on each fraud, deception, PsyOp, Hoax gig too!

        • Lying Crisis Actor #2) Zionist Jew Fraudster Jake Wallis Simons

          France Friday 13th Zionist Simultaneus PsyOps Terror Attack Against The French People To Treasonously Bring Them To Genocidal Wars Via Deception to Murder Innocent People Abroad!

          Crisis Actor Zionist Jew Jake Wallis Simons is a reporter (& is ProExtermination of Palestine) unbelieveably this scumbag fraudster & fiction writer is actually a London Daily Globe reporter also & false witness & Fake hero in the France PsyOp who claims he witnessed these completely fabricated events as all evidence shows! He is an extreme Zionist Psychopath & one of the few British field reporters who has watched atrocities & occupation & mass murder by Israel in Palestine & elsewhere & still openly defends them & supports Israel’s genocidal murderous deeds. So this is a very hardcore, psychopath maniac, Zionist Jew Israeliophile of the most extreme and nothing he says should ever be believed & most all he says should assumed lies! Yes and he admittedly writes fiction stories about the holocaust hoax.
          (To be fair the International Red Cross records shows approx. 271,000 people died in the German Concentration camps including all people there & most died near the very end of the war when supply lines to the camps were destroyed.)


        • Yep. But the most damning evidence lies in the hilarious passport, yet again, found near the body of a supposed terrorist…from a nation slated for destruction no less!!! Wow… but of course if the indestructible passport doesn’t do it for ya they throw in an allahu akbar. LOL

          Man this crap couldn’t be sold to Asylum Films.

          • why is it our passports burn but there’s don’t i want one of them so if i get killed an blowen up i will still have perfect id. hahahahaa

        • Are you dumb? A concert shooting . Offcourse its not possible to get blood from people lying there on you… People are hiding under bodes. .. do you fucking research before you insult people that went ttough something like this

          • Totally agree with you.

          • As someone who frequents concerts, I am well aware of concert culture. Concert goers use their phones to record concert footage and/or audio, even when venues specify not to. Even if a concert attendee who was recording didn’t intend to record the “terror” I am certain that someone would have captured sounds of gunfire or explosions by accident at some point. Bands also frequently record their own performances. Where is one shred of evidence from inside the concert hall? And conveniently no band members were killed or injured during the carnage? Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

        • And that picture that is taken in less then a second tell you that its his blood , that hè has to be shot or in shock . What if he was helping Somone an hour ago and is just checken on friends or family on his phone now?

        • Maybe it’s not his blood but anothers?

        • A simple alternate answer to the last picture is its simply not his blood. Blood can spray out of the wound depending on where the injury is. So he got hit by blood spray from someone else. He has one of the medical covers on him because the medics saw the blood checked him out saw it was not his and sent him off to the side. I am not saying that is for sure what happened but just pointing out that there is really more than one possibility for pretty much every picture you have shown and this article is really just an opinion piece with no solid evidence. At least no more solid than what the mainstream media is saying.

        • Maybe its someone elses blood on his tshirt… just throwing that out there…

        • How do you know it’s his blood?. He might not be the injured person.

        • Perhaps you need to gain a little bit of common sense. People hid in the pile of dead bodies and played dead to avoid being detected. It’s obviously someone else’s blood as a survivor explained he hid next to several corpses.

        • It’s probably someone else’s blood. Not his.

      • What’s to explain? Does this photo tell you exactly where, how and who’s blood is on his t-shirt? Of course it doesn’t. Your making assumptions based on what exactly? Maybe (and this is in no way certain) the blood isn’t his, maybe he was prone on the floor hiding (as I would expect he would be) and this blood was on the floor. Bottom line is you can’t tell people exactly what a picture is showing, without knowing the exact details and context in which the photo was taken. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly not too intelligent by my reckoning.

        As I said earlier ‘ No “HARD” Proof here, just one man’s flawed interpretations of public domain photographs and a number of blind followers dismissing all other possibilities with cries of “how is this possible?” – We’ll I’ll give you a clue – actually open your mind to ALL the actual possibilities before jumping on “DR”Ks bandwagon.

        • I am simply requesting a logical explanation for the blood pattern. The fact you have offered none tells me even you after careful consideration can’t come up with a logical reason. Hoax best fits the probability!

          • You’ve obviously not read my reply SBAG, I offered up a plausible explanation. You’ve just chosen to disregard it….As expected really.

          • shill, I am SBAG – just so you know. Now you offer the blood was on the floor as your obective reasoning though that guess work does not go anywher near a logical analysis. Please look at the detail on the T-shirt carefully and see if you can tell us what possible reason, even if on the floor would you get such a pattern on the shirt? Have another crack so to speak only this time try and put some forenisc investigation in the mix, just for something different.

          • OK lets make this challenge more rational. Please access any forensic site in the world and see if you can come up with something even close to the pattern seen on that shirt. Give that a go Shill.

          • Check out the city mortuary…..No bodies ..Nothing unusual..Move along folks..Nothing to see here !!

          • Well said and revealed. Links, please. Did they not tag those dummies and put them on the slabs for the record?

        • Hi Shill , I’m not the only one not taking the ‘hoax’ theories as true then . Such a terrible attack Friday night , so many lives gone again. Hoping we close all borders asap.

          • LIAR Crisis Actor #2 (b) France Zionist PsyOp Psychological Terror Treason Attacks Against the French People

            Despicable, murderous Palestine-exterminatist heartless zionist Mossad agent Fraudster Crisis Actor slime Jake Wallis Simons has lots of shell jobs & adresses all over USA too so he lived here a lot in USA and does Crisis Acting for DHS & zioScams here in USA too!
            #’s 1 & 2 are certainly him as Jake Wallis Simons, Jack Simons & Jacob Simons.
            No telling the damage this evil creature does in USA alone!

          • Yes, idiot, crisis actors “lost” their lives and u lost ur brain. Crawl back into ur hole and swallow more Zio news, sheeple!

          • The purpose of the attacks is to justify attacking Syria, hence the purpose of finding a Syrian passport LOL. Not closing borders (short term yes to go along with the script).

          • SBag, your talk about forensics are irrelevant. Firstly because I doubt (although I might be wrong) that you yourself have even the slightest experience in this field (beyond what you’ve seen on the TV). Now I am by no means claiming that I have the relevant experience either, HOWEVER (& here is the important bit) No-one (including me & you & especially “Dr”K), have any idea if that blood is his own & what the circumstances were regarding how it came to be on his shirt. Is it physically impossible for blood to transfer from the floor/other people/a chair or a million other things to his shirt in that manner? I am reasonably certain that if a person was to lie down in a puddle of blood or perhaps use his own t-shirt to staunch the blood flow of someone else (that’s another possibility) that its POSSIBLE to have a stain of that size/shape. If you maintain that its absolutely impossible and is therefore a hoax, then who exactly is being narrow-minded or blinkered? You are clearly discounting a million and one variables (most of which you don’t even know) and coming to a conclusion that suits your agenda.

            Please explain how this blood could only be 100% fake using whatever forensic material you see fit.(Please note I have explained how it COULD be real above)

        • Yes that must be it – we’re all just stupid. So did those migrants come with the weapons strapped over their shoulders to take down whitey like this?

          Or did they have to procure them once they arrived in France?

          The supposed terror groups are all wahhabi, Syrians are not wahhabi…soooooo, where’d the Syrian get the weapon(s) used?

          Do you know who is wahhabi though? Ally Saudi Arabia.

          Do you know who founded the wahhabi sect? The Brits in conjunction with Muhammad ibbn abd al-wahab, a JEW, not a Muslim. What a Jew doing forming a so-called Islamic sect? Huh…how odd. or not, not when you find out the fake sect was formed to destroy Islam from the inside.

          The Birth of AI-Wahabi Movement And it’s Historic Roots

          Do you know who founded the Muslim Brotherhood? The Brits.


          So what is the west doing all over Islam???

          Oh yeah terrorism to justify a global response to a “global problem.” And of course the only answer is a new world order.

          • Bingo

          • Thanks for your information!

        • All the brainstorming aside, and I hate to fly in the face of all this pseudoscience but, one look at that picture and I can see instantly this is a phony, just like those preposterous baskets of heads courtesy ISIS (Israhelli Secret Intelligence Service) we see splattered across the ziomsm headlines.
          Seriously the ‘B’ movie graphics are about as compelling as the special effects on the old “Godzilla” movies…maybe that’s cuz they were made by the same people….

        • Let’s take a step back and look at this without any bias. We live in a pinnacle of cell phone obsessionn no one had a video of the concert going when this happend…hmm I’ll tell u what sure would be covienet to use that Russian airliner full of disappeared people for this op. Got mossad cia written all over it. Oh and the french president wants to change / halt the constutuituon. Really..

        • But we still wonder : how much do you get pay per comment ?

      • France Terror PsyOp VicSim #1)
        Victims & VicSims / Fake Victims

        Victims must be Honored & Shown who Did it & what & why! Victims Of the Psychological Warfare Terror Simultaneous Attacks by the Zionist Against France & the World- Done by Zionists & their puppets Under Cover of Simultaneous Disaster & Terror Drills being done the same doing which simply went live as planned & we & the French people were treasonously presented it as real terror attacks!

        To Honor The Real French Victims- being the targeted: French people & all the Arabs, Muslims & Syrians in particular & Africans & other hated goyim of the world targeted for extermination & destruction.. We must identify the Fraudster VicSims aka Fake Victims/ Fraudsters.

        Hoax Dead VicSim Marie Mosser: This Fraudster Faking her death in this PsyOp works digital marketing for Universal Records a powerful zionist Jew owned & run music recording company worldwide criminally involved in this PsyOp perpetrated Treasonously against the French people & being used by the zionist enemy to bring France into a mutually deadly war for France & the genocide extermination targets: again innocent people in the Middle East & Africa & Europe & elsewhere, especially Arabs & Muslims!


        Note: This picture of her is distorted due to the lense used but her Linkedin is more accurate.

      • Cowboy on November 15, 2015 at 2:16 am
        Exhibit 10-C) Zionist Orchestrated Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks Against Against France where Done Under Disguise of Simultaneous Terror Drills Same Day! Again 1 Billion percent PsyOp Hoax! Unless some can show any proof they Also Actually Killed any real people in this PsyOp Terror. So total PsyOps & all evidence says 100% Complete Hoax whereas no one died & no one killed!


        Despicable Zionists Criminals also orchestrated the announcement of release of Scumbag Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Spy Jonathan Pollard to Coincide with all these PsyOp Hoax Terror Event!

        • I did notice that this fraud scenario was short on theatrical blood. I wonder if they’re having a budget crisis on props or just a change of design criteria..
          I guess they figured they used way too much in Boston Bomb and decided to cut back a bit. I mean really…..the Boston fake blood was bright red 8 hours later on the sidewalk.

          In Paris is was mostly poured out and smeared around with a blanket or a big push broom. Typical of the French…trying to do it on the cheap side.

      • Well, if you have ever served in combat, or are an EHS tech or ER Doctor…which you are not…you would know ,what a person who has carried or handled a wounded person with large loss of blood looks like…it kind go gets all over the first responder. “OMG! are you ok?? You are covered in blood!…no worries, it’s the other guys blood.”
        Crossed ankles? Standard first aid method for dragging someone to safety..try taking the course some day. Why dragging like a sack of potatoes? Because training dictates that in a situation, where one believes there is still a danger, one is required to move the wounded to safety, by any means available. If that means risking a potential broken neck or back while hefting a casualty to get them out of a burning building (not recommended except in extreme emergencies..which the threat of more gunfire or explosions would be classified as) then make it happen…and yup, you tend to get blood everywhere.

        You have no Idea how easily a human bleeds…and the incredible volume of blood you can lose and still live. It always looks like more than it is.

        Do you even show what a real wound looks like in real life? Do you know what “blast shock” is? The blast wave from explosives can kill you without leaving a mark on your body. I have seen a soldier die, before my eyes, from having a tiny…smaller than a babies’ fingernail fragment from a misfired (cookoff) .50 cal round sever his femoral artery…he went to the bottom of the turret…we though he was going to fetch a tool..when I poked my head in to see what taking him so long, he was dead…in the space of 3 minutes he bled out. No big trauma there, no bombs, just dead. Human beings are not tough animals. Compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, we are soft pink weak creatures with large brains (well, some)…to keep the soft pink bits alive. It does not take much to kill, maim or wound us.

        Fact checking is not important to you, as you tend to question science and research in general.
        Paranoia, thinly disguised as skepticism, will get you far…on the internet. Have fun with it.

      • OMG! Is this site actually a hoax? Are you fucking serious? This site has not be the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever had the misfortune to stumble across.

        None of that stuff above you claim needs an explanation actually needs one???? Blood patterns-for real?? Why does a blood pattern need explaining?? Your analysis of the situation is comical, Europe practically witnessed these event as they happened! We eye witnesses and video footage in abundance from many sources with no other agenda to put forward. Your website exists purely to make money in some way from some very fucked-up delusional people.

        I actually think you know that the events were real and you believe they were, so what is the reason you are throwing up a conspiracy theory (if you can even call it that!) on the internet like this? hits on your site? hoping to get media attention from controversy? I’m reporting your website to anonymous right now. You people behind this site are as sick as the people who perpetrated this attack in France. Do you believe the world is flat still? That we are hooked into the matrix? That the holocaust didn’t happen? What do you believe? Do you think you are insane? I hope this waste of internet/server space website gets raided by anonymous and taken down ASAP. Your a bunch of controversial wannabe fucking losers looking for attention. You do know the world is laughing at you?

      • It’s very simple. It’s called “blood sim”, or simulated blood. We use it in the military for medical training purposes. It looks like they just poured some on his shoulder.

    • Lying Crisis Actor #1) France Hoax Terror Zionist PsyOp for Hate & Warmongering the French People
      Isobel Bowdery Lying Crisis Actor Fraudster Ridiculous Script!

      This Zio Officiall Theatrical PsyOp Script is right from her facebook account:

      “you never think it will happen to you. It was just a friday night at a rock show. the atmosphere was so happy and everyone was dancing and smiling. and then when the men came through the front entrance and began the shooting, we naiively believed it was all part of the show. It wasn’t just a terrorist attack, it was a massacre. Dozens of people were shot right infront of me. Pools of blood filled the floor. Cries of grown men who held their girlfriends dead bodies pierced the small music venue. Futures demolished, families heartbroken. in an instant. Shocked and alone, I pretended to be dead for over an hour, lying among people who could see their loved ones motionless.. Holding my breath, trying to not move, not cry – not giving those men the fear they longed to see. I was incredibly lucky to survive. But so many didn’t. The people who had been there for the exact same reasons as I – to have a fun friday night were innocent. This world is cruel. And acts like this are suppose to highlight the depravity of humans and the images of those men circuling us like vultures will haunt me for the rest of my life. The way they meticoulsy aimed at shot people around the standing area i was in the centre of without any consideration for human life. It didn’t feel real. i expected any moment for someone to say it was just a nightmare. But being a survivor of this horror lets me able to shed light on the heroes. To the man who reassured me and put his life on line to try and cover my brain whilst i whimpered, to the couple whose last words of love kept me believing the good in the world, to the police who succeded in rescuing hundreds of people, to the complete strangers who picked me up from the road and consoled me during the 45 minutes I truly believed the boy i loved was dead, to the injured man who i had mistaken for him and then on my recognition that he was not Amaury, held me and told me everything was going to be fine despite being all alone and scared himself, to the woman who opened her doors to the survivors, to the friend who offered me shelter and went out to buy new clothes so i wouldnt have to wear this blood stained top, to all of you who have sent caring messages of support – you make me believe this world has the potential to be better. to never let this happen again. but most of this is to the 80 people who were murdered inside that venue, who weren’t as lucky, who didnt get to wake up today and to all the pain that their friends and families are going through. I am so sorry. There’s nothing that will fix the pain. I feel priviledged to be there for their last breaths. And truly beliving that I would join them, I promise that their last thoughts were not on the animals who caused all this. It was thinking of the people they loved. As i lay down in the blood of strangers and waiting for my bullet to end my mere 22 years, I envisioned every face that I have ever loved and whispered I love you. over and over again. reflecting on the highlights of my life. Wishing that those i love knew just how much, wishing that they knew that no matter what happened to me, to keep belieivng in the good in people. to not let those men win. Last night, the lives of many were forever changed and it is up to us to be better people. to live lives that the innocent victims of this tragedy dreamt about but sadly will now never be able to fulfil. RIP angels. You will never be forgotten.


      • I knew it wouldn’t take too long for the meaningless Spam Posts to begin….

        • shill – unlike yourself considerable effort goes into the cows posts. If you intend to refute them at least provide the effort with evidence, not simply one liners you expect people to beleive. Thats how fact finding works. No one has blocked your posts have they? So at least give the appropriate response which should at least suggest why you believe a position is not a hoax oe worthy evidence with some of your own evidence.
          Or is it simply because you can’t provide evidence the reason we get just one liners from you?

          • If you define “considerable” effort as copying and pasting someone’s Facebook posts then dismissing them as lies without any real reason (other than the person is ZioScum) then yeah I’m guilty of not doing that, just as your as guilty of failing to read, digest and counter argue other people’s posts. You asked me earlier to provide you with an explanation of blood on someone’s t-shirt, I duly replied (and it wasn’t a one-liner reply)and you totally ignored what I’d wrote. Perhaps it’s you that are having trouble putting forward plausible evidence of your hoax theory??

          • Shill -nope its not so simple. To make a claim something is bogus, does not make sense, does not agree with your professional or otherwise view some effort is required to inform the reader why that is the case. Just simply saying NO thats BS does not make the grade. Of course you have done just that and Dr K seems to allow you to stay, but I must admit if I was in a position to have any say and when fairly warned without effort on your part I would come to the conclusion you were making no significant effort and simply trolling. Now again I invite you to offer your thoughts with reasons to back up the claims. Can you do that please?

    • Yeah it’s too bad someone couldn’t be there on the inside but since nobody could take snapshots with cameras everyone has in this modern age (amazing really…nothing), we have to rely on the made for TV inside generated photos.

    • greetings Mr/Mrs The Shill word jumble This Hell , yep top marks first cab of the rank. given all the others Blogs one assumes . Shows a certain structured pattern , or a regular ,highly efficient routine ….. like a drill routine stand easy ! yeah after the last woeful early morning fluff piece interview of that reporter and cameraman , the validity of , or, the willingness to fein interest of any level to believe if its bona fidi genuine. Has flown the coupe . come on it was awkwardly embarrassing to watch . . . ,millions screamed , whislt clutching their eye . My eyes my eyes , one can never unsee that, Am i right . But wow , it drop many levels this time around . Personally it had that red headed , photo album clutching ( a 27th pretend letter of the alphabet needs to be invented , to assign a constinant before ) grade to rate this ………. it was perhaps his shinning moment as director but wow , we all know how it went ……. spare the little ginger fella ….. I think the PA will be loosing his contact details. At least he gave it a shot …… anime or clay mation are options but i digress oh and the escorted crying girl , a little bit to well known in the US but hey she’s busted into theInternational market now ……. good on her woop woop and all that ! Hair and make up then she could really go places the world is her oyster and all of that shellfish stuff .. so yeah think thats it Good Chat

    • Good Work…Totally Fake…I see the negative comments of the Brain Washed Dummies…will share on FB…

    • Twitter reported this attack 2 days before it even happened.

    • I heard the hoax theory an thought it was crap. But then I started really looking thru all the video. Whats missing is the bomb blasts themselves. All you hear is boom boom boom. No smoke. No blasts. No people being flung in the air. The football stadiums full and then boom.. everybody starts cheering. And then… cut to stadium almost empty. Still no sign of damage what so ever. And people leisurely walking around. Same with concert. A thousand videos suddenly stop as soon as you hear pop pop pop. No one turned their camera around to see what happened?? It cuts again to 10 people leisurely walking out the door. Wheres the other 1500? Wheres the stampede? There is def something not right in all this. Where is any footage at all of a person w a gun, a bomb blast. Blown up seats or blown up anything? Where?

    • WHY all the socalled bruises and paint splashes when they used AK47’s? bruises shouldn’t even be an issue at all. GUN SHOT WOUNDS – where are they? for real. I’m totally stunned. In the 1980’s (that’s when people were still heavily censored) a school bus plunged into a damn close by. The news showed how the mothers screamed (MY G-d I saw a guy here in Paris whose wife was “killed” and left him with a toddler and all he says emotionless was: “they didn’t win -we have no fear. Wha-at? So did others interviewed. Do these “arrangers” even KNOW what a mother does when her children is in harm’s way? You can’t stop them. They will scream and faint. These ppl are like robots with ZERO emotion (this is the Living??? among them). How DARE someone pull something like this off. Strange to me too that Sandy Hook is NEVER mentioned anymore when they talk about mass shootings – WHY not? Where were THOSE mothers in the fray? If a mother’s 7 year-old is GUNNED down she will not be held back. her sorrow will be indescribable. No silent composed interviewing.

  2. Good, sensible people of France and the world … if you happened upon this site, pay no attention to these lost souls They are a small, delusional bunch who spend hour after hour, day after day, wasting their lives reveling in the tragedy of others. Because they’ve been shunned by friends, family and employers for their hateful, paranoid and extremist views, they find refuge here among others who share their mental illness. Pray that they one day get the professional help that they so desperately need.

    • You need professional help you stupid bitch

    • Ask yourself a question….
      What’s the point of terrorists targeting innocent civilians?
      Answer: no point.
      Ask yourself another question: what’s the point of this if it’s fake?
      Answer: it serves to give the West reason to invade Syria, as what happened in the USA and 9/11
      Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.
      We live in the 1984 world of ‘war is peace!’
      Up is down
      Ask yourself another question: why are people not believing official government explanations?
      Answer: because these governments are corrupt and evil.
      New World Order
      = one world government. One world religion. One world army
      Do the research on Agenda 21
      The new American century
      All wars are bankers wars

  3. “No one is in shock to any degree. People are moving slowly. Others are milling around. No one is in obvious pain. There are no raw gunshot wounds from an AK-47 to be found. There are also no bombast victims. No one is suffering from burnt, shredded flesh and/or amputations.”
    Very true Doc. The first images out had noone displaying the nervousness you would expect if this hoax was a true event. it appears NATO wants to get in there quick before Russia takes out anymore moderate killers (being CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Saudi)
    You would think the world would wake up to the scam but it seems not. WW111 here we come!

    • To be fair SBag, the girl in the last photo looks pretty shocked to me. (To paraphrase the “Doc” himself – How can anyone say otherwise?) Or perhaps she’s really in fits of laughter?? Sigh…….

      • Dr. K, sent you an email showing a woman who was a victim at aurora, sandy hook, boston and now Paris….how unlucky can you get. lol The man who showed this on facebook needs a medal. His name is Mika Rasila on facebook.

        I remember seeing a post of a woman who was also a victim at the OK City bombing and Boston.

        These crisis actors get around.

      • OK shill I will say such observation is subjective and not objective. I can only base such a claim on my own experience in a variety of fields and including combat. Does this prove my observation – No, not really and yet I would bet when others observe the video footage and photo’s a significant percentage, based on their own experience will share my observations. Why don’t you try again, this time with unbisaed eyes!

  4. All I can say is that those ”dead” people look very comfortable. Where’s the blood on their clothes? It was cold that night in Paris…where are their coats? Why no EMTs, police in the photo? Nothing! Its obviously staged. You’d think that show biz people could make it look more real.

  5. Hi Dr. K– great analysis. I’ve compiled some clips of the band EODM at my piano lesson site in a playlist that is enjoyable for your fans as they wind down their day and prpare an evening meal. http://www.pianolessonsetc.com/2015/11/ricks-piano-covers-for-eagles-of-death.html

  6. Lying Crisis Actor(s) #1 & #2

    A 2 For 1 ZioPsyOp Special!
    of the Zionist Orchestrated
    France PsyOp Mass Murder Fake Terror Attacks Hoax To Treasonously by Deception get France into evil Genocidal Zionist Mass Murder Wars!

    Starring Zionist Jew Pathological Liars:
    #1 Liar Crisis Actor Isobel Bowdery
    #2 Liar Crisis Actor Jake Wallis Simons

    See & hear 2 Lying ZioPuppet Crisis Actors & their scripts get Spun! ZioPuppet Warmonger Sheppard Smith will being voicing in bleach blonde zioJewish Isobel Crisis Actor’s script for her…Atleast he is not doing it as her it in drag & blonde wig! lmao! He would though if Ruppard the Admitted Extreme Zionist told him too. I guess Isobel is not good a live acting??? So Sheppy does her script himself pretending to believe all her ridiculous BS!


    • “and wrote a long piece on her facebook….” So, so scripted. Handed the narrative and typed it up. Good work, Isobel, to deal with such a corny story. Cleansed FB page. No history of devotion to death metal.
      “Class of 2014” at Cape Town uni -There’s nothing like a little European travel after graduation with a little payment thrown in. Who can fall for this garbage?

    • good video, Cowboy. Listen to Daily Mail Associate global editor Jake Wallis Simons who reports a totally unbelievable story. Here it is on the page, written for money
      [The attack on the every so slightly damaged Belle Equipe cafe]
      Sebastian Jeannerot, 35, a theatre director:…’At first I saw a girl sleeping on the table holding a glass of beer. Then I saw a hole in her face, and I realised she had been shot,’ and then he tells of running to hide behind a non-existent bus. What total BS, unless you have a habit of dozing off during Kalashnikov attacks….
      It’s this tired script which makes me feel a little drowsy.

    • Did you remove the video?

  7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Theme Some of The Zionist Simultaneous Psychological Terror Treason Attacks Against the French People To Bring Them Into Zionist Genocidal Wars Against Their Innocent Targets: Arabs, Muslims, Africans & all the hated Goyim…All Targeted for Zionist Beloved Wars, Destruction, Bombings, Occupations, MASS Starvation, Zionist Run Tyrannical World Government!


    Pay your lying, sleazy Crisis Actors, Mossad agents, CIA goons, sayanim & all your zionPuppet scum and they’ll do whatevet the hell you want! The zionist psychopaths know it well!

  8. Exhibit 17) Breaking More Proof! France’s Zionist Criminal Network Practiced these Simultaneous Terror PsyOps for Long Time To Perpetrate it Against The French People Successfully & to draw them into Deadly Zionist Agenda Wars Against It’s Targeted Innocent People Abroad!

    “A multi attack drill “Omega 2010″ simulating bombings at the EIffel Tower, The Stade de France. and a regional mall”
    Busted Some more Zionist Psychopath Enemies of France the world! These monsters are unmatched in evil deception & crazed genocidal intent!


  9. Cowboy on November 15, 2015 at 5:01 pm
    “Terrorists cant be seen on camera” LOL, they say. Because they didnt exist at all….
    …Yes…but not to worry woman…There’s..ziomagic… good ol’ zio Magic… In a couple days they can CGI or Greenscreen in Some of Rita Katzslime’s ISIS Crisis Actor Mossadlim Eeevile Terrorists into the same existing footage and waaLaaaa! Zio magically even the some fake truther shills will tell us sternly it was now a real event!! Doesn’t matter what the same footage showed without the “correcting ziomagic” you must honor the new footage as 100% proof! …And therefore Since ISIS did the FRANCE Hoax attacks France must imediately begin bombing Syria & Hezbollah (the good guys–ISIS’s sworn enemies) & bomb as many innocent homes in Syria as possible also..since that’s how Israel fights terror (they mass murder innocent people in their homes with missiles & cheer on the fun from mountain sides like Jews & Romans at the Coliseum watching unharmed Christian get fed to starving lions**) since to they have been providing safe haven for ISIS for quite a while! Well maybe not safe haven but ISIS are in their country…yes fighting & murdering innocent Syrian people…but still we most have zero tolerance! in the war on Terror! 3 strikes & your out & remember 911 & the Alamo! Remember Sandy Hook! Reminder Bin Laden & tbe Evil doers! So we must bomb Syria for having ISIS & Al Queda in their country even though USA & Turkey & UK sent them there at the chosen Psychopath country’s command-Israhell! Rules are rules. And some have to obey rules & some don’t.. or really zionist don’t obey any & your an antisemite if you say they have to a single one! & their puppets don’t, atleast when they do Israel & the zios bidding…but the rest of you dumb goyim better or you get genocided…well if you are a Muslim or Arab country even if you obey the zionist set rules & you are helping not murdering enough other Muslims for the chosens’ you still get Genocided & bombed! But you are goyim so don’t resist reguardless, or that’s a war crime! unless we sell you weapons so you can have a really good ziotwisted war against your non enemy who we are also funding (well are tax slaves in USA are funding) & framing false flags against you so they want to kill you also Understand? It’s zio Twisted reality!
    And none Dare criticize his real ruler. As we see every today by most every poster on every truther forum!
    Dare tell the truth!

  10. Here’s another well placed witness, UK educated Charlotte Brehaut
    ht tps: //twitt er.com/cbrehaut/status/665271607397621760
    Charlotte Brehaut @cbrehaut
    #Shooting in #paris 11ème in a Cambodian restaurant. I witnessed 3 casualties. Numerous gunshots.
    ian O’ConnellEmma-Lou WagstaffOkaniLouis TaponTusha MittalRoland Martial
    8:54 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [UTC]
    Paris, Ile-de-France

    Charlotte Brehaut @cbrehaut
    @emeraldmaxwell yes we were in the restaurant the shots came through the widow right next to us.
    9:26 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [UTC]

    Journalist, France24. Hmmmmm

    htt ps:// uk.link edin.co m/in/charlotte-brehaut-23345829

    As told to CNN’s Anderson Cooperl…..[video]
    “I was holding a woman’s arm next to me …..and I realised that she had been fatally wounded….she had been shot in the chest …there was blood all around her..there were other people in the restaurant who had been fatally injured….only forty people eating there…[Petit Cambodge] …I didn’t see anything….I didn’t see any shooters..I believe there was more than one…..it sounded like there would be more than one…..sounded as if they’d stopped to reload…and they reloaded again….more gunshots fired the second time around….I heard reports there was a drive-by….so that makes some sense …..it seemed as if they weren’t coming in …we were waiting to see whether or not they would come in….[and order a Cambodian meal???] but they didn’t thankfully…..I saw personally maybe 3 or 4 people fatally wounded….I heard seven people were fatally wounded in the restaurant I was in….as soon as I hit the floor the first thing I thought of was the Charlie Hebdo attacks.” Cooper…’the woman whose hand you were holding…she died? -” I don;t know …I don;t know….I don;t know, what happened to her [the woman next to her – hold on, she said at the start that the woman had been fatally wounded! That means dead!]…maybe two or three minutes maximum….people waited [when the shots stopped] When we thought the the coast was clear…we ran straight to my house…. absolutely fine”

    screen says “at least 153 dead” !! No it’s gibberish, a tissue of lies. A drive by where they reload! She was sitting in the window and they both survived . Hmmmm. Who’s the dining companion to back up this piece of fiction? No splinters of glass….how did all those other seven people die? [hint – they didn’t]
    It’s a must listen, dr K.

    • Charlotte Brehaut @cbrehaut
      @emeraldmaxwell I am incredibly lucky, I am completely not injured. Praying for the other people who were shot #parisshooting

      Ståle GrutJohn Sisak JrCarol LovelyPaul LaRosaDaniellescottwalkerwatch
      9:21 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [UTC]
      Paris, Ile-de-France

      Of course she’s completely unscathed. It’s fake, And you need healthy ‘witnesses’ to get the story out quickly to CNN.

  11. Just saying… see more evidence..
    This should be the death blow for the Zionists, game over for them.
    Good job bro.

    • Jim Stone eats shit this time because noone was hurt and noone died

  12. Now scummy Hollande did put his boots on the ground in Syria. He’s been waiting for that for so long. Several hoaxes in France this year were the clue….




  13. Getting it















  14. Another witness/survivor, cant help faking it and giving herself away. And she doesnt look that French if u know what I mean….


  15. /Users/arrowdurfee/Desktop/Girl at all events.jpg

  16. It is sad to see people try to gain attention, when other people are still recovering from a mental shock. The fear they have now is real.
    This kind of conspiracy theories are really not helping. Let me guess …the writer is unemployed or so bored to death at his job, that he has time to think up this article.
    You may be sure that this Paris event will hit the papers. Not as a hoax. But as the beginning of the end. Europeans only needed something to unite them. This was what was needed. No more soft politics.
    But, dear writer, may i ask what drove you to write this article. What was your personal drama to make you even start to think this way? I can tell you not a hoax, but a fact. You need help, man. Good luck with your recovery.

  17. This is brought to you by the same people who lied about the holohoax. But I’m not ruling out some are real bodies sacrificed for Friday the 13th. Let’s not just always believe the hoax thing people.

  18. You’re a fool. And so is your pal John F. Moriarty.

  19. Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
    France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
    Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any if the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
    Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind! They got advance notice, they got out & they took their weapons & supplies with them. Remember ISIS’s main bases are:
    1) Across the Syrian border, in Turkey where protected by ziopuppet Turkey &
    2) Inside Golan Heights, De Facto Israel since 1967 –Israeli occupied portion of Syria! ..Yes since 1967! Nothing more outrageously makes it more clear that ISIS is a creation of Israel & works for Israel & no one else!
    Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
    against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.


  20. In reply to those asking for my own opinions.
    A quick debunk of this article with quotes from the “Doc” himself

    “Notice the abdomen, how tense it is., This is typical of dummies. There would be no bloating of the carcass that quickly.” – Q. How do you know its bloating Doc? Do you know the exact size/shape & weight of the person shown? A. Obviously not, im just making assumptions and passing them off as fact.

    “What about this individual? How can he be a truly injured person. Moreover, it is cold in the dark night. Why was his shirt removed?-” – Q. Whats the first thing done to people with bullet wounds Doc? Is it not remove clothes to get better access to any injuries? I`m sure they`re not worried about freezing to death when they’ve got bullet wounds to deal with. Moreover they’ve got a heat retaining tin-foil sheet on them to keep them warm in the absence of clothes.

    “Clearly, rather than actual blood this is mere paint. Furthermore, there is no evidence for any facial wounds. For instance, there is no wound accounting for the red matter seen on the nose. Nor are there any obvious scalp wounds.” – Q. Why is it clear that this is not actual blood? Q. How can you tell there is no evidence of facial wounds when only one side of his face is shown? Q. How are you going to see obvious scalp wounds when his head is bandaged? (In fact the blood seeping through the bandage could be seen as evidence to the contrary)

    “What about this woman? One supposed eyewitness has stated that she had bruises all over her forehead. Where are those bruises? Moreover, why is she before the cameras? Why isn’t she, if she has suffered head wounds, rendered supine?” – Q. Where are those bruises? Perhaps under the massive plaster shes got slapped on her head? Q. Why should she be “rendered supine” (love that statement) since when does head bruising/lacerations=stretcher? Especially considering the numerous other critical casualties who would be needing stretchers.

    “Here is another hoaxer who is merely painted with fake blood. He’s in on the act, though, putting forth plant of dramatics. Yet, despite the facial expression no wounds can be seen” – Q. The photo shows only a small portion of this persons body, how can you tell with 100% certainty that he has no other wounds? A. You obviously cant, once again you are guessing and passing it off as fact.

    “It appears that two of the (fake) good Samaritans are camera-people; notice what appears to be a camera-bag on the one individual, complete with obvious strap. Regardless, why would anyone drag a wounded person like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the street?” – Q. How can you tell that is a camera bag???? Honestly Doc, this is clutching at straws, you’ve obviously got better eyes than most if you can determine that to be a camera bag from this one blurry shot. Q. Wouldn’t you attempt to drag an injured person away from danger? Without knowing the whens/where`s and whys of this photo how can it be determined to be fake?

    “This is acclaimed as being imagery at Cambodge Restaurant. Yet, it must be asked, where is the blood? Where is the induration and any actual blast injury? Truly, why is this woman not bleeding out? The brachial artery is there.” Q. It amuses me that a man calling himself a “Doctor” will automatically assume that any injury remotely near to an artery will obviously have pierced said artery and lead to massive blood loss. Where is the blast injury? Perhaps this is the blast injury, do you know her exact location in relation to these blasts? Do you know the exact explosives and shrapnel used? Have you any idea of the angle, trajectory and velocity of whatever struck her? A. You haven’t got a clue to any of the above answers so are therefore guessing. Guessing incidentally, does not amount to”HARD”, “OBVIOUS” or any other kind of proof you offer up to your willing followers.

    In summary, this article is utter garbage.

    • Nice work Shill,but I am afraid you are wasting your time with these closed minded morons.To them everything is fake.Reality is not a concept they understand.

      • Don’t worry Jewish, I don’t write this stuff in the hope I`ll convince them of my viewpoints, It just passes time whilst I’m working. (For my Zio-handler) 🙂

      • Trying to make/keep urself relevant…. Ure a zero and will never be a hero….

        • I have no desire to be relevant or a hero Christinne. I’m just happy to be pointing out what is obvious to all but the most loyal of “Dr” K’s Sheep. (And you are right at the front of that particular flock)

  21. Lots of pro-Israel propaganda in the papers lately. This radio host joins another Sun Media shill, Candice Malcolm, in beating the drums for Israel. Do you think they hosted the media in Israel at this time for nothing, including Lawton and Malcolm?


    Note at the bottom, “-Lawton is the host of The Andrew Lawton Show on AM980 in London, Ont. He is on a media tour of Israel hosted by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.”

  22. This is clearly another in al long line of BS events. On 11/14/2015 @10 am mountain time, trip advisors mobile site showed Le Bataclan as “being reported as permanently closed”. A red banner with the writing crossed the mobile page. By the same time on Sunday 15th, the site was modified and banner was removed. It now says temporarily closed. I took a video of original TA and follow up

  23. Exhibit 19) Soft Targets BS & France Zionist Successful Simultaneous Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against the French People To take their rights, give their Zonist Enemy yet more power & Get France into Genocidal Mass Murder Wars Against Innocent people only to benefit the zionist agendas like establishing Greater Israel & increasing zionist power, massive profits for: the Zionist Run security Apparatus, Zionist owned War weapons makers, and the Zionist Banksters!
    Though clear now as completely Fake with bombs, no deaths, no shootings, this PsyOp Hoax Series of Supposed Terror Events in France has already been extremely successful to the zionist psychopath jews & Israel behind it all. France & it’s zioTrash, treasonous, zipPuppets–so called leaders– running it are now able to finally manage to begin bombing the good guys (Syria & Hezbollah) for Israel under the disguise & lie of bombing ISIS (& helping the terrorist destroy Syria!), despite the French people’s total desire to stay the hell out zionist genocidal wars!
    And in USA it is being used to put militarized police at Football games & such! The Zionist Terrorist Psychopaths are on a roll!
    I realise these ISIS Crisis Actor Clowns Terrorist Attacks in France is completely fake but the masses are accepting it as real. It seems to big to be fake to them. Only if we pound the hell out of this to millions can they begin to wake up & then if we keep waking more after each PsyOp. And the zionist still will do more real terror attacks at some point in Europe & USA & they love do real ones & murdering real people… But t these work with less chance of it back firing, since they have absolute control of the media nearly evrrywhere in the world! But we can beat them. If you wake a hundred people or ten thousand some of those, maybe just a few will become very dedicated truthers & wake up many more than you ever could & one or two may be so dedicated and so talented at it that he wakes up millions. And with millions a leader can organize protests & fight corrupt stop the evil, stop & repeal bad laws, etc..Role back the beast so to speak which is Israel & the zionist power & all their minions & take back the power these psychopaths have usurped from us & put it back into the hands of the people! And stop the wars, get rid of Zionist Run Treasonous Homeland Security & all of budget & NSA & CIA! To fight and expose the truth & the lies & deception is to win! Because the more you fight, consistantly, armed with the truth, the more people you will wakeup.


    This was a comment on this video:
    Michael Cleveland 23 hours ago
    +MattyD 4Truth
    “I have decided that if i ever make my own suit of body armor, i am going to make it out of nothing but passports. Those things seem to survive plane explosions, houses burning down on them, and suicide bombers blowing themselves up while carrying them. Strongest stuff on earth. And Obama talking about how [email protected] terrible terrorism is…acting like he doesn’t bomb dark skinned middle eastern families on a daily basis. Ignorance at its finest!!!”
    ——– My comment here:
    Obama’s mother was a zionist Jew. Her father a Zionist Crypto Jew & freemason. So no matter how racist the zionists are & they are extremely genocidally racist, they used this fact as a level of control & manipulation over him along with his bisexuallity or homosexuality. Also he mentored, sexually abused & raised mostly by zionist Jews & communist Jew males. His handlers are all Zionist Jews. But part of the PsyOp with him is be seen to the right & many others as a Muslim to divide & conquer the populated of America into supporting zionist wars & the zionist race war agenda.

  24. Last photo – guy is Photoshopped into image of crying girl. Obviously. See how he is crisper (should have used Blur filter on his layer) and see how he is brighter (use Brightness \ contrast and Hue \ Saturation adjustments ). Amatur job.

    • No shit Sherlock.Are you for real.Where did you learn it was supposed to be one shot

  25. A very reliable friend of mine got a close friend of hia killed in the attack. How fake does that sound?. I wish i could agree with the theory explained in this article, but it’s too big to be fake. I’m not saying it’s not a setup, but the deads are pretty real.

    • Solid proof(s) please. Name of that person for the start….

      • How is that even your business ? I cant stand this seriously… People want proof because other people die. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU PEOPLE. THIS IS ABOUT FRANCE. Some dutch celebs were arround the shooting aswell. Ive seen interviews with people that were in it

        But ye, the 4 teenagers and the celbritys that claimen they seen it were probably forced to say that by the illuminati right? Al the hundreds of witnesses are all in on it right?

        Wake the fuck up. Not everything g is a conspiracy.

        How would you feel if im gonna say that your dead grand or great grandparents are liars and fake rs. You can tell us stuff but you might have been forced to say that by the illuminati again..

        Your either a kid or a really dumb naive person.

        I should stop reading these dumb comments , only pisses me off.

      • It was a close friend of a reliable friend of an anonymous person. Isn’t that enough proof?! It’s enough evidence for those that eat up what the media vomits out. None of the band members were injured or dead. That’s some luck! Wow!!

  26. Look there is a comparison to this and the Oregon shooting, these shootings are subliminal talk by the msm however there were shootings somewhere else in this world but where are they refering too. not Oregon not Paris, Sunshine 😉 Bottom line don’t come to my town unless your helping. Cause i hate clogged roadways and traffic when i’m out drinking my coffee and smoking a cigarette. There not gonna tell you where the shooting took place, however there was a shooting and it was at busy bars but in my opinion thy brought it on themselves by being fb bullies. Theres alot of dynamics to this. Alot having to do with family retalition for being exploited. This is all hype but… whatever. I could allaborate on the media exloitation but i won’t. Sheeple need to smartin up and not belive the news. Search online for the facts if you can’t find the facts, then don’t assume there always telling you the truth on TV. I feel I’m being used. There mite be a bigger purpose for me. But i ain’t counting on it. I am ust an unemployed warehouse worker that happens to be left handed and smart

  27. The female in the last photo…is the same shill who turned up at sandy hook and all the other false flag incidents…a shite method actress……..come on everyone wake up…
    Don’t waste your energy arguing with the online stooges….their all evil fuckers..going to hell. ..one way or another..just keep speaking out the truth..!!!
    The truth will set you free!!!!!

  28. This is bullshit. My former music managers cousin and his wife were killed… Don’t waste your time.. Regardless of whats actually happening these people were murdered. Don’t be THAT dense

  29. Since you asked the last person for the name here it is https://www.facebook.com/luis.zschoche?pnref=story

    • Did you see the bodies?

  30. Yah right your so full of it where do you get your material off my phone tap. Garbage in garbage out get a real job try working in a factory or something and leave music to tool,alice & chains, nirvana, dmx, biggy smalls and the wu-tang clan. You know damn well it didn’t happen in Paris. I don’t care about your shitty band. i could make music too maybe i would talk about my own life instead of reading from script from universal you troll. What do you know about this are you an disinfo agent or ignorent troll. i wold have to say disinfo agent if i think your fro my town and if you are then we both know about what happened and why. message me in private tell me more nsa bot

  31. The fact that you even dare to post this online.. how can you say this if fake? The only blood you have seen from shootings are in movies.. I live 8 hours away from paris. There are a lot of People here that were there during the attack. People hiding while people getting shot and falling on top of hi ding people. And so what if people have camera bags…. 1000+ tourists go to France every weekend.

    The person that posted this is just as bad as the terrorists that did this.

    Cant imagine how I would feel as family of one of the victoms by reading this shit.

    People from paris stay strong, the whole world lives with you.

    Viva la France! !

  32. All you conspiracy theorists are a bunch sick fucks. Did you really ask where are the pictures of the burnt flesh wounds and amputations? Are you fucking kidding me? When have you ever, in any attack other than videos from the Middle East, seen photos of stuff like that and why the fuck would they show it an why should they show it? To appease you jackasses? All you’d do from there is claim they’re fake too. You post this senseless shit and everybody is suppose to believe a guy who, like the rest of us, has only viewed this attack from a distance through pictures and Internet articles, and overlook the stories and accounts from actual witnesses? Of course you would dispute any claims from witnesses and claim they are all part of the conspiracy too and didn’t witness shit. You’re a fuckin clown as our others like you. You conspiracy theorists are all the same only focusing on the bits and pieces of situations like this that fit your agenda while ignoring anything else that might negate your bullshit. Get a fuckin life and move out of your mommys basement you idiots.

    • Wow, you sure sound angry, and rightly so! Just the same, however, there is NOT enough evidence to come to conclusions about who/what/where and how, but there is a vast history of documented false flag events from 9/11 to the Boston Bombings to Newtown, CT and beyond. Here’s a decent summary F.Y.I. of just 42 such events: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/41-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html. Even the FBI has admitted that almost all thwarted terror attacks, were, in fact, staged provocations. In other words, they set up the “events,” and then, miraculously thwart them at the last minute. Now I do NOT know exactly what happens, but I am skeptical of any “official story,” after all, they’ve lied so much to us in the past. Remember Operation Gladio? Yup, staged terror all over Europe (especially Spain), and by our own CIA in conjunction with sick elements in Europe. Don’t believe me? Read the book, Operation Gladio: http://www.prometheusbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=90_41&products_id=2238 It’s nice to name stuff conspiracy theories, BUT in fact, conspiracy theories are simply stories with that label because the powers that be do NOT want you to know the truth. Even the killing of JFK and MLK were “conspiracies,” but, as it turns out, the “conspiracy theories’ were accurate! Gov’ts are “sick” sir and they’re sick all over the world. Wasn’t it France that made Haiti pay reparations to them for their “freedom” after the 1804 revolution….for their freedom? Wasn’t it France that had many “colonies” for centuries? (Vietnam immediately comes to mind.) I don’t like bashing France (I’m half French), but they deserve to be bashed from time to time. Right now, I want to learn what really happened, if that’s even possible. Meanwhile, I’m free of theories right now, just want to learn the truth and pray for the victims of this recent tragedy.

  33. Its a same that so many people claim this is fake … this is about peoples life. Its easy to just make conclusions safe at home. I love 7 hours away from paris and is creepy actually , France is a good country , in western europe wr have as much freedom as wr can possibly want.

    This makes you realize that it can happen to any of us, making false conclusions isnt the solutie , its part of the trouble … realize that you people are terrorizing family victoms and survivors with this crap. People barley escape from getting brutaly murdered in one of the safest city’s in the world.

    Our thoughts go out to the people of France.

  34. Yah well I still don’t belive the last 3 or 4 posters or whatever. I have my own money and I don’t live in the basement. Maybe if you media demons would stop your nonsense then you wouldn’t get a taste of your own medicine for a change. You like to demonize so called loosers but when the script gets flipped you can’t handle it well I can. i don’t care how many minions of nobodies you are your wrong and either your ignorant or your working for somebody. I know where it happen. Why should I care about people that don’t know me and probably wouldn’t like who I am anyway. Maybe if they weren’t exploiting others then this wouldn’t of happened tough guy.

  35. Thank you for exposing this (if this is a fraud). It’s crystal clear that the warmongering jews and Israel are going use this hoax to conquer Syria.

  36. Btw. Its been known that a terrorist got shot and killed . Not all of them bleh them selfs up. 1 is still alive actually. The paspoort is from the person that got shot. His brother got arresten aswell . These are facts named everywhere in the story
    Yet people concluderen that the paspoort is from the exploded one , they complete ignore the person that was killed by Police just so you can twist the story your way.

    I wish people used the whole story or atleast did a little.bit of research

  37. First off let me say after that last comment that I am a White American and I don’t have any interest in Islamism my angle is the situation I desribed happening to me. I made comparisons to the Oregon shooting and in both videos there were people smiling. I took that as an obvious sign of hoax or subliminally talking about somewhere else in the world. I don’t have an islamic agenda. I am a white american that is simply describing what is happening to me an my take on what this situation is. If the MSM wants to use what happen in my town turn it into something else… well… I don’t want to push it. For my own interest I just want to stop hearing sucky music on the radio.

    • If people can fake 100 plus deads and another 200 victims without any clear proof of fake ry. You really think they would make a mistakes on faciliteiten expressionisme or blood color? Comon..

  38. I am French. And i can’t believe that you allow yourself to publish such BULLSHITS ! Shame on you.

  39. It would help anyone who writes articles on false attacks to have real side by side comparison photos of real attacks.
    This way it is understood.
    Real attacks are a true horror to behold.
    Blood and carnage, wounded, and dead.
    You will see the difference instantly and perhaps wonder as to why false attacks don’t compare. Compare for yourself, google any images of any attacks other then Paris, Boston, and look for the truth.
    You will see the true difference and maybe you to will question the disturbing reality of false attacks.

  40. By the way the girl who is with the man in some metallic jacket with blood running down his shirt. She does look familiar doesn’t she???


    Scroll down about two pics on this link and you let me know folks.

  41. You are so stupid…
    You believe in Fake Photographs…
    I have family in Paris.
    Lots of people still suffering there.
    Go travel to Paris, talk to the people’s there.
    Or read this: http://www.liberation.fr/desintox/2015/11/15/non-cette-femme-n-a-pas-subi-quatre-attentats-differents_1413565

    • No point in discussing this with people like that. Lot of people from the netherlands were there aswell. Last night they interviewen 4 Kids on the biggest dutch talk show, they were broken . They Had to hi de under dead bodies. They showed pictures of how bloody there clothes be came from other people blood.

      But according to the people here it are all lies…

      This is basicly saying that world war 2 never happened aswell.

      I really hope that you guys feel better when you are sayin g that its fake , even tho 100+ innocent people lost there lives..

  42. One thing just struck me is that “i have not seen a single dead body or seriously injured person” afters this whole god damn Terrorist attacks! Wtf! 150 dead and we have not seen a single godDamn body! Wow

    • You think thats strange ? If I was there I would beat up whatever camera guy tries to capture dead bodies. So basicly if something bad happenss its only true if you get to see the bodies ? You are sick

  43. YEah …look at peshawar APS school attack … 120 dead and you cant sleep for days after watching

  44. Im a pakistani and i dont think that it is staged. No, it simply can’t be staged in the middle of city with thousands around. I feel sorrow for these people, may allah help their families to pass through such tough times. …. Now, ppl are pointing at every terror attack and saying that its falseflag, bcz indeed in past west has staged many false flags and has destroyed many countries on false intel, like “Nukes in iraq”, and that destruction of middleEast lead to formation of isis.

  45. Could someone do some detective work on the identity of the 129 people who were dead ? See if they were real people? For a huge thing like this we don’t find any movies on YouTube uploaded by random people. We only see some police blocking the streets. There is no evidence of broken windows by suicide bombing. They do not show the wounded in the hospitals either. Even if the media is not doing their job random people are good with their cell phones these days. I can find any recordings uploaded by people !
    You mean they did this to have a reason not to offer asylum to Syrians ?

    • So if 3 people start shooting everyone arround you, you would grab you cell huh?

    • Its truely dissrespectful if you try to find proof. This whole situation is not about you. I wonder how you respond if your family gets killed and people call you a liar .

      You people are dissgusting

    • What’s stopping you? If they’re real, the question you are still faced with is ‘did they die’? The suicide bomber which caused no damage is ridiculous. Straight away, you know there was no suicide bomber, no suicide. And no bomb.

  46. Check these out…

    Twitter reported the details of this staged event 2 DAYS BEFORE IT HAPPENED. Please spread the word.


    • So all the pictures are fake but this Twitter shit cant be faked? Hmmm logical :’)

  47. Is it the Zionists that are after Cousin Eddie as well? I know him and his wife were hiding in Canada from those that are after him and other celebrities…..or is Heath Ledger still alive?

  48. thats not what i posted

    • i posted a rap video that is correct but there was another vid over it for some reason

    • My friend who works at the Sewage Treatment plany says it stinked less the past few days and they didn’t have to pump as much chemical treated water into the Ocean because we need our marine resources

    • All I’m gonna say is the event took place in Northeast USA not getting to descriptive as to where don’t flood our streets. help the economyy, invest in our town, ,roads,tourism, resturaunts, shows, manufacturing to a certain extent. If I can’t do anything about what is going on with me.. well noone tells me shit and I’m not well liked. It is what it is, where all killers and knowone is above a bullet.

    • Why do they got people in Austrailia talking about me now I don’t care about that stupid resturaunt. Like i said noon understands me and if I do a nother youtube video and its up for a while then i have to delete it for fear of my safety and stupid monkeys start killing each other again well so what more stupid assholes gone then better it is stop revolving around the sun anf get a fuckin life trolls. how my mfs are on my phone jack

  49. All the above is the biggest load of twat I have ever read

  50. I woke up and read early eye witness accounts of this abs in the concert a woman said the shooters didn’t say anything then hours later someone said the shooters said this is for Syria u knew right away something was messed up

  51. The United States government were responsible for the 9/11, 2001 incident. Those were not airplanes, they were holograms. An aluminum airplane cannot go right through a solid steal and concrete building. It would crash, crumble and pieces would break off and fall to the ground.

    The twin towers were taken down in a controlled demolition.

    The U.S. media brainwashed everyone to believe it was done by twenty students, who took beginner flight lessons. Nonsense. Blamed it on Bin Laden, and told everyone that he is hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. Bin Laden died in December of 2001 of chronic kidney disease.

    The U.S. government needed a reason to go to Afghanistan and set up their beautiful military bases and trans-Afghanistan pipeline to steal oil from the Caspian sea.

    The plan worked so well, that just two years later the U.S. government started another illegal oil war in Iraq, by using their media to again brainwash everyone to believe that Saddam Hussein was a threat to national security. Which he never was.

    But the plan worked again and they took over Iraq and yet again started stealing oil from the Persian Gulf.

    In the process, millions (yes millions) of civilians living in those countries have been killed. American troops bombed Iraq and Afghanistan’s already poor infrastructure back to the stone ages.

    America started this.

    The U.S. has illegally occupied those countries, stole their natural resources, murdered their people, destroyed their infrastructure and done all of this with no repercussions from the International community. American drones are killing Muslim civilians every day, in countries like Pakistan.

    Now, they are shocked that the Muslim world is angry.

    Really America? Surprised are we?

    100% of the blame goes to the most dishonest, corrupt and evil country on Earth: the United States of America.

    The United States is the biggest terrorist nation on Earth.

    These incidents are all done by the governments and they blame them on Islamic terrorists. The world believes it because Islam does indeed have a history of violence.

    However, this is all really about stealing oil from the Caspian sea and Persian gulf. Currently when the U.S. pumps oil out of the Caspian sea, the oil goes through a pipeline that runs from the Caspian sea, through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the port which is Karachi.

    Then the oil is placed onto large vessels (ships) and taken back to the United States. They only way to go back to the U.S. is through the Suez Canal. This canal is owned by Egypt and Egypt charges $250,000 per vessel to cross the canal.

    Similarly when the United States steals oil from the Persian gulf they also have to go through the Suez canal to bring the oil back to the U.S.

    Solution? Get rid of the president of Syria and taken over Syria. That way you can bring the oil via land from the Persian gulf through Iraq and Syria directly to the Mediterranean sea. This allows the U.S. to bypass the Suez canal and ship the oil back to the U.S. without having to pay Egypt.

    That is what these incidents are all about. Brainwash the world to believe that Syria is the most dangerous threat to world security, go in and take out the president of Syria, take over Syria and have full access to the Mediterranean sea.

    Here is a nice hashtag for your Twitter accounts:

    Jesus, Football, Terrorism, Incarceration, Lawsuits

  52. Every person writing on this is a lost brainwashed sheep. All you sheep have absolutely no clue the length of detail and critiquing the elite will go to fake diasters and so called terrorist attacks. Most of you are literally brain dead, your thoughts, emotions, and your entire beliefs are created from the Elite and their brainwashing through TV, Religion, Media and everything else that’s able to manipulate the mind. Oh how lost all of you are, you no longer think for yourselves, you believe everything you see on TV and everything you hear, yet even scientists themselves have said “Your eyes see only what they want to see” “Your ears hear only what they want to hear” wake up people. Your governments, and I mean all the governments of the world are a complete joke, Ww3 is around the corner and your future is not what you imagined it to be, there’s a quote that goes “The Power lies within” we all have the answers to infinity, as in every question in infinity is within us, all the answers are there, but most of you choose material life over metaphysical life, and that’s why you are all so easily manipulated. Learn to dream control, you have absolutely no idea the things you can find out about yourself and this existence on this planet.

  53. Have a look at the dailymail website- there are 2 conflicting photos on there. There is a photos posted earlier this morning with the caption “Stay away: Residents have been told to hide their homes and away from windows and some were also been evacuated” You will notice a lady with black/dark blue trousers with thin red stripes, along with a child and a man wearing underpants but no trousers. Move further up the page and you’ll see French medics holding up white plastic sheeting with the caption “Secretive: French medics were ordered to put up sheets as some of the seven people arrested were transferred to hospital where they will be checked and then questioned”. Have a look at the trousers and shoes of the people they’re trying to hide. They’re the same as in the previous photo. If these people were honestly suspects, why were they not restrained in the first photo?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323196/Shooting-breaks-Paris-suburb-anti-terrorist-operation.html#ixzz3rqXfv8B1
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323196/Shooting-breaks-Paris-suburb-anti-terrorist-operation.html#ixzz3rqXFbiHY
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  54. You’re pure retardation. Move out of your parents basement.

  55. This is one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories ever and the analysis is dreadful. There are simple answers to all of the above including that most of the dead were inside the Bataclan Theatre and this is why not so many bodies can be seen in the street. Get a real life!

    • simple answers?
      here’s a SIMPLE question….
      you ready for this?
      where’s all the fucking cell ‘phone footage?

      • Here’s a simpleton who simply scammed a childrens hospital.


      • So if someone starts shooting at you with machine guns your first thought would be to get your phone out?

        Are you an idiot? (of coruse you are)

        • nah…it wouldn’t…
          but….some-one, say, 40 or 50mtrs away might be recording it….
          you follow?
          or…..am i goin’ a smidge too quick for ya, eh, drongo?

  56. Tell my friend who was killed in it it was a hoax. Dickhead!

  57. i was down in abujanishire for 8 months, syria getting screwed with as usual trying to find a job then i took a uhaul back to hell home Rockah ,mainwar province and boy i’ll tell ya what a bunch of assholes but for the record i never been to vermronistarastan

  58. Do you actually think several big touring rock bands would cancel their entire tours because of a fucking hoax and that entire businesses would close down as part of it? Do you actually think that Nick Alexander, the merchandise guy from UK who worked with a number of well known bands isn’t really dead? What the fuck? So where exactly do you think all of these people are? Did they give up their lives, families friends and jobs to pretend they are dead and go live on a fucking island somewhere because the government paid them or something? What exactly do you think happened to them, please tell me.

    How about you go to Paris and attend some funerals. I believe some of their families will be announcing funerals on their Facebook so you can easily find out and turn up and … I dunno, look in the fucking casket to check if their corpse is sufficiently dead enough for you.

    You are a heartless troll. I haven’t had the misfortune to see the rest of this website but I suspect it is mostly attention seeking and trolling. Why don’t you do something more productive and try doing something worthwhile. Instead of writing this nonsense, perhaps your time would be better spent doing something to help less fortunate people, or is poverty and human rights issues all a massive conspiracy as well? Jesus H christ. I fucking hate to think where you stand on environmental issues.

    Here are your dead. The list is being updated regularly as some of the victims are still in intensive care and may or may not survive.

    • m8….when they stopped teaching Greek & Latin in high schools, the av IQ level of the general ppltn plummeted….and…..it hasn’t hit rock bottom yet!
      G/L taught you how to analyse and think……
      most of the fuck-witz these days can’t ‘think’ past their next McCrappy meal!

  59. Please tell Gilles parents and girlfriend not to worry cos it was all just a hoax. If that is the case though, I am not sure why his girlfriend Marianne is still massively in shock and receiving medical treatment. https://www.facebook.com/Mon-frère-Gilles-Leclerc-414344745428862/?fref=ts

  60. more lying, filthy fake “massacres” (just like Dunblane, Port Arthur, Virginia Tech’, Aurora Theatre, Sandy Hook, Charleston church ‘shooting’ and Umpqua/Oregon ‘shooting’)

    same BS modus operandi as the dead give-a-way….totally contrary to normal cop SOP….

    perp(s) ID’d within a matter of hrs….closely followed by pedo’ politicians’ voiciferous squawks for “tougher gun laws”, “tougher anti-terror laws”, “more police powers”, “more surveillance” blah blah blah…..
    (they’ve even “resurrected” the indestrutible pass-port scam of 9/11 fame….gimmee a fckn break, FFS!)

    go and GET FUCKED you brain-dead, imbecile fucking DOGs who believe this fuckn Jew World Order garbage!

    youse pricks should be interned w/out trial for the public good as a total menace to freedom-loving people every-where….

    you, low-life, syphillitic scum enablers of fucking jew bastard terrorist governments!

    tip a can of kero’ over yr stinking Jew World Order carcasses and light up a Marlboro ciggie!

    • Even conspiracy theorist nut jobs despise a convicted fraudster who has scammed a children’s hospital. Slither back down your hole, worm.


      • fuck you!
        fuck the horse you rode in on!
        and…FUCk the syphillitic whore who splattered you out against a putrid shite-house wall!
        howzat, cunt, eh?!?

  61. lol and I bet the moon landings was all fake JFK is alive and well and is working for the FBI and this will make a nice bed time story even thro there is no truth behind this

  62. Cnn eye witness says masked, then he says unmasked. The band was a sell out to ps2, Microsoft, and other corporations. Heres the link to the very elaborate and colorful wordy adjective inserted interview of eye witness “used” in this wolf blitzer CNN interview:

  63. If a terrorist attack is real or a hoax or someone claiming to be a hoax but it’s not its all sick and disgusting world’s gone to shit

  64. What if I told you that I know somebody who’d died in the Bataclan? What if I told you that I know someone that was stuck in there for 3 hours and was texting the whole time they were in there? What if i told you I know another person who managed to escape as they opened fire? What if i told you that this site is ABSOLUTE BULL SH1T!!!! Seriously, I used to like a good conspiracy theory, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Paix à leurs âmes.

    • what if i told YOU that yr full of crap, eh?

      • Well what if I told YOU, fatass bastard, that you are an asshole.

  65. Whats the blue stuff all over the huggers, looks like the French flag

  66. You are a blithering idiot.

  67. There are some seriously damaged people on here. And for goodness sake, how many of you clowns still beleive Dr K is an actual doctor? Doctors are bright. Doctors have experience with injuries and wouldn tmake the numerous stupid medical statements this fool makes.

    Dr K is not a doctor, fools – HE IS A PATIENT.

    • any-one who believes any-thing that the lying, main-stream media tells them these days is the effin’ fool!
      (except, maybe, for the sport and the weather)

  68. Were you there in France to investigate? Or did you come you these conclusions just sitting at your computer? This article is foolish. Resting an injured person on their side IS the proper way to do it, it’s called the recovery position and it keeps them from choking on their own vomit. So that point is stupid. Also, have you ever tried to pick up and carry someone as dead weight? It’s very difficult so of course someone with little emergency training would be dragging them instead. They teach proper body dragging techniques in every first aid/CPR course, so it’s no surprise to see a civilian drag an injured person out of harms way, that’s the right way to do it. So that point is also stupid. And holy shit they had cameras!? There is no way there would be any tourists in Paris that might want to take pictures. “Oh no an emergency, let me just find a safe place to set my camera down before I start trying to help these injured folks!”. I do believe we have been lied to about what took place in France, but I’m sure there is enough real proof without people making up shit like this. All articles like this do is make it harder for people to sift through the bullshit in order to find the real story.

  69. Well I am going to leave this dumb website before my brain explodes.

    • Well I am going to leave this dumb website before my brain explodes

      well…don’t let the door-knob hit you in the ‘crack’ on the way out, you fckn fairy, eh?!?

  70. That crying bitch teen have been seen in many similar events in America i think its time to replace that actress

  71. Maybe its a setup from secret organizatioks but the victims are real i knew some of them. So maybe some footage are fake but someone had to get rid of people for real. Proof ? Ask anyone in paris. Everyon here lost someone o knows someone who did. Small world.

    • It depends on how you define ‘lost’. Out of interest, whom did you ‘lose’?

  72. Here’s what puzzles me about this ‘attack’. What’s the most annoying thing about going to a concert in the last approx. 10 years? It’s tons of people holing up their cell phones, video recording the performance instead of enjoying it (like they’re going to release their own cell phone rockumentary to HBO). So why am I only finding ONE video of the Eagles Of Death playing? And notice how the video stops as soon as you hear supposed gun fire. Well if you were in that situation, and heard the gun fire, would you stop and take the time to STAND THERE AND TAP THE STOP RECORDING BUTTON BEFORE RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE? No there would be video of you running for your life. Blurry because you’re running with the cell in your hand-yes, but there would be something. And if this were real, there would be multiple cell recordings of the shooting starting.
    This was another poorly acted, poorly played out ‘drill’.
    I feel sad that the majority of people blankly stare at liars like CNN and just accept and believe everything they are spoon fed like in some Orwellian nightmare.

    • Once you accept that much of what appears on news channels is fake, and journalists and photo journalists are paid to create a fake reality which turns into history, then there’s nothing puzzling about it at all. You highlight one pointer to a fake event and yet there are scores of them – ridiculous witnesses, phoney acting, fake blood, absence of bodies…all the usual drill content… it goes on and on. All MSM outlets are liars.

    • Because a lot of people loose their phone during the attack ? Because people who post the video stop it not during the attack but when the upload it because of some respect ?
      But if you dig a bit more you can find some longer video, and they’re also an audio recording of the whole scene…

  73. The guy who wrote this article is an absolute fucking moron. The guy at the bottom on the phone was not injured. He is the one that was hiding amongst the dead bodies on the floor in the concert. That is someone else’s blood, not his own, you fucking moron. Not every fucking terrorist attack is a hoax. A lot of people were there, including my mom’s friend who was visiting family in France from England.

    This all happened, and of course you weren’t there, so you have no right to judge at all. The guy with blood on his nose, the other side of his face is not viewable and the blood could be either from an injury on the other side of his face, or someone else’s. I hate people like you. You hate the government so much that every major event involving a large massacre of innocent people is always a hoax to you. People lost their lives, as well as loved ones. How dare you call this a fake!

    You judge blurry photos and you of course have no knowledge of what someone looks like when they’re dead. Trying working in a hospital bud. You’ll find out how naive you really are.

  74. This actually might be true! who knows!
    the goal was to make Muslims hated terrorists and make the whole world believe so, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!

  75. Hey, I’ve read up a lot on hoax’s of this degree before so I get where you’re coming from, but look our friend was shot and her boyfriend died so I can guarantee you this wasn’t a hoax.
    Real people were killed in this attack.
    And before you start saying I’m part of the conspiracy, no dude, just somebody who knows young people who were caught up in and lost their lives that day.

  76. Those who believe that all this is fake are as ill as the terrorists. I wish that one day he is killed. Oh boy will he surprised how his blood could look fake.

    • Don’t be silly, there are no terrorists. Only criminal politicians like Hollande.

  77. This is stupid, i live near paris and know people that died. You should not talk nonsense. You dont even know what you are talking about watching to much action movies does not make you a expert.

  78. I guess that my best friend isn’t dead so ? Fucking stupid guy who wrote this article diserve to die.

  79. I know people who were killed in the attack.

    I don’t think they, and so many other people are pretending to be dead; they had very good lives, and they had children who will probably cry every night for weeks, and may never really get over their deaths.

    It’s nice to believe in conspiracy theories as it makes your life a bit more interesting, and is a form of escapism, but it is better to ask “What am I trying to escape from?”, and to deal with your problems head on.

    It is also good to ask questions and not always “follow”.

    However, when you look for the anti-truth in everything, then you have formed your own religion, and are once again a follower.

    Maybe you’re just young.


    • Bro, nobody died. Perhaps you really do know people at this moment who died in Paris. Tney can even attend their own funerals. It’s a new start in life. They can be young again.They are the ones who are escaping. Wouldn’t you like to retire with a nice pension somewhere nice? You can keep in touch with whomever you like whom you can trust. I recommend skype. Family can always go visit.

  80. You article was the most funny things I read recently. Ahahahahaahah ! I live near in the middle of the neighbourhood where the attacks happened. So there’s your article written from you appartement and there’s what I heard / saw and the friend I lost at the concert this day.

    Your conspiracy theory about these attacks is a complete nonsense. But, to know that you would need some true expertises :
    – expertise in photography (your comments are really funny)
    – expertise about the political and social context in France (Oh, by the way, I’m french and you’re probably not. So how do you know ? 🙂
    – expertise about military and police operation

    I have a true pity for you and the people that believe what you write.

  81. It makes you wonder if there is any truth in the supposed warning about Europe attacks

  82. These claims make complete sense to me. Whenever there is an ‘attack’, I look for images of the allegedly injured and killed. For me, the purpose of this is to cause general fear of attacks to justify their actions.

  83. The boyfriend of a girl who lives in my building got killed in The Bataclan attack. At least three friends of friends died too that night. How the fuck do you explain this?

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