Fukushima Medical Tyranny — 28 June 2013
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The Fukushima Cover-Up – Videos

In Fukushima numerous nuclear reactors went into meltdown virtually all at once. All people are consuming Fukushima radiation in water, food, and even through dust and in the air. Thus, the incidence of cancer has gone up dramatically since this disaster, particularly thyroid cancer but also cancers of the internal organs. The book, Natural Cures for Radiation (same author) gives comprehensive information on how to counteract this risk in the best way possible. Caldicott’s interview was made shortly after the disaster. The others are more current.

Fukushima is causing devastation of the health of the people all over the world, but the main victims are those in Hawaii, Alaska, BC, Washington State, Oregon, California, and, of course, Japan.

Learn also about the fruit and vegetable soak with activated bentonite and more, DetoxiWash. Such activated bentonite in a spice oil base will reduce the levels of metallic radionuclides in the food. Bentonite binds irreversibly to these noxious, energetic, destructive metallic ions, reducing and/or eliminating their toxicity.

See also Natural Cures for Radiation by Dr. Cass Ingram


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  1. I have heard that radiation levels above the 35 parallel spells eventual doom for the country. The Japanese government is very reluctant to announce that Japan as a viable nation is on its way to the scrap heap of history as it will be mostly uninhabitable.

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